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Fandom Marvel RPs

Hey everyone! I'm looking for some RP buddies. I write as Natasha/Natalia and a mix of MCU with comic backstory. I usually reply daily, often more than once, 2-4 paragraphs.

I'll do platonic RPs with any character, OC or Canon, or I will ship with Bucky, Clint, Steve, and maybe Tony.

I may double if I know the character you're wanting! And I'm happy to write background characters.

Plot bunnies for above ships:
Bucky: Nat and James' relationship in the Red Room/them escaping it.

Clint: Clint teaching Natasha how to be a normal human after he made a different call. Could be platonic or romantic.

At the end of Winter Soldier, instead of leaving to find a new cover, she and Steve decide to go after Bucky together. And maybe finally go on that date they've been putting off. Brownie points to an AU where Nat can get pregnant, but the child has pre-serum Steve's health issues.
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Marvel's Minon
@romanova hey there! I love Tasha so honestly I’d love to play against her either as Bucky or Steve. I’m looking to double with either Tony or Dr. Strange against my female oc! Would that interest you at all?

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