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  1. Character Sheet

    Name: (What do we call you?)

    Callsign: (How are you referred to officially, and in combat?)



    Rank: (Officer ranks and above are restricted though I'm sure you could of guessed.)

    Personality: (Who are you? What have you seen? I would like at least a paragraph.)

    Background: (I want minimum two paragraphs, preferably more.)

    Equipment: (Nothing too advanced or crazy please, also keep in mind weight. We’ll be traveling alot on foot.
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    Character Sheet

    Name: Dorian Blackbriar

    Callsign: Centurion

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Rank: Sergeant Major

    Personality: Dorian has been described as inventive, and extremely adaptable. Calm and Collective, Wise beyond his years, Kind but has no time for Bullshit. Sarcastic when the situation calls for it and is almost loyal to a fault. He holds a strong sense of duty, and in combat is cold, unfeeling, and rutheless. If there's a mission, he will stop at nothing to accomplish it, or die in the line of duty so others can.

    Background: Dorian at his core is a geek. If there is a reference to be made, he was there. Born in Anchorage Alaska, and spent the last four years in Ireland, where he had a successful career as a bladesmith. He had joined the militia in the village of Cong three years prior to “Twilight”, and had become an integral part of his company, Rising through the ranks, while in his free time, manufacturing ammunition and custom blade of high quality, while being lovingly call "The Yank". It wasn't until the Invaders arrived that Dorian had proved himself.
    As soon as the spores began to fall, He and his brothers in arms quickly secured as many civilians as they could in the bunker at their headquarters. Sadly, they could only hold fifty non combatants, with enough room for the militia. The sounds of the doomed populace filled the air as they pounded on the doors trying to get in. After an hour, the screams and pounding ceased. The silence almost deafening to the survivors. After three days in the bunker, the group finally emerged to a town devoid of life. At that moment, the only thing that mattered to the Sergeant Major, was finding any survivors and establishing a resistance.

    Equipment: Hand forged Titanium Infused Steel Grosse Messer, Custom M4-A2, .50AE Desert Eagle, Standard Full combat kit (Fatigues, Kevlar armour, Rucksack, combat boots, etc.), hand forged Clip point Bowie knife with D-guard and dear horn hilt with bayonet lug, DEVTAC Ronin Kevlar Ballistic Helmet
    , Militia flag/emblem.
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    Name: Arthur Burnside

    Callsign: Thunder

    Age: 42

    Gender: Male

    Rank: Sergeant

    Personality: Arthur’s mind has been negatively impacted by recent events. He doesn’t usually talk unless he needs to, and it is easy to irritate him. He always seems to be in a bad mood. Sometimes he’ll have flashbacks and nightmares. His mind will rarely be cleared and some of his old personality will shine through, allowing for deeper conversation with him.

    Background: Arthur Burnside enlisted in the US military when he was 18 years old and served for 24 years. He passed his physical exams with flying colors, and naturally specialized in heavy weapons. He lost his left eye after it got hit by shrapnel from a helicopter crash, and upon being discovered by a fellow soldier while bleeding out on the ground, he famously said “Well, you just gonna stand there?” During his extensive time in the military, he became a war hero. He met his wife at the age of 25 and had three children.

    Arthur was stationed in a local military base one day when reports of aliens hovering over Earth came in on the news. Then came the spores. His fellow soldiers joked about Santa and snow, but they were quickly horrified when they realized their loved ones were being buried in spores. Panic ensued once it got to the point where the spores completely blocked off all exits. Eventually, people fought over food and water, died of exposure, or simply killed themselves. Not even Arthur could keep everyone in line. Only he survived the madness. He was isolated in a tomb of dead soldiers. He was considering suicide one day when the spores stopped falling. He emerged to find his hometown desolate, his house only containing dead memories and the remains of his family. On that day, he vowed to take revenge on whatever alien bastards destroyed his planet.

    Equipment: Light machine gun and desert eagle with corresponding ammo, synthetic hatchet, full kevlar armor
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    Character Sheet

    Name: Carter Westbay

    Callsign: Alpha Charlie (Shortened to alpha)

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Rank: Private First Class

    Personality: Carter is described to be social and kind. He has a strong moral code and would take a bullet for a teammate. In combat he keeps a level head and tries to be as rational as possible. He takes things slow and tries to plan things out. When things go south he is able to adapt making him versatile. Currently he is shaken to an extent from his girlfriends presumed death.

    Background: At a young age Carter had a knack with weapons. He went from foam blasters to airsoft guns and eventually the real deal. His father noticed this and offered to teach in using firearms as he extensively used them during his service in the military. Carter accepted and was taught how to use, clean, put together, and dissemble weapons. By the age of 16 Carter was able to effectively use a wide variety of firearms. Eventually Carter's father persuaded him into enlisting into the US Marines and continuing the line of service in his family. Carter served in the 2nd Korean war and proved quite useful on the initial invasion. (Can it please be in lore?)

    After his tour of duty he went back to his hometown and moved into an apartment. He got a mediocre job and life was normal. One night he met his girlfriend. He developed a relationship with her and convinced her to live with him. One day a man approached him during his break hours and offered him a job as a mercenary. Carter reclusively accepted the contract and told his girlfriend the news. She was happy that he got the job but scared that he might get injured or die during a contract. Carter reassured her and promised her he will come back. Then he left.

    As a PMC he was stationed at Bunker 17-N a modified UN bunker.. The bunker was suited for disaster as it had a surplus of rations as well as an extensive armoury. He became a integral member of his small squadron as he served as a spotter for multiple assassinations against high value targets and low value targets too. He also replaced the old rifleman. His teammates taught him more advanced tactics and also how to use multiple instruments. Carter and his team were a well oiled machine. Once "Twilight" started Carters teammates thought that the aliens presence was interesting but they didn't care about it. Maybe its some government thing.

    His squadron was hired to help a local militia with a bunker. Cramming bags with their surplus of weapons, food, and ammunitions they filled the bunker with supplies and weapons. His teammates decided after to get a drink. It would be there last. Carter stayed at the bunker when "Nightfall" happened. Spores dropped from the sky. One of the miltiaman Dorian shouted orders to secure civillians. He secured as many civilians as possible with the militiamen until they reached there maximum compacity. They shut bunker door on the crowd that gathered outside the bunker. There was a lot of pounds and screams and then they stopped. Carter realized this was happening all around the world. All those poor people. From this assumption his girlfriend is also dead. Carter was shaken from what he just experienced. He is scared from what just happened and what's to come...
    Equipment: Gladiator Tactical Vest, and 1 set of Gladiator Ballistic Accessories (Shoulder, collar, throat, biceps, groin and kidney/lower back) FN 15 DMR II, FNS-9 Compact, 5 9mm 10 shot magazines, 4 5.56 Magazines 30 shots, Revision Military Batlskin Viper P2 Ballistic Helmet - Complete System w/ Long Rails, Wiley X ARIES Gloves,
    REBEL TACTICAL RT477 26" MOLLE TACTICAL ASSAULT BACKPACK, Multiple Rations, Wire Cutter, Barbed wire cutter, 1 hole balaclava, KA-BAR Becker Tac Tool Black BDU pants and coat, underwear, socks, rappelling gear, 2 flares, 1 first aid kit, radio. (Maybe a few more instruments in there too.)
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  11. It says in his lore its the militia headquarters
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  13. Where would the bunker be located then?
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