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Fantasy Lady Elaina's Library (LORE)

Divine Favor

Divine Favor is something bestowed upon an individual by a Divine Being, granting them strong abilities for the price of having almost life-altering rules to follow and extremely harsh consequences for breaking such rules. The most common of these is being granted extreme power for the purpose of revenge, at the cost of losing your soul after the revenge is carried out. This is commonly confused with Double-Edged Curses, but the difference is that a Double Edged Curse has a single effect if a condition is fulfilled whereas an Unholy Divine Favor has lingering powerful effects so long as its rules are follows and consequences the moment they are broken

Common Indicators of Divine Favor
  • BEING Divinity- God, Deity, Angel, Demon, Dragon
    • Being a descendant of Divinity- Half Angel/Demon/Dragon, Demi-God, A Wyvern
  • Becoming able to command or commandeer Divine Beings or Divine Descendants
    • Dragon Riders and Dragon Tamers
    • Wyvern Riders and Wyvern Tamers
    • Riders or Tamers of Creatures of Myth or Legend. Like Chimeras, Cerberus, Orthrus, Nemean Lion, Hydra, Sleipnir, Pegasus Unicorns (Winged Unicorn)
  • Being bestowed Divine favor by a being with authority
    • This is of course Gods and Deities, but also High ranked angels/demons, High Priests, the Pope, Ancient demons. Mother Earth (Gaia), the Queen of Fairies Titania, The King of Vampires Dracula. Every Dragon over 500 years old
Common Tropes of those with Divine Favor
  1. They are typically favored by the authority who bestowed it upon them
  2. They cannot be attacked by other beings with Divine Favor unless said being is acting in self-defense, has broken Divinity Law, or is a "rival" (like someone with Holy Divine Favor is subject to being attacked by demons or those with Unholy Divine Favor)
  3. For rulers of species, they are granted general friendship/favor among the rest of the species
  4. They usually very strong in their area of expertise. A fire mage under a Fire Dragon's Divine Favor will always be stronger than any fire mage without it or a similar authority's Fire-Related Divine Favor (Like Ifrit, Hephaestus, Vulcan, or Agni)
  5. They tend to praise the Authority who bestowed the authority to them, or at least has loyalty to them
Common Restrictions

The life of someone with Divine Favor can be very strict. It all depends on the authority who bestowed it. Here are some common ones:
  1. Those with Holy Divine Favor are unable to practice Daedric arts or aid them. This is also vice versa for unholy toward the holy
  2. For Dragon/Wyvern Riders and Tamers, they themselves are unable to take the life of a Dragon. Their beast must do it for them
  3. For Riders and Tamers of ANY sort, they are not able to leave their Beast of Authority to die, even if there is no way to save them. It is better to let them die in your arms than to leave them to get help, and they die on your way back.
  4. Those with Divine Favor must never slander the name of their Authority
    • For those with Holy/Unholy Divine Favor, this will include slandering the names of Holy/Unholy Gods, as well as their specific Authority
  5. Never bare your teeth at your Authority
  6. Fulfill the conditions your Authority has set for you, if any. Never slack on it, as laziness will get your Favor revoked
Relics Log

Relics are magic items with special qualities. These can range from relatively common to literal one of a kind and can be a utility, an armor, and weapon. Pretty much any item can have a relic version of it. The relic can be nigh useless. It can be a world-ending ink quill. Who the hell cares?

This is the log of relics. Any new relics will be posted here

Here is the skeleton for a Relic. If you want to create a new relic, this is the CS to follow

[Name of the relic]
[Picture if Applicable]
[B][Owned By][/B]: Who owns the relic being used

[B]Description[/B]: Post the description of the Relic's application here. Description should include what the relic does and its basic uses and other fluff notes for the relic

[B]Strengths[/B]: What GOOD does the relic bring to the table, whether it's directly tangible or not
[*]Aspects of what makes a relic good should be posted in a bullet-point format
[*]Simple sentences make this easier

[B]Weakness(s)[/B]: How hard is it to use the Relic. OR how hard is it to use the Relic or what makes using the relic harder
[*]Same with the Strengths, it should be posted in a bullet point format
[*]Weaknesses are for anything that make using the relic harder if not impossible

