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Fantasy Let's Try That Again [IC]

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Let's Try That Again

  • One year ago, the world ended.

    If you're looking for a metaphor, stop looking. I was being literal.

    One year ago, armageddon erupted worldwide across the world of Alheria. The Abyssal portals opened, and ancient demon lords entered through to consume mortalkind. Devils of Hell rose from their lakes of fire, and the angels of Heaven descended to meet them in battle. Gods joined in soon after - good and bad, mighty and subtle. Soon enough, kings, senators, chancellors, generals, and rulers were seduced by tempter devils to launch pointless attacks on their neighbors, or scared into fighting back. Armies seized, armies shattered. Arcane weapons of mass destruction activated and fired without mercy. Brutality merged with havoc to become pandemonium. Ragnarok.

    But then, a group of wizards who'd prepared for the event activated an array of ancient portals leading to another world, and they opened these portals in various spots throughout the planet. The cabal of magicians, led by one named Ygrasmundhil, then guided the survivors on a mass exodus to safety. They left behind the higher-dimensional beings to duke it out with what's left of the old world.

    The portals led to the new world of Melicau. Relatively unheard of prior to the apocalypse, the world was lush with resources and new landscapes to explore. The group of wizards, hence known as the Newdawn Cabal, oversaw the creation of five villages - now cities: Newtown, Sparhard, Pride's Point, Fardock, and Oakenwall.

    It has been over a year since the Exodus. We failed at living - so let's try that again.


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Let's begin. You know what to do, Inheritance.

Lucius Hearthaven
Road to Newtown - Trading Outpost

After his visit to Oakenwall, and the subsequent journey to Pridespoint, Luke felt confident that he'd staved off his father's bounty hunters.

He even got to fight a paladin in Pridespoint - a good man who went by Daniel Arcana, and specialized in taking down the undead. That kind of profession didn't have much of a demand on the market right now, but the paladin was eager to cross blades.

It was slightly humiliating. The people in attendance laughing at him like at a country bumpkin didn't help much, even after the seventh time he fell to the ground.

Fortunately for Lucius, either from secondhand embarrassment or genuine remorse, the paladin submitted a few helpful tips on swordsmanship. Not training, as much as an explanation or a lecture. For that much, Luke was thankful, if only because it'd help him in getting past an opponent's defense.

After all, he didn't have to worry about himself.

As far the roads went, the one between Pridespoint and Newtown wasn't very busy or particularly long; he crossed a group of travelers going the other way every half an hour or so. A lone traveler every hour, and merchants twice that. Guard patrols from Sparhard were more common than he'd remembered guards being in the old world; a small detachment of four to six men scanned by him every three hours, and sometimes they had battle-mages with them. It put his heart at ease, to know security was so good in City-States.

Lucius made a stop at a trading outpost halfway to the town, mostly to look through the wares and get some water for his horse. The poor thing had been getting tired recently, and from its emotions, he read much resignation. Maybe a time to retire him? Shame - it was a good breed, but he'd find another if necessary.

Lucius looked through a stall with supposedly magical talismans, sold by the lizardfolk to the north. One caught his eye - a small bird skull on a leather band, with six black feathers that had gray tips. The salesman boasted it had a spirit of music sealed inside of it, and would sing merry tunes when activated, then showed the function. The 'merry tunes' were in fact the calming sound of wind chimes and light drums.

Lucius looked up at him, and then looked into him. A wealth of avarice, with smaller emotions speckling it. Avarice is tied to making money; the desire for funds, material wealth. A common emotion. He didn't see anything that'd imply malign intent, or a scam. Usually, smugness was attached to that one.

"I'll sell it to you for twenty silver coins. What do you say?" The trader made him a tempting offer, but Lucius was a merchant at heart and knew he shouldn't splurge on every small indulgence.

"Sorry, but not interested," he answered. "I need to conserve my funds until I get to Newtown."


One who was denied a simple fate
Elodin Evernight
"Good and Evil, Creation and Destruction, we cannot have one without the other. Destruction, creation, good, and evil; in the grand scheme of things they are just the masks we use to understand that which we cannot grasp.”

(This is a bit of Elodin's backstory, and is optional. Make sure you read after it though!)
If Elodin were to ask himself when exactly he began to hate the Gods, the answer might be hard to find. Perhaps it was when the local priest told his parents in hushed tones that he had a darkness inside him, and that he needed to get it exorcised immediately. Upon hearing this, Elodin grew very sad, and felt extremely betrayed and insulted by this man. He was supposed to be of the Gods, ones that supposedly forgave and were merciful to all! But the priest told his parents the opposite of what he had told Elodin, and said this all right in front of him! Of course at the time, he didn't realize that when he was in the Shadow World, he could not be seen by those who were too weak to see beyond the material plane. Regardless, this man of the Gods lied to him and tried to turn his family against him, and perhaps that planted a seed that awaited for more hatred to grow.​

But was that when he really hated the Gods? Perhaps it was when he watched his ancient family house explode with flames, watching as every one of his family members burnt alive; their skin peeling off and turning into smoke as their eyes melted out of their sockets. Of course, he was not effected. He was safely in the Shadow world when the meteor struck, and he almost never forgave himself for not being there to die with his family who had gone against the church and kept him just the way he was.

But even then, he didn't blame the Gods really, he blamed the heroes of the world for not being able to defend them. Of course, Hilax constantly told him that it was the God's fault, but he said that about everything; and after Hilax almost trapping him in the Shadow World, Groth-Lakkar, he began to be very careful about how much time he spent there. So when did he begin to hate the Gods? Well, it was when he decided that he didn't need them. Perhaps it was right then, when he accepted the call from Ygrasmundhil, and exited the world he knew and gazed into the new world, that he began to hate the Gods cruelty.

Why had they destroyed the world then abandoned him? And also, why was it so bad this time? Things had happened before, but nothing had ever been this bad! His family had survived centuries of destruction, but wealth had a way of sticking around, and they always had their grand estate to return to. This cataclysm was unlike any sort of disaster he had ever seen, and he developed a fierce curiosity towards it. When he had asked Ygrasmundhil, the head of his order, he was dismissed and scolded.

"Why would you ask such a question? Why would you force back memories of the old world, of the death and agony that everyone there felt? Look forward into the new world and the new age that we are bringing about, not back. Do not trouble me with such nonsense again!"

"If we understand what happened, perhaps we could prevent it from happening ever again!"

"It will never happen again."

"How do you kn-"

"Elodin! I brought you aboard this team for your skill in traveling between worlds, not for your unceasing questions! Do NOT trouble me with this again!"

"Of course. It was foolish of me to bring it up."

"Leave me."

From that moment on, he spent every waking hour trying to figure out what had gone wrong. Had some cult brought upon the end of the world? Had there been a problem that they all had missed, even Ygrasmundhil? It seemed impossible, the man was so good at what he did, with a vast knowledge of magic that Elodin could only marvel at. But it was this very power and wisdom that made him question even further what happened. If even he didn't know, what sort of danger could have followed them into this world, or was awaiting them?

Even after his weeks of research, he was no closer to figuring out what was going on, until Ygrasmundhil found him using his Well of Memories to view the past. The normally calm and level headed master had lost it, shouting at him to leave his presence else he be destroyed for trying to bring back the cataclysm. The fury of the man sent Elodin scrambling into the Shadow world to escape his wrath. And only after meditating in the Groth-Lakkar did he come upon a new hypothesis: Ygrasmundhil DID know what was going on, and refused to share it.

All sorts of crazy theories spawned from this, and Elodin knew he needed to get to the bottom of it; but he couldn't do it alone. Ygrasmundhil would be watching him even closer than normal now, and he needed others that he could trust to help him uncover what happened to the old world, and why Ygrasmundhil was hiding it.

Lucius Hearthaven. The potential in this one was impossible to ignore, and he seemed to be the type of charismatic fellow that could help him keep together a group. Elodin himself was quite charming when he wanted to be; and while it was a risk to keep someone in the group that could divide it, the man was a blank sheet able to be sculpted. He had no doubt the man would accept his call to adventure.

Another merchant at a stall called out to Lucius, clearly someone who had heard the entire conversation.

"Saving it for Newtown? You aren't going to the Cracked Glass then are you?" Elodin smiled at the man in the guise of the merchant. "I hear there is a gathering there of adventurers. Supposedly something big about to happen. Will make a great story!"

The man looked Lucius up and down, then grinned. "You should go! You seem like the adventuring type! And there's no doubt there's money involved to help you with your budget!"

With a laugh, he turned and dipped into his tent, never to come back out. The message was delivered.


