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Fantasy Looking for roleplay partners???


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Hello everyone!

I am back here after a very very very long break from roleplay, and desperate to start writing some good storylines again!

At the minute I’m only looking for a couple of roleplay partners. I’m generally not too picky in regards to writing style, but please please please have some detail to your posts - one liners will not be accepted. I put a lot of work into my characters and storylines, and I expect the same in return from my partners.

Now onto the good stuff! All storylines open to discussion! Bold is my preferred role. Feel free to comment below or shoot me a PM if any of these take your interest.

Harry Potter - Voldemort x Canon/OC


1. Muse A is a pirate captain. Having sent his crew to retrieve a golden chalice (or other object!) from ashore that has haunted him for several years and his crew not being able to find it despite fool-proof instructions, they don’t want to return to the ship empty handed. Hence they kidnap Muse B -a young aristocrat who is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time - in the hopes that they can use her as leverage in order to get what they came for.

2. After some rebels come after the royal family, Muse A being the Princess barely manages to escape with her life and is forced to go into hiding. Before she can flee the country however, she is captured and brought back to the palace as a prisoner with the palace having now being seized by the rebels. Enter Muse B, a young soldier who never wanted anything to do with the rebel cause, charged with keeping her under constant guard.

3. Muse A is a warlock, trapped in a stone statue having been sentenced to a fate worse than death after having used his magic for darkness. Muse B is a powerful young witch and a descendent of one of the warlocks/witches that put him there in the first place. Seeing the power within Muse B, Muse A tries to trick Muse B into freeing him and that he has seen the light and must atone for his sins, so that he can wreak havoc once more.

More plots will be added as I think of them.
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hi! im nikoru and im interested in playing the role of muse a in the third plot!

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