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Mecha - Southern Cross - Logan Veritech Fighter (VFA-8)


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BIG THANKS to Sherwood for allowing me to copy the text from his games into this one (saving me a tremendous amount of time and typing)!

VFA-8 Logan
The Logan, nicknamed the “Flying Cat” by her pilots and crew, is a variable, two mode light variable attack aerospace aircraft designed to fill ground attack and close air support roles within the TASC. The Logan is a small, compact package that can be deployed quickly and fight equally well in atmosphere and in space.
M.D.C. By Location
Upper Arms – 40 each
Forearms – 65 each
Hands – 25 each
Legs – 120 each
Feet – 75 each
*Wings – 110 each
**Rear Stabilizers – 50 each
***Engines – 100 each
Vernier Thrusters – 15 each
Triple Barrel Plasma Cannon – 65
E-20 Gun Pod – 80
Reinforced Pilot’s Compartment – 100
****Main Body – 220
*Destroying a wing makes the Logan unflyable in fighter mode. In battloid mode, destruction of a wing means the loss of a shield and exposes that forearm to direct damage.
**Destroying one rear stabilizer makes the Logan terribly hard to control and imposes a -40% penalty to Pilot: Veritech skill rolls. Destroying both stabilizers makes the Logan unflyable.
***Destroying one engine reduces the Logan’s speed and combat bonuses by 50%. Destroying both makes the Logan unflyable.
Note: Items marked by 1-3 asterisks are difficult targets to hit, requiring the attacker to make a “Called Shot” with a penalty of -3 to strike.
****Depleting the main body of the Logan completely destroys the mecha.

33,000 feet: 937 mph or Mach 1.21
Space: 1,903 mph or Mach 2.5
Battloid Mode: 219 mph
Running: 40 mph
Leaping: the Logan’s battloid mode is not well suited to jumping, and the best it can manage is 15 feet up across unassisted, or a jet assisted jump of 40 feet up or lengthwise.

Statistical Data
Fighter Mode
Height: 13.3 feet
Length: 35 feet
Wingspan: 26.7 feet

Battloid Mode
Height: 17.6 feet
Length: 14.9 feet
Width: 10 feet

Weight: 6.5 tons dry
Cargo: A small space big enough for a survival pack and a side arm.

Weapon Systems
1. LPW-20 Triple Barreled 20mm Plasma Nose Gun: This is the main air-to-air weapon of the Logan. It is a medium output, rapid-fire weapon with excellent reliability but inflicts light damage.
Range: 3000 feet
Mega-Damage: 6d6 MD for a six round burst.
Rate of Fire: Each shot uses one of the pilot’s melee attacks.
Payload: Effectively unlimited.

2. EP-20 20mm Laser Gun Pod: The 20mm EP-20 is a high-output, single-barreled laser gun pod configured as a pistol. This compact weapon has excellent penetration and stopping power, and is well suited to urban warfare and Close Quarters Battle. Like all other mecha-portable gun pods fielded by the ASC, the EP-20 is powered by an internal, rechargeable capacitor. The capacitor is charged by the Logan’s reactor while the weapon is mounted to its airframe coupling. NOTE: the EP-20 cannot be fired in fighter mode due to its mounting position.
Range: 4000 feet
Mega-Damage: 1d4x10 per blast
Rate of Fire: Each blast uses one of the pilot’s melee attacks.
Payload: A fully charged capacitor is good for 60 blasts. The capacitor charges at one blast every one minute in its coupling, and an empty capacitor takes one full hour to recharge.

3. Fuselage Mounted Hardpoints ( 2 ) : These hardpoints can carry short- or medium range missiles, as well as multiple launch ordnance pods loaded with mini-missiles. Due to the mounting positions of the hardpoints, any ordnance must be fired or ejected before the Logan can transform into a Battloid.
Range: By missile type.
Mega-Damage: By missile type.
Payload: Each hardpoint can carry one medium-range missile, two short-range missiles or one multiple launch ordnance pod loaded with eight mini-missiles.

4. Hand to Hand Combat: The Logan is only fair at hand to hand combat.
Restrained Punch: 1d4 MD
Full Strength Punch: 1d6 MD
Power Punch: 2d6 MD; counts as two attacks
Kick: 2d4 MD
Stomp: 2d4 MD against targets under 11 feet tall
Jump Kick: 2d8 MD; counts as two attacks

Special Bonuses: +2 on initiative, +2 to strike, +1 to parry and dodge, +3 to auto-dodge in jet mode (the act of dodging does not use up a melee attack), +2 to roll with punch. These bonuses are in addition to any bonuses from the Mecha Elite Combat Training Skill
Bonuses from Mecha Elite Combat Training (MECT) only: +1 attack per melee round at levels 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15. +2 on initiative, +1 to strike, +2 to dodge, +3 to auto-dodge while flying, +1 to disarm +1 to pull punch, and +1 to roll with impact.

Logan Gallery in spoiler =)

(Image credit: www.kent.net)

(Image credit: Robotech Research)

E-20 20mm Laser Gun Pod

(Image credit: Robotech Research)

(Image credit: Robotech Research)

(Image credit: http://www.robotechresearch.com/)
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