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Fantasy [Isekai Hell] Seekers of Lore and Legends: The Monsters for Tuition program




The Setup
  • Locations: The Celestine Academy for Seekers of Lore and Legends, City of Azuran, Ryke
  • Time of Day: 7:00 PM
  • Weather: Fall Equilibrium during class break. Today is overcast and foggy.
  • Outline:
    • Kick-Off Scene -- The Assignment:Students are gathered and informed about the 'tuition for adventure' scheme. A charismatic but mysterious figure (perhaps an academy professor or The Crow) briefs them about the crypt mission.
      • Preparation: Characters gear up, showcasing their unique skills and personalities. This is a chance to introduce their backgrounds and motivations.
      • Overview: This should be a few scenes maybe with a little complication thrown in.
    • Crypt Hunting -- The Crypt's Secrets:Describe the eerie, ancient crypt with intricate carvings, puzzling inscriptions, and an oppressive atmosphere. Skeletons and other undead creatures lurk in the shadows.
      • Challenges: Include traps, puzzles, and minor skirmishes. This segment should test the characters' skills and teamwork.
      • Overview: It will be a series if montage like scenes resolved within 1-2 posts.
    • Boss Resolution -- The Final Encounter:A powerful entity (perhaps an ancient guardian or a malevolent spirit) awaits them. This battle should be both challenging and revealing, possibly hinting at a larger plot.
      • The Reward: Successful characters discover treasure or ancient artifacts, and one lucky character gets the 'WEALTH F' bonus.

  • Three Goals for the Adventure​

    • 1. Uncover the Ancient Secrets of the Crypt​

      • Beneath the stone arches and through the shadowed corridors of the crypt lies the whisper of history, an echo of ancient secrets waiting to be unearthed. Each chamber holds a fragment of a forgotten past, and with each step, the veil of time trembles, ready to reveal its hidden truths.
    • 2. Retrieve the Sacred Relic​

      • In the heart of the crypt, cradled by the bones of history, lies a sacred relic. Shrouded in legend, it hints at lores forgotten, a testament to the ancient powers that once walked these lands. To hold the relic is to hold a piece of the world's untold story, a key to unlocking mysteries both profound and arcane.
    • 3. Prove Worthiness to the Celestine Academy​

      • The hallowed halls of the Celestine Academy echo with the tales of those who dared to venture beyond the known. To walk this path is to join the ranks of the brave and the bold, the seekers of lore and legend. It is not just a journey through the darkened crypt, but a quest to etch one's name in the annals of the academy, proving one's mettle and gaining wealth!
Active Threats:
  • A few different antagonistic students abound from the first year entitled youths to the uppity superior senior students.

Damien, leaning closer, shared some insights from The Crow's briefing. "The Crow was his usual cryptic self, but he mentioned something about 'echoes of the past shaping the future.' Sounds like the crypt isn't just a tomb but a place where time and history intertwine. Seems right up your alley, doesn't it?"

Cassius nodded, trying to appear knowledgeable. "Yes, and there was talk of guardians, not just any old skeletons, mind you, but something more... potent. We must tread carefully."

Octavia's eyes sparkled with a hint of excitement. "And treasures, lots of them, hidden in the depths. Imagine the prestige we could gain by uncovering them. Just think of the admirers I—I mean, we—will have."

Lilith added thoughtfully, "The Crow also warned of trials that test our resolve and character. It's not just about physical challenges but understanding the deeper secrets of the crypt."

This is an open thread! To participate, get your character approved. Please follow the rules Fantasy - Isekai Hell Rules and post your character Fantasy - Isekai Hell Characters and notify Novama , who will review your character and invite you to the Discord Server being used.

Some useful tidbits!

  • Posting Guidelines​

    • Encourage consistent engagement with 1-2 posts per week.
    • Remind players to focus on teamwork and to limit solo explorations to maintain narrative cohesion.

    Duration and Structure​

    • Aim to complete the adventure in 2-3 RPN pages, ensuring a brisk but satisfying pace.

    Player Interaction Rules​

    • Encourage players to stay together, with brief allowances for solo actions. This helps maintain a focused and manageable narrative.

