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Digital Lirs' art dump spot

On tumblr there is this 30 day challenge about pride, first day is pronouns and flags!
Hi, My name is Moss/Lir/Emmett, I use He/him, They/Them and I'm a trans guy
nice to meet you

hm... me trans.png
"Vanilla twilight"
vanilla twilight.png
unless you know me from Tumblr you are going to legit have no idea what this is-
The dude who has goat ears and horns is more or less a space satyr and he is my fan oc from "Buzz lightyear of Star command" his name is Astro and I ship him with Buzz!

The title comes from the fact I listened to Owl cities 'Vanilla twilight' on repeat while doing this

also it has been a while since I've posted in here last- so hello :]
I have commissions open!
Take a look at my other socials here: Take a look at my stuff! | Linktree
pride 2022 with Cole and Maverick.png
It has been ten thousand years so let's start this flow back up with my main characters from the webcomic I'm working on!
Brown haired one is Cole and the red head is Maverick!

I also like to think I've improved a small bit
Also happy late ass pride-

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