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Realm Sheet

Realm Name: Name your realm of something sensible and original as possible
Realm Banner Here: same as the name or if you cannot make one I'll make it for you
Founding: the age if your realm (no more than a 1000 years)
Motto: Your realm's motto
Realm's Anthem: Insert a link here to give us an idea what your anthem is the realm's theme
Denonymn: The collective identification of your realm
Realm Colors: The color(s) associated with your realm
Government Type: Choose a government type (A1 Guide)
Leadership: The ruling body of the government as well as the cast of characters
Factions: Family houses, political factions and other internal or external intrigues of the realm
Population: The rough estimation of the population in the realm
Ethnicity: Primary race or races in your realm
Religions (State/Traditional/Recognized/Suppressed): The religion or primary religions of the realm that can be related to factions.
Languages (Official/Recognized/Suppressed): Primary languages of your realm
Location: Where in the world does your realm reside on? [Map, Region and number]
Area: The amount of land you control in the region by percentile
Climate: The weather and type of climate your realm has depending on location.
Topography: The terrain features of your realm that is most prominent and whether your realm is landlocked, coastal or an island
Currency: User created in name and based on any of the six types of precious metals (A2 Guide)
Capital: Name and location of the first city or the city of great importance
Major Cities: [leave this blank for now]
Colonies: [leave this blank for now]
Vassals: [leave this blank for now]
Culture: What is life like in your realm? Society customs, cuisine and anything else of interest
Military: This is basic breakdown of branches of armed forces including the age restrictions (if any) and traditions. This is purely contextual, no numbers or actual equipment used. (A3 Guide)
Brief History: This is basically your realm’s background

Current Realms' Cast

-Cast Profile-
Name: Name, titles and aliases are entered here
Age: The age of your character
Role: What is their role in their respective realm?
Disposition: What ethnic group, religions and political factions within the realm does this character belong to?
Appearance: A short descriptive appearance or image of the character
Background: Historical background
Objectives: The agendas and whims of this character. This be either simple or elaborate, your choice
Extra: Other relevant information this character has to the realm




Guide [A1]


Choose a government type that best suits your nation. This gives a basic understanding how your realm is governed by all the contextual nuances I leave up to you as user created content. More government types will become available as philosophies of the ages are discussed and explored in the narrative. Since more or less most realms are ruled by a king or a single monarch then if you were to go with kraterocracy then you have a kraterocractic monarchy

This is the most basic form of organization and governance that is more complex than tribalism but not yet a full fledged state with functional facets of true civilization.

Aristocracies and Feudalism
Kraterocracy = Ruled by the strongest by means of physical forces, socio and political maneuvering. Might makes right.
Plutocracy = Ruled by the rich and powerful where the desires and whims belong to those with money and wealth.
Timocracy = Rules by honorable citizens and land owners based on merits and degrees of honor.
Geniocracy = Ruled by the intelligent and philosophical where only the wise and creative can govern.
Theocracy = Ruled by religious elites and the church as the ultimate authority in governance.
Stratocracy = Ruled by military service where only those who served in active duty can govern.
Autocracy = Power resides with a single person as a head of state where his or her word is law.
Oligarchy = Power resides within a small group of people as heads of state.

Pejorative Rule
Kleptocracy = Ruled by thieves and criminals in a mafia-style state.

Monarchy and Early Democracy
Absolute Monarchy = Government ruled by a single monarch as head of state with the ultimate governing authority.
Demarchy = Early democracy ruled by consensus conferences where the eligible citizens selected by sortition (jury selection) can govern as heads of state.

Ochlocracy = Ruled by the majority "absolute democracy" or mob rule where the will of the majority overrides all.

Guide [A2]


Choosing a specific precious metal/mineral has no real advantage or disadvantage at this moment but for the sake of variety and what your currency is based off of.

Copper = The most common metal used in coinage
Diamond = A rare mineral used in exchanges with similar value to gold
Zinc = An uncommon metal used in coinage
Gold = An exchange standard and a precious metal used in coinage
Tin = A common metal used in coinage
Iron = A common metal used in coinage
Silver = A common precious metal used in coinage

Guide [A3]
Military Organization:
Army = The oldest and most diverse branch of military organization for it not only focuses on infantry but cavalry, siege equipment and as technology or knowledge increases other specializations will fit into this branch if there are not other branches developed over time.

Navy = A branch focusing on ships and relevant only to nations who are near oceans. Landlocked realms cannot have navies. Navies like armies can have other specializations as technology and knowledge increases.
Corps = A specialized organization that deals in special training or specialized warfare and can be paramilitary. Corps are very rarely larger than the two basic branches of service.

Manpower and Garrisons
For the record, for those developing their realms' military must take into account that building armies and navies are expensive and highly demanding in resources, one of these is labor. If too much of your labor force is put into the military you will not have much in labor to tend to farms and other infrastructures of your realm. In the same way garrisons overseas or within your own borders you need soldiers to man them and the cost is all the same. Can't maintain a garrison without soldiers and you can't have soldiers if you do not have the treasury or the manpower to maintain them.

Similar to alignment in other RPGs this is your realm's inclination towards certain policies and these are purely personal preferences that you can arbitrary set. How this works is if your realm is 0 on the autonomy and totalitarian scale then 0 shows your realm's government allows full autonomy where as if it were a 10 then your realm's government it has a death grip on everyone and everything within its borders. The trending arrows show if it is going further up or down on the scale and how rapidly. The more rapid the trend the more it may affect public support.

0-10 (Current inclination)
= (No trending inclination)
< > (Trending inclination)
<< >> (Strong trending inclination)
Government Inclination [0] - [10]
[Autonomous]0 - 10[Totalitarian]
Social Inclination
[Conservative]0 - 10[Progressive]
[Closed Society]0 - 10[Open Society]
Diplomatic Inclination
[Isolationist]0 - 10[Interventionist]
[Introvert Policy]0 - 10[Extrovert Policy]
[Hawkish]0 - 10[Pacifist]
Economic Inclination
[Private Sector]0 - 10[Centralized]
[Competitive]0 - 10[Sustenance]
[Free Market]0 - 10[Protected Market]
Military Inclination
[Defensive]0 - 10[Offensive]

Each and everyone who has taken interest this far must get with my individually and I will run the numbers for you since we lack a dice rolling mechanic. It seems I am resorting to doing all the book keeping and dice rolling. That being said this is why I went with a narrative driven RP instead of purely dice rolling. The main reason this is require as part of your realm's sheet is to give a degree of dynamic scenarios that are rolled and it is up to you how you narrate it.