Everquench Canteen

Description: After filling the canteen to at least halfway and then closing it, this canteen never runs dry of almost any liquid that is put inside of it, so long as the liquid is NOT living or part of a living being (like a slime), or pure magic liquids (like potions of pretty much any kind). If another liquid is put in there, it completely replaces the liquid that was in there before. The canteen retains the properties of the liquid inside. If you put ice cold water in it, it will pour out that water when picked up years later

Note: The canteen does not begin Everquenching until it is CLOSED. It must be filled to at least halfway and THEN CLOSED before it begins. If another liquid is put into it, the liquid does not permanently change until it is filled halfway and then closed, allowing one to pour out the new liquid should they change their mind. However, in that case, the second liquid will be mixed with the first, effectively ruining the second liquid

  • Never-ending stream of liquid, from water to alcohol to gasoline to acid to poison.
  • Indestructible
  • Retains properties of whatever is inside. A halfway full canteen of holy water will give you a never-ending stream of holy water
  • Anti-Magic will disable the canteen for 12-24 hours (depending on the strength of the anti-magic) from the time it leaves anti-magic influence, rendering it a normal everyday canteen
  • Tangible solids will render the canteen useless until the tangible solids are purged. This includes ice.
  • Does NOT purify, corrupt, or otherwise alter anything inside of it
  • 1 liquid at a time. If you have a liquid to mix, don't mix it in this canteen or you'll lose the first liquid. A mixed liquid must be put in there as a whole (post-mixed)
  • The liquid inside can be altered if done while the canteen is open. For example, if you put in ice cold water and then shoot fire directly inside of the bottle, the water will heat up. One must then pour cold water back into it. If you pour sand into the water, you must empty it and refill with purified water.

Landwalker Talisman

Description: When on the user's person, it allows them to operate on land similar to a human. Gills function like lungs, allowing them to breathe air, reduces body functions that are otherwise optimized for non-surface land purposes, and optimizes body functions that otherwise don't operate as well on land

Basically allows them to sustainably live on land

  • Immune to Anti-Magic
  • Always active while in person
  • Indestructible

  • User is left to learn how to actually live on land beyond literally being able to breathe and walk effectively on land
  • If removed by any means, the effects of the Landwalker Talisman is nullified
Relic Log
The People of Pisces
There are 3 types of Pisceans:

The Gill-Borne (aka fishfolk) which is a broad term and divided by specific types of humanoid fishlings. For comparison's sake, the gill-borne essentially look like walking fish. Not many human characteristics. The Gill-Borne are highly religious and serve what they call the Goddess of the Deepest Deeps, a name translated as Mariana. It is believed that this is why the Mariana Trench is named as such.


Sirens are the type of human/fish hybrid characterized by a human face with fish features, a normal-looking human body (adapted for long term subaquatic exposure), and long fish tails. Sirens include a subsect called Merfolk (mermen and mermaids), but only Sirens socialized by humans deem themselves as anything besides Sirens. Sirens attribute their origins to the God Kaimana, who was seafaring human who achieved God status by leading the charge to defeat an ancient fire demon seeking to expand the land by drying up the ocean. Sirens that mate with Gill-Bone make sirens that have more Fish traits. Sirens that mate with other Sirens and Tritons form Sirens with more human characteristics. However, Sirens that mate with landwalkers form sirens that are known to be incredibly alluring for the species they've mated with



Tritons are the most humanoid of the Piscean People, characterized by almost completely human bodies adapted for long term subaquatic living. Webbed hands and feet, bluish-green skin color depending on region and possibly distance from the surface, and a fiercely overclocked warm-blooded system that keeps them from freezing. While this description is typical, it is not uncommon to see Triton/Siren hybrids, or Tritons that can live outside the water (though this one is less common), as Tritons are able to mate the same way as Sirens. However, Tritons are most able to produce offspring that are able to live on both land and water. With magic influence, Tritons can tailor their lives to ultimately live on land or live in the sea full time, using magic to change themselves to adapt how they need to live most efficiently in the environment of their choosing.

