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Mecha - Southern Cross - Ajax Veritech Helicopter (VFH-10B)


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BIG THANKS to Sherwood for allowing me to copy the text from his games into this one (saving me a tremendous amount of time and typing)!

VFH-10B Ajax Armored Assault Helicopter

M.D.C. By Location

*Sensor Head – 95

*Mast Mounted Radar Pod – 50

Arms – 100 each

Hands – 35 each

Arm Thrusters – 55 each

Legs – 125 each

**Tail Section – 150

**Tail Fins – 45 each

**NOTAR Thrusters – 55 each

***Rotor Blades – 65 each

***Rotor Mast – 70

****Wings – 125 each

Main Engines – 140 each

Arm Mounted Pulse Laser – 50

Forward/Head Laser – 70

Reinforced Pilot’s Compartment – 150

*****Main Body – 400

*Destroying the Sensor Head or mast mounted radar pod will knock out most of the mecha’s sensors. Radar range is reduced to 10 miles, long range radio and laser communications are lost and the laser targeting system is destroyed. All of this leaves the mecha with no initiative bonuses and it fights at -3 to strike, parry, dodge, disarm and pull punch.

**Destroying the tail section, the NOTAR thrusters or two or more tail fins sends the mecha out of control and unable to fly in fighter or helicopter mode until repaired.

***Destroying two or more rotor blades or the rotor mast itself will send the mecha out of control and unable to fly in helicopter mode until the mast/blades are repaired or replaced.

****Destroying one wing reduces all bonuses and speed by half in helicopter mode and the mecha is very unstable in jet mode, but still flyable. Destroying both stabilizers sends the mecha out of control. The mecha is unable to fly until the wings are repaired or replaced.

NOTE: Items marked by 1-4 asterisks are difficult targets to hit, requiring a “Called Shot” with a penalty of -2 to strike.

*****Depleting the MDC of the main body destroys the aircraft, rendering it totally useless.


Fighter Mode

Sea Level: 625 mph

33,000 feet: 1,037 mph or Mach 1.3

Space: 2,450 or Mach 3.1

Helicopter Mode: 241 mph

Battloid Mode

Flying: 188 mph

Running: 35 mph

Leaping: 75 feet up or across unassisted. 300 feet with jet assistance.

Statistical Data

Fighter Mode

Height: 9.8 feet

Length: 29.5 feet

Width: 22.6 feet

Helicopter Mode

Height: 10.5 feet

Length: 29.5 feet

Width: 22.6 feet

Rotor Span: 23.3 feet

Battloid Mode

Height: 29.2 feet

Length: 8.2 feet

Width: 9.2 feet

Rotor Span: 23.3 feet

Weight: 16.8 tons dry.

Cargo: There is a small space big enough for a survival pack and a side arm.

Weapon Systems

1. LLW-20 20mm Pulse Laser: This weapon is mounted beneath the nose in fighter and helicopter mode, and in the head in Battloid mode. It can only be fired in helicopter mode.

Range: 2000 feet

Mega Damage: 2d4 MD for a single shot, 4d4 MD for a burst

Rate of Fire: Each blast uses one of the pilot’s melee attacks

Payload: Effectively unlimited.

2. IWS-40 40mm Ion Pulse Weapon Pod: The Ajax uses this heavy duty, 40mm Ion gun pod as its primary weapon in Battloid mode. It can be attached to either arm per the pilot’s preference, has decent range, and the weapon packs a wallop that gives the Ajax a punch equal to its Bioroid opponents. Two weapons, one on each arm, can be mounted in special circumstances.

Range: 1,800 feet

Mega Damage: 1d6x10+10 MD per pulse. Double if two weapons are used and fired at the same target.

Rate of Fire: Each pulse uses one of the pilot’s melee attacks.

3. Wing Mounted Hardpoints ( 4 ) : Each wing has two hardpoints to carry short- and medium-range missiles, or the multiple launch rocket pods loaded with mini-missiles. Weapons mounted on these points can be fired in any mode.

Range: By missile type.

Mega Damage: By missile type.

Payload: Each hardpoint can carry 3 medium range missile, 5 short range missiles, or 15 mini missiles at a time.

4. Hand to Hand Combat

Restrained Punch: 1d4 MD

Full Strength Punch: 1d6 MD

Power Punch: 4d6 MD; counts as two attacks

Kick: 3d8 MD

Leap Kick: 5d8 MD; counts as two attacks

Stomp: 2d4 MD against targets under 11 feet tall

Special Bonuses: +1 on initiative, +2 to strike, +2 to parry and dodge, +2 to auto-dodge while flying (the act of dodging does not use up a melee attack), +1 to roll with punch. These bonuses are in addition to those granted by MECT skill.

Bonuses from Mecha Elite Combat Training (MECT): +1 attack per melee at levels 1, 3, 6, 10, and 15. +1 on initiative, +1 to strike, +2 to dodge, +1 to auto-dodge while flying, +2 to disarm, +2 to pull punch, and +1 to roll with punch.

AJAX Gallery in spoiler

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