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Scene 1: The Mysterious Assignment at Celestine Academy
Unlike more illustrious and grand occasions, today students and low-ranked adventurers, mixed in groups, filled into Shade Hall of the Celestine Academy. This large room was concave, with a gently sloping spiral walk way around it that slopped down towards a flat section in the middle and like most halls had doors at each cardinal point. It was dimly lit, shadows dancing along walls adorned with ancient books and artifacts. The air with a buzz of anticipation. The setting sun cast a golden glow through tall stain glass windows, signaling the approach of twilight when the stain glass seemed to come alive with shifting patterns.

A hush fell over the crowd as a cloaked figure entered the hall, moving with a grace that was both enigmatic and commanding. Whispers spread among the groups; some recognized the figure as The Crow, a mysterious professor known for their elusive nature and rumored exploits. "Isn't that The Crow? I heard he once uncovered the Lost Tomes of Eldar," murmured a wide-eyed student to her companion.

Standing before an aged map sprawled on a grand table in the center of the room. The Crow began in a voice that was both captivating and solemn. "Seekers of Lore and Legend, tonight, an opportunity unlike any other beckons you. Each Autumn Equinox an ancient crypt, a relic of a time shrouded in mystery, said to conceal secrets and treasures of unimaginable worth, awakens."

The map showed a labyrinthine crypt marked with arcane symbols and cryptic notes. The crypt seemed to have eight entrances at each cardinal point and in-between. The Crow's finger traced paths through the corridors, pausing at a chamber marked with an enigmatic sigil. "These halls will test your skill, courage, and thirst for knowledge. But beware, the crypt guards its secrets fiercely, with ancient guardians and long-forgotten curses."

With a sigh, he paused, "Those of you gathered are being offered an opportunity during semester break to pay for your tuition and further your course work. Not all of you are students, others are vetted adventurers or potential recruits for the next semester. This event starts with our students of course, but others are invited to support them in their studies. It's important that they are exposed to all aspects of this life. For those of you outside our illustrious academy, fame and glory can be found."

He gestured to the map, the crypt shifts but these records are from last year. "Look at it if you want. You'll have until midnight to prepare as you see fit. Then we will meet at the South Quad and I'll lead you to the crypt."

As the briefing concluded, the assembly dispersed to prepare. An adventurer clad in well-worn armor adjusted his straps, a look of determination in his eyes. Nearby, a young mage student, surrounded by old tomes, chanted softly, her eyes shimmering with arcane energy. In a secluded corner, a rogue with a mischievous grin checked the sharpness of her daggers.

Amidst the preparations, snippets of conversation floated in the air. "They say The Crow knows passages in the crypt that aren't on any map," a grizzled adventurer shared in a hushed tone. "And I heard the crypt is cursed, that not all who enter find their way back," a student replied, his voice tinged with both fear and excitement.

Final Moments Before Departure:​

As the night enveloped the academy, the adventurers regrouped, fully equipped for their quest. The Crow, shrouded in mystery, offered one last piece of advice, his voice barely more than a whisper, "In the shadows of the past, lies the power of the future. Tread carefully, for the crypt mirrors the soul."

With hearts racing with excitement and minds clouded with uncertainty, the group stepped out into the cool night and towards the massive graveyard at the southern quad of the Academy. The crypt's secrets calling to them.

Thomas is running. Late. He had stopped a few times on the way to help people with small things, and found himself out of time. "Sorry gotta go!" He excused himself and took off running. Today was the day students had the chance to explore a crypt. Five minutes after everyone arrived, Thomas showed up, slowing to a jog to catch his breath. "Has... anything happened yet?" He takes a few more deep breaths, having missed Crow's parting words. The students are buzzing with excitement at the prospect of going into the crypt. Thomas had been looking forward to this since he first heard about it. He looks around the crowd to see if he recognizes anyone from the entrance exams. No one was standing out too well, or he had forgotten. Wait! There's a team he could never forget, partially because he begged their forgiveness for not being able to stop the hellflies from giving them nasty scars. The tieflings. Thomas looks around once again for the tieflings, thinking this might be something they would like to partake in. However, they are royals so maybe not. He sighs and gives up the search. There was something more troubling at the moment. He is a chronomancer, so how could he be... late? Thomas sincerely hopes this doesn't become a problem, otherwise he might get kicked out of the school for tardiness, if things worked like that. Surely not! He won't worry about it for now. He migrates to a crowd of students that are talking excitedly about what might be found in the crypts.
Scene 1, Round 2: Opening Chambers
As Thomas scanned the grand hall, his eyes finally landed on the familiar figures of the tiefling party. Damien, Cassius, Octavia, and Lilith were huddled together, their conversation laced with a mix of bravado and apprehension about the crypt. Each bore the scars of their previous encounter with the hellflies, a physical reminder of their shared ordeal.

