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Fandom MCU Roleplay (plus more)

Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
About Me:
26, so I would prefer it if you were 21+​
I work Mon-Fri from 6-5, sometimes earlier and sometimes later. Sometimes even on the weekend. So please be patient if I am not able to post daily.​
Ditch friendly​
Prefers Discord or Email​
Loves Pinterest and has many boards for my OCs and love creating them for roleplays​

What I am Looking For:
Someone who is ditch friendly and patient​
Someone who enjoys ooc chatting and is friendly(I always love ooc chatting with my partners)​
Someone who understands that sometimes real life gets in the way​
Someone who will plot and expand on ideas with me​

  • MCU
I have a couple of OCs in mind, and have some ideas/plots we can work with. I also have two AU plots in mind! One is a Mafia AU and the other is a Bridgerton Inspired AU. I love all kinds of tropes, so don’t be afraid to ask to include anything you’d like!
Looking for someone to play Tony Stark, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, or Helmut Zemo.
I would also love a poly type of pairing. I will double/triple as whoever you would like. I am comfortable playing most canon characters, and am up to date with most of the movies and Disney+ shows! The last series I watched was Ms.Marvel and the last movie was Thor 4.

  • Game of Thrones/House of the Dragon
I am looking for someone to play Robb Stark, Oberyn Martell, Daemon Targaryen, or Harwin Strong. In return, I can double and play whoever you like!
Very rough plots/ideas in mind, would love to play around with the ideas.
Most likely would be bending canon for these characters

Considering the subject matter, my limits are aligned with GOT/HOTD. However, there are some slight exceptions.
Also, there are other fandoms I’m interested in. However, these two are my biggest craves but please feel free to ask about others.

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