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Fandom Justice League- Displacement-Cs



The father of the Worldbreaker.
The CS
Faceclaim: (your choice.)
Hero Name:
Alter ego:
Race: (Human, Kryptonian, Martian, ETC.)
Origen: (How you became a hero.)
Alignment: (Hero,Villain, Anti-hero, Etc.)
1.No stepping on toes- so i know people like to use feats as descriptors in their history. But i dont want to see anyone listing how their character has "Beaten Superman" or how they can "Fight as well as batman" etc. Its just plain rude.

2. Add a personal twist- I know we are playing cannon heroes and villains but please add your own touch, maybe your batmans parents died in another way? Perhaps your martian manhunter is not the last of his kind but an ambassador of sorts? Creativity is encouraged.

3. Dont derail the plot- i understand wanting to make character centric plots and i am totally open to this. However there is a mainplot in mind, and that is ny primary objective. If you message me with plot idea's ill do my best to work them in and will be very happy if they contribute to the story.

4. No metagaming, Godmodding, or powerplaying- This is a combat heavy RP. Villains and heroes will be battling left and right and there are some fresh new Big baddies waiting in the wings for ya. So its important that you keep up with what your character can actually do/know. No autohit/dodge/blocking, No 4th wall breaking, no reality warping, and no unearned knowledge.

5. Play your character- Now i know we will be adding our own twists but still a hero is a hero. Just because my superwoman can rip the arms off of lex luthor and stuff them down his throat doesnt mean she will do it. The same should apply to your character. Dont do what YOU would do do what YOUR CHARACTER would do.

List of Roles.

The Original 7

Superman- Claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Batman- Claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Wonderwoman- Claimed by PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss
The Flash- Claimed by PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss
Aquaman- Claimed by Crenando Crenando
Martian manhunter- Claimed by ManyFaces ManyFaces
Green Lanturn- Claimed by ThatGuyWithSouvlaki ThatGuyWithSouvlaki

Back on earth

( Canon heroes.)
Cyborg- Claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
The Question- Open
Mr.Terrific- Open
Supergirl- Claimed Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Shazam- Claimed by Crenando Crenando
Nightwing- Claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Kid Flash- Open
Starfire- Open
Beast boy- Open
Raven- Open
Hawkgirl- Open
Hawkman- Open

(Canon villains)
Darksied- Claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Brainiac- Claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Mongul- Claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Solomon Grundy- Open
Deathstroke- Open
Ra's al guul- Open
Lex Luthor- Claimed by ManyFaces ManyFaces . (hero)
Gorilla Grodd- Open
Vandal Savage- ???

Oc heroes
Gigas dragoon- Claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Blue lantern- Claimed by K Killerclown
Friday- Claimed by PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss
Ultragirl- Claimed by PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss
Red lanturn- claimed by PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss
Joker- claimed by ThatGuyWithSouvlaki ThatGuyWithSouvlaki
Sleepwalker- claimed by Frankie Frankie

Oc villains
Blood knight- claimed by K Killerclown
Gigas Diablo- claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk

Oc anti-heroes
The Red Queen- Claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Sir Cosmic- Claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Hellspawn- Claimed by Karcen Karcen

(Open characters are ones i will need for the plot. ??? Characters mean they are still up in the air but have been mentioned as possible claimed characters and are needed for the plot. I will update as needed.)
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The father of the Worldbreaker.
Gm's roster


Hero Name: Superwoman
Alter ego: Kara Zor-El/Clara Kent
Age: 22years old
Race: Kryptonian
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 135lbs

Personality: Clara is a relatively calm and relaxed young lady, easy to be that when a nuke is but a minor inconvenience. She is also endowed with that same Kent brand of justice her cousin possesses. However she is a bit less idealistic than her cousin and much more down to earth with her expectations. She is slow to anger and Quick to offer aide of any kind she can. She does seem to suffer from a bit of a complex regarding her comparison to her cousin, often times Not wanting to fill his shoes, and other times feeling as if its her destiny, however her most consistent insecurity is that Kal's shoes might be too big to fill.

Origen: Sent from planet Krypton as it exploded after her then younger cousin, Kara's ship was struck with the shockwave of the planets destruction and sent into a worhole. When she exited the wormhole she popped out near jupiter a whole 20 years later, having not aged a day since she was sent off world. The then 8 year old Kara was found by a young superman a mere year after he started donning his cape. Seeing as how he had just left the farm two years prior and Mama Kent was alone there, he decided to take his new cousin to live there.

For seven years she lived on the farm, when her powers began to manifest clark took her to train in the fortress of solitude for a few months before giving her the suit he had found in her pod, of course is beared the Same symbol for hope that her now older cousin wore. After this she joined the Teen Titans and spent three years fighting crime with them As Supergirl. When she finally turned 18 she left the team to go to college to learn for Anthropology and archeology in the hopes of further understanding humanity.

However with the Disappearance of Her cousin and six other Veteran leaguers she has found herself needed more than ever. Donning her Suit again now under the Name Superwoman Kara does her best to keep metropolis and the rest of the world from feeling too much of the loss of the heroes, and after 4 years of not using her powers her solar cells are fully charged and ready to work.
Nigh Invulnerability
X-ray vision
Microscope/telescope vision
Super hearing
Super/Ice Breath
Hand to hand Combat (Pressure points, Join locks, Boxing, Torquasm-Rao, & Torquasm-Vo)
Multi-lingual (English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, German, French, Arabic, Japanese & Kryptonian.)
Self limitation
Detective skills
Motive Intuition
Kryptonian Self repairing Nanoweave suit
Cellophane S's.
Alignment: Hero
Other: Kara possesess all the powers of superman however all are about 75-80% as powerful as her cousins due to her less mature solar cells and less rigorous training.

Hero Name: Cyborg
Alter ego: Victor Stone
Age: 24yrs
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 5in
Weight: 1290lbs
Personality: Victor is a man who believes wholeheartedly in perseverance and dedication as he has for his entire life. He refuses to surrender no matter the circumstances. Since the loss of his mother three years ago Victor has swore to help as many people as he can avoid that same pain. He is known to have a very competitive streak. In addition he often will carry on with his ramblings about scientific theories, a trait he claims comes from his mom.

Origin: Victor stone was once a name well known in Keystone city throughout highschool he shattered records, while his parents made headlines with their inventions. Living in the limelight had become second nature to him. He finished high school with both Academic and Athletic scholarships making it into S.t.a.r University and making headlines again in the college ball league. He seemed destined to make it to the Pro ball League, that was until darksied began his invasion.

Parademons Attacked Star labs just as victor was coming home from a game with his parents. Parademons attacked, his mother was killed nearly instantly as she was the first in the lab, shortly afterwards they tore victors leg off and threw him across the room. His father got ahold of an experimental weapon from another dimension but before he could fire it he was killed by the parademons, the weapon clattered beside Victor who was in shok by the time it got to him.

When he fired the weapon it exploded in a flash of blue light which lashed out in all directions with bolts of strange energy. This blueish energy destroyed the parademons maimed victor, and struck the labratory equipment before collapsing in on its origin point fusing Victor, his parents, the parademons, and a large chunk of the lab into the hero cyborg.
Cybernetic physiology
Advanced Sensory Systems
Inbuilt weaponry
Boom tube generation
Genius level intellect

Skills: excellent throwing aim, brawling, information gathering, understanding alien technology.
Tech: Literally all of it.
Alignment: Hero

Hero Name: Batman
Alter ego: Thomas Wayne Jr.
Age: 72yrs
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 205lbs
Personality: Thomas is as most batmen a very direct and serious man, he shows no fear, and in fact rarely shows any emotion at all. However he is nothing if not consistent, he is the same batman today as he was yesterday and you could bet your backside he will be the same tomorrow. No crime is too small, no foe is too large, all things have a critical point that he will find and exploit. His methodical calculations are at times seemingly inhuman which leads to one of the greatest annoyances any leaguer can say about working with the bat. He rarely if ever divulges his whole plan often utilizing his teammates as if they were tools in his utility belt.

Origen: Thomas wayne Jr was not born in the same way that his brother was he was made. Nearly a century ago Thomas and Martha wayne were brilliant geneticists decades ahead of their time. Wealthy billionaires with nearly limitless funds for research and a loving son Bruce they had a perfect life. They wanted to help the world more than just vaccinating or curing dieseases and genetic conditions, waiting in the lab they had an egg from martha, and a sperm cell from Thomas, both genetically modified and awaiting the legal approval for the beginning project.

Some say it was a disgruntled employee, others a rival scientists like Lionel Luthor, still others say it was the waynes themselves. But either way someone broke into their laboratory and stared the fertilization process. Partly because the waynes didnt have the heart to shut the project down, and partly because the scientist in them was curious they let the process continue and nine months later Thomas wayne Junior was born from an artificial womb.

The project was shown to be a complete success. Thomas was incredibly healthy, he never once got sick even when exposed to other sick children. Whats more he showed an incredible intellect far beyind his age. However that all changed when he was eight and he, his, parents, and his brother Bruce were all gunned down. He was hit, but his brother shielded him, and his good health lead him to ne the sole survivor.

He spent the next fourteen years utilizing Alfred, and his families vast wealth to prepare for his vengeance. He paid for the best training money could buy, educated himself in a wide variety of topics and honed his already impressive mind and physique to peak human capacity. When he was sixteen he left home seeking a rumor, the legion of shadows and he found them.
For five years he trained with them and honed himself into a deadly warrior.

However upon realizing that Ra's Al Ghuul was the leader of the legion and seeing his version of justice firsthand Thomas turned against him, and fled what he deemed to be a madman. After his return and seeing the sad state of gotham he finally donned the Cape and cowl at age 22. He has worn it for fifty years now Facing down everything from petty criminals, to phychotic clowns, and even Darksied, Thomas has inspired more than one generation of heroes and has helped train just as many. Ten years ago he founded the justice league claiming the world needed to have it before the warning of Lex Luther came true.
Genius Intellect
Peak human capabilities
Immunity to Disease
Resisitance to Poisons/toxins/Venoms etc.
Hand to hand combat- batman is arguably one of the greatest martial artists in the world. Having mastered over 137 different styles, an additional 86 Martial weapons masteries.

Worlds greatest detective- One could argue that this title belongs to The Question, but batman has been called it many times before, and with his level of experience you would be hard pressed to argue.

Strategic mastermind- It was Batman who coordinated the Assults on Darksied, Mongul, And Brainiac, not to mention Starro and Amazo. Beating the odds is what the bat does and if he has the justice league with him the odds become considerably handicapped.
Giga Bat Mk.2- The latest rendition of the batsuit, reverse engineered from samples of the Gigas Dragoon, Gigas Diablo, And Victor Stone's cybernetic components. This batsuit offers self repair, occupant healing and stabilzation protocols, environmental protection, and considerable defensive capacity.

The Utility Belt- jammed with some of the most sophisticated and case sensitive gadgets the world has ever known the Bat belt is one of the most powerful pieces of equipment in the hands of those who know how to use it. However This Batman cuts out the middle man, Thought activation, digital storage, 3-d printing, and miniature boom tubes Allow batman to cycle through pre-programed gadget designs and 3-d print them into his hand in a fraction of a second. Many villains have wondered if he ever runs out of batarangs...he does not.
Alignment: Hero

Hero Name: Superman
Alter ego: Clark Kent
Age: 36yrs
Race: Kryptonian
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 265lbs
Personality: Clark is a pretty Laid back hero most of the time. He would rather talk most foes down then duke it out with them. However recently he has begun to form a bit of an identity crisis. This superman is missing one critical component you see, and that component is Lois Lane. Clark never got his job at the daily bugle, Never moved to Metropolis, and as such he has found it hard to continue to connect with humanity. Often times he seems aloof and almost lost in thought. Other times he will unleash hell on foes, but every time he has seemed to cut loose and utilize his anger it has been on a foe who could handle it.

Origen: Teleported to Earth on the day of Kryptons destruction, clark beat his cousin Kara to earth by more than 22 years. Found by the kansas farm family the kents, Clark enjoyed a wonderful childhood. However when he was thirteen his adopted father Johnathan died of a heart attack. It was so sudden and without warning that they lost the farm and had nearly nothing to their name. They wound up moving to Gotham and living in a project founded by Wayne Enterprise. It wasnt long before clark grew tired of the detestable way things were and decided to do something about it.

At seventeen he donned a red hoodie and a pair of blue jeans and took to the streets using his growing powers to take the law into his own hands. This went on for only three nights before Batman approached him in the night. Seems clark had been leaving evidence that Batman had been cleaning up. However the bat had plans for the young Alien. He took clark under his wing training him for five years, while secretly keeping tabs on his capacities and studying his physiology.

When his training was completed his cousin finally landed in the same corn field he had been teleported to as an infant. Now owned by Wayne enterprises and once again home to Martha kent. With Kara came the kryptonian ship and the Codex that lead clark to the fortress of solitude, a ancient kryptonian ship that had landed in the Antarctic. There he learned of his Kryptonian identity and of his people, and he found his suit and finally donned the title of superman.

