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Mystery of Mythwater (OOC)

You don't have to reroll. Just put the bonus down somewhere in your post.

I think it's a +5 but I think I'm missing something.
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your bonus should be your STR mod(2)+ your proficiency (3)+ your item bonus (1) which for you is a +6.
The only reason I'm being picky is that with a +4, the 9 you rolled would miss.
But since you hit, go ahead and roll damage for your first attack.
Like how I was able to pull a crit out of a fumble.
Vox Angelis Vox Angelis this is true. Your attacks should be at advantage because of flanking.

EbonChevalier EbonChevalier just so I have it right it's;
Attack 1:15 hit
Attack 2:10 miss
Damage is 6 slashing and 7 cold
This looks right?
I saw.
I'm waiting on my job to leave me alone lol.
I'm hoping once the "doing stuff" part of my job is done I should be able to get a post out this afternoon.
Thanks for you patience all.
I feel your pain. This is my last day at my current job before I start my new one next Thursday. Kinda bittersweet, thinking about all the time I spent there and seeing it all go away.
Hey guys! I am looking for interested players for a Robotech game that I wish to start up, and since it is a d20 based game, even if you don't know the system well, it can be an easy system to pick up on. Here is the interest thread for those who wish to take a peek:

oh.....I have been wanting to try robotech....I don't think I have time to learn a new system. My discord ttrpg group is playing ad&d 2e and Pokeymanz so I'm not sure if I can learn another system :dead:
Robotech is really easy, and Sherwood is a great teacher. It would be great to have you with us, assuming we can get enough players to start.
oh.....I have been wanting to try robotech....I don't think I have time to learn a new system. My discord ttrpg group is playing ad&d 2e and Pokeymanz so I'm not sure if I can learn another system :dead:
Thanks for the good word, Psychie Psychie Kidzait Kidzait I have had several new players over the years that I’ve helped with the game. Off you are willing to have fun and role play your character, I can worry about the game crunch and let everyone have fun.
Cmon, Kidzait Kidzait What do I need to do to get you to join in a fun filled Robotech game? Think of the action-packed adventure you could have! Lasers and missiles flying, dodging explosions, seeing strange, new worlds and rubbing elbows with exciting new alien races! Hope can you pass that up?
What's robotech?
Robotech is a sci-fi anime series that was turned into a RPG. It’s basic plot is that in the late 1990’s a huge alien spacecraft crash landed on an island in the Pacific Ocean with its crew all dead. Even in its damaged state it had the firepower to take on the combined military of the Earth and win, and its crew were a bunch of 30 to 40 foot tall humanoid giants. It scared the planet into forming a United Earth Government and to start to rebuild the ship and reverse engineer as much of its tech as possible.

Ten years later on the inaugural flight of the newly rebuilt ship, now called the SDF-1, a massive fleet of alien ships crewed by the Zentraedi, the race that used to own the ship, came knocking and were looking for a fight. The SDF-1 used a space fold device to try and teleport to the Moon but they miscalculated and ended up out past Pluto. During the next year, there is a running fight between the Zentraedi as they try to capture the ship as the SDF-1 tries to get back to Earth.

The aliens in our system are exposed to human culture and soon begin to feel doubts about their mission, and as such they are marked for elimination by the High Lord of the Zentraedi. Seeking to survive, the smaller force exposed to the human side of life turned their coats and joined Earth to fight for their survival and together we were successful in winning the fight, but almost 80% of the planets population was wiped out in the fighting.

The aliens were all clones, made by another alien race calling themselves the Robotech Masters. Wanting peace, Earth builds a new flagship called the SDF-3 and set it to the home world of the Masters to try and negotiate. Not being stupid, Earth sent along a large fleet of ships to be able to negotiate with a position of strength. The United Earth Expeditionary Force (UEEF) mission is the story line that I want to run.

The characters will be a part of a squad, operating either the Alpha and Beta aerospace fighters that can go from fast jet mode to a humanoid robot (I have pics of this on my computer at home) or the ground-based Cyclone transformative motor cycle that turns into a suit of powered armor. It is small, fast and deadly despite its small size. I have pics of the Cyclones at home, too.

Since you are new to the system and to the lore of the world, I’d suggest you play a human instead of one of the Zentraedi that were shrunk down to human size and have volunteered to join the side of the humans.

I can assist with character creation by either answering questions for you or if you’d prefer, I can get some input from you and make you a character to run. I’d have you roll your attributes in a OOC thread and plug them in to give you your final stats. I hope you guys are interested. I’d love to run you all in a game if you are.

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