Twen Drazil? From Elodin's scouting, this freak of nature shouldn't have survived the cataclysm. He was urked by the existence of the thing, and if he didn't offer a clear advantage of stealth and spying, Elodin might have dragged the thing into the shadow world and left it to die. Of course, Elodin's own ability to scout and hide in the Shadows were unmatched, and it begged the question of why he even offered the Lizard a position on his council. Hm...

The Shadows around the lizard began to shift, and a very small, lizard version of Elodin emerged from them. Of course, he wasn't actually this size, nor was he a lizard, but as long as Twen didn't try to dispel his illusion, he could appear this tall.

"Twen Drazil. Magic Lizard. I can't believe I'm even asking this, but would you care to meet me at The Cracked Glass in 2 days? Be there when the sun goes down, no later." After staring at the lizard for a second, he sighed. "If you can even understand me. I don't care."

With that, he turned and vanished into the Shadows.


Finally, someone who actually offered something to the table that Elodin couldn't replicate. Charon Ashbringer seemed to always be in the right place at the right time, and her ability to bend fire to her will was undoubtedly a powerful tool. Not to mention the fact that she was known as a Godslayer, which was just perfect for the team, should they need to fight Ygrasmundhil. Not that he planned to, but if it came down to it...

When she finally arrived in a place with Shadows, Elodin stepped out of them slowly as to not startle her. He took off his hat and offered her a low bow. "Miss Ashbringer, your reputation precedes you. I am Elodin Evernight, and I have need of your talents. I'm quite sure I can offer anything that you could possibly want, and I will need you to be at the Cracked Glass Inn in Newtown, in 2 days time, at Dusk. Please be punctual."

With a tip of his hat, he walked backwards and melted into the Shadows.


Well this would be a risk. Isiah Dakilrost was not someone that he was super eager to invite to this little gathering, but his military talent couldn't be ignored. When he was searching the world for people to add to his band, Isiah had been someone he originally passed up. But on his second round of the few cities that did exist, he saw that this man had improved drastically, and impressed Elodin. Because of this, he cast an illusion on himself to appear as a simple runner for the local guard, and ran up to him during a time of rest.

"Sir, this came for you. Your eyes only!" He said hastily before turning and bolting away. Once he was out of site, he dispelled the illusion, and stepped into the Groth-Lakkar.

General Dakilrost,
I'm sure you have no idea who I am, and are already having second thoughts about wasting your time with this. I have need of your services, and I am sure that if you help me, your career will leap to new heights, as well as a promised fortune for your help. If you could meet me and a small group at the Cracked Glass Inn in Newtown, I would be very grateful. Please come, and don't be late.
-------Elodin Evernight-------

@June Verles

Adventurer 3? Seemed exactly like the type of yes-man that this group needed! A little bit of muscle, and the promise of some better equipment would get this man to him. His bulk and strength would probably be useful, and his clairvoyance would probably help...assuming Ygrasmundhil didn't detect it. In the guise of an old man, he followed Adventurer 3 for a bit until they could speak.

"Damn you're a big fella! You look like that Adventurer 3 chap that was called to Newtown! Yea, apparently a mysterious rich man wanted some muscle, and called for him. Not really sure who that is, or what kind of parents would give him that Gods awful name, but he is wanted at the Cracked Glass Inn in two days time! At sundown no less. Said there's a lot of money in it. If I was as big as you, I'd certainly go get my fortune!"

With that, he scuttled away into an ally, vanishing into the shadows.

@Spoiled Bread

Ricotta Obsidion's strange race would certainly give her insights that Elodin simply didn't know. Her ability to fight would be useful, and if she didn't help in any other way, she was always a great bit of cannon fodder. Besides, anyone like her would come to this gathering if money was promised. A simple spell allowed him to take the appearance of a merchant with expensive clothes and a cane worth at least 500 gold; making it an easy task to stride up to her looking like a rich man.

"Miss Obsidion, might I ask of your help? There's a man in Newtown that asked me to meet him at the Cracked Glass Inn the day after tomorrow, and while I am very curious, I don't feel safe enough going there! You are a talented fighter, and I was wondering if you could take my place! If you can go there and explain exactly what this mysterious man wants, I will pay you handsomely for your time! Thank you ma'am!"

Without giving her much time to respond, he turned and hurried away, trying to get to the Shadows where he could vanish and find his next ally.

@Captain Spooks

Aeneas Argyros III might have been the hardest person for Elodin to admit he needed. While his own charisma was great, and his illusions gave him the ability to try again and again when talking to people, Aeneas was undeniably a better speaker than himself, and would be a great use to talk their way out of things should something go wrong. An ex prince was never a bad idea to have close, and the fact the man dabbled in the art of Illusions made him want to take the man in.

He appeared before the man as a flaming Pheonix, landing in front of him with a great cry of power.

"Aeneas Argyros III! I call upon you, adventurer! In two days, be at the Cracked Glass Inn! This is in Newtown, and I hope to see you there. Your talents are greatly needed!"

With a blaze of fire, the phoenix was gone. Of course, during the great flame, Elodin fled into the Shadows and teleported into the Groth-Lakkar...

Disguised as a group this time, not just one person, Elodin's 6 forms stood huddled around a small fire, just close enough for Ezekiel Jeremiah Dakome to hear. If he got closer, he'd notice at all 6 of the men were exactly alike, and when one spoke, they all moved their mouths exactly like the speaker. Of course, they all had their hoods up, so it would be hard to notice.

"Really? Are you sure?" Said one voice.

"Damn right! There's a man looking for an assassin! Or someone with the talents anyway." Said another, different voice.

"Why?" Said another new voice.

"I don't know. Didn't say. All he said is that there would be a hell of an adventure, and an even better story to be made out of it!"

A cursed human would be an interesting addition to the party, but Elodin had already chosen him. Partly because of the man's talents, and partly because Hilax had persisted on getting him. Because of the amount of time he had been in the Groth-Lakkar, he had listened, and gathered another man for the team.

One of his forms looked directly at Ezekiel, or Zion.

"Cracked Glass. Two Days time. Newtown." With a wink, the whole group move away from the fire into the Shadows, where they vanished.

When his invites were all sent out, he sat in the corner of the Cracked Glass inn with a drink of fine white wine, the shadows covering him and his face.
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Twen Drazilthe magic lizard

Twen tilted his head and stared at the shadows that had just been talking to him. "Taw?" He had no clue what that had all been about, but in his limited experience shadows didn't get up and try to talk to you. Or maybe they did and his was just particularly quiet? He turned around to eye his own shadow with suspicion. He leaned down close to the ground and licked his shadow. It tasted like dirt. "Oleh?" It didn't answer. He shrugged and turned to walk away, only to suddenly spin around and stab the stick he'd pulled from his small cloak into the ground where his shadow fell. It didn't react. He narrowed his lizard eyes at his stoic new foe. He bluffed walking away again, only to spin around and point his stick at his shadow again.

"Tile!" The end of his stick burst into light... but the shadow had vanished! Twen was proud for a moment at having defeated his enemy, until he saw that it had reappeared behind him. The lizard jumped back and pointed his glowing staff at it. The shadow disappeared as soon as he turned. This process repeated for some time with Twen chasing his shadow around the forest floor with his light, until he got the genius idea of climbing a tree to get away from this enemy. And that's how Twen ended up in the branches of a tree raining fireballs down on his own shadow. It should go without saying that this approach was ineffective, though it did burn a considerable amount of underbrush.

None of his magic was having any effect on this invincible enemy before him! Twen had no choice but to run away, to survive so that he could eat grapes! The tiny lizard ran along the branches, keeping watch at the shadowy enemy that closely followed him just below. When he ran out or branch he jumped and magicked himself towards the next. No mater how far he went, the shadow kept pace. Suddenly there wasn't another tree to jump to. Twen had jumped from the last tree sitting on the edge of a small lake in the forest and was now flying into empty space over what looked like uncomfortably deep water.

Completely forgetting what he'd been running away from, now Twen was stuck flailing his arms and legs against gravity as it dragged him down towards the water. Right before he hit the water, his hand found his stick. "Salg Decark!" His stick shattered the surface of the still pond like it was a mirror.

A sudden sound of breaking glass could be heard within the Cracked Glass inn. Space cracked and broke apart as a small lizard fell out of the air and landed with a plop into the raised glass of one Elodin Evernight. Twen had arrived early.