Tritons can choose between serving Goddess Marianna or God Kaimana. However, they can only choose one and can't change it after they make their first prayer
The Arachnis People (WIP)

The Arachnis are people who.........you guessed it, are Arachnid in nature. Their variance is extremely high in terms of what they do, so to speak about generalities for this VAST species is actually quite a task. The only common ground across the almost entirety of the Arachnis is that they are grounded (wingless) and antennae-less, and these distinctions are a thing that they are EXTREMELY prideful about. Commonly compared to insectoid counterparts, those are fighting words to Arachnis.

Arachnis is the umbrella term to describe the people as a whole. If you do not know which of the 3 variants of Arachnis people they fall under, it is better to call them an Arachnis than the wrong term.

The Types of Arachnis


As the derived namesake of the species, Arachnida are exactly that, arachnids in their most conventionally natural state, relatively speaking. The big difference is that Arachnida People are usually MUCH larger. These aren't your common house spiders taking up a corner of your house. Arachnida people are usually life-sized. They are visible from a distance. So if you see what looks to be a giant spider trying to talk to you, it is indeed an Arachnida Person, not a normal wild spider. Normal wild spiders just don't get that big.

Since Arachnida have neither vocal chords or ears, their territories are in almost complete silence and they communicate in ways not even a Trace Relic can pick up. Without a Relic that allows you to communicate with them, it is impossible to communicate with an Arachnida. The easiest way to communicate with them is to give them a Telepsychic Relic which projects their thoughts as audible words. Otherwise, you'll have to use a triple combo of a Trace Relic, Vocal Relic, and Cochlea Relic, which is impractical

Besides wild (normal) spiders, Arachnida make up the bulk of the Arachnis people


Arachne appears to be that in-between of Arachnida and Humanoid, having the appearance of what's essentially a spider centaur. Humanoid upper body, Arachnida lower body. Arachne have over their full Arachnid counterparts is their vocal cords and ears, which allow them to audibly communicate with others. They have over all Arachnoids the Arachnida body which allows them to interpret the vibrations of the Arachnida. Thus, they are will known to serve as a bridge of communication between Arachnoids and Arachnida, specifically the Arachnoids who have no spider appendages, which prevents them from interpreting well enough the vibrations that make up most of Arachnis communication.

This puts them into an excellent niche as to their contributions to Arachnis society. Putting them alongside Arachnoids in the outer levels allows them to serve as Human-Arachnis interpreters (though this tends to go more to Arachnoids) or Arachnoid-Arachnida interpreters, which is a role specialized to them.

Unfortunately, Arachne are less accepted than any other form of Arachnis among outsiders. Despite having all the advantages of both Arachne and humanity, most would sooner accept a giant spider or a 6 armed human than a human upper body on a spider lower-body. God Anansi has given every Arachne the latent magic to temporarily shift into Arachnida form or Arachnoid form. This revelation has given rise to the belief that God Anansi uses Arachne as the faithful bridge that holds Arachnis society together as well as the bridge between Arachnis and all others.


Arachnoids are the most humanoid of the Arachnis, hence the name. Possessing the most similarities to outsiders, they are most commonly seen as human bodies with limbs adding to 8. The common rule is that the legs are that of a human, not an Arachnida.

  • 2 human hands, 2 human legs, 4 spider appendages in the back (most common)
  • 4 hands, 2 legs, 2 spider appendages
  • 6 human hands, 2 human legs (2nd most common)
  • 6 spider appendages, 2 human legs
  • 4 human hands, 4 human legs (least common)

Arachnoids tend to live either the furthest inside of Arachnis territories with the rest tending to reside around them, or they tend to live closest to the outskirts of Arachnis territories. This isn't out of any kind of reverence or spite. It is simply due to the fact that them being humanoid make them the least biologically compatible with Arachnis territories. Maybe they're too heavy or they tend to destroy webbing accidentally. It is simply a biological reality, though that's not to say that such racism doesn't exist at ALL