Public Order: This is your realm’s HP or health. If this ever reaches zero then your realm goes into anarchy and you will lose control of your realm until you can regain control of it
Public Support: This is your realm’s “mana” in the ability to do war, endure embargoes and be in favor of questionable policies whether it is foreign or domestic. When this reaches zero this will start to affect public order
Labor: The strength of a realm in determining how many able bodied people are available for construction projects, expanding infrastructure and maintaining farms so people won't starve in cities. The more labor a realm has the more it can do and this constitutes in the available manpower a realm has for building armies and navies.
Infrastructure: The infrastructure of a realm can determine its dexterity on how quickly things are moved and distributed within its own borders. The better then infrastructure, the quicker and more efficient goods and services are distributed through out the realm. As more technologies and the methods are discovered this will improve the infrastructure dramatically.
Knowledge: For a realm who is going to be heavily aligned towards the advancement of the arts in magic and arcane powers this is an important attribute. Knowledge is a realm's wisdom on the arcane energies that can be tapped into talented individuals and the more knowledge a realm has the more talented individuals it has to draw on in continue the advancement in magicks.
Brilliance: For a realm who is going to be heavily aligned towards the advancement in technologies this is an important attribute. Brilliance is a realm's intelligence on how it comprehends the world around them and how it works. The more brilliance a realm has the more inventors and innovators it has to draw to advanced in technology as well as expand on existing ones.
Influence: This is a realm's charisma mainly by its culture and how the people are on a social level. Perhaps your people are likable or dependable in trade or there are other esoteric merits that can influence other realms to agree with you or make trade and diplomatic exchanges easier. The more influence your realm and your people the more likely a realm's people will follow your example through inspiration or intimidation, whichever is applied.

This is the part that happens behind the scenes that determines how good or bad a declared scenario can go pertaining to a certain situation. For example if realm's company is trying to do a hostile takeover with another realm's company in a foreign buyout then it depends on the opposing fiscal powers and how can simply out buy or out negotiate the other. The powers are determine by rank from 1 to 100 with 1 being the worst and 100 being the best.

Martial: The military capabilities of your nation through strengths of arms, power projection and force multipliers (if they apply)
Discovery: The capability to discover new lands, ancient artifacts, discover new technologies or branch into higher tiers of magicks
Technology: Technology is a power modifier for technological realms that use influence, martial powers and other abilities
Methods: Method is a power modifer for arcane realms that uses influence, martial powers and other abilities pertaining to magicks
Fiscal: The monetary wealth of your nation and how much buying power and leverages you have in trade, trade negotiations and how well companies do in foreign exchanges and currency worth.
Culture: How influential your realm's culture is versus other cultures.

This will be randomly selected and each nation starts out with 9 resources. Resources will be determined with dice in the same fashion attributes and powers will be selected. As more discoveries are made more resources will be available. Resources here are mainly for trade, diplomatic and economic narrations to say what your realm has versus what others don't and so forth. You have exotic, fine, rare and unique variations of resources that can determine its trade value.The list of resources are huge so here is a small sample what you might get:

-Fine timber

Fine variation has better quality and trade value
Exotic variation has fine quality and even better trade value
Rare variation has best quality and very good trade value
Unique has best quality and brings the highest trade value on the market

And some help with bbcodes with this will be deeply appreciated.
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The United Clans of Athyr, The Order of Athyr

Founding: 417
Motto: “Forward into the dawn”
Realm's Anthem:
Denonymn: Athyrite
Realm Colors: Blue and White
Government Type: Geniocracy, an aristocracy ruled by deep thinkers and philosophers.
Leadership: Philosopher King Kian Raelgorn II, The Council of Henge
-The Aedian “Fire” Circle is a faction working towards militarizing the united clans to establish an empire.
-The Teuto “People” Circle is faction working towards equal representation to make the united clans into an early democracy.
-The Cariag “Stone” Circle is a faction safeguarding of traditions of Athyr.
-The Niau “Sky” Circle is a faction aimed towards rapid science and arcane progress.
Population: 1.7 Million
-87% Siithic (humanoids with long lifespans averaging around 400 years that are tall and lithe compared to humans with a slight point to their ears and covered in green birth marks)
-10% Human (basic humans, fair skinned)
-3% Durrow (dark skinned humanoids that live underground with pointed ears and high attenuation to magic)
Religions (State/Traditional/Recognized/Suppressed):
-Light of Order [Traditional]
-Fanes of Tyr [Recognized]
-Temple of Balor [Recognized]
-Durrow shamanism [Recognized]
Languages (Official/Recognized/Suppressed):
-Ambrosec [Official]
-Runeqs [Official]
-Generic [Recognized]
Location: Region A, 8 [Locally called Ariagh] Ar-ee-ah
Area: 70%
Climate: Mild to humid temperatures, rainy and cloudy.
Topography: Coastal flatlands, deep woodlands, numerous creeks and rivers, rolling foothills and two mountain ridges that stretch north and south and eastward towards the coast.
Currency: Copper “Uid” and Silver “Irio” standards
Capital: Rath
Cities: [5] Salem, Avalon, Forge, Vale, Ironhead
Colonies: [None]
Vassals: [None]
Culture: The united clans can be summed up as an introverted people. Athyrites are collectively very reserved people and even though the few humans who are among them are more pragmatic and high strung due to short lives while the Durrow are seen as very impulsive. Athyrites enjoy the melting pot of culture from the other clans since unification along with arts, music and of course of philosophy. There is a latent obsession with deep thought among the siithic people has made them eccentric and curious about the very nuances of the world and of life in general. This is why most religions by siithics are very Gnostic as they’re spiritual people and abhor dogmatic teachings of organized religion. Due to this rather liberal nature among a very conservative minded people there has been even gains on both arcane arts and science as they’re both opened to the prospects that combining the best of both worlds is towards a path of harmony. This way of thinking was the reason why the clans were finally united as the teaching of Athyr tore down the walls between dogmatic arcane purists and arrogant fraternities of science. Siithics and humans have good social relationships although Durrows still have a stigma of being unapologetic thieves, brigands, deviants and renegade casters. As a whole the people strive towards betterment and balance in nature while looking for creative ways to improve civilization as a force of balance and conservation.
Military: Since the end of the clan wars the armies and navies were reorganized to serve under one banner and one king. Although after a few centuries some animosity remains among armies who still trade their heritage for former parent clans. To alleviate these tensions the military holds annual wargames and tournaments to gain prestige and bragging rights without bloodshed.
-The Grand Army of the Citadel
-United Clans Navy
-Order Mage Corps
Brief History: The great philosopher Athyr is the man behind the unification of the clans for he believed that harmonization comes from integrating both the sciences and arcane arts to bring balance to nature. This is why the clans decided on the banner to be the scale as Athyr was seen to bring stability to the clans. Without stability there cannot be peace. Athyr’s history is shrouded in mystery but something traumatic in his earlier life caused him to embark on this crusade of order while siithic clans and human mercenaries were constantly warring over piety differences to follow a way of life that they believed was superior to the point that it was turned religious to have the arcane talented to wipe out the arcane talentless and vice versa. Not all siithics were endowed with a deep affinity to the arcane powers as some decided to shape nature than conform to it. The battle between conformers and non-conformers raged for several centuries until Athyr showed that if both were taught on equal grounds there can be harmonization between those who conform to nature and who wish to shape it and that both sides were to keep each other in check.

