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Realistic or Modern My RP search (MxM pairings)

Just Me.

J the Sleepyhead
Hey guys. I am back after a short-ish break and am craving an MxM roleplay so I decided to make a search thread for it. I won't make this long so let's get right to the details =]

* Please no one liners
* I want drama and maybe some dark themes (mental illness, drug or alcohol use, etc... But nothing too heavy or too dark).
* Romance would be great as long as it's not love right from the start. I am okay with no romance if you prefer that.
* Be patient and don't push for replies because it puts me off.
* I am looking for MxM so I will not take on MxF or FxF at the moment.

Some fandoms I currently like and we could use as inspiration or play with OCs:
Switched at birth
The Lying game
The Fosters
Orange is the new black (yes that one would be FxF and is the only exception in this thread)
Teen wolf
The vampire diaries

P.S.: we can use original ideas, the fandoms are listed just in case.
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WoD, Just Chillin'
Hmm. I usually like a RP system, but Teen Wolf is a very guilty pleasure of mine. I'm happy to chat about it.

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