Arachnoids tend to occupy a special role in Arachnis Territories: Interacting with outsider humans/humanoids. Contrary to popular belief, the most common Arachnis are not inherently hostile. Just sensitive to outsiders due to their clean nature and web sensitivity. Perceptions of hostile outlook comes from the either actually hostile variants or common arachnophobia-shaped views. Arachnoids are the most compatible to interacting with outsiders for the purpose of trade or diplomacy since most would absolutely take a 6-armed human(oid) over a human(oid) with the body of an Arachnis. For that, Arachnoids are the most common Arachnis merchants, travelers, dignitaries, and diplomats. Not out of reverence or spite, but out of practicality

With this in mind though, this DOES put Arachnoids in the unique position of being able to take on roles that Arachne or Arachnids simply cannot, and the role of diplomats, dignitaries, interpreters, etc. tend to be almost exclusively prioritized for Arachnoids

Broodmite (Broodmother/Broodfather)

The Broodmite is the gender neutral term for their official name, which is Broodmother or Broodfather. Since residents of Arachnis Territories are considered children of the Broodmite (regardless of biological relation), the Broodmite is the leader/chief/president of the Arachnis Territory. The Broodmite can be either variant of the Arachnis species (Arachnida/Arachne/Arachnoid). The Broodmite is known to be immensely powerful and is effectively the Queenpiece of their kind. Should the Broodmite be taken down, the entire colony disperses. It is currently unknown how Broodmites are most commonly chosen, and such information tends to be held in deep secret by the Arachnis people

Broodmites are seen as direct prophets of God Anansi

The Culture

How are Arachnoids and Arachne made?

Everything has an origin. For the most part, a lot of them can be traced back to the God they serve. The Arachnis people are all created in the image of the God in which they serve, God Anansi the Spider Trickster. Trickster in this context isn't necessarily malicious, but more witty, resourceful, and cunning in His Heroic deeds. The Arachnida is what's essentially his "animal" form, while the Arachne and Arachnoid are His playful experimental forms between His Arachnida form and His human form. He fell in love with both of these forms as well and thus the Arachnis people and Arachnids as a whole were created. The Arachnis people take great pride in their origin, and insulting their God is a surefire way to end in your organs liquidized by their poison


Arachnida are as versatile as they are varied across region

With the before entry in mind, it's best to speak about them from the most common or popular viewpoint. Since most are afraid to venture anywhere near Arachnida Territories, what is known is based on what is observed via magic or what is consolidated from what the Arachnida who venture out of their territories tell people. There is a lot of word of mouth to sift through

So a lot of Arachnida are known to be extremely clean, valuing as close to spotless a home as possible, whatever that home takes the form of. An easy way to make and Arachnida uncomfortable is to put them in a dwelling that they aren't allowed to clean beforehand. A pigsty dwelling is a quick turnoff to Arachnida. When it comes to recruiting
Gods and Pantheons

There are many Gods whom the people of the world serve.
  • Holy Gods
  • Daedric Lords
  • Fae Counsel
  • Royal Dragons
  • Elder Gods

Holy Gods

The most well known connotation of Gods assume Holiness, and maybe it makes sense. The Holy Gods follow the light and seek, in general, to purify and preserve life. However, if there are those who would fundamentally go in defiance with Holy Teachings, maybe they need to be purged from this earth and reduced to nothingness, less than ashes

Rankings. A 6-star Angel is the top rank of Angel. After that, the Angel ascends to God-hood. Alternatively, if an Angel challenges a God, they can take over that God's position as a condition of the duel. From bottom to top, the ranking is as follows

  1. Supreme God
  2. Ancient God
  3. Elder God
  4. High God
  5. God
  6. Deity
  7. 6-Star Angel

The Spring Prince Qeien, God of Health
Served By: Dr. Laylah Halliet the Guardian
Earthen Location: Divine Grace Flower Fields
Element(s): Earth, Holy
Animal Appearance: Cockatrice​

The Spring Prince Qeien is a benevolent god who serves to keep being in their most prime. This means physical fitness, this means eating healthy. Only those he considers healthy are allowed within his ranks. This has earned him accusations of Ableism and Fatphobia, despite the fact that he does accept the disabled so long as they keep themselves healthy to the best of their ability. For the fat, the drinkers, the smokers and other addicts of any kind, Qeien shuns from his ranks.

