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Fandom Johto League x Type Rising CS


Kobe Nathan Wade

One Thousand Club
Backstory: (You have eight badges as a trainer, or are a gym leader. This can be a recent development or one in your far past. Both classes would have also trained at a gym as an adolescent.)
Special Training: (Did your character train against flying types every day, even though they're a fighting type, to lessen the effect of super effective attacks? Do you have insanely high defense from all the rock types you've fought? This is where we can push the boundaries of classic pokemon mechanics.)
Abilities: (Three from any Pokemon of your same type.)
Moves: (max, ten. You may change their effect slightly to fit your character and theme. Moves will also be treated as "equal" in usefulness. Tackle could literally knock your opponent down and end up with you sitting on top of them.)
Items: (No holds barred on weapons, whatever your character brings into battle. Bonus points if your weapon corresponds with your move set. I wanna see a laser canon that gets more powerful when you use solar beam.)

Pokemon Team: (Add spoilers here for each new pokemon)

Ability: (All natty pokemon builds, but with alternate descriptions for moves and abilities optional.)
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Kobe Nathan Wade

One Thousand Club

Name: Chance Bridgerton
Age: 22
Type: Electric
Description: Chance is tall and broad, with a sturdy frame and weight about him. He first trained at the fighting type gym as a lad, and thus has the look of a warrior about him from the neck down. From the neck up, he looks unassuming and friendly, with a kind smile, soft glimmering blue eyes, and light curly short brown hair.

Personality: Chance is casual and quiet in most situations, as happy to make polite conversation with a stranger on an elevator as not. He can be thoughtful, but often not about menial things in life. He would sooner spend an entire afternoon seeing how many swings it takes with a brick to chop down a medium sized tree, than do his laundry. He might then write a comprehensive paper on the things he contemplated and meditated on during this cerebral exercise, and forget he has to be at the gym to battle a challenger that day.

He is devoted to the things he loves, but can sometimes be too devoted all the same. It is this hyper focus which he carries with him into battle, soaking up every detail of an attack to respond appropriately, or strike precisely. In this way the airheaded gym leader can be intense and precise, for like lightning in a storm it may strike spiratically, but where it hits it devastates.

Chance's father was a business tycoon in the Galar region, and on a whim one day decided to take the family to the Johto Region on vacation. They toured the region in it's entirety, as well as visiting a few towns just on the other side of Mt. Silver in the Kanto Region. The alien culture was a fantasy land setting for Chance's young mind, and he fell in love with it's every legend and detail. What Bridgerton Senior did not expect, however, was the power difference in the average trainer in the Johto Region versus himself. Their gym leaders were mythically unbeatable, and even their students could beat the adult trainer nine times out of ten. Now, Chance Bridgerton, the father, was rather well respected in his own region's Pokemon league; having once been champion before moving onto matters of finance. As such this gap in power interested him to say the least.

Chance Bridgerton Sr. having almost closed his affairs at this point in his life anyways, set into an early retirement. He challenged the Johto Pokemon League, an affair which usually takes six or seven years depending on the challenger these days. By the time he had reached the final tournament, his son had grown up under his nose. Taking up study at the fighting type gym during his father's pokemon journey, he trained nearly as hard as his namesake every day. That made seeing his idol lose in the semi finals of the first tournament that much more devastating. Chance urged his father to train harder, and come back even more fearsome the next year. The veteran trainer laughed and ruffled his son's hair.

"That's easy for you to say, big guy. You're young. I'm proud of the eight badges I have, I don't need to be champion." And with that he officially retired, successful and happy. He even made preparations to move back to his home region. On Chance Jr's eighteenth birthday, in fact. The young man refused to board the boat, however.

"Johto is my home, Dad. I've lived here longer than I've ever even set foot on Galan ground. I've no business going anywhere else." He was rather successful in his run at the league, as well as making it into the finals of the championship. He was defeated by the current champion whom has since held the title for five years. The man who was, in fact, the previous electric type gym leader in Ecruteak city. He named Chance as his successor upon being crowned champion, to some amount of protest given the city's historical significance. It did have the bell tower within it's walls after all.

"Don't be ridiculous," Chimed the champion, James Zappa. "Ho-oh hasn't roosted at the top of the tower in centuries, and the title of Gym Leader belongs to anyone who loves the Johto Region, and is strong enough to protect it. This young man fits that description." A now twenty Two year old Chance still remembers that speach to this day, having devoted his entire existence these past four years to fulfilling the shoes of his predecessor. He has seemingly won over any opposing voices from his start, especially after sitting out four consecutive tournaments for the sake of building the success of the Electric Gym. He is still widely considered one of the strongest gym leaders despite this. This year, however, he intends to break that silent tradition in an astounding way.

Special Training: Chance trained diligently at the fighting type gym and while he feels the most akin to that type besides his own, one cannot choose their fate. A gym leader must match their gym type, and thus he has honed the same skills he learned back then to his electric typing. This grants him much higher physical attack and defense than most other trainers, even amongst gym leaders of bulkier types like rock. Since mastering his electric typing, however, his special attack has grown astoundingly as well. His special defense is his Achilles heal, unfortunately. A couple of shots and he will be limited in the power of his moves.
Electric Surge - When Chance steps onto the battlefield, a faint electric current spreads over the ground. This carries his steps quicker, and boosts electric-type attacks within the area.
Static - The natural electric aura of Chance can paralyze a foe he comes into contact with directly for a short amount of time. (one post.) This is not a sure shot, and will only take effect every three physical attacks.
Intimidate - Chance's intimidating presence makes him hard to fight aggressively against, making physical attacks less effective.
Charge - Does no effect to an enemy, but charges electric particles to be used in a future electric type attack. This requires a single turn to charge but ensures the next hit is much more powerful.

Charge Beam - A beam which requires Chance to stand still holding his sword out towards his target. It fires straight, with indefinite range until it is stopped by a solid object and grounded. Dangerous if it strikes, but it leaves the swordsman wide open. Cannot be used without his sword.

Bolt Strike - A move which allows Chance to take a single step, and aided by the power of electricity he jumps straight forward incredibly quickly to slash or otherwise attack his opponent. It is often too hard to dodge except for the most evasive of opponents.

Plasma Fists - A move Chance uses mostly when he loses his swords. His fists crackle with electricity and deliver jolts equivalent to a taser to his opponents with every punch or grab. Must make contact to work.

Magnetic Flux - Allows Chance to project a magnetic force field which repels any metal objects away from Chance. Happens in a moment, and would not be effective against a barrage of some sort, or something extremely heavy like a Steelyx.

Fusion Bolt - A move which fuses with an ally's attack to make it stronger. Chance often uses it perfectly in tandem with his pokemon.

Rising Voltage - A move which uses a lot of stamina, but briefly increases Chance's speed. The effect can be stacked for an added adverse effect later.

Volt Switch - A move which switches the places of Chance and one of his Pokemon.

Thunder Punch - A move which gathers the power of a lightning bolt in one's fist. This does more damage if Plasma Fists are already active. Can be coupled with charge for even more effect.

Thunder Cage - A move which must be set as a trap and once activated forms a cage of lightning around a foe, which will hold them in place for a turn unless destroyed by a strong move.

Items: Steel single edged long sword. It is strong and conducts electricity well, and Chance practices with it every day.
Thick Kimono - Thick clothing which protects from blunt force but does not do much when cut once.
Pokemon Team:
Nickname: Gregor
Species: Flygon
Backstory: Chance once found himself on a mountain path in his younger years, an inexperienced whelp alone in the rocky terrain. He had packed insufficiently for the length of the route, and it wasn't long before he was lost and close to collapse. Even his partner pokemon were worn out, so much so that he didn't dare call them from their pokeballs to help him hunt or fend off wild pokemon. By chance, an equally lost Trapinch came along with no ill intent towards the human traveler. In fact he seemed happy to see a trainer, rather unusual for most wild pokemon. Upon a greeting and inspection by the young Electric Trainer, he found the Trapinch's collar said "Gregor" on it, and realized he must have recently lost his trainer. A mutual understanding saw both of the poor lost souls through the trial they'd been delt, and an unbreakable bond was formed.
Personality: Gregor can be shy, and unsure of himself. Encouragement from Chance often corrects this behavior, giving way to a fierce and loyal spirit.
Earthquake: Gregor commands the earth to split apart, and shake violently over the whole battlefield.

Protect: Gregor casts a barrier of energy out to protect he and an ally if they are close by

Sandstorm: Gregor conjures a sandstorm around the battlefield which cuts down visibility as well as doing damage to all involved accepting for certain types.

Scorching Sands: Gregor turns a portion of the battlefield to supernaturally hot sand beneath an opponent's feat. Can also be used in conjunction with sandstorm to turn the cloud into a burning hot storm, increasing the damage done.