Since then clark has branched off on his own taking his battles against evil into deep space. Many times he has saved the planet, reversed disasters, and handled everything that could be dished out. He has bled, he has been beaten and broken but never has superman relented, never has he quit. As a founding member of the justice league and one of the worlds most powerful heroes he has inspired hope in the hearts of many. Yet his disappearance has left unease where that hope used to be...
Nigh Invulnerability
X-ray vision
Microscope/telescope vision
Super hearing
Super/Ice Breath
Master hand to hand combat, Detevtive skills, Expert in alien technology and anatomy, multilingual, rapid rate of learning.
Access to kryptonian technology, though he rarely uses it.
Alignment: Hero

Hero Name: Redwing
Alter ego: Dick Greyson
Age: 41yrs
Race: Human
Gender: male
Height: 6ft
Weight: 175lbs
Personality: Dick is a bit of a dick to be honest, he goes out of his way to infuriate his foes with insults and witty retorts. He is also very competitve with his allies, however many believe his humor is a mask he uses to hide his plots and true motives. He has a few leadership qualities but prefers to take the backseat or run solo. He has a few issues with batman and the rest of the league but he does respect them and often works with them usually to prove that he and his operatives are just as effective if not more so than the league itself.

Origen: Born the son of the legendary circus family the Flying Greysons, Dick had seen his fair share of danger in his youth. He participated with his parents routines, he himself being a prodigal acrobat. However one day when a battle between batman and the joker crept into their circus tent during a performance the flying greysons leapt into action helping batman to turn the tide of the battle. But it came at a terrible cost. The joker blew up the mast of the tent causing dicks parents to fall to their death. However not before a swinging kick from Dicks Dad rendered the clown prince unconscious.

Inspired by their bravery and guilt stricken by their loss Thomas honored the greysons by personally adopting their son. It wasnt long before the curious young man stumbled into the batcave, though thomas may have let him in. After discovering that Thomas was batman Dick demanded he teach him how to fight back, a demand Thomas agreed to. Thus began the birth of the first robin and what a robin he was. Dicks dedication and personal drive was impressive and drove him to put every fiber of his being into his training, he wasnt a genetically perfected genius, he wasnt a kryptonian, But he wasnt going to let that slow him down.

After ten years fighting at Thomas's side he reached adulthood and the time to spread his wings and leave the nest came. Donning the blue and black he took the title nightwing and moved to another crime ridden city called Bludhaven. He still often came to Thomas aide whether he liked it or not. After a billion dollar donation given to him by Thomas dick started his medical supply company which he used as a front for a time to produce his own gadgets and over time Nightwing became a name seperate from batman. Now packing global reach dick was able to hold his ground against odds that seemed impossible.

However his falling out with Thomas came shortly before the forming of the Justice league. Thomas was on the path of Ra's Al Ghul who had set up shop in Gotham. He intended to use a device which would turn every phone in gotham into a sonar device. Dick beleived that to be a gross overreach and Thomas disagreed. It eventually came to blows.

Unfortunately for Thomas Dick had noticed him going down this slippery slope years ago and had planned well for this fight. He managed to disable Thomas's utility belt and forced him into a lop sidded battle which the older man was ill equipped to handle. After defeating Thomas he donned the Giga bat v.1 and went to handle Ra's himself. Again to the surprise of everyone he managed to succeed.

Realizing his fault he went to return the suit only to find thomas waiting for him and rather than anger thomas felt proud of the young man he had raised. He told him to keep the suit and went on to build the giga bat v2 and start the justice league. After witnessing the success he had nightwing again changed his hero name this time to Redwing. Shortly after the start of the league he founded the teen titans.

However it wasnt until Mongul's arrival that Red wing becane a household name. After Cyborg had his leg ripped off, the watchtower was reduced to debris on the british countryside, And dragoon was nearly beaten to a pulp, redwing arrived. He managed to hold the yellow titan for nearly five whole minutes before the league coordinated and brought Mongul down. Since then it has been argued in many a teenage fan debate who would win Batman or Redwing.

Powers: N/A
Skills: Master Acrobat, Master of 122 types of martial arts, and an additional 79 martial weapon masteries, and 3 self invented styles, Master detective, Master strategist, psychological warfare expert.
RedWing V.1- the Giga bat 1 suit heavily modified by Nightwing to serve his own purposes. It offers considerably less armor and Strength modifications that Thomas's V2 but it has added Stealth capabilities, more complex scanners, and the digistruct utility drive built into the suit itself. The same technology that went into the bat utility belt has been applied to the hands of the Redwing allowimg dick to spawn gadgetry into his hands. Like Thomas he has an extensive Arsenal of blueprints but his go to weapon is his morph staff, which can take the form of a spear, twin swords, a simple staff, twin escrima, nunchaku, and even a long Bow.
Alignment: Hero

Hero Name: Gigas Dragoon
Alter ego: Alfred Kinsbane
Age: 26yrs
Race: Human/Gigas
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 11in (unarmored) 6ft 9in (armored)
Weight: 165lbs, 1780lbs
Personality: Alfred is a good example of power falling into the wrong hands. Born with a silver spoon and driven by a selfish lust for fame, very few leaguers can actually relate to the young man. However he does have his redeeming qualities, he is fearless and confident willing to trade blows with beings like mongul knowing full well that he couldve torn him apart if he slipped up even once. Luckily his pride has his slip ups happening few and far between. Those who think he doesnt take being a hero seriously will he surprised to find he trains nonstop when he isnt working in the field.

Origen: Alfred Kinsbane was born with the silver spoon of the century. The kinsbane family from london England are well known as some of the wealthiest people on the planet clocking in just behind Thomas wayne Jr and Alexander Luthor. However Alfreds luck didnt end there. When he was 23 years old just days after his parents tragic death during the Darksied invasion a strange meteor Slammed into his chest and he couldve swore he died.

Instead he woke up in a wicked cool suit of armor. So what does the man who has everything do with the alien super suit? Become a badass superhero thats what. The suit seemed to like that idea because it began to train him teaching him how to properly utilize their combined power. As it turns out the suit armed itself out of its memory of combat, and boy did it have a lot of it. In less than a month he was off in the skies of London fighting off criminals and metahuman threats alike. He seemed to be unbeatable.

That was until Mongul came, Dragoon was one of the first responders to the downed Watchtower, since it practically landed in his backyard. It was there he confronted the Yellow Alien warlord, and was beaten within an inch of his life. Hell his super suit was half ripped off by the time the So called Big seven showed up. Then brainiacs arrival saw him turned against his own allies where he was shown first hand how much he still had to learn. However he took the lesson in stride and while he wonders where the heroes who pushed him to his best self went, he still sees this as his opportunity to shine.

Technomorph- The Gigas Dragoon suit is capable of minor alterations to itself allowing it to adapt to any environment and manifest a set of weapons, utilities, and Modifications

Dragon claws- Bladed claws capable of superheating to temperatures capable of melting Tungsten.

Graviton wings- Capable of flight at hypersonic speeds by foldimg gravity, can also unleash streams of Graviton particles that make the targets weight increase.

Dragonfire cannon- A dual handed cannon which can unleash Thermonuclear energy comparable to a small solar flare. *this attack charges kryptonians.

Dragonscale sheild- Morphs a energy absorbing physical onto one or both of his arms. Can withstand a few blows from mongul.

Dragoon Thunder- His most commonly used attack, fired from any part of the armor with an adjustable yield it can be used against normal humans effectively, or be turned up enough to damage yellow alien warlords.

Self sustainability- Gigas dragoon sustains the lifeforce of Alfred. He doesnt need to eat, drink, or even sleep. Furthermore while in the suit he can survive underwater, in space, and even within a volcano.

Well versed in hand to hand combat, well versed in aerial maneuvers, decent strategist, excellent public speaking skills.

His suit, a couple of satillites his family had, and lots of expensive vehichles.

Alignment: Hero


Hero Name: Mongul
Alter ego: N/A
Age: 241yrs
Race: ???
Gender: Male
Height: 8ft
Weight: 1125lbs
Personality: Mongul is cruel and ruthless conqueror filled with pride and rage. He is seemingly obsessed with strength and power only seeming to care about gaining more of both and waging battle against those that have them. Since his defeat he has seemed to be obsessed with getting his vengeance against the Justice League. Prison has done little to reform him.

Origen: The once proud ruler of War world Who made the mistake of tageting earths heroes. He pulled Superman, Batman, And Wonder woman to his world to force them to contend as gladiators. They continued to win matches but each time refused to kill their opponents. Eventually mongul stepped inti the arena to wage battle against them, and even the three of them seemed unable to bring the warlord down. However uniting the gladiators of war world against their hated ruler prooved too much for the Warlord who was left to face justice on his own planet as the heroes returned to earth.

While awaiting execution on war world Mongul killed several gladiators before fleeing to his imprisonment. However he was found by Atrocitus where he pretended to kneel attaining a red ring and with it his means of revenge. He made his way to earth, downed the watchtower and proceeded to present one of the greatest challenges the justice league has ever faced. After figuring out a way to turn off his red ring he is brought down and now spends his time within the confides of Stryker's island.

Superhuman strength
Superhuman durability
Superhuman Agility
Limited telepathy
Limited telekinesis
Heat vision
Chest cannon
Teleportation (Boom tubes)

Master Warrior
Master manipulator
Leadership skills
Mongul has access to vast Alien technology.
Alignment: Villain.

Hero Name: Darksied
Alter ego: Uxas
Age: ???
Race: New God
Gender: Male
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Personality: Darksied is a Cold and Cruel Tyrant, easily one of the most evil and powerful beings the justice league has ever faced. He is a timeless never changing dark being who can be counted on invariably to be an evil and wicked being. He is withoit mercy, without pity, and withour remose, but not without reason. Unlike most other villains darksied can be reasoned with, even bargained with. He sees himself as a ruler and a king and as such will make decisions based on wether it benifits his empire or not.

Origen: Ages ago darksied solidified himself as a terror across the multiverse waging endless war on endless planes of existence. He has killed many iterations of the Justice League and views them as his arch enemies. However this was one of the rare universes that not only gave him a challenge but made him retreat. Perhaps that is why he decided to stick around biding his time to enact his revenge.

With the disappearance of the league Darksied sees no better time to attack the earth already his agents have begun to subtly lay the foundations of his invasion. However something has recently caused him a bit of anxiety, a rare feeling for the Evil god. Some force has altered the Omega effect, no longer can Uxas cross dimensions, nor can he alter time. He has found a strange mix of fury and joy to discover this force and distortion seemd to originate from earth. All the more reason to crush the puny world beneath his heel.

Superhuman strength
Superhuman speed
Superhuman durability
Superhuman stamina
Energy manipulation
Matter manipulation
Control over elements
Omega effect

Genius level intellect
Expert hand to hand combatant
Superior strategist
Expert trapmaster

Darksied has endless access to the resources of many worlds he has conquered.
Alignment: Villain

Hero Name: Brainiac
Alter ego: N/A
Age: ???
Race: Andriod
Gender: N/a
Height: 6ft 9in
Weight: 790lbs
Personality: Brainiac is a methodical, cold, calculating machine. His sole purpose is to absorb all knowledge in the universe, and due to the universe constantly creating new information he has decided the best means to complete his mission is to bring an end to the universe. The justice league seems to be the constant thorn in his side however and as such he has rewritten his own protocol to ensure their destruction takes precedents.

Origen: Built many hundreds of years before the destruction of Krypton, Brainiac was initially a surveyor drone often working to help design maps for krypton. However with the destruction of the planet he had lost not only his purpose but also his childlike admiration of his creators. He realized they were flawed, a trait shared by most organic life. It was at this point that he decided to rewrite his own protocols.

His new directive was to gather all the knowledge of the universe, but the flawed organic life continued to produce new information so he had one solution, end all organic life. Of course he would save a city from each planet, control the populations and force them to continue producing information at a controlled pace. But as with other such being who make such plans, Brainiac failed to claim one particular blue marble.

His defeat at the hands of the justice league caused him to once again rewrite his protocols, now the justice league must be destroyed for him to complete him mission. The fact that they have vanished is irrelevant, he will find them because he must, and he will destroy them...if he can.

Superhuman intelligence
Superhuman strength
Superhuman speed
Superhuman stamina
Superhuman durability
Self repair protocols
Tendril projection
Energy projection
Force field projection

Brainiac has a vast list of skills and is able to nearly instantly learn new ones by studying them.

All of it.
Alignment: Villain

Hero Name: Gigas Diablo
Alter ego: Marshal Waller
Age: 14yrs
Race: Human/Gigas
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 5in (Unarmored) 16ft 7in (armored)
Weight: 135lbs (Unarmored) 3.6 tons (armored)
Personality: Marshal waller is a generally skittish kid, he is notably afraod of seemingly everything. Yet he adores the Justice league spending most of his life wishing he was one of them. Gigas Diablo on the otherhand is a genocidal maniac obsessed with personally killing every living thing on the planet. It seems to have no other purpose. Luckily Marshal seems completly unaware of what he does as Diablo.
Marshal waller is the youngest son of amanda waller, and he had lived a very happy life seperateed from the dark and brutal life that his mother leads. However as hard as she tried to prevent it, evil found its way to her son.

One day while he was playing in the park alone a meteor slammed into the young boy. When he came to he was in Canadian forests and it looked as if a bomb had fallen. Luckily he managed to make it home after a few days. For several years he has continued to live peacefully but recently he says he has been hearing a voice, one telling him to do terrible things. He has just begun therapy

Technomorph- The Gigas Diablo Suit is capable of minor changes to its structure allowing it to survive any environment and manifest a set of weapons, utilities, and modifications

Devils Eye- A massively powerful laser beam fired out of the diablo's single eye. Capable of damaging kryptonians and leveling skyscrapers this is the go to initiating attack for diablo.

Thresher wall- Diablo's one defensive ability, his tendril legs produce large very sharp blades and begin spinning at high speeds while rotating around him fast enough to shread nearly anything that comes its way.