Damien, noticing Thomas, waved him over with a smirk. "Well, if it isn't our chronically late chronomancer," he said, his voice tinged with arrogance but not unkind. "Decided to join the living at last?"

Cassius, puffing out his chest, chimed in, "Indeed, Thomas. We were just discussing the crypt. You know, real adventurer stuff. Surely, you're not planning to go alone?"

Octavia flicked her hair back, eyeing Thomas with a hint of curiosity. "Yes, Thomas, do tell. After our last... thrilling experience, I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss out on another chance to be our hero," she said with a touch of sarcasm.

Lilith, ever the empathetic one, stepped forward, her voice gentle. "Thomas, we know things didn't go as planned last time. But that wasn't your fault. We all faced the unexpected together," she said, offering a reassuring smile.

Damien, seizing the moment, extended an invitation. "So, Thomas, how about it? Care to join us for this crypt adventure? We could use someone with your... unique timing. And who knows, maybe this time you'll save us from more than just tardiness."

The group laughed, their camaraderie evident despite their different personalities. It was a rare moment of unity among them, forged through past trials and a shared sense of purpose for the upcoming challenge.
Thomas half smiles as he joins the group, still feeling bad about not being able to completely rewind time to prevent the hellflies from leaving scars. "It's so good to see all of you here! Why yes, I'm here to join the living on an adventure through a place full of dead people. It'll be great!" His eyes go downcast at the mention of planning to go alone. "That's the problem. I know one girl from my entrance exam team graduated already, but I haven't been able to find anyone else from my team here yet. I'm not so confident that I'd be able to wander around on my own. I still have a long way to go. Ever since the exams I've been holed up in the library learning anything and everything I can possibly find about chronomancy but not seeing a lot. It appears I'm becoming a trailblazer for chronomancy in its own right." He turns to Octavia, slightly blushing and fidgeting with his fingers. "Ah... believe me, I tried my best to rewind time but it was like grasping a handful of sand while watching it slip through my fingers." He scratches his head, having been unable to puzzle out why it hadn't worked. "If a situation arises for me to be of any help to prevent the loss of life, I'll gladly take it. Whether it's for all of you or for the sake of everyone." When Lilith spoke up, her voice was soothing. He offers a sad smile to her. "Thank you for being far too kind. I'm glad none of you suffered any worse. I think you are by far my favorite tiefling." He says with a sly wink, laughing along with everyone else. "If you all don't mind, it would be my immense pleasure to join your group for this crypt. What did I miss before I got here, anything?" He asks, looking inquisitively at everyone. He stopped fidgeting and is now leaning lightly on his staff.
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Cindy stood amongst the crowd of adventurers and students, listening in on the briefing by The Crow, who was apparently some sort of big shot in the academy. Somehow, she had received an invitation to participate in this academy event of theirs, and how could she say no to them when it sounded like a bunch of fun? To her, this world was just another game to conquer, and this event was just one of many questlines to be taken. Who knows? Maybe completing this quest would grant her the rights to join the academy, which would be epic!!! The girl nodded to herself excitedly.

When The Crow had finished with his briefing, the students and adventurers began chattering within their groups. At this rate, she was going to be left out. And there was no way she could solo this crypt by herself… She was still pretty much a level 1 novice adventurer, or in gamer terms, a noob!

Approaching the very first group she saw, a party of tieflings and a mage boy, she’d smile at them sweetly. “Hello there dearest of friends, sorry for interrupting but would you guys happen to have room for 1 more in your party? I'm a poor novice adventurer who's got no friends to rely on...” After saying this, she'd look at the floor with a solemn, pitiful look in her eyes.
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From outside the academy, a drunkard aproached the doors of the academy, he had a bottle of wine on his hands, and after he took a little sip of his wine, he knocked the door of the entrance, still in a huge drunk state