Current Realms' Cast
King Kian Raelgorn II
Age: 147
Role: King of the Athyr
Disposition: Kian is siithic, his religion is Light of Order and has political ties to the Niau Circle.
Appearance: Kian stands at 6’ 0” which is average for Siithics and has fair skin, shoulder length white hair and gray eyes. He is usually dressed in formal regalia as a king should be and carries a staff around with him made of an ornate wood as a walking preference and as a badge of office since he does not like to wear a crown.
Background: Kian’s father, Kian Raelgorn the 1st of his name, was a benevolent ruler who was instrumental in uniting the clans to establish the kingdom and helped established the first colleges in alchemy and expanded the kingdom further westward into the Ceol Mountains. To continue what his father started he expanded the science and alchemy colleges to advance their discoveries in both technologies and the arcane arts. Recently he took an interest in exploring the world outside of the dominion and with the help of a childhood friend he personally took money out of his own coffer to fund his friend’s expedition to cross the Liathic Ocean.
Objectives: To expand the unite clans’ influence and explore new realms.
Extra: Kian is bit of an introvert and this sometimes agitates the Henge Council as he skirts from attending their meetings from his natural aversion to public speaking which runs contrary to the legacy of his father who was a natural orator.

Name: Denzel Blairthorn
Age: 143
Role: Explorer
Disposition: Denzel is a siithic explorer, his religion is Light of Order and has political ties to the Niau Circle
Appearance: Denzel stands at 5’ 10” and has a dark complexion for being outdoorsy and has short brown hair and blue eyes. He is formally dressed in rugged explorer’s clothing festooned with pockets to keep a myriad of instruments such as a compass, spyglass and things to extract samples from local flora.
Background: A close childhood friend of King Kian II he a fascination with exploration and sailed several expeditions in his years before taking an interest in the Ceol mountains where the Durrows expanded their settlements further west. After two decades he wanted to go back to the sea to take advantage of his friend’s new fascination with discovering other distant realms across the Liathic Ocean. With enough money and supplies to carry out such an expedition he was eager to go further out into the ocean than anyone else in the dominion’s history.
Objectives: To explore the ocean and new lands in the name of the united clans.
Extra: None

Name: Argyle Wickers
Age: 394
Role: Dominion’s Master Alchemist
Disposition: Argyle is a siithic alchemist, the most powerful in the kingdom and he is an agnostic with political ties to Cariag Circle
Appearance: Argyle is a weathered and aged man that is bald and has a large white beard and has a few ritual markings on his head as fealty to his old guild. He commonly wears white and brown robes with green sashes around his waist and has a cowl that covers his head. He has a very pale complexion from staying indoors a lot.
Background: Argyle is some of the oldest siithians in the order as well as the most renowned alchemist. He is solely responsible for the advancements in some metallurgy practices as well as designing power staffs for the mage corps with arcane attuned mana crystals found in the Tursach mountains.
Objectives: To advance a new level of science and arcane principles for the new generation of alchemists and mages.
Extra: He is very eccentric and holding a normal conversation with him is rather difficult.

0-10 (Current inclination)
= (No trending inclination)
< > (Trending inclination)
<< >> (Strong trending inclination)
Government Inclination 0-10
[Autonomous] =5= [Totalitarian] The united clans is not inclined into becoming autonomous or totalitarian therefore the status quo remains
Social Inclination 0-10
[Conservative] =3= [Progressive] The united clans is fairly conservative
[Closed Society] =2= [Open Society] The united clans is a closed society and slow to accept outsiders
Diplomatic Inclination 0-10
[Isolationist] =0= [Interventionist] The united clans is completely isolationist
[Introvert Policy] =2= [Extrovert Policy] The united clans has some introverted policies and is very focused on what's going on at home instead of overseas
[Hawkish] =5= [Pacifist] My united clans is not really pacifistic or hawkish towards anyone
Economic Inclination 0-10
[Private Sector] <<6<< [Centralized] The united clans is allowing private entities to bring new ideas and goods to the market
[Competitive] =7= [Sustenance] The united clans is focused on sustaining goods and services within its own borders
[Free Market] =8= [Protected Market] The united clans has a protected market and is not looking to do much trade with anyone outside their own borders
Military Inclination 0-10
[Defensive] = 5= [Offensive] The united clans generals in the military is taking a passive stance at the moment.