Hells Razor- a massive 8ft blade that can be dropped from Diablo's arm. Coated in a napalm like gel and filled with explosives it is a one hit weapon that ignites its target and explodes on impact. Causing massive damage to those it hits, the blades are mass produced within the body granting an unlimited supply however it takes rime to build them.

Doomgate- A portal generating roar which can be used to warp foes away or make hasty retreats. Portaks can only be generated within 30 ft of him and have a maximum travel range of 5000miles.

Punishment Cannon- by morphing his head into a massive cannon Diablo can unleash a far mor powerful version of the Devils eye beam. This however causes it to expend up to half its overall power.

Self sustainability- Gigas diablo sustains the lifeforce of Marshal. He doesnt need to eat, drink, or even sleep. Furthermore while in the suit he can survive underwater, in space, and even within a volcano.

None to speak of, Marshall is a decent baseball player, and Diablo is a mindless killing machine.
Alignment: Villain


Hero Name: The Red Queen
Alter ego: Amiko Ienou
Age: 42yrs
Race: Demon/A.I hybrid
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 0.0lbs
Personality: Amiko is a bloodthirty monster with the cold calculating intellect of a predator. She is patient, Calm, and very calculating and honestly one of the most spiteful beings on earth. Though to be fair she has a lot to be spiteful for. Her snarky attitude seems to bleed through everything else, except for her sense of justice which remains intact.

Origen: Twenty years ago amiko was in a meteoric rise in the Field of A.I development and Computer sciences. One of the worlds most brilliant minds she often worked with the individual members of the justice league before they formed helping to design much of the computer gear for the batfamily in their early days. However her brilliance came with a flaw, she was vain, believing nothing to be outside of her reach. This vanity caused her to don a costume and become the hero known as the white queen.

It didnt last long however. The gadgets she designed worked on low teir villains but she found herself caught between a rock and a hard place one day when The Joker and Harley came to attack her. She was managing to do well until she realized they weren't alone. A realization that came as a bullet carved its way through her lower abdomen. Turns out deathstroke had been sent after her and he waited until the clowns kept her occupied to attack. She died bleeding out on the pavement to the mad laughter of the joker.

Batman took responsibility for this as he was on the case at the time, refusing to accept a death he could've avoided, he took her body to the Lazarus pits operated by Ra's. However unbeknowst to Thomas and the rest of the world Amiko had planned for this eventuality and had kept a rather dark secret from everyone. It wasnt just her smarts and tech that she was bringing into play, she also just so happened to be a witch.

With a combination of magic and technology she had found a way to set up a failsafe that took not only her mind but also her soul and downloaded them into the A.I she had been developing for the past few years. Her lack of a soul and previous magical processes on her caused the lazarus pit to have an unforseen reaction. Her body was ressurected but with a demon placed where her soul used to be. The possessed body managed to escape the caverns where the pit was located and eventually amiko tracked it down and hired the very same deathstroke to implant a drive into the bodies brain.

When he was successful Amiko uploaded her consciousness into the body and for a breif moment the demon and her soul seemed to struggle for dominance. However the struggle ended in a stalemate and the essences of the Demon, Amiko's soul, and the A.I merged into the Red queen. She has spent the past 2 decades attacking criminals and occasionally fixating on a particular hero to bother for her own amusement.
Demonic Physiology- Grants
Superhuman strength
Superhuman speed
Superhuman durability
Superhuman stamina

A.I & Magic- Grants
Superhuman Intelligence
Matter to Data conversion (self)
Data to Matter conversion (All)
Data to Energy Conversion (All)
Skill Download

Skills: With skill download she can become proficiant in any skill however she cannot truly master a skill without practice. She doesnt do practice.
She doesnt really use much tech outside of herself anymore though she has been known to whip something up on occasion.
Alignment: Anti-hero

(Not to scale.)
Hero Name: Sir Cosmic
Alter ego: Lars Hamilton
Age: 32yrs
Race: Indwelt Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 195lbs
Personality: Lars is a man suffering from pretty severe Nihilism, wraped in A shell of self interest, and hurtling towards self indulgent pleasures. He rarely seems to have an opinion towards anything that doesnt involve a beautiful woman, a copious amount of alcohol or drugs, or a spread of good food. Going so far as to ignore conflict in front of him. Lars is no hero, hell if he had a choice in the matter he would probably be a villain.

Luckily he doesnt have a choice, only The Cosmic Collective can access his power, and it Luckily has a bit better mentality to deal with such power. The Cosmic Collective Does however have a very apathetic outlook on most things. It doesmt care about Lars, it doesnt care about humanity, hell it doesnt even care about the galaxy. It does however care about the universe and by extension the earth and has occasionally acted to preserve the status quo of the universe.

Origen: Born to a heavily gang induced family in Gotham, Lars seemed to be destined for a life of criminal entrepreneurship, just like his father before him. But he had better things in mind than being a common crook. He wanted one big job and he was gonna move to coast city and be done with it. Unfortunately he found himself involved in the crew of the villain known as Bane, and needless to say Batman was there as well.

A fractured jaw, a Broken nose, and a shattered collarbone was all he got for his trouble, not to mention a ten year prison sentence at the young age of 22. He spent nine years incarcerated, keeping his head down, walking the line as he should. He wasnt particularly charismatic, intelligent, or strong, and honestly he sucked at fighting. Sure he had a scrape here and there but he actually managed to get along pretty well in prison.

That was until They Snatched him out of the court yard and dragged him halfway across the universe. They being a weird living nebula filled with thousands of sentient protostars which called itself The Cosmic Collective. Apparently each Star represented one of the vessels of the collective, with the multicolored nebula itself being made up of alien beings who had in life connected with the forces of the universe, together in death they now share that power with one vessel at all times and their last host had just died.

When they asked Lars to be their new host he imagined a life of godlike power and undisputed authority over the cosmic powers of the universe. Instead he got a Dr.Jekyll and mister hyde situation where he is unsure who is who. Upon his return to earth he immediately turned himself in and told whoever would listen what happened. Luckily for him Thomas Wayne had taken an interest in his case, after all he was a no name thug who disappeared from the courtyard surrounded by witnesses who said he just vanished.

