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noah’s ark
"I am dead because I lack desire; I lack desire because I think I possess; I think I possess because I do not try to give; In trying to give, you see that you have nothing; Seeing that you have nothing, you try to give of yourself; Trying to give of yourself, you see that you are nothing; Seeing that you are nothing, you desire to become; In desiring to become, you begin to live." (Rene Daumal)
If you have any questions or doubts/uncertainties, please just ask! We’d hate for you to put in all that hard work only to have your character rejected simply due to being unsure about the lore.

This roleplay has a cap of two characters per player. However, you can only work on a second character after you've stuck around for one chapter. This is to gauge player responsibility. Sorry! That said, you are not required to play as both characters within the same chapter (i.e. play as CharaA in Ch.3 and CharaB in Ch.4).

You MUST send in a rough draft or at least a basic breakdown of the Last Words that you wish to give your character before posting your character sheet.
character sheet
skeleton / guidelinesi
NAME // Self-explanatory

NICKNAMES // If applicable

GENDER // Self-explanatory

AGE // Most Elegies directly affiliated with Noah’s Ark are High School to College-aged students. Last Words almost never manifest in children under age 15 or those past their prime (35), and working adults tend to work their own jobs while checking in often and complying with Noah’s Ark jobs when requested. This means that age can affect how active your character may be in the RP, so plan carefully! Ideally, most of our cast will be ages 15 to 25.

DATE OF BIRTH // **optional

POSITION // What do they do at Noah’s Ark? The main available positions are barista (Noah’s Ark is particularly famous for their latte art!), kitchen staff, wait staff, and zookeeper. For those not working at the cafe, just put “other.”

YEARS WORKING // The number of years that your character has been working at Noah’s Ark. If they work elsewhere, simply mention when they joined the organization.

HEIGHT // Self-explanatory

HAIR COLOR // Just a one or two word answer

EYE COLOR // Same as above

APPEARANCE // Faceclaims must be anime or drawn (sorry). A written description isn’t mandatory, but you’re free to include one.

PERSONALITY // I don’t need an essay and won’t set a minimum, but make sure to flesh out your character and convey that properly. If you’re really good at writing concisely and can describe your character perfectly in a paragraph, go for it. If you need five, that’s fine too.

BACKSTORY // Again, no minimum or maximum. Make sure to include and focus on key details such as (though not limited to) what led to their “death,” whether or not they realized they “died,” how they dealt with their Last Words, and how they were recruited into Noah’s Ark. If they were personally found by the Manager and not an ordinary member (not required to specify who), make sure to check in with me first. Additionally, regrets/final thoughts (before “death”) do not have to be quoted word for word and may simply be implied.

RELATIONSHIPS // Though suggested, there’s no pressure to fill this in. Look out for the character relationship planning channel in the discord!

ABILITY CLASS // Details are located in the lore. If you aren’t sure, feel free to ask.

LAST WORDS // AKA your character’s power/ability. Keep in mind that anything dangerous enough to cause notable destruction or harm (killing/kidnapping/etc) with ease is not allowed on the premise that it would break lore to allow them in Noah’s Ark. If your character can bust down a building or make someone rot to death, that is a HUGE no-no. Powers that can disrupt the RP itself such as weather and time manipulation are also banned for obvious reasons. Please make sure to include a general description of the Last Words as well as it’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential applications.

EXTRAS // I dunno...customize your CS however you want 8D
active roster
current charactersi

Alex Fayfield | A Way Out | Class C | Foresees danger in the form of outlines

Julius Gladwin | Mirror, Mirror | Class B | Alters physical appearance

Lane Conwell | Hermit in the Dark | Class C | Melds into shadows

Ethan Lefebvre | What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger | Class A | Creates psychic constructs which only affect Elegies and Regrets

Ruki Yokokawa | Transform! Neo-Galaxy ☆ Phantom Diva “Luki”! | Class D | Faster heart rate allows her to exceed her physical limitations


Rosalind Berne | Move It! | Class A | Telekinesis

Aria Sakuraba | Tea Party | Class X | Instills "life" into any inanimate object that resembles humans or animals

Enoch Fontaine | Green, Green Grass of Home | Class A | Grows and manipulates plants

Florian Hamilton | Broken Pocket-Watch | Class B | Body is physically and metabolically accelerated

Varona Osbourne | Conductor of Trick Shots | Class C | Hand thrown items have 100% accuracy


Dorothea Willis | Gorgeous Hanging Strings | Class X | Summons a chain/s from the body

Lance Eunwol Park | When Hell Freezes Over | Class A | Frost manipulation

Keith Williams | Starving Out Gluttony | Class B | 'Starved' states trigger aggression and enhances certain physical attributes


Luciano Bianchi | Isolated Box | Class C | Stores objects in an alternate space

Vincent Huo | Happy Birthday | Class A | Pyrokinesis

Emiyn Yuen | Forget Everything And Run (F.E.A.R.) | Class C | Sees icons which indicate Elegies and Regrets
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“We believe that we can change the things around us in accordance with our desires—we believe it because otherwise we can see no favourable outcome. We do not think of the outcome which generally comes to pass and is also favourable: we do not succeed in changing things in accordance with our desires, but gradually our desires change. The situation that we hoped to change because it was intolerable becomes unimportant to us. We have failed to surmount the obstacle, as we were absolutely determined to do, but life has taken us round it, led us beyond it, and then if we turn round to gaze into the distance of the past, we can barely see it, so imperceptible has it become.” – Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time
basic information
luciano bianchi
twenty-three (23)
date of birth
may 21st
kitchen staff
years working
5’10” (178cm)

Standing at an average height amongst his peers but with an elegantly disciplined posture and an equally neat wardrobe, Luca is a man who doesn’t particularly stand out in a crowd but still gives off a clean impression when met face to face. His clothes are selected according to their presentation rather than purely by the value of their brand names, and he takes care not to dress ostentatiously. What people tend to notice most over time is his habit of regularly switching out his glasses and matching his clothes to them rather than the other way around.
Luca is someone who is generally evaluated as meddlesome but straightforward. His desire to look after others isn’t always welcome, but, at the very least, his words are genuine, and it’s easy to see that he does so without ulterior motives. For those who prefer being left to their own devices, he may come off as overbearing, but his ability to easily pick up on social cues and keep a conversation going makes him someone easy to get along with.

Though born with a silver spoon in his mouth and having lived a privileged life scarce in hardship, Luca is a down-to-earth individual whose serious attitude has little it lacks. Responsibility is his middle name, and when he states that he’ll get a task finished within a set period of time, it’s his policy to stick to it. That isn’t to say that he carries a strict facade nor does he allow his duties and shortcomings to consume him. Understanding that it’s impossible to succeed one hundred percent of the time, he’s come to view his failures as part of the learning experience. Nevertheless, he’s unforgiving towards complacency, and strives to upkeep a hard-working mindset regardless of the various outcomes and situations that life doles out.

For how hard he comes down on himself, Luca views impressing those same expectations upon others as idealistic and a wanton suppression of motivation. Everyone has their own pace, and he generally encourages others to follow it lest they face an inevitable burnout. His own diligence seemingly stems from a dislike towards being judged for his parents’ financial status which, at times, seems to overshadow his own personal merits. Though he admits that he has his fair share of shortcomings, he grows easily upset at being treated like a spoiled and naive young master whose achievements strolled right into his hands without any effort.

In spite of his desire to uphold a mature facade for the aforementioned reasons, the manner in which he expresses his bottled up anger is rather crude, to the point of swearing incessantly the moment he reaches his tipping point. Aside from various insults, his very much ordinary temperament causes him to be easily troubled by rowdy individuals or people who take things too far. His endurance is high, but he tragically lacks the patience required to brush such irritants off. As a result, he’s prone to internal bouts of frustration, at times exploding into lengthy lectures with a bitter tone that makes it resemble more of an extensive rant. Even when he’s resorted to silently seething in rage, the moment he uses his business smile rather than one genuinely from the heart, it’s easy to see that he isn’t happy. However, apart from his initial rant, he isn’t the sort to prolong an argument face on. Rather, he has a tendency to stew on the matter for a week while either ignoring or coldly addressing whoever angered him with polite but scathing words.

In his brother’s words, Luca is someone who appears capable and tolerant but is actually extremely sarcastic and petty on the inside.
His mother’s face evaded his memories, while his father was a busy man who found it difficult to come home on time. However, he grew up without a speck of resentment towards those circumstances. Their home wasn’t perfect, but he had never been dissatisfied with it. Even if his father spent more time with work rather than what remained of his family, he had still made it his priority to make sure that his children knew they were loved. Furthermore, he had his older sister, Angela, and his grandmother, his two most important people who spoiled him as much as they scolded him.

Even when their grandmother passed away when he started middle school, Luca still firmly grasped on to the ideal that family, no matter what form it took, was never supposed to be a lonely concept. Thus, when his father suddenly announced his remarriage, Luca easily gave his blessings, wishing only for his father’s happiness. His sister, however, vehemently opposed until the end.

Angela viewed their step-mother’s efforts to get closer to them as cheap ploys to replace their mother and take away what little time they had to spend with their father. Her rejection towards their stepmother and stepbrother only grew worse the more Luca and her father defended them. In particular, the arguments between Luca and Angela increased exponentially each time he confronted her when she gave Alan the cold shoulder or yelled at him for something minor. To the Luca who had been raised with love, he felt that he owed the same to at least their stepbrother, whose shy nature only caused him to coddle him further. In turn, he, who never tried to sit down and understand his sister without trying to force his ideals onto her, ended up inadvertently ostracizing the very person who cared for him most.

Aside from the arguments which would spark over some random event, words hardly ever passed between the two. Soon, Angela began completely ignoring Luca, even going as far as to demand that she study abroad for college so as to not see his face. By the time he had realized that, perhaps, he had misunderstood her intentions, his sister refused to take any of his calls, later even blocking his number entirely.

Fearing the consequences of confronting her as he had done before, Luca never attempted to contact his sister again. However, it was only when he lay at death’s door that his actions or lack thereof would once again add on to his list of regrets.

As the intense heat from the flames outside of the room licked at his skin and the smoke stung his eyes and lungs, he continued to clumsily undo the lock on the safe. The last thing he could recall was stubbornly clutching an old album, the only surviving evidence of the pleasant memories before he had ruined everything with his own hands. Then, he heard something crash down and promptly blacked out.

When he finally came to, he was in a hospital bed. His sister, who had been hovering over him as he slept, immediately stood up to harshly scold him regarding his reckless actions. Being incapable of doing much more than cough, he reached for her hand to slowly write down two words before leaning back to continue resting.

During his stay at the hospital, Angela visited him regularly, though a majority of their time together was spent in silence. Still, he felt comforted by her presence, and, when he was finally well enough to speak for long periods of time, the two finally sat down to have the chat that they should have had years ago. Nothing would ever make up for their mistakes, but it was progress enough to make him feel refreshed both in body and mind by the time of his discharge date. What he didn’t expect, however, was for his family affairs to be merely the first of a series of issues.

First, his wallet would go missing, even though he was sure that he had slipped it into his bag. Next, various household items would disappear without a trace, while things he didn’t recall purchasing would end up in their place. Eventually, he noticed that every object that disappeared had been something he had previously touched, and, if he wished for it hard enough, it would soon magically reappear right in his hands. Though the reason behind that phenomenon eluded him, he quickly took to experimenting and familiarizing himself with it.

By the time he moved out to live on his own and started attending college, he had gotten a good grasp over his power, though he still had a few mishaps whenever he had a lapse in concentration. Unexpectedly, his secret was outed not by one of said mishaps but by a cat that he was fond of feeding. After a series of events consisting of betrayal, being dragged to a cafe by an upperclassman, and a sloppy explanation of “Elegies” and “Last Words,” he soon found himself aboard the organization of misfits called Noah’s Ark and has been with them ever since.
Dorothea Willis: For the level-headed Luca, Thea is a seemingly strange pick for a long-time friend and comrade. True to the saying, “strangers are just friends waiting to happen,” their relationship stemmed from a coincidental encounter which resulted in a series of misunderstandings involving a certain cat. Later, she was also the very person to drag him to the cafe by the Manager’s instruction.

Rosalind Berne: A co-worker and a friend. At the start, Rosie was a client who had requested Noah’s Ark’s detective services upon a suggestion from her father, and Luca and Thea were the two assigned to investigate her case. Though they had expected a Regret, they found the source to be Rosie herself, and promptly scouted her as the newest addition to Noah’s Ark. Their Last Words have good synergy, making them frequent partners. At the cafe, Luca also often asks for the foodie's opinion on any new dishes that the kitchen is testing.

Alex Fayfield:

Sophie (the Norweigian Forest Cat): Whenever his friends and acquaintances hear about what he has to say about the cat without context, they often mistake his words as him talking about an ex-girlfriend.

Angela Bianchi: Luca betrayed his sister’s trust, and their fractured bond can never return to what it was once before. However, they’ve moved on from their past misunderstandings to the point where they’re on friendly speaking terms again.

Alan Bianchi: In spite of his sister’s protests in the past, Luca is close to his step-brother and tends to coddle and spoil him. However, he’s improved over the years and learned to give him space.

Emiyn Yuen: Aside from slight guilt over getting the boy involved in Noah’s Ark’s troubles, Luca finds himself relating to Emiyn due to the two both being fairly unathletic and having Last Words that aren’t very combat intensive. He’s happy to have another hand to help out in the kitchens and appreciates the boy’s polite manner of listening to others carefully. It’s also nice to have someone he can spill tea talk to about various amusing stories of the Noah’s Ark employees while working.

Lance Park: “No U.” The two are seemingly incapable of deciding whether to get along or start calling each other names in a childish manner. Truth be told, they usually don’t remember what started the argument.

Ethan Lefebvre: One of the more troublesome recruits of the past year. After various failed attempts at getting through to the redhead, Luca has resorted to consulting Rosie whenever Ethan takes anything too far.
last words
Ability Type
Class C

Luca’s Last Words, Isolated Box, is a Class C hammerspace ability with little to no gimmicks. Born from his desire to keep important things close, it is the basic ability of storing and removing objects from a parallel space, which makes it a power that’s frequently abused for various domestic chores around the cafe.

Aside from the simplicity of its concept, the Last Words does have its own set of rules. First and foremost, to place an object into the box, it must be in direct contact with his skin (hence it cannot be used to absorb attacks or impacts). On the other hand, objects already inside of the box can only be ejected from a 1.5m radius of him with his current level of skill. They can also be lightly “tossed” out of the box, though only if he can physically throw that object in the first place. Additionally, he cannot store humans or most other living things (plants are okay since they can’t really move/resist).

The most interesting “rule” of Luca’s hammerspace is that it and its contents appear completely unaffected by the outside world. No one other than Luca is capable of accessing the box or even detecting the contents inside, and even time is warped within the space. That is, anything removed from the box will come out in the exact same condition as when it was first placed inside (e.g. a warm box of pizza will come out the same temperature even after a few hours have passed).

His item box is like an ordinary bag in the sense that things placed inside can be easily forgotten. It does not have a system where he can automatically scan the inventory (or at least he hasn’t discovered it), and anything that Luca has left forgotten in the parallel space must be mentally searched for within the box. He’s pulled out various food items well past their expiration date (though still technically fresh) as a result of this.
He is guilty of multiple instances of (unintentional) shoplifting and other petty thefts before he gained proper control of his powers. As such, it has become a running gag between his friends at Noah’s Ark that whenever something goes missing, the blame is immediately pinned on Luca.

While out buying things, he often pretends to place the items he’s bought into his bag only to slip it into his hammerspace to lessen the load he’s burdened with. In general, he never carries items around in his pockets, and his bags typically only carry objects of lesser importance. Lately, his friends have been commenting on how they’re glad that he doesn’t lose his wallet anymore.

Extremely bad at waking up in the mornings and sets multiple alarms spread out between two hours prior to the time that he actually needs to wake up.

He’s given up on wearing contacts after an incident where he attempted to adjust his non-existent glasses by habit and ended up stabbing himself in the eye with his fingers. The vision in his left eye doesn’t need much correction, but his right eye has very weak vision.

On average, he keeps two to three extra pairs of glasses on hand at all times.

He enjoys doing housework due to it being a good and simple way of taking his mind off of things. However, because his “apartment” is too large, he doesn’t bother to clean the areas he doesn’t use.
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“It is eerily terrifying that there is no sound when a heart breaks. Car accidents end with a bang, falling ends with a thud, even writing makes the scratching sound of pencil against paper. But the sound of a heart breaking is completely silent. Almost as though no one, not even the universe itself could create a sound for such devastation. Almost as though silence is the only way the universe could pay its respect to the sound of a heart falling apart.”
– Nikita Gill, The Sound of Heartbreak
basic information
Rosalind Berne
twenty-four (24)
date of birth
january 25th
years working
5’ 6” | 167 cm
Grey to blue

Rosie is a deceptively delicate looking individual due to her carefully picked clothing and well-maintained hands. She carries herself with confidence and sometimes with threatening intent depending on what she wants (she really enjoys wearing shoes that go clack clack). She also really enjoys the air that a good uniform gives off as well but that’s not always a choice for daily wear. While she enjoys business formal dress code it’s ironically more common to see her in casual wear.
In short, Rosie is a practical individual with a vicious petty streak. She’s not callous per say (why would she be in criminal justice then). She definitely has empathy set deep in her bones but she knows when to put her foot down and tell people to cut the bullshit. She firmly believes that if you want something done the right way you have to put on your big girl panties and kick some ass every once in a while. While she seems calm and passive (maybe even pleasant if she likes you) on an ordinary day, an outside observer to most squabbles, she’s definitely the type to not tolerate any nonsense on her turf. Rosie will use wit and petty willpower to do what she believes is the right thing to do.

This also means, however, that she’s prone to storming in and going too far. Even she admits (after a long period of cooling down), that she has a vicious streak and says things that shouldn’t be said. But she has grown up from her teen years and can at least own up to her mistakes (when she catches them) enough to apologize.