June Verles

Look at big boy forehead over here
Adventurer 3The Cracked Glass Inn
A few days earlier...
Life in Oakenhall isn't particularly grandiose, to say the least, and it's certainly quite a far cry from the bustling cities of Newtown or Pridepoint. But unlike those cities, everyone here knew themselves and therefore they have to co-exist, wherever you wanted to or not. Did adventurer 3 like listening to that pointy eared bitch who shouted like a little a girl every time a raccoon rummaged through her garbage resulting with him having to slog his over there from whatever he was doing so he can help the maiden in distress? No but she is an aide from the kabal and a "crucial member to the ecosystem of the establishment.".

Well at least it wasn't Sparhard.

So there he was, going through the daily motions, starting the day off by crafting swords from ingots the miners paid him every time he had to go eliminate another Kobold infestation, until two men dressed in Mythril armour appeared. Apparently they were looking after some Lucius guy and since nobody else was present at time they asked him. You could've imagined their irritation when Adventurer 3 was no use to them, due to 1 not knowing shit and 2 not wanting to tell them shit even if he did.

Therefore one thing lead to another, they challenged him to a duel, he lead them to a remote spot in the forest and in the end it resulted with the two bounty hunters being nailed to oak trees by iron swords and left to bleed to death, should've spent more money on the joints.

Anyhow, none of that really matters, entering back in the settlement some rude old man told him about someone looking for him in Newtown. So reckoning that that spying nature loving vegan elf probably will find the bodies sooner or later he would probably skip town.

Which brings us to current day...
Despite not having a horse or wearing the lightest equipment Adventurer 3 made it to the Cracked Glass Inn rather quickly, after all not even horses can sprint all the way from Oakenhall to Pridepoint without stopping.

As he entered in he would grab a pint of beer, sitting himself in some far off corner waiting for the rest of the members and this man who wanted to employ him, guess all he could do is wait. So as he went to take a ship of his drink something happened disturbing the space around him, before the next thing he knew he had a lizard in his cup.

Looking down at the little animal cosplaying as a wizard he would simply say in a calm tone;

"Good day."

@OverconfidentMagi @Inheritance @Birdsie


Charon Ashbringer

Two Days Ago...

Godslayer, Hero of Mankind, Goddess of Flame, One Who Stands Above the Gods, Eternal Flame of Humanity... the names that she had been called has been numerous.... with many standing out as common place and other... lackluster choices being dropped as quickly as they had been thrown out. They were titles few might ever expect someone to obtain in their life. Having such feats spread across the land to the point of being a legend in a few years never mind the century it usually took before such tales became wide spread. Then again, the fact a mortal... and a human even more so astonishingly would be the one to kill a god was something most would view as impossible. Yet it was Charon, at the time a young unknown knight not even of officer rank accomplished to the shock of so many. A hope in the dark that there might be a chance for mortals to have a chance to live when it seemed the end times were near. Humanities last hope that helped to lead her people out from the clasp of complete annihilation.

A loud sigh escaped the red heads lips as a sense of distress filled her wandering through the forest alone heading towards the location of a bandit camp. It was rare she ever left Newtown, effectively a palace for which she roamed and was lorded over. It was a rather cushy life for her with her very presence being one of the largest deterrents from anyone daring to cause trouble. It was a luxury she was more then happy to have and often completely neglect. Having held her title for some time now she practically bought into her own greatness that others prescribed on her. It was only when she had to confront a problem that reality came crashing back down on her and some of that guilt that lingered deep in her mind.

I'm going to get exposed... what if this whole damn plan falls apart and rather then being intimidated the whole clan of hooligans go and jump me at once! I'm not well suited to taking out an army of thugs at once, and even if I used Deiciardor's flames more fully and could control it... hell if i can do it to an extent and not kill any of them. I mean sure they are criminals but its my job to be taking them to justice... I can't go murdering people particularly when people view me so highly! I lose either way! Why do I keep living this darn lie! I'm going to end up letting so many people down! 'Don't worry, I'll go alone and put an end to the group once and for all!' Damn it Charon... why do you gotta forget yourself and say dumb stuff like that!

The red head stopped standing under a tall tree glancing forward holding a magic map marked with the location of which the camp was supposedly positioned. A small break would be enough... she just had to take it easy... a little intimidation and...

She suddenly shifted her attention up, nearly jumping as the man approached from the shadow. Fortunately for her, it resulted only in her lowering her hand to grasp at her sword not being startled enough to look like some massive scaredy cat. She blinked looking at the man, quick to tell he wasn't part of the group. She kept composed looking at him lowering her guard easing up as if to rest her hand more naturally by her blade rather then looking as if she was about to pull it on him. She heard his words cocking her head to the side looking a little perplexed by his offer. She spoke up as he backed away.

"Wait.. what do you mean by that... what kind of help with..." She spoke as he had vanished into the shadows before she could get an answer. She blinked, looking more confused lifting her hand to scratch at her temple. That was... strange to say the least. The Cracked Glass Inn was a place she knew about... after all she liked to visit the bars and hang around with others. It wasn't as if she was very busy, going out to take care of a 'threat' was incredibly rare for her. Speaking of... she still had a job to do. She let out another sigh heading out only hoping this wouldn't end horribly... even though she had doubts it would go over smoothly.

Present Day

It had been a few days since Charon came back, the bandit group she went up against no more. Already plenty of stories and rumors had spread about her taking on a group of 90 bandits in a single attack bringing them all to submission without even harming them. From there she exposed their leader as a foul demon lord who was pulling their strings and managed to get in a battle said to of last several hours before slaying the demon leaving no evidence but the ashes that remained. A rather fitting tale for the hero of mankind, even if a very small and insignificant one for a woman of her caliber many would likely recite to others. The whispers of Charon wandering into the Cracked Glass Inn were similiar... though all have slight details changed or expanded upon in various ways as stories tended to after being passed on. The scary part from Charon was she had been rather... simple with her explanation this time yet still it felt as if her normal embellishments had somehow been tacked on without her even needing to do so.

Charon was smiling with an air of confidence wandering in being greeted and talked to as was expected given her prestige and her latest accomplishment. Newtown was her hometown so it was that much easier for her to be recognized wearing her long black cloak with her typical iron embellished armor covering her vital areas while showing off a bit of her skin. Her legendary sword Deiciardor sat on her hip sheathed away. Truthfully such a wardrobe choice was a bit more for her then she would elect for when coming to a tavern but she hadn't the slightest clue what this meeting was about. If there was one thing she learned being a 'godslayer' it was to always keep up appearances particularly if you weren't certain what you were walking into.

"So.... so.... shadowy man... looking like some overly dressed to impressed wizard from some strange fairy tale about a girl and her little dog too." She spoke to herself a bit her words cut short as a few people approached her to talk with her responding back in kind with an affirmative wave and handshake taking on the role of a celebrity between searching for the mysterious man from two days ago.


Captain Spooks

Your friendly neighborhood Darkwraith
Aeneas Argryos III
About a days walk from Newtown
Two days earlier...

Resting his back on an elderly oak tree the former Prince of Cothia, Aeneas Argryos III sat there, enjoying a book. He had recently bought it in Newtown, just a few days ago actually and he found this peculiar clearing as good as any place to enjoy it. Aeneas was on his way to Oakenwall due to their little monster problem, it was easy pickings for an adventurer like him. But true to Aeneas's nature he was being as relaxed and carefree about getting there, it's not like anyone's waiting for him there.

Then, spoiling his nice peaceful break a Phoenix landed in front of him letting out a loud screech. Instinctively Aeneas went for his pistol, knowing it was faster than unsheathing his sword was far slower. The gun only made it a few centimeters out if his holster before Aeneas stopped, hearing the bird speak. Before Aeneas could reply, or do anything really it dissspered within a great fire. For a few moments Aeneas say there, taken completely by surprise, "well uh... that's new," he said, speaking to himself. Surveying the treeline he could see anyone hiding in the shadows. It was suspicious sure, having a Phoenix appear before you out of thin air and order you to a Tavern sure isn't ordinary, and doesn't seem like some flamboyant marketing strategy.

The Cracked Glass, certainly rang a hell but with all of the Tavern in Newtown it's hard to remember them all. "If only that bird had came a day earlier, now I've got to trek back the way I came," he mummbled, sounding a but annoyed. The bird said two days though and Aeneas was only about a days walk out, it's not like the Phoenix said as soon as possible meaning Aeneas can leasurly take his time, like he usually does. "Damn It I've lost my page," he grumbled, looking down at his book, completely knocked out his hand after the previous commotion.

Present day...

