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The Master Thread!

We're back to coding, baby!

Hello everyone and welcome! Here you will find the links to all my individual ad threads. I'm doing it this way, this time, because some days I'm just in the mood for one particular "area", and bumping an entire thread full of ideas doesn't help with that. So, this thread will give you an overview of all the things I am into, and where to find more details on it, without the stress of going through a very long ad thread.

Consider this the tl;dr version. Speaking of, my rules are right below. Please read them, there is a code in there.

1. Don't God-Mod. In other words, don't make my character speak, don't make my character, don't make my character take damage, and don't control my character. If you want something to go a certain way for plot purposes, just PM me and ask. Usually, I accept "god-modding" during travel and the like. It is usually acceptable to assume movement if a character is already committed to the journey.

2. Please be able to play both genders, and play multiple roles. Your main character(s) may be just male or just female, but I expect all the side characters and NPCs to have life and flavor, too.

3. On the note of characters: I will always play one female character. So, be aware of that. With that said, I usually also always play one male character, and I do MxM, MxF, and FxF pairings, though I prefer MxF.

4. I only RP on threads, so no PM rps with me. So that I know you’ve read the rules this far, please tell me about your favorite food!

5. Please be able to write more than a couple of sentences as responses to me. I have tried to do “simple” RPs, but I end up not feeling motivated to respond or continue the RP. I will need you to be able to write a paragraph or two, each post, at least.

6. PM if you are interested. The only reason for you not to PM me is if you cannot do so due to the fact you haven't reached 24 hours/10 posts.


1. I do not like to be hassled for posts. Especially if I have already posted that day or the day before. Do not bother me for posts until at least two days have passed. Otherwise, I will start to resent our RP and lose interest in it.

2. I enjoy OOC talk, however I will not respond to "hi" or "-poke-" or equivalents. Have substance to the chatter, even if it just asking "How are you?".

3. Do not bump our thread if I have not posted. I will not post out of spite. I have a problem with this, I acknowledge it, I'm not fixing it.

4. On that matter, please keep OOC to PMs and not on our IC thread. IC is for posting. If you have a question, concern, or comment, just shoot me a PM.

5. In general, I do not enjoy immediate romances or "slice-of-life" RPs, so do not come to me expecting I'll do either. I may make rare exceptions.

Fandoms With Ideas:

  • Star Wars: Canons and OCs in the Force Awakens timeline! Click!
  • Game of Thrones: I want to play either a Reyne OC, or a Bolton OC.
  • Vampire Hunter D: Canons or OCs, I love this world and have many character ideas. Click!
  • Castlevania: Netflix series knowledge, OCs and Canons. Click!
  • Doctor Who: You must be able to play the Master. I play a male Doctor; I refuse to play a Female Doctor as I do not enjoy it. Click!
  • Final Fantasy: OCs only, but summons, magic, and saving the world. FFXII, FOX, and FFVIII are heavily inspirational. Click!
  • Harry Potter: no canons and college age: Click!
  • Devil May Cry: Dante and Vergil, DMC 1 to DMC 3 Click!
Fandoms Without Fleshed Out Ideas:

  • Vampire Princess Miyu: Preferably with OCs
  • Dark Souls: Working my way through Dark Souls 3 currently, getting caught up on this series.
  • The Dark Tower: Preferably with OCs.
  • Petshop of Horrors: Preferably with OCs
  • DN Angel: Prefer this with OCs except for the "Angels".
  • Resident Evil: Prefer to play with an OC Squad, few canons.
  • Fallout: "Loose" idea of doing something in Chicago, but ignoring everything the games have established about Chicago.
  • Kingdom Hearts: OCs and Canons, either following the storyline or after it.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Canons or OCs, I find pirate shenanigans to be fun.
  • Berserk: Probably wouldn't want to do this world, but the themes of this are fantastic.
Vampires: Click!
  • Huge fan of Requiem, not as much of Masquerade.
  • My vampires drink blood and the sun will kill them. I refuse to play with "daywalking" vampires.
  • Dynasties of power and wealth abound.
  • What do you do when you have all the time in the world? Not angst around like fucking Louis.
  • Vampires and Werewolves are friends.
Divinities: Click!

  • Interested in Angels or Demons? This is the place to look.
  • Biblical or Supernatural apocalypses? Also look here.
  • Lucifer. Just. Lucifer.
  • Let's get some abstractions and gods of fire up in here, too!

"Fantasy" Supernatural: Click!
  • This is basically stuff that takes place in "less technologically" advanced places, or places that have a lot of magic.
  • Some of these are more modern than others, and one is inspired heavily by Black Butler.
  • Also original pirate shenanigans, too!
Apocalyptic: Click
  • For devastated worlds or plots that can lead to world devastation, you will find them here.
  • There are no original zombie plots, just Resident Evil noted as fandom.
  • Also Wizard of Oz.
  • Dark Tower and Dark Souls inspired stuff.
Reincarnation and Long Lives: Click
  • For those who can't do it all in one life...
  • Hate someone? Stalk them through time.
  • Love someone? Stalk them through time.
  • Can't die? Pull shenanigans with others through time.
  • For stories that can span across many different times, on earth or Fantasy worlds, click here!
Inserted: Click!
  • Want to play as a normal human in a fandom you love? Maybe we share it!
  • Haunted houses and Halloween games transport you to new worlds.
  • So that new MMORPG is testing virtual reality and - ah, fuck, now we're trapped.
  • Someone's been experimenting with dimensional portals again...
Heroes: Click!
  • New heroes! Either by choice or accident!
  • Not fandom-based, and think more like "Big Hero 6" or the Choices game, "Hero".
  • No huge gatherings of heroes yet. This is new to the world!
Fandom Inspired: Click
  • No canon characters, but canon worlds and themes.
  • For things like Dark Souls, Dark Tower, Petshop of Horrors, and others with some loose ideas and plots.
  • I used to like world-building, then I got lazy...
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I'd be interested in something supernatural or fantasy, I've never done an apocalyptic RP on here before but I'd be open to that as well. In terms of fandoms, the only ones I'm familiar with are Kingdom Hearts and the Dark Souls trilogy. Your rules and expectations seem fairly similar to my own, too, so that's a plus.
My favorite food is...I really like cheese but I also really like mashed potatoes. Idk.

I'd be super interested in some Sci-Fi-esque dimensional portal stuff or something, can we talk about it over PM?
Hello yes I love sushi and I would be very interested in rp! I have a handful of demons/vampires/humans with related occupations if you would like to discuss something over pm! ^^
Hey there, I see your ead some of my rules ^-^ please read all of them and then reach out to me appropriately~
hey some one recommended you to me, i'm down for either for star wars dark souls or Castlevania rp
I'm glad you're a fan of bacon, Simon. If you're interested in RPing, feel free to read the rest of my rules. Otherwise, enjoy your bacon ^_^
My favorite Food is Thai coconut curry with tonkatsu pork.
I've found your profile and might I say you are so hard too find! Someone who understands the Roleplaying community in a more mature way if that makes sense? I feel like we're dwindling lol. I don't have my Coded anything up yet since this site is so oddly formatted from the old one I used, But if you'd like would you be interested in a Four horsemen Plot? I've had an ache for a lucifer themed rp for years but haven't found anyone with the same energy haha. Hopefully, you're up for it my Pms are always open!

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