Thomas was able to not only prevent charges from being pressed on his escape but he also managed to get the charges dropped and secured Lars an apartment and a job. The only condition was that he work with Thomas to learn what happened to him. He did what he was asked however the conditions changed three months ago when he blacked out during a painful sparring session. When he came to it was Batman with him and he informed him that his contract With Thomas was over, he would now only keep his job and apartment so long as he never again mentioned what happened to him, and he had to move out of Gotham to a small town in Nevada. Needless to say when Batman tells you to do something you do it, and to be fair...Lars loves his new place.

~~~Information Redacted~~~
(Lars has Claimed he is the Master of the forces of the universe while drunk, though usually with a Snarky & Sarcastic undertone.)
A very functional drunk.
Tech: N/A
Alignment: Indifferent neutral
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Raptor Shapeshifter
Polik's Roster.


"Hero" Name: Friday also known as "Dark Daughter"
Alter ego: Bloody fucking Friday
Age: 18
Race: Demi-Goddess
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight: 126 lbs
Personality: Stoic, often doesn't seem to give a shit, heavy smoker, troublemaker, doesn't follow the rules, often jokes or pokes fun at people, hates rule sticklers, oppressive authority, and bullies.
Origins: Once upon a time in a shitty little town, a goddess fell in love with a mortal. Or a mortal fell in love with a goddess. And through that glorious union Friday was born ..... nahhhhhhh, what really happened was that a mortal grew completely enthralled and enraptured with the Goddess Eris, she of discordia, and through that obsession came to love her and worship her. One night she came to said mortal in the guise of another mortal woman, and through her came to know said mortal, but soon became disgusted and ultimately revealed herself to them, only to shun them. Enraged by her rejection, the mortal drew a knife and stabbed her straight in the heart, drawing blood. Mortally wounded and shocked by the betrayal, Eris immediately incinerated said mortal, only to be deterred by the sudden wailing of a baby. Eris looked and where her blood had splattered, a baby girl had formed. Realizing what had just happened, Eris immediately took the baby to her breast, nursing her. But that was the extent of her motherly effection. After making her claim on the child, Eris unceremoniously dumped Friday on the steps of an orphanage, wanting nothing to do with an offspring of ill-conceived blood birth. She didn't even bother to knock, leaving her child out in the cold.

Friday spent much of her early life in the orphanage, and already something was off. It was almost as if she had some form of dark magic, for whenever she got angry at someone or wanted to hurt someone, some accident would occur and hurt them. It was if she had the power to control whenever an accident happened. Eventually as she grew older and more unruly, the orphanage quickly got rid of her and sent her off to a random family willing to adopt. They didn't last long. It would seem that chaos and discord followed the child wherever she went. The accidents would happen more and more frequently the more and more emotional she got, and with more and more devastating consequences. As a result, she either ran away from her adopted families or the families, seeing her adoption as a bad omen, would throw her out. And she would go through the system over and over again. Go through family after family over and over again until fed up, she decided one day to go off on her own.

Now this is where her story deviates depending on which universe I decide to dump her in. But it starts out the same, she would get thrown out of a bar, highly drunk off her ass, and once there she would meet a extremely unnaturally beautiful woman in an alleyway. This would be her mother Eris, who would somehow, through divine perception, recognize her daughter. She would then mess with her mind, flirting with her drunken daughter, and even kissing her full on the lips. That kiss would immediately sober Friday up, enough for her to ask what the hell was going on. In which Eris would reveal much to Friday's vivid disbelief that she was actually her mother and that she was a demi-goddess or an actual goddess depending on how you intercept her blood birth. Her reaction though depends on the universe she is dumped in. In this particular universe, filled to the rim with a bunch of superheroes, metahumans, and a bunch of crazy-ass supervillians, she just laughed at it. Laughed and just accused her of leaving her behind. Eris then started to vigoriously "train" her. And by "training", that means putting her through several dangerous situations, the most infamous being thrown off the Empire State Building to "test" flight.

Eris, being the "kindly" mother that she was, was building her daughter up to be a weapon, testing her powers and abilities until finally using her as a pawn in her schemes. Manipulating her daughter in ways unimaginable, she pitted her against metahumans and humans alike. Until finally turning her against the individual members of the Justice League themselves, which turned out to be a complete failure on her part. Batman naturally beat the living shit out of Friday. And while her super-strength, flight, and natural durability (as well as extra dosage of magical bullets) allowed her to go toe to toe with Superman himself for a time, that was only because he was restraining himself gravely, not wanting to severely injure what he saw as a deluded teenager. It wasn't until she found herself throughly beaten by the Flash, that she was able to finally break out of whatever dark spell her mother put her under, rebelling against her mother and with the help of the Flash was able to defeat her and seal her away. Now completely motherless and alone once again, Friday drifted off on her own and started her own life as an obscure anti-hero that delivered justice and pain to oppressive establishments and gangs. When the Justice League mysteriously disappeared one day, Friday found that she didn't care less and continued doing what she was doing. Until Cyborg called for a new team of superheroes to help against the numerous threats popping up since the JL's disappearance and Friday realized she couldn't do this alone.

Discord Manipulation
Chaos Manipulation
Supernatural Durability

Proficient in firearms, specifically handguns.
Hand to hand combat.

Tech: None unless you count a handgun with unlimited ammo and magical elemental bullets.

Alignment: True Neutral, Anti-hero.


Hero name: The Flash; Lady Flash; Gemini Lady Flash
Alter Ego: Anna Slater
Race: Metahuman
Gender: Female (Genderbent)
Age: 26
Height: 5'8
Weight: 127 lbs

Personality: Easy-going and highly jokative, Anna Slater is one of the more light-hearted of the bunch. Always known to keep a smile on her face at all times, the Flash is the exact opposite of what you would think a tragedy-stricken heroine would be. However, for those who know her, there is this serious, almost sinister side of her that occasionally manifests itself in her darkest moments, like a split personality. This side of her is snarky and almost evil in its intensity. She has taken to calling this side of her "Reverse Flash."

Origins: You know the origins of the Flash by now; scientist gets struck by lightning and doused in chemicals which causes her to gain superhuman speed and become the fastest woman alive. All of that is true, well the struck by lightning bit is true, the rest is not. For in this world, this is no Reverse Flash that killed Anna's mother, nor any metahuman interference at all. As a matter of fact for a long while, Anna Slater seemed destined to live an ordinary happy life; deriving this world of their Flash. That was until a mysterious storm formed over Central City, and while doing a job that to this day Anna wouldn't name, she was struck by lightning. And that was it, that was how Anna Slater became what the world would know as the Flash and the world's first ever metahuman.

Naturally gifted with immense superhuman speed far beyond that of an normal human being, as well as other abilities that prevent her from just incinerating very time she decides to just flash to something, the Flash began her crime-fighting days with pretty much the ease of the wind. With no one faster than her for miles, she quickly and easily stopped gang warfare, common evildoers, and even costumed villains. As she got faster and more experienced, the more and more her rogue gallery increased in number and efficiency. And the more challenging they became. But no matter what they pulled, the Flash was always ahead of them. With strangely no speedster villains at her exposé and the Reverse Flash seemingly missing from the story entirely, the Flash soon grew extremely overconfident in herself as well as very jaded. With no one giving her a challenge, she soon grew lax with her crime-fighting duties, not taking it as seriously as one would have liked. It even got to the point where the police was wondering if she was even on their side or just doing it for the laughs. So overconfident was she, she didn't even consider joining the Justice League, feeling as if she didn't need the extra help.

All that changed when Darkseid finally turned his eye on this world and it's superheroes, and decided to make yet another attempt to conquer Earth. During her battle with Darksied, the Flash was beaten to near-death by the overlord due to her extreme overconfidence in her abilities. And through this near-death experience, opened a side of her that was just waiting to come out. This world's Reverse Flash is, in a personal twist, a dark persona of the Flash herself. A side of herself that she keeps hidden even from the Justice League (though Batman, being the intellectual genius, probably already figured this out through sheer observation) and it is through the Reverse Flash persona that she discovered that her happy life was not so happy after all; the Reverse Flash didn't come out of nowhere after all.

Thus began the Reverse Flash part of her story, though due to the Reverse Flash being a part of the Flash herself, there is unfortunately no Flashpoint. And with the emergence of her alter, came the emergence of evil, as well as good speedsters. Including but not limited to, Godspeed, Red Death (an evil clone of Bruce Wayne with speedster powers) , Zoom, Kid Flash and many others. This, combined with her own split psyche, made her life sufficiently more difficult. But she persevered through them all. But even now still fights her other persona. She went with the Justice League on many adventures and misadventures, going through with whatever mission the United Nations gave them. All the while keeping her personal struggle a secret from them all.

Superhuman speed
Superhuman healing
Superhuman endurance
Superhuman reflexes
Superhuman comprehension
Time travel
(just adding this here to show that she is capable of travelling through time, but can't for obvious reasons)
Caustic Phasing

Due to her weakness being the cold, she did what no other Flash seemed to have the brains to do, make her suit impervious to the cold as well as bullet-proof while still maintaining its lightness.

She also uses weapons such as swords and maces, all futuristic and high-tech.

Hand to hand combat
Melee and blunt weaponry
[Evil side] Firearms mastery
[Evil side] "Persuasive" tactics.

Anna's speed looks less like lightning, and more like fire, that's how red it is.

During the early part of her crime-fighting career, she would masquerade as a man, using a voice-over and everything. This would be so effective that for a while Central City thought that another person took the Flash's place when she took on a more comfortable suit.

She and this universe's version of the Green Arrow had a fight once or twice during her early years. She always ended up the victor despite the Green Arrow's tricks.

She actually met this world's Barry Allen, who went on to become her notorious archenemy Captain Cold after he unwittingly discovered her true identity.

She actually did fight the Nazis on more than one occasion, though her fights with them were extremely brief compared to her normal rogues gallery; she even encountered and defeated a Nazi werewolf.

She one time had to fight off a group of supervillains dressed up in a Frozen costume, Princess Anna to be specific, (it was Halloween), while masking her identity via vibration.

Alignment: Hero

Mulher Maravilha tem que ser um bebê para chamar a atenção do Batman ;)

Hero Name: Wonder Woman
Alter Ego: Diana Prince
Age: 16 (physically 35)
Race: Demi-Goddess
Height: 6'0
Weight: 177 lbs
Personality: Heroic, selfless, compassionate, careless, reckless and sometimes even thoughtless. Diana Prince is many things and more but she is a hero above all, or so she would like to believe. The other Leaguers would notice that she is actually not very comfortable around them for some reason and would immediately turn away from them if they were ever to pursue a remotely romantic or sexual relationship with her. But she would indulge in everything else the League has to offer with child-like glee and adandon, from fighting to drinking up a storm.
Origins: Born to the forbidden love of Hippolyta and Hades, Diana was raised in Themyscira, the land of the warrior women and ever since the age of three has been training in the art of warfare by her peers. War was the only thing she really understood, and while they also taught the arts, music, and history, she took to the art of war as readily as one would draw a sword. Her mother, Hippolyta, was pleased at her process but one day while a pretty rough day of training with her peers, Diana grew extremely frustrated at being unable to beat a particular young warrior and in her rage, accediently unleashed what can only be described as Hellfire, severely burning and disfiguring her fellow trainee. After the horror of what she had done settled on her, she cried out and fled the scene, but was ultimately unable to stop the flames from erupting from her hands. Terrified about her newfound power, Diana ran until she was away from civilization until finally she came across a spring that immediately doused her fire. She was merely twelve years old at the time.

It was during this flight through the wood that she came across a crashed plane and found an unconcious bleeding man inside, marking the first time Diana had ever seen a real man. Shellshocked by her discovery as one would be if they discovered an injured unicorn in their backyard, Diana cautiously approached the mythical man, and upon realizing that the man was not a threat, took him and nursed him back to health as best as a twelve year old girl could. This man was of course the world reowned Air Force pilot known by many as Steven Trevor or so he told her when finally woke up after calming down considerably enough to think clearly about the situation. Long story short, the two eventually formed a strong bond, but it was a bond built on lies. Unable to bear what she had done, Diana had lied to Steven about there being anyone else on the island, claiming that she was the only human being on the island for miles. However, the secrets soon became apparent to Steven after he and Diana fought off several mythical creatures, and discovering that Diana herself was very well trained for a twelve year old girl, skills that no child could possess without years and years of training under a mentor. Their bond grew so strong that eventually Diana confessed everything to him. Her upbringing, the people on the island who would kill him if they ever found him, and the reason why she was out in the woods. It was right then, as if ordained by the Gods that the Amazons finally found them. It turned out that her mother had in fact been killed for her affair months earlier by the order of Zeus and that Hades had been vanished to his own Kingdom, unable to walk upon the earth again, and now it turns that her ill-gotten daughter was helping a man learn the secrets of this island and for this violation, they will both die. Emotionally devestated by the news of her mothers death, Diana could do nothing as Steven Trevor rushed the Amazons and fought them off to the best of his ability but was mortally wounded in the process. Forced to flee the Amazons, Diana and Steven escaped within an inch of their lives, but during their escape, Steven Trevor collasped. Eventually dying of his wounds much to Diana's shock and horror. Unable to withstand both the death of her mother and her closest friend, Diana in her grief and madness attempted to use the spring to bring Steven back from the dead. But instead of bringing Steven back from the dead, the spring instead merged the physical essence of Steven into Diana's own body, which caused her body to dramatically and drastically change. In a matter of minutes, Diana became a fully-grown woman. But unlike Shazam, she was stuck like this.

Becoming fully grown came with it's perks though, and with everyone looking for a child, Diana was able to walk right back into her home without anyone batting an eye. Still coping with her sudden change, and realizing that she needed to get out of this island, that very night, she used her new body to just walk past the guards, and steal all of their special weapons and supplies, including the Lasso of Truth. Using her body again, and slowly started to love how easily things came to her now that she was an adult, she was able to cammandeer a boat and leave her home for good, deciding to travell to the men's world. Only this didn't come easily. While her new body was able to fool the woman on the island, Zeus was not fooled and sent his son Aries out to destroy her before she becomes too powerful. This fight would continue for several issues of this Wonder Woman, in which Wonder Woman would not only discover more of her powers but fight evildoers as well, and eventually became known to the world as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman would eventually join the Justice League and with their help, defeat the God of War Ares. As Wonder Woman grew in strength and popularity, the more developed and notorious her enemies became, from the infamous Cheetah, to the delusional Blood Knight, and the more adventures she had. With Zeus sending agents upon agents after her, and her own body still being utterly alien to her even to this day, Wonder Woman has had a lot to cope with. When Darkseid finally came, she was among the first in the frontlines alongside Batman and Superman. Then there was Mongol and of course the incident where she and the Flash swapped bodies for a month. But as far as everyone knows, she is a thirty-five year old Amazon warrior that has been around for possibly thousands of years, but in actuality she is only sixteen years old and still trapped in an adult body that she still doesn't understand.