(...Most of the time anyway.)

Due to her pragmatic approach to most situations, most people see Rosie as the reliable type and often forget that anyone can have issues. Since she often gives off the impression that she has everything under control, even most of her friends don’t realize that she is often just shelving the issue to deal with it at a later date. People who aren’t close also don’t realize that Rosie does have her childish moments.

She’s fairly competitive and enjoys friendly competition but is quick to lose interest if she sees that someone is taking the game too seriously. Rosie is also a secret foodie and is quick to accept food (due to her high metabolism). Her brother used to find it worrying because once in elementary school Rosie nearly got kidnapped while accepting food from a stranger. Thankfully, she doesn’t accept food from strangers anymore, being far more vigilant to malicious intent.
As someone who was immediately abandoned on her father’s lap the moment her mother left the maternity ward, Rosie’s life didn’t have a great start. But even without a mother, Rosie was perfectly content with just her dad and her twin brother as a child. Sure, her dad was often at work but if it was a paperwork day at the police station, Rosie and her brother were often there with him to keep him company. Her babysitters often praised her and her brother for being well-behaved children.

Around when Rosie was in second grade of elementary school, her dad wanted to remarry. With a very serious face (for a child), Rosie told her dad that “as long as pap is happy” she would accept anyone and even convinced her brother it was the right thing. So without conflict, Rosie’s family of three grew to four with the addition of their step-mother. These days, both Rosie and her brother just call her mom.

Unlike her brother, who became a relatively young but well-known novelist, Rosie decided to work with the police like her dad though through the forensics services unit. She got her bachelor’s degree in forensic sciences before moving onto graduate school. She is currently working part-time at Noah’s Ark and has an internship at the forensics services unit. She’s slowly working her way through her master’s degree.

Of course, like everyone else who works there, Rosie wasn’t always a part of Noah’s Ark. It was maybe a year into her undergraduate program when Rosie’s life started to go from “planned” to “ok-maybe-not-so-planned”. But then again, you don’t just plan for a car pile-up crash to happen on top of you. Especially on local streets. But what can you do? At least she isn’t dead.

At the time she didn’t think much about the actual details of what happened while she was still stuck under a truck (or was it a car?) and teetering between life and death. She was too busy trying to get her life back to some semblance of order after the accident to really think of the strangeness of what happened while she was stuck. How was she able to survive for so long while stuck under the truck? Even the investigators and doctors said that it was a miracle that she survived at all.

After recovering from her injuries and getting her life back in some sort of order, over half a year later she started to notice strange happenings in her house. Things would be moved around the house without anyone noticing or remembering doing so. She would be looking for something in the house only to find it dropped right behind her. It was getting to the point that her whole family was wondering if it was a poltergeist or...an extra stranger living with them in their house.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when no one was home but someone or something pulled the chair back for her as she sat down with her breakfast at the dinner table. When she brought it up to her dad, he got a strange look in his eye before suggesting that she visit Noah’s Ark and order “Stella’s secret rose latte” to ask them for their particular brand of help. Rosie was...extremely skeptical but her dad wouldn’t prank her like this so she went ahead and did what was suggested. She’s been there during coffee breaks before and she never thought anything special about this rose latte. However, much to her surprise, the cafe sent her back home with two of their employees to investigate her home. It was during the investigation that both parties realized that it wasn’t a haunting (or a Regret). That day, Rosie was quickly brought back to Noah’s Ark and was thoroughly informed that she was an Elegy and what this new status would pertain to.
Thea: Rosie eats the meal part of her Happy Meals. The two also often get into friendly but fierce debates about justice. The two friends have a good emotional support system in each other going that stems from their pasts. Thea was one of the people who worked on Rosie’s case and was also the one who helped Rosie to adjust to her new life as an Elegy. She provided Rosie the emotional support related to being an Elegy that her family wasn’t able to provide for her.

Luca: One of the people who worked on Rosie’s case. He’s the friend who usually stops Rosie from running off and changing her job occupation to a vigilante. The two work well together, with Rosie catching anything Luca throws or drops out of his pocket dimension (example: setting tables quickly). Rosie is also one of his taste testers and plating critique. Surprisingly, Luca is often the straight man of the two.

Alex: The two got off on a bad start but over the years they smoothed over their differences. They have a mainly professional relationship. If there is a particularly rude customer in the cafe, the two will often play rock, paper, scissors to see who will have the honor of escorting them out.

Helianthus “Lian” Berne: Published under the name Lian Berne. Lian is Rosie’s twin brother. While they get along like two peas in a pod, Rosie also finds him nosy and overly enthusiastic for his job. He gives her frequent heart attacks with his pestering and popping in at her school or workplaces without notice. She loves him dearly but also dislikes how he can spontaneously insist that they adventure together so he can get inspiration.

Pap/Solis Berne: Rosie’s father and former helicopter dad. He is currently the Chief of Department of the Genesis City Police Department. He hopes to retire soon so he can spend more time with his family. Rosie and Lian have strong bonds with their parents.

Mom/Cassandra Berne: Rosie’s stepmom and currently a lawyer. Rosie and her get along like a house of fire and often team up on gaming nights to beat her dad and Lian. Her stepmom never forgets to remind Rosie to come back home safe ever since the incident.

Aria Sakuraba: Relatively fond of Aria but sees her as very young. Like how she does with other younger members of Noah’s Ark, she tries to keep an eye out for them when it gets busy. Particularly for Aria, Rosie tries to soften her tone because she had noticed Aria’s nature to be timid.

Lance Park: Sometimes feels the vague urge to strangle him. She does care about him but claims that he’s easier to be fond of when he keeps his mouth shut. It’s worse when both Thea and Lance team up because they get along like a house on fire. She often carries around a pair of ear plugs, stating “If I don’t see or hear them I don’t have to think about what’s going on behind me.”
last words
Ability Type

Move it! - Telekinesis - Currently, Rosie can drag around a refrigerator with her mind. However, she can’t throw it. Rosie describes it as how people physically move heavy objects: you brace yourself to gather your strength before yanking or tugging hard. It’s easier for Rosie to knock over a heavy object than to throw it around like she would do to a plate. She also finds it easier to move multiple objects around if they don’t go beyond her estimated weight limit. Her ability is not invincible and can be resisted as long as your physical strength exceeds her telekinetic strength. For instance, while she would tug you around by your shirt (lighter and easier to control than a body), you can yank yourself and break away from the force. Since people are too unpredictable in a fight and are likely to give her a headache, she mainly uses this to stop people from tripping or yank people out of danger.

Rosie can also levitate and move herself around. Since the progress is easy but slow, she likes to primarily use the ability to reach the top shelves.
To clarify while under the car pile-up she had two broken legs and a dislocated collarbone but she would have died of blood loss and suffocation if she didn’t get help on time.

Is a grad student. Is getting a forensic sciences Master’s degree.

She needs to have order. Like plan out her day and at least get some of it done. Her plans can deviate but she’d really like to have a schedule to work off of. (She hates last minute notifications.)

She calls her dad “pap”.

Rosie’s not related to her mom (stepmom but she calls her mom anyway). But while she does know this fact, she doesn’t care to figure out who her biological mom is past her medical history and family medical history.

Her dad is the police chief and used to be a helicopter dad before her mom told him to chill.

She worries about how much her novelist twin brother loves conspiracies and thrillers.

Her brother recently published a best-seller novel called “Nobody Heard the Little Bird Scream”. It’s an urban fantasy, thriller novel with a splash of conspiracy and mystery elements about a superhuman young boy who had been engineered by the CIA. The story is the boy’s journey on learning how to be and what it means to be human. Much to her brother’s confusion, though Rosie usually likes reading his novels, she seemed to not enjoy his new series much.

Rosie sincerely hopes that her brother doesn’t ever offend a higher up in the government. His new novel doesn’t really hit too close to home but she sincerely hopes that he never sticks his nose into the wrong place for “inspiration”. He already browsed through the CIA’s declassified files.

Learned self-defense while growing up. However, she’s fairly crafty in her own right. She also isn’t the type to initiate fights for stupid reasons or to show off.

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NAME // Dorothea Willis


GENDER // Female

AGE // 24


POSITION // Zookeeper. Thea's main job is to care and tend to the various little friends at the cafe. She will be walking, feeding, grooming, and cleaning them daily among the many other little chores that will go unseen.


HEIGHT // 5'8"

HAIR COLOR // Blonde

EYE COLOR // Brown

APPEARANCE // Svelte figure, knobbly fingers, long limbs. Thea doesn't look good because she wears certain brands, it's because she always walks with straightened shoulders, and a strong swagger that all too often bumps into the corners of tables and other such things. She's is a menace in crowded areas because she is restless, clumsy, and at times unaware of how much space she actually takes up. While she has many visible piercings in her ears, the tattoos that are seen on her are all temporary ones - because she's scared of needles.


PERSONALITY // Thea is someone who is always full of life and energy. Friends and strangers know her to be a generally happy person, always finding a moment to spare an ear or smile for you. She is not shy in the least, if you were to leave her in a room by herself, she is guaranteed to make at least two friends when you come back for her. However it often isn’t a good idea to actually leave her to her own devices as she is often too devious, too chatty, and simply too overwhelming for the common folk to handle. To put lightly, Thea is seemingly a child born in the world of light, unjaded, and untouched by bitterness. She is someone who is emotional, romantic, determined, clumsy and easily pleased since she has yet to fully understand, or perhaps accept, how evil the world is, and thus can afford to do all of the above so freely and sincerely.

She is the kind of person who sincerely believes that there is enough light in the world to say that, "the Light will win in the end." which undoubtedly grates those who have been touched by cruelty.

BACKSTORY // I am borrowing (nearly lifting) heavily from OSaBC II: That Which Cannot Die, written by LogicalPremise, and his cast. Many of the ideas, words, message, motifs, that come from what could be their personal struggles and experiences put into story. Specifically, the commentary script of a character, found right under the opening author notes in the first link.

Thea grew up hating the world, and spent much of her time contemplating on things far beyond her control, things that she could never hope to change or fix. It meant setting herself off in a frenzy when she thought about all the animals that were released back into society for the fourth time after murdering six families in a drunk-driving incident. It meant thinking about all the uneducated rapists that were all but encouraged and cheered upon by their family just in the back parking lot of her high-school. It was beyond hatred that she had for the world and humans, it was pure malice.

She had only one friend that remained after her many angry bouts, who aspired to be a writer. Who, for reasons unknown to Thea at the time, had always remained even when they butted heads over why 'moving dog shit from one box to another doesn't remove the stink' wasn't a valid argument for execution to be a thing, among many others. For all of Thea's support for the human race to be properly nuked and done with, she always thought the author-to-be was likely someone who would be a force of change, a symbol of hope, untainted, uncaring of all the hate that made Thea a no-good neanderthal hating scum to do good, better.

Until she committed suicide. It was impossible, in Thea's opinion, for someone who withstood misery and hate so well, so strongly, to succumb to something as weak as ... what, a poor self-esteem? She was angry yes, but even stronger was her devastation. Whether Thea liked it or not, she had been a shaking child, holding strongly onto that last bit of hope that her friend represented, who often saw the world so much differently than she had - than she ever could. When she took a baseball bat to the head, investigating the suspicious suicide, it was this devastation, this regret, that rang strong and true. To not have held onto this hope, to embrace this hope, as strongly as she could when she had been able to.

Her family moved to another state to begin anew, just as she was entering her senior year of high-school. With her, she had rounded back to pick up her friends' diary, finding in it entries dedicated to her ... and in those last words, she found the strength to borrow what hope had been left behind to hopefully move beyond her edgy hateful teenage years.

Often I am asked why evil flourishes ... Error. Increase Trust to Unlock All Documents

For a while, Thea was undergoing therapy for her head injury and from recalling certain portions of her supposed death. Part of her assignments, both from college and her appointments with her therapist, was to draw and fill up her sketchbook. She found Noah's Ark, a small little cafe that was comfortable, perfectly lit, and full of little friends and treats, to be the perfect environment for her muse and inspiration. In time, she was a regular at the place, and came to enjoy conversations with the Manager there ... who would also be the one to reveal her new reality, and offer her an employment with NA. Thea, who sought the path of a hero, spurred by the recent tragedy in her life, knew the only answer she had was 'yes'.


[ALEX]: Coworkers at Noah's Ark. Being significantly younger than Thea, she took quite the pleasure in organizing a few harmless pranks at the junior on her first days. After three years, knowing that Alex is here to stay, the pranks have come to a stop but she developed quite the taste for endlessly teasing the younger girl who just can't seem to get along with the animals of the cafe.​

[ALYSSIA]: Deceased.​

[ARIA]: Coworkers at Noah's Ark. Relations with the cafe's newest employee is a little bit strained at the moment. Thea is unsure how to approach and confront the smaller girl, given their previous encounter. She is determined to make things right, but is well aware that things like this demand an appropriate time, space and careful considerations. While others are not privy to what may have occurred, they are sure to pick up an uncharacteristic ... bashfulness, in Thea whenever Aria is concerned.​

[EMIYN]: Coworkers at Noah's Ark. There's a lot of guilt that Thea had to contend with in a week, especially when his baby fat hasn't even fallen off yet. Whenever Thea saw Emiyn, there was always this instinct to hug him, or coddle him, telling him to avoid going outside in case he saw something that might unsettle him due to his LW. However, watching as Emiyn swiftly integrated himself into Noah's Ark, into the kitchen, into the investigative duties, she was quick to pick up that Emiyn had a very strong pride - a quiet kind of pride, but strong nonetheless. He did not need someone coddling him or to hold his hand - he was already doing fine approaching Rosie and Luca, and moving swiftly on with his second chance at life. Knowing this now, she is able to settle back into their usual kind of banter, the kind they had engaged in before he had become involved. She just gets to tease him a little more now and then.​

[ENOCH]: Coworkers at Noah's Ark, and a fellow casual artist! This discovery was made after a minor mishaps where Thea left her sketchbook somewhere in the cafe and accidentally picked up Enoch's. It took more than a few days to realize that she had picked up the wrong book, because it would seem that the two had been attracted to the same gatherings and events over the years, sketching the events, festivals, and public areas without ever having run into one another. After returning the book to its rightful owner, Thea has always made sure to share any sightings of interesting gatherings to the gentle man. As well as grilling him over some rather ambitiously-drawn angles that she maintains is impossible.

On their off-times the two of them are trying to learn how to play chess. Where others may strive to understand the best strategies or watch world tournaments in hopes of absorbing some master class lessons, the two are content just wildly gesturing and dramatically pretending to be Bond Villains as they move and capture one pawn at a time ... before the cats and birds of Noah's Ark claim the victory for themselves and kidnap the King and Queen pieces. Thea's so excited with Enoch willing to double down and seemingly break out from that gentle passive kind giant kind of shell she had always associated him to be.

He also seems to ignore her whenever she suggests he should add 2 shots of vodka into her drinks.

[ETHAN]: Coworkers at Noah's Ark. Thea has nothing against him, she even envies how honest he can be sometimes, uncaring of what pieces may result from his cutting retorts, however for Thea, he is a mirror that she never wants to look so closely into. Luckily, being subjected to Rosie's endless lectures fill more than enough hours in the day so the two are rare to be left alone or converse much in their off hours.​

[FLO]: Coworkers at Noah's Ark. When Thea had told him, on those first few days, that everything was alright after the 9th cup had fallen to the floor, even she herself was surprised that she genuinely meant it. She was convinced of his sincerity when he agreed to sacrifice a few evenings to help walk some of the pets - even bringing his own Pomeranian along - to make up for some of things broken during the day shifts. He sure is clumsy, but Thea figures that the damages aren't something that concerned her, she's just here to let the dogs, cats and Flo get their fill of zoomies during their evening walks.​

[JULI]: Coworkers at Noah's Ark. Quirky and memorable, Thea finds a solid friend in the younger man. Where many are reserved or far more calm, there is an endless cheer that Thea is compelled to revel in when Juli is around - what other company do you need when there is a one-person-army-cheerleader at your back, after all? Someone who would hype as hard as you would for them? Especially when you trust them enough to send them your dressing-room-outfit messages.​

[KEITH]: Coworkers at Noah's Ark. For all of Thea's friendliness, Keith is the one person who trips all her warning systems, and she can't help but to harbor a healthy slice of distrust in regards to him. She tries her best to maintain a fair polite front, but the effort is mostly a hindering one, as she is likely to slip the wrong words at the wrong time when she overthinks how she ought to approach him.​

[LANCE]: Coworkers at Noah's Ark. Someone who gets as easily riled up as Thea does, who responds just as passionately and loudly, and often times stupidly. What other words are there to describe that than 'someone who is alive, right now, in this present moment, here and ready, no matter the distance.' There are those who would bail you out from jail, but over the years, Thea has come to realize and is humbled by this one who would walk at her side right to hell if need be.​

[LANE]: Coworkers at Noah's Ark. Typically, Thea is oblivious to the personal spaces of others, especially when they come off as aloof or particularly independent. However, Lane is one such person whose curtness gave even Thea a pause. Recently though, she has found that he is receptive to having his picture taken for NA Social Media pages, and surely, someone who has such a gentle (though clearly practiced) smile isn't someone who is all cold.​

[LUCA]: Coworkers at Noah's Ark. They study at the same college, having met by chance, but largely due to the Manager who maneuvered them both. Thea enjoys their company a great deal, and they maintain a amiable working relationship. They are most often brought together by scheming cats who two-time them both, because they are gullible, foolish morons.​

[ROSIE]: Coworkers at Noah's Ark. Rosie has become a close friend and confidant over the years. She is someone that Thea is most at ease with, for Rosie neither fears nor bows to her infrequent bouts of anger, and is someone who at times is equally as infuriated as Thea may be over the evil that pollutes their world. What Thea cherishes the most is that no matter how ugly things get, Rosie has never withdrawn from her side nor changed her tune and her perspectives. Thea also often shovels off her WcDonalds' Happy Meals to Rosie because she is only interested in the toy.​

[RUKI]: Coworkers at Noah's Ark. Despite the age difference, Ruki and Thea are able to enjoy many conversations together, on and off work hours. Where others are more suited to be role models in investigation work or even just for the daily duties expected of a Noah's Ark employee, Thea enjoys the simple life of being the approachable Senpai for some of the younger employees. Especially Ruki, who despite being overly cheerful and borderline hyperactive, has just as much focus and ambition, but has never allowed such disciplines to intervene with much needed fun and jokes. When Ruki had taken her break from Noah's Ark to tend to her studies, Thea had made sure to seek her out - ensuring that Ruki would always know just how much everyone missed her presence, and how much of it was felt during the quiet hours when the bunnies were looking for her. Children should always be smiling and enjoying all the offers of life that came their way, for this reason Thea is always ready to clap or support even the dumbest of things Ruki (and others) may find themselves in, but smartly direct them to Enoch if they ever ask her any serious questions.

