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Fandom Justice league- Displacement- Lore.



The father of the Worldbreaker.
"For the past century so called Heroes have risen all over the earth. From self proclaimed Supergenius's, to rodent themed detectives, Mechanical abominations, mystical magicians, even alien beings with godlike power. Someone somewhere is bound to notice our little blue marble eventually." Lex Luthor over 10 years ago.

Luthor made the statement Almost a decade ago before the united nations delegation, but rather than heed his warning they took it as an opportunity to flaunt their new idols. They funded and backed the Justice League, helped train heroes and generally ignored his dore warnings. Even when darksied came three years ago, even after brainiac came a year after that, and last years run in with the alien warlord mongul. All seemed to be simply written off as inevitable threats...then again they still had the league then, their shining beacons of justice and strength. Pulling them out of the fire time and time again.

Three months ago Lex finally revealed something that caught people's attention. Though not as many as he had hoped. Mostly fellow genius's, several heroes, and anyone who understood what he was saying. The entire universe had been Quarantined. Those with magical prowess or transdimensional abilities or technologies were the first to confirm his theory. All transdimensional communication had been severed, as well as all transdimensional travel. Hell even time travel and boom tubes seemed effected as their range was cut drastically if it still worked at all.

About a week after that Speedsters and others who draw power from smaller sub dimensions withing our universe began to talk about how "something else" had taken their sources place. The speed force was replaced with a new version that had the same effects but subtle differences. Swamp thing and poison ivy stated that the Power green had also been changed, it now felt unnatural and more aggressive. Even lanturns have reported strange shifts in their rings Hue, and occasional happenings of rings becoming overcharged. People began to look into it at that point. Then the entire worlds attention was caught.

The worlds seven most iconic heroes, banded together against a global threat of Ra's al guul who uad gotten ahold of several dozen nuclear weapons. They had just finished thwarting his plans when they all vanished in a flash of purple light, and on live international broadcast no less. Now the world is reeling from the loss of their heavy hitters, the remaining leaguers have opened applications for new heroes. All in the hopes of stemming the sharp rise in metahuman crime. Meanwhile the greatest minds in the world attempt to find a way to bring their champions back before the next darksied shows up. However a few of the more paranoid among the worlds population feel as though this is only the begining of something big, bigger than anything the world has ever faced before.
Meanwhile Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and Green Lantern awaken in a mysterious black sanded beach, with a red ocean and a deep purple sky. With no idea where or when they are, and no idea how they got here, theu must band together to find a way home...if only they knew what was in store for them, they might have just stayed on that beach for the remainder of their natural lives.

List of Roles.

The Original 7

Superman- Open
Batman- Claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Wonderwoman- Open
The Flash- Claimed by PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss
Aquaman- Claimed by Crenando Crenando
Martian manhunter- Open
Green Lanturn- Open

Back on earth

( Canon heroes.)
Cyborg- Claimed by
The Question- Open
Mr.Terrific- Open
Supergirl- Claimed Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Shazam- ???
Nightwing- Open
Kid Flash- Open
Starfire- Open
Beast boy- Open
Raven- Open

(Canon villains)
Darksied- Claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Brainiac- Claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Mongul- Claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Solomon Grundy- Open
Deathstroke- Open
Ra's al guul- Open
Lex Luthor- Open
Gorilla Grodd- Open
Vandal Savage- ???

Oc heroes
Gigas dragoon- Claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk
Blue lantern- Claimed by K Killerclown

Oc villains
Blood knight- claimed by K Killerclown
Gigas Diablo- claimed by Ultrasuperhulk Ultrasuperhulk

(Open characters are ones i will need for the plot. ??? Characters mean they are still up in the air but have been mentioned as possible claimed characters and are needed for the plot. I will update as needed.)
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