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Fantasy [Isekai Hell] The New Blood of House Driscol

This RP takes place in the world of Isekai Hell. Let Novama Novama know if you'd like to join!

Goals: To establish Amelia connections with nobility as a rightful noble herself.


Ryke, Shortly before sunset.

Weather: windy, brisk with a north wind.

House Driscol

The festivities had begun in the noble house of Driscol, members of the monarchy arrived from all over Ryke. Some in their luxurious chariots pulled by stoic horses, others in Magi-Tech automatons, and a few others by extraordinary means. This was the noble house of Driscol, famed for bringing forth a technological golden age in the field of transportation in decades past. However, during the current time, greed had begun to settle and bickering was becoming constant as some lost their wealth and envied those who made sound investments.

Still, the nobility remained powerful, the various sectors under their command we're ran accordingly to commands from the king. And their overall ability to meet the demands placed upon them always proved above satisfactory.

As the nobles gathered, they exchanged words, greeted one another and eventually found their respective seats at a grand banquet table. The occasion was a celebration of a great achievement, so important was this particular date that the sectors under command we're given a public feast. Some called it a collective intellectual achievement, while others looked towards the heavens and considered it prophecy in the stars.

One among them in particular rose and lightly tapped his wine glass, commanding silence and attention.


"We have gathered here today in remembrance of our annual celebration, a day that every other Ryken noble house would bow their head in shame when they ridiculed our technocratic system. When Ryke, witnessed the true power of it's leadership and an achievement that has saved this city from economical collapse, and it's citizens from poverty. The Aether Rail. Oh yes, let it be known that it was WE through our collective genius, that now Ryke can move freely, that the lowly peasant no longer has an excuse to not be great!"

The murmurs grew among the nobles, it was nearly unfathomable to believe that they were helping the lowly classes of the city. However, it was true, the city had grown exponentially, not just economically but culturally as well. Where people couldn't go by carriage they used the Aether Rail to get to their destination, employment rose, and general movement of the workforce by result. It allowed for cultural exchanges that otherwise wouldn't happen.

"Order! Order!" Called the speaker among the nobles. "It is with great joy and gratitude that I welcome you all home!" Taking up the glass he made a toast. "Welcome home, long live House Driscol."

In unison everyone likened to their glass and repeated in unison.

One amongst the crowd was the organizer of the event, a diplomat and a true intellectual all of his own. However, it was with great care that he was selected to arrange the flow of this particular evening, the various people that were employed were great, from cooks, to waiters, to butlers and servants. Everyone looked to An Junliang for guidance. Obvious was his responsibility when a servant bowed with a silver tray in question. "Shall I begin taking orders for drinks, sire?" His tone is monotone yet eager.

On queue then was entertainment brought in through a large door. Jesters, jugglers and all manner of entertaining folk would enter and get straight to work. The nobles would then give their meal orders to the waiters which then went to the chefs. Things began to get busy in the back rooms as the shipments were opened from wooden crates, wooden barrels of every fine alcoholic drink in Ryke we're among them.
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Among those various members of staff who had been hired for House Driscol's various festivities, ranging from culinary masters to professional servants, was but a humble, dutiful maid, having quickly taken a step back to admire the vibrant atmosphere that the nobility threw about like magic in the air.

Annabelle, this particular maid, was still but a simple member of the revered Servant's Guild, having been hired alongside a group of fellow maids in order to make sure things would start and continue smoothly. Some word had spread among the Guild as a result of this woman and her work aiding a caravan of individuals cross safely though to the East Empire, but word quickly became just mere whispers among workers during their break over the course of time.

She had to take in the reality that was before her. This was but her first time actually managing a full event for nobles, and despite enough experience assisting the common folk, the realm of the noble class was something that was perhaps a little out of her element. It was just a whole different world in of itself, where the honesty and hard work of the common people valued was thrown out of the window in trade of entertainment, politics and many a hearty laugh shared over with plates of scrumptious meals and glasses of the finest wine. She couldn't help but to view her surroundings in awe...

"... Annabelle." The voice of another had brought Annabelle back to reality as she suddenly spotted a familiar face right square in front of her. An emotionless but efficient young lady, whom much like Annabelle was dressed from head to toe in her own uniform. The pristine condition of her maid uniform offset the otherwise blank look on her face, with deep pink eyes that burned with determination. "You won't be useful to any of us if you simply stand there looking neat and pretty in your uniform."

"Ah! Genevieve... I so deeply apologize!" Annabelle gasped, quickly straightening herself up before lightly bowing towards her superior... her teacher. A person to look up to, otherwise the perfect example of who a maid should be, at least through Annabelle's eyes. "It's just not often somebody finds themselves serving nobles, after all... I hope my nerves don't get the better of myself..."

"Remember your lessons: Presentation is one requirement of a maid, but the duty we're bound to is another. To break our duty is to break the trust these people have in us, and to break the trust people have in the guild. Remember to represent yourself well, not just in appearance but in actions. I have my trust in you, as I do with our fellow servants. Now please - I insist that we get to work. You know your duties here tonight, and I may not need to repeat them again." Genevieve would politely order, before she briskly walked off to fill the role she was expected to do.

Annabelle on the other hand, released a sigh. Genevieve was right. She couldn't just give the Servant's Guild a bad name by just standing there nervously. It was time to work, and work she quickly headed off to do. As various maids and butlers set off in order to gather the necessary orders requested by the noblemen and women, Annabelle wandered to the back rooms where behind the scenes, she would proceed to acquire freshly filled bottles of fine wine so that she would fulfill the orders of the thirsty. The sound of short, sharp clacks courtesy of her heels barely managed to penetrate the atmosphere as she balanced a tray filled with bottles the requested wine before she arrived at her destination; providing the busy nobles with their alcohol-fueled nourishment.

She would do this for a few rounds; heading back and forth to the kitchen pantry and the main hall where she quickly supplied those she worked for. Eventually, she'd find herself doing it near An Juiling himself, placing a bottle on the center of his table before taking a step back and bowing as she always would.

"Your wine. I hope you will find this satisfactory, ladies and gentlemen - this one was aged for 30 years in pristine oaken barrels, and I'm sure you'll appreciate the taste. Anything else you all may require me to fetch before I continue?"


An Junliang watches the proceedings carefully, his lips formed into a calm, gentle smile. He had been chosen as the event planner due to his success at organizing a local fair some time ago, but the scope of this event was much different; its success or failure would directly reflect on Junliang’s ability to manage a noble household, testing his organizational, clerical, and leadership abilities. And with so many local noblemen in attendance, it was imperative that everything went smoothly, lest his reputation in the entire region suffer. And his reputation, of course, was what he came here to grow. It’s why he remains in traditional western empire garb, in spite of how that might distinguish him from the rest of the event staff. Stand out enough to be seen, but not enough to be worth pointing out.

