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First Rose

First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum
Upon finding an old and dusty book from the ruins of an old cavern, you wipe the dust awry from its cover to spy the large bolded letters that spelled, "Mystic Codex of Fantasies". To suffice your curiousity, you open its pages to take a look over what lays within such a mysterious tome. The pages freed of dust as you gave a light blow upon it. Then there, you see the people who became immortal by their traits alone.

Welcome to the Codex!!
You may give feedback if you wish, though it's mostly just a place where I can stick my main characters and copy and paste em in various rps.
If you give feedback, just be knowledgeable that I intend on deleting them, just to keep the thread clean and nice! Though of course, I will acknowledge your post with a reaction, or I even a reply.
Happy Reading!

First Rose

First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum
“If you so desire your soul to be ripped from your very being, then by all means….keep talking…”

  • Sage Xerion (Zsh-ear-ron)
  • The Vokun(Known by her Enemies & “clients”)

Real Name
  • Xai(Zh-eye) Agness Daliath (Only Known by few People)

  • Female

  • Demon

  • Medieval Realm Known as Sundry.
  • A typical land of fantasy and magic
  • OC

  • Assassin
    • She works as her own boss, her clients send her letters of people to kill. Once she delivers their head, wedding ring, limb, eyeball, etc to their doorstep, they send her the paycheck.

  • Chaotic Neutral/Lawful Evil

  • 950 yrs
  • Mental Age: 19
  • Age Ratio(Demon yrs to Human Yrs): 1:50
  • Demon maturity age: 1,250-1,375 (Human yrs: 25-27)

  • August 10th

“Mhm…is that really what you want your last words to be?....like. Really…?.”​

  • Sage is a person of great secrecy and seclusion. She separates herself from even the mere thoughts of relationships. She wants no friends, needs no friends, and has no friends. Or so she says(despite having a few). The only thing she needs from someone else is their cooperation, promise to stay out of her way. However foolishly, break that promise, and her enemies are only hurting themselves. Obviously, she can be seen as a restless, untrustworthy, and even an evil killer; having no remorse for sorrow or pain of others, and sometimes, All of that is true. But, not everything on the hard tip of the iceberg is why it seems to be. Sage is in her teenage years, meaning, she has no idea who she is, or what she might grow up to be. She’s immature, convinced that her skills can beat any kind, and anyone single-handedly, without even the luxury of magic she has within her, which, unfortunately, is something she decides not to grow upon. Sage is always thinking, her mind is always grinding gears, always studying, always doing something. With a high intellect, she can sometimes be too smart for the simplest of the idealistics.
  • However, Sage isn’t as bad as she wants to seem. She’s soft on the inside, only wanting to protect herself and her close ones by all means. There are even times where she might even save others. Holding no shame, nor regret, but only the will to do what’s right. When she finally finds out who she wants to be, instead of believing a hired assassin is all she is made for. She will realize she does not belong casted away in the darkness. But a blinding light in the darkest of shadows.

  • Sage was born in the royal Daliath family in hell. The first born princess of King Malikai and Queen Fera, rulers who brought the demons their most crucial age of independent proggression. It was a time when the overworld was dangerous, and it was better to be underground. Safe. So it was forbidden for any demon to go aboveworld, and due to the merciless rulling of the King, and the logical strategic Warrior Queen, the demons were relatively loyal to their highnesses.
  • Sage was taught at a very young age that all who do wrong are damned. She constantly saw the cruelty of demons, and the suffering that beings recieved once arriving in their eternal hell. Thus, it started to ahape her personality, kiling, gore, and punishment was a norm to her. Sage had been taught to feel no remorse toward killing, punishment, or cruelty. Though she couldn't stop herself from feling a slight sense of it being wrong. Did every bad person in the wrold deserve bad things? She didn’t exactly appreciate the fact that those who made mistakes would forever be harrassed and punished without trial. But, as a young demon and future Queen, there was utterly nothing she could do about it. Her father made sure of it, and her mother only belived she'd figure it out.
  • One fateful day, her kingdom was attacked by a squad of angels who brought the royal family to their knees. No one in the kingdom was at all prepared, and the angels had a trick up their sleeve. They used a weapon that demons couldn’t even think of possessing, a blade so holy enchanted and so deadly infused with divine magic, it wiped out a third of the demon population. Sage's mother was one of the many casualties, and so was her brother. Though fortunately, she was saved by an unknown stranger who soon came to be known as Irrak. He took the job of raising her through her childhood. He had been loyal to the underworld for most of his life, but a few centuries before the fall of he daliaths, he was exploring the overworld, and learning of how the world really worked. He took the courtesy of teaching her right and wrong, but he didn't exactly teach her HoW to choose between the two. It didn't help when he was only left to leave her with a notorious guild of assassins when he couldn't always be around to care for her. The guild took advantage of her highly innocent and gullible state of mind, and by the age of 520, she was already carrying out duties of a typical assassin. Sage knew her father was a live, in fact, he's tried countless times to get her return, and she's refused everytime. Afraid to come out of the underworld, he resents her, and promises that hhe wil brimg her "home," someday. Sage only wonders what's takimg him so long to come and try. Not even to this day, has she even thought of considering his offer to return to the underworld. As the years went on, she eventually left her guild at 934, but only after a highly hesteric event, you'd have to ask her. 951, she does things her own way amd comes aand goes as she pleases. Between her kingdom and even neihboring lands, everhone seems to know of the The Vokun, an assassin that does not hesitate to spill blood, a fame many rogue killers wished they could have. Today, she is convinced that an assassin is all she will ever be.