Ability: Levitate
Nickname: Excalibur
Species: Garchomp
Backstory: Excalibur was adopted by Chance one morning while the Former Leader was wandering Mt. Mortar for a bit of training. As a gibble, he was being bullied by a much larger Excadrill for his food. The poor thing seemed sickly and underfed, so the soft hearted Gym Leader couldn't help but offer a heal ball and a spot of grub. Excalibur has been a loyal friend ever since.
Personality: Excalibur is protective of the weak, in addition to being a very proud Pokemon. A tad immature by way of holding grudges, but also quick to forgive a friend after a genuine apology.
Dragon Claw: The fins on Garchomp's hands become long scythes coated with deadly Dragon Energy.

Dragon Breath: A toxic cloud of putrid purple smoke pours forth from Garchomp's mouth covering a wide range of twelve yards cubed

Dragon Rush: Excalibur unleashes a supernatural burst of speed which allows him to loose a very long combo of blows within a single moment. This can be combined with Dragon Claw for a much more effective flurry of slices.

Giga Impact: A massive impact of tremendous force. This amplifies the kinetic energy of any blow Garchomp lands by ten fold.

Ability: Rough Skin
Nickname: Kaminari
Species: Raichu
Backstory: Kaminari was also an early edition to Chance's gym team, and the leader named after the thunder god for good reason. Even as a Pichu the young pokemon seemed to have the urge to battle right out of the egg. Possessing a balanced special defense and defense, as well as a high special attack the pokemon leveled up quickly able to take on pokemon above it's level from the time it was a Pikachu. These attributes carried over effectively into it's Raichu stage well, cementing it's spot on Chance's official team for the league competition.
Personality: Competitive and energetic, though prefers to rely on it's speed and agility in battle and conserve energy.
Double Team - Raichu raises it's evasiveness by creating afterimages of itself to throw off opponents. Up to three can exist and if the right one is hit the illusion ends.
Thunder - A single powerful bolt of lightning erupts from Kaminari, the closer the more likely it is to hit. A loud crack of thunder follows immediately after disorienting opponents.
Swift - Throwing stars made of electricity track their opponent, but don't do much damage. They can only be blocked, not dodged. They have no effect electrically, and feel solid.
Draining Kiss - A gentle kiss which heals Kaminari and damages the opponent.
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  • ~The Depraved One~
    Freed D. Diehauser

    ~The Team~

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Team of Conflict

Name: Sherry "Cherry" Ruth (real name: Kaede Yukimura)
Age: 19
Type: Ice
Hex Code: #ab4b52
As Kaede, she had light blue eyes and long hair with the same color reflecting her icy powers. Kaede was born frail, but got stronger as she grew up. She used to wear simple kimonos for everyday use and more elaborate ones for formal events.

As Cherry, she is pretty much at the average side for girls her age. Neither too tall nor too short. Her light blue eyes are still there, but she cut her hair into a boyish short hair and colored it red, making her hairstyle looks like a cherry. She prefers to wear T-shirts, trousers (or sometimes knee-length shorts) and either sneakers or slippers as her go-to attires. In case the weather gets too cold for her liking and/or she needs to go incognito, Cherry opts to wear a gray parka over her T-shirt.

Cherry is a free-spirited girl who simply loves adventuring. Her tomboyish nature and curiosity of the world far exceeds what her family had been trying to shape her into: a proper lady and a heir to her home kingdom of Nixtorm, Ransei. To separate her old and new identities even further, Cherry usually addresses Kaede in the formal way: by alternating between "Kaede-sama" and "Lady Kaede" which practically mean the same thing.

While she doesn't really hate her innate powers, Cherry actually hates whoever trying to curb it in the first place, hence her running away from such an oppressive environment. So whatever you do, don't you dare to call Cherry by her real name, for it will open her old wounds and she will hate you for it.

Kaede Yukimura was supposed to be the next warlord in Nixtorm, Ransei due to her innate abilities to manipulate ice. However, due to her conflicting desires with her family's strict expectations, Kaede found it hard to keep up with everything. She eventually ran away at the tender age of 16, boarding a ship to Arceus-knows-where only for it to be drowned by a huge wave. As a result, Kaede and her Alolan Vulpix ended up getting stranded in Cianwood City where they were taken in by a man working as a local gym trainer.

From there, Kaede realized that she should be far enough from her pursuers. But that alone wasn't enough, hence Kaede changing her hairstyle with her new name being Sherry Ruth (though people in Cianwood tend to call her Cherry because of her new hairstyle), thus deeming Kaede Yukimura as her dead name. With everything all set, Cherry set out on her adventure around Johto, earning all 8 gym badges in process.

Special Training:
  • In addition to the ice-type trainings she had received as Kaede, Cherry also had trained in the steel-type gym during the 2-years gap between her "arrival" at Johto and the start of her journey as a trainer. This benefits both herself and Snowy, her (then) Alolan Vulpix, for the latter would be doubly weak to steel-type as Alolan Ninetales.
  • Kaede used to rely on special-based moves like Ice Beam and Blizzard a lot. As Sherry though, she ditched them in favor of the physically-oriented ones. Those who knew Kaede may recognize her Freeze-Dry and Aurora Veil, but that's it.

  • Snow Warning: Cherry's presence summons a hailstorm when she enters the battlefield.
  • Refrigerate: Cherry gains access to normal-type attacks, but they all turn into ice-type ones when she uses them.
  • Ice Body: Cherry feels somewhat refreshed under the hailstorm's effects.

  • Aurora Veil: Cherry summons a veil of rainbow aura that reduces damage directed to her (and her allies, if any) up to 5 turns, effectively serving as both Reflect and Light Screen in one pack. This move only works in hailstorm, however.
  • Glacial Lance: Cherry summons her blizzard-cloaked icicle spear and either stabs or hurls it to her foes.
  • Ice Punch: Cherry punches her target with an icy fist. May leave the target frozen.
  • Freeze-Dry: Cherry releases a gust of cold air from her palms, rapidly cooling her foes. This move is super effective to Water-type.
  • Triple Axel: Cherry launches a consecutive three-kick attack that becomes more powerful with each successful hit.
  • Sonic Boom: Cherry summons her icy spear and uses it to launch a destructive shockwave at her enemies.
  • Present: Cherry gives a present that either deals damage or heals her target. Depending on her mood, that is.
  • Protect: Cherry assumes a defensive stance, protecting herself from whatever attacks thrown at her.
  • Lock-On: Cherry takes sure aim at her target. This ensures the next attack does not miss them.
  • Quick Attack: Cherry lunges at the target at a speed that makes her almost invisible.
  • Aurora Veil: Kaede summons a veil of rainbow aura that reduces damage directed to her (and her allies, if any) up to 5 turns, effectively serving as both Reflect and Light Screen in one pack. This move only works in hailstorm, however.
  • Freeze-Dry: Kaede releases a gust of cold air from her palms, rapidly cooling her foes. This move is super effective to Water-type.
  • Powder Snow: Kaede blows a chilling gust of powdery snow like how she would blow a kiss.
  • Ice Beam: Kaede shoots an icy-cold beam of energy that may freeze her target.
  • Blizzard: Kaede summons a howling blizzard to strike her opponent. This move reaches its maximum accuracy in hailstorm.
  • Freezy Frost: Kaede focuses her power to form a crystal made of cold frozen haze at her opponent.

Items: Not really a held item per se, but Cherry can summon an icy spear with icicle tip for her Glacial Lance and Sonic Boom.

Pokemon Team:

Nickname: Snowy
Gender: Female
Ability: Snow Warning
Hex Code: #98D8D8
  • Aurora Veil
  • Freeze-Dry
  • Dazzling Gleam
  • Dig

Nickname: Kurama
Gender: Male
Ability: Drought
Hex Code: #F08030
  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Flamethrower
  • Extrasensory
  • Energy Ball

Nickname: Altale (a.k.a. Al)
Gender: Female
Ability: Static
Hex Code: #F8D030
  • Thunderbolt
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Power Gem
  • Brick Break

Nickname: Aroma (a.k.a. Aromacchi)
Gender: Female
Ability: Poison Point
Hex Code: #78C850
  • Aromatherapy
  • Magical Leaf
  • Poison Jab
  • Pin Missile

Nickname: Henry
Gender: Male
Ability: Aftermath
Hex Code: #705898
  • Shadow Ball
  • Acrobatics
  • Brutal Swing
  • Psychic

Nickname: Tenniel
Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus
Hex Code: #C03028
  • Aura Sphere
  • Meteor Mash
  • Drain Punch
  • Bone Rush
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curious cats are everywhere.

Arsene Belladonna


    NAME: Arsene Belladonna

    AGE: 22

    GENDER: Male

    SEXUALITY: Bisexual

    CLASS: Trainer

    TYPE: Poison


    THEME: Dark Wastes (Calm)

    "There are poisons that blind you, and poisons that open your eyes."
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  • Trainer: Lucas Skyelucas.png
    Age: 27
    Type: Water

    Description: A purple-haired man generally seen wearing blue or black. His eyes are ice-blue, and tend to give the feeling of a highly-observant gaze.