"Hi, is there someone in there, like this wine bottle is empty, i've had a long night fighting scum and other lower level homeless guys on the streets of this dirty city." Said the drunkard, he was bleeding and had his clothes all worn out, the man laid on a side of the door, he tried to took a sip of wine bottle but it was already empty, the man throwed the bottle to the ground, glass pieces scaterred across the grass, the man thought "is this really how im gonna enjoy life, being a crappy vigilante?, god i wish i were with my family, but also i kinda miss my other brother, what happened to that dude anyways?, it doesn't matter i will figure it out, like everything i do in my life."
Thomas looks at the newcomer, then turns to look at the royals briefly before turning back to the girl. "I'm not the one who can give you permission to join, but I don't have any problems with the idea! What do the rest of you think?" He doesn't remember seeing her at the exams but even she wasn't in the academy Thomas has no problem adding extra members to the group. As far as he knew, everyone was a magic user in some capacity or another. Having a fighter or two would be useful, but none had come forward yet. In time, someone good with a sword has a chance of showing up. Thomas extends a hand to greet the girl. "I'm Thomas, it's good to meet you. This is going to be fun! Maybe with some risk too, but I'll do my best to keep everyone minimally injured."
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Darkbloom Darkbloom

As Thomas approached the tiefling party, Damien looked him over with an arrogant smirk. "Ah, Thomas, the aspiring chronomancer," he drawled. "Your timing might be off, but your guts aren't. We could use someone who dares to tamper with time in these ancient halls."

Cassius, puffing up his chest, added pompously, "Indeed, Thomas. In the crypt, you'll find ample opportunity to showcase your... unique abilities. Just try to keep up with us." He gave a slow-witted chuckle, clearly overestimating his own understanding of chronomancy.

Octavia, twirling a lock of her hair, glanced at Thomas with a mix of vanity and curiosity. "Well, Thomas, I must say, your determination is rather... charming, in its own way," she said, her voice dripping with superficial sweetness. "We need all the charm we can get in that crypt, don't you think?"

Lilith, stepping forward with a warm smile, gently addressed Thomas. "Don't worry about the past, Thomas. What matters is now, and we're glad to have you with us. Your heart is in the right place, and that's more important than any spell."

Damien, leaning closer, shared some insights from The Crow's briefing. "The Crow was his usual cryptic self, but he mentioned something about 'echoes of the past shaping the future.' Sounds like the crypt isn't just a tomb but a place where time and history intertwine. Seems right up your alley, doesn't it?"

Cassius nodded, trying to appear knowledgeable. "Yes, and there was talk of guardians, not just any old skeletons, mind you, but something more... potent. We must tread carefully."

Octavia's eyes sparkled with a hint of excitement. "And treasures, lots of them, hidden in the depths. Imagine the prestige we could gain by uncovering them. Just think of the admirers I—I mean, we—will have."

Lilith added thoughtfully, "The Crow also warned of trials that test our resolve and character. It's not just about physical challenges but understanding the deeper secrets of the crypt."

As they spoke, the tieflings subtly formed a more inclusive circle around Thomas, their body language shifting from standoffish to welcoming. Each, in their own way, seemed to recognize the value Thomas brought to their group.

With the conversation drawing to a close, Damien clapped Thomas on the shoulder, a rare glint of genuine respect in his eyes. "Welcome to the team, Thomas. Let's unravel the mysteries of the crypt together and make a name for ourselves. After all, what's a little danger to adventurers like us?"

Scarletti Scarletti

As Cindy approached the group, her request to join was met with varying reactions from the tieflings. Damien looked her over with a discerning eye, his arrogance on full display. "A novice adventurer, you say? Well, we're not a charity, dear," he said, his tone dismissive yet intrigued. "Show us what you've got. We don't take just anyone into our ranks."

Cassius, ever the pompous one, stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Yes, indeed, a demonstration is in order," he declared, sizing Cindy up. "If you're to join our esteemed company, you must prove your worth. What skills do you bring to the table?"

Octavia, peering at Cindy with a mix of disdain and curiosity, chimed in, "A friendless novice, how... quaint. Let's see if there's more to you than meets the eye." Her voice dripped with a blend of condescension and genuine interest.

Lilith, however, offered a warm and empathetic smile. "Everyone starts somewhere, Cindy. We were all novices once. Let's give her a chance," she said, her voice soothing and encouraging.

Thomas, already a part of the group, supported Cindy's inclusion. Thomas extends a hand to greet the girl. "I'm Thomas, it's good to meet you. This is going to be fun! Maybe with some risk too, but I'll do my best to keep everyone minimally injured."

Octavia rolled her eyes, "Thomas, you had a different girl you were pining after just weeks ago, if you are looking for another I'm sure Lilith would let you play leap frog."

Cassius snorted, "Burned!"

