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Let's Try That Again

  • One year ago, the world ended.

    If you're looking for a metaphor, stop looking. I was being literal.

    One year ago, armageddon erupted worldwide across the world of Alheria. The Abyssal portals opened, and ancient demon lords entered through to consume mortalkind. Devils of Hell rose from their lakes of fire, and the angels of Heaven descended to meet them in battle. Gods joined in soon after - good and bad, mighty and subtle. Soon enough, kings, senators, chancellors, generals, and rulers were seduced by tempter devils to launch pointless attacks on their neighbors, or scared into fighting back. Armies seized, armies shattered. Arcane weapons of mass destruction activated and fired without mercy. Brutality merged with havoc to become pandemonium. Ragnarok.

    But then, a group of wizards who'd prepared for the event activated an array of ancient portals leading to another world, and they opened these portals in various spots throughout the planet. The cabal of magicians, led by one named Ygrasmundhil, then guided the survivors on a mass exodus to safety. They left behind the higher-dimensional beings to duke it out with what's left of the old world.

    The portals led to the new world of Melicau. Relatively unheard of prior to the apocalypse, the world was lush with resources and new landscapes to explore. The group of wizards, hence known as the Newdawn Cabal, oversaw the creation of five villages - now cities: Newtown, Sparhard, Pride's Point, Fardock, and Oakenwall.

    It has been over a year since the Exodus. We failed at living - so let's try that again.