On weekends, when Thea goes to visit Ruki, they usually end up either at a park or indoor community center playing sports together. It might be a tad bit embarrassing for someone as old as herself to be playing with teenagers, but its not something that she feels keenly when they're knee deep in fun and adrenaline. Thea doubts that there'd be anyone else around that would play as passionately or seriously as Ruki does in every game, no matter the sport.​

[VINCENT]: Coworkers at Noah's Ark. There hasn't been any opportunity to really try and get to know him better, but that's no reason to not admire the hard work and efforts of the young man. Perhaps in time they might get to call one another friends.​


LAST WORDS // "Gorgeous Hanging Strings" ://: // - Document Edit 1 : 18 Y/0, Authorization: NOAH'S ARK.

Thea's Last Words manifests itself as Chains. We have files in the archive with persons with similar Last Words, but none that seem to fit exactly. We have tested its maximum reach to be 10m and being able support the weight of 2 humans (Considerations: Tested when hanging from chin up bar and on ground, direction doesn't seem to affect this). It is sturdy enough to resist typical cutters, saws, and crow bars, but we have not been able to test for resistance against other Last Words. It isn't quite self-aware, but heeds the intentions and wishes of Thea seamlessly. Has shown to be able to manifest from any part of Thea's body - Palms, forearm, elbow, calves ... oral cavity recorded once, best not to repeat - but unable to severe ITSELF completely from the host body.

PREDICTIONS: If we forecast growth and potential, could see another repeat of asddsfdsafdsfdsfadsfdafda and Thea may be able to sprout multiple Chains rather than the single one. We cannot predict whether they will share the same range of awareness that the current one does, however. We will have to test later against telekinetic forces, portal users, elemental users, we predict that these Chains cannot combat those who move things between spaces and those who might try to burn and corrode it.

USES: Suppression, non-lethal takedowns, securing escorts, ambushes, trapper/trolling, close-quarters-combatant

AUTHOR NOTES: The chain is arrow-tipped, making it great for stabbing.

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Alex Fayfield
Class C - Foresight
Noah's Ark Affiliate
Blood Type A

Name - Alex Fayfield
Gender - Female
Age - Nineteen
Date of Birth - February 3
Position - Waitress
Years Working - Three Years
Height - 5 foot 6 inch
Hair Color - Blond
Eye Color - Green
Alex Fayfield is a fighter. She does whatever she wants, and doesn't mind having to get physical for it. She's tone down after joining Noah's Ark, but still has some spunk in her attitude. She carries herself with pride, and glares at unwanted attention. She is often found either humming her favorite songs, or listening to her iPod. She often frequents the arcade, and loves rhythm games. Despite her off-putting nature, she has learned to work with the team, and found her place in Noah's Ark. She doesn't like it, but she doesn't hate it either. To her, its a way to survive and help fuel her hobby of music. Recently, she's gotten into funk, jazz, and a bit of electronic. The cafe background music seems to change based on her mood and taste, and seems to be indicator of how she's feeling for the day.
Alex Fayfield was born to the small Fayfield Household, a troubled family in the middle of Genesis City. Her parents were the busy sort, due to financial circumstances, and Alex was often left to her own devices. Her childhood was one of little parental supervision, and lots of fighting with the neighbor kids. She started gaining a bit of a gutsy attitude, ready to get into fights for herself. And while she never became the schoolkid bully, she did become something of a delinquent, and was quickly avoided by the others, not that it mattered to her. During middle school and into high school, she would regularly skip classes and roam the streets of Genesis City. Her parents were too busy, or perhaps too distant that she would listen to their advice on education. Instead, she'd often get into fights with local thugs while pick pocketing small change for trips to the local arcade.

To Alex, the local arcade was something of her safe haven, a place to go when in trouble ever since she could walk, as the owner would always help her out. The owner, despite wearing a troubled expression, would never nag on her, and would just silently watch over her. In the arcade herself, she played all kinds of games, but took a particular liking to rhythm games. Perhaps it was the vibrant music contrasting from her circumstances that caught her attention, or maybe it was the colorful notes that demanded something from her that nothing else did. Regardless, she grew up on rhythm games, playing on DDR machines and Guitar Hero clones, before moving onto Japanese imports. Music in general came to be her hobby, as she eventually got herself an iPod (through a bit of pick-pocketing) and went everywhere with earphones plugged in. She'd play the arcade machines wearing them. She'd spend her time at home wearing them. She'd even get into fights wearing them.

When she was around 15, she died and became an elegy. The night had started out as any other, her leaving the arcade at closing time after a day of rhythm games. As she meandered her way through the backalleys, she was knocked to the ground by some punks she had got into an altercation with the other week. As she tried to get up, she was kicked hard in the ribs. As she made one more attempt, her attackers surrounded her and continued their attacks. This continued for several minutes until she was black and blue. During that time, she had died while holding some strong thought in her mind. Perhaps it had to do with her current situation, or maybe her whole life circumstance, or maybe it was even a passing thought she clung strongly to in her fading consciousness. Regardless, that thought turned her into an elegy.

When Alex woke up, she was in a hospital bed, covered in bandages, and sore all over. It had been a few days, and it seems she had undergone some surgery. It seems that the arcade owner found her lying on the ground and quickly brought her to the hospital. Filled with thoughts of doubts about the reality of it all, she was visited by others, hospital staff, police officers, and finally her parents. She was scolded, hugged, and taken home where she continued to recover. It wasn't until two weeks had passed when she could walk once more, which the first thing she did was search out the arcade. It wasn't as if she didn't appreciate being taken care of at home, but it felt uncomfortable to her. When she entered the arcade, she said her thanks to the owner, to which he handed her his iPod and told her to go home and rest some more. Leaving the arcade, she put on her earphones, and was suddenly struck with the weirdest sensation, seeing a ghostly grey outline of herself a few steps ahead of her. As she came closer and closer, the outline became more clear until it suddenly disappeared, and another one replaced it even further ahead. This repeated for some while until she reached home.

She continued to observe these outlines during the remainder of her recovery, and saw some of them become red, and others simply disappear without any care. Thoroughly freaked out by them, but still curious, she came to understand the mechanics of it, and called them notes, like those of a rhythm game. And she called the whole phenomenon "A Way Out", after her favorite song, by Taisei Iwasaki. After she made a full recovery, she returned to her usual ways, and found the notes extremely useful in avoiding harm, especially in fighting and escaping thugs. She even found a use for them in small thievery. Thankfully, her actions using "A Way Out" were mostly for supporting herself, and a bit of arcade time.

Almost a year later, she came across a small cafe, with some nice smelling food. By this point, she learned to control her notes by humming a song in her head, so she took off her earphones and snuck in. With great ease, she got herself some food, and walked out unnoticed. Unfortunately, her iPod was left inside, which even she found ridiculous. So the following day, she returned to the cafe, and was greeted by a Samoyed holding it in his mouth. After a moments consideration, and a few humming of notes to ensure her escape route, she took the iPod back with ease (she held out her hand), plugged in the earphones, and turned around, only to see red all around her. Needless to say, she was caught, and was questioned by the employees of the cafe. After some talking, she was hired by Noah's Ark as a waitress and from there she learned of the existence of Elegies, Last Words, and all that surrounds them. Now she works as a self sufficient adult, albeit one that frequents the arcade still.
"A Way Out"
Alex's Last Words "A Way Out" is a Class C foresight based ability, named after her favorite song. In her own words, "It is like playing a rhythm game in real life. You can only see the notes a few moments before you, and you must dance to them or lose." She sees multiple outlines of herself a few moments forward in the future. The outlines start as "ghost like" and slowly become more solid "like a VR projection", at which point the outline displayed is the current time. Alex calls these outlines notes. She see can see multiple notes, spread out time. The furthest she can usually see is up to 10 seconds in the future. It should be noted that the notes do not have to be followed, and Alex suffers no consequences for not following a note. That being said, the color of the note indicates whether physical harm will occur to Alex or not when she is at that position at that time. Normally, it is gray, but it becomes red when there's danger. At first, the whole outline would be red, but her ability has evolved to indicate which part of her body is in danger. The rate at which notes appear is dependent on the tempo of the song that Alex has in her head, whether it be listening or humming. Alex has learned to suppress it when she wants.
Chase (the Samoyed) - "I shouldn't have given into his puppy eyes."
Rosie - "... Better. It's better now..."
Luca - "His food is fine."
Thea - "Keeper of the animals, may she continue to keep them away from me."
Claude (the Barn Owl) - "You try fighting something with its claws in your face!"
Keith - Met during the investigation into Keith. Would keep silent about what happened in exchange for food. "He's good. Doesn't fluff his words. Very direct. We get in fights every now and then tho."

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  • dILXArk.png

    Name: Aria Sakuraba

    Nickname: Ari

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Date of Birth: October 8

    Position: Barista

    Time Working: 4 months

    Height: 5'1" (156 cm)

    Hair Color: Pink

    Eye Color: Green

    Appearance: Aria's delicate frame is accentuated by her unobtrusive stature. She holds herself with the demeanor of a skittish animal, hands nearly always folded in front of her and making herself as small as possible. Despite so, she takes care of her appearance and doesn't slack off with her nightly skincare routine. Her wardrobe is always thoughtfully picked out and consists mostly of cute but modest clothing of the latest Japanese fashion trends.

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NAME Evelyn Richter



AGE 20

DATE OF BIRTH 16th September



HEIGHT 163 cm


EYE COLOR Dark brown


As far as clothing and makeup go, comfortable and natural are the keywords, and she's likely to spend her time wearing jeans whenever she isn't in her cafe uniform. She keeps her hair a bit on the shorter/mid-length so that caring for it isn't too troublesome. In short, pretty low maintenance.

PERSONALITY : Evee is a pretty extroverted girl, and when she was still completely alive, she loved nothing more than a girl night with plenty of gossips. Now she finds her fill with talking with customers, trying her best to make them smile or laugh. And if she learns more about the man at the end of the street who only dries his socks on Fridays or any other petty gossip, it’s even better.

She’s usually energetic, and the first one to volunteer to help others around. She feels the need to do something, anything, not to be bored. That restlessness of her often causes her to make a bit of trouble in the Cafe, whether by playing harmless pranks that get her scolded (You are a grown woman Evee, can you NOT spook the animals please? I don’t care how cute they are when they are surprised).

The girl has those days however...when she really misses having arms without wires flailing around...when she misses being a normal girl, only happy to go to college and talk about the latest football game. And it can take a lot of silly videos to take her out of those ruts.

On the plus side, she is always down to play games (board or video) with everyone. However, her opponent better watches her closely because she tends to cheat (No...my wire is just connected for stability Luca! I swear! I did not make my character immortal simply because I can…Fine fine, you win, I'll switch shifts with you...). She's also extremely loyal to her newfound family, feeling really grateful she didn't have to go through the whole process alone.

BACKSTORY : Evee came from a pretty basic household, two parents, a younger sister, middle class. Everything about her screamed normal, heck she even had brown eyes and brown hair, the most basic combination there was. She had friends, not a lot but enough to always be content. A crush or two, like all young girls had. Decent grades, that got her in communication in college.

Really Evelyn Richter was nothing special. A young woman like you see every day in the streets. She knew how to use her cellphone and social media as much as every other teen in her generation, but she wasn’t a computer geek by any means. And while she did love computer games, she never was that good at it.

If she was in an RPG, she’d probably be a low-level NPC.

Which made her transformation as an Elegy all the more bitter.

It was a hot summer day, and Evee still remembered how the heat felt on her arms before the incident happened. She was arguing with her sister, hard. The latter erased her complete version of Pokemon Super Platinum. The discussion quickly became heated, with Evelyn accused of being neglectful towards her belongings if her sister could just find her game in the living room.

And then, as she typed her final text, she began feeling some numbness in her left arm and the start of a small headache. The pain only exacerbated her frustration as she finished with a :

Anyway, if I am to have a sister like you, I’d rather not have one at all!

But before she could press send, or just after, she wasn’t sure, everything started to blur. The ground suddenly a lot closer to her face. She tried to concentrate...to understand what was happening...but it was so hard...and she was so dizzy.

It was only when she heard a passerby exclaim next to her :


That she understood the gravity of the situation. She was dying. And her last words to her sister would be that she hated her. Whispering as well as she could, she tried to reach her phone, exhaling a pitiful :

-Please...please don’t send…

And after a lot more colours passing by her face, everything went black.
The next time she woke up, she was in a hospital room, feeling perfectly fine except for a strange sensation in her forearms. Like she suddenly sprouted fingers. And to her surprise....as she tried to move, she found those small wires, undulating at her will. The girl started to freak out as a nurse came by, and calmly explained that she had a stroke then was declared brain dead for a second before reanimating. As her brain was scanned, intact, it was judged a miracle. However, that particular nurse knew better, and seeing how she now had her wires, quickly ordered the girl not to show them to anyone and that she had someone to meet.

Maybe there was something more, a few other details, but honestly she was in shock. And it was only after the nurse led her out of the hospital days after the incident, leading her to a small cafe that she started to understand her situation.

It took her time to heal, to accept that she wasn’t just the paragon of normalcy that she was used to. And even now...her only wish is to find herself waking up, her weird appendages nowhere to be seen.

This is why you can sometimes catch a glimpse of the usual cheerful girl, staring longingly at the world outside, knowing she can’t fully be back out. Time helped her heal however, and she is really grateful to her newfound family in the Ark.

RELATIONSHIPS None for now, but very open to make links with you all


LAST WORDS -Please don’t send!

Ability name : Hacking Wires

Description :

How it works :
My oc will have two cables fused with their forearm (one on each arm). When not in use, they retract and look like some really realistic tattoo's. When in use, they simply have to touch an electronic object and the tip fuse with it, leaving my OC with full control of it.
What it can do :
Basically, my OC can communicate in a sort of telepathic bond with the object as long as she is plugged to it. She can give them precise orders. When plugged into two different electronic devices, (one for each arm), she can transfer information from one device to another, provided that the device where information is uploaded can stock info. Everything that has a circuit board is fair game.
What it can't do :
She can't just go : oh hack the system! She needs to understand how to hack it, and give more precise orders: Hey, use this vulnerability to let the info out in the world. Results may vary depending on how precise she is.
She can't make an object do things he wouldn't be able to do normally (ie : a smart cappuccino machine won't become a computer because she is plugged to it).
She can't also give orders based on a feeling or something a computer wouldn't be able to understand. Ex: Hey computer fetch me suspicious files! (leaving the computer not understanding what suspicious means)
Research also takes time, especially when parsing through a lot of files, so she has to be precise with whatever keywords she is searching for or expect a LONG wait.


-She can’t sing to save her life….but she still loves to sing in the shower to everyone else disagreement

-She enjoys making small pranks on the others in the Ark. Nothing harmful really...but spooking someone by making a device emit weird noises is one of her favourite past time.

-Is currently trying to make the espresso machine sing the Avenger theme...it is a work in progress to say the least.

-She tried to muscle up a bit her wires, to see if she could pick up objects with them...to no avail.

-Is always working on some kind of project. Who have various levels of success.
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  • Name: Enoch Fontaine

    Gender: Male

    Age: 24

    Date of Birth: November 12th

    Position: Barista

    Years Working: 3

    Height: 6'1'' (185 cm)

    Hair Color: White

    Eye Color: Hazel

    Appearance: With an average build and a soft tone to his voice, Enoch isn’t the type to come across as intimidating. In a crowd, he’s often the person stepping aside for others rather than forcing a path straight through. However, it isn’t due to physical weakness; Enoch has some noticeable tone to his muscles, though no one would ever mistake him for a person who works out every day. He always ensures he looks presentable, with the slight wave in his hair combed through and his clothes neatly arranged, but isn’t in the habit of putting much thought into what he wears. As for what Enoch’s wardrobe consists of, it’s mostly neutral colors and casual styles, though there’s the occasional more colorful, bohemian style article here and there.
    (Please ignore that his face claim is in a suit 24/7)

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NAME // Emiyn Yuen


GENDER // Male

AGE // ??


POSITION // other

HEIGHT // 158cm

HAIR COLOR // brown

EYE COLOR // grey

With his face still showing the small remaining baby fat, he appears to be a high school teenager. From his neat haircut and tidy, smart-casual clothes, it is hard to guess whether he comes from a wealthy or a middle-class family. Often he is seen with one or both hands in his pocket, a possible body language sign that he is dissatisfied or self-conscious about himself.

Emiyn is one of the less chattier customers and is quite routine-focused. While he doesn't seem aloof, he is the typical teenager in a modern city, who tends to not interact with strangers when sitting in the cafe. Most of the time, he has minimum but friendly interactions with the front-end staff at Noah’s Ark. After politely ordering his usual tea, and perhaps giving a word of thanks to the barista and the zookeeper, he quietly keeps to himself in the corner at his own table. Due to his studious habits in the cafe, he gives the impression of a quiet role-model student.