Damien scowled at the pair, "Enough. There's enough wealth in the Crypt to pay for tuition but I won't suffer any more fools."

Octavia snapped. "Just purify the hellflies he commands!"

Damien's eyes actually began to glow with malevolent light, before he flicked Octavia's comment away.

Sebastian Cokak VIII Sebastian Cokak VIII
...Meanwhile a drunk wanders onto campus...

Axel's chance encounters led him to the Shade Hall of the Celestine Academy in a series of unexpected twists.

As Axel slumped against the door of the academy, his drunken ramblings echoing into the evening air, a pair of low-ranked adventurers exiting the building stumbled upon him. Initially taken aback by his disheveled appearance and the broken wine bottle, they couldn't help but overhear his mutterings about being a vigilante.

"Hey, you okay there, mate?" one of the adventurers asked, a mix of concern and curiosity in his voice.


The adventurers, sensing an opportunity for some amusement, exchanged glances. "You know, we're heading into the Shade Hall for a briefing about some crypt exploration. Sounds like a place where a... vigilante like yourself could really make a difference," the other adventurer joked.


The adventurers helped Axel to his feet and guided him towards the Shade Hall, intrigued by the idea of bringing along an unlikely companion.

As they entered the hall, Axel saw a concave room, the gently sloping spiral walkway, and the stain glass windows casting colorful patterns in the fading light. The air buzzed with anticipation as students and adventurers mingled, discussing the upcoming adventure.

Some in the hall cast curious glances at Axel, his appearance starkly contrasting with the more polished and prepared adventurers. Yet, in the spirit of the event, no one objected to his presence.

He might not have had a clear plan, but the promise of adventure and perhaps redemption was there...

His unexpected arrival at the Celestine Academy had turned into an opportunity for something greater, or at the very least, an interesting story to tell.

Cindy sighed as the others were to doubt her abilities. So acting like a pitiful, poor girl wasn’t gonna cut it, huh. Well, it was pretty understandable that they would be wary of a lone stranger, so she couldn’t really blame them or anything. Then, a grin would find itself onto her face. “Alright then, I accept your challenge! My name is Cindy, and I’m capable of manipulating darkness with my trusty staff here.” Saying this, she would unsling the glaive on her back, resting it on her shoulder as she gripped it in one hand.

When Thomas reached his hand out towards her, she’d assume he was another one trying to test her strength out. So this man must be confident in his strength… Cindy eyed the boy from top to bottom. He didn’t really look like much of a fighter himself, but she knew better than to judge a book by its cover. Who knew what kind of power he was hiding? She reached her hand own to shake his, before crushing his hand tightly with a smile on her face. Likewise, it is a pleasure of mine to meet you.

After a couple of them had roasted Thomas, it was her turn to show off what she could do. She didn’t really know how to ‘purify’ the hellflies when she wasn’t a priest or anything, but oh well! Killing them ought to do the job. As the hellflies summoned by Damien surged towards her, Cindy would grip the glaive within both hands now, before swinging at them and sending a wave of darkness their way with [Shadow Burst]. "Die you disgusting insects!" The flies could try dodging, but the darkness could just home in onto them. Just to make sure that she'd hit all of them, she’d swing her glaive twice more with [Shadow Burst].

Shadow Burst - blight F (darkness), accurate F, area F, selective F, range F, reach F, continuing F, homing F, incurable F, indirect F, penetrating F, Energized F - Cindy swings her glaive, sending out a wave of darkness that affect an area 5ft in radius, 10ft away, homing in onto enemies while hitting them even if they are behind cover. Their speed is treated as 1 grade below, and their item they use to defend is also treated as 1 grade below. The darkness continues swirling and attacking them after 1 round and the damage is incurable to F grades. - 1 action - Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown

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Axel walked along the adventurers, he was a little far from the adventurers but still walked with them.