Aeneas eventually made his way back to Newtown, with a now finished book in his bag. He usually found himself wandering back here from time to time, the settlement offered a lot of jobs for an adventurer like him. It was a nice place never the less, maybe one day he's settle down here after his adventuring career, well if he isn't dead by then that is. Walking through the streets Aeneas kept his ear out to catch any new gossip, an old habit of his. The talk of the town seemed to be of the legendary Charon Ashbringer, Aeneas knew of her but who didn't? Her tale of slaying a god has been thrown around since everyone came to the new world. Aeneas wondered what would have happened if she was in Cothia durring the apocalypse, though seeing as she was proficient with fire magic he doubted she couldn't do much to a water god. But he couldn't think of the past, nothing would change it anyways.

Stepping up the the Cracked Glass Aeneas sized up the building, from the looks of it the Tavern looked normal with patrons entering and leaving. He shrugged figuring if it was some kind of trap then he'd just deal with it, wouldn't be the first time in recent memory. Anyways Aeneas entered the building, and taking a few steps in he looked around at some of the more unique customers. First to catch his eye was the Godslayer herself, speak of the devil. She seemed to be dealing with some of the townsfolk, could she have summoned him here? No, according to the rumors she's been dealing with bandits these past few days. Next was an armored man in the corner, by the looks of the it he was an adventurer like Aeneas and judging by his size he was a strong one. Lastly a man thay Aeneas missed on his first round through, it was as if he blended in with the darkness around him. It was hard to tell if any of them was the owner of the Phoenix, so Aeneas stayed relatively close to the door, leaning back onto the wall he waited for something to happen.

@Inheritance @June Verles @Hanarei


The God-Emperor of Mankind
Lucius Hearthaven
The Cracked Glass Inn

A call to adventure is to never be refused, especially when strapped for cash. Lucius nodded to the mysterious man whose emotions consisted of a layer of ordinary feelings and a second 'membrane' on top of that which was like an endless pool of darkest, deepest nightmares from an abyssal hell-world.

He did not fear the man's advice, for death would not meet him. Not today, not tomorrow, and surely not in this year. "An epic quest for mighty loot, sign me up!" Lucius declared to the man.

He immediately sat up on his horse and rode off into Newtown with a gallop. "Hyaah!"

- - - - - Present Day - - - - -

Alas, where death fails to murder one's resolve, other means will suffice.

Sunrise was coming in about five minutes and all he could think was, mrrrrrrrghlllrbssss.

Lucius lifted his face from the pillow, and his face looked like a Balkan carving of Satan for a moment, before he pulled his hands across his eyes and it returned to its pleasant demeanor. Lucius was never a morning person, and sleeping in a pub worsened the experience by the fact that the beast couldn't roam free, and had to be reined in.

He slumped back into bed, whimpering at the idea he'd have to get up soon or the innkeeper would kick him out.

"Ring, dress me," he ordered, muffled by his pillow.


Metal plates clanked as they materialized out of each other like scales, chainmail growing like a second layer of skin, with leather to cover it yet more. He still laid, in this suit.

I'm ninety percent sure that when I die as an old man, it will be because I will be too lazy to get up from bed while an assassin approaches me to kill me in my sleep.

Okay, one limb at a time - chop-chop! He laid his right fist next to his head, then pushed, lifting his torso upward in a single bound. The desire to yawn overwhelmed him, causing him to open his eyes and release a burst of morning tears. This in turn, caused a surge of grogginess to return, making Lucius slump back into bed. "Just five more minutes? Yeah, yeah. Five minutes sounds good."

He slept and laid for fifteen minutes before the innkeeper kicked him out.

- - - - -

All things considered, the inn wasn't so bad. Fifteen minutes extra was more than he could get in Pride's Point, not to mention Sparhard where if you weren't up at six, the innkeeper would threaten you with a harpoon.

Lucius stretched as he walked downstairs, trying to breathe at a controlled, measured pace to prevent himself from - yaaawn - that.

He stretched his left arm, lifting it up with the elbow bent and moving it in a circle for a moment before pushing it as far back as possible. His entire body twisted as every upper muscle locked at once, almost looking like he was having a stroke while standing up, or as if he was attempting self-exorcism on a demon possessing him and trying to fight back control of the body.

After that, he sent a mental command to his... inner self, and his soul tickled his eyes with its weirdness, before they started perceiving the wavelengths of emotion around him.

Let's see the outliers, shall we? It was one of his favorite hobbies since childhood: looking at people and seeing which one of them was feeling the most extreme stuff.

Someone in the corner, in a what must have been a dark cloak, was full of utter and degrading wrongness, layered on top of normal emotions. One guy was full of fear, which may have been related to his wife, or perhaps the vampire lying on the floor and about to bite into his ankle. Heh. Down near the counter, there was a guy whose aura was like an adamant fortress, which could be told from the strong, black outlines surrounding the blobs of emotion. The aura of the lizard in his upraised tankard currently had a smattering of suspicion, a little bit of hope, (Lucius didn't understand why hope and suspicion were so close on the spectrum to each other,) and his entire aura was full of sharp, flickering colors, implying he was either daydreaming or very imaginative.

Ugh, that lizard was headache-inducing just to look at. Lucius shut down his power, staring at the bastion of self-control that was holding the small green creature in his cup, before realizing something.

He recognized that exact brand of wrongness from somewhere, but... ah! That had to be it. To think he'd almost missed it.

Lucius homed in on Elodin like a torpedo, making a beeline through the inn, then asking out loud, "Hey. You're the guy who invited me, aren't you? Spill the beans, man - I wanna know where the quest is at."

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Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten
Isiah Dakilrost & Ricotta Obsidion
Location: Barracks, Sparhard → Cracked Glass Inn, Newtown

It's been a strange day. Especially for a General of the 2nd Division.

First was the Marshal telling him to visit his blood relatives and spend some time to catch up with them, then it was that woman from the 1st Division who kept on boasting about her upcoming recruitment campaign. After that, his favorite spot for lunch was closed due to a lack of supply, leaving him frustrated, hungry, and disappointed.

And then, this guard that he had not seen once in the force, let alone in the city (which is rather suspicious), suddenly walked up to him and gave him a letter, shouting that it was for his eyes only. Whoever that stupid man was who yelled out specific instructions and failed to follow the standard procedure, he will be given some proper education. Sooner or later.

It took several hours before Isiah even bothered to open the letter. And even then, he asked someone from the 3rd Division to do it and read it out loud to him, to which he added another task of searching the archives for the sender's records - that gave a rather expected result of having no records in their archives.

All this nonsense. All this strange occurrences. It only leads to one thing.

Something is about to happen. And it will either be big, or will involve someone from a high seat.

Isiah, then, spent the rest of his time thinking about the contents of the letter, and how he will tackle it without risking himself. Numerous plans. Limitless results. He's not getting anywhere. The anonymity of the sender is getting onto his nerves, and it would seem that the only choice is to follow the instructions on the letter.

Well, at least, until Ricotta entered his room.

"Boss, I want some days off. I, uhh..." The draconian was a bit hesitant, earlier this day she got an offer from a shady but rich-looking man. Now that she thought about it, she couldn't just say that she want some days off in order to fulfill a quest from a mysterious person so she could earn herself some extra money. "Uh.. I want to visit Newtown."

All of sudden, Isiah had concocted a plan that would be the answer to this predicament.

The very moment she spoke of the said city, Isiah began to think deeper - trying to link his letter and her sudden request, especially since her day off way still quite some time away.

"Newtown?" He gazed directly into her eyes. "Interesting."

He clasped his fingers together, as he leaned forward on his seat.

"By any chance, are you heading to the Cracked Glass Inn?"

"H-how do you know?" Ricotta's jaw dropped as she was taken aback by Isiah's question. She knew he was a smart person but she never know he was capable of something like future seeing or mind-reading. She told Isiah about the man who offered her money and just vanished after telling her to go to the Cracked Glass Inn.

After hearing her out, Isiah showed Ricotta the letter, and revealed its content - specifically, the name of the sender. "A guard that I've never seen before in the city approached me earlier this day. And seeing that you too, are being called to the same place, it's safe to assume that whoever is pulling the strings here is looking for a certain kind of people - one which you and I are a part of."

He opened a drawer from his desk, and took a small pin with Sparhard's insignia on it. "Now, though this sudden summon has caught my intrigue, I don't trust whoever sent this letter. Especially since we have no information about them at all, none in the archives, and none from the words of our comrades in the other divisions.", he raised the pin and reached towards Ricotta, offering it to her. "But, I trust you Rico. I trust in your skills. In your capabilities."

"And since you plan on going, I'll need you to be my eyes and ears there."
It would slowly be revealed that the pin is a magical communication device, which would allow Isiah to perceive what Ricotta perceives, as long as the pin is not blocked, and would allow Isiah and Ricotta to communicate via voice, by pressing the insignia on the pin to activate such a feature.