Fortunately, everything seemed to be going well. Junliang folds his arms into his long, flowing sleeves in front of him as the host - Junliang’s employer - makes a toast to the past accomplishments of a now-declining nobility. A self-absorbed message such as that, celebrating the previous generation’s successes, seems to reflect a small-minded complacency, an implicit sentiment that they’ve paid their dues, that their glory is the same now as it had been decades before. …And that was likely precisely what everyone here had come for.

An Junliang turns his head to the man addressing him. It was one of the senior members of the staff, a long-standing fixture of Lord Driscol’s household. Junliang had assigned these sorts of veteran servants to coordinate the rest of the workers, with the Servant’s Guild acting as support. This particular man was responsible for coordinating the waiting staff, chosen for his calm, yet friendly and servile demeanor. He turns his body to face the man, his gentle smile stretching slightly further across his face. Leaning in, he says quietly, “This is their moment of solidarity. The wine in their glasses when they made the toast will be the sweetest, so don’t rush. When their glasses are near empty, fill them.”

Junliang discretely looks out to some of the event’s more boisterous attendants, gathered around the table, loudly drinking and talking amongst their peers. He didn’t nod or point, but trusted the man he was speaking to would pick up on the movement of his eyes. “Remember the faces of the men who have already emptied their glasses. Ones eager as them are likely to be moodmakers. Keep them happy. I’ll entrust the details to you.” With a slight nod, he straightens himself out, and the servant scurries off, taking a few moments to address those under him before taking orders himself. Satisfied, Junliang turns his head to look at the event, taking in the broad strokes as opposed to the small details; those have already been delegated.

He sits down at a small table, in a dark area of the hall with a good view of the goings-on of the event. It’s not long before he’s approached by Annabelle, who sets a bottle of wine in front of him. Junliang looks up at her, confusion evident on his face at first, but quickly shifting into a warm smile. “Ah, refreshments, is it? Thank you. But if you’d allow me to be selfish, I would prefer water. Drinking on the job would reflect poorly on me, and on you for bringing it to me.” The man chuckles to himself, as if he had told a joke, and shortly thereafter beckons Annabelle towards him, and speaks quietly much the same way as he had before. “Your name is Annabelle, correct? I’d like you to keep an eye on Lord Driscol. Keep him and the people he associates with happy. It will reflect well on yourself, and on the Servant’s Guild, if you were to impress him. You’ve been trained well, and were recommended by the Guild, so I know you are capable. Good luck.”

He leans away and stands up, watching the events of the day unfold. Yes, everything was proceeding just as he had planned. The guests seemed happy, the staff were keeping themselves busy, and everything was… right. Even the latecomers were being integrated smoothly into the event, thanks to the temporarily relaxed security he had advised. Being held up and missing out on some of the event would be the last thing a nobleman would want after coming out all this way, after all. Junliang feels his face tighten into a smile, different from the pleasant affectation he had assumed before. Yes, everything was going perfectly.
As the nobles made their toast, their opinions of the current state of affairs would arise. This was the perfect occasion to establish new relationships, or dismantle older arrangements. One among them, Council Leona was one such nobility, and she sought out a way to grow her already exponential wealth. Having inherited the merchant sector of one of the Ryken provinces, she had managed to decree a trading tax. One, where if trading with merchants with the seal of Driscol, we're allowed certain privileges in exchange for a fee. Everyone who dealt with such traders were given products with the seal, which carried a higher value and prestige. The items had a higher resale value as well, and generally we're better made.


Leona, looked over to her right, towards the recently bankrupt Council Darien raising her glass indifferently as a waiter filled it with wine. "It has come to my attention that you've spent the last few rykes I lended you on a terrible investment." She looked at him with distaste as she slipped her glass. "What pity that you couldn't foresee that owning the tavern in the poor quarter would prove.. unprofitable." There was a tint of provocation in her words. A taunt that the already overburdened and suffering Darien would easily fall into.

images (1).jpeg

"No thanks to you, wench! Why, I ought to kill you where you sit! I should have known you'd have the populace on your side and not buy from my taverns!" The noble, seething would grasp at his rapier, much to Leona's pleasure.


"Go ahead nobleman, draw your sword and show us all how low you've come.." taking another sip, "..do it."

The man would stand, and the other nobles looked on as they drank and laughed, however their many body guards were alerted, and they stood at the ready.

Noble Darien however, would sit bath down and pathetically grumbled.


"Good boy, now, have a drink and make merry, but you'll get a letter from me with details on how to pay me back.." she'd chuckle. "With an interest fee."

The waiters and butler's busily exchanged words in who wanted what orders. When the servant that had inquired to An Junliang heard his response, the man straightened up and held the silver tray under his shoulder like some sort of soldier. "Noted, my Lord. It shall be done to the letter." Once the nobles drank, compliments made about the beverages and lastly those with a higher tolerance for such beverages would heartily drink, the servant sniffed a bit before setting off to fill the emptied glasses. The first being the disheartened lord Darien. When he arrived, he didn't just accept another refill but took the bottle from the servants hands outright.


Lord Jonathan Driscol looked on as the nobles drank, sitting down, he was bombarded with questions about the happenings of the Aether Rail. "I'm in no position to expose the inner workings of the project at this time. But I assure you, it will be a magnificent achievement unlike anything ever seen before, comparable only to our forefathers Aether Rail."

He would soon be greeted by the captain of the Driscol military, to much of lord Driscols delight, he stood up and greeted him with a handshake before ushering him to sit next to him. "Thank you for arriving on such short notice.." he'd signal to Anabelle, whom came highly recommended by the servants guild, "Please, drinks for the captain here." The captain would look at Annabelle, "Ah, yes, how about a brandy young lady." He said with a chipper tone.

Lord Driscol and the Captain would enter conversation about topics of security and familial matters. The topics on corruption would enter as well, and news of the other houses attempting to infiltrate their treasury would surface. However, Lord Driscol was not phased by such topics, he knew that what he was about to reveal would set their house in such high favor that the king would trust no one else but the Driscols for their guidance. He wanted a closer relationship with the king, he wanted to live up to his father's status.


Soon, food orders were taken, and the chefs in the kitchen got straight to work. The meals were perfect, and reasonably timed, plates were then placed on the waiters bar to take out to their respective nobles. "Orders ready!" Calls were made from behind the kitchen. Grilling, frying, blanching, baking and broiling would be heard and most importantly smelled. The aromas of fresh herbs, cooked meat, and various spices wanted through the kitchen as the waiters picked up the plates and delivered them.


