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A Glowing Fluorescent Tube
The Jungle is a beautiful forest located somewhere on Earth, and it's got quite a few sights to see - such as glistening lakes, small creeks, and mostly non-lethal plants, some of them even being edible. The jungle is gorgeous - but there's one big problem. Missing people reports along with murder reports have shown up after some curious adventurers made their way inside of or even just near the jungle, only to never make it back out alive. Some people have reported seeing strange, colorful creatures in the jungle, but nobody seems to believe them, for obvious reasons. It takes a brave person to want to head into that damned place, and an even braver one to head in alone - and that person is you.

I'm looking to build upon an idea that I've had for a long time. This roleplay has quite a bit of lore behind it, which will be slowly revealed to you along the way as you discover what secrets the jungle has to offer. Your character is a peaceable and nervous female investigator* going into the jungle by herself to see if the rumors about the creatures and murders are true. She tends to hide in her own shell, though the events of the roleplay might change that.

I'll act as sort of a GM, controlling/defining the jungle as well as the people inside, etc. I'll also be playing as my own character, an Avian hunter.
This is an adventurous roleplay with more lore being revealed along the way! This could definitely considered a "hidden plot" roleplay, too. I've spent quite a long time going over the lore 'n such, so I'd love to show 'ya the world I've created in an adventurous, mysterious way!

*Not officially hired as one, but rather she's a person who wants to investigate the jungle.
I apologize in advance for sounding strict about all this, I'm not nearly as strict of a person to roleplay with as these rules make me sound haha

(Bold sentences meaning important stuff that you probably came here for, lol)

  • My characters will be anthropomorphic animals (furry), but your characters will be human. Might as well get this out of the way, heh

  • In this plot, both of our characters will be female. This does NOT mean that I will only roleplay females, though!

  • I have a general idea of a character that you can play - I'll let you hear about it when you PM/post!

  • There isn't any romance between our main characters, though side characters would be okay. This isn't a romance-driven plot, however!

  • I'd like a partner that can come up with ideas for the plots (and any future ones!) and help to work with me on them.

  • If you're going to ditch/take a break, please tell me beforehand. Due to personal reasons, I'll most likely need to take breaks from roleplaying occasionally - but I'll definitely be sure to give full warning when I do, and I'd expect a partner to do the same.

  • I am in the CST timezone, and I'm usually willing to adjust for other timezones.

  • I'd really like to know your gender upfront (as in, on your profile), along with your age.

  • I write between 1-3 paragraphs, and I expect my partner to write about the same amount. I can reply multiple times per day, and I'd like at minimum 1 response every day. I'm fine with and fully understand real-life situations that would prevent you from doing so, as long as you give me a heads-up. I'd like to say that I'm pretty understanding in this regard, too! :D I just don't want to write 2-3 paragraphs and get a one or two-liner in response, 'ya know? c:

  • Grammar is important, but I will excuse the occasional mistake (Everybody makes 'em! :D) but three every post is a little much. This is a long lasting plot idea, and I'd like it to be fully enjoyable for both of us.

  • I like to chat, so feel free to talk to me in OOC! Communication is important, and If you're not happy with how the roleplay is going, tell me and I'll try to help!

"Excuse me?" he puffed, slamming his hand on the table hard enough to rattle the ice in his water. "I just killed two bears for you. I'm not doing shit until I get paid." The wolf grabbed his glass of water, downing the entire thing in one gulp before he starts walking towards the door. The only thing that stopped him was the sudden click of a revolver hammer being cocked behind him. He simply stared at the wooden door as the tavernkeeper demanded for more pelts, even if it meant going on dangerous paths to get them.

The revolver tapping against his head only served to piss the wolf off even more, causing him to let out a growl. He briefly thought about trying to disarm him, before ultimately deciding to just go through with his demand. He really can't afford to get another report after that last incident. "Alright, man. I'll get you some nice cat fur for your shitty bar, and then I'll be on my way. Sound good, buddy?"

This is my average response length, though sometimes it's a little shorter.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to PM me/post below if you're interested!
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