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Realistic or Modern Let me mess with you MxM MxF


The baddest
Hey everybody! I'm ticl, a 25 y/o writer that's been roleplaying for a while. This is going to be a bit of a half baked thread but it should be fun. I've been looking specifically for MxM or MxF

Let’s start with what I can give you:
Dynamic Characters: I personally play dominate character and I love characters that clash, I love opposites attract and I really love age gap relationships where I would be playing the younger party. Most of my characters are young (all over 18) and I play them as playful, mischievous, adventurous, mean spirited, spiteful, hateful, pushy, seductive, infatuated etc.
Patience: Do what you want, shit, even ghost me, I don't hold grudges
Plot: I have ideas that we can flesh out but I’d love your input as well and if you have your own ideas that you think I would enjoy lemme know.

Quick Settings:
Slice of Life
Wild West
Family Dynamics

Now, What I hope you can provide for me:
Interactive and creative Characters, the more our characters clash, the better. I like playing against older characters that are more reserved or sheltered.
id Loveee to do a medieval or family rp w/ you, if accepting of coursee!

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