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Fantasy Misty Side Tavern

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(No CS needed. Just introduce your character.)
Welcome one and all to the fabulous Misty Side tavern. This is a cute little place nestled between two giant rocks, just beyond the bend of the hill side. We offer warm beds, hot meals, and cool drinks. Everyone is welcome here, whether it be hobgoblin trying to adjust to sophisticated society, or a noble trying to escape responsibility.

I am Crusade, you may call me Cruze, I will be your tender this day. How may I help you?

No God Modding
No Smut (I'm new here don't get me kicked.)
Be anything you want.
No under 18 characters. It's a bar...
Have fun!!!


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Crusade sighs softly, running her slender fingers through her hair. She squints her eyes in the direction of the front door and cringes at the lack of business.

"Might as well start the food, good smells always drum up business." She speaks thoughtfully to herself as she tries an apron around her waist. She makes her way to the kitchen, where she gathers the ingredients for various meats and side dishes.

As things begin cooking, she scrawls some words on a board and places it on the bar. It reads: Today's special, Lamb chops. After smacking the dust off of her hands she pours herself a scotch and tries to relax.

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