    Personality: Unpredictable, yet calm and thoughtful with every move he makes, Lucas is a bit of a loose cannon. He tends not to get too emotional while battling, as it could ruin his focus. However, he does care about his Pokemon, same as he does his friends. He doesn't usually consider many people enemies, but if you get on his bad side, he won't be so forgiving.

    Backstory: Seventeen years ago, Lucas was given his first Pokemon, the son of his Father's Swampert, a Mudkip, and began his journey through the Johto Region. At first, he was focused on catching as many Pokemon as he could, trying to complete the Dex -- that is, until he heard of battlers aiming to become the champion. He began mercilessly training his Pokemon to the bone, studying all he could to make his team stronger, and deftly took out all eight gyms in record time. However, it was when he reached the Elite Four that things quickly took a nosedive.

    Despite having the strongest team he could manage, he still lost to the Champion. To this day, he still hasn't forgiven himself for that -- though the loss gave him clarity. He understood why his Pokemon couldn't win. He lacked that bond with them. And so, with new resolve, he released all but one of his Pokemon and started over from scratch, though withholding from catching any new Pokemon just yet.

    Special Training: Lucas has focused on strengthening the bond between himself and his Pokemon, getting to such a point where he doesn't even need to command a move to have Swampert do so for him. His Swampert is also able to withstand most super effective attacks due to the rigorous training he was put through years ago combined with his bond to Lucas making him want to carry on no matter what.

    Lucas is able to change the weather, creating a rainstorm when he steps onto the battlefield. This enhances the strength of water-type moves.
    Due to Lucas' bond with Swampert, he's learned how to create a thin layer of water around himself to prevent catching on fire or being burnt.
    When Lucas is in trouble, the rain from Drizzle becomes more intense, powering up the effects of water-type moves even further.


The Knife
Name: Jackie Hyde

Age: 24

Type: Dark


Personality: Jackie loves to fight, always has, always will. Every action and step he takes is about finding that next fight, to prove his skill and power to everyone. And the best way to do that he's found is simply tick his opponent off, and then some. If Jackie goes to a club, he will stroll to the front of the queue, push past the bouncer, grab a drink from the bar and pour it over someone before finding the prettiest girl and stealing her from her boyfriend. And all just to engage in wonderful fisticuffs though he's very rarely hit, his whole unorthodox style being around just that. Wearing an audacious fur coat that he is super proud of, Jackie won't be seen without it unless he's thrown it at his opponent and taking a quick shot while they're blinded. Even if it's damaged, Jackie will still wear it until he can repair it though his own attachment to the coat does come before his love of battle, taking no expense to fix it.

Backstory: (You have eight badges as a trainer, or are a gym leader. This can be a recent development or one in your far past. Both classes would have also trained at a gym as an adolescent.)
Special Training: (Did your character train against flying types every day, even though they're a fighting type, to lessen the effect of super effective attacks? Do you have insanely high defense from all the rock types you've fought? This is where we can push the boundaries of classic pokemon mechanics.)

Fur Coat: Wearing an audaciously massive Fur Coat, attacks are harder to land on his own person, increasing his defence
Fluffy: Almost like Silk the coat is so fluffy and soft, physical attacks are barely felt.
Overcoat: Wearing this large Fur Coat, protects him from dust, snowstorms and stray pollen and the like.

Obstruct: Holding his coat tight around him he can protect himself from an attack, though not certain status effects. This can't be used too frequently as the coat can only take so much.
Defence Curl: Curls up his coat around any damage to cover up any holes in the material, increasing his defence.
Swagger: So confident in his own skills, he demeans his opponents causing them to go berserk making them more dangerous but also wild, unable to think straight.
Taunt: Much like Swagger, he taunts his opponent and belittles them causing them to become more aggressive.
Parting Shot: When time is short or Jackie just doesn't think they're worth it, he leaves them with few harsh words making them question their own ability and strength.

Feint Attack: Using his Fur Coat to hide his body, he attacks his opponent with an unseen blow making it hard to dodge.
Sucker Punch: Using his rather devious personality to infuriate his foes, he takes advantage of their sloppy attacks to intercept and punch them, stopping their attack.
Assurance: With his opponents rattled, Jackie takes advantage using their own mistakes to hurt them even more.
Fling: He throws his Fur Coat at his opponents, blinding them (Flinch). Depending on the coats/ opponents status it can lead to various effects e.g. Burning/ Confusion
Foul Play: The culmination of his hideous tactics, he uses his opponents anger and rage against them burying them into the ground with a powerful throw or move.

Items: Fur Coat (Practically like a mix of a Silk Scarf and an Assault Vest but with none of the effects, though certain moves can lend it status effects e.g. burning.)

Pokemon Team:

  • Metal Sound
  • Mirror Shot
  • Bug Bite
  • Psybeam

  • Feint Attack
  • Assist
  • Fake Out
  • Body Slam

  • Rock Blast
  • Encore
  • Echoed Voice
  • Tickle

  • Water Shuriken
  • Power Swap
  • Guard Swap
  • Struggle Bug

  • Swagger
  • Low Kick
  • Head Smash
  • Sand Attack

  • Growth,
  • Torment
  • Nature Power
  • Extrasensory

Other Pokémon (PC)

  • Charge
  • Discharge
  • Cotton Guard
  • Signal Beam
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Backstory and Team are WIP but i wanted to post him so yall could give me your thoughts while Im working on it

Name: Cinder Ash Bright
Age: 19
Type: Fire
Description: Cinder is a young man of average height, with a slim but well toned muscular build and tanned skin. He has short, crimson red hair with a orange steak with choppy bangs that come to his eyebrows. His eyes are sharp and thin and are amber gold in color.
Personality: In short...Fuckers mad but in length.
Cinder is a crude, arrogant, short-tempered, and aggressive person, who is determined and thirsty for victory and hates being second best, Cinder is not only very athletic and talented at dueling, but also very intelligent and extremely perceptive, capable of strategic planning and quick improvising, he desires to be the first and best at everything. As pointed out by many people, Cinder loves to win above all else and cannot stand it when he doesn't, leading him to lose his already short temper or, less often, sulk. He is fiercely competitive and will never settle for less than the number one spot. However, Cinder also values hard work and fair play, and will refuse to acknowledge a winning result if he feels that his victory was not earned fairly. He detests being looked down by others, which normally angers him, and will hold contempt towards those that don't take him seriously, while recognizing the effort of those that manage to put up a challenge against him. He is a warrior at heart, and while winning and proving his strength is a primary goal...nothing beats the thrill of Incinerating any of those in front of him in a intense battle.

Special Training: Cinder in his pursuit of being the best has trained his flames to be hot enough to boil water upon contact instead of faltering completely, giving him some defenses against the type however he still is at a innate disadvantage.
Speed Boost-As the battle rages on Cinder's internal fire continuous to ramp up in intensity and temperature, fueling him almost like a furnace to a train. This causes his agility and raw speed to increase gradually throughout the fight. This however does cut into his stamina meaning he cannot sustain his maximum speed for long periods of time.

Reckless- Attacks that inflict recoil damage to Cinder get a increase in effectiveness, also the effects of moves such as Taunt or Swagger are very heavily diminished as the users fighting style is already incredibly aggressive.

Solar Power- The sun is a major source of power for Fire types, when it is obscured with clouds of rain they are weakened however when it is shining at strength they receive boosts in power. This also applies to Cinder as when the sun is shining at its peak he will become strengthened, fire attacks becoming nearly the temperature and potency of pure plasma.

Needless to say all moves here have a chance to burn, if were being realistic literally all of these should have a 100% chance but thats no fun so its up to Kobe.

Flamethrower- Cinder will inhale deeply before blasting a continuous stream of flame from his mouth or nostrils, one of his go to's.

Flame Burst- Cinder gathers a potent orb of condensed flame in the palm of his hand before flinging it towards his opponent, upon contact with anything the orb will explode in a scattershot of fire hitting all in the vicinity.

Heat Wave- Cinder will create a almost flaming tornado before breaking it apart and blasting it forward in a extremely powerful blast of hot winds.

Scorching Sands- A ground move but one that incorporates intense heat into it meaning it's in Cinder's ability, Cinder will rapidly heat up the ground around his opponent before causing said ground to erupt all over his opponent inflicting horrible burns.

Flare Blitz- Cinder cloaks himself in flame before recklessly charging forward full throttle, the sheer speed and force of the attack has been known to allow him to plow straight through boulders and steel, this attack inflicts strain upon Cinder after use meaning it shouldn't be used to often.

Solarbeam- Cinder condenses a vast amount of the sun's energy into his hands before cupping them and blasting said energy in a massive green beam, this attack usually takes a entire post to charge but in sunny weather not so.

Fire Punch- Cinder cloaks his fist in searing flames before striking his opponent.

Blaze Kick- Cinder cloaks his leg in searing flames before striking his opponent.

