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Hello! I hope your doing well and that this interest form peeks your interest. I only roleplay M x F with me as the female. In addition I am a Lit writer it really all depends on the reply I get! my replies can get as long as 5+ paragraphs. As for what I expect im not at all picky with how long you write however I would like your response to be longer than a one liner. Other than that im open to all kinds and im not to worried about length after all quality is better than Quanity.

As for the roleplay right now I am craving a My Hero Academia roleplay which would be a Canon x OC ship. My character would be an OC named Lily
Lily would be a foreign exchange student from america specifically New York, when she was their she had lost her mother and father during a battle they were facing so she was taken over to UA for having a high record within her courses and maybe Aizwa had known her parents so he didnt mind bringing her into UA. Her Qurik would be earthquakes however she gets really sickly when using it for to long. For her personality she can be pretty bubbly and sweet but when someone gets under her skin she doesnt know how to control her anger.
As for your character im hoping for someone who would want to play Bakugou or Todorki I think it would be a lot of fun with my character Lily especially with Bakugou they would be at each others neck all the time in the beginning and maybe even gets to the point where he could pin her down against the wall and they just look at each other for a second.

I also am open to doubling up if theirs a character you want me to play I will be more than willing! Please Just let me know.

Lastly heres a writing example, and the starter of this roleplay:
In the bustling heart of Yokohama, amidst the towering skyscrapers and the vibrant energy of the city, stood UA High School, a prestigious institution renowned for nurturing the next generation of heroes. Among the myriad of hopeful faces entering its hallowed halls, one stood out—a young girl named Lily.

Lily's journey to UA High was not a conventional one. Born and raised in New York City, her life took a tragic turn when her parents, both heroes, lost their lives in a valiant battle to protect their city from a formidable villain. It was a sacrifice that left Lily orphaned, but it also ignited within her a fierce determination to carry on their legacy.

Upon the suggestion of Mr. Aizawa, a close friend of her parents and a revered figure at UA High, Lily made the life-altering decision to relocate to Japan and enroll in the esteemed academy. It was a choice fueled by her desire to honor her parents' memory and to follow in their footsteps as a hero.

As Lily stepped through the towering gates of UA High for the first time, her heart raced with a mix of excitement and apprehension. She had traveled thousands of miles, leaving behind everything she knew, to pursue her dreams in this unfamiliar land. Yet, with each step she took, she felt a growing sense of purpose.
With determined strides, Lily made her way to the administrative office, her gaze unwavering as she approached the receptionist's desk. "Excuse me," she began, her voice steady despite the flutter of nerves in her stomach. "I'm Lily. Lily Price. I'm here to enroll at UA High School."

The receptionist greeted her warmly, recognizing the name from the files Mr. Aizawa had provided. "Ah, yes, Lily Price," she said with a smile. "We've been expecting you. Welcome to UA High."

As Lily settled into her new surroundings, she found herself surrounded by students from diverse backgrounds, each with their own aspirations and abilities. Some hailed from families of heroes, while others were forging their own paths against the odds. Yet, despite their differences, they shared a common goal—to become heroes and protect the innocent.

Lily made her way to class 1-A, Lily stood before her fellow classmates, her gaze sweeping across the sea of faces before her. "My name is Lily Price," she began, her voice resonating with conviction. "I come from New York City, where my parents were heroes and im determined to become the best hero I can be."

PM Me if you are interested I promise I don't bite :)

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