Superhuman strength
Superhuman durability
Superhuman agility
Superhuman speed
Heightened senses

Lasso of Truth
Bracelets of Victory
Magical Sword
Bulletproof battle armor
Helm of Hades
Indestructiable shield

Years of combat training.
Hand-to-hand combat
Martial artist
Multilingual (Ancient Greek, Altantean, Mandrin, English etc.)

Alignment: Hero


Hero Name: Ultragirl
Alter ego: Lois Lane/Veera-Zod
Age: 30
Race: Kryptonian
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8
Weight: 121 lbs
Personality: One would suspect the daughter of Zod to be cold and ambitious, and you would be partially right. Partially. For while she is indeed cold and ambitious, you would never know it for she hides behind a kind compassionate facade that never cracks. Outwardly she is all jokes and easy smiles, the type of person one would expect to pose for a photo or comfort a child. Inwardly she would care less for you or your kind, she only saves people's lifes because that is what society expects her to do, nothing more, nothing less.
Origen: The daughter of Zod, Veera-Zod was born in a prison cell some five years after the destuction of Krypton; one of only a few children to survive the kryptonite laden air of the prison. Striken with kryptonite poisoning from the start of her life, Veera-Zod wasn't expected to live for very long or worse live with kyptonite induced madness that seemed to have infected the prison. So Zod staged a mass breakout, the around twenith time time this has happened in the prison, all for the express purpose of teleporting her to Earth. The breakout was surprisingly successful but in the process Zod's wife was killed, and, driven mad from the kryptonite induced atmosphere around him as well as grief, Zod killed all the guards and declared himself "General" and proclaimed that he and his newborn daughter would recreate Krypton. Seeing the madness and realizing that his daughter would surely fall to the same madness, a fellow prisoner grabbed Veera-Zod and spirited her away to Earth, in an effort to save her.

And so Veera-Zod arrived on Earth, a mere five years after Kal-El arrived on earth and like Kal-El, she was almost immediately found and adopted - by a pack of wolves. The wolves raised her and nursed her for five years, until the feral child was found by a hunting party lead by Sam Lane. Sam Lane, upon realizing that the child had no parents and desperate to have a child of his own, took Veera-Zod in with his wife, Ella Lane into the small town of Pittsdale where he had retired from the US Army some time ago, and renamed her Lois Lane, after the daughter they would have had, had Veera not existed. Veera's childhood was a mixed bag though for while the Lanes were a caring and loving couple that took to raising a feral child with a vigor that was unprecedanted, education and assimilation into civilized life was extremely slow and the town did not like the idea that they had a "savage" child in their midst. A sentiment shared by most if not all the children, and they picked on her every time she went out of the house. At first unable what was being said and done to her, Veera reacted purely on instinct, and attacked one of the children, biting down on her face so badly that it drew blood. It was then that the Lanes realized that having a feral child running amock amongst normal kids wasn't exactly a great idea and so took her in to homeschool her. It was slow at first, but eventually language came to the young Veera, at first with one word phrases such as "angry" or "hungry" where she would just express how she was feeling, then evolving into actual sentences. As she grew older, the Lanes finally decided to drop her into public school at the ripe old age of thirteen.

That was when her powers started to manifest and her veil of secrecy started. Shocked and naturally horrified about what was happening to her, Lois Lane tried to find ways to cope with the sudden changes but couldn't, spiraling into a severe state of depression and anxeity and thinking she was going mad, even attempted to kill herself but found that no matter what she did, her body appeared to be impervious to harm. Unable to cope, failing to understand what was happening, and having no one to go to, not even her parents, Lois mostly kept it to herself. Little knowing the madness that was slowly creeping into her mind for the krypnonite poisoning that she had been born with started to manifest along with her powers, slowing their manifestations down considerably. It all came to a head at the age of sixteen. While one of the many parties being thrown at a random guy's house, one of the "mean" girls of the school (ironically the same girl she had taken a chunk out of) decided to play a cruel and vicious Carrie style prank on Lois. Enraged and humilated, Lois attacked the girl and beat the living shit out of her. Unfortunately for both her and the girl, Lois' superstrength just now started to manifest and one punch was all it took to snap the girl's neck and kill her. She was so engrossed in her rage, she beat the corpse to a bloody pulp before she realized what she had done. But by then, the madness of her blood had seethed further into her mind, and she ran away, not out of grief or sorrow, but out of not wanting to be framed for murder.

Her mind becoming increasingly more distant from humanity, Veera-Zod found herself in Gotham and would come face to face with the Dark Knight himself after she beat up a few thugs who attempted to do unsavory things to her. Realizing her potential, Batman took her in and started training her and so she donned the cape and cowl of Batgirl. It was during this training that Batman figured out what she was, and started testing her limits to the extreme. It was during this training, that she discovered that she had the power of flight after Batman pushed her off a high building. It was also he who discovered that she had a high dosage of krypnonite poisoning her brain, altering its chemisty much like the Joker's toxin, making it very possible that he might training an eventual sociopath. She never once revealed her identity, even with the rest of the Bat family. But her time as Batgirl was never meant to be. For one night, her father travelled to Gotham while he was looking for her and was beaten to near-death by a bunch of thugs in an alleyway and sent to the ER. Enraged by the near-death of the only person she actually loved, Lois hunted down the thugs and in her rage, slaughtered all of them. Batman, once he found out, completely terminated any further training and cast her out of the bat family. Seeing nowhere else to go, Lois returned with her recovering father to her grateful family and they moved to Metropolis.

Once there, she finished high school without incident and went on to become a journalist and a reporter for the Daily Bugle. It was around this time that Superman started to become a household name and a beacon of hope across the world, alongside Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League. Yet Veera-Zod grew resentful of the Justice League and their ways, especially Batman, and thought she could do a better job. A sentiment that she kept hidden as she bidded her time, waiting, keeping the facade of a nice, kindly reporter though her mind had grown increasingly more distant over the years. Using her reporter skills and detective knowlege, Lois was eventually able to pinpoint where exactly she landed on Earth and was able to find her spacecraft, alone and untouched deep in the woods. It was there that she found her a stored codex, which lead her to a crashed Krypontian ship buried deep underground in the Sahara desert. Once there, she learned of her people and their tremendous history, including the destuction of her homeworld. It was there that she found her supersuit, a costume of a member of the Kyptonian guard, protectors and enforcers of the law on Krypton, as well as various Kyptonian tech - including a surviallence system of the planet itself. Pleased and utterly delighted by having her own Fortess of Solitude, Veera used it to survey the Justice League and their exploits, with none being the wiser, not even the seemingly all-knowing Batman, bidding her time, all the while training herself in various forms of Kryptonian martial arts and familiarizing herself with their weapons. She would excercise this alongside her job as a reporter and a journalist, waiting for the right time to don her cowl once more. It was only until the Justice League vanished that she finally had her chance and took on the cape and cowl of Ultragirl.
Powers: Flight, superhuman strength, x-ray vision, cold breath, superspeed, farsight, enhanced hearing, nigh-invulnerability, krypnonite-filled blood.
Advanced hand to hand combat.
detective work.
Self-repairing weave.
Advanced alien nano technology connected to her own brainwaves.
Advanced surveilance system
Alignment: Villain

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(her body is like this but with long dark hair.)
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(this is what I imagine her face to look like)
Hero Name: Red Lantern
Alter Ego: Athena Caesar
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Height: 6'0
Weight: 165 lbs
Personality: Other than being wrathful, Athena can be boastful, vain, arrogant, and downright scarastic. She is basically the "popular" girl of the young heros, if there ever was one to be called a popular one. In constant rage, Athena focuses her rage into snide remarks, rude insights, and even antagonizing would be heroes. Nevertheless if you are around her long enough, you will find that outside all the rage, she is actually quite empathic towards people, and will help in anyway she can. Naturally being a Red Lantern, she has learned to control her rage better than most, and generally doesn't shout or do traditional acts of wrath. She also pities those who can't control their anger.
Backstory: Born to a family so wealthy that they can rival Tomas Wayne, himself in regards to money and power, Athena had the best of everything. Money, beauty, a pretentious name, genius level intellect, you name it. She attended the best schools and met all the best people, and her family even housed the Justice League themselves on occasion. The only they didn't have was the JL themselves, as they were funded by Wayne Enterprises, their greatest rival. A fact that they despised. Unknown to her, and still unknown to her to this day, her birth was not a natural one. Her mother, Alexandria Caesar was not content with having a normal child whose smarts, intellect, sex, and looks were determined by random chance; she wanted to control all aspects of her eventual child. So she, alongside her husband, reverse engineered what she deemed to be the most ideal child using the very same methods the Waynes did with their child all those years ago. And thus Athena was born.

But it would seem the Wayne curse would follow even them, for at the age of twenty, Athena and her parents were vacationing at a faraway island when their luxury ship was hijacked by pirates, and her parents and her were taken for ransom. To add to the curse, Superman just happened to be off world at the time, probably fighting General Zod, so he couldn't help and the rest of the Justice League were preoccupied with their own issues. Once the pirates were given the ransom money however, they decided to have a little "play" time with their prisoners and took her parents to have some "fun." During the process of their "fun" Athena's father was driven mad and her mother was put into a docile state, and Athena was made to watch on pain of death, until suddenly something in her snapped. Enraged beyond understanding, Athena tore through her bindings and viciously attacked the pirates, managing to actually draw blood before she was put down. That would have been the end of her. Had not she heard a voice. "Athena Caesar of Earth. You have great rage in your heart. You belong to the Red Lantern Corps" And a red ring fastened itself on her finger.

The police arrived just in time to see everyone on the ship dead and completely slaughtered. Everyone. Including her parents. And Athena missing. Unable to feel anything more than rage and anger, Athena went on a rampage, slaughtering everything she came across, unable to control herself, nothing more than than a mindless beast of wrath. This continued on unchecked until she came across Green Lantern who, after a long drawn out fight, was able to subdue and contain her. Still mindless even while in containment, Green Lantern and the rest of the Justice League helped worked away to rid of her mindless state. Eventually they succeeded, all the while keeping a good amount of rage present to keep her alive. Freed from her mindless bestial state, Athena demanded to be free at once and the Justice League refused at first but after careful consideration let her go. She went and returned to her estate where she found several Red Lanterns awaiting her arrival. She was then taken against her will to Mongol, who then started to train her alongside a number of new Red Lanterns. She trained with them for eight years until Mongol disappeared, having been defeated and captured by the Justice League. She then took this chance to travel to her home sector, and returned to her life as Athena Caesar, deciding to live a life of painless luxury. It wasn't until the Justice League disappeared that she became the Red Lantern once more, this time using her rage for good.

Rage Energy
Hard Light Constructs
Protective Aura Shield
Corrosive Blood Vomit
Minor Healing Factor
Genius Level Intellect.

Red Lantern Ring
Red Lantern

Advanced hand to hand combat.
Sheer rage.

Alignment: Hero
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Hero Name: Aquaman

Alter ego: Arthur Curry AKA Orin AKA Mr. Waterman

Age: 38

Race: Half-Atlantean

Gender: Male

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 235 lbs.

Personality: Arthur is a boisterous sort, known for his good spirits. With a decade's head-start on adventures compared to a lot of his contemporaries, he provides a level of experience that can't be understated in fighting or diplomacy.

Origin: Born to Tom Curry and Atlanna, Arthur Curry spent discovered at a young age that his heritage allowed him vast, oceanic powers that he used to fight crime in his home town of Amnesty Bay, Massachusetts. After his time as "The Ripple," he went to college to learn ichthyology under the assumed name of Mr. Waterman and spent ample time with his father's good friend, the impeccable Doctor Stephen Shin.

After his brief foray into civilian life, Arthur was bit with the adventuring bug once again, joining archaeologists Dan Garret and Rex Mason in finding the remains of Sir Justin in Loch Arthur. In said adventure, he met and freed the Lady of the Lake from a spell cast long ago, who rewarded him with the Hand of the Water-Bearer.

Thus started a new series of adventures, involving the fighting of nazi werewolves, fisherman and marine marauders.

  • Atlantean Physiology
    • "Talks to Fish": Call it what you like, but the king of the ocean has embraced his ability to sing the body aquatic. He's a social king, after all.
    • Amphibious Nature
    • Superhuman physique:
      • Strength
      • Durability
      • Smell
      • Hearing
      • Stamina

  • Master Swimmer
  • Expert Tactician
  • Expert Combatant
  • Charismatic leader/Effective Diplomat
  • Beautiful singer
  • Ichthyology
  • The Hand of the Water-Bearer: Given to him by the Lady of the Lake, The Hand of the Water-Bearer allows The King of Atlantis to control water and form weapons.
  • Trident of Neptune: First used by war-time adventurer Neptune Perkins, Curry found in his home town as a boy and came to use it as his primary weapon, even with actual magic on his side.
Alignment: Hero


Hero Name: Captain Marvel

Alter ego: Billy Batson

Age: 13

Race: Magically empowered human

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2" as Captain Marvel

Weight: 22 lbs. as Captain Marvel

Personality: Billy Batson is a good kid trying to be a great man. He holds friendship and family in a high regard. He is the bright alternative to the anti-heroes that have risen in the absence of the heavy hitters in the Justice League, especially Superman. Often times, he prefers to talk than fight.

Origin: Billy Batson has been Captain Marvel for the last 3 years, after following a stranger into a train station and ending up in front of the wizard Shazam. Naming himself after a character mentioned in a Beatles song he liked (The Continuing Adventures of Bungalow Bill), he vowed to right wrongs wherever he saw them.

  • SHAZAM: The Wisdom of Solomon, Strength of Hercules, Stamina of Atlas, Power of Zeus, courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury all manifest as various powers,
    • Enhanced Intellect
    • Eidetic memory
    • Accelerated healing
    • Enhanced Senses (vision, hearing, "bad vibes", etc.)
    • Superhuman physique (Speed, strength, agility)
    • Indomitable Will
    • Flight
  • Journalism
  • Persuasion
  • Street Smarts

  • Eterni-Phone: A device to speak with the six Elders and the wizard Shazam.
  • WHIZ News van

Alignment: Pure Hero
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Lucky Laki Malakis

Hero Name: Joker formally Batwoman
Alter ego: Katherine "Kathy" Kane
Age: 25
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 55kg
Personality: Humorous, flirtatious, excitable, sadistic, ruthless, intelligent, disciplined, minipulative, borders psychotic
Origen: A military brat with both her parents having high roles in the arm and because of this she moved around alot. During her early teens, she, her sister and her mother were taken hostage and by the end she was the only survivor and was traumatised by it. Her father helped her get by by teaching her to bury her feelings and with that began her slow fall to insanity. She joined the army later on and received officer training before having to resigned or face court martial, due to be caught in the act on some unbecoming conduct with a fellow female officer considered to be fretanization, this caused her to lash out at a would be mugger which drew the attention of Batman. He saw something in her and offered her to join the batman family which she accepted donning the mantle of Batwoman.

She thrived as Batwoman and having considerable fortune of her own to equip herself she was able to be an effective member of the family. However she was at odds with Batman due to his secretive and his controlling manner. She decided to take a break from the group and try to go on her own. In her first call as temporary free agent, she was let to a trap and was captured by the Joker and Harley. She was mercilessly tortured and warped by joker's toxins before she was rescued but by thαn she was broken becoming something not so different from the joker. Despite the bat family's attempts to help her, she had to be send to Arkham Asylum for treatment. Not much progress was made but there was some success in keeping her from totally becoming the joker able to retain some control of her insanity thanks to her training. Despite this she was unlikely to leave arkham.
