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Multiple Settings Long Term Partner Search (Updated 09/07/21)

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Hello! The name's Kinder and I'm just here looking for some good ol' long-term rp buddies!

About Me
• Responses can vary from 200-1000+ words depending on the scene.
• I roleplay in 3rd person, past tense.
• I can reply at least once a week, if not way more.
• I'd prefer if you were 18+
• I can play any gender and preferences depend on plot.
• I’m open to any pairing though I am more familiar with MxF, MxM pairings. That being said I can still try my hand at NB x M/F/NB and FxF.
• Please communicate and contribute to the plot! I love having a lively OOC chat, but I'd understand if that isn't your thing. Just let me know if you're going to be absent for a while/are losing interest in the RP.
• The more long term the plot is, the better.
• I generally only RP in PMs, but OOC chat can be elsewhere.
• I use realistic face claims/references (unless I'm roleplaying with another artist, in that case I will draw my own references).
• I do love to include romance into my plots, though it usually isn't the main focus. It does have to be realistic and slow-burn.

Original Plots
I like to discuss your own interests in order to make these base plots more unique and enjoyable for both of us.
I also enjoy mixing various plots/pairings/ideas into one Frankenstein plot.

**I am particularly interested in some collaborative world building based on both mine and my partner's interests**
(which is why there aren't any plots written out at the moment. this being said I do have two characters that could are basically ready to use, one fitting in an ATLA based universe, the other being an angel who would be most suited to playing against a demon of sorts).

Something with centaurs**
Medieval Fantasy
Something with harpies**
Modern Fantasy**
Angel x Demon
Enemies to Lovers**
Monster x Human
Monster x Monster
Darker Themes**

Current Fandoms of Interest
Fandom wise, I will do role-plays based on these plots but nothing with the canon characters involved (OCs only)

(For these animated fandoms I will be drawing up my own characters for the plot, if you're a fellow artist then that's great, even better!)

My Hero Academia
Seraph of the End
Demon Slayer
Avatar: The Last Airbender**
The Legend of Korra**
Jujutsu Kaisen
Bungo Stray Dogs
Attack on Titan
Tokyo Revengers
Sk8 the Infinity
Kuroko's Basketball

(For the following I would prefer to use realistic face claims)

The 100
The Umbrella Academy
The Good Place
The OA
Under The Dome
Warrior Cats (Could be drawn or realistic, either one)
Pacific Rim

If you're interested or just need someone for your own plot PM me!
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