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Multiple Settings Looking for good female roleplayers

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Hi, as the title says I am looking for good female roleplayers. I don't have an expectation for super long posts, but I am looking for something more than one liners. My preferred post length is between 3 and 4 paragraphs, but if someone feels like typing more I never say no to that. I am looking for someone who posts at least once a day, and if you need a break due to life I understand just let me know and we can pick up where we left off at when you come back. I have my ideas posted below. Let me know which one interests you. Look forward to talking to you.

Best Friends
You and I were neighbors when we were kids and we grew up together, doing everything. In high school we went to Prom together and got a hotel room after and our first time was with each other. After high school I went into the police force and you went to college but we kept in touch. You met some guy who I told you was a loser but you dated him anyways. He got you knocked up and when he found out you were pregnant, he split. You are raising your kid alone. I have stepped up and helped you out every step of the way, pretty much helping to raise your child as if it were my own.

We started dating back when we were 15. Your father never much cared for me but that never stopped you. You got pregnant our senior year and we told our parents on graduation night. They weren’t happy with us, especially your father. He told me that night that I better do everything in my power to support you and the baby. I got a job as a police officer right out of high school and made sure you went to college for whatever you wanted. While in there I made sure to help take care of our child so you could study and get the best grades possible. It is 12 years since we graduated and we have a nice home and two beautiful and healthy children. Even though we have everything that we need, I am still working more hours than necessary, trying to live as much off of my paycheck as possible. I normally split your checks between college funds for the kids and our savings account which is very sizable now.


You and I have been dating for four years now and we moved in together last year.As much as we love each other, lately I have been working more and more which has affected vacation plans, dinners, and the anniversary plans you had made for us. Suffice to say the situation at home had gotten very tenuous. Your sister/brother (your choice) is getting married and we agreed to go out together and have some time off together. This trip together was my last chance to really prove how I felt about you though you never mentioned it. Unfortunately I was unable to get off all the same days you did and we decided that you would go back first to help get things ready and I would drive back and meet up with you a couple of days before the wedding. I was supposed to arrive yesterday but you got a text stating I would be late but no further explanation. By the time you fell asleep last night, I had yet to arrive and you hadn't heard anything more from me.


You and I have been together for 4 years now and living together for the last year and a half. All of our friends have been saying for a while now that we should get married to you and last month I finally proposed and you said yes. We have been working hard to start planning out the wedding and making our lives together more permanent. You sit down with the bank one day and work on merging our bank accounts together. You find out while you are there that I have two bank accounts, one that looks like it would be associated with a police officers pay, and one with millions of dollars in it. When you inquire more, you find out that the account was setup by Hunt's Oil. When you go home and google Hunts oil and learn more about them, you see some family photos and some of the older ones have a younger version of me in them.

Forbidden Love

You are dating one of my best friends and have been for the last 3 years. Ever since we met, we both knew that there was a connection between us but this isn't high school and you want something serious since you are looking to settle down with your life. One night at a get together at your place and we found each other in the kitchen alone. I finally decided to bring our feelings out into the open and discuss them. You told me that you didn't want to hurt Jake(our friend) by acting on how we felt. Last week Jake proposed to you and you said yes. You texted me to meet you somewhere so you could tell me that the two of you were going to get married and there was to be no further discussion about how we felt.

Introduced by Friends
You just graduated college and have been enjoying life to its fullest as you settle into a new job. We have mutual friends that have a long list of stories that they tell about me to all of their friends whenever they want to brag. I am a young and upcoming police officer who has done all sorts of crazy stunts to catch criminals whenever they run or try something stupid. You have been asking your friends more and more questions about me and you have started asking them to introduce us. The problem they have been running into is getting our schedules to connect. You finally heard back from them that there is a small get together at their place Friday night and I told them I would be there.

You live in the magical kingdom of Karatan. It is one of the largest kingdoms in the world and has stood strong for centuries. One of the other nations is the kingdom of Arman. They border Karatan and the two have fought many wars over the centuries with the most recent one being 6 years ago. Even though a treaty was signed for that one the Arman continue to cross the border into Karatan and raid the border villages. The king of Karatan has not done a thing to stop them and has gone so far as to pull all troops back from the borders. The attacks only continue to intensify and a small group of soldiers have gone rogue from the military and have started defending those villages. There is even rumor that they have started training and arming the villagers so they are better able to defend themselves.
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I'm definitely feeling more in the Fantasy mood for this one and, admittedly, the other scenarios are a touch too realistic for me.

What I'm curious about at the moment is the relationship between our characters in the Fantasy scenario. With the others you mentioned, both our characters' connection are established. All I know in the Fantasy one is that my character would live in Karatan. Presumably yours live in neighbouring Arman?

More to discuss, I'm sure, but this post here to indicate interest for now, if you're willing to have me.


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I like the idea of Forbidden Love, as crazy as that is. Haha. If you are still looking for a RP partner for that one, id be more than happy. :)


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Would love to roleplays Forebidden Love roleplay with you. Feel free to PM me if interested!


Interested in either the Best Friends or the Fantasy RP, or maybe some combination thereof! PM me if you’re interested.


sweet creature
I'd be fine with working out some of these with you- and I have some of my own plots I can offer up if you're interested?
Shoot me a PM when you can if you'd like to discuss.


of Edema Ruh
I'd be interested in participating in RP'ing with you for the fantasy setting, however I'm amenable to the others as well.

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