Public Order: [90] The order is very stable, it will take a lot for people to start getting restless.
Public Support: [20] The order is easily war weary and will not take sudden policy changes easily.
Labor: [5] The order is fairly productive although many people are very immersed into philosophy and discovering new things.
Infrastructure: [9] The order has good infrastructure, the roads are kept up and a lot of goods and service are distributed by an intricate network of small local caravans and merchant convoys.
Knowledge: [6] The order has decent insight on the arcane arts and is moderate in forms of magic.
Brilliance: [8] The order has good intuition on the sciences and can discover new technologies fairly quickly.
Influence: [3] The order does not have good influence and it tends to be introverted and not keen on sharing its culture with outsiders and can be seen to be pretty aloof.

Martial: [6] The order has moderate military powers with a average size army and navy and not a lot of is put into conquest or military actions within or outside my realm’s borders.
Discovery: [10] The order is very powerful in making new discoveries in science and arcane arts.
Technology: [8] The order has pretty good technology and has equipped its military with the most up to date weapons.
Methods: [6] The order has a decent understanding of the arcane arts although the advances are slow it is steady.
Fiscal: [7] The order is fiscally stable with fairly deep coffers which can reliably afford improvements and has a strong hand in trade.
Culture: [4] Isolation has hurt the order’s ability to project culture elsewhere in the world.

Unique Crystal: Mana crystals were discovered in the Tursach mountains and it is a key resource within the mage corps and being weaponized in theoretical arcane warfare
Fine Sulfur: This resource is still undergoing tests in the colleges and is being used in early developed explosives, no guns yet unfortunately the technology isn't quite there
Rare Iron: The rare iron ore discovered in the Ceol mountains has allowed a unique blend in metallurgy both for civilian and military applications
Exotic Spices: My people enjoy the richness of the spices grown in various areas of my realm.
Silver: The mountains in my realm are rich in silver.
Copper: My realm is also rich in copper.
Rice: Rice is grown in the low wetlands of my realm
Silk: Durrow weavers use silk worms to make silk for my realm
Tea: Tea is grown in the humid lowlands of my realm

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FOUNDING: 380 Years Prior

MOTTO: "The Brave Shall Inherit The Earth"


DEMONYM: Matsyans

GOVERNMENT TYPE: Absolute Monarchy

LEADERSHIP: Maharajah Yaduveera Keshavayya IV


The court is divided between three main factions each with their own religious connotations , these factions are :

  • The Vaishnavists : Members of the upper nobility and the high priesthood who consider the ever increasing number of religious sects and even separate religions a threat and view the policy of tolerance towards other faiths undertaken by the crown as folly. The Vaishnavists are also in favor of military expansion northward which would potentially lead to increasing their power and influence at home and abroad.

  • The Dingrambists: Almost wholly constitutes the members of a relatively new wealthy burgher class who have been able to procure wealth and through it influence by engaging in trade . The Dingrambists are vehemently opposed to the powers conferred to the priesthood questioning their authority , they are further suspicious of the priesthood and the Vaishnavists in general due to their apparent disapproval of other faiths as the Dingramists themselves have become followers of a prophet named "Siddhartha" . The Digrambists are also opposed to war , probably because it would affect their trade incomes.

  • The Svetambists : The Svetambists follow the teachings of their own guru "Vardhamana" , who preached that his followers must abandon all worldly belongings in order to meditate and live the life of an ascetic so that eventually they may find "The Eternal Truth" . The Svetambists do not hold much political influence but are respected by the people who often provide these wandering monks with shelter in their homes . The Svetambists are patrons of art and knowledge and as such wish that endeavors to expand knowledge and culture are supported by the king and the royal family.

POPULATION: 4 million


  • 79% Toch-Avian (Olive Skinned Humans , The by product of two very different cultures.The current king Yaduveera Keshavayya is a member of this Ethnicity.)
  • 11% Tochrian (Very Dark Skinned Humans , The native populace of the kingdom now almost completely eradicated through intermarriage and a general loss of native culture . Tall and lean are known to be excellent archers and foragers)
  • 10% Pure Blood Avian(Pale Humans , large and burly known to be ferocious fighters and are usually high ranking members of the Military)


  • Avian-Animist [Traditional , A mixture of the original Avian pantheon and the native animist beliefs. The Vaishnavists belong to this religious group]

  • The Forked Path / Siddhinism [Recognized , A belief system based on the life and times of the prophet Siddhartha]

  • The Eternal Truth [Recognized , Based on the works of 12 holy men the most important of whom being Vardhamana]


  • Toch-Avian [Official , Toch-Avian is by far the most widely spoken tongue in all of Matsya , Toch-Avian uses the Tochrian script and various Tochrian words in combination with Avian to create something new , although some consider it a bastardization of Avian the language has continued to grow exponentially.]
  • Avian [Official-Rarely used, The original Avian script of abstract symbols has lost its importance in the contemporary world yet some in the court know and use it from time to time.]
Region B , 8


92% , excluding swampland , marshes, deserts and the like


The Matsyan climate is what is considered to be Sub-Tropical , characterized by hot, usually humid summers and mild to cool winters.


The eastern and middle portion of Matsya is dominated by fertile plains which form the agricultural backbone of the kingdom , to the south lies the great plateaus with their ever extending mangrove forests housing important trade commodities like sandalwood and timber . The north houses two large mountain ranges "Liri" and "Kanug" the two of them are collectively also known as the gates to Matsya. To its east lies the "Arava" desert although not particularly large , it does provide an element of protection to the kingdom from outside invaders. Matsya is a peninsula , projecting out into the water making it excellent for trade.


Copper "Mitral" , Tin "Asti" and Gold "Ayyman" standard.






The people of the Kingdom of Matsya predominantly belong to 3 major ethnic groups each with its own cultural persuasions . The most common of these ethnicities The Toch-Avian are a cross culture of the invading Avians and the native Tochrians , this new ethnic group even adopted the language and religious practices prevalent in both the original cultures and made it their own . Through generations of interbreeding the Toch-Avians have secured positions of power previously reserved for pure blooded Avians so much so that the kings of Matsya are now considered to be Toch-Avian.