Another servant would arrive at An Junliangs ear, "Excuse me, my Lord. Perhaps we should begin taking orders for dessert as soon as the first plates are finished?" This man seemed a bit uneasy, bring more of a banquet staff and not hired, he had never had to take on such a grand banquet let alone synchronize with so many of his profession


Soon, a commotion could barely be heard from the main door of the grand banquet hall. Quite frankly the banquet hall was too crowded for most to be able to hear what was happening just outside the doors. "Who the hell are you!?" The guards roared. "This is a strictly forbidden area, turn back or we'll be forced to attack!"



"Strike down your hopes and dreams then, vermin. I come to claim what is rightfully mine!" Before long, the giant doors flew open, two guards would be thrown into the middle of the banquet hall. The silhouette of a feline like persona would then be seen, the mist slowly clearing as the neko stepped into the hall. "Excuse the interruption, but this feast, wouldn't be complete without me." The neko said with the confidence of a statesman.
As she walked, the nobles guards drew their weapons and gasps and worried cries would be heard among the feasting nobles. "My name is Amelia, Amelia Driscol, and I've come for my divine right to lead the way towards our prosperity." The neko grinned, never had she ever felt so good. Never had she felt so entitled and confident in her path in life. After decades of working at the farmers markets, selling the fish she'd catch at the rivers she was finally given a sign. A sign, from the nether worlds. Proof of her legitimate standing among the thrones of men, and with such standing, power. Power to move people, to move armies, and to bring her name to the utmost heights of glory.

Extending her hand as if in offering, a halo appeared above her head, a divine symbol of her nobility and right to rule.

The nobles, all stood silent, and the guards grip upon their weapons weakened.

My Lord. The words were sweet like honey as they reached his ears. A sense of pride spreads throughout Junliang’s chest. While there were many steps left to go, this first one was the most important in his pursuit of influence. After all, he was the one given control here, and influence, once given, is difficult to fully take away. If he were to prove his reliability here and play his cards right hence, he may even be able to push his way into House Driscol’s council in half a decade or so, and from there…

His thoughts are soon interrupted by the angry voice of Councilor Darien, carrying through the hall, but seemingly lacking the presence to interrupt the festivities of the other attendees, instead seeming to fuel those festivities, in fact, with the men and women gathered around him laughing haughtily at his expense. Junliang looks at the surrounding staff, gauging their reactions, but it seems as though further instruction is unnecessary. The guards standing closest to him were eye him warily, and his server scurries off without a word when the bottle was snatched from his hand. The other servants are likely to leave him be for as long as he remains in his cups. Best to observe him for now before doing something that may slight him or injure his pride.

Junliang turns at the sound of soft footfalls to his side, and meets the eyes of a timid-looking waiter, offering the man a reassuring smile. Right before he begins to answer the question, he notices how the eyes of the guards stationed near the entrance are drawn to the door, how some of the guests, who had moved away from the clamor of the main dining table, are turning their heads. His smile fades as he narrows his eyes and strains his ears. He answers the servant without facing him, clearly distracted by the commotion at the front. “There should be enough sweets to satisfy them until dessert. Tell Geoffrey that I leave the floor to him and Genevieve, should I prove unavailable. Right away.”

Junliang doesn’t wait for a response before striding purposefully towards the entrance of the banquet hall, the tail of his robe trailing closely behind him on the floor. The doors soon fly open, and a cool wind flows into the hall, brushing against the skin of all present. Junliang clicks his tongue in frustration. Whatever the problem is, it will soon be clear to everyone who bothers to pay any amount of attention. The source of the commotion - a catfolk claiming the name Amelia Driscol - stands with her arm outstretched, a luminescent halo floating above her head. A moment of silence passes, with the nobility and guards with their weapons drawn stare slack-jawed at the woman, and Junliang considers his options. He may be able to have her thrown out, but she didn’t seem to wish to go quietly, and such a response would sour the mood of the proceedings and bring shame to Lord Driscol. Outright bloodshed would be even less desirable. She clearly wouldn’t choose to leave on her own. The only viable option is to somehow isolate her in a place where she poses no threat to Jonathan Driscol’s reputation or the integrity of the event.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Junliang steps out of the crowd towards Amelia, raising a hand towards the guards in an attempt to get them to sheathe their weapons. A show of deference from the guards would lend him much-needed credibility to someone unfamiliar with the positions of those present, and he intends to leverage that. He wasn’t certain they would follow his lead- he is well aware that he may be overstepping his bounds here - but he did expect them to understand that a show of force here might upset those present, and would best be avoided. He folds his hand back inside his sleeve and bows, presenting himself to Amelia with the most tranquil smile he can muster in these circumstances. “You’ve made quite the entrance. I don’t intend to cast doubt on your place here, but your name isn’t on the list of attendees. It would be a sign of great disrespect to your peers if you were to come here unannounced and disturb the business they are conducting amongst themselves. Please, follow me so we can work everything out. If your announcement is of such importance, it will find its place at the most appropriate time, I promise you.”
Annabelle had turned her head over to An as she was suddenly beckoned over to interact. She had to meet the demands of those who requested her aid, after all. As her body now had faced the man who showed some visible confusion towards the bottle of wine she had placed upon the table, she yet again bowed - this time in the clear understanding that he all he wanted was but mere water. It was understandable enough in the eyes of the maid, not everybody could stomach wine after all, even if it was from the lips of a nobleman. And nothing was wrong with enjoying one's time in this party whether they were drunk or sober.

"I'll retrieve a jug of our water supply for you and those who also require it then, sir." Annabelle politely replied, before she raised an eyebrow at the beckon of his finger. Confusion was slowly strewn across her face as she was met with what was his second request, but it was far from the request that she had expected. If she had to be honest, making sure that House Discrol - especially their known Lord - were happy was already a goal that the maid had wished to maintain, and for reasons that An himself had so kindly explained. It would reflect on her and the Guild especially well. But no matter how she wrapped her mind around it, there was just one thing that left a puzzled expression.

'... How does he know of me... he said my name and that I was recommended by the Guild? I thought that I was hired by other officials for the event...' Were the thoughts that raced through like a game of pinball, shooting up one way and bouncing to another repeatedly.

But before Annabelle could nod in response to An's request before she set off to wrack her brain over the unanswered question over the acquisition of a jug of water, she found herself halted by that of the Lord himself; as well as the military captain who was in tow. Skidding to a halt with a quiet squeak of her heels, Annabelle faintly gasped before she assumed a proper stance, with her feet close together and her arms clasped, resting on her neat white apron. He was definitely a man who held with him some significance... handsome too... it'd be a poor effort to disappoint him, especially in front of such a strong military presence as well.