His Earthen Location, the Divine Grace Flower Fields are a field that, to anyone that isn't a follower of his, finds these flowers toxic. Their spores are alluring, leading the victim back to these fields whose flowers feed on their life force until the victim is eventually a dead husk, and then nothing at all. They are incredibly toxic flowers that Qeien only allows in the hands of his followers or in the hands of those gifted these flowers BY his followers. These flowers are banned in most countries.

To followers and those gifted by followers, these flowers have a scent like ambrosia, a divine taste when brewed into tea, and an everlasting spring life so long as they're maintained to the most minimum degree. They serve as gifts to his faithful. Should these flowers lose their smell or taste, one might want to commune with him to find out his problem with you or any actions that you have taken recently, lest you smell the more toxic allure of those flowers.

The Moonblade Banera, Goddess of the Sword
Served By
: Evangeline the Enforcer
Earthen Location: Deep Stone Crypt
Elements: Holy
Animal Appearance: Crow; Murder of Crows​

The Moonblade Banera is a powerful no-nonsense malevolent god who knows her job and does it to the utmost of her power, which is a lot. Banera is a blade of the Gods, a woman charged with keeping the law and order of the pantheon, which also means ensuring that the angels are all doing their jobs and doing them adequately. As Goddess, Banera is a complete master of every single melee weapon there is, and every single formal fighting style ever developed on the earth. Banera is cocky and arrogant, yet has the skill necessary to back up the words she has for anything or anyone she has to speak about. That isn't to say she can't be humbled, but it'll take a fresh beating in order to get her to do so. Good luck with that one

Her location is a place known as Deep Stone Crypt, a place where Banera places the skulls of the souls of those lives are taken by her, her enforcers, or her followers. To those unauthorized, one doesn't need to worry about any kind of gimmick or poison or guardian or anything. There aren't guardians as much as there are detection measures. Simply put, if Banera detects someone unauthorized in her crypt, she will simply take your head and add it to the crypt. There is no room for negotiation or question. If you are not ABSOLUTELY SURE that you have Banera's favor, do not enter. She will appear, take your head with a flourish of her blade, and then melt the skin off it to add to her ever-growing walls.

For those granted safe passage into the Crypt, within is an archive of combat that encompasses everything between the Earth Realm, the Heavens, and the Underworld. A full-powered copy of every single unique weapon ever made in history, and of every generic melee weapon forged with every material. A pristine copy of every single book on weapons combat ever. A pristine copy of every single book on hand-to-hand combat ever made. The memories of every great warrior and their training sessions and greatest feats, able to be replayed like a movie. Formal lectures and lessons on close combat, lectures on how to overcome common weaknesses of those who walk the path of the blade. Books on A Sanctified Holy Field to train on, with the privilege of being able to wield copies The Deep Stone Crypt is a mausoleum paying respects to the greatest greats, built on the skulls of those

The highest honor one can take on is to be recognized by the Moonblade enough for her to want to train you herself. Those who have trained under the Moonblade herself only know defeat BY the Moonblade herself. Her training is the most grueling and deadly training one can ever go through, and Banera is known to be immeasurably strict, with BRUTAL punishments for daring break the rules

Followers of the Moonblade Banera are some of the greatest warriors to ever walk this earth.

The Ocean Trench Mariana, Goddess of the Deepest Deep
Served By: Sebas and Orabelle Deadeye, Nancy Noi, Mariah the Watcher (Angel)
Earthen Location: The Mariana Trench
Element: Water, Holy
Animal Appearance: Angler Fish, woman face where the angler's lure would be​

The Ocean Trench Mariana was a former Holy Goddess of the Sea who decided to recede into the depths, allowing a lateral god, God Kaimana, to take over as the God of the Sea. The duo were friends and even lovers but after a falling out, Mariana retreated into the Deepest Deeps in a depression. Soon, in its solitary depths, she found a new embrace within its Oppressive Darkness. Full of secrets of the Gods now above her, including secrets of her formerly beloved Kaimana, the Deepest Deeps allowed her to find people at their lowest and show them the light within their darkness. Being in such Oppressive Darkness forged her the rare ability to become a Holy Goddess who also embraced the Daedric Darkness that was the Deepest Deeps. She is one of very few Gods who resided On High who can also use Daedric Magic