"Y'know when i was a kid once i... i... forget about it." mumbled Axel to the adventurers, who stared at him a little uncomfortable.
"Anyways when we fight some generic scumbag?" asked Axel, as he took a glance a at anything around.
"Well... were going to... eventually, soo... yeah we have to continue walking." said one of the adventurers.
"Crap, i hate when i have to wait." Axel said as he kick a small rock.
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Darkness manipulation! That was very interesting to hear. Unfortunately for Thomas, his handshake wasn't interpreted the right way. Instead of the normal reaction to someone's hand getting crushed, he bit his lip and grunted, causing it to start bleeding. I hope someone can heal this up... or maybe I could try healing it. My hand though will need to see a proper healer. Thomas uses [Temporal healing] in an attempt to heal his lip and to see how much of his hand could be healed by it. The effect of the spell cast a green circle twenty feet around Thomas as the healing process began. "Impressive grip!" He chuckles a little bit, holding his hand close to his body. It doesn't make it feel any better but the illusion that it does feel better is there. "Everyone, please don't hold this against her. How could she know if I had ill intentions or not? I'm sure she'll be..." Then the hellflies were conjured. Thomas felt a sinking feeling in his stomach as he saw them, stumbling back. Why? Why them? Didn't Damien learn his lesson the first time? "What the hell do you think you're DOING?" Thomas levels at Damien. With a warning tone, he says "If my joining the party is going to work I won't have any of this foolishness! Get rid of the flies." In a way, he still hasn't recovered from the sudden swarm that occurred during the exams. His breath was shaky and shallow, try as he might to hide it.
In the Shade Hall of the Celestine Academy, the tension was palpable as Cindy accepted the challenge to showcase her abilities. The tieflings watched with a mixture of skepticism and interest. Damien leaned against a wall, his arms crossed, a smirk playing on his lips. "Let's see what this newcomer can do," he said, his voice laced with both curiosity and a hint of derision.

Cassius, standing beside Damien, stroked his chin thoughtfully, his eyes fixed on Cindy. "Indeed, manipulation of darkness, you say? An intriguing skill," he commented, though his tone suggested he was yet to be convinced of her prowess.

Octavia, her arms folded, watched Cindy with a raised eyebrow. "Impress us, dear," she said, her voice dripping with a mix of condescension and genuine interest.

Lilith, ever the empathetic one, offered Cindy an encouraging smile. "We all have something unique to bring to the table. Go on, Cindy, show us what you can do," she said softly.

As Cindy wielded her glaive and unleashed a Shadow Burst at the hellflies conjured by Damien, the tieflings' expressions shifted. The darkness swirled and homed in on the insects, demonstrating both power and control. Damien's smirk faded, replaced by a look of surprise and respect. "Not bad at all," he admitted grudgingly.

Cassius nodded in agreement, his earlier skepticism fading. "Quite effective, I must say. A valuable skill for our venture into the crypt," he conceded.

Octavia's eyes widened slightly, a rare moment of admiration crossing her features. "Well, that's certainly one way to deal with pests," she remarked, her tone indicating her approval.

Lilith clapped softly, her smile warm. "Well done, Cindy. You've certainly proven your worth," she said genuinely.

Thomas, nursing his crushed hand, attempted to use his Temporal Healing, the green circle of magic emanating around him. His attempt at bravado was overshadowed by his visible discomfort and the shake in his voice as he confronted Damien about the hellflies.

Damien, turning his attention to Thomas, raised an eyebrow. "Hell," Damien chuckled, "I see what you are doing there." Then he scowled as Thomas seemed very mad and serious, "It was just a test. A meager ability as payment for what we had to go through. I figured pay it forward," he said, though his tone suggested he was only partially apologetic.

Cassius chuckled at the scene, shaking his head. "Your timing is terrible Damien!" Cassius guffawed, slapping Thomas on the back, "Ah, the drama of youth. Let's focus on the task at hand, shall we?"

Octavia rolled her eyes at the men's antics, while Lilith moved closer to Thomas, offering a comforting presence, rubbing his back. "It's okay, Thomas," she crooned, "We're all here together. Let's focus on preparing for the crypt," she said soothingly.

Octavia rolled her eyes, taking a nip from a hip flask, almost spitting it out when Lilith said they were all here together. "You're not propositioning Thomas already? Besides," nodding at Cindy, "It's obvious he likes it rough."

The group, now including Cindy with Thomas's shaky resolve, prepared to embark on their adventure into the crypt. There was a weird smell almost like a stray dog and the grumpy muttering of a drunk from nearby...

Meanwhile, Axel, detached but close to the group, mumbled to himself, kicking a small rock in frustration. As was usual and unnoticed by most, the small rock was in fact a small blood ruby complements of his Wealth F that kept turning up wealth. He eventually noticed that the original adventurers that had brought him here had vanished! There was some snickering and chuckling from a few around them. While Cindy's attack had succeeded in decimating the hell flies conjured by Damien, a couple of errant flies had managed to escape and distracted by Thomas' rebuke, Damien wasn't paying attention to. Instead, the little malevolent insect landed on Axel's neck. More like a mosquito, it tried to plung its mouth into Axel's flesh!

