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Realistic or Modern Life_Energy's 1 x 1 partner search - Realistic and Modern themes/starters


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Hi, everyone!

I may be new here, but I'm not new to roleplaying. I've been roleplaying since the long forgotten days of G+ and when that shut down, I quit for a long time. I lost all my starters over the years and I'll have to rewrite them from scratch. I managed to write one that I'm going to post. As I write more, I'll edit this thread to add them and bump according to the rules.

I love having multiple roleplay partners for the same story. The more, the merrier. It's exciting to see where the story goes! Everyone is different and the same roleplay can end up taking multiple different paths.

I have experience writing and replying to roleplays in both first and third person, but I lean more toward third person, present tense (I like to live in the moment). However, I can match what my partners prefer as I've written in every form and tense imaginable. I'm not one for fandom or fantasy roleplays. They just aren't my thing. I like realistic, real world, and modern types of roleplay scenarios.

As for roleplay responses, I could reply with a novella every time, but typically, my replies consist of two to three paragraphs and sometimes more if dialogue is involved. Since I'm descriptive in my replies, I expect my partner to put forth that same amount of effort. There are exceptions to that rule, however, given on what may be happening in the story.

I love the unexpected in roleplays. Cause drama! Make noise! Create unique pasts and histories for the characters you play! I love the replies that make me pause and give a quizzical expression to myself before I respond because generally, the words just flow.

My style of writing roleplay openers is probably old and outdated. If that's the case, I apologize, as it's the only way I remember. My partner would control the <Your name> character's dialogue and actions from every RP starter below. Onto the first!

RP Starter #1 (OC) - Former childhood friends reunite when Hyzen moves back to his hometown, but it's an unexpected reunion.

Hyzen always dreamed of returning to his hometown. He and his family left Almeria when he was six years old. It wasn't his fault, though. His father was in the military, so his family moved all over the country and even took residence in foreign countries on military bases. When Hyzen left, he left a dear childhood friend behind, <Your name>.

Now a senior, Hyzen and his mother have returned back to Almeria for the first time in nearly 12 years. They have a nice little ranch in the country but nothing like they used to live in. Hyzen will enroll in Almeria High for his last year of school.

Hyzen's first day doesn't go as planned. His thick glasses make him an unexpected target; a trend he thought died out many years ago. Hyzen gets shoulder checked in the hallway, rammed up against lockers, and even gets his books knocked out of his hands. He makes a few friends, but not in the popular group. For the first time in his life, Hyzen wants to take a stand like his father always told him to do. The problem is... he doesn't know how to defend himself.

Hyzen finds a local MMA gym that has an open night for beginners. After dinner, he surprises his mother by saying he's going out. "I'll be back before 10," he says. The gym isn't far, and after a worried look from his mother, Hyzen heads out.

Hyzen stands outside Almeria Gym & Athletics and stares through the window. He can hear grunts, the thud of kicks hitting bags, and even people hitting a mat, all from outside. His eyes move to a sign taped to the front door:

Open class tonight! Come for free lessons if you want to learn the art of the fist!

With a deep breath, Hyzen heads inside.

The gym is bigger than it looks. There are many rings shaped like octagons intermixed with standard-square rings. People spar in the rings and others train on their own or do workouts. Hyzen feels out of place here; like he may burst into flames if he's here too long. He swallows his pride and joins a group of others sitting on the floor near the back ring.

An older man with a beard peers down at everyone from inside the ring. "Welcome!" he bellows.

A few people clap their hands but it is less than enthusiastic. "Woo!" someone yells.

"My name is Mr. Charles, and this is my gym. Tonight is an open night, free of charge. You're all here to learn self-defense. We will show you the basics and what it means to protect yourself against others." He turns and looks at someone standing on the floor on the other side of the ring. "<Your name>!"

<Your name> steps up and ducks under the ropes and enters. The name sounds familiar to Hyzen, but he can't quite place it. "Yes, sir!" <Your name> says.

Someone next to Hazen mutters, "Oh, God is that really <Your name>?"

"The local legend," another person adds.

"Perfect!" Mr. Charles says, clapping his hands. "<Your name> is our best fighter. She's state high school champion the past three years when she was a freshman, sophomore, and junior."