Ricotta wore the pin on her jacket. It was a nice little addition to her attire, making her looks a bit more formal. Speaking of addition, she had an idea since this little errand was now an official one.

"Don't worry, boss. I will not disappoint you. But, you know, since this is a formal task now... can I get some pocket money?" Ricotta's fingers formed a circle and her eyes was gleaming when she spoke about her favorite topic.

Isiah huffed. A subtle smile formed on his face for almost a second, before it retorted back into the old gloomy look. After pulling out another drawer, the sounds of metal clinking onto a pouch was evident in this formerly silent room. It didn't take a minute for Isiah to drop a fairly sized, coin-filled pouch before Ricotta.

"That's more than enough to last you for two weeks. Ration it properly.", he said as he slowly shoved it further towards her. "Good luck, Rico."

After Ricotta had taken the pouch, Isiah rose from his seat, placed a clenched fist onto his chest and stood at an firm, erect posture. With a confident voice, he gazed straight at Ricotta. "Glory to Sparhard.", he said, as he did the salute.

Ricotta replied with her own salute and excused herself from the office. With a goal in mind and coins in her pouch, she hitched a ride to the city of Newtown. Of course Ricotta being herself didn't have any intention to 'ration the coin properly'. By the time she reached the Cracked Glass inn, she already spent almost half of the given money. She pressed the pin before going into the inn.

"Rico here, right in front of the inn. Prepare yourself, boss." Without further ado she entered the inn. There's one problem though, she didn't know who to meet or what to do now. She was distracted by a certain red head waving through the inn like a celebrity. Ricotta dashed towards the godslayer, accidentally pushing several other customers on the way but she didn't care.

"You are the godslayer, right? Charon the godslayer??" Ricotta asked for confirmation with glimmering eyes. "That sword, that hair, that armor. I must not be mistaken. I am your fans! I heard about you crucifying 900 bandits on my way here. That is so awesome!"

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Charon Ashbringer

Charon smiled warmly speaking with the people as she went through the many words of praise and thanks they gave all but helping to build her up. Even though she was aware of how exaggerated her accomplishments were, in a way she had in some part been absorb into the mythos built around her. She had found herself on more then one occasion slipping into such a state of delusion thinking herself really as great as all the tales of her told. Her very words several days ago being so confident about taking care of the 'bandit' threat had slipped out of her lips without even a second though until she set off to take care of the problem. She couldn't help but imagine herself easily being one of the citizens around eagerly praising a supposed 'godslayer' without second thought if the shoe had been on another foot.

The red head turned her head watching a few people being pushed out of the way by a dark haired female. She couldn't help but take a double take noticing her horns and tail. A draconian? Truthfully she had never really directly interacted with one before. Her old nation was well militarized and stable that the need for mercenaries was rather low. It was possible there were some employed by Souburgh but someone of her rank wouldn't likely be privy to such knowledge. Charon smiled warmly as the young woman admitted to being a fan only helping to fill her further with pride. She was a bit more taken back by hearing her supposed new accomplishment though only a warm smile rested upon her face.

It went from 90 to 900? The numbers keep just skyrocketing up. Here I thought I was gloating way too much when I bumped the number to 19 . Not to mention now I literally crucified them. The other fellow saying it was a demon god in charge I destroyed... I only said it was a demon. My stories are going out of control faster then I can control them now a days.

"Well, I would say that number is a little exaggerated now. Really now it was nothing special" She spoke sounding more humble as she scratched at the back of her head letting out a light laugh. She had made it a point in her own mind to try and stop her stories from being blown out of proportion, but she had a bad habit of doing the opposite whether it was by coming off humble or just getting absorbed into her own bluster of telling her tales and overdoing it. It didn't help she was terrible at full out rejecting some story someone told about what she had done. She lowered her hand standing with her hand on her hips.

"Now... please don't feel the need to be so formal in a place like this, you can just call me Charon. What name should I call you by fair lady?" She spoke bowing her head lightly in response attempting to be knightly. She had to admit given the attention she was getting she should of worn more discrete attire. Even still she would of likely been picked out unless she went in full disguise with so many knowing who she was in Newtown. That and she couldn't deny she loved the attention a bit too much to go about hiding who she was.

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Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten

"Hmhmhm. My name is Ricotta, but you can just call me Rico!" Rico smacked her chest proudly. "Let me tell you that my whole family is your fans and we will cheer you on. My brother is a bit salty because you overshadow his demonslayer title though. Silly brother." Rico just laughed when she remembered her short-fused brother, he was working as an adventurer right now, if she remembered correctly.

"Now that I already introduced myself..." Rico's gaze became sharp and she took a stance before she draw her sword with her tail and pointed it at Charon. "Let's duel, Charon the Godslayer!"

"I know there's no way I will be able to defeat you, but it will be a honor for me anyway. The scar I receive from fighting you will be a bragging right that I can show of to my family. They will be uber jealous!"
Rico hugged herself and wriggled in excitement. For battle crazed clan like Obsidion, a fight could mean a lot of things. Hostility, respect, curiousity, admiration and many more, depending on the context. In Rico's case though, its more akin to a girl asking her idol for autograph.



The Sleepy One
Lucia Fountaine
Character Sheet
Newtown Guild of Adventurers HQ

open to interactions
"... a Guild Hall has finished construction in Pride's Point." A man said as he pointed at the large map of the known areas of Melicau. The map itself was lacking in detail and general information, but it was the best map of the world as of now, second probably only to a rumored Cabal map. The map had listed villages, towns, and cities, as well as major landmarks and the known locations of Guild Halls and Pioneers. The man himself wore excellent travel wear and kept an old world war axe on his back. "Was there any disruptions?" A woman in plate mail armor and brandishing a large broadsword asked the man. "Only a bit, being from Newtown, our lower ranked members were avoided, but once we started doing active adventurer recruiting and hired some local workers, the work went smoothly. Looks like they understood that the Guild is an independent organization. "Now if only Sparhard got that message..." Another man complained. He wore mage robes and carried a multitude of wands and potions at his waist. "It can't be helped. Those military types won't accept a Guild Hall that quickly anyway. Any good prospective adventurer is also a good prospective soldier for them." Lucia responded to the others.

The people in the room were the highest ranking authorities in the Guild. The ones talking are Pioneers, determining their next actions. Behind and around them, staying silent were Guild Department Heads, Representatives, and prospective Guildmasters. Sitting at the end of the table is the Head of the Guild, who remained silent, watching over the Pioneers decide on their next actions, displaying the trust that HQ had in them. "I'll head to Sparhard and try to negotiate with them once more. "Then I'll stay in the field for a while. My main haunt will be there I guess." The war axe man pointed at the general region west of Pride's Point. "In that case, I'll just be standard adventurer and report back for more later." "I'll do the same as well." The four Pioneers nodded to each other, straightened their posture, and saluted with their fist on their chest before the Head of the Guild. All four walked out of the room, whereupon the other high ranking members stepped forward and started to discuss their own worries. The four silently walked down the corridor, down the stairs, and paused before door to the main lobby of the Newtown Guild Hall.

"Best of luck to all of you." They all nodded before walking into the lobby, where they were greeted by the welcomes of other adventurers. Lucia herself smiled softly and made her way to the receptionist. Raising her Guild Card to display to the young lady, she said "Pioneer Fountaine, resuming activities as a standard adventurer. No change." The receptionist smiled and nodded a thank you as Lucia left the desk and exited the guild. Out in the streets, she decided to head back to her inn to rest. Along the way, she greeted friendly civilians and played with a few kids. With a pleasant smile, she entered the Cracked Glass inn only to lose that smile. ... oh... the godslayer... Lucia had no problem with the woman, but the insane following she had always caused some sort of problem. And it looks like a duel was about to break out too.

With a sigh, she walked up to the innkeep and handed over a few coins. "Another night, please" She then struggled to enter the dining area and found a (somewhat) quiet corner with a seat, waved down the poor waitress struggling to get by the crowd, and ordered a light meal.

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Look at big boy forehead over here
Adventurer 3The Cracked Glass Inn
The lack of communication from the lizard warranted the adventurer to think that it perhaps didn't have a conscience and it was in fact just a lizard, but decided against it since animal companions kept popping out of mid air all of the time back in the other world, this one was probably just a big tipsy after being in alcohol up to it's neck, literally. So as he pluck him out of the tankard by the neck before plopping him on his shoulder, nuzzled in between his pauldron and his neck.