The second most prominent ethnic group the pure blood Avians come from a line of the upper nobility who refused to inter marry with those of Tochrian blood . This tradition has been commonplace ever since . The pure bloods do not however see the Toch-Avian people as being inferior , to them being pure blood is a sign of respect to their heritage and culture.

The last and most rapidly fading ethnic group are the Tochrians , it would seem that they have lost much of their old ways many not being able to speak their own language and worship their own now forgotten gods. Traditionally the Tochrians lived within the forest cover in the south of Matsya however many Tochrians have now even abandoned that ancient custom and moved to the vast cities of Matsya.


The Matsyan military is unique in that unlike most feudal societies which depend on levied forces the Matsyan kingdom also houses a standing army or retinue under the command of the king himself .
The Matsyan military is characterized by its use of two important unique troop types:

  • The War Elephant (The most elite of these forces are often manned by Tochrians who are known to be excellent archers)
  • The War Chariot (The most elite of these forces are often manned by Pure Blood Avians , known to be excellent warriors)


After the Avian invasion The Kingdom of Matsya was divided into 12 smaller pricipalities constantly vying for power in the region warring over land where small gains such as a river crossing was considered to be a victory . In these turbulent times the Keshavayya dynasty came to power in the Principality of Matsya , which was even then a prominent city in the region . Through ruthless political maneuvering and beneficial marriages the Keshavayyan princes were able to bring the other rulers to heel and crown themselves kings. Under their rule Matsya flourished , through effective administration and providing relative autonomy to towns and cities Matsya became a trading hub connecting the continents of Mytir. However thing are changing , religious movements question the authority of the priesthood and even the divine right to rule of the king . Nobles plot in the shadows to overthrow the Keshavayyan yoke who have ruled for more than 200 years while some ambitious others seek to see the Matsyan banner on top of every city in the world.

0-10 (Current inclination)
= (No trending inclination)
< > (Trending inclination)
<< >> (Strong trending inclination)
Government Inclination 0-10

[Autonomous] <<8<< [Totalitarian] The Kingdom of Matsya allows a great deal of autonomy to its burgher vassals and townships , hopefully leading to economic prosperity.
Social Inclination 0-10
[Conservative] >5> [Progressive] The Kingdom of Matsya can is said to be very slightly progressive.
[Closed Society] >7> [Open Society] The Kingdom of Matsya is an open society and is welcoming to outsiders , to a certain extent.

Diplomatic Inclination 0-10
[Isolationist] >6> [Interventionist] The Kingdom of Matsya is slightly isolationist however the times have dictated that it grow more interventionist.
[Introvert Policy] =5= [Extrovert Policy] The Kingdom of Matsya is considerate of both what happens at home and abroad.
[Hawkish] =5= [Pacifist] The Kingdom of Matsya is not really pacifistic or hawkish towards anyone

Economic Inclination 0-10
[Private Sector]<<9<<[Centralized] The Kingdom of Matsya is almost wholy dependent on the private sector for producing goods and services with the monarchy not invovled in the economy.
[Competitive] <<9<< [Sustenance] The Kingdom of Matsya has traditionally been a trading nation and will continue to do so.
[Free Market] <<8<< [Protected Market] The Kingdom of Matsya is almost completely a free market with a very paltry sum going to the Kings coffers as tariff

Military Inclination 0-10
[Defensive] = 5= [Offensive] The Kingdom of Matsya's military is taking a passive stance at the moment.
Public Order: [70] The Kingdom is quite stable and not very likely to turn to anarchy anytime soon.
Public Support: [30] The people are quite war weary and would not be very pleased with a long and drawn out war.
Labor: [7] My realm has an ample supply of a well trained workforce effective in producing various goods and services.
Infrastructure: [10] My realm has exceptional infrastructure with a series of well kept especially wide roads dotting the realm , caravans move to and from city to city at exceptional speed . There even exists an ingenious underground sanitation system , the first of its kind probably in the world
Knowledge: [1] My realm has very little insight into the arcane arts and is only now learning about magic and its uses
Brilliance: [5] My ream is moderately well versed in the sciences and has an adequate supply of learned men.
Influence: [3] My realm does not have a great deal of influence in the affairs of others.
Martial: [5] My realm has moderate military powers with a average size army and navy and not a lot of is put into conquest outside the realm’s borders.
Discovery: [4] My realm is fairly adequate in making new discoveries in science and arcane arts.
Technology: [6] My realm has adequate technology and has made a few strides in the advancement of technology.
Methods: [2] My realm has little understanding of the arcane arts and not much inclination to pursue it.
Fiscal: [9] My realm is fiscally very strong with goods of Matsyan make traveling from port to port across the world.
Culture: [4]My realms ethnic makeup has made it difficult to project culture elsewhere in the world.
unique ivory : The elephant has always been an important symbol for the Matsyan peoples , an elephant is even featured on the banner of the realm . Besides being excellent beasts of war the tusks and teeth of these animals are used to make Ivory the likes of which no other nation is able to produce. Matsyan Ivory is mainly used for decorative purposes a sign of status and wealth with high value works of art, precious religious objects, hilts of swords, jewelry and decorative boxes all made from it.

What makes products made from Matsyan ivory truly special is not just the brilliance of the material itself but also the skill of the artisans involved in production.

[An example of Matsyan Ivory jewelry]​
rare silk : The Matsyan Ayymani silk or golden silk is a luxury product whose demand has been growing exponentially in recent years. Originally the Matsyans harvested Ayymani silk in the wild with no concept of sericulture being practiced but as time passed and the demand for this soft material with a golden hue began to skyrocket people began gathering the indigenous Liri silkworm named so as they were originally found in the mountains of Liri. The most important feature of this type of silk is that it is naturally golden meaning there are no costs involved in dying the product. Matsya also produces other kinds of silk but the Ayymani silk is by far the most popular.

The different types of silks most importantly the Ayymani silk has proven to be a great boon to the textile industry which has begun making intricately woven silk textiles of great beauty and exporting it to the world.

