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Fantasy Magika rp!

Stealth The Kitsune

The ancient Half-Demonic Kitsunue
Hello all, welcome to my thread. I was looking for a Wizard/Mage X Witch/Mage/Wizard role-play
I'm looking for someone who's at the very least semi-literate because i find that one or two sentences are just not juicy or detailed enough, plus i also feel like my partner isn't giving me very much effort, as if to say "You're really not worth my time sooooo....imma give you this piece of shit filler." Two words for that. Not. Cool.
And please, please, please only answer me if your here for a long term role-play. Also if your not very patient like you can't wait for two days then don't answer this as well because I am a student that is an early grad so i can be busy at times because you know...life!
I would like pm's (Or Dm's for all those who like to slide into those, yeah you know who you are XD) so I can keep this organized.
I would like a character sheet, but it doesn't have to be complicated to where it takes an hour just to get through the backstory (You don't need one I'm saying)
what I would like are a simple




Picture (Preferably anime):

Magic Specialty:



(Max of 250)

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