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Multiple Settings Looking for Oc x Oc, CC x CC or Oc x CC!! CRAVING POKEMON + PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN

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Hii! I'm looking to find an rp partner who's interested in either doing an rp with one of my ocs, im in a handful of fandoms so if you wanna use a canon character with them go ahead. But i'm also up for cc x cc even tho im not in to many fandoms im interested to play canon characters for.

I’m mirror literacy i try and copy you.

Most of these will be Mlm since i mainly have male ocs

Ocs will be explained more in dm, if you know any apps or websites to track ocs on please tell me.

Ocs(nonfandom but can be put in ones):
Cedric, ex circus clown, now spends his time hunting down the man who killed his best friend. Cold, calm, and moody.
Neal, freelance police officer, missing an arm, daddy issues. Grumpy, slightly paranoid.
Sydney, scientist, worked under a corrupt company for years and now is on the run. Paranoid, stressed, caring.
Robert, arsonist on the run, daddy issues, Neal's dad. Funny, extrovert and a bit dumb.
Alfrodo, part time priest part time criminal. Insane, obsessive and intelligent
Caleb, assassin, missing an eye. Calm, intelligent and broody
Kiyohime, Caleb's partner in crime, mute. Shy, paranoid and tired

i'll add more when i can like, find a place to list them

Aristotle, splatoon oc
Self insert

For pirates of the Caribbean i will likely turn my regular ocs into pirates or members of a regular crew

Canon characters:


Commander TarTar (favorite)

Sideshow bob

Moral orel:
Clay puppington
Reverend putty


I refuse to rp with ocs i believe might be Op. It just makes it boring for me.

I can explain more details such as plot in dms. Feel free to ask me about other fandom's im in since i cant remember all of em rn.
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