Yet when the justice league disappeared she could not sit idly by. She escaped Arkham and donned the mantle of the joker, she would use her new insanity tempered with her bat training to be a force of good in the world.
Powers: None unless you count insanity.
  • Genius level intellect
  • Batman training in martial arts
  • Skilled Acrobat
  • Untilising fear an intimidatoon
  • First Aid
  • Stun rod cane
  • Flashbang chartering teeth
  • Smoke bomb marbles
  • Jokers original gag "bang" pistol
  • Electric joy buzzer
Alignment: Hero for the moment


Hero Name: John Stewart/The Green Lantern
Alter ego: Roshar-Hai
Age: 230 (equivalent to late Twenties)
Race: Centaurion (as in from Alpha Centauri)
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 1n in Human Disguise
Weight: 57kg in Human Disguise
Personality: Taciturn, Honourable, gregarious, determined, creative.
Origen: A couple of years ago, John Stewart was sent out by the Green Lantern Corp to the nearby Solar System of Alpha Centauri to help the local shapeshifting aliens to fiend of an invasion of sentient machines that could have eventually threatened Earth. While fighting there, he befriended a local scientist, Roshar-Hai, who expertise with technology could be invaluable against the invasion. They two fought together in a long bloody war, which much of the local population killed. However they were victorious due to a virus Roshar had developed and a dearing move and sacrifice by John.

With John's death the ring seem to choose Roshar-Hai as the next welder and the Green Lantern if the sectors. Despite his want to help rebuild his people, Roshar accepted the role feeling he owed it to John. After some persuading the Corp accepted and trained him before sending him back to the sector. Roshar return to earth and took John Stewart form as his way to honour the man and better approach the humans. He remains in this guise to this day, keeping his true identity secret near successfully.

  • Shapeshifting
  • Green Lantern power manipulation
  • Proficient Hand to Hand combatant
  • Voice Mimicry and proficient actor
  • Advance knowledge in science and technology.
  • Green Lantern ring
  • Green Lantern
Alignment: Hero
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Thos is a wip but could be playable if you give leway with the unfinished powers.


Hero Name:Hell spawn
Alter ego: Jack Ryder (Fake name ), Lara Aldred (real name)
Age:18 (12 at death)
Race: demon fusion
Gender: female
Height: varies sticks to about 5 foot 7
Weight: carried average is 170 lbs
Personality: Lara tends to be cynical, sarcastic, rude, sadistic, and over all a cruel pwrson twisted by their time with the demon and with the lowest of society. That is only half the story as she can be rather selfless and kind on a whim normally helping as much as hurting others. She also has some trust issues given the demon tells her peoples sins and dark secrets.
Origen: there are many ways to becoming a hero most take a life time of workk and training, others a single moment crystallized everything. Lara was neither her origin lies in one bad day, you would be surprised what one bad day can cause.
Lara was a normal person her family lived in the suburbs away from the monsters abd villains of the city. Still not all villains are in the city abd not all monsters are giant. What could have been a normal life was cut short. One day while the attention of the city was on one of the big hero brawls a few thieves took advantage of the situation. If the cops and heroes were all busy then anywhere outside the city wss easy pickings.
This group went from house to house time they got to Lara's, but here was not the loot they had thus far found. Her father one to defend his home fought back killing one of the atterks with a hand gun. Still he was a normal man against several thugs and they were mad.
It is surprising how quickly people will give into their worst impulses when given any excuse and some anger. With her father beaten to death it was just Lara and her mother and these men became monsters when they decided to jave some fun as vengeance before killing them out of pure spite.
It was while this all happened that in the depths of hell the demon Xaragarth was punished for trying to gain power by waging one of hells endless number of wars abd losing. His punishment was to be banished, his connect to hell severed and doomed to fade on earth. It might have been fate that all this happened for a demon now needing and actor could feel the suffering of the two girls and was darwn to it.
Lara was nearly dead as she lay bleeding and broken, she would die if help didn't come; but the heroes and police were all busy there was no help coming, or so she thought. Lara heard a voice in her head that promised if she becane his anchor she would live and get revenge. Lata accepted just before she blacked out actully dying there.
The demon Xaragarth had found his anchor and while he couldn't save her body he did save her soul from moving on abd used it to anchor himself in reality. Still not everything would go to plan even now as he would find out soon.
Lata woke up still seemingly alive abd surrounded by the tirn apart remains of the thrives aling with the bodies of her parents and herself. Soon the heard the demons voice trying to command her yet it didn't work somehow he had bevome subordinate to her forced into the form of her suit cape and chains while she got control of their body confused and scared Lara fled her home and started wandering soon ending up in the ally ways of Detroit with the homeless and hopeless. There sge has lived fending off gangs, agents if heaven and hell, and the occasional super hero wannabe.
Infernal energy: the very energies of hell this is the main source of all Lara's powers and what she is now made of. The problem is she can't generate more unless she takes in Negitive energy. Thus energy is found in small amount is locations and certain animals, but is much more powerful in the negitive emotions of humans namely fear, pain, and hate. Lara must feed on Negitive energy to replenish her infernal energy.
Magic: Lara is able to call on powerful magic, however this burns through her infernal energy fast so she tends to only use it fir crafting illusions or in serious fights.
Dark voice: not a power if lara but the demon suit it can whisper peoples dark secrets and sins to her. This does not include evil plans it is mostly for causing and unearthing mental trauma and it's effects actully are fully dependant on the other party.
Physical enhancements: given Lara isn't human anymore she is stronger,faster, and more durable than a normal person but far below those with more dedicated powers. She also can regenerate using infernal energy and given her body is just energy normally fatal wounds will heal but they still hurt abd can incapacitate Lara.
The demon suit: the demon Xaragarth in the form of her suit is perhaps Lara's greatest weapon. The suit allows her to summon and control hell chains, alter the size shape and hardness of the cape, alter the suit (adding spikes plates ECT), and shape shift. This all of course costs infernal energy but ifls far less costly than magic meaning she rellies on it.
Skills: lara has learned basic combat from fights and is a halfway decent magic user.
Tech: none
Alignment: Anti-hero
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Hero Name: Hopebringer
Alter Ego: Harry Kline
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Weight: 145
Personality:Harry is a optimistic, young man who often tries to see the bright side of everything, which in a neighborhood like Sunshine Springs is quite rare. He is also a cunning, determined young man with a good sense of humor. He is also well-known in his neighborhood for being a smart ass and will often make quips while fighting. He has a strong sense of justice and will go out of his way to correct what he views as a injustice.
Origin: Harry Kline is a high-school student from Sunshine Springs, a particularly infamous suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. His Father was a minister at a local Presbyterian Church and had made it his own personal mission to help clean the crime-infested Sunset Springs and to aid it's residents, a goal Harry shared enthusiastically. To aid in this goal, Harry's Father started a neighborhood watch and with the aid of other local Fathers, patrolled Sunset Springs and reported possible crimes, earning him the enmity of local gangs, especially Los Maniacos, a Spanish-American street gang connected to various Mexican Cartels. Growing up in Sunshine Springs was a flurry of emotions for Harry, who had both happy and sad memories growing up in the crime infested neighborhood. But, one thing that always stood out about the young man was how he always stood up for himself and others, even standing up to a local bully connected to Los Maniacos. This particular incident ended up causing him to get jumped after school and beaten up by gang members lead by the bully. This incident caused Harry to further cement himself with his Father's goal and sometimes join his Father on 'patrols.

On his 17th birthday, Harry's Father was gunned-down in the crossfire of a drive-by perpetrated by the Aryan Boys, a Neo-Nazi street gang and the arch-rivals of Los Maniacos. At his Father's funeral, Harry vowed to himself to continue his Father's mission to bring what his Father always called "a hopeful future" to the residents of Sunset Springs. A year later, a rare meteor shower was predicted to fill the night sky and Harry's science class went on a field trip to the desert to get get a proper view. This trip would forever change Harry's life and help him fulfill his vow to his Father in a way he would never had expected. On the night of the shower, while the rest of the class was distracted looking at the falling debris, Harry wandered away with his best friend Chuck to complete a dare that involved him climbing giant sand dune and rolling down. When he reached the top of the hill however, Harry saw a blue meteor fall down from the sky and strike down near the dune. Being curious, Harry and Chuck went to investigate, only to find a crater which contained what appeared to be a Blue Ring. When Harry went to pick it up, the Ring, much to his surprise, flew onto his finger and refused to come off. In the subsequent panic, Harry flailed his hand around trying to get the ring off, only to accidentally fire a blue laser, much to the shock of the two young men. When they got back from the desert, Harry and Chuck went to a abandoned factory on their bock and started to test out the ring and found that whatever weapon or object Harry imagined was projected from the ring in a solid, bluish hologram, byt found that it needed charging in a unsual latern shaped object that manifested when he first got the ring.. Harry, realizing that he could use this ring for good, made a makeshift costume of a blue tracksuit and a old Halloween superhero mask and became a superhero called Hopebringer, dedicated to fighting crime in Sunset Valley.

Powers: Typical Power Ring powers.
Skills: Harry is a decent brawler due to a childhood practicing martial arts at a local dojo and is a skilled mechanice due to his dream of being a mechanic like his Uncle Joey.
Tech: A Cell-Phone and a Blue Power Ring and Blue Lantern.


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ManyFaces Roster


Martian- 1554420140906.jpg
True Mars Form-

Hero Name: Martian Manhunter

Alter ego: Ma'alefa'ak (Malefic/Mal) J'onzz/Isaac Jones

Age: Far beyond that of any human

Race: Martian

Gender: Male

Height: 6'8" (Varies by form)

Weight: 300lbs

Personality: Ma'alefa'ak is still very alien to human culture, some of the most normal things seem primitive or fascinating for him, mostly the things that humans have for entertainment or pleasure (taken a liking to donuts). His understanding of certain things humans do are confusing, he does not understand why people are obsessed with taking pictures of themselves over and over or why humans seem to enjoy violence. Ma'alefa'ak see's humans as a weak and primitive race that need the help of Superhumans to keep them from destroying themselves. Though he does have a level of respect for the humans that go to war and his fellow Leaguers he always tries to keep some distance. If not only for his own sake... His past haunts him. Having been maimed mentally he's also aware that he has flaws that the others may not realize such as his weakened mental powers. His instinctive aggression being drawn from the time of war and strain from what he'd done to gain the aid of the Red, and as much as the Martian tries to control his temperment and overall composure with enough stress and strain he can't help but let go. Though his intentions are usually far from malicious his actions tend to be harmful and he strives to be fully in control of himself and one day return home to finish what he started.

Origin: Ma'alefa'ak was born on Mars during the age of its reclining health. Tensions between White and Yellow Martians heated against those that were Green. The Green Martians were the majority race and usually lived comfortable lives or those of importance. Most if not all politicians or high ranking figures were Green Martians. Yellow Martians were usually skilled scientists though their forms were more fluid thsn their brethren making them weaker. White Martians took the brunt of the weight on Mars, their numbers slightly lesser but their power and bodies were much stronger.
Mars was a peaceful planet for the most part even as it's life hung in the balance. Those who were used in war against other planets, usually the White Martians were shunned after they returned from war while Greens were praised for their heroic acts. Little did any Martian know that the sickening of their planet was not any single colors fault but rather as a collective the Martians had poisoned their planet in a fight with offworlders by using a super weapon powered by Yellows, built up by Whites, and fired by Greens. The battle was won with the weapon but little did they know the planet rotted beneath them still allowing growth above but the disease travelling to destroy the core. From where it spread the soil beneath turned black and slowly Mars was made aware of it's presence.
Ma'alefa'ak was still young when the disease had just started being made known. He a White Martian and his brother J'onn a Green Martian due to their parents racially mixing which was allowed and actually allowed for a White or Yellow Martian to have a higher status. While J'onn socialized and built a good name for their family. Ma'alefa'ak trained his body and mind constantly, he accepted that a White Martian was meant to be a warrior. J'onn was ever the optimist for the future of the Martian race, though he did know that he too needed to play a role in the future of Mars and make it better for all future generations. J'onn was always kind to Ma'alefa'ak and knowing that even when they went to school he would be taunted and bullied for his color. J'onn loved his family and was almost oddly fierce in protecting him even his brother who tried to avoid his superstar brother. What did a White Martian have to learn at the school of Green Martians was something often asked to him. But Ma'alefa'ak did learn and like his brother he saw injustice. Unlike his brother he also felt the searing sting of it as well.
Many years passed and J'onn went on to become a public speaker while Ma'alefa'ak made use of his upbringing and became a Manhunter, an elite law enforcer.
He saw the injustice around him and saw a chance to intervene and do right. He'd actually made a name for himself and thought that perhaps there could be more equality in the future for all Martians. That was until during a drug heist he caught a White Martian, looked as though he was high on some form of inhaled drug kept rambling to him about there being blight to the East that would consume them all, the great plague would take Mars. Ma'alefa'ak couldn't help but feel he could trust this Martian as they mind linked and he was shown what he'd seen. He went and saw the center of the rot as he travelled out into the Drylands. Where the black disease crept it took all life around it, making soil infertile and plants wilted, and any animal desperate enough to try and eat the rotten plants seemed to rot from the inside.
Ma'alefa'ak notified his superiors immediately that he'd seen this thanks to a White Martian. They smiled and sent him on his way saying things would be taken care of. They were... Message was spread across every device that White Martians could not be trusted and over but a few cycles of Phobos it was widespread. Ma'alefa'ak didn't know what to think but he knew that the blot would be the end of Mars. He'd been able to get word that they had tried and failed so far to cure the growing of the blight. To make matters worse the divide between the people of Mars grew with the broadcasts of White Martians causing this plague to spread.
At this point Ma'alefa'ak started a small rebellion against this, even at risk of losing his career. Even his brother offered some of his support to cover up for what he was doing. Ma'alefa'ak studied this blight and at it's core somehow the Martians that made it had tapped in to The Black and it was a force that could not be controlled. Ma'alefa'ak researched any other forces that could combat this plague and saw The Red and The Green were champions against it. Something about The Red called out to him and he began trying to tap in to it through many ways other White Martians or those across galaxies had informed. He failed...
In time Ma'alefa'ak had grown an army of Martians to oppose the powers above. They were a decent sized force some with training others without, some simply coming to avoid being attacked. So Ma'alefa'ak planned, he planned to set things straight and fix the planet, By waging a war. Only once he'd given in to his bloodlust had he heard the chilling call of The Red, the champion he needed had smelled blood in the air and came to him. It told him how to beat the plague but it would cost him. Something seemed different about this Red something seemed wrong with it but he had to trust its judgement. He followed it's guidance and while not becoming it's champion he was affected by it's touch, white skin flushed a permanent bloody red as if an omen of what was to come. He lead his army to the blight to fight against more of the Martian forces. He almost failed to keep up with the battle as blood was spilled across the ground covering the black dirt with vibrant shades of red. At the battles end all he could ask was why. In turn what force might have been the red explained what he needed to do with it's power. From the bodies melded rose a vile guardian, it seemed to make endless blood that attracted the Black back to it, so much life came from it. But it did not stop the spread only slowed it. He'd failed his people and over half his army was gone.