"Right away, my Lord! I'll acquire and bestow the requested brandy for your friend as soon as possible." She responded with a soft smile and another gentle bow, directed towards both the Lord of the House and the Captain, before she quickly and quietly rushed off into the pantry again. All while trying to understand the intentions of An Junliang, that strange water-appreciating man...

It wasn't before long that she would step back into the main hall, carrying yet another tray - this time a respective bottle and jug of the brandy and water that were both requested. But as she set foot into the pompous atmosphere yet again, she would find something was off. Audibly, the hall wasn't filled with laughter, clanking of cutlery or the political chatter that she came to expect.

Instead it was of a beastkin woman throwing several guards straight into the hall, rendering the maid stunned as all she could do was watch... and hope to the gods that this strange neko wouldn't turn her or her carried goods into collateral damage. She merely stood by, quiet, patient, but visibly worried, as she kept a firm stance on the tray she had balanced in her hand.
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The nervous waiter, would uneasily nod as An gave further instructions to the servants, "Very well, yes, I'll do my b-." The young servant would stutter a bit as An Junliang departed without another word otherwise the servant continued his duties.


The air was filled with the smell of the feast, an otherwise successfully executed festivity. However when the half beast woman appeared through the banquet hall doors the laughter had begun to give way to silence, concern, and worry.

An Junliang stepped forward, stoic, composed and quite frankly courageous to place himself in potential harms way. The nobles, although worried, seemed surprised that An Junliang was stepping forward and not the nobles elite.

When the guards recomposed, and drew their swords and weaponry, they eased up at the event organizers raised hand.



Meanwhile, Lord Driscol himself didn't appear very shocked, he was almost amused by the sudden unfolding of events. His military advisor however made a strange statement, "Could it be?" He muttered with the typical gruff voice of a military general.

Lord Driscol then appeared to grin when Amelias halo appeared above her head before muttering, his eyes fixed upon Amelia. "Yes. Right on time it seems."

Lord Driscol would then stand, while clapping a bit mockingly, a small chuckle in his voice would escape before starting, "Bravo! Welcome home, Amelia. Please, do as master An Junliang before you says, and I'll see to you shortly."

Without another word, he'd continue his conversation with the general, and it appeared the other nobles were beginning to follow suit. They'd occasionally glance at Amelia and An, whispering and muttering to each other. It was becoming rather clear Amelia was one of them, but because she was, they wondered how this new noble would interfere or benefit their separate agendas. It was only natural.

Lord Driscol would then look over to Annabelle who was standing close enough to take the brandy from her servers plate, "My dear, if you could please tend to the guest that just arrived. Make her as comfortable as you can, although, she might seem a bit.. passionate tell her I'll be with her shortly." He appeared to smile through his serious demeanor.



Amelia glared at Lord Driscol, but before she could speak or even insult. Was she some sort of entertainment? "Why you little-" she attempted before An Junliang would interrupt her trail of speech. "I'm not on the list?" She repeated, further indignant, "I could care less about your list, why should i-" she stopped, and crossed her arms noticing some of the nobles and aristocrats whispering to one another while eying her. "Ugh." She huffed. "I suppose it can't be helped." She said with a bit of surrender in her voice. "Fine. Lead the way."

Walking past the kitchen, An Junliang would escort the neko to a back chamber. Amelia would step aside a few times as waiters stressfully rushed to fill their orders. "Whoa! Look at all this food!" She exclaimed with surprise. catching up with An Junliang she continued, "Is it someone's birthday?"

The chamber was a rather large place, full of maps, plans and various architectural blueprints that layed out the Driscol territory. Although it was very close to the banquet hall, one couldn't hear a thing happening in the planning chambers.
Amelia looked around a bit, her tail flowing gracefully behind her as began studying the various details about the place. "So.." Amelia began as she spun a globe of the world. "..is this some sort of big shot place where nobles talk about lots and lots of money?" She looked to An Junliang with her feline eyes. "Who are you anyway?" The neko studied him quite a bit, ears twitching as she tried to identify his origins. "East empire?" She guessed.

It was then that Annabelle would then enter upon personal request from Lord Driscol.

Amelia immediately turned to look at her, "Hm? And you are?" The neko asked, as she sniffled the air a bit as beastkin sometimes do before sitting on a rather comfortable single couch chair, a bit timid at first but quickly getting used to it as her petite body relaxed only a little. "I've.. only ever seen maids from the outside gates of mansions. Never in my life have a met one up close." Leaning a bit closer her cat eyes rested upon the maid. "What's it like? Being a maid? Is it rather.. fun?" Amelia's focus was fixed on the maid. She was immensely intrigued.

An Junliang tensed as the sound of Jonathan Driscol’s slow, sarcastic clapping, and the words he meets Amelia with. Welcome home? As far as anyone else is concerned, this woman shouldn’t be here. I certainly wasn’t informed of her arrival. He halts these thoughts for now as he addresses the girl before him, appealing to the only thing he thought might sway her: the position she came here to claim. He watches her face as she turns to the nobles eyeing her warily, and submits. The gentle smile he greeted her with settles more peacefully on his face. The hook worked and, for now, it allowed him to take the initiative. Bowing, he responds to her words. “Of course. Please, follow me.”

As he leads Amelia to a different room, away from the festivities, Junliang takes the opportunity to consider the circumstances of her presence here. Acquiescing to her presence at the feast would already be strange, but he went further. He said “welcome home”. Surely he understands that those words are a tacit validation of her rightful place in House Driscol? And despite that, no one else expected her, and he allowed her to be escorted out of sight of his peers, where she wouldn't further disturb the event. Something is clearly going on here.

Junliang walks forward at a steady pace, unerring in his direction, as Amelia shifts her path to accommodate for the servants moving around her. Even a small compromise such as that would be unthinkable for any of the noblemen still inside the banquet hall. He replies to her question matter-of-factly. “Today is the anniversary of the opening of the Aether Rail, a project spearheaded by House Driscol a generation ago. It’s an important event for House Driscol, even now.”

The two of them soon reached their destination. An Junliang had been in this room once before, when Lord Driscol entrusted him with the resources needed to make the feast run smoothly. It seems Amelia had already gotten the right idea about the place. Truthfully, he wanted to look around the room the same way she was. The information here would provide valuable insight on the political, military, and economic workings of the surrounding area, after all. But, not knowing what position Amelia might later take at court, it’s better not to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong. “That is only one of the things that might be discussed here, but… yes. And I,” he begins, bowing his head in deference, “am An Junliang. The journey I have traveled was a long one, but I never stepped foot in the East Empire. Fate fancied to bring me here. It is my responsibility to make sure the event runs smoothly.” He seats himself in one of the comfortable chairs inside the room, holding the back of his robe to keep it straight as he does so. “But you’re surely more interested in telling your own story. I would be happy to listen.”