Sunny Day- Cinder condenses a ball of flame into his hand before tossing it upwards with all his might, at its apex he clenches his hand causing the ball of flame to rapidly expand before exploding making ALL clouds in the direct vicinity just evaporate causing the sun to beam down at maximum potency, water attacks are robbed of the majority of their strength due to the sheer heat.

Blast Burn- Cinder's absolute strongest attack, Cinder punches the earth before sending a massive amount of flame through the earth in a wave that appears under the opponent with an incredibly powerful explosion, Cinder uses so much of his internal flame in this attack that he's immobilized for a single post and exhausted.

Pokemon Team:

[Heat-Wave-by-Ishmam-DA.jpg Cinder's partner pokemon, Fafnir is known to have just as bad of a temper as his trainer often erupting into fiery fits of rage. Cinder and Fafnir share a love of showing raw strength and this pride and love of battling makes them bicker quite often but deep down both care for each other immensely...even if they never show it
Ability: Blaze
Dragon Rush
Iron Tail]

[magmortar___fire_blast_by_ishmam_db8e7nr-fullview.jpg Ogun has been with Cinder nearly as long as Fafnir, He was caught as a magby by a young inexperienced Cinder. In those days, Ogun valued power and passion which Cinder had in absolute spades. However, like the scorching magma upon the earth, Ogun with time has cooled and hardened into a sturdy wall of Cinder's team. Ogun is surprisingly cool-headed, acting as an almost commander to the rest of the team whereas Cinder and Fafnir are more so assault troops.
Ability: Flame body.
Fire Blast
Hyper Beam

Shooting Star Asuka

Small Knaifu Waifu
wallpaper-Angel-Beats-560x430.jpgName: Ryumaru, Ryuko
Age: 18
Type: Dragon
Description: A brave individual who is next in line for the rulership of the Ryumaru Ninja clan. She is a Dragon type, much like her Parents before her, and has learned many of the secret Dragon type techniques that her family possessed through their lifetime. She is somewhat short in height, at 4'9 ft tall, but her speed is greater than many of the other ninja in her clan.
Personality: Ryuko is somewhat hotblooded, a trait her parents did not expect a member of the Ryumaru clan to have. She gets really worked up in a fight, and she even will fight on her own instead of using pokemon if it is possible. She really loves catching and training strong pokemon, and two of her best pokemon were by her side since Childhood. She also has a lovely singing voice that she's embarassed by.

Backstory: Ryumaru is the descendant of Ryumaru Hikaru, the very first Dragon type and founder of the Ryumaru Ninja clan. Several decades over the history, her ancestors learned and passed on their techniques to the next in line to the Ryumaru Clan. In the era of modern times, Ryuko was born, and from the start she could show the ability to fly, but as she was growing up…. She exhibited some unusual behavior. Not peaceful or Calm unlike her family, she was the hot blooded reckless type, always picking fights. As the next in line to her clan, she needed to change so her clan's reputation as the greatest ninja clan didn't get ruined. In an attempt to teach her the values of patience and Knowledge, Ryuko was sent out on a journey, and she could not return until she abandoned her reckless nature. She started her journey at age 12, and on her journey, she befriended a Larvitar and a Charmander, who act like her advisors of sorts. During the journey, she trained her pokemon and treated them with respect and care. Even with that, she still possessed her heated nature. By the age of 16, Her pokemon were fully evolved, as she took her time training at the cold peak of mt silver, as suggested by her Tyranitar. She fought her Charizard and Tyranitar in friendly combat, while she also befriended a Beartic she met one day while trying to gather food for her two friends.

At age 18, she began the gym challenge, and managed to obtain all but 1 badge to participate in the league. After gaining the last badge she will enter the tournament, and in the hopes of winning it all, her clan would accept her back into their ranks.

Special Training: Training alongside Charizard, Tyranitar, and 'Bertie' while on the peak of Mt Silver had given her insane evasive stats as well as high Special Defense. In fact, her speed drastically increased from the training as well. However, this has caused her physical defense to drop dramatically, turning her into a glass cannon of sorts. However, her will to continue fighting gives her a sort of endurance that prevents her from falling in one hit.

Multi-Scale, Cuts all damage from outside forces (weather, attacks) by 50%.
Reckless, Increases damage from recoil inflicting moves by 20 percent.
Levitate, Enables flight and flying type advantages without being a flying type.

Dragon Claw - Mystic energy manifests around her free hand, into a claw which she uses to attack an opponent.

Double-Edge - Attacks via a reckless high speed charge followed up by a slash to her opponent. The excess strain from the attack hits the user hard.

Dragon Rush - Mystic energy surrounds the user as they Charge into the opponent to damage them.

Dragon Pulse - Mystic energy gathers in the user's palms before unleashing it all out to an opponent, via an energy beam.

Sonic Boom - Shoots a high speed blade beam to a target via a sword or bladed weapon.

Slash - Attacks with a bladed weapon

Dual Chop - Attacks with two consecutive slashes.

Twister - Infusing their blade with mystic energy, The wielder sends out a tornado to hit the opponent, trapping them in the swirling vortex.

Sing - The user sings so beautifully it makes the target fall asleep.

Draco Meteor - the user charges up an all or nothing blast of energy, and hurls it at the opponent.

Two Swords.

Pokemon Team:
Nickname: N/A
Species: Tyranitar
Gender: Male
Backstory: One of Ryuko's first Pokemon. Tyranitar was by her side since the day she left her clan to become a better person, worthy to be the headmaster of the Ryumaru clan. Tyranitar has been a kind, yet tough as nails partner, having both fought and teach Ryuko both strength and courage, as well as never falling in a fight from a single hit.
Personality: Tyranitar is The kind fatherly figure, trying to have Ryuko do her best, as well as get her out of trouble whenever it strikes. It's actually how they met Bertie back when they were on Mt Silver.
Earthquake, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Hyper Beam
Ability: Sturdy
Nickname: Ryuko sometimes refers to Charizard as 'Char'.
Species: Charizard
Gender: Male
Backstory: A pokemon Ryuko made friends with since childhood, like Tyranitar. While Tyranitar is the father like individual, Char is more of a twin brother of sorts, sharing Ryuko's reckless personality and unyeilding nature. This often leads to fights between the two and Tyranitar having to break up their conflict. Between Tyranitar and Char, Ryuko has a more spiritual connection with Char, as Char has the spirit of dragon types as well.
Personality: Reckless, Brotherly, and hot headed. What isn't there to say about Ryuko's firey friend? He has pride as well, doing what he can to prove himself in a fight, even against the super effective types against him.
Moveset: Dragon Claw, Fire Blast, Thunder Punch, Air Cutter
Ability: Blaze
Mega Evolution:
Mega Charizard X
Types lost/Gained - Flying/Dragon
In a state of shared feelings and mindset, Ryuko's own Dragon Type aura infuses into Charizard, transforming it temporarily into Mega Charizard X. A slight speed buff and strength buff is applied, and both Pokemon and trainer's movements become one.
Species: Beartic
Gender: Male
Backstory: Bertie lived off the land at Mt Silver before being captured by Ryuko and joined her on the journey to become the strongest. When Bertie fist met her, Ryuko was in the middle of swiping berries off of his Berry tree. Ryuko fought Bertie by herself until Tyranitar had come to save her from getting frozen to death. After getting beat, Bertie joined the trio on their journey, and he fights with the others whenever a training session between the four happens.
Personality: He's a tough old bear with a calm yet angry demenor when he appears. He however is a nice guy once you get to know him. As the Grandpa of the group, Ryuko likes to go to sleep on her pokemon's fur, as it feels warm compared to other beartic. This doesn't mean his Ice cold moves are something to laugh at though.
Moveset: Surf, Rain Dance, Blizzard, Ice Fang
Ability: Swift Swim - Bertie is actually really fast when in the water. His swimming technique is unmatched by others.... save for maybe another Beartic.
Nickname: N/A
Species: Cubone
Gender: Male
Backstory: Ryuko's adoptive son. The lonely pokemon is a recent addition to her team, with a somewhat childish personality.
Moveset: Brutal Swing, Bonemerang, Headbutt, Bulldoze
Ability: Lightning Rod - Absorbs and redirects all electrical attacks to Cubone. The Bone Cubone wields has mysterious properties that enable it to take in any electrical attack and nullify the damage with no drawback.
Nickname: n/a
Species: Duskull
Gender: unidentified
Backstory: A friend from the Safari Zone who loves pranks and causing trouble. While it is quite a causer of problems, it has a good heart, as such when it helped Ryuko save the Safari zone from Kabu Korp operatives who aimed to capture pokemon there through illegal means.
Moveset: Will-o-Wisp, Hex, Shadow Sneak, Disable
Ability: Levitate - Much like Ryuko, Duskull can use its levitate ability to fly, although as a ghost type with no legs, its a given.
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Name: Andy Richter
Type: Fairy
Description: 5' 8" 120Lbs Long Khaki pants that have quite a few pockets, with the leg sections going down to the sneakers, a light blue polo long sleeve shirt black sneakers with a Pikachu tail thunderbolt design. Andy also packed a pair of blue jeans, a thick sweater that's mainly gray with red sleeves, and tan leather boots for Tundra-like areas. As long as the clothes are clean, Andy isn't one for fashion though he could resemble a walking kaleidoscope to some. Aside from that, he will always strive to look presentable.