[Example of an intricately patterned Matsyan Ayymani silk cloth]​
exotic coffee : The Avian peoples were introduced to the coffee plant originally by the Tochrian natives for whom the fruits of the coffee plant was a staple part of the diet. In time it was found that the seeds of these plants could be further processed by soaking them in water for a few days and removing the sticky pulped residue attached to the seeds , the end product being coffee beans. What makes the Matsyan coffee special however is that most of the coffee produced is not processed as above. Masyan coffee goes through a special process in which an indigenous insect called the 'Agartala' eats the coffee beans and excretes the partially digested beans which after much processing produce a very aromatic , tasteful and not to mention expensive coffee.

[Coffee production in Matsya]​
exotic spices : The Avian people have always used spices in their food products whether it be to add additional flavor or to put color into the food as such they brought their practice of growing these spices with them to the Matsyan peninsula which turned out to have the perfect type of climate for such products.These spices were in time also used in medicine, religious rituals, or even as preservatives. Almost every type of spice in existence is produced in the region , however the most popular spice produced in Matsya at least in terms of trade is what is aptly named the "Grains of Paradise" known to impart a hot, spicy and aromatic flavor to any dish.

[A bunch of Matsyan spices named "The Grains of Paradise"]​
marble : Matsyan marble is largely found near the Kanug rock formation , it is largely used for construction purposes by the rich to bring a bit of sheen to their homes. Marble is also not a big trade product and is used usually for construction at home.
citrus fruits: Citron, lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit are quite common in Matsya and is usually made to accompany a large feast.
fruits : Fruits of varying types can be found across Matsya owing to the vast and fertile plains found in the region.
salt : Salt is a common commodity consumed by the peasant and the ruler in the same amounts . Salt is found in ample amounts due to the fact that Matsya is a peninsula and much of the land is surrounded by sea water.
textiles : The textile industry in Matsya has seen a boom in recent years owing to the fine silk produced here , clothes fit for kings and queens are produced in Matsyan cities and exported abroad for a profit.
Name: Maharajah Yaduveera Keshavayya IV , The people of Matsya have also dubbed the man "The Lawgiver" recognising his administrative prowess.


Ruler of the kingdom of Matsya

The Maharajah has tried always to be a silent observer and not openly support any one faction however seeing that most people in his realm fallow the Avian-Animist faith it would probably be to his advantage to side with the Vaishnavists if the demographics were to change however he would reconsider.

The Maharajah is a large pot bellied man who looks older than he is , his jolly demeanor however should not be mistaken for weakness for behind that welcoming smile is a tiger ready to prance on its foe.

Born Kanhaia Keshavayya to one of his fathers many concubines he was not to lead a sheltered life , like the sons of many concubines before him Kanhaia was made to join the civil service where he could put his head to use learning all there is to know of Accounting , Economics and Administration . Despite being a concubines son Kanhaiah had a great deal of interaction with his father who took a great deal of pain to ensure that he got a good education even going as far a providing Kanhaiah governship of a district . Under him the district flourished making regular tax payments and reducing banditry , all this lead to Kanhaiah being made the Uppadhya or the master of coin for the kingdom responsible for anything to do with the treasury especially taxes.

The Matsyan Kingdom follows primogeniture laws that is the eldest son of the ruler inherits all titles however with one special provision that is if the ruler has more than one child he may choose his heir , although this is rarely used it is still a right appointed to the king. Upon having been sick with some dangerous disease the king decided to name Kanhaiah his successor and abdicate the throne ensuring a peaceful succession. On that day Kanhaiah changed his name to Yaduveera a common tradition in Matsya.

Objectives: The Maharajah has no dreams of world conquest however he does wish to have greater influence for Matsya in the region and the world be it in trade and commerce or in diplomacy and cultural exchange.
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I was thinking last night, then it dawned on me
The White Embed Domain
Ember Flag.png

Founding - 377
Motto - "Another day, another deal"
Realm's Anthem -
Demonym -
Realm's Color - Red and Yellow
Government Type - Absolute Monarchy
Leadership - King Maugre the III, Big Boss Glagar Ritsk, Guild Master Jisve Freeblaze
Factions - Blue Banner Guild - One of the most powerful factions, controls many of the ports and trading compinies
Onxy Eagle Syndicate - Another major power, owns the most gambaling rings and breweries
Coldfall Guild - Helps as the common worker, famers, minners, craftmen
Emerald Syndicate - Has its hand in just about everything, more shady business, but mostly deals with foreigners
Banished Dust Guild - A high standard of craftsman guild, deals with the majority of the countries infrastructure
Population - 3.2 million
Ethnicity - 48% Dohvin's (The locals, tanner complexion and leaner than Humans, wears blindfold/ mask)
- 22% Human (Basic Humans)
- 17% Ochris (Stummpy humans with red hair)
- 10% Pailnone (Rocky mysterious creatures)
- 3% Other (A mix of various races from all over)
Religion - Children of Cruondo (Official, practiced by all Dohvins), being a polytheistic religion their are many cults, the most prominent being the cult of Rakyo (Deals with luck)
Language - Common (official), Eolfean (official)
Location - Region G, 7
Area - 40%
Climate - Hot and arid, with the occasional windstorm
Topography - The majority of the realm is desert, with much denser vegetation along the coast. To the east it becomes more rocky and mountainous
Currency- Tin and Silver are the currency in the form of specially designed coins
Capital - Ofredo
Cities - Toqille, Kruiross, Flanta
Culture - There are a few things that stand out among the people. The first are the people themselves, all Dohvin's wear a blindfold/ mask over their eyes. This is due to their religion, they believe that it is the eyes that are the gateway to hell. The worst sin one could commit is to make direct eye contact, so at birth all Dohvins eyes are covered. Some wonder if they have eyes at all anymore. Their religion has been an intricate part of their history keeping the realm together even in its darkest time. The last thing you should know about the people is they looove to gamble, its the national pastime. When betting with a Dohvin, a Dohvin always wins. The country for millennia has relied on brave merchants and businesses men for the realms economy. Because of this the official guilds and syndicates hold considerable economic power, however no matter how powerful they all have to answer to the true King.
Military - The military is by recruitment and every citizen is able to be recruited at moments notice. To advance in rank people must pass traditional test differs with each branch
- Army - The majority are simple footmen with shields and spears. Only the elite class make up the cavalry. While they do have archers and siege, they are not as prominent
- Navy - Their military vessels are mostly small, fast stealth ships. Occasionally they will use much larger ones as troop carriers or siege breakers
History - It is said they where created on a bet among the Gods. They where their chosen people and so began the start of the White Embered Domain. A long line of conquers. The first begging with Dohvin the true, and so on until they fought their way to a holy land. A land set out by the Gods themselves just for them, if they could prove it. So began the Golden age of the Domain, from its humble beginnings to its now day glory.
Inclinations -