The first time he came to the cafe was with a group of four other teenagers on a weekday. One of them was likely a sister or relative, as they had very similar facial features.

Over the past year, Emiyn ended up becoming a weekly visitor to Noah’s Ark. Most of the time he came alone, he would spend some time with the animals. He doesn’t have any dislike towards any of them, though he seems to have an extra liking towards Felix, and enjoys the cat cuddling or sitting close with him while he is browsing on his phone.

However, the time spent with the animals is kept very short, before he would get up, occasionally giving a nod of thanks to the zookeeper. For the remainder of the time, he keeps quietly to his own table, occupied with what seems to be homework or textbook material. On weekdays, he always leaves around the same time, heading towards the direction of a nearby coaching centre.

Erika Yuen - Emiyn’s older twin sister. Due to sports club activities, she comes to the cafe much less frequently than Emiyn. She seems generally disinterested in the animals, but loves the food, drinks and hanging out with her friends at the cafe.



EXTRAS // Emiyn is an NPC in this RP.

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“People move because of the wear and tear of anxiety. Because of the gnawing feeling that no matter how hard they work their efforts will yield nothing, that what they build up in one year will be torn down in one day by others. Because of the impression that the future is blocked up, that they might do all right but not their children. Because of the feeling that nothing will change, that happiness and prosperity are possible only somewhere else.” ― Yann Martel, Life of Pi
basic information
Vincent (Yè) Huo
date of birth
March 23rd
Kitchen Staff
years working
6 months
5'6" (168cm)
Ash blonde

Despite his age, he has a baby face, almost cute, that makes him looks always a bit younger than he actually is. However, since he always keep his expression blank, it kind of ruin how charming he can actually look if he tries. He is still improving on getting rid of the dark circles below his eyes, but despite it fading, one can notice that they're still there, evidence of his past exhausting lifestyle and the bad habit he has of staying up late even now. He is rather thin in figure, and shorter than an average guy. His hands, rough from doing chores often, have several burnt marks and small cuts that formed during his time in the kitchen.

Upon first glance, he gives off an atmosphere that makes him appear distant and hard to approach. However, his classmates are aware that such a cold front does not actually characterize him as a person. In a way, perhaps, the lad just rarely smiles, and doesn’t really hang out with anyone or shows any particular interest in anything high school students his age should be. Politely declining every hangout invitation, people know he leaves for work or home usually straight after school. However, whenever anyone in school asks for his help, whether it’s with class materials or class duties, or to aid anyone in class who gets hurt, he’d always be willing to offer his all. One might as well just describe him as a misunderstood individual, a lad who’s nice by heart but just doesn’t know how to make friends. In fact, reality stands that no matter how busy he may be, he always fails to resist his urge to help anyone in need. He’d frown when he sees someone he cares for trying to step out of the house during winter time without a scarf.

The reason for his lack of friends, perhaps, is because he just seems more mature for his age, with a life, mindset, and concerns too different from the rest of the high school students, at least on the surface. Due to his background, Vincent keeps himself busy at all times, so much so that he rarely can allow himself to think about anything else or about himself. However, such life also serves as an advantage for him to keep all his negative thoughts and emotions away, allowing him to always be able to bottle them up. As a person, he is organized and efficient in his work, making him rather reliable. Although he has a baby face that makes him look like a child, he behaves more like an adult than a student ever since he entered middle school. Bearing his family’s responsibility on his shoulder, he forces himself to act tough and old, learning to hold the urge to cry from a young age. Even after his family crisis was over, these habits and traits have already grown to define his personality, becoming hard to change.
Born from a Chinese father who used to own a ramen shop and a Japanese mother from a wealthy family of lawyers, it would be years later when Vincent learned that his mother actually eloped to be with his father against her parents’ will. The two had run the shop together ever since, though it wasn’t long before it closed down from declining customer numbers, falling economy and increasing competition around.

Life was pleasant when the shop was still up running. Although the shop was small, it was said that his father’s ramen recipe was so unique it captured attention from all kinds of customers of different backgrounds. However, when an increasing amount of larger Asian restaurants opened around them, all with their own unique dishes and ways to lure customers in, their ramen shop became less and less special. After it was forced to close down, the family began to struggle financially. Nonetheless, for a while, they remained happy. Everyone was optimistic and determined to work hard to keep their lives going. Both parents hunted for jobs constantly while pushing for Vincent and his younger sister, Hana, to focus on their education in hope for scholarships. Hopes remained despite the family falling deeper into poverty, until it finally felt like nothing seemed to work. After failing multiple job interviews and being fired from his jobs, it wouldn’t be long before his father became obsessed with gambling. What followed, as expected, is a family that fell into serious debt.

Gambling debt was incredibly hard to deal with, especially when the sum was large. Forgiving their father for his action, the family tried together at first to pay off the debt. To help, Vincent picked up his first part-time “job” as a lawnmower in middle school then later as a babysitter for small children for neighbors around. However, addiction was hard to quit, and the worse he sank into the world of gambling the more he seemed to change as a person. Soon, their father would return home with no longer a smile on his face, but carried with him the smell of women’s perfumes or alcohol. He would even be naked sometimes, carelessly brushing off the fact that even his clothes were stripped away when gambling. The debt ended up piling up, but the father no longer seemed to care about the burden this placed on his family.

The first crack in their supposedly tight family bond formed one night when their mother found out that their father had signed a contract with the debt collectors that promised that if he was unable to pay off the debt, his family would help pay the rest off and bear any legal actions along with him. A huge fight erupted from the family when his mother learned about it. From then on, Vincent’s family was no longer the same. They sold off valuable family assets, and searched for cheaper apartments to live in. The search grew hard with the economy, so much so that when they overheard that an apartment was being rented at an incredibly cheap price after a murder happened there in a small street in Genesis city, they moved there. Lives remained incredibly difficult, however, and the amount of debt didn’t seem to be decreasing as the addiction with gambling continued. Debt collectors hunted for them often and each phone call or door knock began to feel like a nightmare.

Then finally, just as Vincent began his first year of high school and his sister the second year of middle school, his father ran away. It was assumed he fled back to China, as his passport was gone, leaving behind a huge sum of debt for his family to deal with. Since then, Vincent hardened his heart. He would never forgive his father for abandoning his family.

After his father’s disappearance, his mother over-worked to take care of her two children in various part-time jobs. As if desperate to hold onto the family value that was left of her original family, she was very persistent for Vincent and Hana to continue their education and win scholarships. This led Vincent and his younger sister to change their minds about quitting school. After begging with the debt collectors, they were able to reach an agreement, which is that the debt can be divided and paid on a monthly term. Legal actions would only be taken if they go three months without paying the debt for each month.

To handle the monthly debt then, Vincent began to bear even more family responsibility as the only male of the household. School. Work. House chores. Eventually, those three words began to define his life. This intensified after his mother was caught in a car accident after a long day of work, severely breaking her legs. After sparing the little bit of savings they have to pay for the hospital bill after their health insurance covered most of them, Vincent worked even harder to take care of both his mother and sister.

What angered Vincent, however, was not only his father’s irresponsible action and betrayal that led to the situations today, but the rejection from his mother’s side of the family and from any known relatives and friends to provide any type of assistance. Instead, they mocked and scolded his mother for her stupidity of marrying a traitor as a husband, deeming that once she’s out of her own blood family, she’s out. This fueled Vincent’s hatred against them, labeling them as cold-hearted and cruel. Even the bullies in school who laughed at Vincent and Hana’s poor lives was not as bad as the bitterness Vincent felt when he noticed all those bystanders glancing coldly at them, whispering among themselves. Passing judgments.

It was fortunate to say though that life wasn’t all terrible. When Vincent took on a job as a dishwasher in a small French restaurant called L’Espoir, he was met with some of the nicest co-workers he’d ever known. They were the first ones aside from his family that forced him to take off the tough front he’d been putting up and let him cry into their arms. Pitching in any help they could, even donating their money, they were the first warmth the family experienced after their downfall. It was in the same restaurant that Vincent also met his boss, who was also the master chef, there. Louis Boucher, as his name goes, was the one who introduced Vincent to the fun in cooking. Tired of seeing Vincent’s unhappy face everyday, he forced the lad to put down the dishes and led him to the rest of the kitchen. There, he taught Vincent how to cook. For Vincent who only knew how to make basic, simple meals for his family, learning French dishes was an eye-opener. Since then, he would often spend some time standing next to the chefs, watching them prepare each type of meal, and even helped in preparing some of the dishes. Even now, he could still remember his boss’s favorite words.

“Fire! The duration, the force, the intensity of your flame is important. Learn how to control it well!”

By the end of his second year of high school, in order to pay off their family debt, Vincent had secretly given up his intention to enter college. However, his time in L’ Espoir with his boss allowed him to settle on a firm future dream goal, which is to become a remarkable chef in the future to open up his own restaurant. Cooking, even just simple dishes, became a hobby and lasting interest for him. Each night, their dinner became just a little fancier. He was allowed to bring home some leftover food and more ingredients at times, and Vincent used them to their advantages. He invented his own dishes, improved on his cooking, and for once, he felt like he discovered the fun in living again.

When it was one month away from his mother’s birthday, he promised her that he would cook her the most delicious, full French course to celebrate. After working, he’d stay up late in the restaurant just to improve on his skills. Appetizer, main dishes, desserts. The hardest part, he realized, is to control the food temperature, which is directly related to the duration and intensity of the fire, if not the oven temperature and timer. Each little difference in the heat makes the food taste different. Vincent was determined to make each dish well, as delicious and remarkable as his boss taught him. At the same time, he did his best to pull off his other part-time jobs and academics, carelessly reducing the little number of hours of sleep he already had. Not wanting his little cooking passion to end up stressing the rest of his family, Vincent pressured himself to work harder, disregarding any signs of sickness or discomfort, brushing off his co-workers and chef’s warning about his health.

On the day of his mother’s birthday, he was prepared. Although he wasn’t too confident, the lad believed he’d done his best. It was raining hard that day, each water droplet hitting hard against the Earth’s surface. For once, he asked to leave work early. His chef gifted him all the ingredients needed in one heavy bag and asked if he needed help carrying it home. Vincent politely declined.

Even though his expression, as usual, was as blank as a piece of empty paper, nothing could hide the glitters in his eyes. A single umbrella in one hand and an umbrella in the other, he walked down the street on his way home. He was looking forward to it, so much so that when his cell phone rang, he couldn’t hold back the glee in his voice as he greeted his sister.

“Yes? I’m coming home soon. Wait for me.”

“Brother! Come home, the debt collectors, they came! Mom she...!”

Unprepared to hear the panic in his sister’s voice, the news came as a shock. He recalled the bag dropping onto the floor, umbrella tossed away. He remembered running, crossing the streets, desperate to go home. He remembered having to climb up the steel stairs of the rooftop crossover bridge, how the rain under his feet felt slippery and dangerous, but his mind was filled with nothing but the safety of his family. He remembered rushing to stomp down the stairs, forcing his exhausted body, all wet from the rain, to pull through. Then, a sudden wave of dizziness hit, as if his brain finally gave in, and Vincent found himself losing balance. A slip to the side, and a failed attempt to regain control over his own body caused him to fall forward instead, head first, down the flight of stairs.

His head hit the concrete floor hard. He could almost feel his broken bones. They hurt. From head to toe. It all hurts. However, Vincent could not feel the pain. So much mixed thoughts ran past his head before he finally lost his consciousness. Many, many words.

I’m sorry, I should’ve gone home sooner…

What happened to mom..Is she okay? How’s Hana? Please be safe.

It’s my fault. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

At least, at least, let me tell her Happy Birthday...

By the time he opened his eyes again, he was in the hospital room. The first sounds he heard was the sobbing of his own sister by his bedside, and the familiar warmth of her palm as she held tightly to his hand. His whole body was bandaged up, and he was too weak to move. When the doctor came to report on his situation, it was said that him being alive was almost a miracle. God, if he existed, must have wanted Vincent to live.

But the lad could not care less about those. He struggled to sit up, to look around the hospital room, only to find his sister and doctor there. Recalling the last phone call he remembered his sister calling, Vincent’s voice was almost trembling when he forced himself to mutter out: “Where’s mom?”

It was then he learned of what happened that night: the debt collectors came and knocked heavily on their door. They were drunk, his sister said. They reeked of alcohol. She didn’t know how they got there, but they barged in. They wanted to...To take her. Take her and do all the unimaginable things. No. They were going to do it right there, right then. Their mother dragged her legs, still healing, toward them, throwing all things within her range of grip their way. Her weak hands grasped against their thick wrists, only to be yanked and smacked away. In the midst of struggles of two women against a group of men, a single knife carried by one of the collectors stabbed into their mother’s chest right before the police arrived. Apparently the neighbors noticed the commotion. However, by then, it was too late to save their mother.

After getting the police involved, they were forced to reveal their family history. The contract that their father previously signed, as the sister eventually learned, was illegal in the first place, and they should not have been forcibly bound to their father’s gambling debt. Through the incident, the contract was found and taken from the debt collectors and were deemed invalid. Maybe if they’d told this to the police sooner...They might not have needed to suffer this long. They were freed, per say, but their mother was gone. A month had passed since then, a time in which Vincent was in a coma for.

Vincent felt his heart sink, anger and regret fueled his body even more than the moment before he lost consciousness. As for how they’d live now, Vincent learned that his boss, the master chef, was willing to take them in. He was visited often by his co-workers, sisters, and his boss himself, but never again his mother. Even now, Vincent partly blamed himself for what had happened. If only he was more attentive, more careful, if he wasn’t so invested in his little own cooking adventure...Maybe he could’ve been home that day? Maybe he could’ve rushed home in time, at least? Those hidden thoughts would continue to lurk in the back of his head.

After another couple of weeks, he was able to be discharged from the hospital. He and his sister moved into his boss’s home, and was greeted warmly by him and his wife, who could not bear children of her own. After going through court, they were formally told that they should not hold any responsibility over their father’s gambling debt. The gambling center he was gambling in was also illegally formed in the first place, and was forced to shut down. With everything seemingly over, the sibling was finally allowed to breathe. With a new life, a new home and a new family, everything seemed like a new beginning.

It took a month before Vincent was willing to return to cooking again, under his boss’s constant persuasion and encouragement. It was a Monday night as he was about to cook again did he suddenly discover his power while cutting an onion that was burning his eyes more than usual. In a bit of annoyance and some more power infused into his hand, a sudden blast of flames formed, cooking the onion thoroughly. Surprised, and rather frightened, Vincent backed up in fear of himself and most of all, in his own hands. He kept this incident a secret from his boss and his wife, as well as from his sister. The male had mixed feelings about this sudden ability. It left him confused and even unsafe in the beginning. For the most part, though, simply turning on the flame himself would remind him of those days when he worked tirelessly to train himself to cook, only to be greeted by his mother’s death.

Since that day, however, the powers seemed to be revealing more and more of itself, and Vincent found it hard to control. One afternoon after school, he and his sister visited a cafe called “Noah’s Ark” that they discovered when taking the far way home to buy some groceries. When eating there, indulging in the delicious taste of the desserts and latte, a fly somehow managed to sneak into the cafe through the gap of an open window. It settled lazily onto the table they were sitting in, and Vincent’s instinct to kill it kicked in. Firmly smacking down against the table with an unintended burst of flame, a burnt mark in the shape of a hand was left permanently on the table surface. The staff came and eyed him suspiciously. Vincent gulped.

...And soon after, he would be found in the cafe’s kitchen, busying himself away with the tasks of a kitchen staff, becoming a part of “Noah’s Ark,” taking on this role as his new job.
Hana Huo (Hana Yukimura): Vincent’s younger sister, currently in her first year of high school. After their father’s disappearance, she refused to take up her father’s last name and insisted on going along with their mother’s, whose name was Moriko Yukimura. She is a naive and clumsy individual, who tried her best to remain optimistic even after their family’s tragic incident and her own experience. Vincent doted on his sister dearly and is rather protective and over-caring about her, but is concerned over her terrible school grades. Hana often calls Vincent “mom” by accident.

Louis Boucher: Vincent’s boss and master chef from the French restaurant he worked part-time in. Was the one who taught Vincent how to cook, the importance of fire in cooking, and introduced him to the fun of it. Cares for Vincent dearly, and took him and his sister in after the tragic incident. He treats Vincent and Hana like his own children, and encourages Vincent to pursue his dream in becoming a chef in the future.

Cecilie Boucher: Louis Boucher’s wife, a kind-hearted lady who is unable to bear her own children. Loves children, and was originally planning with Louis to adopt one when her husband asked if she won’t mind taking Vincent and Hana in. She agreed in a heartbeat, and now treated the siblings like her own children too. Very fond of all kinds of desserts and fascinated by Asian foods, always pushing for Vincent to make some for her.

Co-workers from L’ Espoir: kind-hearted waitresses, waiters, and chefs, all treated Vincent and Hana kindly.
last words
Ability Type
Class A
Vincent wields the ability, with the Last Words “Happy Birthday,” to create and manipulate fire. His ability includes:
  • The ability to set his hands ablaze according to his own control, as to simulate something similar to fire-fists. He can shoot out flame through his fingertips (remarkably weak) or stronger flames with both his hands, with the forms being either pure fire or in the shape of a fireball.The range of his attacks go from 1-2 meters. The intensity of his flame depends on the amount of oxygen he used for his power.
  • He will be able to use his Last Words to serve as additional fuel for his flame. As soon as the Last Words are used up, the fire will automatically extinguish itself. It will also extinguish itself when Vincent no longer have enough oxygen for him himself.
  • In the future, he will be able to create fire walls around himself and whoever is right next to him, or a circle of flame with him in the center, at about a radius of 1 meter away. This will use up more oxygen than usual, as it requires him being able to basically control the fire's form. He is not able to do this yet, or is not able to do it fluently, as he’s only realized his power for less than a year.
  • He cannot control the form of the fire aside from the fire walls/circle. He also has weak control over how the fire will spread. If it spreads somewhere else that's not his intention while using his Last Words, he cannot stop it. Likewise, he cannot spawn fire on objects a distance further than 1 meter away from him. If he wants to spawn fire, it requires heavy concentration and more oxygen consumption.
  • His fire ability is at the cost of his own oxygen consumption. Instead of using the oxygen to breathe for the sake of his own body, he'll be using it for his ability instead. The more intense he would like his flame to be, the more oxygen he would have to consume to be used for his power instead of for his own body to breathe. His lung capacity is also not that much better compared to an average person, unless it becomes something he realizes he’d need to improve on. Therefore, his attacks can never be too large scale or last too long as it places a burden on his own body, and it is potential for him to choke on himself if he uses his power too long.
  • While his own body now holds a higher-than-average resistance to flame, the more intense the fire, the higher the risks he would still suffer from burning himself. He is not completely invincible to his own power.
Why is his hair ash blonde?
His co-workers dyed it for him on his birthday, saying it might look nice. Vincent didn’t say it, but he actually did like it, and kept it ever since.