The door clicks open, revealing Annabelle’s presence. “Oh? Why aren’t you with Lord Driscol? Did he send you to tend to us?”
As she had witnessed the sudden turn of events that had transpired as courtesy of Amelia's sudden appearance, Annabelle gasped as she suddenly felt what was her bottle of brandy being removed from the serving tray she so precariously carried. It was at that moment that Lord Driscol himself made his presence known to her yet again, as he gave another calm and collected order towards the maid. Thankfully it was that his actions in handling Amelia's breakout guard-throwing debut in House Driscol that Annabelle couldn't help but to relax a little from what was initially an intense situation.

"You would like me to provide some of my services for her? A good idea, Lord Driscol, especially since we do require somebody to ease the tension... I'll do as asked and assist her." And thus, with her newly set objective in mind, Annabelle would proceed to wander into the kitchens, this time to get a few glasses to put on her tray. To some this may be seen as a big confusing as to why the maid decided to take a detour, but service was king, even if people had to wait just a little longer. Annabelle knew all too well that she lived to serve others, and making a great first impression was a very clear part of that.

- - -

Eventually, Annabelle would find herself in the back chamber alongside two other notable individuals; An Junliang, the strange man who seemed to know a lot about her, as well as Amelia, the beastkin lady of divine nature who had caused such a ruckus before. Such a discovery of the former was more than enough to leave a puzzled expression on Annabelle's face as to why he was there to begin with, but she released a sigh and tried to shake it off. She set the tray she had carried on a table, pouring two of the glasses she procured with a jug of ice cold water before gently handing one of them over to An and Amelia respectively.

She would then take a step backwards yet again, bowing towards them both in her typical maid fashion. Hands on her apron, feet closed together and a gentle smile on her face.

"Pardon my sudden intrusion. I've been sent here by the honorable request of Lord Driscol in order to take care of you two and it is an honest pleasure to provide my services to you. Please, enjoy your water, and if you require anything else, please. Don't hesitate to ask me."

But as the maid was expecting anything along the lines of a mere request, Annabelle was met with surprise as the beastkin Amelia showed interest, intrigue and enthusiasm over her. It was enough to cause some surprise on her face alone as to why someone would show interest over her compared to any of the nobles, any of the other people who had any shred of status to their name. To have a clear interest in a maid was not something that Annabelle was simply not used to.

"Oh...! I do not see how know who I of all people could be seen as important to you, but... I digress. My name is Annabelle Thistlehart, maid-for-hire and member of the Servant's Guild. A great number of us maids and servants today were hired on request of Lord Driscol to make sure the event runs as expected, so I will admit that I am not the traditional type of maid one such as yourself might expect, but I'm currently training as one so that one day I may dedicate my life towards serving somebody of who I trust."

For a brief moment, she looked away from the two, before returning her gaze back at Amelia. "My job is of little importance to somebody such as yourself, I can imagine, but for me, it's fulfilling. For as long as I've remembered helping others out and managing the smaller concerns so that others don't need to worry about them has felt wonderful. Sweeping floors, cooking, shopping, and any other small errands that may be out of the possibility for some that would be too busy or otherwise unable to do them on their own. It may not seem like we are doing that much, but I'd like to think otherwise."


Amelia looked at An Junliang and tilt her head a bit. "A celebration of an old achievement." She raised an eye brow but wouldn't speak her mind about it and simply pouted a bit at the out of touch celebration. Usually, one celebrated about current events not past happenings, right? Unless, it was some sort of holiday which she then quickly assumed so. "Seems fair enough reason as any to have a party I guess." The neko crossed her arms as Junliang inquired about her so called story, "My story huh?" She remarked teasingly, "Alright, I'll bite. I recently acquired proof of my noble blood through a rite of passage in a seemingly abstract dimension. Some of us were separated, but me and another, we made it through. Although I'm not sure if I'll ever see him again. Anyway, I acquired this symbol above my head, which marks my rightful place among house Driscol." She sighed, "Before that, I was merely the local river fishergirl.. yes.. I sold river fish." Amelia looked at An Junliang with a bit suspicion as she wondered if there'd be judgement regarding her more, humble beginnings.

"I remember having dreams, dreams of a different purpose in my life beyond the simple things that I thought would be enough to satisfy me. In fact, the dreams became so vivid I had begun to feel like my dream world was my real world."

She'd then turn as her gaze rested upon the maid, Annabelle, "I suppose I can't judge, someone needs to do those things. As long as the compensation is right! Right? Hells know I've served for little more than a thank you catching and selling fish." The neko shrugged and nodded as she wondered about her life uo until this point.


As the festivities continued outside the chamber doors, Jonathan Driscol gestured at two of his personal servants. Bowing, they quickly followed behind him with solemn faces. The noblemans boots clanking an echo through the alabaster and marble hallway which was adorned with paintings of those that came before them. Busts of great philosophers, and vivid images of great battles dating back to the founding of Ryken.

He continued down the hall until finally opening the doors with both hands, servants immediately closing the doors behind them, Johnathan pointed at the large windows that gave light to the chambers, the servants quickly closed the tapestries darkening the room before the same servants lit up an area covered by a silken red tapestry. It could easily be understood that something behind it could be revealed.

"Amelia was it?" Johnathan asked as the servants poured him a glass of his personal wine. Then poured glasses for An and Amelia. One of them looked at Annabelle and scrunched his nose a bit at her before returning to the doors, on in each side of the exit alert and standing by for further orders.

"I am Johnathan Driscol, lord to this house and keeper of the Seven Tombs of Kings."

"What do you suppose is the highest purpose of our existence in this world?" He asked, getting straight to it, with indifferent eyes at the cat eared girl sitting before him. "Are we destined to suffer?" He asked again, it seemed like he knew the answers to his questions as he placed a cigar in his mouth. One of the servants lit a match and did the nobleman the favor, before blowing a fair bit of smoke into the air around him.

"If you ask me, I say: we seek opportunity, a chance, a bit of hope disguised as truth to shine through our doubts and fears." He smiled and sat back in his chair. "It is no surprise you are here, everyone thought it was a rumor, but not me, I always knew it was true.." he appeared in deep thought suddenly, "..my father taking a chieftains daughter, a princess, and producing a child, only to be considered blasphemous and abominable, she and the child were banished from either kingdoms. And.. haha! Here you are! The very act of rebellion in the flesh!"

Amelia had some trouble taking this all in, but she quickly recalled her dreams, they all seemed to finally click together, her human father and beastkin mother. They were real, and not a figment of her imagination! She made a fist, she wondered why she was abondoned in the beastkin village, was she being sheltered, protected or kept from some sort of danger? There were so many questions, yet, she remained silent.