  • Convincing/Persuasion
  • Acrobatics
  • Concealment/Stalking/Stealth
  • Swords&Daggers
  • Withholding her word
  • Violin
  • Loyalty
  • Resilience
  • Knowledge/Street Smart/ Intelligent

  • Lying
  • Strength
  • Temper Management
  • Trust
  • Arrogance

  • Water (lakes, rivers, large amounts, riding in ships)
  • Losing a battle (she rather live to fight another day)
  • Losing her close ones


Shadow Fire
  • A fire that’s mostly invisible but ignites with a bright purple color
  • Attacks the nerves of the victim and creates mas distress, pain, and even burning from Inside the body
Sage’s Level
  • Can light a fire on her hand if she has enough concentration
  • If enough concentration, and anger occurs, she can create a massive wave of fire

  • An art of turning one’s self in and out of a physical state (Hince “Ghost”)
Sage’s Level
  • Can turn herself into a plume of fog for about 15-20 minutes without rest
  • She can turn parts of her body in and out of bodily states
  • Turning herself into a bigger form of fog (For example: A large cloud of fog that covers an entire room) The bigger her form, the less amount of time she can be in it
Note: It takes more mana to turn between forms rather than just staying in one form

  • A large ghost-like entity she can turn into if reached a high level of pissed-ness
  • Very OP form
  • Rarely Used

  • A large venom dragon that usually flies her places

"I'm sometimes kind, most of the time humorous, but always prepared to kill everyone I meet.”


  • 5, 4
  • 145

  • Fit
  • Lean

  • Thick and dark brown
  • Braided to one side
  • Length goes down to her shoulders

  • Blood Red

  • Small pointed red horns on her forehead
  • Hind feet (They’re shaped like a dog’s, though she trained them to fit regular inside her boots)
  • A red slender tail with a pointed tip (Usually hidden inside her pants)
  • Her [Redacted] are [Redacted] underneath her mask

Clothing Style

Medieval Rp
  • Black cloaks, hoods, & pants
  • Steel chestplate, gauntlets, & greaves
  • Bronze plated pauldrons
  • A dark purple ebony assassin mask
  • Black leather boots

Contemporary Fantasy
  • Black Leather jacket with a dark grey hoodie
  • Near-black Navy jeans
  • Leather dark brown boots
  • Black neck gaiter
  • Leather fingerless gloves

Fun Facts
  • Sage cannot lie well, whenever she does, her right ear flicks, giving her away. Though, that’s why she uses other tactics.
  • Sage can play a mad violin, taught by Irrak himself, she became very skilled. Not only does she adore playing it, but listening to it as well.
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • The only thing she eats are souls of the living, though, if she consumes to much, she can become addicted.
  • Oddly enough, she sometimes likes to eat cornbread and lemons(just the lemon) She likes the taste of things that either too sour or too spicy, but she'll very rarely eat human food
  • She's a flat earther and pretty stubborn about it. But, what do you expect from someone who was born in B.C.
  • She likes her leather
  • She'll get motion sickness from teleporting
  • Sage has a tendency to lose her marbles in prisons(she doesn't stay in them for very long)
  • A large scar in the shape of a B lays on the full expanse of her back
  • She loves gazing at a star-filled sky

“You surprise me, you're stupid, AND pitiful. Aren't you funny..."
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First Rose

First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum
"Remember, no matter how powerful or High-Rank you are...respect is earned..not given.”