This gave him enough time to take a gander at the rest of the people present, the obvious attention who- attract-er was the one and only Godslayer, which he highly doubted considering that if she did posses the capabilities to kill a god she'd probably do more with her life than show up in random taverns. So she either got lucky or it was all a clever ploy, whichever it was really he didn't particularly care, he wasn't going to rain on anyone's parade.

The following one was the sparhard soldier, doing a very stereotypical sparhard soldier thing and challenging the strongest person in view. Well not like he was the most developed character, so he couldn't exactly complain.

Then there was the pioneer, Lucia Well was her name or something, he didn't particularly care about her either. It wasn't like she would be able to recognise him considering when his complete lack of interaction with the adventurer's guild since he arrived into this world, and he looked much different than Adventurer 2 with this shabby armour.

The final person he saw gave him an aneurysm, a blond kid who just came down and was stretching calmly, he reminded him of that prince he had to escort through the pyramids, that hormonal brat who thought he was tough shit because he had some flying lizard blood inside of him. Sighing he would calm himself down, there was no point reminiscing about the old world, after all it was probably gone by now.

As he followed the blonde man with his eyes he couldn't help but frown confused when he heard the following line;
"Hey. You're the guy who invited me, aren't you? Spill the beans, man - I wanna know where the quest is at."
Breathing in slowly he just started reciting mantras in his head as he got up, walked over to the same man and waited for his response, hoping that it wasn't their mutual contractor.

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One who was denied a simple fate
Elodin Evernight
He was actually a bit shocked at his own speed. He was getting better with the Groth-Lakkar, despite Hilax constantly screaming at him otherwise. Perhaps he didn't like the independence that he got from it? Who knew. He sat in the Cracked Glass early drinking his fine wine, one that he only afforded based off of the crest of his master. He didn't usually abuse it, but he figured he might as well use it in case he needed to throw them off his trail. If he flashed it in enough places, it would give him false locations and he could make people think he had traveled to 7 different taverns due north, when in reality he just flashed it and ran back south.

Not that Elodin was very worried about hiding, he was perhaps the best hider on the planet. His ability to change his looks and form with ease, and his ability to flee into the Shadows made him nearly impossible to catch if anyone tried-assuming they didn't catch him in a room full of light, or a room with some light and all mirrors. Mirrors were the worst-it was extremely hard to navigate proper portals into the Groth-Lakkar when mirrors were around, mainly because traveling to the Shadow World required great precision and concentration. When things were getting reflected around, it made it much harder for him to enter the Shadow World without putting himself in great danger.

Other than that, he was amazing at hiding-but he didn't think his group would be the same way. Who knew. He raised his glass to take a drink, when he felt space ripple above him. He looked up in surprise, figuring something bad was about to emerge from the fragmented space. His reflexes were a bit dulled from the wine (he was a lightweight), and before he could move, a lizard fell out of the broken shards of space and fell about 10 feet into his wine.

He didn't need to look to know who it was. It seemed the lizard understood him after all, or at least partially. He was early, which was annoying, because out of everyone that he had called, spending one on one time with the lizard was the most annoying. He put down his glass and signaled for another one, annoyed.

"I guess two days is different in lizard time then?" He said as he pulled out a deck of cards. "Care to play?"

A sense of great relief washed over him as other members began to funnel into the tavern-on time. He had been going insane with this Lizard, and had a feeling that he was either so deep in disguise that he had forgotten who he was, or that it was just some random lizard that was enchanted. He leaned toward the latter.

He let the group commence with some small talk and awaited until he had a bit of an audience before speaking. He had appeared before all of them in a different way, and while he wasn't too shocked that they pegged the strange man playing cards with a lizard as the one who called them, he was impressed with their speed to deduce who he was.

"Welcome!" He said loud enough for the entire inn to hear, not there was too many tonight. He had made sure that business would be slow tonight-except their party. I"'m sure you were all called by someone different. Some beggars, an old man, a messenger, a phoenix; whoever or whatever called you, know that I was behind it. I'm glad you could all make it, and despite all of you showing up to some shady character's gathering, I'm glad you are all here. Let us all sit down, and perhaps we can all have some food and drink. Trust me, you'll want it."

He waved the innkeeper over, and trays of food and fine wine were brought fourth. Elodin had already had them prepare this, and had bought out the kitchen for the night. He wasn't sure where his suspicions were going to take him, but he had a feeling that wherever they did go, it wouldn't have many home cooked meals or good drinks.

"Eat, drink, and order whatever you want. It's all on me tonight." He secretly hoped they would empty the kitchen, as it would be that much more that Ygrasmundhil would have to pay for (not that it mattered, he had enough money to buy the entire world at this point). "After this we can discuss why I've called you all here."

He sat back in the corner with a small smile, hoping that the group would accept his generosity. When a person receives a gift, there's a lot that can be told about them simply by their reaction. He hoped to get a bit more insight about them up close, not staring at them from the Shadows. He sipped his wine and ate a few ripe grapes. He hadn't felt like eating much of late, it didn't matter what it was. In recent weeks, food had just made him sick, and he couldn't for the life of him explain why.

"Oh and mind the lizard. I'm not sure how intelligent it is."

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The God-Emperor of Mankind
Lucius Hearthaven
The Cracked Glass Inn

Food and drink, that he didn't have to pay for? Lucius was okay with that.

Lucius looked at the waitress, then said, "Pork cutlet, mashed potatoes, and, aah, your finest entreé before that, please. And a glass of cold Angel's Chalice with extra caffeine." His sight briefly flashed into empathy, and he saw some curiosity sparked in her, no doubt by Elodin's announcement.

After sitting down and putting his hands on the table, Lucius glanced around. The fortress of willpower, the man in green knight armor with two swords, didn't say anything as he sat down.

The dark man seemed to be, underneath his film of corrupt darkness, a mixture of smug and joyous, with an even deeper underlayer of suspicion, tied to a smidgeon of anxiety. A lot of emotions there; the smugness and joy were fragile, but not brittle. His true intentions lay underneath that.

There was a pioneer from the guild, with an exceptional mixture of happiness underneath... tiredness? Long day, huh.

He never understood why tiredness, suspicion, and hope were all various shades of cyan in his empathic vision. Most happy emotions were between red and yellow; he could understand if blue was reserved for mild, negative emotions, but hope wasn't negative. Whatever. It's magic: who said it has to make sense?

There was the godslayer, speaking with some kind of draconian girl. The former was happy and vivacious on the outside but scared on the inside (scared of what?) while the latter was like a ball of excitement, joy, and childlike glee. It was almost confusing to watch, but - oh, the food's here.

"Thank you," Lucius said. He put his hands together, fingers intertwined, and cracked his knuckles all at once in preparation for consumption.

Ring, helmet.

Unable to comply. Subspace dimensional pocket doesn't have sufficient stora-

I said 'helmet', you rusty piece of shit. Put it on the table if you have to.

Taking off helmet now.

Lucius' helmet glowed and glitched in reality for a moment, before suddenly teleporting onto the table, letting everyone a clear look at his drawn face, dark spots formed around his eyes in what must have been an expression of a late riser. He took a sip of the Angel's Chalice, relishing the full, refreshing taste of the drink.

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Charon Ashbringer

Charon smiled warmly finding a great sense of honor about being praised in such a way.... even if there was a small tinge of guilt very slightly sprinkled in with regards to her brother. Truthfully it would of been something she would of felt more guilt in the past... but after so much time it didn't phase her nearly as much. I mean it wasn't as if her title suddenly made his own mute, besides she did technically finish off the god as well. There was enough room for others to recieve fame of their own! So what if she managed to take such a big spotlight of her own she had always wanted... it wasn't as if she did it out of malice!

"Now now, I'm sure your brother is very skilled an deserves respect as well. Not all great heroes get the chance to slay a god like I have. I think its fair that others should revere his accomplish just as my own... even if it might pale in comparison!" She spoke not even drifting on the very fact she ended it in a way that could be a bit condescending.... something she would likely would end up biting her in the ass later on. She often got a bit too carried away with her title for her own good. In this case though it seemed getting 'bit in the ass' came much sooner as she was taken back as the seeming fan girl suddenly shifted to.... a duel? Charon looked on with a bright smile... though it was much more of a nervious smile in disguise as she drew her weapon.