The Ignoble Hell Fly is a parasite that will impregnate a Twilight Gem Butterfly when it's spun its gossamer cocoon. The gossamer from the Twilight Gem Butterfly is used in many different enchanted items as it has superior mana conductivity. They love to swarm from whatever they've infested.

Detecting Parasite Signs (Difficulty: 6). Identifying subtle visual or auditory cues that signal an Ignoble Hell Fly infestation. Hard to spot - may require multiple perceptions.

Fending Off Hell Flies (Difficulty: 7). Battling a swarm of angry parasites if incorrectly aids an infested cocoon. Combat ability and area attacks helpful.

Purifying Corrupted Bodies (Difficulty: 8). Using spells or alchemical concoctions to cleanse infected flesh without destroying them. Very challenging blend of skills.

See the original thread when the infestation broke out: Fantasy - [Isekai Hell] The Celestine Academy for Seekers of Lore and Legends
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Axel grabbed the insect tightly.
Axel crushed the insect with ease, then another one came to taste his trash flavored flesh, this one was also crushed by Axel.
"Ok play times over" Axel said as he activated drunkover, which is an ability that boosts his strength and speed by one grade.

Cindy released her death grip on Thomas when she noticed he was actually hurting from it, as he bit his lip trying to hold back the pain. Huh, so he was just a goody boy who wanted to say hi? She couldn’t help but to feel guilty now, as a drop of sweat trickled down her face. The boy had even casted a healing spell just to heal his injuries! Was it really that bad?! “Oh, umm… My bad! Hahaha. You alright there?” Cindy asked the poor boy, her voice full of concern. It would be bad if they kicked her out now for having hurt one of their teammates! Otherwise, she wouldn’t normally show concern for others.

Following that, Cindy would dispose of the hellflies promptly, when she’d hear some commotion between Thomas and Damien. “Hey hey, relax magic boy, I’ve got this all under control,” said Cindy, as she smiled at Thomas confidently. Although she found his earlier reaction to be quite puzzling, as if he had some trauma regarding those flies.

As for the tieflings, they finally approved of Cindy joining, to which she would utter her thanks to all of them. Still though, what she’d just shown them was just one of many possible abilities she could conjure, but there was no need to reveal all her cards in the beginning. That wouldn’t be fun!
Fending Off Hell Flies (Difficulty: 7). Battling a swarm of two or more angry parasites. Combat ability and area attacks helpful.

Let's review both attempts. First by Cindy: Shadow Burst is a melee, martial ability using Strength C (+4) with Weapon Mastery F (+1) and a Glaive F (+1). Because the Glaive is F, if she uses more than Str E, the weapon will take damage and could break. As a result, her total effectiveness is 4 at Strength E. Homing F grants an additional +1 for a total effectiveness of 5.

Due to being an Area F attack, each fly in the swarm is handled individually, resulting in a Difficulty 6 per fly. With an effectiveness of 5, Cindy would fail, but she is able to Combo her attack due to Energize F. Which I assume she did a Combo, brining the effectiveness to 6.
  • Area F attack, which allows it to hit multiple targets simultaneously, thus negating any sort of "swarm" advantage. It's selective, which means only the Hell Flies are hit.
  • Blight F grants a +1 to damage if it hits.
  • Continuing F means it does it does an additional +1 damage next round or a status effect.
  • Homing F is basically flavor text that grants a +1 effectiveness on ranged attacks (non-melee). Note must use Range F, which you have in this attack.
  • Incurable F means it can only be healed by a skill higher than the attack.
  • Penetrating F does -1 to opponents defensive action if they are using an item of some kind (hell flies aren't).
  • Energized F means Cindy can use this type of attack 3 times per round. If used on the same opponent it's considered a Combo, granting +1 effectiveness each additional time it's used.
  • Range F used to trigger Homing F and get +1.
  • Reach/Indirect aren't applicable here.
Note: Shadow Burst is a Grade F ability with Energize, it's cool down is "Combo" which means it can be used up to three times per round.

Fending Off Hell Flies (Difficulty: 7). Battling a swarm of two or more angry parasites. Combat ability and area attacks helpful.

Next for our lovable, functioning alcoholic!