What’s with his nickname?
His Chinese name is actually Huo Yè (火葉). While he has an English formal name as Vincent, his family refers to him by the nicknamed version of his Chinese name, which in Chinese is Xiao Yè, which, in Japanese, as called by his mother and Hana, is Yè-chan.

What's his skills?
Cooking and making desserts is not only a skill but also a personal hobby and interest. In addition, he's good at house chores, including sewing and knitting. He also knows a bunch of small, random skills he gained from being part of different part time jobs.

What type of part time jobs did he have before?
Waiter, lawnmower, babysitter, background stage assistant, janitor, dishwasher, etc

Why did he have so many part-time jobs in the past?
If it ends up conflicting with the rest of his schedules and plans, or if he realizes it's really not for him, or the environment is terrible, he will be quick to quit and change the job. In the end, it leads to him having some experience in different part time jobs.
code by Nano Nano
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// NAME //
Seoji Parker


// GENDER //

// AGE //

// DOB //
April 19th


2 years

// HEIGHT //
5 ft. 6 in. (167 cm)



Parker is your average woman whose healthy dose of daily scramble for bread makes her an adaptive person to most situation. Witty and cynical remarks are common for her, particularly ones that pertain to the numerous mysteries of life. Parker's amnesia makes her wary of her clouded past, as well as strangers. She is often conflicted when it comes to unraveling her past life, making her prone to spacing out. Parker is a hardworking person that prefers to let her actions speak for her, but will assert herself wherever necessary. With that said, she is also very passionate of her own beliefs and intemperate when something resonates with her thoughts. While not openly receptive of others, she yearns to get along subtly through her earnest work.

Seoji Parker is often bullied throughout her childhood. Both by her peers at school and her paternal figure. A dreamer and an idealist, she often wanted to travel and discover new trades in life for change. One that would get her away from her abusive father. She resolved to join the Navy shortly after highschool graduation and went on to become a naval aircraft handling officer.

She worked on an aircraft carrier deck for years, and got her chance to sail the vast Pacific Ocean. Parker worked with her peers on pre-flight checks and maintaining the catapult systems. One of a few dangerous job should the equipment fail. But despite the hardships, Parker managed to make the round as a Petty Officer. A milestone for some, but for Parker, she was simply earning her life back. However, a certain incident would put her ideal life in the armed forces to a stop. On a rainy day of her ninth sortie, a catastrophic landing sequence spelled disaster for her. As a Hornet lined up for a landing on the deck, the arresting gear malfunctioned and snapped. The first two wires missed the Hornet's tail-hook, with the last two managed to grab hold of the aircraft barely. The crew scrambled to help the pilot out of his cockpit, including Parker. As he slid down the ladder, the third arresting cable broke loose. Parker tried to shield the pilot, but it only got both of their torsos torn in half. Parker bumped her head against the Hornet's fuselage, with her left shoulder and arms thrown on far side of the aircraft. Heaven's tear washed her crimson-dyed jersey, what was left of it anyways, sullying the runway.

Before she could make sense of the situation, Parker had given in to her blurry vision and numb body. She muttered to herself "... if only my body wasn't so fragile... I couldn't save him..." as she laid cold on the drenched deck next to the pilot, whose bottom half were thrown across the deck.

The next thing Parker knew was waking up to the bright and immaculate ceiling of a hospital room. Her hands cuffed to the bed. She had no prior memories then, only a headache and a nauseous sensation. A timely arrival of a few men in suits and shades caught her attention. A discourse of her new purpose, and a few queries followed. All she was given was her name and a mention of Noah's Ark. The first few queries about her 'abilities' were estranged to the girl that just woke up from a coma, let alone one to persuade her to take their words for it. Funnily enough, her common sense of the world's demands have yet to be knocked out of the park entirely. Natural instincts kicked in here and there, with the only piece of the puzzle missing was that of her old life. She complied, and went with them. It was there at Noah's Ark, that she was inducted.

It did not take long for Parker to become acquainted with her 'abilities'. Parker was ran over by a truck once shortly after her employment at Noah's Ark, but she felt no pain and was not bleeding out on the sidewalk. Instead, she got up and kept walking to the cafe. She began to test her powers in secret, before fully grasping its core potentials. But even so, her gift was as enigmatic as her amnesia. Parker would spend the next two years at Noah's Ark, working and took upon herself a hobby that was fish-watching. Whatever it was that she experienced would not be the last time she would use it. The only question was "when".

Dorothea Willis - Parker's designated animal tutor & potato-chugging enabler.

Class B

"Full Metal Jacket"
Subject's flesh are hardened in response to physical trauma. Skin visibly described as silvery like high-tensile wires. FMJ enables the subject to sustain most physical attacks and virtually a walking shield. Study shows that FMJ covers all of the subject's body, while retaining their normal weight. In addition to natural defenses capability, FMJ enhances the subject's strength. Rather than projecting it externally, FMJ breaks down the limitation of a normal human body. It is noteworthy that FMJ is similar to white blood-cells that rushes towards the afflicted area to counter external threat in its function, and is diverted timely rather than basking one's self entirely in its coverage. A symbiotic relationship between its host and its beneficial capabilities. As such, the reactive phenomenon makes it vulnerable to sustained high-velocity attacks, electricity or concentrated surge of heat.

It is noteworthy that the ability only applies to the subject's flesh and organs. FMJ is capable of mending and sealing wounds, but fatal injuries will take time to heal. Rather than undoing the damage completely, FMJ expedites the healing process while keeping the subject conscious - at the cost of a hangover effect shortly after exhausting their strength. Clothes are not subject to be covered by FMJ, making new purchases of clothes after being shot or slashed, a detrimental economic factor for the subject's wallet.

// EXTRAS //
Parker loves potatoes.
Parker also love watching fish go 'blub'.

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  • zIFj2MP.jpg

    (Art by einlee)

    Name: Julius Gladwin

    Nickname: Juli (yoo-lee)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Date of Birth: August 25

    Position: Wait Staff

    Time Working: 2 years

    Height: 5'6" (171 cm)

    Hair Color: Brown

    Eye Color: Brown

    Appearance: With a lean build and flawless posture, Juli holds himself with an air of confidence. He dresses in bright colors and a variety of styles, paying little mind to other people's harsh scrutiny. Though his hair is naturally brown, he often uses his Last Words to color and style it differently. His skin is silky smooth like a baby's butt, but whether it's a product of meticulous skincare or shameless use of his ability, he will never divulge.

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“These works are handed down from teacher to pupil, from parent to child, almost without question, like DNA. They are memorized, recited, discussed in book reports, included in university entrance exams, and once the student is grown up, they become a source for quotation. They are made into movies again and again, they are parodied, and inevitably they become the object of ambitious young writers’ revolt and contempt.”
― Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, Rashomon and Seventeen Other Stories
basic information
Lance Eunwol Park
Twenty-two (22)
date of birth
March 8th
Fridge (rarely seen) Zookeeper
years working
5’11” | 180 cm

A tall individual who always looks tired and ruffled both physically and emotionally during the summer. He does have good days where he seems more put together and at ease but those days are more common during the winter than during the summer. Fitting the image of a tired young adult, Lance is often seen in comfortable looking clothes and claims that he doesn’t care about appearance until a situation calls for it. When the situation does call for it, he shows that he actually has a very sharp sense of fashion and visual sense. However, even during his off days he at least still retains his dignity by excelling in color coordination. Many have to wonder how someone who seems to be running on 10% brain power on his bad days can still at least color coordinate so well.
A snippy and mischievous person but often too tired during the summer months to poke and root around more than necessary. He’s the type of person, no matter the day, who you often have to wonder whether he was joking or not. During the days he’s not feeling lethargic, he’s still not a giant ball of talkative sunshine but he’s still a lot more open to human interaction than when he’s feeling under the weather.

Frankly, he’s a bit infuriating to talk to at times due to his tendency to brush things off if he doesn’t care about it. Even when he’s wide awake, he tends to be selectively deaf when he thinks you’re annoying or unnecessarily bothersome. Or smiles and nods like he’s listening when he’s actually paying attention to anything else but the nagging.

Surprisingly, while he’s snippy and at times airheaded, he does have his moments where he’s actually considerate to others’ feelings. It might be hard to come by but he is reliable when you get a straight answer/promise out of him. He is also probably the one of the most patient and unfazed members of Noah’s Ark.
Lance Park was born to a second generation Korean American mother and a Korean immigrant father. His mother is a businesswoman and his father is a fairly well off illustrator. Supposedly the two met in college because they ran around in overlapping friend groups but Lance was never particularly interested in his parents’ dating history…

This often meant that his father was home more than his mother as she travelled due to work more often than his father. While she did take the family with her with the trips that allowed it, the incident that turned him into an Elegy was one of the periods where his mother was out of state. It was also the year where his parents decided to renovate parts of the house (including his room) during his summer vacation. During the renovation, he needed to briefly stay in the guest room/floor in the basement floor of their house.

Unfortunately, a particularly bad summer storm had knocked over an old but big tree that had stood in front of their house directly into the house. While the back of the house, where his father was resting, was relatively undamaged that day, the front and middle portion of the house had been severely damaged. It had blocked off the exit of the basement to the point that they needed to wait for professional help to attempt to get him out of there.

Lance actually doesn’t remember much from that day (due to shock and trauma). But he does remember that his father had stayed with him through the narrow broken basement window. He remembers initially joking with his dad that he wishes he had a working fridge to sit in. He also vaguely remembers getting food and water through that window while waiting for help to come. However...clearly help did not arrive on time.

He has been told by the doctors that he was very lucky to not die from heatstroke as the temperature and humidity had caused his body temperature to stay at dangerously high levels. Apparently, they initially thought he was dead as he was unresponsive to stimuli and they had a hard time finding signs of life by the time they pulled him out of the wreckage. The doctors had summed it up to being a miracle that they just happened to reach him on time.

After going through the motions of getting his life back together, other than psychological scars, Lance actually didn’t notice anything different about himself for a whole year. He had felt more tired during the hotter months than before the incident but he chalked that up to trauma. At least...the AC always seemed to work well while he was in the room.

It was maybe a year or so after the incident that Lance started to notice strange things. He wouldn’t feel the effects of particularly bad summer months but he would feel extremely tired throughout the day. The ice in his cups wouldn’t melt no matter how long he shook them to try to get the last bit of water. And to put the nail in the figurative coffin, he had accidentally frozen his water bottle while taking it out of his locker. Luckily for him, his water bottle was his opaque refillable bottle so even he only noticed when he tried to open the lid and drink from it.

In the weeks following, he did a fairly good job hiding his increasing list of worries and abilities that came with being an Elegy. But fortunately or unfortunately, he did get caught by the cafe he frequented in the end. One of the birds had been eyeing his muffin when it noticed that the coffee in Lance’s cup had frozen over while he was just trying to cool it down a bit. Of course, the bird had immediately ratted the unsuspecting Lance out to Stella.

To this day, Lance still claims that his discovery of Noah’s Ark is fairly normal and tame compared to some of the other origin stories that the members hold.
Thea: Mayhem twins. Together they’re chaotic but good. Separate they’re actually relatively easy to get along with. >wo7

Luca: “No u” The two are often seen somewhat getting along one minute then squabbling like children the next.

Rosie: He finds her fairly intense to deal with when she gets mad at him but he also finds it funny when she loses her composure. They used to talk and interact more when he was active in the cafe. But due to their conflicting schedules they haven’t talked as much. Gives Rosie a headache when he’s together with Thea (and by himself) and thrives on her irritation. She can deal with both SEPARATELY but they’re very chaotic together. Like an irritating but well-meaning little brother, Lance genuinely enjoys teasing Rosie and thrives on the chaos that ensues once she gives into his pestering (to murder him). Rosie often carries around a pair of ear plugs, stating “If I don’t see or hear them I don’t have to think about what’s going on behind me.”

Chase: Lance is his favorite reluctant chair since Lance is basically a natural human air conditioner. Chase is cute but Lance always needs a lint roller on hand when he’s in Noah’s Ark...
last words
Ability Type

When Hell Freezes Over - Frost Manipulation - Is immune to disruptions of his body temperature whether it’s heat or intense chill. His immunity to intense chill is due to his body not being able to feel the effects of the cold due to his Last Words. The immunity to heat is due to his Last Words automatically countering the heat with his ability to manipulate the temperature to extremely low points. However, since this is powered by his own energy, it does drain him quite a lot during the summer.

When Hell Freezes Over as an ability centers around utilizing the body’s fuel and willpower to lower temperatures at concentrated points or areas and thus controlling the frost “blooms” to a certain extent. While he is naturally able to lower the temperature of the air around him, he needs to be in contact (like the select area of air around him or the chair he’s sitting on) to start actually frosting anything but he can also use a medium to start a chain reaction. For example, he can concentrate and channel his chill into a coin and throw it into a glass of water to cause it to frost over into solid ice. He can also cause water to freeze in a restricting (or directly harmful) way through touching a body of water he’s in contact with. The bigger the body of water, the more damage he can do. However, this also would mean he’s expending more energy. Through means that he’d rather not be reminded of, Lance knows that he’s better of using puddles than ponds.

Note from Babel: The limit of his “When Hell Freezes Over” is tested and confirmed to be his physical capabilities. This year’s limit seems to be lowering the temperature of a radius of 10 feet around him to the point of making it hard for a body with limited body heat regulation to move and disrupting technology not made for arctic climates. He seems to be fairly effective against Regrets, reptiles, fish, cheaply produced electronics, plastics and other materials that are generally weak when exposed to wintry elements. Warm blooded animals, other than feeling intense chill, are more resilient against his Last Words.

He has been confirmed to have higher metabolism than normal humans after becoming an Elegy. It has been contracted with Noah’s Ark that the agreement will be void if he ever manages to break past his Last Words’ limitations and cause a danger to the masses.

(Concerned) Note from Stella: Emotional exhaustion is more common to Lance once he starts hitting his Last Words’ limit. Also make sure he gets sugar and some protein before he starts nodding off or while he’s in...shock for the better word.

(Concerned) Note from Doctor: Body temperature seems to run a little lower than normal but blood tests don’t show signs of anemia or cardiovascular disease. Overall, Mr. Park is healthy so he was sent home with instructions to come back if it becomes a cause for concern. (hint: Lance did his best to pull back the influence of his Last Words.)

Personal note from Lance: The limit that Babel talks about was tested during the winter. They had the heaters off too. Not to mention I still had to stay over at Noah’s Ark for a few days to recover from their tests. Fortunately, they don’t ask me to come in to test during the summer. I can’t go anywhere near the limits they’re talking about when it’s too hot outside. I can’t beat the sun, you know?
Is mostly descended from Korean blood but mom is a second generation Korean American.

He gets annoyed when people ask about his “korean name” only to not bother respecting it enough to not treat it as a novelty.

His birth certificate does have his first name as Lance and his last name as Park. Eunwol is listed as his middle name out of convenience. However, to himself, he identifies as both Lance and Eunwol.

He does get genuinely annoyed how sleepy he gets due to his Last Words. He is tired not out of lack of care but out of inconvenience.

During Babel’s tests, he has been forced to use his Last Words to the point of blacking out to make sure he wouldn’t be capable of endangering the government. (probably also under varying conditions?).

Is still very claustrophobic and against basements. He had been going to therapy for it though. He still goes once a month or so.

His family moved from their old town near Genesis City to Genesis City after the incident.

His grandma in Korea is mildly peeved that she can’t see him as often anymore because he’s “more busy now”.

Lance does work in Noah’s Ark but he took a year off from working there to build up his portfolio more before his graduation from undergrad.

He’s now a (graphic) game designer but he also does freelance illustrations.

Senpai over Thea but is ironically younger than her.

Used to play racquetball all the time but currently he only plays during the winter or fall seasons.

Some of his concept points are inspired by Frost Nova from Arknights and Eunwol/Shade from Maplestory.

extra notes

extra notes

extra notes

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NAME // Keith Williams


GENDER // Male

AGE // 22

POSITION // Zookeeper


HEIGHT // 5'10"

HAIR COLOR // Blonde

EYE COLOR // Light Brown


Keith is rather jaded, but surprisingly docile if handled with care. Due to living his life under dire circumstances, his aggression primarily stems from his own personal paranoia. He takes more than he needs, and has a fear of things being taken from him, which can lead people to believe that he’s selfish. Keith measures someone's worth by their material items, their comforts and food, what they can give and what they can take. He can be incredibly contrary, hates being restrained, and carries a lot of insecurities about himself and his behavior.

He's surprisingly good with animals and loves them dearly, otherwise he has a hard time with people and communicating with them. Despite his difficulties, Keith regularly seeks out bonds and tries to push past his history. He is not adverse to getting help, and is open to criticisms about his character unless it comes to food. He has a deep well of empathy for those that have experienced hardships, and is more than willing to get involved if he thinks he can help. For those with patience, Keith can be a reliable ally, willing to put himself at risk if he very much cares about them. On a good day Keith is pretty relaxed, a lot of things go over his head, but he is more than willing to listen. He just won't offer any advice.