"Uh... uh duel? I... I mean really though if I were to fight you.... and give my all its likely there wouldn't be a scar... it would all be charred to ash. I mean... its... well its a little difficult to judge and be able to hold back enough and really I don't want to harm you too bad. When I went and fought the 900 bandits..." Crap why did i just bloat up the number? Damn it Charon stop getting carried away! "... well just simply put I don't want to risk unintentionally taking your life or hurting your... specially when you seem so ripe with potential to go above and beyond what I am even capable of one day with plenty of training! Besides, this is far from the place to really hold a duel... so many people around and its likely going to negatively effect others around us. Its important that a knight, as passionate for battle as they may be, never puts the well being of others at risk for their own selfish benefit." She spoke lifting her index finger up as if to cap off what she said into some lesson quickly shifting the topic after initially stumbling briefly. As if on queue giving little chance for the battle eager women to respond a familiar voice spoke up as she looked over. A sigh of relief escaped her lips as she looked to the girl clutching her hand into a fist.

"Well I have business to attend to. Keep up the work brave warrior!" She spoke as she shuffled away taking the chance to evade what she thought would be safety of the girl's 'advances'. She shuffled over to where the strange man was standing strong as if to try and radiate her position a bit more, less to brag and more so not knowing exactly what this was all about. She had found that trying to keep a strong presence tended to be the best way of going about business she wasn't certain of in the first place. The offer of free food and drink was interesting... though she had plenty of wealth just by her title alone to sustain herself. She lived the life of effectively upper class with much of her work simply being there for appearances. It wouldn't compare to the most wealthy out there at all but for someone like her with generally more simple needs it was more then enough to be comfortable. That and she didn't feel right just taking more money from someone else.

"Thanks for the offer, though I'll pay for myself. I don't wish to put any unfair burden on your pockets when I am not in your employee." She spoke bowing her head lightly in gratitude despite rejecting it. "Waitress if you may put it on my own tab charged to my residence... a glass of milk will do me wonderfully for now." She spoke electing to not to have alcohol feeling a little uncertain given the fact she wasn't sure exactly what this meeting was about and wanting to be a bit professional. She couldn't help but glance over particularly towards the lizard because... well it was clearly a dressed up lizard. It was far from a very usual sight to see. It was only natural it was going to overshadow everyone else there at the moment staring upon it a bit dumbfounded.

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June Verles

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Adventurer 3The Cracked Glass Inn
Sitting down, he would remain silent as he waited for the fancy looking man dressed in black to finally start speaking, since no one at the table was. In his opinion that was already weird enough by itself but the fact that he wore 18th century British attire when they were meant to be in a medieval fantasy frontier was also pretty peculiar.

It didn't either help that he literally just called himself shady, and seemed rather inexperienced at the whole gathering of an adventuring party, well he at least possessed money and magical powers if he was able to fuck around with a phoenix and allow them to feast on whatever. But if he had both magic and power what was the point of hiring a party in the first place?

He digressed, at least he stuck to the whole charade of being a mysterious magician who's secretly extremely powerful or something like that. The other people at the table though were getting somewhat on his nerves, first it was the blonde kid purely by association with Prince Sereth Ethernetcable. Well, at least this kid didn't seem to suffer from severe edgy teenager syndrome so that was something.

Then it was the fabled God slayer, who sat at the table after bullshitting her way out of a duel. What sort of God Slayer first even answers the call to attend some meeting in a shady tavern and then when it's time to order she orders milk. Not water, not fruit juice or something but milk.

"Christ I'm surrounded by weirdos"

He thought to himself as he pulled out what looked a golden carrot from his inventory, which he proceeded to shove into his helmet in a crude and repetitive matter until it just disappeared.

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The Lord of the Uneaten

Rico was disappointed that her challenge was rejected. The godslayer said if they were to duel now, Rico would be no more than ashes by the end of the duel. She never thought about this, this was very true! She got carried away just because she met Charon in this inn, but who said she was worthy to challenge the heroine of humanity right off the bat?! It was like a slap for her. She resolved to train even harder from now on.

"Then one day then I will be strong enough to be worth dueling you!" She declared to Charon.

First step in becoming stronger, was eating. Coincidentally the man with fancy lizard pet offered them foods and drinks, something which Rico definitely wouldn't refuse. She started chomping down all meats she could get her hands on. Turkey, beef, sausages, meatball and many more. It took only a few minutes before she asked for the next batches of foods to be delivered. Her pupils started getting narrower and her behavior getting more feral. She slapped away anyone who attempted to take any of the meat and growled at them, showing rows of sharp fangs which were not there before.

At the end of her binge-eating session, Rico was no more than a round of flesh heavy enough to destroy the wooden chair by weight alone. So she just lay on the floor lazily, her wild behavior completely gone. Of course she wanted to take a nap, but she still had a job to do so she forced herself to stay awake.

"Why are we gathering here again?" Rico let out a burp loud enough to knocks some of the mugs off the table.


The Sleepy One
Lucia Fountaine
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The Cracked Glass Inn

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Lucia listened to shady man and took note of who was in attendance at this meeting. Lucia herself wasn't exactly invited and happened to just be a guest of the inn. However, alarm bells were going off in her head.

The godslayer, a Sparhard soldier, a former prince, a magical lizard, an adventurer with an... interesting helmet, and a shady magician. Almost makes me and the guy in full gear look like the odd ones out.

It was definitely not a normal party to anyone. Lucia leaned back into her seat and brought her drink to her lips. After a sip, she wrapped her cloak closer to herself and attempted to loosen her tension a bit, trying to minimize her presence the same way a hunter would before their prey.

Whatever it is, it definitely didn't go through the guild. Something like a nominated quest? But one would need quite the ability to pick out such an interesting and wide ranging group. What kind of a quest would require such — oh, the soldier just asked.

She decided to just listen on this occasion.


Behind Your Chair
Lacuna Episkiazo

"He'll get to that."

A woman's voice purred across the table, low, sultry and smoldering with sinful import. Strangely, it seemed to emanate from the corner the party's host happened to claim. Shrouded in shadows as Elodin Evernight was, the firelight illuminating the tavern's interior flickered over his form, casting a shadow of its own. That shadow fell upon the actual corner of the tavern and from that corner arms emerged, visible only once they passed his shoulders as they crossed around his neck.

A woman emerged from the shrouded corner, beautiful of face but with peculiar eyes and an amused smirk on her lips as she shifted her attention from one adventurer to another. She rested her chin on Elodin's shoulder as he sat in his chair, arms curled around him before she planted a brief kiss against one cheek.

Then she rose and stepped to his left, to lean against a wall. Wreathed in a form-fitting black robe, she was nearly invisible so close to the corner but that face was plain to see now. "What a strange collection you all are." She sniffed the air and frowned slightly. "Some magic. Some...a touch of the divine. And some not. I look forward to seeing exactly how each of you will make this job possible."

Looking away from them, she caught the eye of a waitress and beckoned to place an order. "I'm Lacuna Episkiazo." Glancing back at the gathered crowd, the strut slinks back into her voice as she smiles and says "And I'm certain it will be a tremendous pleasure to work with you all."


One who was denied a simple fate
Elodin Evernight
The presence that had followed him since he had come to this world was no longer anything new to him, and yet he still found a thrill whenever she laid her hands on him. She had been the best part of Groth-Lakkar, and perhaps the main reason that he dared to go there again after their world had collapsed. He wasn't sure what had happened to Groth-Lakkar, and was very nervous to walk into the world he had come to love. He knew there were rules in the Shadow World, and he didn't want to get caught in the clutches of some terrible creature in there after he had spent years avoiding them. The only reason he returned to Groth-Lakkar, was for Lacuna.

He had found the place in shambles, and he felt very uncomfortable being there. He didn't know if the destruction of Groth-Lakkar was his fault, but he theorized that perhaps a piece of it came with him into the new world; or perhaps it was already here. Despite not knowing the true reason behind the Shadow World's destruction, he had blamed himself; and after searching Groth-Lakkar for days looking for Lacuna, he came up empty handed. He had departed in sorrow, believing his only friend in Groth-Lakkar was gone forever...

But fortunately for him, that was not so. Very few times in his life had he been as happy as he was when he entered the material plane to find Lacuna there with him. She explained to him later that she had tumbled out with him, but at the time he was too overjoyed to think anything more than how glad he was to see her. As they spent time together, he found that she couldn't enter Groth-Lakkar without his aid, just as she couldn't enter the Material Plane without it. He felt saddened for her, but after watching her come to life in his world, he was even more happy that she was there with him.

Tonight was no different. When she was around him he felt just as secure and at home as he had when he had his family in the old world. Losing them to the Cataclysm was hard on Elodin, and only with Lacuna's help and care was he able to come out of such a traumatic event mostly sane. He patted her arm around him and let it slide down her wrist as she she got up.

"Nonsense!" He said to the one person refusing his offer. "I have bought out the kitchen tonight! So anything you try to buy is already mine, so you seem to have no choice but to accept my gift. All of you, I would highly recommend eating and drinking to your hearts content, for if you accept my call, we will not be eating well for a long time."


