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Futuristic Looking for a Sci-Fi adventure


Winged Flame
Hi there, a 22 y/o here!

So there’s a setting I have been looking to do for a while, and had still no luck.

I am interested in doing a RP with someone in a futuristic sci-fi setting. I am thinking cyberpunk, neon lit cities, greedy corporations, cyberpunk pirates, bounty hunters, all that sort of stuff. I am also a really big fan of doing word building, so I would like to have some of that included. There is a lot of great potential with this type of setting that I would love to plan out together.
English is my second language, but I got a fair amount of RP experience. I can write long sentences and paragraphs, and I think my grammar is okay. I might not have the best vocabulary, but I will try as good as I can. I would like to do a more literate than only one-line RP, but maybe not too long either. Perhaps one or two paragraphs on average. I would like to hear from you whichever kind of style you prefer.

I am fine with darker themes and romance and such.
I have an original character named Luciana Blazewind. She is a 19 year old bounty huntress. As a child, she and her younger brother witnessed their parents getting killed and were taken hostage by pirates. After eight years of captivity they finally managed to escape. With nothing else to do, Luci and her brother decided to become bounty hunters in order to earn cash and to avenge their parents.

Note that her younger brother would be my secondary character, if you’re okay with it and if you prefer Luci to be my main.

Luci is a fit and athletic young woman with pale skin, green eyes and long, black hair. She wears back and silver clothes with purple stripes, black jacket on a t-shirt and shorts, long boots and gloves, and a dark red cloak. She carries a sci-fi sword and two pistols.


Let me know what you think!

I do also have a male version of this character if you are more interested in me playing as him.


You can RP as any OC you want, as long as it fits into the setting. Age and gender does not matter. It would be great if we could both play as a bunch of side characters as well.

DM me if you are interested! :)
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