Carries a smile of cautious optimism, keeping a close eye out for new friends or unexpected events or new areas. Andy walks with great posture giving off an air of confidence that most people will take notice of, it makes him quite easy to talk to without looking as if he's seeking attention. He is also a little bit on the thin side, and with black hair that is done in a buzz cut

Backstory: (You have eight badges as a trainer, or are a gym leader. This can be a recent development or one in your far past. Both classes would have also trained at a gym as an adolescent.)
Born into a quaint, moderately sized house in Mahogany Town Andy was an introvert at the start of his childhood, clinging mainly to his parents, Bob and Martha Richter for protection due to extreme shyness. This led to him being homeschooled and learning basic reading, writing, and math from them. The parents wanted him to make some friends with any other kids at their favorite spot, which also happens to be where the parents met, Corsola Cove, around Mt Mortar, dubbed that due to the abundance of Corsola present. However, if they tried to help him he would run away without saying a word with a very scared expression on his face, thus leading the local kids in Mahogany to label him an oddball.

This continued until age 6 during one routine day at Andy's now favorite area. He was busy making little designs in the sand, with his parents watching him while they were lounging around. That is until a Water Ball pokémon popped its head out of the water. The Azurill, as identified by Mr. and Mrs. Richter who still carried pokèdexes just in case, merrily bounced up to the trio with a squeak. This was Andy's first encounter with a pokémon so initially, he recoiled away from it. The Aqua Mouse Pokémon just waved its bouncy tail at him, smiled, and squeaked once more which made Andy more cautious now more than afraid as he reached out to pet the Marill of which it took full comfort. Bob and Martha saw this occur and became overjoyed that their bundle of nerves seemed to have taken a shine to a pokémon and potential new friend. After a whole day of play by Andy and his newfound poké-friend, Azurill, the Richters got ready to return to Mahogany Town. Before they left, she squeaked again, waved using that tail of hers, and walked back into the lake.

From then on, Andy slowly became more outgoing. By age 10 thanks to repeated visits to see Azurill, he was at least being more vocal with the Mahogany Town locals, unless it was the first time meeting a person, in that case, he would start out timid but warm up to him or her after a few minutes of conversation. Andy's schooling was going well too, he was learning Middle School levels of reading, writing, and math, as well as attending the trainer school in Cherrygrove City to learn the basics of caring for pokemon. It's also here that his fondness for nursing started. His love of nature remained constant, wanting to go to places along Johto such as Corsola Cove, Ecruteak City, and Olivine City, as well as keeping an eye on his neighbor's potted plants.

During the year before his 16th birthday, Andy’s adventurous side started showing up. He would sneak out during the night to explore the areas around Mahogany; not going too much farther than that because he didn't want to worry his mom and dad, he was very respectful of them after all. He yearned to head to the rest of the Johto region learning about the many cultures and pokémon present throughout with his own pokémon, little did he know they both were planning quite a surprise for him.

On his 18th birthday, the parents let him have a chance at his own adventure, before all that though, was the usual happy birthday Andy followed by the birthday cake and presents which included a backpack, a flashlight, as well as a very special, secret surprise that Andy's parents decided to keep secret from him, a certain blue mouse. Andy was very excited about all the goodies until he remembered he still needed a pokémon. Suddenly, he heard a familiar-sounding squeak. He lit up like a Blitzle charging up a Thunder attack. He picked up the Aqua Mouse and paraded around the house and hugged it followed by the parents for getting his first real friend. Andy became ecstatic, he now had everything he needed to start his adventure; with that, he bolted out the door with all the gifts and Aquamarine, an affectionate name for his first pokémon, in tow after one last goodbye hug from his parents.

Perhaps it was thanks to Aqua this happened but over the course of his Gym challenge, took a liking to the Fairy types, not to say he disregards any others though. As a result, His team at the time of getting all Gym Badges were all fairies. While he could probably set up a fairy gym in Johto, he chose to wait until he was able to surpass the E4 and possibly Champion.

Special Training: (Did your character train against flying types every day, even though they're a fighting type, to lessen the effect of super effective attacks? Do you have insanely high defense from all the rock types you've fought? This is where we can push the boundaries of classic pokemon mechanics.)

Andy headed to Lavarre town in Kalos for this between his 3rd and 4th badge for a few months to have some first hand training with Valerie in terms of battling effectively with fairies, as a sort of gym mentorship thing. While rather impersonal, he still values the experience. The more personal training started after he returned to Johto, in this case a bit of cooking and patchwork nursing that allows him to care for them (though nowhere near the expertise of the Nurse Joys of course), or being exposed to (intentionally) weakened versions of their attacks or in one case participating in some weird circle of Clefairy who were all using metronome around several moon stones while a full moon was in the sky. It was rather...trippy.

Abilities: (Three from any Pokemon of your same type.)
Pixelate: Normal moves become fairy typed
Magic guard: Only takes direct damage, statuses that cause hp loss normally now do nothing (burn leech seed toxic ghost based curses etc)
Serene Grace: 2ndary effect chance boosted by 20% (honestly the in-game one would be OP so i changed it)

Moves: (max, ten. You may change their effect slightly to fit your character and theme. Moves will also be treated as "equal" in usefulness. Tackle could literally knock your opponent down and end up with you sitting on top of them.)

Tri Attack: The moon on the staff radiates in a rainbow of colors before sending an equally colorful swirl of energy at a target. Can inflict burn paralysis or freeze.

Moonblast: The main attack of those associated with the moon, while its effects are unchanged, this is more powerful due to the staff

Floral Healing: heals some hp to those in a 10-foot radius. The staff will radiate a brighter white when this is cast

Draining kiss: Functions like the move but appears more like a ray that pierces one target and then returns to Andy bolstering him with their life force

Swift -Stars shoot out of the staff that home in on their target. these will usually hit unless blocked by walls or clashed

Barrage- several narrow beams of energy shoot out from the staff. Despite them being narrow in radius, these do have significant knockback and fair power ( think Frieza's barrage death ball here)

Spirit break- The staff turns a deep violet when using this, a giant hand manifests itself to smash into a target (think bigbys hand from Dnd 5e sorry xD)

Cosmic power- Both Andy and his staff radiate a soft white boosting his defenses and Special defenses

Flower shield: The Rose shield would glow an emerald green and many more rose sprout along the surface. Those within a 10 foot radius get a boost to defense.


Blue moon Staff- serves as Andy's focus for his attacks

Rose Sheild: aids with the more defensive side of things.


Pokemon Team: (Add spoilers here for each new pokemon)

Nickname: Aquamarine
Species: Azumarill
Backstory: Andy's first mon and the one that got him going on this path in the first place. While he loves all his pokemon, these two are damn near inseparable, this would almost be andy as a pokemon given the 14 years they have spent seeing each other,

Personality: A real friendly sort, usually very jolly and carefree and definitely a social butterfly along with Topaz the Ribombee. But in battle she doesn't give too much a darn for types, especially if Andy's the target. In that case, either her or the foe is dropping no questions asked . While she looks more fluffy in Mega form (below the moving sprite) that fluff helps with absorbing attacks of both kinds, not to mention that the attacks pack even more of a punch. The drawback to this is that its extremely tiring, as such this is purely a last resort.

Play rough
Aqua Jet

Ability: Huge power

Nickname: Topaz
Species: Ribombee
Backstory: A pokemon Andy was given (as a Cutiefly) while under the wing of Valerie after his tutelage, from here the bug would be beside the blue rabbit usually in the air. At first, Andy and Topaz didn't get along too well, mainly due to the bug being more on the timid side. She graduallly warmed up to him and eventually was a facet in Andy's powers taking a druidic twist instead of being purely celestial.

Personality: Skittish and timid are the best ways to describe this adorabug. In spite of this, she will try her darndest to at least be of some use. She does enjoy a little game of keep-away preferring to status others first before dishing out actual offense. Also, she is deathly afraid of going splat from physical attacks, even if the type says she would resist them. Training in Mt Mortar almost went horridly wrong as Mawile sent her into a cave wall waking up some golbats, the poor bug nearly got eaten.

stun spore
Quiver Dance

Ability: Shield Dust

Nickname: Onyx
Species: Clefable
Backstory: Remember the bit with Andy being part of some weird circle of Clefairy's? Well, this one and about 5 others were part of it. Who knows why in the Pecha berry they were even doing this but that time spent around a cluster of moonstones in some metronomic meditation made the teen a sort of moon conduit. Weird.

