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Heyyyoooo, ya boi's alive again and hoping for some new roleplays. While I was down, sick and generally h a t i n g life, I did read the first three ACOTAR books. I have to say if we do anything with them, we're definately going to be a lot more made up. (Sorry I like the world not necessarily the story-)

I am semi/advanced-lit, depending on what I am given I can do anywhere from 2 to 10+ paragraphs.
I do canon/oc (double ups only), or oc/oc.
18+ (No exceptions)
I like making a story up as we go with kind of loose plotting but I'm happy to plot a lot.
Currently just a college student so I'll be online in the evenings most days for replies.

Currently looking for someone to play Tamlin or Rhysand and we will kinda be breaking canon if we do Rhys because I have a plot that sounds like fun to me but involves mates. (MxM if you're okay with it please because my boi needs some light!!!)

I am willing to play just about anyone for you so dont be afraid to hmu! (unless its someone in books past 3, my library's 4th book is out and I'm waiting to read it).
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