Keith was born in complicated circumstances. It was not a place without love, but a place with it's own inherent dangers. It was perhaps around the age of seven that he realized that his family was poor. It had never been a concept to him, nothing to think about or understand until he was able to fully understand the words of others. On playgrounds, parents would herd their children away, mumbling assumptions about Keith's appearance and the state of his parents. It was only when a child particularly pointed out that he looked poor, did Keith ever stop and consider it. It wasn't strange to him that they didn't have a washer or dryer, or that they didn't have a dishwasher. It never bothered him, once, that his mother and father both worked tirelessly or fact that they didn't own a car. It was his normal, he was happy.

He held onto this mindset for years to come, but it became evident that Keith's happiness was fragile. His family filed for bankruptcy, his father left, and his mother offered him constant apologies despite him insisting that he was still happy. Things that were tight became tighter, food stamps piled up, and Keith did the shopping. His mother fell into a deep depression, all he could do in his life was focus on keeping her head above the water. Now, it was hard, and Keith realized just how hard it must have been for his family to raise him. He became determined to change things.

He dropped out, giving up on education to lessen the burden on his mother's wallet. She was deeply against this, but let it go, unable to fight her son when he motioned to the pit of debt they had found themselves in. He got a job doing construction at sixteen, sometimes under the table, and worked constantly to chip off the debt. He was honest, cheerful, and a favorite among the company. Things started to look up, his mother was seeing someone else and was happier, seemed happier. There was peace, but peace can be rather complicated.

While working, Keith had an incident which ended up almost ruining his back. Due to the period of recovery and the care needed, he was compensated, but they let him go because he could no longer perform. The pain made him irate and he found it much harder to find jobs while recovering. His mother fell ill after, causing two hospital visits in a short amount of time. Her lover left her, unable to shoulder the financial complications of the family. Keith had to pick up where they left off. Her treatment was expensive, and once he reached the age of eighteen Keith pulled out loans to take care of her. He found work through a temp agency, and started to eat less, trying to save money on anything to make ends meet.

It wasn't a healthy lifestyle, and Keith got to the point where he was constantly starving himself. It was never intentional, but he was so tired, so stressed, he couldn't think straight. He found himself resentful towards the system that he lived in, the poverty and the endless struggle. He didn’t ask for help, the help he had only pinned him under the thumb of debt. He never noticed how it affected him. His mother constantly commented how thin he was, his coworkers expressed concern regularly sometimes offering to share lunch. He argued that he was just a bit wiry, it was just his build. He was eating properly, he'd eaten....regularly? Actually, when, when was his last meal?

It was a hot summer day, the sun stole any hope of rain and caused tomato plants to turn black from burning. Looking back, Keith wouldn't be able to properly recount what happened. His mouth was dry, the power shut off, and when he turned on the sink no water came. He couldn't pay the bills. He simply recalled staring blanking at the cheap metal surface of the sink one moment, and then the floor. He remembered regretting the way he lived his life; if he had eaten more, he wouldn't be like this. If he had taken better care of himself, he could have been a better caretaker. He should have been more greedy, and taken what he wanted.

When he woke up, it was night, his phone had several calls from the Agency and blinked sadly in the dark. All Keith understood was that he was no longer hungry. His house, however, was a cursed mess of garbage and leftovers. It looked like a raccoon decided to make his apartment their home. He thought, perhaps, that his house was broken into. Maybe he was knocked unconscious, but nothing was stolen of what little he had, there was just more. This happened several times, and Keith eventually realized that this was not normal. That, and there wasn't someone sleeping under his floorboards...he’d checked.

Keith was eventually caught due to becoming a bit of an urban legend, and then a request. Some patrons had become increasingly concerned that there was some sort of strange creature going through their trash. The investigation eventually led to the constantly starved Keith. When it was promptly pointed out that these weren't just sleepwalking episodes, Keith accepted the offer to work with Noah's Ark. Since then, he's been caring for his mother through their support and going to regular counseling, trying to make a better situation from his extreme one.



LAST WORDS // "Starving out Gluttony"
Keith has a fixation on food, due to dying essentially from starvation his ability triggers in two circumstances, either if he is already 'starving' or if he's full but certain requirements are met. In a 'starved' state Keith becomes desperate and aggressive. Gaining animalistic behaviors and seeking out whatever he can to reach normalcy. In this state he is particularly agile and can perform abnormal acrobatic feats, his sense of smell is also incredible. However, he is skittish in nature and refuses to fight in this state unless cornered. He can't eat what is absolutely not edible, but he is able to eat things that would normally be poison to humans without consequence. It's hard for him to focus on any other goal other than satisfying his hunger, but he will if a reward is promised at the end.

In a full state, Keith is happy and healthy. His starved state will activate if food is destroyed in front of him, throwing him into a frenzy, but it will not last as long due to being full. Usually for about 15 minutes unless someone decides to just excessively waste food in front of him. Which is terrible. He is able to control his ability through a variety of means. Usually through sheer will, but he often searches for support, like how domestic animals seek food, he will go after people and wait until he is fed. Bonds are incredibly important to Keith because of this. Otherwise Keith tends to carry spare food himself, or give the people he seeks out food for if the situation arises. He's a natural glutton due to what happened, so he hoards food when he can.

If he doesn't have food on him, he tends to become irritated if he is trying to control his ability. He has the most control in public when eyes are on him but can be prickly and sharp until he has something to satisfy his hunger. He can get over people destroying food so long that it is not done out of malicious intent.

Keith visits his mother regularly in the hospital
His dream is to buy a house for when she is realized, but he's fine with a nice apartment too
Keith is overall recovered from his back injury, but it still causes pain occasionally and he has scars to show it
Really likes food that can be made in bulk
Hates restricting clothing
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Lane Conwell



AGE //
19 years old

April 13

Wait Staff

2 months

5'10" (180 cm)



Standing at 5'10" (180 cm), Lane is a young man about to hit his 20. He originally had blonde hair and a pair of blue eyes, just like his father's, but at one point he decided to dye his hair platinum. His physique can be considered average for his age, and he intends to stay fit by doing physical exercise every now and then, just not with the aim of bulking up. Day-to-day, he prefers casual clothing, such as T-shirts, collared shirts, jeans, cargo pants, and especially hoodies. Whatever he might be wearing underneath, he is never seen without his hoodies.

Most people used the word 'introverted' in order to describe him in short, or at least what he appears to be at first glance. He is quiet, and only speaks up when he deems it necessary or when he is talked to. In most instances, he will never be the one to break the ice or be the one to initiate a conversation. When he does speak, however, it is brusque and done with brevity. He hates beating around the bush and does not sugarcoat his words, every single word will be delivered bluntly and to the point.

His brutal honesty paints him as insensitive or just plain rude. As he sees it, he just leaves people alone because he wanted to be left alone. If someone is nice to him, then he would be nice to them in return, but if someone has less than friendly intentions or even means him (or his family) harm, he will reciprocate in kind. When someone wrongs him or when he thinks he has been wronged, he is not one to let it go easily. Grudges can be held for weeks or even months, unless said conflict is resolved in a favorable way.

Socially, he will try to be civil especially towards strangers or acquaintances whom he knows very little about. If he doesn't like or is at odds with someone, he will not hesitate to let them know, which gets him in trouble on several occasions, as he appear to not care about context, not putting into consideration to whom he is speaking to, at what point in time, and in what situation. Either that or he thinks the other party does not deserve the respect that he gives to the people that he does like.

Whenever he is focusing on a specific task, he does not like being disturbed by something else other than said task. In addition to being a pessimist, he is also cynical. One belief that he holds is that everything has a catch, that something is not always what they appear to be. On the flip side, this can be seen as optimistic when he perceives not only the negative aspect, but also the positive ones.

Born to an English father and American mother, he has always been the quiet kid in the neighborhood. Mostly keeping to himself and his toys, not wanting to share with the other kids, always eat at the least populated corner of the cafeteria, and not very keen on working or studying in groups despite the urging from the teachers. Besides that, he was fairly unremarkable. His view of the world began to slid towards the cynical after several unfortunate events befell his family. On the day of his 14th birthday, his father went missing. No messages were left, no goodbyes, and no news at all. Not even his mother knew the fact he was gone. What would appear to be an exciting day, as his family usually celebrate birthdays by not arranging a party, but instead go on a family outing, turned out to be filled with disappointment and confusion.

It gets even worse after his mother realized that the culprit took most of their valuable possessions with them, including money, jewelry, savings, and anything that can be sold along the way, effectively leaving them in poverty. This is a huge problem due to the fact that his mother merely works part-time, and the family's main bread winner was his father as a journalist. At the time he thought his father was the one to be blamed, that he abandoned the family and took everything with him. On that grounds, his hatred for his father grew over the years, even dyeing his hair into a different color as to not remind him of his father.

Predictably, their situation was most dire. His mother could not qualify for any long-lasting jobs and her part-time work isn't exactly capable of covering the bills, let alone everyday necessities. The fact that she needs to provide for two children pushes her to take desperate measures, she would burden herself even further with debts and loans in order to continue the education of her children, all the while saying "Leave this to Mom," repeatedly every time Lane or his sister wonders if without their father they would be in trouble. Neither Lane or his sister ever gave it a second thought, primarily not wanting to interfere in their mother's business.

They had to move out to an old house once belonged to his grand parents that had long passed away, the only thing that is cheap enough to maintain, and since then their economy never got better. The family spend as little as possible, sometimes only eating one meal per day, as what little money his mother could earn went into their education. What most would call simple luxuries these days such as watching TV or browsing the internet are not available to them. The best they have is loose newspaper pages that his sister brought back from the streets because she was bored. Even at night, they'd be lucky not to have a knock on the door from some debt collector.

As he entered high school, Lane would still be introverted, not having much friends to speak of, eventually seen as a loner by other people. He would rather go home as quickly as possible and tidy up the house and help as much as he can by taking part-time jobs, likely having a sense of responsibility as the first child to lighten his mother's burden somewhat. He put up walls and reject invitations, not even one of his classmate know more than his name. Eventually, he gets picked on by bullies that saw him as an easy target, no friends to speak of to defend him. He did his best to ignore them, not taking their incessant teasing to heart, hoping they would get bored and target someone else.

Typically, his mother would go to work early morning and come home late at night, or even go to work in the evening and come home the next morning, looking disheveled and frazzled each time. She would then throw herself on the bed, and fall asleep right then and there. Fed up with this situation, he decided to find out just what kind of job his mother had at the time.

One night, after she said that she was going to work again, he let her a few steps ahead of him as a part of his plan, and as to not rouse suspicion from his sister, gave the best excuse he had to go out and that he'll be back soon. After he realized that she climbed into a car, he soon hailed a taxi and asked the driver to follow. After over half and hour, the car stopped in front of a warehouse complex, and he got off the taxi a distance away, doing his best not to be spotted. A moment later, his mother left the car with a briefcase in one hand, chained onto her wrist with a handcuff.

Throwing caution to the wind, he proceeded to stalk her into one side of the dilapidated warehouse. Stepping up into a metal door, she knocked on it several times, vaguely resembling a code of sorts, before making her way inside and leaving the door slightly ajar behind her. Seeing an opportunity, he followed suit as quietly as he can. It was straightforward enough that he soon found himself hiding in the shadows just behind a row of wooden crates, spying his mother interacting with several men and women, some of them appear to be carrying firearms, but he wasn't sure. Before he could get a closer look or eavesdrop on what they might be saying, one of them spotted him peeking from behind the crate and alerted the others with a shout. For a second, his heart felt like it had stopped beating. In the next second, however, was a series of events in a blur.

There was shouting, there were bright flashes that blinded him, and then in the midst of the chaos he swore he could hear shooting and panicked screaming. Lying face down on the ground, all he can feel is a pool of warm liquid beneath him and stinging pain all over his body. Even then, he desperately clung to his consciousness. At the back of his mind, he knows that he's dying, and yet he wondered what was the business with the people he saw earlier. Most importantly, what happened to his mother?

On the precipice of death, he had just enough time to ponder on his decisions up to this point of his life. Why did he not find a way to talk with her mother when he had the chance? Why did he not confide in others about his family's circumstances and about his worries? These fleeting thoughts in his mind is accompanied by an indescribable feeling in his heart. It was an awful feeling, the worst he's ever felt. It was not annoyance, like when he had to deal with the bullies, neither it was worry when he wondered what would happen to his family. Just before everything blacks out, he realized it was regret.

When he opened his eyes, he was more surprised with the first thing he saw rather than the fact that he was somehow still alive. It was his mother, and next to her is his sister. As they let out a sigh of relief, he was still far too weak to even speak, let alone move his body. He could not relay the mixed feelings that dominated his heart at the moment. Vaguely, he could make out the words 'collateral' and 'miracle', but nothing more before falling unconscious once again.

During his recovery, it was revealed to him that his mother had been involved in drug dealing as a courier. When he wanted to voice his concerns, his mother replied that it was a part of a sting operation in order to catch an important member of a notorious crime syndicate, the same one that was apparently responsible for the disappearance of his father and the ransacking of their previous house. His father dug too deep into the syndicate's business, and so he was 'erased'. In response to this, his mother decided to work together with the police after discovering a pile of incriminating documents written by him that has been hidden away in their house, in the hope that it would help their family get back up the way it once was.

At the end of the day, they didn't know if the operation was successful or not, and that their family's condition still did not get any better. Their predicament did not go unnoticed for long, however, as one officer that was involved in the operation decided to gather donations on his own volition and gave it to their family to cover for Lane's hospital bills. After word of the donation spread out, several members of the local police force along with a group of journalist banded together and formed a charity program to help them, especially his mother who played a role in the operation. This has somewhat brought some kind of stability to their life once again, as his mother used the money to start a small bakery that became successful enough.

This was definitely a silver lining, and had brought hope to the pessimistic and cynical Lane, realizing that maybe other people aren't as bad as he thought they were. By that extension, he owe his father an apology, but unfortunately he was never seen again after his disappearance and no news has come up since. Life continued on yet again, just with a small difference. His view of the world, while still on the cynical side, had gradually became more optimistic. There is still good in this world, and humans have the natural inclination to help one another. Besides, they're social creatures, no one is capable of living all on their own. As a part of this shift of perspective, he also tried to express himself better, especially when it comes to smiling. Before this, his expression is always either flatly neutral or irritated.

In his college days, he noticed something incredibly strange whenever he is standing in a shadow, be it from the side of a building or under a tree. On several occasions, his classmates would say that he has a tendency to leave quietly only to suddenly come back a few moments later. Once home, he asked his sister if she noticed the same thing to confirm his suspicion, and while she suspected she might be seeing things, they both concluded that somehow he gained the ability to completely disappear into the shadows. They told this to their mother, who then recalled that one cafe named 'Noah's Ark' and the rumors surrounding it. After a few discussions, it was determined that this would be the best course of action for him to take: head to Noah's Ark and find out.

Not long after he was exposed to the world of Elegies, Regrets, and the nature of his Last Words, it has been made known to him that the government took away his mother and sister when he wasn't looking. At first, he was furious. Maybe it's best if he were to stay in the dark after all, as he always did. Knowing that going against Babel would not be the healthiest of ideas, especially since his status as an Elegy has been revealed, all he could do is wait until their return with no small amount of anxiety. Bracing for the worst, he returned from school one day to discover that both of his mother and sister waiting at home, safe and sound, already returning to their daily routine. When he asked if they remember anything odd a few days ago, they did not recall a single thing, seemingly forgot the fact that he demonstrated his Last Words' ability to them. He concluded that perhaps this was for the best, and as part of his new life as an Elegy, began working part-time at Noah's Ark as a waiter. This particular position was chosen because he does not have the skills to be a barista or a cook, neither does he think he'd be any good with animals.

Terrence Conwell
Lane's father, a man with a passion in journalism. His passion was so intense that it eventually consumed him. He mostly worked at home and had an office where one could find him typing away behind his laptop or busy scribbling something down. Mostly he is too preoccupied with his work to spare any time for his family, but when he does, he did his best to make up for lost time.

Samara Conwell
Lane's mother, one who puts the welfare of her children ahead of her own. Somewhat well known for her baking skills, the best in the neighborhood. Back then, she would give away cookies and sweets to other kids. Lane considered her to be the closest person in his life, having taken care of him and his sister since the day they were born, and even after his father's disappearance, still kept supporting them until the way they are now.

Ceria Conwell
Lane's younger sister, a bright and sociable person, unlike her brother. They are three years apart, and when their mother was away, all they had for company was each other, because she does not want to leave him alone even when she have other kids to play with. Nowadays, she frequents Noah's Ark to hang out with her friends, or to come alone just to see her brother. Whenever she came, she would poke fun at him on how come he does not have a girlfriend yet, much to his annoyance.

Dorothea Willis
One of Lane's coworkers at Noah's Ark. He saw Thea as some sort of a Pollyanna, as someone that is brimming with optimism, a barely contained bundle of positivity that is about ready to explode. Although he is no stranger to individuals such as her, Thea's cheerfulness exceeds even that of Ceria's. One can only imagine his surprise (you can bet he wouldn't show it) when she asked to take a picture of him for the cafe's social media pages. For the first time in years, he actually felt like he was welcome as the new addition to a group. And if he's being honest, it's not such a bad feeling.

Aria Sakuraba
One of Lane's coworkers at Noah's Ark. Both are juniors when it comes to working at Noah's Ark, and both have a small social circle. But that is where the similarities end. The way he sees it, while Aria avoids people, Lane repels them instead. Although they have interacted on several occasions, all of them were done in the scope of work, especially when it comes to resolving issues found in their part-time job. However, she seems to avoid him outside of it. His tendency to deliver the truth without mercy might have been the main factor.