Personality: Another timid fairy though not as much as Topaz. Onyx is more on the calm side showing a timidity around unfamiliar faces for a few minutes before hopefully settling down into a more calm state. Even during battle, she isn't too expressive but still friendly to those that warrant it out of battle

Focus blast
Ability: Unaware

Nickname: Beryl
Species: Grimmsnarl
Backstory: The personification of evil fairy pretty much, and the reason Andy even has Spirit Break. Though now this pokemon sticks to mere pranks instead of just outright massacring opponents. Team wise he was here to get some physical balance in the group which at the times only physical threat was Azumarill, but they mainly got acquainted with each other back when Beryl was an impidimp in which he was annoying Andy to no end with pranks galore.

Personality: Right now he is a mix between bodyguard and prankster in spite of his giant size (at least compared to impidimp) he enjoys watching targets squirm in annoyance or anger before dispatching them via Spirit Break or another move. Aquamarine hates him in this form but tolerates it due to his power and his 'You shall not pass' atitude
Spirit Break
Brick Break
Bulk up
Sucker punch


Nickname: Citrine
Species: Mawile
Backstory: Citrine was a tough one to catch, think a perfect mix of Impidimp and Grimmsnarl. He had Andy running around most of the region either due to her being a great deceiver pokemon or. as he noted after catching him, a lot of latent, untapped power brimming from within. He was definitely the hardest of the bunch to warm up to, Citrine to just pound things into the ground without listening to Andy at all. That was until that incident in Mt. Mortar which almost got Topaz eaten, Andy having a tough as nails battle with him after in order to beat some sense into him and earn his respect. The two now are on much better terms as he has mellowed out over time.

Personality: Citrine before was a hothead, looking to give any and everybody a smack or a chomp with those Jaws. He was quite the feisty pokemon till that incident happened. Since then, he has now mellowed out and is actually willing to take it slow for once. The two now on a good rapport with each other.

iron head
psychic fangs
iron defense
Ability: Hyper cutter

Nickname: Jade
Species: Comfey
Backstory: The other more notable reason Andy went a more druidic route was this flower crown pokemon. Twas another pokemon he had caught in Aloha while exploring the region on times he had breaks from training with Valerie. Much like a swablu, this pokemon was resting on his head like a hat, well a lei more like while he was relaxing in nature. The flower pokemon only making itself known when it waved to him with a vine before setting about doing a petal dance. This pokemon didn't do much in the battling area but it made up for that in the support area and it wasn't exactly a slouch at it. Due to it being more interested in performing. Jade was more brought out as a morale boost or some triage.

Personality: Healer first, destroyer second, That about sums her up. Jade would prefer spreading her fragrance everywhere possible. Very sweet-hearted and rather naive but Andy still finds her absolutely adorable. She shows faith in those she is allied with via her aromatic mist and foral healing. Don't dare underestimate her though, she can still hold her own.

Floral Healing
Leech seed
Petal Dance
Dazzling Gleam
Ability: Triage
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Sorry this took so long--and that I'm sending it in so late!! Hope everything looks okay!
Patty Vanille.jpg
Name: Patience “Patty” Vanille

Age: 30

Type: Normal

Description: Standing at just above five feet, Patty has short, blonde hair, tied up with a white bandanna, brown eyes with small oval glasses, freckles all over her face, and a warm and welcoming smile. She's a little more dressed for adventuring than her normal work attire, wearing a white fluffy vest over a white and grey striped longsleeve shirt, brown leather work gloves, cream pants, and grey hiking boots. On her back is a brown backpack--adorned with a sleeping bag and cooking supplies, among other things--and almost always in her arms is her Igglybuff Dollop--not necessarily a member of her team, just a baby Pokemon she's raising at the moment.

Personality: Patty is a kind, warm, and friendly face who would give you the shirt off her back even if you didn’t need it. She has no trouble making friends, and has a smile that can light up any room. She’s a bit of a hugger, but also understands that not everyone’s as touchy-feely as she is, and always makes sure everyone around her is as comfortable as they can be. Those who get to know her often joke she tends to play the part of a mom a bit too well—a trait from her career that’s bled into her personality. She’s certainly caring and a great listener, but can get a bit too overbearing with her care at times. Patty is also a skilled negotiator, easily able to diffuse a conflict before it comes to blows.

Though she typically tries to avoid conflict, Patty’s gentle exterior belies a fierce “Mama Bear” mindset that rears its head when someone close to her is put in danger; Patty is extremely protective of the people close to her, and will not let anything or anyone harm them, even at the cost of her own safety. Most people who have seen her like this pray that they never end up on the wrong side of her like that.

Patty is used to people underestimating her due to her Normal-type preference and gentle demeanor, but she doesn’t usually let it bother her. She doesn’t really mind that people think that way about her or her Pokemon; she’s confident enough in her and their skill that they can take on any challenger.

Backstory: Known throughout both the Kanto and Johto regions for their exceptional skill at breeding and raising Pokemon, the Vanille family have run a quaint little Daycare in the quiet Mahogany Town for generations. The family can’t quite remember when they got into the trade, but it’s been the family business for as long as any of them can remember.

People would come from all over both regions—sometimes even from other regions—to ask the family to raise their Pokemon or to breed them; rumors began to circulate that the Vanille Family Daycare had some kind of mystical power surrounding it, that a Pokemon even so much as looked at by them would become incredibly powerful. In fact, the Vanilles just knew how to take care of Pokemon; there wasn’t any secret to their skill, they were just really good at raising them.

As it turns out, raising a Pokemon really well meant that said Pokemon would also turn out incredibly strong; while it was true that the Pokemon brought to them earned quite a bit of reputation and prestige, the Vanille family’s personal Pokemon were nothing to slouch at either. Though they rarely actually battled, the few people who ended up on the wrong side of their team found out just how strong they were. Word of their own Pokemon’s strength eventually reached the Johto League Champion at the time, who decided to figure out for themselves the truth of those rumors.

They challenged the then-proprietor of the Daycare to a battle, whom, though initially reluctant to accept, couldn’t refuse a battle from the Champion. While not exactly a close match, the Champion was still able to see the true extent of the Daycare owner’s skill as a Trainer and caretaker; suffice to say, they were impressed. Someone who could raise their Pokemon to that level of strength just from caring for them and raising them was definitely worth being recognized for that skill. So, the Champion offered the Vanille head the chance to make his Daycare the newest Pokemon Gym, and for him to become its Gym Leader.

That man was Patty’s ancestor—she usually calls him her “great-however many it took to cover the gap between them-grandfather,” but she’s forgotten exactly how many “greats” it really is—and the Mahogany Gym/Vanille Family Daycare has been in the family since. A Vanille each generation is chosen to head the Gym, and when they decide to retire, it’s passed on to the next Vanille. The type the Gym specializes in tends to change every generation depending on the preferences of who’s running it—Patty likes to joke it’s to keep people on their toes. With Patty as its Gym Leader, the Mahogany Town Gym specializes in Normal types.

Most people tend to think that her Gym will be a pushover because of this, but they’re usually surprised to find it isn’t just bark. Trained by her parents and the rest of the family since she was a child in both raising Pokemon and battling alongside them, Patty’s just as powerful as the Vanille Gym Leaders before her, so anyone hoping to take on her Gym is expected to be able to earn her Badge.

Despite this, Patty is rather friendly to all of her challengers, treating them more as houseguests than competitors. It isn’t any sort of psychological tactic, either; Patty just likes befriending people and making them feel comfortable and at home, even when they’re meant to be her opponent.

While Patty has overcome many of the people who have challenged her, just as many have beaten her. She isn’t bitter over the losses; far from it, actually. She’s proud and even happy to see people beat her, as doing so often means they grow closer to their Pokemon and learn a bit more about themselves. She knows the Gym Challenge is about more than just earning glory; it’s about making memories and forming an unbreakable bond with your Pokemon.

The more Patty saw those who triumphed over her celebrate their victory, cheer for their Pokemon, and grow closer to their partners, however, a new feeling seemed to bloom alongside her pride and happiness. It was almost…wistful, like something was missing. The Trainers who came to challenge her and eventually beat her would then move on, continuing their journey to the next Gym Leader, then the Elite Four, and then an attempt to take on the Champion; after that, who knows where else they’d go? Meanwhile, she would stay here, continuing to take on other challengers who would also move on without her. It was strange…she almost envied them; that freedom of theirs to go anywhere, to see new places, and to bond with their Pokemon. She’d never really gone anywhere outside of the small area around Mahogany Town, and even then she spent most of her time at the Daycare. Who knows what she was missing out there…

Maybe a small trip would do her a little good. She’d never really been on an adventure before; maybe all she needed right now was to just stretch her wings. And if journeying with your Pokemon really did deepen your bond with them, then it could only help her skill at taking care of them, right? Besides, she was pretty certain that some of her former challengers were on their way to take on the Champion; maybe it’d be nice to try and catch up with them and see how they were doing!

Leaving her brother in charge of the Gym in her absence, Patty set out with some of her most trusted Pokemon to go on a little journey of her own. There was nowhere in particular she was headed, but sometimes it was better to not have a destination in mind. She would just see where the road would take her, and see where her journey would lead!