The Deepest Deeps refer to an area of the ocean known as the beginning of the Aphotic Zone (midnight zone), which is where light becomes a fleeting resource. The Surface is just that, the literal surface of the water. The Depths are between 1-199 meters (Sunlight Zone), the Deeps between 200-999m (Twilight Zone), the Deepest Deeps between 1000m-3999m (Midnight Zone), the Abyss at 4000m-5999m, then the Trench below that, a place requiring a pilgrimage. If not authorized by the Goddess, Good luck even finding it in the ocean, let alone getting access to it

Her location is a trench named after herself, the Mariana Trench. It is a highly specific trench under the "bottom" of the ocean that she laid claim to and turned into a pilgrimage location to visit her. Despite her namesake being the Deepest Deeps, Mariana's jurisdiction consist of the Deeps above it, the Deepest Deep itself, the Abyss, and then the Trench. While the Deepest Deep and the Abyss are Daedric locations with their Oppressive Darkness, the Trench is a neutral location overall since she IS a holy Goddess. The only thing is.............good luck not only finding it, but actually making it down. Regardless of her guardian being there guarding the location from unauthorized interlopers, it is simply too deep and too remote (and such remote location everchanging) to even be found. It is a natural barrier, since only those blessed by the Goddess will be given the ability to withstand the Oppressive Darkness as well as granted safe passage by her guardian enough to infiltrate her Trench. It is far and away the hardest place to attempt unauthorized entry, if for no other reason than its natural barrier of its oceanic depths, pressure, changing location, and guardian that the Oppressive Darkness prevents you from seeing. You will absolutely drown or be eaten long before you find the Trench if you are unauthorized. Those blessed by her will find the Trench very easily

The Paragon Obris, High God of Virtue
Served by: Steven the Deacon
Earthen Location: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Element: Holy​

Obris is the Paragon of Virtue. He is a god has a high sense of justice and recruits those whom most would consider low in morals to enforce His will. Afterall, what use is there in preaching to the choir? Since Virtue is a broad concept concerning the 7 heavenlys (7 Heavenly Virtues) and Obris presides over ALL of them, He is a God of very high status. His Favor is not easy to come by as most people will instead get contacted by one of his 7 delegates, each running one of the 7 virtues

The path to becoming a Paragon is not an easy one.

Daedric Lords

Daedric Lords


  1. Daedric Supreme
  2. Daedric Champion
  3. Daedric Emperor
  4. Daedric King/Queen
  5. Daedric Lord/Lady
  6. Daedric Noble
  7. 6-Star Daedra

Royal Dragons

Dragons work in hierarchy. There are 13 Dragons on Earth and 13 Dragons on Avalon who claim the spot of Dragon Lord for the Earth Realm and Avalon respectively. The Dragons of Earth roam the Earth doing as they please. However, they are known to be found in extreme locations. If a mortal manages to make it to them and offer enough tribute, the Dragon would take them on as a disciple. However, for most Dragons, the problem tend to lie in either GETTING there period or getting up enough of a tribute when they arrive, which would cause them to be eaten on the spot if said tribute wasn't enough. No warning, no specified amount. Just go with the knowledge that it is likely a suicide march

Ranking. There is no rank below Dragon. You are either a full-fledged Dragon or you are not.

  1. Draco Ultimata
  2. Dragon God
  3. Dragon Lord
  4. Dragon Supreme
  5. High Dragon
  6. Dragon

The Circle of Royals (Earthen Name: The Dragons of Avalon)

The Dragons reside in Avalon and live in harmony and good relation with the Fae that ultimately rule the realm. The DoA are a group of 13 Dragons known as "Royals" who are the strongest in the realm and the #1 is the strongest of the 13 Royals and the ruler of the Draconic Territory as a whole. In God terms, they are Gods among the Draconic with #1 being the Elder God. In this case though the #1 Dragon is deemed the Dragon Supreme. However, in most cases they are simply referred to in King terms regardless of gender since they do indeed rule the territory

Royal #1: Dragon Supreme, Dragon of the Fae, Elewynn the Fairy Dragon
Served By: Demestral Asella
Element: Fae, Draconic​