"And hopefully a fourth title for my senior year," <Your name> says. <Your name> walks over to the edge of the ring and stands near Mr. Charles, when she stops dead in her tracks. She puts both of her hands on the rope and leans over it, focusing on one person in particular. "Zen? Is that you?"

Everyone looks around, and it takes Hyzen a second before he realizes she's talking to him. He points to himself. "Me? My name's Hyzen."

Mr. Charles's mouth drops open, as this is the first time <Your name> has ever acknowledged someone in the crowd, even on countless free nights. He looks and points at Hyzen. "Hyzen! Get in the ring!"

Hyzen shakes his head. "I'd rather not. I just want to watch," he answers.

<Your name> looks frustrated. "Get in the ring!"

"Okay, okay..." he agrees. Reluctantly, Hyzen gets up and gets into the ring, ducking under the ropes with his father's words echoing in his head. The view is different when inside the ring. He looks down and notices that Mr. Charles and <Your name> are barefoot. "Wait, do I need to take my shoes off?"

Mr. Charles laughs, along with some others. "Yes, get those shoes out of my ring!"

Hyzen gulps and takes his shoes off and tosses them out. He meanders back over, maybe a bit too slow, and stands in front of <Your name>, locking eyes with her.

"You don't remember me?" <Your name> asks.

Hyzen scratches the back of his head and stares at her. "Um... no?"

<Your name> looks disappointed and hurt. She and Mr. Charles nod at each other as if exchanging thoughts telepathically. Her look turns from disappointment into a smirk as Mr. Charles says, "Hyzen, let's try a real match. You against <Your name>."

"What?!" Hyzen yells. "That's dumb. I can't... I don't even know-"

"Are you scared?" <Your name> interrupts.

"Hell yeah, I'm scared!"

"Of me?"

Hyzen folds his arms over his chest. "State champion, right?" He throws his hands up. "Look, I don't want to get hurt. I get shoved around enough at school."

"You'll be fine..." <Your name> says with a smile, then her words turn to a whisper. "...If you eventually remember me."

Hyzen steps forward. "I heard that!"

"Enough talk!" Mr. Charles says. He claps his hand to signal a bell.

"When I put you in a hold, just tap out quick," she explains.

Hyzen takes a step back. "I don't even know what that means..."

"I'll show you. Here I come."

Hyzen's eyes go wide as <Your name> approaches, fervor in every step.

RP Starter #2 (OC) - A slow-burn romance with a blind girl and an athlete

There's a new student at Almeria High. It's pretty late in the year, nearing the start of summer but new students join pretty commonly during the year. <Your name> is a bit of a mystery, as she tends to keep to herself, doesn't approach anyone, and always wears headphones. Maybe listening to music, a podcast, or something else.

<Your name> walks around the school pretty well, but sometimes runs into people. Hyzen isn't sure if that's on purpose or not, but some other students get frustrated at her. Some call her names. Some brush it off. Some just don't care and want to get on with their day. Yet the way she maneuvers and moves about, even walking, strikes Hyzen with intrigue. He's shocked no one has caught onto yet, but Hyzen has.

Hyzen enjoys playing soccer in the park, especially after school. He doesn't play on a school team or anything like that and likes playing sports for fun, not competition. One day after school, he spots the new student, <Your name>, walking along the paths of the soccer fields. He doesn't really pay her much mind. The ball flies toward Hyzen and he shoots for a goal. He's way off mark and unfortunately for him, the ball flies and smacks <Your Name> directly on the head and knocks her over.

"What the hell!" she yells loudly.

Hyzen hears her even across the field. He runs over to her and appears to be the only one concerned about her safety. As he gets closer to her, he asks, "Hey, how could you not see the ball flying toward you..." Hyzen falls and trips over a pole-like object that lies in the grass near <Your Name>. "What the..." He rubs his side and picks up the object and examines it. "What is this?" He looks over at <Your Name> who wears sunglasses.

<Your Name> gets up and seems annoyed and pissed off. "Give me back my white cane, please!" She holds out her hand.

Hyzen stands up and walks over to her. "White cane... wait, are you blind?!"
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hi! i'm interested :] i'm not new to roleplaying either but the last time i roleplayed was about 5 years ago when i did one liners. BUT fear not because i've become (in my opinion?) decent at writing over the years and i'm trying to do something similar to what you're doing now

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