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BIG THANKS to Sherwood for allowing me to copy the text from his games into this one (saving me a tremendous amount of time and typing)!

The Regult Tactical Battlepod has been the workhorse of the Zentradi military for centuries. Light on armor, it makes up for it with heavy firepower and the fact that the Zentradi use the Battlepod as a attrition unit. Several variants of the Pod have been made, including two different Artillery models that replace the rear autocannons with short or medium range missiles, and a reconnasance Pod that removes all of its weapons to make room for its advanced sensors. In space, the Pods are capable of extreme speeds in excess of Mach 9. On a planet, their top speed is only 175mph. All the models of the Tacitcal Battlepod have only 125 total MDC for their main body.

Next up is the Glaug Officers Pod used by the male Zentradi officers. While slower than the Regult, it can still run circles around most of the REF mecha on the ground with its running speed of 175mph. Flying in space, the Officers Pod is very slow, but it has a rocket booster sled that takes its slow flight speed of 150mph to over Mach 12, and makes it capable of atmospheric flight with speeds comparable to the Alpha. The Glaug has a main body MDC of 225.

The Female Power Armor is, thankfully, a rare opponent on the battlefield. Armed with particle cannons and over 126 short range missiles, only the best of the Zentradi female aces get to operate this deadly weapon. Its in atmosphere flight speed is just over Mach 1, but in space this vehicle can race at over Mach 15, and with its main body MDC rated at 290 points, this is a serious threat to anyone going up against it.

The Male Power Armor is second only to the Tactical Battlepod in its ubiquity. Heavily armored by Zentradi standards, it is still much weaker than any of the REF mecha in the field with its main body MDC of 250 points. It can fly in atmosphere at a speed of 400mph, but in space, the speed jumps up to Mach 9. Armed with a particle cannon and a grenade launcher, it is a lethal mecha, not to be underestimated by REF troops.

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