Johnathan smiled at the nekos sudden anxiety before starting, "Oh but not too worry, the world has changed and with the world, ourselves. I welcome you home as my very own sister, and to claim your very own seat among house Driscol."

Amelia gasped softly to herself, she didn't expect to be accepted, she almost thought she would have to fight to gain recognitio, yet here, the very lord of house Driscol was welcoming her with open arms, "There are.. so many questions. And I must admit this is a bit, overwhelming but I accept my seat among you."

Lord Driscol would carefully glance at An Junliang and Annabelle before finally back at Amelia, "Excellent, now, for your first task."

He began as he got up, with a sudden excited tone to his step pulled down the rope that held the tapestry in place, falling into the impeccably clean marble floors.

What was revealed was a whole territory north of Ryken. It was outlined as anexxed to the city. "May I introduce to you my vision of Northern Ryken!" He said proudly, "There is an operation currently underway in the northern outskirts of the city, we have established a 'trade' of sorts for labor not just from the local populace but from the slave trade of both the eastern and western empires." Getting closer to her Amelia he continued, "Mining, all matter of materials of course, but also gems, gold, precious stones and materials.." Johnathan would then make a gesture to his servants, to which they brought two boxes and placed them on the large desk, the nobleman would open the boxes revealing a bar of pure gold with the crest of Driscol, whilst the other box containing perfectly arranged precious gems of various types, "..I strive to prove the greatness of our house once again, we'll expand the kingdom and Northern Ryken will be bought, and we'll buy it with gold from its own territory."

Amelia immediately squinted her eyes at what she was hearing, "I'm beginning to think this is some sort immoral situation?"

Johnathan laughed, "Haha!! Oh, sister, sister, sister.. opportunity, seize your moment and make your family proud! The bleeding hearts belong in the sewage filled alleyways of the poor quarter. We, are destined for greater things. For.. finer things." Lord Driscol would then pull out a perfectly balanced ruby from his pocket and put it in Amelia's hand. The neko had never seen something so beautiful, staring at it for a few moments before looking back up at her legitimate brother as he then gave her another item, a ring, with the crest if Driscol. "May your rule bring us all to greater heights." He said finally into her catlike eyes.

Turning around to look at the others present Johnathan chuckled, "It seems you two are the first to know about Amelia Driscol. Quite fitting.." he returned to his desk, and pulled at the drawer producing a fountain pen and a piece of parchment. "..I'd like to assign Amelia with people to bring our vision to fruition, she'll need assistance, guidance, and cunning only an experienced mind could give. I've certainly kept track of your achievements and resolve An Junliang. You're expertise will be immensely critical to Amelia's success." As he spoke, he wrote the request and stamped it before placing it on the side of the desk nearest to An Junliang. "It is you're choice of course."

Then he'd write up another parchment, "Annabelle, yes, the servants guilds most promising rising star. Amelia will require your services for this great expansion. Should it be something within your bounds of interest, of course."

Amelia looked at the two that were being brought attention to, a bit shocked that written offers were being brought up there and then. The neko noble knew she had no experience in the field of running a territory, much less governing. By contrast the field of etiquette, and the high standards of nobility we're foreign to the fledgling noble, Amelia. Annabelle would likely do much to contribute to that aspect.

The letters contained written offers, job descriptions, and wage, which was significantly higher than the wages they currently made of theymade them at all.

“She’s right, Annabelle,” Junliang chimes in. “It wouldn’t be our place to judge you, and would be misguided besides. Many of the men and women you’ve seen tonight would sooner resign themselves to filth than do the work you do. It is a respectable profession.” He then turns to Amelia, his emerald-green eyes piercing into her. Her story certainly fit what he’d seen of her so far, and yet… “Does it feel as though you’ve migrated from reality to a dream? It’s best if you keep that story to yourself. It will be used to discredit and isolate you, if you hand out the opportunity. But keep that feeling somewhere in your heart. Far better to expand your reality than to exchange it for a more convenient one.”

A short silence comes over the three in the room as their conversation is interrupted by the footsteps of Jonathan Driscol and his attendants. An Junliang nods politely at the servant pouring him wine, and listens intently to Lord Driscol’s monologue, hoping for any information that could elucidate the situation. His expression is thoughtful as he ponders the man’s words. The “opportunity”, the “bit of hope” he mentions… Might that be Amelia, for him? He was certainly far more open and accepting of his father’s infidelity than Junliang would expect from anyone, much less a noble household, whose very history is passed down through their blood. Does he truly want such indiscretion to be part of that?

The answer was soon made clear to him. What sort of man accepts someone into his family and immediately gives her a “task” to complete? And one that goes beyond the scope of what is acceptable, both legally and morally? No, neither Jonathan nor Amelia Driscol will be finding family today. This is an entirely transactional affair, and he’s only using his name because it’s the best lure to ensnare the girl seated in front of him. And it seemed to work.

When Lord Driscol addresses him, Junliang regards him with a cool expression, but the surprise on his face leaks through when he is offered his own position. “Me? Surely there are a number of advisors you’d trust to help your sister acclimate.” With a slight frown, he pulls the contract closer to him and reads it over. There’s nothing wrong with it. Or at least, there’s nothing wrong with the paper itself. Junliang peeks up at Lord Driscol’s standing figure, looming over him ominously.

It was at that moment that everything clicked. This entire event is a farce, a showy display meant to hide this moment in which Jonathan Driscol earns new pawns to play with. Amelia has already driven herself into a corner. It’s impossible for her to just back off after inviting herself to a gathering of such important people, and anyone that did that wouldn’t back off in the first place. Annabelle’s position in the Servant’s Guild would disappear if they were to get a bad word from him. And the moment Junliang finds himself in Lord Driscol’s bad graces is the moment he loses any place he might have hoped to gain in court. This offer is a joke; the word “no” had already been stolen from right under their noses before they were given the chance to realize.

Junliang’s expression clears up, and he signs the contract, meeting Jonathan Driscol’s gaze with a refreshing smile, suppressing the complicated mix of frustration and excited anticipation swirling about in his chest. “Of course, I would be happy to work with these two. I’m surprised you’re already familiar with Annabelle; you must have been watching my work quite closely. I’m honored.” He turns to Annabelle and gently plucks the contract from her hand, reading it over as carefully as he did his own. “Please don’t mind me. The money may have come from Lord Driscol here, but as the one who decided to hire you, I don’t want to feel responsible for anything you might consider an occupational hazard.” His tone is light and humorous, not reflective of the very serious implications of the task he had just accepted. His eyes scan the contract quickly, and he hands it back to Annabelle. “The contract is good, as I expected. Personally, I would take the job, but the choice is yours.”
Annabelle would proceed to listen intently to the words of Amelia, smiling as she would tell her own story. A rags to riches classic to be sure, a beastkin fisherwoman having turned out to be of divine and noble descent alike? Now that was a story that could have been nestled between the shelves of a library! It was more than enough to please the maid that such a woman like Amelia didn't seem like she was the type of coast along relying on others to do the dirty work for her.

