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Fandom OUTER REALMS - A Fire Emblem RP (Canon Characters Only!)


ikesoren rights

Hello! This is an interest check for the first chapter of our literate group roleplay.

This roleplay will include angst and canon-typical violence.

We are currently only looking for canon characters for this roleplay.

However, you can pick any character from the game series! Please check the bottom of this post for taken characters!

Currently, there are...

  • Eight slots open for hero characters.
  • Four slots open for secondary villains. These act as supporting villains/royal guard to each chapter's main "Outrealm Guardian". Villain characters can either be killed or be turned into hero characters later on.
  • Three slots open for emblem characters. These can be attached to a hero or a villain character, and it must be discussed with the "host" OOC beforehand.
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In the Outrealms - portals between worlds that exist beyond the boundaries of time and space - an ancient and malevolent force grows restless. Heroes from different Fire Emblem worlds, each bearing their own legendary tales, have been lured astray into these portals by a mysterious bard named Xane. The shape-shifting trickster from Archanea has been gathering heroes from different worlds to stop a chilling threat; the sacrificial rituals forcing heroes from their bodies into emblems.

Join forces with heroes across the series, to defeat the Outrealm guardians, return the emblems to their bodies, and prevent something even more sinister from escaping the Outrealms.

Chapter One: Crown of Thorns

The traveler's song of a trickster lures wandering heroes into an Outrealm that grazes the timeline of Fates. You have fallen into Hoshido’s throat - a land once beautiful and rich in culture that has since been dragged to ruin. Thick vines seem to encase whatever buildings haven’t been crumbled by the weight, and hoards of Faceless hunt for signs of life.

You are greeted by the ones who brought you here; Xane, a draconic bard who hails from Archanea, and the specter that haunts the bracelet he wears, Soren. Suspicious as they are, Xane offers you shelter. What choice do you have but to trust him, for now?


Shadow Dragon/New Mystery

Xane (Lacc) - Hero

Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia

Forsyth (Lacc) - Hero
Python (Cream) - Hero

Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn

Ike (Lacc) - Enemy Emblem to Niles
Soren (Cream) -
Hero Emblem to Xane
Mia (Astrylan) -


Gangrel (thatguywithsoulvaki) - Villain

Fates (Conquest/Hoshido/Revelation)

Leo (Lacc) - Outrealm Guardian
Niles (Cream) - Secondary Villain
Takumi (Moakkva) - Hero


Anna - Hero
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Fire Emblem is in my top 3 favorite game series with Robin, Soren, and Takumi being my three favorite characters (out of the non-second generation folks from Awakening). So I'm potentially interested.
Fire Emblem is in my top 3 favorite game series with Robin, Soren, and Takumi being my three favorite characters (out of the non-second generation folks from Awakening). So I'm potentially interested.
Thanks for your interest! Robin and Takumi are both available - we're still waiting on a bit of traction for the post but we'll have character sheets out in the next day or so!
I can join. I think if you add some pathfinder style dice fighting to it, it would be perfect.
i'm not super familiar with dice fighting unfortunately LOL - we're planning on having a basic dice roll for some fights and then some preplanned fights through discussion.

still, happy to have peaked your interest! :)
bump! we have a group starting to form so we should be able to start sometime this week or early next week :)

we will still be accepting applications after we start until all slots are filled!
Update: Our RP thread is created!!

We are still accepting applications and will integrate new players in as soon as applications are received!
I’d love to join, but am disappointed only canon characters are welcome, which is something I have been pressured away from and refuse to touch now due to bad experiences.

Now if I’m allowed to take a canon character (for example Lucina) and twist them to be more unique to me then I would happily do so

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