Digital mui and veg's oekaki practice

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  1. Pine half wolf ver

    Grrr! coloring is too difficult!! I tried but gave up... and drew this one. I respect people who coloring beautifully. It need patience!! I think.
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  2. fan art
    Daichi Sawamura from Hikyuu

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  3. Wtf you never draw Aqua like this: umai na
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  4. Fan art 
    Daichi Sawamura again!
    sawamura daichi2.jpg
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    Pine and Eagle
    eagle and pine.jpg
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  6. What the fuck is oekaki? Nice art though.


    ...It's just japanese themed art? Seriously?
  7. Oekaki is Japanese word , "Drawing"
    I think little bit cute (kids word?) like doggy , yummy
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    It means bbq pork fried rice art. Kono busu zen zen wakarahen Jan yo ne @Cheekymuimui Google Aru noni lol
  9. Yu-hi and Yu-ki
    yuhi and yuki.jpg
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  10. Fan art
    Daichi Sawamura again!!
    sawamura daichi3.jpg
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  11. Sawamura daichi again
    sawamura daichi4.jpg
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  12. Eagle and Pine
    eagle and pine2.jpg
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  13. When I was in middle and high school, oekaki boards were all the rage.
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  14. Muimui umm it's says veges and muimui oekaki. Wait for my pictures too man!!! Lol Hahaga. Your like really amped for this :). I will draw tomorrow!!! Be prepared!!
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  15. When i was in school we only knew dbz. :( it was good but...dbz was like old very old.

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  16. Vegeta's Kage

    kage veg1.jpg
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