As soon as the atmosphere between the two drew quiet, Annabelle proceeded to speak on her own accord, as to make sure she wasn't interrupting anybody else.

"I'll have it be known that I am very fairly compensated." She would gratefully confirm as a response to Amelia's question, before she continued to speak. "A normally work on a contract basis, I merely do the work while the Servant's Guild are the ones who manage my earnings for my work. And I am made aware of how much I am given as well as any potential bonuses when I am given the option to do such a duty. The best way I can put it is that it's like a task from the Adventurer's Guild, but more suited to those of a serving class."

Of course, it was at that moment that Annabelle would find herself in the presence of Lord Driscol yet again, this time with a small band of servants in his two. Quickly she turned around to face him, retaining a rather neutral expression on the outside but still slightly confused about why An managed to know who she was...

That confusion was quickly halted however, as another objective was granted. And a lofty one at that. The idea that Amelia was to cause an expansion of House Driscol into the reaches of Northern Ryken... it was something that was not going to be easy to attain, especially for somebody who, as bluntly as Annabelle thought, didn't have very much social finesse to her.

But then the attention was drawn to Annabelle, and Annabelle alone, as a contract courtesy of the Lord himself was provided. It was at that moment that Annabelle couldn't help but to look shocked... but not out of fear, rage or betrayal... it was nothing but a surprise for the maid. And a damn good one.

"Me?" She would question with a gentle raise of her eyebrow, gently taking the contract that An had intercepted before she'd look into the details herself. That was it, it was the real deal. But she still couldn't help but to feel a little uncertain. It was one thing that she suddenly found herself with an opportunity to actually be hired to serve somebody, and not just for a simple job or an event - it was more than that. And considering how two of the three people here seemed to already know who Annabelle was directly seemed to arise some concern... not suspicion, but it just made things a little difficult for Annabelle to believe.

"... Are you sure? I wouldn't deem myself to be a 'rising star', especially since I'm still but a Maid-For-Hire for the Guild, not a fully fledged maid." For a few times, she'd turn her head over to the others. And then back at the contract. "I will so graciously admit, I have wanted this moment for quite some time... but I just didn't expect it to happen this soon." With conflict messing with her mind, she released a quiet sigh. Was this everything she wanted? Or was this too good to be true? She confirmed her choice with a simple answer.

"Nevertheless... I will accept."

Johnathan Driscol would chuckle and continue to smoke as the two would be assistants appeared to hesitate. He wouldn't say a word however, he'd just stare at them, leaning back in his chair. He was especially amused with Junliangs detail of reviewing the servants contract, he raised an eye brow, but not out of suspicion. "If the pay is too low we can always raise it." He said, rather indifferent to their doubts and underlying concerns. "You two are the most promising. Sure, not proven and seasoned in your respective fields as of yet, but this, this expansion, this vision will bring us all to greater heights."

After both parchments we're signed, a servant would come and pick them up, taking them into another room.

"Splendid!" Johnathan said with glee, "Now, shall we return with the festivities?" Turning to Amelia, "Ah, yes, I have a few people I want you to meet."



After the final preparations we're made to An Junliang and Annabelle Thistlehart's contracts, lord Driscol would open the door personally and guide them out. It was then that Genevieve would pull Annabelle aside, giving her a questioning look.
As soon as An Junliang arrived to his usual place amongst the servants and the various other organizers, he'd be flooded with questions and I request inquiries from the nobles.

Amelia would follow behind Johnathan, much to the extreme surprise by those she walked past, murmurs and whispers could be heard, "I thought we disposed of that beastkin filth after daring to interrupt our feast?" And others, "Ugh! She reeks of animal!" And others further still, "She's illegitimate, Ill oppose her legitimacy, she's a witch; an illusionist!"

Johnathan would tap on the glass as he did before, "Everyone, as we may have witnessed merely moments ago in her very own fashion. The arrival of my inheritance, and a critical piece to our continued success. May I introduce, Amelia Driscol."

Most nobles grunted, others clapped softly and unwilling. A very few truly saw some sort of potential but it all remained to be seen.

Amelia stepped forward..



Amelia stepped forward, never had the neko before felt so vulnerable and exposed to the sight of many. Especially those of the higher caste of society. As she beheld all the disgusted and unapproving faces, she remained proud in her stance, looking down as one would look at lowly, pathetic and meaningless pawns. "I understand I have yet to prove my worth. I wont fool myself into thinking that your opinion of me is high, nor that you place faith in my success. However, if any of you ever dare to cross me, I shall move earth, heaven and hell for my vengeance." Her beastkin accent would clearly ring through, before collecting herself and looking at Johnathan who was clearly amused, then looking back towards the nobles, "Thank you." She said finally.


Although the nobles weren't intimidated, others certainly knew conviction when they saw it, among those was Hector, a stout and stern type that very few people ever made dealings with, namely because he would always refuse any sort of deal and worked mostly alone.


"Well spoken, Amelia Driscol." A deeper and raspier voice stood out among the rest as Amelia sat. Hector would sit besides the Neko, "I am Hector, I'm not a Driscol, but I am somewhat of a close ally." He sipped his mug quickly before continuing, getting a bit closer as his interest rose, "Word circulating as of minutes ago says you're in charge of the northern lands? Well, you and I will have very close dealings with one another, as me and my elite battalions maintain order and security of the slave imports. Attacks have grown since we've moved in, and we suspect at skme point a large battle will ensue. So.." he looked around and got closer to Amelia. "Raising an army to meet any threat should be at the top of your list. But I must say, the exports and imports of both slave and luxury are of the best quality. However, if we ever have to chance to speak alone, I have something if grave importance to tell."



Amelia would raise an eye brow at the man who had just sat next to her, but quickly appeared to warm up to him. He didn't seem like someone who judged her lack of experience, but more so worried about the state of affairs in the lands she was to manage. "I see.." she said, "..I'll be sure to do what I can as I get more familiar with the inner workings there. For now, all I can say is I appreciate your council. As for this pressing matter, I'll be sure to seek you out at my earliest convenience."


With a nod, Hector would stand up, bow to Johnathan and Amelia "My lord. My Lady." and make his way back to his seat among the tables.