Elewynn is the Dragon Supreme with a humble beginning who only became a big Dragon with the power of Fae Magic. Elewynn is known to be incredibly friendly and benevolent to those under her rule, to the point where, if she came to earth, she would be one of precious few dragons who would stand being approached by the denizens without tribute. She genuinely loves her followers/worshippers and is known to bestow upon them many a blessings
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Spell Log

This is going to be an ongoing log of the spells used in this RP and a brief explanation of what it does

Common Spells
  • [Trace]: While active, when the user speaks, everything the audience hears is in their respective native tongue and everything the user hears is in their native tongue. It's effectively an auto-translate
  • [Mute Bubble]: A Bubble in which sound neither enters nor exists. On the inside, sound does not exit. On the outside, sound does not enter it
  • [Telekinesis]: The user floats an animate object with their mind
  • [Aegis]: Projects a protective shield in front of the user
  • [Fireball]

High Level Spells
  • [Arc Lightning]: Launches a bolt of lightning that chains to everything in its path
  • [Sword in the Stone]: Plants the sword into the ground and then pulls it out, causing a destructive explosion in the earth before it. An homage to the Champion King Arthur
  • [Ultra-Violet Nova]: A literal nuke. A massive fireball crashes in and destroys everything around it.
  • [Cascada]: An extremely high pressured blast of water
  • [Sense Steal]: Steals one of the 5 senses from the target and adds it to the user


Ordinations are orders to the world to impose an effect on a target. These spells can only be used by the Divine or those with Divine Favor. For the most part, one must mark the target before using the ordination. For example, Orabelle hits targets with her staff to mark the location she struck. The bites of Ghauznud's Dire Wolves leave an Ordination Mark, which he uses to cast Ordination of Flames to burn the targeted area. However, Divine beings don't have to mark a target to induce an effect if there is a large enough power gap in favor of the one casting it

  • [Ordination of Rapture]: Forces the target's body to continually rise into the air until the Ordination is ended
  • [Ordination of Flame]: Sets the target ablaze in Holy Fire. Unless specified otherwise, this continues until the Ordination is ended or not even ashes remain
  • [Ordination of Misfortune]: An order to the universe to cause misfortune on the target. Anything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong, even to lethal effect
Rook.jpgRook True Form.jpg

Occupation: Attendant to Josephine; Flock Maestro
Species: Corvidae (Crow)
Age: ???

Description: Rook is the primary Crow called upon by Josephine. He is assigned by King Corvus to tend to and protect however she needs. He is essentially a bodyguard and messenger to the Flock. Rook is a VERY strong bird and his most common form isn't his true form. In the interest of protecting her by any means, Rook went far above and beyond any member of any flock. He ended up attaining a new power surge from King Corvus and with it, the new form of a huge Daedric Crow with 10 eyes and immense power. This gives him the power of 2 highly trained Warriors, 2 highly trained Mages and a Daedric Paladin. He..........He doesn't tell Josephine about his actual form because he knows that she just wants a peace with minimal magic interaction. Plus, she is immensely scared of the Daedric, so he is fine keeping this a secret. Plus, his true form is something he only ever wants exposed when he is to kill who sees it

Rook is obsessed with Josephine, nigh in love with her for saving his life that day. Anything that tries to bring her to harm will be killed. If Josephine were to die, Rook's power would increase 100-fold and the final 10 minutes of Rook's life before he fades away will be a rampage for the ages. He is a ruthless killer, fiercely territorial, and won't hesitate to kill even a flock member that Josephine wants dead, and grows more powerful the more Corvus Birds he eats. He isn't loyal to a flock. He is loyal to Josephine and that simply extends to any flock she runs.

Josephine isn't a threat. Rook is the threat.

The Corvidae hates Elaina, but whatever binds she put on Josephine's soul makes it impossible to take his talons to her throat unless Josephine is in imminent danger. There is also an aspect of Josephine not hating the witch, due to the fact that Josephine has little history with Elaina that she's able to recollect. It's a frustration that Rook holds, that Josephine isn't aware that he holds. All he wants is her safety. Memories or not, so long as he is a presence that she wants to keep around, he is happy with his current life
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