Special Training: Patty hasn’t spent much time outside of her Gym before, at least in relation to training at other Gyms, but her time at the Vanille Family Daycare has given her some extra training. Mahogany Town’s famous daycare has often been asked to raise the starter Pokemon that will be given out to all of the Trainers hoping to take on the Gym challenge. Patty raising several generations of Grass, Fire, and Water type Pokemon—and dealing with their mischief and rowdiness—has given her somewhat of a resilience against similar hazards of their nature.

  • Slow Start: Typically preferring to avoid battle in general, Patty holds herself back at first, hoping to try and resolve things in a more peaceful manner. Interestingly, she restrains herself in battles she’s interested in winning as well, using it as a tactic to analyze her opponent and gauge their strength. Regardless, once she’s either figured out there’s no other solution or she’s found the chink in her opponent’s armor, Patty unleashes her full power, seeming to double in speed and strength.
  • Immunity: As both a natural predisposition and a consequence of her work environment, Patty has built up a surprisingly strong immunity to various poisons, enough that most don’t even affect her anymore.
  • Super Luck: Good luck seems to follow Patty around! While she finds herself encountering random bouts of fortune in her daily life, her luck seems to shine strongest in fights, helping her attacks to occasionally hit just right!
  • Crush Grip: Using her surprising strength, Patty grabs her opponent in a powerful bear hug; when up against tougher opponents, she pours more strength into her grip to up the power. She tends to use a similar hug on her friends, though thankfully with a much weaker grip.
  • Disable: Working with baby Pokemon has given Patty quite a powerful “Mom Glare,” enough that she’s able to dissuade someone from even thinking of using a move.
  • Extreme Speed: Patty dashes at speeds invisible to the naked eye, ramming her opponent at breakneck speed.
  • Hyper Beam: Patty gathers all of her energy into a concentrated blast. While one of her strongest attacks, it leaves her rather winded after use, requiring her to take a moment to rest.
  • Judgment: Pillars of light stream down from the heavens at Patty’s command, assaulting her opponent with radiant power.
  • Play Nice: Patty smacks her opponent on the head in a scolding way, chastising them for being so violent and convincing them to be nicer. If she doesn’t want to belittle her opponent, she might instead make them some tea or a little snack to calm them down.
  • Protect: Generating a shield around herself, Patty becomes immune to any one attack. The barrier is difficult to create, so repeated use can take a lot out of her.
  • Acupressure: Adept at finding stress points due to some extra training she picked up to help with daycare work, Patty applies pressure to one of her or an ally’s stress points, enhancing some of their abilities
  • Lucky Chant: Patty sings or hums a little nursery rhyme to give a little luck to her and her friends, giving them a little extra protection against their opponents’ attacks.
  • Safeguard: With a snap of her fingers, Patty engulfs herself and her allies in an ethereal shroud to protect them from harmful effects.
Items: Patty doesn’t fight with anything beyond her hands and feet, but she does carry a small cooking set with her at all times just in case someone needs a little snack or pick-me-up. It does come with a small metal pan, but she has better things to do than hit people over the head with it.

Pokemon Team:
Nickname: Molly
Species: Kangaskhan (Female)
Backstory: Patty's first Pokemon, given to her by her parents, and her primary partner when it comes to her breeding career. Molly is also one of the Pokemon Patty can rely on the most to get any job done.
Personality: Incredibly gentle and just as motherly as her Trainer, a lot of people joke that Molly and Patty are two peas in a pod together! Molly also shares Patty's fierce sense of loyalty and devotion to those she cares about.
- Circle Throw
- Outrage
- Headbutt
- Dizzy Punch
Ability: Scrappy

Nickname: Hope
Species: Blissey (Male)
Backstory: A Blissey Patty found as a Happiny abandoned outside the daycare. She took him in and raised him alongside the other Pokemon in her care, but found that he wanted to stay with her even after she'd found a good home for him! Now fully evolved into a Blissey, Hope is another of Patty's longest companions, and is also a big help with her Pokemon breeding, helping to keep some of the rowdier Pokemon under control.
Personality: Just like Patty and Molly, Hope is caring and friendly, but is a bit more stern than his companions when he needs to. He tends to come off a bit more jolly and boisterous in friendly company, though.
- Heal Pulse
- Sing
- Egg Bomb
- Aromatherapy
Ability: Healer

Nickname: Caesar
Species: Zangoose (Male)
Backstory: Patty found Caesar on the outskirts of Mahogany Town, heavily injured from a fight with another wild Pokemon; though he resisted her attempts to help him, she eventually managed to get him to the nearby Pokemon Center, where he was fully patched up. Rather than just wander off into the woods again, Patty found the Zangoose hanging around the daycare every so often, not coming near, but just watching if from afar. Her family was a bit worried about it, but Patty didn't turn him away; instead, she tried to make him feel welcome in the daycare, assuring him that if he wanted some company or a little attention he was more than welcome to come get it. It took a few weeks, but she eventually convinced him to stick around, enough that he even started offering to help out at the daycare! Now, he's styled himself as somewhat of a bodyguard of the younger Pokemon, patrolling the grounds of the daycare to make sure no one or nothing gets in that shouldn't.
Personality: Definitely a major grump, Caesar seems to stand out next to the rest of Patty's team, but that gruff exterior does hide a gentle and caring heart--he's just not the best at showing it! He tends to clash a bit with some of Patty's other Pokemon, mostly her Braviary Red, but don't let that fool you; when it comes time to fight, he's the first to put himself between them and the threat.
- Crush Claw
- X-Scissor
- Swords Dance
- Iron Tail
Ability: Toxic Boost

Nickname: Gumbo
Species: Greedent (Male)
Backstory: Patty stumbled across Gumbo in the woods outside Mahogany Town when she was investigating the daycare's trash, which had been ransacked every week for the past few months. As it turns out, the Greedent had been snagging whatever food scraps he could salvage and was using them to play at cooking; apparently he had begun observing the Vanilles in the kitchen sometime back and had gotten enamored with the practice enough to try it himself. After figuring out what was going on, Patty offered him the chance to actually cook, suggesting he could come learn how to at the daycare. He happily accepted the offer, and to this day has worked as the daycare's sous-chef, helping to make delicious meals for the Pokemon in the Vanille's care. Now that he's adventuring with Patty, he helps her make food on the road for the whole party!
Personality: Cheerful and creative, Gumbo loves the company of others, always eager to be among friends or to have the chance to make new ones. He's incredibly proud of his cooking skill, and loves showing off what he can do--though he will get a little melancholy if you end up not liking his food...
- Belch
- Stockpile
- Swallow
- Spit Up
Ability: Cheek Pouch

Nickname: Red
Species: Braviary (Female)
Backstory: Initially a bully that would menace the daycare and the other Pokemon, Red is now one of Patty's most loyal Pokemon, acting as a patroller and guard alongside Caesar, whom she's formed a bit of a rivalry with. Back before Patty had caught her, the Braviary would pester the other daycare workers or try to scare the Pokemon being raised there. Most of Patty's family were convinced she was just being a nuisance for the fun of it, but Patty felt like there was another reason for it. Rather than trying to shoo the bird away or yell at her, Patty gently coaxed her closer, offering her company and a little treat if she would behave. While she didn't stop showing up, she would at least be more behaved when she was actually shown a little bit of attention. As it turns out, that's all the Braviary was looking for: attention! Patty was more than happy to give out a little extra love, and eventually the bird Pokemon decided to stay there permanently, though thankfully by being well-mannered and helpful rather than a bother. She's even become a bit of a motherly figure to some of the Pokemon she used to scare!
Personality: Loud and proud, Red knows she's something special and expects you to treat her as such. She loves being the center of attention, and tends to be a bit overdramatic in order to keep the spotlight on her. If you aren't giving her the recognition she thinks she deserves, though, she can tend to get a bit huffy and grumpy. Like Caesar and her Trainer Patty, however, Red harbors an intense loyalty and love towards those she cares about, and will do anything to keep them safe.
- Tailwind
- Brave Bird
- Giga Impact
- Superpower
Ability: Defiant

Nickname: Corduroy
Species: Bewear (Male)
Backstory: Unlike most of Patty's other Pokemon, who were offered an opportunity to join her team and/or the daycare, Corduroy mainly joined of their own accord. According to Patty, he sort of showed up at the daycare's door one day out of the blue expressing an interest in helping out; Patty was initially a bit hesitant, but agreed to give him a chance. Her hunch proved to be correct, as Corduroy was incredibly skilled at taking care of the other Pokemon--almost as good as a seasoned Pokemon Breeder! Later that day, a client would recognize the Bewear, informing Patty that he used to be an aide at a child daycare in Blackthorne City. According to them, Corduroy had helped out there for several years, but was left with nowhere to go after the daycare closed down a few weeks prior to him arriving at the Vanille Family Daycare. His skills at taking care of Pokemon had come from him helping to take care of actual children! Realizing that he just wanted to keep doing what he loved--and being incredibly impressed with his prior work--Patty agreed to take him on board, where he's been happily working alongside the Vanille family ever since!
Personality: A gentle, but quiet, giant, Corduroy rarely says anything, which can come off as a bit rude to those who don't know him; however, he's a genuinely caring Pokemon that tries to make everyone around him happy and comfortbale. He usually expresses himself through gestures, which can also be a bit ambiguous, but seems to have some kind of special connection with Patty, who can somewhat understand him even without him indicating anything. While he is impressively strong, he rarely tries to use his strength, preferring to settle things in a more peaceful manner like his Trainer. He's also a hugger like she is, though surprisingly, hers are stronger!
- Hammer Arm
- Ice Punch
- Double-Edge
- Wide Guard
Ability: Fluffy