Julius Gladwin
One of Lane's coworkers at Noah's Ark. At first, Juli appeared to just be another nosy individual. Humor him for a little bit and he'll lose interest, mainly because of someone who only replied in a few words wouldn't make for a very good conversation partner. He didn't know how the shapeshifter did it, but somehow he feel inclined to tell him what's on his mind whenever Juli told him his. Whether he likes to admit it or not, Juli has had an effect on him, the longer their conversation go, the more he managed to coax out of Lane. That's a first.

Class C

"Hermit in the Dark"
Lane's tendency to isolate himself, burying his feelings deep inside and hiding his true self from others has manifested into a power that allows him to completely meld into the shadows, becoming undetectable and intangible while 'cloaked'. In addition to himself, he can also bring any objects with him into it. However, he cannot bring other living beings such as another person, an animal, or a plant. He can use this ability to literally move through the dark, disappearing on one location and then reappearing on another location. For example, if the shadow on the side of a building extends to the roof of the building next to it, he can move to the rooftop of the latter provided there is enough space. If he were to move from the shadow of one object to another, the shadow must be connected.

There are limits to this ability:
  1. He cannot meld into his own shadow.
  2. The shadow must be stationary for him to be able to enter. The shadow of a parked car is no problem, but when it moves at a certain speed, he will be forced to uncloak. A little jostle wouldn't bother him, though.
  3. The shadow must envelop his entire body, or that he must fit himself in a small area of shadow. If it gets too small, he will uncloak. Although he could do his best to adapt as long as he is not exposed to light as the shadow shrinks. This also applies to objects, while he can bring anything into the shadow, heavier and bigger objects could cause problems because it also needs to fit inside the shadow. Furthermore, while hidden he is technically still carrying the object, if he drops it, the object would uncloak.
  4. He can only interact with the objects he himself brought into the shadow. Even if there is another object nearby that is enveloped by the shadows, he cannot interact with it if he doesn't actively bring it 'in' with him.
  5. Intense light will uncloak him, but dimmer lights will make him appear incorporeal as if he has the appearance of a ghost.

  1. Lane did various part-time jobs, such as being a gas station attendant or a worker at a fast food restaurant.
  2. The name for his Last Words stems from the ninth Major Arcana in a tarot deck, which represents introspection, solitude, and enlightenment.
  3. Generally does not care what other people think about his fashion sense. As long as he finds it comfortable, he'll wear it.
  4. Has developed a bit of a sweet tooth thanks to the sweets given to him by his mother.
  5. His personal coach on how to smile is none other than her sister. "It's a work in progress," as she would put it.
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“To protect yourself from others hurting you, you locked everyone out but at the same time you locked yourself in. All you now have is yourself for company but you never took the time to quieten all those negative voices in your head. You spent so long running away from you, escaping with different vices over the years that now you have locked yourself in those voices end up hurting you worse than anyone else ever could. Don't lock the doors, that could lead you to freedom.” – Sope Agbelusi
basic information
Florian Hamilton
Flo, press F
Twenty-Four (24)
date of birth
January First
years working
5 months
170 CM
dark purple
dark purple

A small frame at first sight, he promises you that beneath his layers of suits and ties were a fit structure that is at least enough to not get him scolded and run the lap by their coach. Often seen behind a pair of thick round spectacles (despite his affinity to snap them in half every other week), Florian often dresses himself in borderline formal attire, even during casual days. Large doe eyes and small pale face, his androgynous look often got him mistaken as a woman, though he never seem to mind as much. His messy locks of hair is not a result of laziness, but rather a choice of style- instances where he had tucked his bangs away had not been pretty, trust him. Oh, and the soles of his shoes are super thick (this has something to do with his Last Words).
The easier of sort to approach, Florian makes use of his field experience to get close to anyone he encounters, though some might perceive this as breaching people's personal space. There are times where his jokes appear forced, or the smiles had not been sincere, but truly at most times he wished no harm upon others. A bit awkward, perhaps, one of his signature moves were to finger guns his problem away. Some might say that he was naive and overly trusting, yet his past experience had taught him to start seeing the better in people, or perhaps it became a coping mechanism rather than a teaching experience. This makes him sometimes exploitable (though lord knows who desire exploiting what appears as a human hurricane). Regardless, he is still generally believed (or at leas he tries) to be a pleasure around.

Florian's overly trusting nature sometimes backfires, with him expecting the best out of people and then quickly getting much disappointed when he realizes said person does not go to his expectations. This allows him to learn not to take things too personally at most times. While his mental is still healing, there would be instances where his mask would crack, though rarely would he allow himself so if not by himself. Friendly by nature, yet a closed book of a spirit.

Still not entirely used to his Last Word capabilities, this often results to all sorts of mishaps occurring within Noah's Ark. Each day, they could lose profit alone by how many cups he breaks and how much brews he ended up spilling. If it weren't for his skills in making beautiful latte art, who knows why he was hired in the first place. . .
"How do you write like you're running out of time?"

Born into a large family of overflowing wealth, consisting of three brothers, two of them older, and two younger sisters, there is not much to say about Florian himself. A faded soul amidst a pool of light, how bright must one shine to be seen? It was not to say that he had not a comfortable life- fancy cars, television, all the latest technology, oh, he had it all. Stuck in an endless dilemma, the pressure that weighs down on him to let him go on. From a young age, he was pressured to continuously be better. If Percy could do this, why couldn't you? Come now, even Olivia does better than you. And there was the guilt. That he should not feel as so, that his parents only wanted what was best for him, but it had not taken him long to understand that he was nothing but replaceable.

The night had not rained that day, the wind had not blown too hard. He ran away from college at the age of twenty-one, simply understanding that there is nothing left for him. He knew that none of his family would come looking regardless, so he threw away his last name, start anew with a name he created his own. Pecking around the dust, entering a whole new world so alien to the likes of him, money in his pockets that would only land him a less than regular flat rent for two months. Genesis city was its name, the city that never sleeps. Then he started working part-time, day and night in the darkest of corners, fueled by spite that he too could survive without their aid. Many months have passed, until the day came when he heard the news.

The youngest of their siblings, a girl only in the age of sixteen called Abrielle, stumbled upon his small compartment during a night, much similar to the one he had left. A face of familiarity that brings him not relief, but disgust. But then she spoke- she told him that their company had shut down. That their father grown mad, and their mother had fallen so ill she could not speak. Every of the siblings have been pulled out of school for they no longer had the expenses to supply. And then when their mother released her final breath, insanity took the better of her husband and in that same day, he hung himself. Ever since all their siblings have gone their separate ways, striving to survive. All because one day, their dearest little boy went missing.

Florian stormed out. Mind convoluted, eyes in a blur. His heart raced in a manner he never thought it could. He must see it in his very own eyes- but it was also then when he saw the approaching light.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Trickled down the blood. The broken pocket-watch, its handle stuck in place. If only he realized sooner, if only he had not been so slow, if only he could be faster . . .

Then he woke up.

Aria: Coworkers in Noah's Ark. Despite entering work at nearly the same time, the two had not gotten close very quickly. A very unlikely duo, of one single shy girl and a boy much too awkward to socialize normally. Perhaps he intimidated her at first, and that he had not realized until much later. A turning point to their relationship began when he commented about her affinity in manga, and soon, this stems more and more till a close friendship is eventually stitched,

Dorothea: Coworkers in Noah's Ark. One of his very first friends, if not the first herself. It had not been easy adjusting to new jobs, especially after relieving himself of one for such a long time. In fact, it could be stressful. All smiles and facade aside, Dorothea found him in perhaps both the rightest and wrongest time. A smile was all he needed that day, and a presence of warmth that he had yet found in their small community. He appreciates her, Mallow appreciates her- one day he'd hope to pay her back.

Enoch: Coworkers in Noah's Ark. Friends? Now, he was not sure how he would define their relationship, but friends certainly was not it, at least not for now. Starting off immediately in the wrong footing, Enoch rubbed him very strangely. He might just be eccentric, and that was what he had first thought off. But then something else caught his eye- something deeper, something much more sinister. An emotion locked up deep inside him. Who is this man exactly?

Ethan: Coworkers in Noah's Ark. Ha-ha short short short. Ethan didn't seem to like him for reasons he knows not off, definitely. Was not a good enough reason for him to not be petty, though. On one hand he finds it (guiltily) amusing that he could bother someone as so, at first unintentionally and later...oh look at the time.

Julius: Coworkers in Noah's Ark. Chaos buddy chaos buddy. Now now, Florian is never the intentionally chaotic type by his own. Neither was Aria, nor Julius. The three of them combined, however? The petition for maid cafe is still on the table, ladies and gents. Two in a room is always a-okay, but never ever put the three together in a group.

Rosalind: Coworkers in Noah's Ark. Scary. His first impression of her had been pleasant- the maiden was anything but bad looking after all. That is, until he made his first mistake. Then the second, quickly followed by the third. Soon he realized that this angel had only been nothing but a pretty face and soon the demon within her surfaces...

Abrielle Hamilton: Younger sister. The only one of his many siblings he still remain close contact with. At the moment, she crashes by his flat while searching for her own part time work. At this point they have placed their differences aside and now works as a team to maintain their livelihood.

Marshmallow "Mallow" Hamilton: Mini pomeranian. Around one year old, that dog became much too attached to him than what is good for herself. She still whines everytime he leaves for work, refuses to eat when he's not around. It came to a point where despite her size, she is more than capable of maneuvering past his clumsy steps.
last words
Ability Type

"Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!"

Broken Pocket-Watch: It's name bearing reference towards Lewis Carroll's work, Alice in Wonderland, of the white rabbit that is not only opens the scene bearing the pocket-watch, screaming its famous tag-line, yet the one that brought Alice into a sinking hole where creatures of the unknown dwells by every corner. The explanation is quite straight-forward: now Florian moves super fast. Not only physically, also metabolically, resulting in faster healing but also getting hungry every thirty minutes minutes or so. However, he is not able to speed faster than light itself, therefore not allowing him to alter timelines as a result. Note that the law of friction still works even then, as well as impact force- so be careful!

Florian undergoes psychiatric treatment for six months already, and still occasionally arranges meetings. He is currently down at bi-monthly. The suggestion to try work one more time, this time in this "Noah's Ark" that he has kept hearing over and over, was also his psychiatrist's suggestion.

It's not that he can't wear contacts, the thought itself scares him enough to not even try.

Florian has a wide range of work experience, as he has been fired from many, too. Clumsiness certainly does not go hand in hand with drink mixing.

He's a drop-out law student

Owns a mini pomeranian named Mallow

For the sake of the lord and everything holy, DO NOT let him drive.

The fake name he had used before reusing his real one was "Reese".

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Ethan Lefebvre
  • 01
    lefebvre, ethan
    eighteen (18)
    date of birth
    april 4th
    wait staff
    years working
    5'01" (156cm)
    hair color
    eye color


    The proportion of his legs to his torso grants him the illusion that he’s near average in height. However, upon walking closer or comparing his height to a familiar object nearby, it quickly becomes apparent that he is vertically challenged. For what he lacks in height, his expressions and overall bearing are bold and his manner of dress is loud to make up for it, like a chihuahua. So long as he isn’t completely buried within a body of giants, he and his brightly colored red hair are surprisingly easy to pick out within a crowd. Unfortunately, he tends to leave a bad first impression due to possessing body language and a face that naturally give off aggressive and unfriendly vibes.

    Ethan is a man whose expression naturally defaults to one of irritation. His frank (and coarse) words and brusque manner of dealing with others do little to abate the repulsive force of his unfriendly mien, and his short fuse makes him catastrophically volatile. Easily going from 0 to 100 at the drop of a hat, he is as aggressive as he looks and unhesitant in throwing hands if the situation arises. His tolerance for, in his words, “bullshit” is nonexistent, and he’s quick to make it clear when his opinions differ from that of others. Furthermore, whenever he has something to say, he spares all euphemisms, instead cutting straight to the point without a drop of consideration for the feelings of others.

    In spite of being a small ball of anger with no filter, Ethan does not consider himself to be above criticism and is cooperative so long as people are direct and honest. He is loud about his ideals but not stubborn. Even if it’s hearing about his bad sides, he won’t be particularly happy, but he still respects those willing to be frank with him. As a result, he gets along best with those who are candid and sincere, even holding such people in high regards at times. On the other hand, he vehemently detests hypocrites as well as those who allow their doubts and insecurities to consume them. Perhaps as a result of considering all humans to be equal regardless of their hardships or the skeletons in their closets, he views those who sit around uselessly counting their scars while refusing to do anything to actually improve their situation with disdain.

    With all that said, Ethan is strict with others and himself and blunt to a fault but not asocial or overly serious. Past his gruff and fairly rude demeanor, he is a highly driven individual host to a passion that burns brighter than most. He isn’t a perfectionist, per se, but he sees to it that whatever he does is carried out with 110% of his effort. When his motivation is at its peak, he is enthusiastic to the point where the air around him starts to feel heated. Likewise a hot-blooded youth by nature, he is someone who knows to enjoy things just as much as the next person. To the surprise of most acquaintances, he is rather fond of participating in (mostly harmless) pranks, especially in the name of helping others or himself do it in the name of petty revenge. However, his competitive spirit makes it difficult for him to take it down a notch, even when the activity is something as harmless as a snowball fight.

    He considers himself to be a good judge of character, though he often puts too much faith in those he trusts as a result. Fortunately (or unfortunately), he is flexible, capable of treating a nemesis as a friend the next day or vice versa.
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Ruki Yokokawa
  • 01
    Yokokawa, Ruki
    Met@l D!a (on social media)
    date of birth
    February 14th
    Wait staff (on paper only)
    years working
    5 months
    hair color
    reddish brown
    eye color
    yellow, sometimes seems gold


    From her day-to-day fashion choice, many of Ruki’s online followers and friends at school can see she loves to take care of her appearance. Ruki isn’t limited to a mere few styles, but rather walks and behaves with the confident air of an idol that she can pull off any hip and fashionable style well. Most of the time, all the clothes and shoes she wears still give her decent mobility room for any athletic activities. It has been known that her healthy body build comes from her previous sports activities with her best friend, as well as her consistent training with her brother.

    Eyes easily beaming with interest at anything she fancies, cheerful and friendly gestures always ready to show her moral support, and a hyper voice to rally up an exciting atmosphere, Ruki is the imitation of a compliment-seeking and somewhat narcissistic idol. Within the group of friends at school, Ruki and her twin brother Shun are known as the all-rounders types; fitting in all traits of decent popularity, sports contribution and academic grades. However contrary to their school reputation, both can be very impulsive, (recklessly) jumping into (seemingly fun) situations without listening to others. In addition, after hearing about their ideas of fun, and creative pranks, it is hard to imagine that among the quintet group of friends, Ruki is the eldest.

    Yet, everyone in the quintet would agree that Ruki and Shun may be the most mature and dependable. Without the energy and motivation to voice act the cheery, perky tone, all that remains is her naturally (almost masculine-like) deep and soft voice. It makes one wonder whether she is two-faced, but her friends testify it is merely Ruki’s habit to tune her voice to build up her “cute idol” image, just like any girl who likes to dress up. Perhaps it is because they have seen Ruki at her absolute most vulnerable. No matter how brittle she seemed in these moments, and no matter how fragile that voice is, they know that she is still the same Ruki. The same Ruki that will never lose focus on what is most important.

    Overall, no matter which side of Ruki it is, the choices she makes and her behaviours are driven by the impulse for fun, and the desire to always keep her friends together.
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Emiyn Yuen
  • 01
    Yuen, Emiyn
    date of birth
    May 17th
    Kitchen staff
    years working
    starting after Chapter 1
    hair color
    eye color


    Compared to his male classmates, Emiyn is a bit on the slender side. His neat haircut and tidy clothes shows that he values giving people a good impression, and that he possibly has a very caring mother (who takes care of the laundry for her son). Often he is seen with his hands in his pocket, a possible body language sign that he is dissatisfied or self-conscious about himself.

    (from the perspective from his sister, Erika)

    A quiet and kind role-model student, was that what his teachers and the neighbours thought of him? Perhaps they only saw his attentive habits to unattended duties around the classroom, or his avoidance of troublesome rumours or arguments. Perhaps they were even more convinced at how motivated (and competitive) he is in his studies.

    Emiyn wasn’t one to talk about his academic reports out loud (unless it was a close friend), but it wasn’t hard to see that this was where he found his self-worth. She could see the influence from the inferiority complex he has had ever since primary school. As a keen analyst who is aware of his weaknesses and strengths, Emiyn feels he cannot meet what a “role model male” should be. She agreed that he isn’t the most athletic type to protect their mother, nor is he the most courageous nor calm in many situations. Thus, he strives to be a resourceful person, to give suggestions to friends in any ways he can help.

    As a pacifist, he hates conflict and dislikes aggressive behaviour. Erika can see that he can’t stand the thought of hurting others more than getting hurt himself. However, that doesn’t stop him from (sometimes badly) feigning tolerance. Perhaps likely he prefers to avoid arguments, even if he has to clench his teeth in frustration.

    All this can point to why he would be a teacher’s pet. But she disagreed that he was innocent. In contrast, if his sister were the one who had the courage to lie to achieve her goals, Emiyn would be the one who knows how to create the alibi to support the lie. Which can be all the more frustrating at times. She feels he could achieve his goals further if only he could act on his thoughts, instead of being limited by his thoughts of never wanting conflict or having people hurt.
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NAME: Varona Osbourne
GENDER: Female
AGE: 18
DOB: December 23


HEIGHT: 5'5"
HAIR: Ombre, from black to a light brown
EYES: Pink ... ?

Varona is someone who has the appearance of a decliate woman, and although she tries her best to select outfits that should make her look more mature and dependable, she always retains a soft and youthful impression no matter what she tries to do. Despite her struggle with the burdens of her youth, she is someone who is clearly comfortable in their own skin, walking softly but always with a straightened spine, and slipping through large crowds rather than pushing them aside. Very rarely will Varona intentionally draw attention to herself, whether it be in the way she conducts herself or in what she chooses to wear.


