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Hello, everybody!

I’m Scorpio (she/they), and I’m looking for a long-term partner for some My Hero Academia RP.

- I’m a semi-lit player; I try to write at least 2 paragraphs, and I’d prefer if my partner at least try to write like this as well

- I’m the kind of person who likes to work with ideas previously shown to me. What do I mean? Well, if you have any idea, but don’t know how to improve it, let me know, and I’ll try to work on it in a creative way, so both parts can have a good time RPing (so don’t feel intimidated if I start to ask a lot of questions, it’s the only way I can come up with something that satisfy both of us)

- Please be 18+; It’s not that I smut a lot (I usually don’t, actually), but I like playing sensitive subjects in general (believe when I say I can be really dramatic), so I don’t want to take any risk

- I try to reply at least once a day, and if I take more than two days, I’ll try to let you know the reason why; of course, my partner doesn’t need to reply the same rate as I do, I just need you to let me know from the start

- Speaking of replying to the RP: if you don’t want to RP anymore, or just want to take a break, just let me know; I won’t be offended on the slightest, I know that real life can be a b*t*h… just tell me. I’ll try to do that for you as well, so I’m just asking the same courtesy. I’m the kind of person that usually gets really worried with those I know, and ghosting me won’t help me at all

- I usually play using Discord, but I’m open to trying any other platform my partner suggests

- My knowledge of MHA just covers the anime + movies, so don’t expect me to know something outside that (and don’t give me any spoilers, please)

- I usually prefer RPing with 1-A class characters (+ Shinso and - Mineta, because… yeah…) as the main ones, but of course, I’m absolutely open to try new things!

- The ships I like the most usually involve one of the “1-A Big Three” in some way or another (except for the adults… please, just… don’t! Even if we do any RP that everybody is legally adults!); I prefer the MxM ships, but I’m totally fine with any/any ships

- I usually prefer CC, but I’m not going to lie, I have a male OC of my own, and I’m not against using them. So if you want to play with your OC, just let me know!

- I don't think I have any major triggers, so you don't need to worry about it that much on my part. However, if you have one, *let me know*! I don't want to make you uncomfortable in any way!

- Feel free to give ideas and insights! I’m pretty open to new ideas, so you just need to talk to me

- Alternate realities/canon diverge: I like the idea of getting some point of the canon and diverge from there (I love thinking of what-if scenarios), so give me your idea, and I’ll try my best to give you a ramification for said idea

- Pro heroes/post-canon: This is just like the previous idea, just give me a rough idea, and I’ll try to work with that

- Alternative universes: I don’t think I have any universe that I wouldn’t try, it just needs to be interesting enough. I just want to work with my creativity, so give me a challenge!
--- vampire!AU: I have an idea of a quite big RP for this one, inspired by some arcs of the anime and by the third movie "World Heroes' Mission". This AU specifically had BakuDeku as the main pairing at the beginning, but of course we can make it work with any other pairing (initially I was going to play this one with another person, but they ghosted me before we had the opportunity, so... yeah, it's open =P ). This one also had my OC in mind, but we don't need to use him at all.
--- Persona 4 AU: This idea came just some days ago, since I just finished to play P4G, and I simply can't get over the fact that Yu x Yosuke wasn't a possibility of romantic Social Link! I'm sad (so yeah, this one needs to be a MxM RP)! My brain ended up giving me this idea of mixing both P4G and MHA elements. It won't follow the story of any of these universes, though, it'd be something completely different (so, you just need to know the basics of each universe to play this one). And for this one, I don't have any pairing in mind, so we can work together on thinking of that part.

If you’re still reading this, thank you for your time! If you're interested, you can send me a PM, and we can talk from there about more details (I won’t reply here, just because it’s easier for me to use PM to keep track). Hope to hear from you soon =)
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I'd love to roleplay with your OC and have incredible oc interactions in class and just chilling! But I'm very up for any of the AUs as well so anything you prefer, I'm tagging along on the road trip !
Sure! Just DM me, and we can talk about your ideas and what we can do about the RP in details :3

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