The rebels once his brothers and sisters and arms now exiled him. They branded the right side of his face with the specialized mark of a traitor. Then they tossed him towards the Martian government who mutilated him physically and mentally, finishing off by giving him a fate worse than death. He was banished from Mars. They sent him out on a pod, shooting him through space on to who knows where. Only he would know it was Earth once he'd gotten his bearings there. For a time he watched the natives then began to see that the culture was almost like Mars, he had much to learn. Though through the misfortune of a good detective by the name of Isaac Jones who'd died in a devastating explosion trying to disarm a terrorist bomb, he was able to live among them. He had to figure out the way humans should act and what their limits were but in time he shakily got the hang of being human. As much as he missed his home planet he had to make due with humans, seeking them as weak and generally angry creatures Ma'alefa'ak tolerated others at best.
Only after the attack of Starro on Earth did Ma'alefa'ak find any sort of calling with the heroes that fought the terrible tyrant. His presence seemed unexpected but appreciated as he helped drive off the evil starfish hoard back to the depths of space. He explained his story... Or a version of it simply explaining he was a rebel on a dying planet. Though scrutinised for being a strange new ally Ma'alefa'ak was allowed to join the Justice League as the Martian Manhunter. He balanced carefully between his superhero and officer work keeping the lives separate but always thinking that if this strange world was in trouble he would protect it as best as he could and keep his secrets safe.

Superhuman Senses
X-Ray Vision
Telescopic Vision

Mind Control


Malleable Form
Size Alteration

Decelerated Aging

Superhuman Reflexes
Superhuman Speed
Superhuman Strength

Blood Magic(Taps in to the dark side of The Red which allows manipulation of organic materials under the Red such as blood and bone, such magic needs sacrifice though through a kill brought by his dagger or his own blood he may use its power)
Bio-Fusion(fuses beings together as long as they're either unintelligent or deceased, creatures made by him are also loyal to his every whim)

Advanced Hand-To-Hand Combat

He is essentially a biological swiss army knife
He does carry a specialized sacrificial dagger though
Alignment: Hero??



Hero Name: Alexander"Lex"Luthor

Alter ego: Lex Luthor hides from no one!

Age: 68 years

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2" to 10'0"

Weight: 500 to 800 lbs

Personality: Lex Luthor is a man with good intentions. He holds himself in high regard, he's not subtle about how prideful he is. However his pride only serves to boost his ego and how he wants others to view him, he'd never let Lexcorp produce anything less than perfect. Before his transformation he was distrustful of superhumans, his trust is still wavering with the existence of vigilantes however he has a level of respect for the Justice League and their desire to help humanity. He's not a cold humorless man and takes remarks about him being inhumane or less then human with great offense, repeated remarks about calling him a robot or machine are a good way to make him angry. Though his ego is massive he puts his self confidence to good use to benefit humanity. While he does find aliens and beings that aren't humans interesting he would never side with them over mankind. So he puts on a confident front to be a champion for humanity.

Origin: Lex Luthor did not grow up rich. He was from a part of Metrotropolis where no one even knew his name, a run down ghetto area. He was a nobody, raised by nobodies, in a district full of nobodies. But even as a child he knew he was meant for greatness, he'd rise above his family.
His parents didn't seem to want to let him go though. At a young age his father would strike him when he talked back, usually when he said something incorrect about information he'd learned. Letting him know that it didn't matter how smart he was, he'd beat him down to let him known who was in charge. His mother was almost as bad, choosing to verbally put him down as well as smoke like a chimney. But that only fueled his hate for his parents and his desire to become more than they ever could have dreamed of.
Lex went on to become a superstar student. Being the pinnacle of what every school wanted. Being school president and prom king multiple years in high school. Top ranked colleges actually came to him to get him to go to their facilities. He became highly educated and his name began to hold some weight to it.
His problems disappeared when he became an adult... Even the ones from his childhood faded away. Things tended to go right for him and he had money to spare to assure he'd stay on top.
As the founder of LexCorp he brought new technologies to the world to make life easier. He was revered and respected by all who knew him. No one dared to say anything to sully his name.
No one, except a company who'd gotten some intel that Alexander Luthor creator of LexCorp and LexTech had fallen ill to some rare disease. As much as many hoped this to be false, Lex was in fact keeping his condition a secret. He even denied claims of his sickness over the years, trying to keep up appearances. However something seemed to catch up to him as he finally admitted the nature of his disease. His heart and lungs had been deteriorating and warping, he tried to play it off as cancer and took medicines to help him from succumbing to the illness. His body weakened and his hair fell out. No one could help him except for himself.
So Lex Luthor set out to find a cure to his disease... He failed. The only solution he could find would be to sacrifice the thing he'd preached about and spoken in such high regard, his humanity. So many times Lex would give speeches about how humanity could only rely on itself and not some aliens or gods to take care of them. Lex would undergo slow replacement of his minor organs and over time most of his being with cybernetics.
His view changed on superhumans, seeing as something not entirely human had saved his life... And effectively made him immortal in his old age. He admitted some trust in the superhuman beings he once chastised. Though his true feelings were... Left unsaid but not of truely villainous nature. Lex Luthor would offer his assistance to the Justice League in things that would threaten mankind, even upgrading his cybernetic being to be able to be used in battle.
But as the Justice League disappeared after a mission, Lex has begun to protect Metropolis and humanity as best as he can with his technologies, to some extent feeling abandoned by the Justice League. Though even going as far as to be active in patrolling his city.

(Gained by enhancements given by suit)
Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Durability


Force field
Energy projection
Electro-Blast(electric surge across suit)

Genius Level Intellect:

Business Management:


Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)

Warsuit/Cybernetic Parts
-Arm Cannon
-Energy Blade
-Solar Gun(Hot and blinding)
-Wireless Linker
-Back mounted rocket shooter
Lexcorp drones
Anything made by Lexcorp

Alignment: Anti-Villain
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One Thousand Club
Villain Name: Blood Knight
Alter Ego: Alan Curing
Age: 35
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5
Weight: 161
Personality: Blood Knight is a psychotic, delusional, man with a obsessive streak a mile wide. He is quick tempered and will fall into an angry fit and will lash out at anything that makes him angry,both enemy and allies. He is also quite arrogant and views himself as the greatest warrior in the world and obsessively fights what he calls "Worthy Foes" to prove this fact. Despite all of his negative flaws, he is quite polite and will generally follow some form of chivalry when out of combat. But, when in combat he will turn into a deceptive bastard and will use every dirty trick in the book to win the fight he is in.
Origin: Alan Curing used to be a actor who was well-known for his bizarre preparations for his various roles. These rituals included obsessively reading his script over and over again, obsessively reading novels his character appeared in if he was adapting a novel, adapting his looks cosmetically to more resemble his character, even going so far as to have plastic surgery, and even to the point where he copied every single mannerism and dietary habit referenced in the screenplay. He did this, in his own words, "to get into the brain of his character's and properly act them out." Curing grew to be a respected actor and well known for his polite, kindly, but somewhat eccentric behavior. His once promising career however collapsed in on itself once he agreed to portray a character called The Blood Knight in a television adaption of Gallant, a popular high-fantasy novel series. Alan did his usual rituals while preparing for this role, but found himself completely engrossed by him, loving his battle-obsessed, brutal, but surprisingly polite personality and began to obsess over him more than any character he has portrayed before, even to the point where he started to act and talk like him on set, even when they were not filming.

On the final day of shooting, Alan was doing a scene where his character decapitated Lady Erissa, the Half-Dragon princess of Avienos, a major event in the book. Unfortunately, a tragic accident happened right when electric wiring from a nearby light source exploded due to a overload and electrocuted Alan, knocking him into a 5 minute coma. When he woke up, He seemed to be fine, but that was suddenly shattered when he started to speak exactly like Blood Knight and seemed genuinely shocked by all the people around him and all of the technology. Alan, who seemed to be stuck in the Blood Knight persona, fought his way out of the studio and rampaged throughout Gotham City, stealing a real sword in the process. He was eventually confronted by Batman, who figured out who He really was and tried to calm him down using his real name and telling him that his family was worried. But, to Batman's shock, Alan seemed to have no idea who he was talking about, confirming his earlier suspicions that He had lost his memory in the accident and his mind somehow replaced his lost memories with the exploits of the Blood Knight from both the movie and the books, leaving Alan to think He was the real Blood Knight. After a long, surprisingly brutal fight, Blood Knight was subdued by Batman and sent to Arkham, where it was hoped that the doctors could help recover his true identity. But, Blood Knight mysteriously disappeared without a trace from his cell a few days, What one knew at the time was that Circe witnessed his rampage across Gotham and his subsequent fight with Batman and decided to use him as a new pawn against Wonder Woman. So, She sprirted Blood Knight away from Arkham and "gifted" him with a set of enchanted armor and a sword that closely resembled the armor the Blood Knight wore in the books. Circe then instructed him to don the armor and told him of a "worthy challenger" for him to fight, Wonder Woman. What Circe didn't tell him was that the armor's main side effect was that it warped the users perception of reality. In this case, it made Alan see the world and the people in it as if it were in the Gallant series. This made Alan slip even further into the Blood Knight persona, making some think He can never be recovered.Blood Knight, now convinced He was in his home "realm" agreed to fight Wonder Woman and "slay" her, thus proving his title of the "world's most deadliest warrior".His first encounter with WW was at a museum where she had just foiled a robbery by Cheetah and was ambushed by him after he swung his sword at her from behind a corner. After a long fight, WW prevailed, but Blood Knight managed to escape. Now viewing Wonder Woman as the "ultimate foe", Blood Knight has persistently attempted to slay Wonder Wonder multiple times over the years and has teamed up with some of the most infamous villains of her rouge's gallery, most notably Dr. Psycho, who Blood Knight thinks is a powerful sorcerer . . His current location his unknown, but it is inevitable that He will turn up to challenge the new "young warriors" of the Justice League

Powers: Blood Knight wears a almost indestructible enchanted suit of armor that allows him to survive hits that would kill most people. He also carries a enchanted sword that can cut through almost anything, including steel.
Skills: Blood Knight is a skilled swordsman and horseback rider. He also has a cunning and strategic mind, which is useful for when he has henchmen.
Tech: N/A
Alignment: Villain


Reality Warping Child
( Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk Excuse me for the notable change of pace in terms of powers... But I love Dream-Based powers and after watching "Before I Awaken" I couldn't resist attempting it.)


Name: Cassidy Winters
Hero Name: (Sleep Walker; Waker of Nightmares)
Race: Metahuman
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5"5 (65 inches)
Weight: N/A
Personality: Cassidy is described as an anxious and rather unassuming girl whose highly nervous around a crowd, especially when it's people she has never conversed with until that moment. Reclusive and pretty introverted, interacting with others was never her strong suit. It would likely result in various degrees of stuttering and mumbling, and lack of eye contact. This doesn't mean she is not respectful of those who deserve respect, as she does so even to those who don't deserve it. She is quiet, albeit pretty naive at moments depending on the reasons.

Origin: For the most part her history is intended to be rather clouded. Nothing of note happens when she was quite a bit younger, although she could swear that people she cared for tended to go missing after each night. She wasn't awarethat the very nightmares she had were coming to reality from her dreams. Once she realized one day that when she woke up she saw the slightest resemblance of something she remembered from her nightmare into reality, she ran away from home.

Powers and Abilities: Any creatures that are in her good dreams / nightmares come to life whenever she slumbers, and although most of them cause havoc, the others tend not to and will usually go to great lengths to protect her and those she cares for (such as one of the Nightmares protecting her). Most of the entities summoned are comparable / equal to Kryptonians of higher calibers, although they tend to be more narrow minded. The weaknesses are pretty blatant however: The girl is a regular human(so if she is killed they cease to exist and can never return), These nightmares dissappear if the girl is awoken or by merely saying her name backwards "Yissac".

Skills: Isn't notably good at fighting [however is adept at running away] and is significantly average.

Tech: Cellphone and purse.... Otherwise nothing notable.

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Three Thousand Club
Hero Name:
Alter ego:
Age:??? Appears in early twenties
Race: Devil
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 6
Rai is an uncharacteristically kind devil. She is not evil and does not wish to fulfill her wrathful tenancies that she was manifested with. She doesn't wish to steal souls to satisfy her instincts. She finds humans amazing in their own way, and worth protecting. She wishes she could be human again. Rai loves human literature, art and anything that helps her understand their state of mind and their generally accepted morals. Humans are a subject of interest for her, creatures she studies intensively but also befriends.

That being said, she secretly sees her self as less than them on the moral spectrum. Yes humans are capable of horrible atrocities, but in her mind they don't know any better. It's like punishing a cat for catching a mouse. She doesn't blame man kind for doing things like mass genocide, war, ect, she blames that on their lack of knowledge of the repercussions. She severely underestimates that some humans are just evil... like demons. In short, humans, in her eyes, can do no wrong. Demons, angels and other immortal beings however, know better, they are immortal and ought to see when they are doing wrong and must be stopped.

Rai is surprisingly personable, physically unable to judge people based on their look, their wealth or their possessions as wealth means nothing to one who will outlive money's use, objects rot given time and she can only see souls. Most assume she is the typical, quiet, brooding demon. When in reality she is just listening, watching souls and assessing the human nature.

Rai's story begins with death. Jenna Harlow was a normal teenage girl who worked at a ballet studio working with small children. One day absolute tragedy took her life as she was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver.

Her parents were grief stricken as they buried their only child, and were unable to accept that dead meant gone forever. There had to be a way to bring her back, even through the most abominable of acts.They went to someone in Louisiana who claimed to be a voodoo priest and could do the deed and revive their dead daughter. Excited Jenna's father robbed his own daughter's grave and the pair traveled to Louisiana to let the priest do his work. What he did was not what he promised.

Instead of looking to help the couple out of the kindness of his heart, the priest was in need of a corpse as he planned to call up the greater demon, Valak from hell and unleash him upon the world. The process required one corpse and the sacrifice of two souls. Jenna's parents had unwittingly killed themselves to aid such an evil deed. But demon summoning is a lot like fishing. Those who know what they're doing are more likely to reel in the demon they want, but it's not fool proof. Instead of Valak, he got a devil far more powerful yet less cruel and the pressure she created when coming through the gates of hell killed the priest before he could send her back. Rai, he fourth horseman of death was pushed into Jenna Harlow's corpse.

Being put into a human corpse does some rather strange things to an unsuspecting demon's mind though. She can remember Jenna's memories as if they were her own, and she remembers hell, so now Rai suffers from an identity crisis. She truly believes she was at one point human. Thus why she fully understands the struggles of the common human man and wishes to further aide them with her work on the Young Justice