Timeskip: ~2 Hours

As the party ate and drank, Elodin kept his talk brief and joyous. He didn't want to tell about his journey yet, nor his suspicions. It was extremely difficult to bring a group of strangers together, and even harder to turn them into a functioning group. Alcohol did a long way to bring them together, but only in the field could they become a solid unit. Finally though, as the hour got late and the group was full, he stood up.

As he stood, the most of the lights in the room were snuffed out, leaving a very dim light on the table. Shadows danced over his face, and if one looked closely they could see his eyes turn to a deep black.

"I'd like to thank all of you for coming tonight. Wherever you came from this was probably an inconvenience, and I thank you for being here. But I figure it is high time I explain to you all why you're here." He had noticed that there was one woman in the room that hadn't cleared out. She sat on the far side of the inn, and the entire time she had been watching and listening. He had asked Lacuna to check on her at one point, and it was confirmed that she had indeed been watching. "But first, let me unofficially welcome our newest member, who has felt the need to sit in the shadows instead of joining us! Why don't you come introduce yourself miss?"

He beckoned her over, well aware that his accusation of hiding in the shadows made him a raging hypocrite. After her introduction, he continued.

"My name, is Elodin Evernight. I was one of several magi that opened portals to this new world, and I am one of several magi that now serve under Ygrasmundhil to keep this world safe. I'm sure you all have your own feelings about how the last world ended. How our lives were all changed, and how a vast majority of lives didn't make it. Not many people openly talk about it; so many people want to look forward and never look back. The problem with that however is that when we do this, we ignore the mistakes of the past and are doomed to repeat them. I like all of you lost everything, and while nobody enjoys reliving a tragic past, it is essential that we learn from it."

He paused to give the group a second to think.

"What I tell you today must be kept secret, and I ask of you all swear upon your name and upon your honor that you will not tell anyone about anything I say unless it is permitted by me; else you be damned and cursed for 7 generations." He scanned the room, locking eyes with each member of the group before returning to his normal gaze. "If you do not, feel free to leave knowing that you got a free meal and a glimpse of an adventure. Now, who will stay?"

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The God-Emperor of Mankind

Lucius Hearthaven
The Cracked Glass Inn

Lucius interjected with closed eyes, "I don't usually judge by what my powers tell me about people. In fact, I actively avoid doing so, because it's impolite. But this is an elephant in the room, and it looked like no one else was planning to talk about it."

He sipped some more of his Angel's Chalice as he pinned Lacuna with a distrustful glare. "What kind of shadow demon are you, exactly? If that guy over there"- he made a low arc with his hand towards Elodin -"is like a shadow, then you're the anti-sun. I mean, it's obvious you're some kind of spirit. The auras of spirits look different in general, I'd be the one to know."

Conversation hushed down. Patrons across the inn were staring at their particular table, now. Shades of fear and unease were beginning to filter into the minds of the people, like a slow wave. After a moment, the typical tavern noise began to pick up again as they began to do their best to ignore Lucius' statement.

"So?" He jabbed his fork into the cutlet and began to eat. Despite that, he didn't lower his glare: it wasn't wary, aggressive, or even particularly scared. It was cautious, like a gazelle prepared to evade and run if the lion lunged at it.
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Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten

"What is with-" Rico tried to get up by using a nearby chair to support her bloated body. She was halfway done when the chair snapped under her weight. Sending her back laying on the floor.

"What is with-" This time she used the nearby wooden table. The table snapped when she almost succeed to stand up. Losing her patience, Rico called a couple of waitress to pull her up into standing position. Rico dragged her body towards the fancy man with fancy lizard.

"What is with that cocky attitude of yours?" Rico pointed at Elodin with one of her thumbs her oversized finger. "Swear with name and honor, or else cursed for 7 generations?? Do you really think the bullshit information you will disclose... is worth the Godslayer's honor?" Rico was pissed off. She's fine if the man wants them to keep the information secret, but there's no way she would let this man blatantly discredit her idol like this. As if the Godslayer's name weight the same as some vague information! She cracked her fingers in vain, the fat stacked between her fingers really make it harder to produce the desired sound.

"Apologize to the Godslayer, or should I smack some sense into you??"

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Charon Ashbringer

As the time passed Charon had eaten some food and partook in some drinks. She wasn't one to drink while on the job but it was clear how much time passed it wasn't meant to be so formal. That said, she did only drink light only being a little tipsy. Besides the whole idea of it being some 'business' meeting, there was the Ricotta girl that left her feeling a little more on edge. She had seemed to show a great deal of admiration for her, to the point of being a little scary given her earlier attempt to get in a fight. She felt a little more secure given that she seemed to be as part of the same group to be more aware... granted getting tipsy was a bit beyond what she had intended. Charon wasn't exactly a heavyweight so being offered a few drinks took more of a toll on her then she thought they might.

Elodin's words made her tilt her head a bit questioningly. She hadn't exactly recalled seeing him before though it wasn't as if all the magi had been gathered around together to help lead the people through the portal. She didn't have really much reason to question his claims so long as whatever request he had was reasonable enough to listen to. Not everyone who made big claims were necessarily bad after all. She sipped some of the Ale that had been ordered to her, purposely taking her time as to not get herself too drunk and ideally not give someone else the idea to order her another drink while still having alcohol left in her cup. She looked to Ricotta cringing a bit noticeably at the sight of the chair breaking. She kept quiet just deciding to sip more of her drink before suddenly hearing her name mentioned causing her to suddenly spray out the Ale in her mouth onto the table.

"Hey hey woah woah woah woah!" She spoke out lifting her hands up waving them a bit as a gesture to stop. "It's not a big deal.... I... I mean a little curse wouldn't do much to me at all after all." She spoke fumbling with a boast as she pointed her thumb to herself as to keep up a strong front a bit overcompensating being tipsy as she was. She didn't want to disappoint someone who idolized her, even as strange and uneasy the girl made her feel being around. Her entire purpose of taking on such a title was to inspire others after all so it only made sense to keep up the strong front, right? She stood raising her hand up in a fist placing it over her heart in a gesture that was commonplace from her home nation that those in the military did.

"For a knight, even the smallest of deeds a knight should be willing to put their honor upon. It is a knights job to help all those in need as much as they are able to. While not all tasks should require the knights service... it shhhhould never just be dismissed. A simple promise as to not tell others of information someone wishes you to keep private ishn't at all a problem." She spoke fumbling with her words mentally kicking herself for being as tipsy as she was making it hard for her to come up with something more clever and stoic to say in response. This is why I never drink when trying to do work.

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The Sleepy One
Lucia Fountaine
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Lucia had been watching everyone, and had slowly come to obtain a decent understanding of most of them. The appearance of a literal shadow lady had given her cause for alarm, which was further reinforced by the words of the adventurer with the odd helmet. The adventurer himself seems to able to see some manner of a magical aspect. She wasn't too sure, but she was beginning to rename him as more of a seer.

Back to the shadow lady, or maybe spirit? After several minutes of observing her, Lucia came to a simple yet dangerous conclusion regarding her personality. This conclusion scared her about the possibilities of this meeting. Likewise, if the "seer" is correct, then this was something she could not overlook.

... She's in love...

In her time as an adventurer in the old world, she had come to learn a sad truth, love is deadly. Lucia had seen parties destroy themselves over a woman. SHE'S SEEN PARTIES DESTROY TOWNS OVER A MAN. Love can drive people to irrational things, dangerous things, in fact for some time, she had to deal with a crazy wife who tried to destroy her reputation when the husband had simply hired Lucia for a nominated quest.

Well, in any case, she could only watch. In fact, Lucia had dedicated herself to the art of observation so much that she jumped a bit when she was called out too.

... shit... Well, let's see how this goes...

She stood up and took a step forward into the light. Her eyes glared at the man before assuming a neutral expression. Turning her head and making contact with the other members of the congregation, she finally spoke. "Lucia Fountaine, Pioneer of the Guild of Adventurers...."

With her brief introduction out of the way, she sat back down and listened to what the mysterious man, Elodin Evernight, had to say. ... A curse huh... This will be concerning for my work, but it can be performed nonetheless. It couldn't even be called a price to pay for this quest. After all, this seems to be an investigation into the circumstances of the old world. When the Pioneer Initiative was formed, the pioneers were given the task of expanding the guild, but implicitly, they were to collect as much information as they could. Likewise, the guild, while on receiving some support from Akallas, hadn't been able to get much info out of the Cabal. This could be a good opportunity.

Lucia didn't move an inch from her seat.

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