Government Inclination [0] - [10]

[Autonomous] =7= [Totalitarian] Long live the King
Social Inclination
[Conservative] =2= [Progressive] Fairly Conservative
[Closed Society] >8> [Open Society] It is a nation of trade
Diplomatic Inclination
[Isolationist] >5> [Interventionist] To to interested in others affairs
[Introvert Policy] =6= [Extrovert Policy] Still has investments else where
[Hawkish] <7< [Pacifist] Not much reson to fight at the moment
Economic Inclination
[Private Sector] <2< [Centralized] Guilds have always been important
[Competitive] <<2<< [Sustenance] If you don't hold your own, you'll get swallowed up
[Free Market] =1= [Protected Market] Economy depends on it
Military Inclination
[Defensive] >4> [Offensive] No intent of conquest now

Public Order - [80] The realm is comfortable where its is
Public Support - [30] The realm many friends and investments else where in the world, would upset many people easily
Labor - [ 7 ] Many people with a wide variety of jobs live within the realm, they are able to adapt to the environment and construct things that will last
Infrastructure - [ 5 ] Here they are fairly average, the populations are condensed and spread out making it hard to move efficently
Knowledge - [ 2 ] Magic has always been a hard thing to grasp for the people, so only the most dedicated know any
Brilliance - [ 4 ] though they do have dessint tecknology, they have never really sought to advance in it
Influence - [ 9 ] The realm has always relied on trade, and in turn is very good at it. The realm has a lot of influence in trading and near by countries

Martial - [ 5 ] they can hold their own if the time calls
Discovery - [ 6 ] The trading allows them to spread their wings further
Technology - [ 6 ] May not be to advanced but it is becomming more popular
Methods - [ 1 ] Barly any use magic in the realms, it is a lost art
Fiscal - [ 10 ] Their money is good anywhere, and their trade reaches far and wide
Culture - [ 7 ] It can be an addictive lifestyle, with lots of gambling

Resources -

Fine Silver -
Rich silver found deep within the Eastern Mountains
Exotic Fish - Found of the coast hidden among the seas many coals and coves
Exotic Fruit - Along the vegetated beaches and coasts
Rare Herbs - Herbs found along the edge along with in oases out in the desert
Fine Wool - Herds of furry animals that roam along the coastal edge and wander the deserts
Iron - Found under the swirling sands of the desert
Copper - Found under the sands and at the base of the Mountains
Tin - Also found within the desert
Furs - Collected from roaming animals in the desert and coast

Name: King Maugre the III
Age: 24
Role: The high King of the White Embed Domain
Disposition: The King is a pure Dohvin, and a strong follower in the Children of Cruond
Appearance: The King is well educated and well trained. At an average build he has short sandy blond hair, his mask decorated to symbolize his stature at the top in the hierarchy. He carries himself lightly, and tries his best to be a King, but will still looks for some fun away from his kingly duty. Much to the displeasure of the nobles.
Background: Maugre comes from a long line of conquers and diplomats. He is just the next link in his family line
Objectives: The King does as he pleases, which is most often what he does. He still realizes he is the King of his nation and dose what's best for his people and his country.
Extra: Like all Dohvon's he is fully dedicated to his religion, and his gambling

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The Phantom Hexblade

Realm Banner Here:
Untitled drawing.jpg
Founding: There have been many different tribes in this land for a long time (five hundred years) but two hundred years ago they all came together under banner and one empire.

Motto: “If you can survive the swamps, you are welcome in the swamps”

Realm’s Anthem:

Denonymn: Larvingens

Realm Colors: Blue and Black

Government Type: Absolute Monarchy, through the king is not made from the hatchlings of the former king but are chosen by the king, the high priest, and a special counsel made for this task.

Leadership: Riptor, the grand hunter and true visioned.


The conquers faction wants to expand the kingdom, by expand they mean to conquer the whole continent

The scholars faction are the ones to expand the country's knowledge

of magic

The common faction is made of the regular members of the kingdom who have little worry of the kingdom as whole and prefer to deal with their own day to day life.

The Hunters faction is made of those who put protect of the kingdom against the monstrous creatures of the swamp.

Population: 1.5 million

Ethnicity: 70% Lizardfolk (a race big reptilian humanoids with light to dark green scales strong as armor and powerful tails. They are commonly the least academic of population)

25% Shadow Elfs (Humanoids with pointy ears and purplish skin. They are also the more academic of the population)

5% a varied mix of races (Those who have left their former lands for one reason another and decided to take up residence in Larveris. They only thing they have to do become a member of the kingdom is survive.)


Dracoism- The worship of god like dragons, know as the Guardians Dragons (State)

Most other religions (Recognized)


Lizard tongue (official)

Dark speak (Recognized)

Genric (Recognized)

Location: Region F, 1

Area: 100%, if you include the more dangerous parts of the swamp where most people will avoid at costs. If not 80%.

Climate: Rain is very common in Larveris as well as thunderstorms but never on full moons. On full moons the sky is always clear, they say it’s because of their worship of the moon dragon. The climate itself is very tropical.

Topography: The land is mostly covered in swamps like forests with huge trees. On and near the coastline the swamp land turns into more of a regular forest with regular sized trees with several rivers going through it.