Demon physiology- Rai's body is like most other Devils. Tough and can withstand the vast majority of worldly damage. Sure beating her down enough will stop an attack and slow her down, But it takes a lot more than it would take to maim a human to injure her. Should also mention this includes the fact that her body is technically a reanimated corpse. Poisons (unless silver based) do nothing to her. She also doesn't need to breathe, eat or drink and cold and hot conditions have no effect on her unless she's recently been struck by a silvered weapon.

Minimal spells and magic- She is no magician, but Rai can do the basics assuming she has a spell book. What she cannot do is witchcraft (IE; exorcisms, curses, ect). Most of the spells she can cast are pretty useless, no fireballs or sparks or anything. More like illusions, trickery and general oddities although it is a nice ability to have if she ever needs to understand someone's magic. She CAN however sense when someone uses magic and disguise herself as human. Although her glamour only has one form and she cannot make herself look like someone else.

Soul sight- Rai does not see physical body, rather she sees souls. The world to her is black and white with the splotches of color with a humanoid halo being living things. This being said her sight does work to see inanimate objects, and is very good at it. Her sight is difficult to explain other than she can not see the physical appearance of someone, rather she sees their souls and she can tell a lot from just a soul. (Very basic personality traits)

Horseman- Rai's status as one of the four horseman grants her the demonic mount, Grimorrah. He is large, intelligent and loyal to his rider. He also grants Rai the ability to travel through the rift where there is no overlap. The rift is like a crawlspace between earth and hell. It's how demons travel about but in some areas it ventures away from earth. There no demon can go in or out of earth or the rift. In overlaps entry and exit is free. However Grimorrah can jump with his rider from earth to rift with ease. However Rai must go alone and she has to allow Grimora to rest before she can jump back in the same spot she jumped in at, or she could travel to an overlap. He is also useful for travel (he can outrun cars) and battle (horse bites/kicks suck. Especially if the horse is huge and an utter asshole.)


Super strength and speed- Strong enough to lift a semi but not more. fast in terms of reaction speed. She can't run super fast (thats grimora's job), rather her reaction speed is pretty fast.

Healing factor- With some exceptions (see silver) She can heal her wounds at will. Only problem is she can either be moving or healing. She must stop all movement and heal, which makes her look dead. (and gives enemies time to flee... or trap her. or harm her allies) The amount of time she will stay down if fully dependent on the damage received.

The Bad Stuff- How to bring Rai down- Rai seems strong and can be intimidating with the horseman's one goal is to jump on your squishiest ally and make them unable to fight right off the bat. Some tips on how to defeat Rai:
Rai is a definite front liner, her looks are deceiving about how tanky she actually is. She is a solid bruiser that is capable of tanking physical damage and dealing back more than enemies can handle. She excels in 1v1 fights where she can stick on an opponent that cannot peel her off themselves. She gets in close and eats her enemy alive with a death by a thousand cuts fighting style. Her strikes are fast and precise as well as her footwork. She is a melee fighter that works well into ranged characters as she can get in so close their ranged abilities are challenged to keep up. The struggle in fighting against Rai is getting any distance between her and you as she refuses to allow an enemy to disengage and follows up with a harder engage. She is also incredibly good at cutting down tanks, especially the slow ones that rely on powerful strikes.

Enemies she struggles against are people of her own kind that get in close and actually fight her. Examples of this would best fit Lobo. She'd have the upper hand at first however he would eventually overtake her. She does the most of her damage in short bursts right off the bat but eventually wears down through long trades. Ganging up on her and focusing her down tend to yield the best results and getting her off the squishy ranged characters she loves to jump on will make her job difficult.
----- More weaknesses----
Silver- Mere contact with silver scalds her skin with a burn that heals like a mortal. Stabbing or shooting her with silver is deadly and could turn her to dust with prolonged exposure. If she has been injured by a silver weapon, she experiences pain as a normal human does until it is healed and her healing factor is interrupted.

Holymen- Preists, nuns, saints,rabbi she cannot harm the holy men of any religion and they may compel her to not harm people of their choosing. That being said if they tell her to leave she must. Exorcisms don't really work on her as she can't be expelled from the body she's in as it is now actually hers, but she can be forced to leave a room and forced to leave a specific person alone.

Copper- Copper doesn't kill, rather immobilizes and leaves her helpless with so much as a touch until physical contact is broken. Speaking and even twitching a finger takes a painful amount of effort. A good tool to subdue her.

Damage of great proportions- Sure things like bullets and things won't do much unless you have silver or a holyman's blessing, but cause enough damage of any kind you'll slow her down enough to give you time to escape. Remember, she must stop and go into a catatonic state to heal. If she is also speared through by something and her injuries cannot heal because the object cannot be expelled, she will be forced to stay in that catatonic state until someone removes it for her.

Soulless enemies- When fighting enemies like soulless creatures (zombies, robots, androids, ect) she has low visibility. They appear as inanimate objects and she cannot see them as well as she would an enemy with a soul.

Weakened humans- Rai is a good person, but her nature is horrible. Her nature tells her to kill and to consume human souls. She resists as it is not something she must do to remain 'alive' but it is always tempting. Humans when they are sick, injured, drunk, old or young or in any weak state are so tempting and so easy to steal she must avert her eyes as not to take it. She chooses to hide this as it makes her feel like a monster, which makes the line of work she is in absolute torture.

Disrupts Electronics- Her presence interferes with things like TV's showing static, phones losing reception, computers just deciding not to work. She has to be conscious of getting near any important electronics.

Multi-lingual- Only demon languages. as well as English
Quite the conversationalist- Rai is actually surprisingly easy to get along with, meaning gaining the trust of those who may not trust anyone otherwise is relatively easy for her and she has a knack for talking people into making decisions.
2 Essence reaping scythes- These scythes are a pair and are one of a kind. The metal is sturdy and does not break. They deal necrotic damage, meaning once hit the blades begin to slowly drain opponents of their energy. one hit is no big deal... but multiple? Deadly.

Grimorrah- Rather the glass figurine that calls her mount. Grimorrah is the horseman's horse, he is a monsterous demon that predates his rider and possesses possibly more power than she does. However the figurine Rai carries is his only way to and from this world and with it, control is kept over Grimorrah. Breaking it calls him from the rift and once he is expelled, the figurine is left in the pile of ash.

Alignment: Hero but skirting the line of anti-hero


Three Thousand Club
Hero Name: Lunar Drake
Alter ego: Deimos Weinburg
Age: 15
Race: (Human, Kryptonian, Martian, ETC.)
Height: 6ft 2
Weight: 250 pounds (dragons wings are heavy AF)
Personality:Deimos is a relatively swave person, he's always been relatively quiet, even as a baby. That's kind of a thing with baby dragons, their instinct is to stay silent, still, and hidden until their mother returns for them. Therefore Deimos never engaged in the regular 'baby babbling' as most do and didn't learn to speak until he was nearly 5. He learned quickly and now speaks very eloquently, calmly with a stern undertone. He hardly ever has to raise his voice above normal speech level. He can get his point across with as few words as possible, yet he can manipulate things around through language. Deimos's humor his somewhat sarcastic yet subtly dark just as everything else about him. He does still resemble his mother in terms of his little gestures. His light smirks, lip biting, eye rolling and all the semi-sassy yet dry epicness that was his mother.

Deimos's story begins in a lab, where a man, hungry for power, striven for perfection. The scientist's name was Dr. Jame's F. Crowley. Dr. Crowley managed to get his hands on an ancient artifact made of the bones of a beast and was able to perfect rewriting it's entire genetic code and clone whatever the beast was... What he got was the first ever resurrection of an extinct species, Dracconis Lunaris or- the lunar drake. She was monstrous, she was ferocious, and she could turn human at will. Her name was Silithia. Dr. Crowley, although cruel and horrid, considered her one of his greatest accomplishments, aside from his 'dog', but still she had more to offer than just her existence. She was to provide him with offspring to experiment upon.

After the deed was done and Silithia realized she'd gotten pregnant from the ordeal she realized she had to escape, for her child sake. It was time to break free or die trying, anything to keep them from experimenting on her baby. She managed to break free from her cell and burn Crowley's lab to the ground and fly off into the night, Delivering Deimos is a corn field, alone 2 months later. From then on they were nomadic, seeking shelter wherever they could and just trying to escape as Crowley's prize experiment, a beast nicknamed 'Crowley's Wild Dog' had been sent to drag them both back.

They were on the run for 8 years, Deimos was taken from town to town, living in warehouses, under bridges and in forests to hide. But their luck eventually ran out. It was a rainy night and Silithia had stopped at a creek for a drink of water when she was ambushed. She ordered Deimos to run as she fought him. It'd be the last time they saw each other. Deimos ran into a New York town and was picked up by a police car that was making the rounds and brought to the police station and eventually put up for adoption, which granted him two loving parents in Brooklyn who even gave his real mother a proper burial. Their names were Tim and Grace Weinberg, an older couple who were patient enough to comfort an 8 year old who had just lost his mother, as well as teaching him to read treating him as if he were their son. He is thankful for them, but he would give anything to have Silithia back and to wreak havoc on those who took her from him.

How Deimos is Useful in a Fight: Deimos has 2 different fighting styles. He must choose which he wants to use pre-fight or have his team buy him time to change forms. He can remain in his more human form, where he acts more as a supportive artillery mage. He has the ability to heal, and shield allies while blinding, burning and stunning opponents as well as outputting a decent amount of damage himself. OR he can become the greatest example of epigenetics ever and turn on the otherwise vestigial half of his dragon DNA. Meaning he gets to be a real dragon, a 20 ft tall monster that is essentially a fire breathing, moon smiting fighter jet armed with teeth claws and horns. His skin is so thick low caliber bullets cannot penetrate and he is fireproof meaning close quarters fights can get ugly for enemies... and friends who get too close.

Human form:

Innate mage: Dragons are born knowing how to use their magic, meaning he never had to figure out how to used dragon magic, he just knew... making fast spell casting possible. Although this is SOLELY to dragon specific magic. The dragon's breath spell (literal blasting fire), smite (concentrated moonlight blasting enemies blinding if their eyes were open and burning any exposed skin, and ethereal chains (a very short stun) can all be cast at will. The problem... he must stop to cast everything except the dragon's breath and they are pretty telegraphed (his wings light up brighter when he's about to cast a spell... basically making himself a huge target).

Spells he can cast:

+Healing- can fix damage done to allies. Can only heal one person at a time and amount of damage reversed is fully relevant to how long he can sit and heal them. This when done in battle makes him a HUGE target as he is immobile, focused on what he'd doing and must fully disengage whoever he's healing to fight back should need be. CANNOT HEAL HIMSELF.

+Shields- Blocks one attack off an ally. Only. One. And can only be cast on the same person twice after 2 minutes.

+Smite- Strong and painful concentrated moonlight shines down from him to the enemy in a laser-like ray. Can be cast during the day but is not nearly as strong as at night. Damage done by the spell depends on the concentration at which it is endured. Just looking at it is enough to cause some temporary blindness. Taking the brunt of it for a few seconds results in some skin burning... enduring thirty seconds is the equivalent of standing in an open flame, burning skin and doing permanent eye damage. This spell is easily his most devastating but he is immobilized while he casts it and he has to aim the ray accurately and move it accordingly. It can also be obstructed by the environment. This spell is also incredibly telegraphed as the undersides of his wings shine bright like stars making him a very visible target.

+Dragon's Breath- All dragons, regardless of type are born with this spell. He literally blasts fire like a flame thrower in front of him. This is his only spell that isn't incredibly telegraphed and can be cast while moving. Although it's not wise to use as a main weapon as fire once it leaves it's caster is uncontrollable in his human form and he could torch those around him or himself. This is more of a zoning tool (closing off escape routes for enemies) or a self-peel tool (getting enemies off him if they get too close.)

Learned Magic: Learned magic is just as it sounds, learned not instinct. These spells are useless in battle, however he can pull many tricks to alter every day life like hiding his wings from human eyes, revealing invisible objects and detecting other sources of magic. However there are other things he can learn how to do such as rituals, excorsisms and tracking spells if given the time to figure it out and the ability to attempt multiple times.

Dragon senses: Deimos isn't much stronger than a human but he does have a better sense of smell and hearing and he has night vision.


Dragon Form:

As a fully unleashed Lunar Drake Deimos becomes one of the most terrifying creatures of this dimension. He is able to take some damage without getting badly hurt and can dish out damage to multiple enemies. His fighting style becomes more of a hybrid between a brawling monster, leaping on larger enemies and using his strength to take them down and a stealth bomber that flies silently and bombards with rays of lunar energy out of no where before disappearing into the night.

He is armed to the teeth with biological weapons, one of which is is actual teeth that are razor sharp and curved backwards, ensuring whatever he bites, does not escape with whatever limb he grabbed, horns that can be swung into metal and puncture deeply into the belly of a tank. and his claws can cut to the bone. If he feels crowded by multiple assailants, they will find he has a very effective way of forcing them off by either lashing out with a heavy wing of a quick spin, lashing his tail out and introducing them to the very generously endowed thagomizer on the end.

He can still cast both Dragon's breath and his Smite... except his smite becomes much more powerful, burning skin and bones on contact and acting like napalm: Sticking to targets and causing more damage over time.

Weakness ↴

+Squishy Human Form- Most of Deimos's offensive abilities are designed to keep foes away. However if one jumps on him, he doesn't have too much to get them off other than his dragon's breath and once that's been taken from him (via impeding breath or forcing him to the ground face down) there's not much he can do.

+Cold Blooded- Deimos often dresses to conserve heat as the cold can influence his internal body temperature. This makes him sluggish and in extreme conditions, could kill him.

+Telegraphed- As aforementioned, most of his damage dealing abilities have a great deal of forewarning, giving enemies time to avoid taking them to the face if they're paying attention and realize what his wings lighting up means.

+Sensitive Wings- Grab his wings and you can force him into submission fast. The slightest squeeze is enough to reduce him to tears.

In Dragon form

+Whistling wings- Deimos's favorite tacit is to dive bomb large targets like ships, facilities or planes and smite on the drive by as he can move with it in his dragon form. This is a devastating move that can destroy unprepared enemies. However there is a telltale, high pitched whistle off the tips of his wings as he dives. this gives a few seconds to find cover... and pray.

+Blind Spots- being so big means you can't see around some places and he has quite a few large blind spots... one of which is directly behind him and right underneath him. Get in too close and Deimos can't do too much to get them away.

+Tight Combat- Deimos can't well fight contained either by the environment or fear of hurting allied combatants. Force a friend too close and they might catch a tail to the face on accident.

+Getting up- When a beast is that large, getting knocked on one's side takes a bit to recover from. It takes a good deal of thrashing to get back on his feet and anything can happen in that short period of time.

*He's exellent at tracking down information from books due to the fact he's taught himself many dead languages to teach himself even more obscure magics... his parent's attic literally looks like a wizards library
*Decent with computers and in he can accomplish not breaking one
*Given time and materials he could teach himself most ritual magic, it may take a bit and take a bunch of books and a few hours of trial and error, but he can teach himself.

Tech: I mean... he has a phone
Alignment: Hero

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