Varona may be soft-spoken, but she is by no means a shy woman. She is an incredibly perceptive woman whose kindness is expressed sincerely, but awkwardly. She can be rather straight-forward, rarely mincing her words, but she is usually always seen with a lighthearted, closed smile, as if to make up for all of her poor attempts to express herself.

Friends and classmates will always have stories to share about Varona and how she rarely ever follows anyone's wishes but her own. Even when it isn't in her best interest to hang out with her friends, she often surprises them when she easily agrees, and they are just as shocked when she offers no real reason to decline their plans, sometimes even at the last moment.

In truth, Varona is just someone who selfishly focuses on prioritizing her own happiness, rather than caring after anything else. Whether she faces rejection, failure, set backs, or broken relationships, she never truly ruminates in any harmful or unproductive moods, rarely reflects on the why or the how because she knows she gets what everyone else gets: a lifetime - and she's not going to waste it looking back for too long.


One day, a young Varona had been asked to fetch her father's glasses from the study upstairs. Eager to be done with the task so that she could return to her toys, the little girl tossed the pair of glasses from the very top of the stairs, certain that her father would catch it. Unfortunately for everyone, it ended up on the floor, with cracked lenses. Having kept his previous pair of glasses, her father would have to make do with the old frames until the weekend.

But that same night, her father got into a car accident. It had been a rainy night, and the inferior set of glasses had certainly provided little to no assistance in the dark and poor driving conditions. The whole family was devastated with the unexpected loss of her father, and Varona especially who had been sick with guilt. It might have been cowardly of her, but she desperately accepted every 'its not your fault', drawing comfort and eventually believing in those lies her relatives had taken to telling her.

Although Varona seemed to recover from the guilt and the incident swiftly, with the sort of innocence and ignorance that a child afford, it was certainly an event that she never forgot about - no matter how easy-going or whimsical of a woman she grew up to be. In gym classes, she would always sit out when there was a ball in play, and she would always opt to walk and personally hand-deliver whatever had been asked of her, no matter the distance (car keys, coats, and even pillows!).

On another day, she had been invited out with some friends into the city. After spending a few hours spinning gachpon machines, Varona had walked away as a woman who was a little wealthier in her collection of cute anime-girl and animal figurines. Well, at least most of them were cute. She planned on trashing the one ugly draw she had, but as her hand lightly tossed the unopened gachaball it hit the rim of the trashcan, bouncing onto the floor, where a little boy had gasped out the name of his favorite character and began to chase the free-rolling gachaball out into the open road. And Varona followed with an outstretched arm, and a scream that was cut off when both of them got hit by a car.

Her last thoughts were not exactly coherent, but she had been filled with a tired resignation, accepting a truth that she had kept buried and ignored for a long time. She had ruined another life with these cursed hands of hers, and she begged quietly, wondering, if there was any good that they had ever done other than deliver horrible outcomes to people all around her.

Waking up in a hospital, she met Thea, who visited along with her friends (who had a sister who was friends with Thea), and the willowy blonde had passed along the idea that they should visit Noah's Ark some time, since it was somewhere quiet with cute animals that would surely aid in her recovery. It didn't take much cajoling in the end, because she really wanted to avoid any awkward conversations with her mother who was probably reliving a life long old trauma. But she would end up returning to Noah's Ark frequently, sometimes even by herself, when she began feeling an odd pressure weighing on her mind, and when lines and circles began to snap into view if she found herself spacing out.

After some time, both Chase and Thea had somehow persuaded her into throwing a ball for the large Samoyed ("Nothing in here is going to break that easily, least of all me," Thea had declared, and Varona believed it). She would throw the ball again, and again, and again. But as she was about to throw the ball for the seventh time, after Chase returned it to her again, Thea stopped her.

She had been throwing the ball into the exact same spot seven times in a row, right into the center of a stray cushion left on the ground. There was a little dip, a little indent left, that marked each and every time that the drop had been caught in the center of it - it may have been a coincidence, but neither woman believed in those anymore.


LAST WORDS: Conductor of Trick Shots

"... it's like there's an instinctive urge. Like when someone knocks on the door of a classroom, and you turn to raise your head, even if you were in the middle of writing a test, even if you know that you aren't being expected by anyone, you still do it because you have to see it for yourself."

Given a clear target and activated with the intention to hit it, Varona's LW can perform near-instantaneous and continuous calculations within her subconscious, taking many variables into account, in order to provide a visual trajectory path for Varona, but this visual aid is only seen if the flight-path is a feasible one for her [body] to perform. As long as Varona can see these visual trajectories that her LW has manifested for her, her body will follow through and follow the [guidelines] perfectly.


[1] If the object is not directly ejected from Varona's two hands, the CONDUCTOR OF TRICK SHOTS will not work. It does not work with guns, because the bullet in the chamber is not fired by her hands.

[2] "feasible for her [body] to perform" - if the object is extremely heavy, in such a way that she could not even lift it, the CONDUCTOR OF TRICK SHOTS will not work. The LW does not try to find ways to break the laws of physics to hit its target, it provides the perfect conditions when there is a way; even if she can lift a brick, the CONDUCTOR OF TRICK SHOTS will not provide a path for her if she wanted to throw it, because there is no way that Varona could throw a brick far enough.

[3] Moving targets are a strong weakness for the CONDUCTOR OF TRICK SHOTS. Because it instantaneously and continuously makes calculations, the user is bombarded with ever-changing trajectory paths as long as the target is in motion - a common problem among ENHANCED ACCURACY USERS. Varona must very specifically decide her target in order to avoid being overwhelmed - she must firmly declare when and what it is that she wants to hit (at a maximum of 5 second ahead) and even then, there is every possibility that she still misses, because a moving, living target is not entirely predictable.​



"You shouldn't smile like that. You look like you're grieving, or heartbroken."

"And who says those kinds of smiles aren't beautiful?"

"Ah. No, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that."

"Haha! Yeah, I think I get what you were trying to say. But you shouldn't say that to anyone else. They might get the wrong idea."


“If we are nothing more than a means to an end in the eyes of Blable, why do we need to try so hard to do all of this … so perfectly?”

"It's respect, I guess. Not for Babel, but for the Regrets and ourselves. It's never a good feeling when something happens and one of our members feel guilty about the things they could have done to prevent it."

"Even if trying to do the right thing already got some of us killed once?"

"Hmm, certainly the most important person is yourself. There's never a clear right choice. Just make sure you won't regret things later."


"Do you ever fear that one day you won't be able to recognize the person you are in the mirror?"

“I’m more worried about my friends not being able to recognize me... But as long as I’m the same person on the inside, I think it’ll all be fine.”

"That's surprisingly very laissez-faire of you ... I'm kind of jealous actually, being able to cast aside your doubts that easily ..."

"There are still plenty of things that're on my mind... But life's too short for us to constantly be worrying about hypotheticals. Let's just try to have fun while we can!"


"You shouldn't be so hard on others all the time."

"If they have a problem with my words, they can tell me themselves."

"Very few people demand so much out of themselves the way you do, as far as I know, the only people that do this are people looking to punish themselves. Is that what you're doing?"

"Maybe you're right, but I prefer 'discipline' over 'punish'. Feeding your worries or sitting around until it's too late is a greater punishment, if you ask me."

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Yeremia Karina Putri



18 years old

August 17

Kitchen Staff

1 month


HEIGHT: 160 cm (5'3")

Yeremia, nicknamed Mia, is a young woman in her late teenage years. She has light skin, a matching pair of black eyes, and neck-length black hair. Outside of school, she prefers to wear clothing that can provide as much cover as possible, such as long-sleeved shirts or pants, and sometimes add extra layers when the weather is not too hot. She also tends to choose muted and warm colors over loud and bright ones such as brown, beige, black, and so on. While she would be considered of average height compared to the people back in her homeland, she is positively short when one compares her to the people around her now.

Raised in a closed and protected environment, Mia grew up to be a knowledgeable person, yet lacks actual experience. One can say that she is yet to be tested by the struggles of life, having most of her needs easily fulfilled. She has a rather naive outlook in things, believing that if one prepares and plans accordingly, nothing could go wrong. Each day follows a plan, and at the end of each day she would review the plan and construct another one for tomorrow, going over the smallest details. Though she realizes that not every plan will go smoothly, it still distressed her whenever something does go wrong and she has to think of something on the spot. All of this makes her not being able to cope well with surprises, whether positive or negative.

She even had plans when it comes to society and conducting herself among other people, carefully gauging what kind of reaction others would have to her behavior and actions. Taking into consideration what kind of person her potential speaking partner is like, and what is the best method to approach them. As a general rule, she would make sure to be polite to strangers and those older than her or those who are in a higher position. While she isn't exactly unsociable, her mannerisms and speech still needs practice as most saw her as stiff and overly formal. The only time she can be seen as casual is when she is among family and loved ones.

Coming from a relatively well-off family, Mia is born to a protective father and caring mother. As she is growing up, people often mention that her parents gave her too much coddling, and that it would come as a shock to her when she finally has to face the realities of life. Having this made known to her led her to have the desire to be independent and self-fulfilling, even going as far as bringing up this fact to her parents on her 15th birthday. Her father chastised her for it, saying that she will realize when the time comes and she would have to stand up for herself after she became an adult, but for now it is the parents' duty to keep her safe. On the other hand, her mother understands that they may have been overprotective when raising her, and should start letting her make decisions for herself. Again her father rebuked by saying that being the only child they have, if something bad were to happen, then they would have no one left. Being told so caused Mia to back down, but it did not discourage her in the slightest. This is the point where she began to look into things by herself, without the knowledge of her parents or the various helpers her father might have sent her way. Making plans to her own liking and deviating from whatever counsel her parents gave her, especially her father's.

This kind of behavior is further pushed by the fact that her father moved the entire family to the West as a part of his career, in that he decided to be the head of his own company rather than merely being in a high position of an existing one. The move came as a shock both to her and her mother, as they were living just fine before this. In particular, her mother objected to the idea of settling down their roots in foreign soil, being someone who always held high the traditions and the ways of their ancestors, citing that her husband's ambitions would very well be the at the cost of their identity. However, this does not stop her father, arguing that having an objectively better living state is in no way a bad thing, and that they should forget about the 'old world' and set their minds on the future. The rift between Mia's parents that may have existed before this has been worsened as a result, particularly when her mother said that it is as though she is no longer his wife but a mere symbol of status, wondering if he still remembers what it means to raise a family. While Mia only heard bits and pieces when their parents fought with their words, it was still loud enough to hear them from the other end of the house. In the midst of it, she found an opening. Now that she is in a new environment that is currently alien to her, maybe it's finally her chance to go out and explore on her own without being watched or escorted.

Is there a plan for this little adventure? No. Thanks to her father, she find herself caught off guard. She knew nothing of the West, and that she is following her heart this time around. For once, she is braving the unknown without thinking twice. Through this, she made sure to know her immediate area, her neighbors, places of interest, where she should and shouldn't go, and even met a few folks who would be going to the same school as she would. Though she was nervous most of the time, especially due to the fact that her English isn't perfect and in part of the culture shock, it was an eye-opening experience for her. She can go back to making her own plans with the knowledge, and maybe she could finally convince her parents that she can be trusted to be independent. Of course, her father were not very happy when he realized what she has been up to, and she was grounded for weeks as a result. "It was worth it", she thought. This pattern would repeat for the next few years, each time her punishment more severe, each time she would find new ways to subvert her father's expectations, with her mother silently encouraging her, which is a step closer to her original goal.

Her life would change on the eve of her 18th birthday, however. After she managed to slip by one of the bodyguards her father had hired to watch over the perimeter of their house, she got up to mischief with her fellow classmates out in the city. Having been exposed to the wonders of the world now, she could not resist it anymore despite the protestations of her father. Maybe it was carelessness, maybe it was coincidence, maybe she hung out with a bad crowd after all without realizing it. Either way, what appears to be a day of excitement turned into one of disaster where many would be the victim of. Looking for ways to spend her allowance, she went along her classmates that wanted to visit a bar despite being underage. Still, one of them managed to get an older friend of theirs access to the bar and got them in despite this. At first, she still has enough restraint not to indulge herself to alcohol and other forms of hedonism, but the urging and pressure from the others eventually broke down her resistance. As it was her first introduction to such beverages, it does not take long for her to be intoxicated alongside her other classmates. This proved to be fatal when a group of masked men barged down the front door and started threatening everyone. Shouting, yelling, and the occasional gunfire is all she heard when chaos broke loose. Still in the middle of a stupor, they were made to lie on the floor, as if being rounded by them. She wasn't sure what happened after that, as things went black just after she had heard a loud explosion.

Soon after, she finds herself on a bed. When she opened her eyes, the first she saw were figures in white wearing medical facemasks. Turning her head to the side, one of them appears to be arguing with a man, seemingly having forced his way into the room. He was furious, the angriest he's ever been, yet having a tone of sorrow in his voice. After another period of unconsciousness, it was made clear to her that she was one of the few that survived a terrorist attack, and the only one to have made it out with minimal injury, which baffled everyone who had heard of it. Her heart sank after one of the doctors brought up this fact. Regret and guilt flooded her very being, the trauma was so great she refused to see her parents for a time as she was too ashamed of herself. After both physical and mental therapy, she returned to her daily life, casting away her usual behavior and began to listen intently to her father again. In turn, her father ultimately realized that her actions are due to him being too constricting even if he means well. In the end, he made a point to free up time to spend with his family no matter how busy he would otherwise be, even gathering the family together in order to make an official statement. Their relationship began to recover that day, slowly but surely.

As if the world isn't done in shocking her out of the blue, once again it presented a surprise in where she developed an uncanny ability to reenact or copy the movements of others perfectly. First realized when she is suddenly able to follow the patterns and rhythm of a pop dancer she was currently fond of. After a few experiments, she used this to her advantage when presented with a chance at a talent show as a part of the orientation program of her new campus. People called her a natural, but she claimed it was just luck that she managed to land the movements. A little secret to herself, just like the old days. Eventually, this was discovered by another student who also possessed an unusual ability. Several trial runs later, it was confirmed that she is what he thinks she is. This culminated in her ending up in the position of one of the kitchen staffs in an establishment known as Noah's Ark, putting her newfound power to good use by observing the seniors work.

Haryadi Putra Semesta

Mia's father, those who are close to him calls him Adi. A shrewd businessman, a man of great ambitions, and the one most responsible for the family's current state. While he fulfilled the role as the backbone of the family handily by providing wealth and comfort to his wife and daughter, this does not come without a price. That price is his relationship with the both of them, as he is seemingly more focused on his work rather than his family.

Mekar Arum Sari
Mia's mother, most know her as Arum instead. She went through university and obtained a bachelor's degree in education, wanting to become a teacher afterwards. Even though her husband provided more than enough for the family, she still took a little job as a private tutor out of the desire to teach if nothing else. Comparing the two parents, she is the one closest to Mia as they have more opportunities to spend time with each other, and as a result the one that influenced her daughter the most.

Natalia Pramana Yustisa
Mia's best friend, nicknamed Lia. They were separated when Mia's family moved to the West following her father's career. On their last day together before the move, they bought a matching pair of cellphone straps to remind them of each other. If you compare the two from the outside, Lia is the brash tomboy while Mia is the gentle girl. At first glance, the two couldn't be more different. In truth, instead of clashing due to differences, they managed to complement each other instead. Lia would be the force to push her whenever Mia needs that bit of encouragement in the face of hardships, and often times Mia becomes the voice of reason whenever Lia was about to make a rash decision or when she needed a second opinion from someone else not classified as a hothead.

Lane Conwell
Mia's upperclassman, fellow Elegy, and co-worker at Noah's Ark. During orientation of her new campus, Lane was put in charge of Mia's group. All around, the experience was nothing out of the ordinary, and the freshmen saw Lane as the quiet but dependable type. One occurrence stood out, however, as it led to the discovery of Mia's power by the older Elegy. Following that is Mia's introduction to Noah's Ark, and the answer to her then unexplainable power. The two rarely speak to each other at work, and whenever they do, Mia couldn't help but notice that her senior is both direct and brutally honest. Something about him that she genuinely finds to be a bit cruel, wishing that if he were to point out her shortcomings he could at least be nice about it, but does not dare to let him know of this fact.

Class D
"Auld Lang Syne"

Manifested from fond memories of the past, and the desire to ensure that the future would be remembered just as fondly as time go by, it allows the user to replicate or copy any action she has witnessed down to the smallest detail no matter how complex it is. For example, by watching a painter create a piece of artwork from beginning to end, she can replicate said artwork perfectly. Another example is to watch a martial artist performing or demonstrating their self-defense techniques and she would be able to replicate the movements exactly and even put it to practical use should the need arises. This Last Word also allows her to gain mastery of a tool or equipment from watching the professionals, such as the handling of a firearm or even playing a musical instrument.

There are limitations to this power:
  1. She cannot copy another Elegy's Last Words.
  2. She can only replicate humans or humanoid beings, as not having the correct body part would prevent her from performing the action.
  3. In order to successfully copy an action, she needs the exact tools and materials used by the original actor.
  4. When it comes to replicating a physical feat, while she can use her Last Words to replicate the techniques used by the actor so that she is performing it as effectively as possible, the end result still depends on her own physical abilities.
  5. She can only push her body to the limit of what is considered to be possible for a human being.
  6. She can only copy a limited number of actions, and those actions has to be related to one another in some way. For example, she can remember and perform karate and capoeira because both are tied to the idea of martial arts.
  7. Just because she can copy an action perfectly, it does not mean she gains an understanding of it. One can say that her body moves on its own and reacts to stimuli with instinct.
  8. She can only memorize a set actions for a limited time, as she would gradually forget on how to do said actions, especially if she has no prior knowledge or experience of them.
  9. If she were to learn a set of actions that is completely different from her previous one, she would have to replace the old with the new.
  10. Relearning or refreshing her memory of an action takes time as she needs to prepare by watching a prerecorded video or watch someone do it on the spot from beginning to end in order to replicate it.
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