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Fantasy Left To Die


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The year is 2025. Ever since a yeast manufacturing company accidentally put a tainted batch of MSG in their yeast two years ago, the food throughout the world and turned most of it into a desolate wasteland filled with rabid, decomposing cannibalistic humans still roaming the Earth looking to satisfy their needs. The disease spreads from any sort of physical contact that breaks the skin, such as biting or scratching. The US government has bombed every major city in the country in the hopes of slowing down the spread of the infection. There are still many people not infected, and there's a select few people holed up in a gas station a few hundred miles away from Pittsburgh. All they have left is themselves, and the personal connections they've made with each other to hold on to some hope for humanity.


1. You can only have three characters at a time.

2. Don't control other people's characters.

3. If you want your character and another user's character to be in a relationship, make sure both you and the other user consent to the relationship. The same applies for killing off characters.

4. Don't make your character OP. The characters are meant to be human, so they can't do anything a human isn't capable of.

5. Be kind and respectful towards other users out of character. This, of course, doesn't apply in character if your character is meant to be a bad person.

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Name: Annie Davis

Age: 23

Appearance: Annie is white and has long brown hair and hazel eyes. She wears black t-shirts that have the names of metal bands on them. She also wears a pair of jeans and combat boots. Around her neck is a necklace with a diamond in it. She never takes it off, even in the most extreme situations.

Other (Optional): Annie has been through lots of trauma in her life, losing her father at only 11 years old and her mother at 17. When she finally got over the pain, the apocalypse started. Because of this, she's very bitter and sometimes rude towards people she doesn't know. However, once you get to know her and she warms up to you, she's a tough, vulgar, sarcastic, yet kind and caring person who tries her best to protect the ones she can truly call family.

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