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Partner For a Family role-play wanted.


"Till Death Do We Part."

Story Line -

They all lived together. The kids. They seemed like a happy family. Family. They didn't have a family. Their parents had gotten rid of them, and sent them away. Them, being the sweet little boys. There was five of them. They grew up, and raised one another. The oldest son became rich, and inhumane, turning the family into an evil energy that no one wanted to be around. Dark Magic filled the place, as each boy was settled with a curse.

A young woman stumbled upon the mansion at which the boys lived. She was un aware of what the boys truly were, but soon she would find out.

This story line is an anime one. You will be playing the female role.

Oooohh! This sounds so cool!! :D

I will admit that I'm used to taking the role of guy characters, but I'll gladly take the girl role. Might be fun!

If you're willing to give me a chance then I'll happily join in! ^^

Though... I do have a couple questions before anything happens. Is there romance in this story? I adore romance! Ooh, I love it! Also how old will these characters be?

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