The Pilot

Back in the saddle again

  • 1619202732992.pngName: Lunelia Decristo
    Age: 24
    Type: Psychic

    Description: Lunelia has a slim build, boasting a beautiful slender frame and untainted (if pale) skin. She always dresses with impeccable taste—but made-to-fit clothes can't hide her eyebags. Usually either seen with a haughty smile, or a more grim frown. She tends to be mistaken for a Ghost Type due to her outfit.
    Personality: On the surface, Lunelia is just another noble. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth whose inflated ego has been served to them on a silver platter. But truly...Lunelia is simply dedicated to what she believes makes a 'true' noble. Someone who can rise above not just the common rabble, but her own vices. While Lunelia may be arrogant, it's accompanied by genuine endeavors to make herself a better person than she was yesterday. After all..it is the grand duty of a noble to not just uphold justice; to be as graceful as they are decisive; but to represent the best of what mankind can offer in order to lead them towards a better tomorrow.

    But even so, that can't stop a girl from wanting to show off here and again, right?

    Lunelia does not remember her parents. But that's fine—she always saw her true father in the Uncle who raised her. That Uncle would be Dietrich Decristo, the Psychic Gym Leader of Johto.

    Though Dietrich would never waste any chance to remind all of those around him of his noble status, he was a true leader among men. He knew not of hesitation. He knew not of panic. If Dietrich was there, no matter the situation, he would always find the best path forward. They were a masterful blend of skills honed by years of experience; of an analytical mind tempered by the warmth of love for his peers; of a man who truly connected with his Pokemon on a level beyond Psychic powers.

    People sought to train with him whether they were a Psychic type or not. People sought advice from him for both battling and for life. His fans were plentiful, and his idolizers even more...but out of all of them, none idolized Dietrich Decristo more than his daughter. For most of her life, Lunelia has attempted to match his legacy. Even to this day, she is stumbling after his footsteps trying to be half the man he was. Not out of stress nor pressure; but simply out of her sheer adoration for the man who raised her. Lunelia wanted nothing more to inherit his legacy. And with that goal in mind, she had journeyed out across the region...collecting one badge after another...set on becoming the next Psychic Gym Leader.

    And she would collect all but one. Dietrich Decristo would not be there to give her the last badge. Instead, it would be another man. Godfrey von Hohenberg. As sadly...without her knowledge, Dietrich had long since passed away during her travels.

    Lunelia was completely devastated.
    It was a dark period of her life. Even as she won the last badge she once so looked forward to, it brought no sense of joy to her. The light of her life; her idol, mentor, guide; her father. Taken away from her...and she wasn't even notified—wasn't even there in his last moments. But Godfrey had no time for her loss. Beneath empty condolences, Lunelia could sense it. A sense of...glee, almost! And she would learn why soon.

    Her home was no longer hers. For the property of the Decristo Mansion, along with the title of the Psychic Gym Leader, now belonged to Godfrey Von Hohenberg. A man with no stake to the title. A man with who lived a life of material worth, who saw the legacy Dietrich had left and spat on it. Dietrich. Who had died a death nobody saw. Who died healthy as a fiddle. Slowly, the pieces began to be put together...

    ...And through her grief, Lunelia found a new purpose. Something was wrong. And for the sake of the Decristo line—for the sake of Dietrich's legacy...she was going to find out what, no matter the cost.

    Special Training: Lunelia has trained with Psychic-types her entire life. Not only does she do more damage whenever using a Psychic-type move, she takes even less damage from other people's Psychic-type moves.

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Trying really hard to stay focused
Bunker Baile



Bunker is of average height but of muscular build. He has weathered but warm features and various scars all over his body. He has brown hair and a ginger beard, both of which are unkempt and messy. He is almost unrecognizable from the days of his youth but still wears his former Gym Leader outfit as a constant reminder of his past and his previous mistakes in order to help drive himself forward.

In his youth, Bunker was cocky, vain and arrogant. Everything came easily to him so he thought of himself as better than everyone else. The only ones he held in any esteem were his own Pokemon. However after the disastrous events of his first attempt at the Grand Tournament and the ensuing struggle with depression that followed, Bunker did a lot of soul searching, as well as growing up, and is now far more humble, understanding and well rounded person, looking to make up for his past mistakes.

In his youth, Bunker was the promising young Gym Leader of the Fire Gym in Johto. He was considered a Pokémon prodigy, with skills seen only once in a generation, so naturally when he turned his eyes to the Grand Tournament, many considered him a shoo-in for the next Champion. However, there were a few hushed voices that thought that Bunker's reach exceeded his grasp. Although he had the raw talent, he lacked the necessary discipline and without that, things could only end in disaster.

As predicted, Bunker sailed through the tournament and devastated the Elite Four but when he came face to face with the Champion, he pushed himself too far and unintentionally underwent Burn Up, injuring himself severely in the process and permanently losing his Fire Type. After a long stay in hospital, Bunker managed to recover but found that he had lost everything; his fans, his reputation, his gym and so with nothing left, he simply disappeared.

Bunker spent the next several years, wandering from region to region, looking for a means to regain his Type. He spoke to doctors, healers, mystics but each one told him that what he sought was impossible. Growing increasingly disheartened, Bunker found solace in his Pokémon and one day when he was watching them train, he had an epiphany; maybe he had been going about it the wrong way all along. If he couldn't regain his Type then he would just become a different one.

He began feverishly studying his Pokémon as they trained, watching their moves and mimicking them. He watched as his Combusken Double Kicked and Reversed, his Emboar Arm Thrusted and Hammer Armed and his Monferno Mach Punched, and slowly but surely Bunker learned to perform them as well. After extensive study and training, Bunker has returned to Johto and collected all 8 gym badges, so he can participate in the Grand Tournament again and finally put the ghosts of his past to rest.

Special Training:
Training alongside and sparring against his Pokémon to learn Fighting type moves, Bunker now has exceptionally high Attack and Défense but as a side effect of Burn Up, his Special Attack and Special Defence are exceptionally low.

  • Defiant: Bunker is always defiant in the face of adversity. When one seeks to put him down, it only further strengthens his resolve to keep pushing forward.
  • Dry Skin: After unintentionally using Burn Up, Bunker's body was severely burned. Although he has recovered well from the incident, the scars still remain and his body is extremely sensitive to changes in temperatures. Fire attacks/high temperatures will cause him great discomfort whilst water attacks/rain have a soothing effect.
  • Sheer Force: As Bunker is not a true Fighting Type and only a self-taught one, his moves lack a certain finesse. He makes up for this by putting all his strength and energy into each one of his moves.
  • Mold Breaker: By altering his mindset, Bunker managed to achieve something that has never been done before. Knowing now that he can do anything he puts his mind to, Bunker applies that mindset to his battling allowing him to ignore an opponent's abilities.
  • Arm Thrust: Bunker squats down and roots himself to the spot before hitting his opponent with a series of alternating straight punches.
  • Bulk Up: Bunker flexes his muscles and becomes surrounded by a crimson aura, causing his muscles to thicken and expand, increasing his attack and defence.
  • Close Combat: Bunker forsakes defence and rushes towards his opponent, closing the gap between them, so he can unleash a series of fierce punches and kicks.
  • Copycat: The same way he taught himself Fighting type moves, Bunker can copy certain moves (primarily physical moves) from his opponent after watching them use it but he is unable to replicate the move's additional effects or the move's type properties.
  • Detect: By watching his opponent's body language, Bunker can predict their next move and perfectly evade it.
  • Double Kick: Using one leg to support himself, Bunker unleashes two kicks in quick succession at his opponent.
  • Hammer Arm: Using all the strength he can muster, Bunker swings his fist at his opponent and hits then with a powerful blow. This move uses a lot of energy and therefore tires Bunker out considerably.
  • Mach Punch: Bunker unleashes a punch faster than the eye can see allowing him to hit an opponent before their aware he has even swung.
  • Reversal: With his health low and the odds stacked against him, Bunker unleashes everything he's got in an all out attack.
  • Smokescreen: Although Bunker can no longer generate fire, he can, with considerable effort, produce plumes of smoke to obscure his opponent's vision.

Pokémon Team:




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