Currency: Larves Coin, a coin made of Gold.

Capital: Marvis, a city in the tall trees of the center of the swamp

Major Cities:



Culture: The people of Larveris are on average, not as civilized as other countries. This not mean they don’t have a work society but that they have a more relaxed set of manners. This can all come down to their relax culture. Life in the swamp is not an easy one, with the many sinkholes and large variety of carnivores creatures. So when they can they choose to relax at home or in the many inns.

Through being relaxed at times does not mean they are not warriors. Most people in Larveris knows their way around a weapon, can use magic, or both. At a young age every child learns some way to fight be it with magic or spear. After learning the basics they are welcome to learn other things like how to be a merchant, fisherman, farmer, or many other jobs. Many through be it part time or full time become a member of the hunter’s guild.


The Larveris basic army is a formidable force. They mainly are charge of keeping the country well defend and protect smaller villages from dangerous creatures it, the country is opposed to helping allies in times of war.

Foot soldiers- the basic troops

Shaman- These are the magic users of the military

Navy- ships here are more focused on being harder to sink then on speed.

Hunters- Hunters are not a usual part of the military except when needed. The hunters of the hunter’s guild are mainly mercenary and bounty hunter who hunt down dangerous creature in the swamp or just as dangerous criminals. In times of need through or when the golds right the guild becomes part of the military.

Brief History: Five hundred years ago the first tribes of Larveris were formed. These tribes built their homes high up in the trees or on the coast lines away from the more dangerous creatures of the swamps. The tribes lived in fear for two hundred year until the guardian dragons came forth and taught magic to to the native tribes. After learning magic the tribes began push back the creatures of the swamp and began to create a real home for themselves. A hundred years later the tribes began to combine and become one kingdom. And the rest they say is history…

Current Cast:

Name: Riptor, the grand hunter and true visioned

Age: 38

Role: Current ruler of Larveris

Disposition: Riptor is a Lizardfolk, his religion is Dracoism, and he is part of the Hunter’s faction.

Appearance: Riptor is 6’5 with dark green scales and sharp teeth. He has many scars on his body, including over his eyes. His eye are completely white, which of course means he’s blind. He wears leather armor with a red silk cape.

Background: Born blind Riptor’s life was very uncertain to start. Even with his handicap he was still taught to fight like every other child. To everyone's surprise he seemed to surpassed everyone in his village by the time he was eighteen. Then he joined the hunters guild and began taking down powerful creatures. He was one of the most powerful hunters and a few years ago because of that he was chosen to be the new leader of Larveris

Objectives: Keeping Laveris safe and to further the knowledge of magic.

Extra: He uses magic to see

Name: Oobleck, the grand shaman of the Dracoism religion

Age: 67

Role: The leader of the Dracoism religion

Disposition: Oobleck is a shadow elf, he follows the teachings of Dracoism of course, and is a big part of Scholar faction.

Appearance: 5’9 tall man with purplish skin with pointy ears. He has long grey hair. He wears fancy dark silk clothes made with fine silk Larveris can provide.

Background: Studying the ways of magic and the teachings of Dracoism from a very young age. As he grew up he always went to many different temples to the different guardian dragons. As he grew up and became a shaman he quickly went through the ranks. Today he now leads the religion and help give the nations leader advice when needed.

Objectives: He wants to expand Dracoism beyond the borders of his nation.

Government Inclination 0-10

[Autonomous] <6< [Totalitarian] As the system they have is working trends seem to be pointing into something more democratic.

Social Inclination 0-10

[Conservative] >7> [Progressive] They don’t see any reason not to listen to new idea

[Closed Society] =10= [Open Society] As their saying, if you can survive the swamp your welcome in the swamp. The same goes for your ideas.

Diplomatic Inclination 0-10

[Isolationist] =5= [Interventionist] They don’t care to mess with another nation's ways unless needed.

[Introvert Policy] =4= [Extrovert Policy] They are more focused on dealing with internal problems than those of other nations.

[Hawkish] =4= [Pacifist] They have more military policies than others do to their need of bigger defences against their native creatures.

Economic Inclination 0-10

[Private Sector] <4< [Centralized] The government is supportive their people making their own living

[Competitive] =3= [Sustenance] If the business want to be in the swamp it has to be to thrive in the swamp.

[Free Market] =4= [Protected Market] The government helps the market when needed.

Military Inclination 0-10

[Defensive] =3= [Offensive] They have a bigger focus on defense because of the vicious creatures living in the swamp.


Public Order: [60] There was a increase in attacks from creatures on the smaller villages but it’s under control

Public Support: [60] Their leadership has steered them wrong to far yet

Labor: [9] The people are very tough and hard working.

Infrastructure: [6] Through traveling in between villages and cities isn’t easy but the people have learned to travel about it anyways.

Knowledge: [6] Magic, being first taught by the guardian dragon, is very important part of their culture.

Brilliance: [4] They aren't focused on science so they are of course behind on it.

Influence: [2] They don’t care much for messing in the ways of other nations.


Martial: [8] Thanks to the Hunter’s guild and the military the nation been kept very safe.

Discovery: [4] They aren't the best at discovery but they do what they can

Technology: [1] Their technology isn’t good compare to other cultures

Methods: [7] Furthering the study and knowledge is an important part of the country.

Fiscal: [5] They have a decent amount of money, not to much but not too little.

Culture: [3] The culture isn’t very influential


Unique diamonds- The diamonds, found in special caves under the swamps, are very special. These diamonds can detect magic by glowing brighter the closer it gets to strong sources of magic. They can also hold a small amount of magic.

Rare crystal- These are very sturdy crystals found other underground caves.

Rare ivory- They get ivory from dangerous creature’s tusks.

Exotic silk- Beautiful and sturdy silk made from giant spiders.

Exotic citrus- Juicy fruits found in many, many trees in the forests.

Gold- Gold is regularly found in caves and is plentiful.

Rice- Rice is grown near the rivers in forests on the edge of the swamps.

Fish- Fish is caught everywhere and are plentiful.

Sugar- Sugar is made from huge stalks of sugarcane found all over the swamp.