Real Name- ???

Alias: “General Renegade” | “Renegade” | “Axe”

Gender- Female

Age- 1,ooo (Hmn Yrs~25)
  • Age Ratio(Half Demon) 1:40

Species- Half Demon
Other half: Divine Paladin

Alignment- Lawful Neutral

“You reek of insolence and treachery, tell me why I shouldn't put you out of your mercy right this instant?”


Renegade, as she now calls herself, lived in the underworld her whole life. Raised by the ruthless General Zodack, brother of King Malikai of the underworld, she had benefits that most demons did not possess. In turn, she only found it unfair, at a young age, she easily found out that hard work, tears, and courage gave one what they wanted, not simple wealth. Having been only raised by her uncles, she never met her parents, and never that her father was much closer than she suspected. Due to her longing for hardship and adventure instead of luxury, Zodack often found Renegade trying her best to escape the underworld in an effort to embark on excitement. Zodack, coming to a point where he had enough, turned to transforming her into a soldier he knew she was deep inside. So, he enlisted her in the demon army when she was just 850 years of age. (Mentally 17). Renegade easily climbed the ranks, as she possessed both brain, and brawn. Usually found making plans of action in the Demon’s military, Renegade was highly successful, and was usually the one working things in the background and leading the troops. Although, she always had an urge and pull toward just punishment, not just conquery and torment. As she got older, and more independent, she started to steer away from the underworld. When she was found looking into armies in other races and lands, she was convicted of treachery, and was forced to be exiled. Though, fortunately for her, as a half demon, she easily slid her way into human lifestyle. She found the justice system quite appealing, as wrong received consequences, and the right were rewarded, not to mention, humans were always fighting about something. She couldn’t help but love the rush of war and violence.

The world moved on, and she spent the adding years as the top General of the Sundry Kingdom. However, her whole world changed when she heard of the Fall of the Dailiath family. Renegade had left her kingdom, for another, a true traitor she was, and she holds that shame with her to this day. Zodack still nowhere to be found, but knowing him, she doubts he would want to see her. Though, she’s never stopped her search for him, believing he can still be found. Renegade made her home in the Kingdom of Sundry, being known as a leader of might and justice. But, when her new home was burnt to the ground a few decades later by two demonic brats, she couldn’t help but desire revenge and bloodshed upon them. She searched for a new kingdom to call her own, until finally coming to Leonhart, and just like before, she climbed the ranks until achieving her rightful position.*


Renegade is not a super sheepish person, but is definitely not an outgoing individual either. Most of the time, she desires quiet and seclusion as she studies her documentation and journals. Since Renegade is in charge of most reports done by scouts, and is usually managing the army and kingdom affairs. She doesn’t have many friends, though many enjoy being around her. She respects all, and values each and every person as an individual, dropping all titles to the ground. Renegade knows what it's like to be stereotyped and thought to be consumed by a common and solid fate, so she puts her opinions aside, believing everyone is good inside, and capable of redemption.

  • Heightened Senses
  • Healing Factor
    • Can easily heal small wounds such as minor cuts and bruises while in motion, though larger wounds such as a stab or slash need more time. Renegade will also need to be idle, or barely working in order for it to heal.
  • Medusa
    • When one looks into her eyes, the enemy is turned to solid stone. Only able to be regressed by a specific spell.

Weapon(s): Courtesy
  • Formerly used by the great demon general Gortag, the ax has been passed down by many generals. Now in the hands of Renegade, as she had inherited from General Zodack, she carries it with pride, even if she stands as a traitor. “May my ax redeem my actions against my own flesh and blood.”
  • The Ax is able to separate into two seperate battle axes.
  • The ax itself is made of a special hellstone that vanquishes holy magic, along with a large amount of Cybor, giving the welder the ability to temporarily remove magic from any equation.
Fun Facts

  • Her father was a divine Paladin who broke the oath of his oath guild in order to live forever with a demon, who was the sister to the queen.
  • Renegade is afraid her father is still alive
  • She avoids taking off her helmet to keep others safe from her gaze

“You may win this battle, but I assure you...I will win this war...”
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