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Fandom ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ little playground ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙ (desperate for a good Jeff the Killer)


comfort the disturbed & disturb the comfortable
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The name I go by here is Khiruji. You can call me Khiruji, Khiru or whatever you think fits best. I'm 26 years old, female and the pronouns are she/her. I live in the Central European Timezone (CET). I am a hopefully-soon-to-be professional illustrator with being currently in the process to change my artstyle to a more goth-ish style. Before you ask me to start an RP with you, I wanna tell you that english is not my native language. While my english is not on the base of a grade schooler, grammer mistakes can happen. And since I am kind of a perfectionist and just want to get better, it would be nice if you could tell me if I did a spelling mistake. If you don't understand a paragraph, tell me, so I can correct them. No, I won't be mad at you. Infact, I will be very grateful, because I want to give off the same quality like I did in the german rp scene. Alright awesome! So, should we jump into the really important things?

✮ Don't just dump me out of nowhere. I'm not into ghosting. In an roleplay with me, its not just you and me. Its us. If you stumble upon a problem in our RP, there's something you're not comfortable with, please let me know. Talk with me so that we can both work something out together. Any problem can be solved with enough communication so that in the end, we can both have a nice, exciting RP. We don't have to become friends, but I expect the minimum of communication. Communication is key.

✮ My postings have a length from 500 - 1000 words in one post. I can be a little slow from time to time, since I am used to write so much. If you find an grammatical issue in them, please tell me so I can correct them. Oh Yeah! And I like to write in third person. You should also do that please and thank you! ❥

✮ Pairings are only formed when they are of age, even if they have met in the past. However, this does not mean that they were already together.

✮ I like to write my own characters for plot ideas for fandoms. I don't write f*cktoys or good girls. After all, I want characters like Hidan, Dabi, Bakugo and Jeff the Killer, for example, and something like that just doesn't fit. Listed bad guys just walk over girls like that. I'm aware of that and I don't want them to be written "nicely" either. Whatever that means (ಠ⌣ಠ) Infact, I'm really good at writing bad girls and if you want such a girl, I am your man... uhr... woman.

✮ Favorite genres? Honestly: mostly dark, obscure and weird stuff (but I'm also sometimes on the lookout for cheesy love stories). I love villains and live for these types of stories. Especially in a good mix with romance. My passion is to write poetic gothic stories with a dark and twisted undertone that are still romantic. Even weirdos need a little love and that's exactly what I want to give them. I'm also very happy to write such a male character for your story. That is, if your plot appeals to me so much in a way, that I'm immediately mentally invested and on fire for it and only properly and not something cringy. So be sure thats exactly want you want. I don't want to be held accountable for scaring someone. Otherwise, I can't convey the character the way you need me to. I'm not necessarily looking for a happy ending. Fear, pain and unhappy endings are loved here. We can discuss boundaries, triggers etc. I am always open to honest communication with an open heart and mind. Be honest and say, "Look, I'm not comfortable with this. Please let's do something else," and that's totally fine with me.

✮ I love OOC chatter, plotting and discussing character dynamics. I would like to experience partner who are in it with the same passion as me. I want to experience passionate partners who want to engage in character dynamics, world building and care about the story and the characters.

✮ I absolutely do not mind waiting. Everything from 1 month to.... 6 months is absolutely fine by me, since I also can't respond from 1-2 days. RPs should be fun, not work. And if it takes me or you longer, I would prefer it if we could notify the other one about that.

✮ I enjoy very deep romantic feelings. I am always looking for the real thing between our characters. I want to see characters who experience deep emotions and thoughts. I want to reflect on what genuinely and earnestly holds these characters together, repeatedly bringing them together and binding them to one another. Especially in settings where morally gray characters interact with each other and have many vices and are not exactly on their hawaiian honeymoon, this is very important. And every now and then there are a few anime fandoms that I've been craving for a while.

✮ I enjoy making detailed and lenghty character descriptions. I prefer using quotes from songs etc. You might wanna get ready, jump in your tough-men-pants, roll up your sleeves, because you gonna listen to some metal & goth rock, to really experience the gravity of the situation, the RP or the character I play and how my character sees your character.

✮ I enjoy the aesthetic of the dark, the bad & the ugly. There's nothing I hate more than permanently perfect characters who look like they came straight out of a fashion magazine. I like dark and bad to characters to be ugly and gross (theres nothing worse than making Jeff the Killer actually beautiful), unless its a character from an anime.
Overall, the look simply has to fit, both with the character and the story.

✮ I only write rps with straight characters and I am not interested into double, triple or anything else.
I also don't do Yaoi and (sometimes, unless I have a crush on that character) GL. This doesn't mean I have a problem with anyone who is LGBTQ+.

✮ I'm available to write on Discord, but other sites are also available.

✮ If you text me, try to put effort into your first pm. If you don't make an effort, I won't either.

✮ Most importantly, since it already happened: If It didn't worked out between us, but you really liked the idea and you want to use that idea for your RP or want to use my characters as an inspiration, please just ask me! Don't steal my ideas or my characters. I'm very sensitive about that and get mad extremely fast if I notice something like that. Please be a decend human, not a POS and really, just ask.
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Bump! Very desperate for a good, not cringy, Jeff the Killer.
I have a story which might be perfect for people who actually want to make a dark romance creepypasta rp and wants to say goodbye to the dull, always good-looking emo boys who, strangely enough, all have the same hairstyle.
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Hello! I’m kind of interested in a Jeff the killer rp! Are OCs ok or are you looking for a ship within CCs?
Bump! Very desperate for a good, not cringy, Jeff the Killer.
I have a story which might be perfect for people who actually want to make a dark romance creepypasta rp and wants to say goodbye to the dull, always good-looking emo boys who, strangely enough, all have the same hairstyle.
Hi! is this still open?

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