An Junliang clenches his teeth as he’s led out of the room. This makes the third time his own powerlessness has dictated his future. The worst-case scenario was already playing out in his mind: this operation proposed by Lord Driscol would turn out to be a sham, designed to oust Amelia from her newly-claimed position, with himself and the maid girl as collateral. But it's too late now. If Driscol decides to do that, their fates are sealed, and nothing can be done. The only way forward is to appear useful enough to make him postpone that decision, while consolidating as much power under Amelia’s name as possible.

The moment he returns to his previous position overlooking the banquet hall, he’s approached by the man he had left in charge of the floor. “Sir, what’s going on? Some of the guests are… agitated. They’ve been asking to speak with you; for you to explain what happened to them. Some of the servers are getting nervous, too-”

“I understand,” Junliang interjects, his voice curt and rigid, carrying none of the calm, gentle tone he had been careful to affect previously. “Your jobs haven’t changed. Continue serving them as you have been. If there are any that absolutely insist, I will speak to them personally. Inform me if there are any developments.” He waves his hand in dismissal and takes his seat. The servant frowns, but whatever he must be feeling doesn’t break his professionalism; he bows, and takes his leave. Junliang’s exasperation escapes him in a heavy sigh. How shameful of me.

The ringing sound of a wine glass being tapped fills the hall, and Junliang turns his head to see Amelia, standing at the head of the table, with Lord Driscol at her side. The initial reception was as he feared, but what she had to say sent a chill down his back. Why is she making enemies now? Does she even understand the position she’s in? A rueful smile creeps across Junliang’s lips. It’s almost funny how quickly everything can change. What are we supposed to do now?
As Annabelle walked out from the private room to return to her duties, it wasn't before long that she would recall a familiar face quietly beckoning to her among the group of servants, as events had transpired. It was none other than her superior and teacher, Genevieve, looking as calm as ever, but underneath her stoic expression, Annabelle knew that she was questioning what had occurred under wraps.

"... So I've heard you were asked for some business courtesy of Lord Driscol himself... would it have anything to do in regards to the newcomer here?" She would ask quietly as she turned to face the beastkin lady who received little of a legitimate, positive fanfare among the list of nobles who sit by their tables.

"Yes, Genevieve." Annabelle replied in turn, bowing gently to her superior before facing the neko. "I've managed to acquire a contract to serve this woman before us, Amelia Driscol. Admittedly I feel rather unprepared, as if there is another reason as to why they require my services rather than just me... helping out. Things may not be as simple as they seem... one other gentleman seemed to know who I was even before I introduced myself... how could that be so?"

"So be it. If it was not already clear, there's a demand for your services here regardless. You should not deny that opportunity. You're a maid first and foremost." Genevieve clearly responded, remaining rigid in her stance as she witnessed Amelia step forward and introduce herself. "She seems to be a woman who is of both strong will and determination, Annabelle. Confident, forthright... stubborn. Make no mistakes, Annabelle. This is a woman who appears as if she can make a clear difference in the lives of others, but the political landscape is not an environment she'll be able to handle simply on her own."

Eventually her introduction finished, leaving the two servants once again able to chat amongst themselves.

"This is not a demand, Annabelle, but a request. Make sure that she's acclimated to the political landscape and the upper classes as we have been. If a woman like Amelia is to make a change she won't be able to do so merely on her own. Accompany her, and teach her as I have done for you. That is all."

All that Annabelle felt she could do was nod in response as she looked over at Amelia with some semblance of concern... she seemed like a decent enough woman, and the interest she had in the occupation of a maid was charming in of itself... but if she was to be respected among the noble environment she thrust herself into, especially as a beastkin... things would need to change. Annabelle knew she was a woman who seemed to possess a lot of power... with only the subtlety and dexterity of a train wreck.

"This is going to take a lot of work."
As the festivities continued, Amelia would be introduced to all manner of nobility. Leona although not quite impressed, would admire the nekos jagged demeanor. Perhaps she would have use for her, or perhaps she'd take advantage of her naivete.

Others wouldn't even look at the beastkin, namely those who considered her illegitimate as they refused to interact or blatantly told Johnathan their concerns Infront of her. Lord Driscol would simply nod his head, stout and serious but not in agreement. He'd simply usher the neko to the next set of nobles who either tolerated her or barely tolerated.

It was a rather exhausting evening for Amelia Driscol, after getting her fill of fine dining, she decided to retire before the ever growing distaste about her became an outrage that could potentially lead to a fight. On the surface, Amelia was indifferent, but within was a stinging realization that she wasn't ready. Part of her wanted to simply vanish, back to the woods, the rivers, selling fish to make a living. Anything but the humiliation and blatant loathing towards her, but no, the fledgling noble had come to far to run. She never backed away from a fight or a challenge and neither would she now.

As she made her way, servants were appointed to show her her quarters. Escorting her out into a horse run carriage where she wouldn't even take her shoes off to sleep. She couldn't sleep. How could she with the sudden amounts of responsibility placed upon her so suddenly.


Back at the Banquet Hall of House Driscol..

The planning chambers..


"What are you up to Johnathan? Surely you don't think you have me fooled. What true purpose does the beastkin play?"


Johnathan, sat in his chair watching the giant map of the northern Ryke regions. "A scapegoat of course." He said coldly, "If our plan is to fail, it would fall on us, bringing everything we've ever worked to build into question. However, if she succeeds, then it brings us all greater glory."

A chuckle is heard from the woman, "Surely, all of this for a scapegoat? Why not simply hire someone to do the dirty work?"

"Because Amelia is to be the face of all of our corruption. Because.. I hate her."



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Isekai Hell Grade

NimbusWing NimbusWing Qu-Ce Qu-Ce RavenSong RavenSong

Very descriptive and politically intriguy. Feels like a solid base for things to come. Unfortunately, there is some tight competition with the current land of Ryke. Driscol gets to share with Ironwright County if not be subservient to them. Feels like these sorts of rp's will get exhausting depending on how many npc's are introduced since they seem to revolve around socializing first and foremost. May need to run one with the other nobles of ryke or those further afield to reduce some of the narration load unless you are into running multiple npcs at a time.



Amelia - 24pts
optional title acquired [Ryke Noble House Driscol F] - Character has been acknowledged as a noble in a Ryke noble family. They are just a step above peasant, but it's enough to gain some preferential treatment among the common folk within the Driscol domain.

Annabelle - 16pts
optional title acquired [Amelia Driscol Attendant] - Character has been granted position to assist a noble lady in her various daily needs.

An Junliang - 32pts - attentive student bonus granted
optional title acquired [Amelia Driscol Council] - Character has been granted position to assist a noble lady in strategic affairs concerning politics.

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