Axel has Strength E (+2) and is boosted using Drunkover for a total Strength D (+3). He is unarmed (Equipment G +0). He has no martial skill (Melee G +0). Thus his total effectiveness per action in this case is 3.

Note with Wealth F, Axel can buy Weapon F and Armor F whenever he wants, which wouldn't necessary increase his effectiveness to attack but would help when defending.

While there is no skill involved, this is never the less a "Drunken Boxing, Grade F" ability which is usable once per round (Cooldown 0), which should be added to your character sheet.


Axel misses the first Hell Fly and is unable to use Drunken Boxing a second time in the same round. You still have 2 more actions like moving, juggling, or whatever makes sense for your character.

  • Drunkover - Bolster [Strength, Speed] F - character amps up strength and speed by 1 grade for a post. - F grade - 0 post cooldown

"Fuck!!!" Axel shouted, suddently he had an idea, he grabbed the hell fly, and began juggling it around.
"You didn't seen this coming, DON'T YOU!!!" Axel began juggling faster, then even faster.
Thomas feels the cut on his lip disappear as it was only a small one. And maybe he hadn't felt his hand being completely crushed instead of the regular hand shake of literally any warrior type man or woman. Nothing seemed to be broken as far as he could tell. "Don't worry about it, Cindy. I don't think it's actually as bad as I'm making it out to be. In any case, I don't need the use of my hands to cast magic. That's a fairly common misconception for mages." Needless to say, finding a way to effectively deal with hellflies using time magic will be his top priority for a good while. "What else is there to prepare? I think everyone is good to go. All we need is to go into the crypt. I'm intrigued about what secrets it holds." That part Damien mentioned the Crow saying the past intertwined with the future certainly sounds like someone with chronomancy would be able to figure out. "We all have things we can do better than anyone else. The trick is combining those abilities for a cohesive dungeon team."

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Combat Begins!
Chaos descended upon the Shade Hall of the Celestine Academy as the Ignoble Hell Flies, unleashed by Damien's recklessness, began their frenzied assault. The crowd, initially caught off guard by the sudden eruption of the parasites, quickly descended into panic and disorder.

The scene turned nightmarish as several of the Hell Flies landed on and began to infest nearby people. Students and adventurers alike screamed and flailed, desperately trying to swat away the vile creatures. The buzzing of the flies filled the air, a sinister soundtrack to the unfolding horror.

In their struggle to fight off the swarm, many inadvertently aided the flies in finding new hosts. The parasites' agility and tenacity made them a formidable foe, as they dodged clumsy attempts to bat them away and found their way onto skin, burrowing with alarming speed.

Amidst the pandemonium, Axel, the homeless alcoholic vigilante, attempted to fend off two of the flies using his juggling skills. His movements, however, were sluggish and imprecise due to his inebriated state. The flies easily evaded his uncoordinated swipes and quickly found their mark, latching onto his skin. Axel grunted in frustration and pain as he felt the sting of the flies' bites, his efforts to get rid of them proving futile.

The tieflings, each battling their own swarm, were hard-pressed to keep the flies at bay. Damien, his usual arrogance replaced by a sense of urgency, flung eldritch blasts at the flies swarming around him. Cassius, overwhelmed and slow to react, flailed wildly, his curses doing little to deter the insects.

Octavia, her vanity forgotten, screamed as the flies entangled themselves in her hair, her attempts to swat them away only serving to entangle them further. Lilith, maintaining her composure, conjured bursts of cleansing flame, but the sheer number of flies made it a Sisyphean task.

As the Hell Flies continued their relentless attack, several found their way into the flesh of other victims, implanting their larvae. The grotesque sight of maggots burrowing under the skin sent waves of revulsion through the crowd. Screams of terror and disgust echoed through the hall, as the reality of the infestation became horrifyingly clear.

The chaos in the Shade Hall was a stark reminder of the dangers that lay in recklessness and underestimation of threats, especially in a world where the line between life and gruesome demise was perilously thin. The students and adventurers, now united in their struggle against the Hell Flies, faced a grim and uncertain battle against a swarm that sought to claim them as hosts for its next generation.

OOC: Remember during Combat only 3 actions per turn.

As Thomas explained how he could still cast magic even with an injured hand, Cindy nodded her head pretending to get it. “Ahh, I see. So you’re a special kind of mage, eh?” She looked at him in amazement. On the inside however, she’d only just learnt that mages required to use their hands for magic. She was more of a melee player anyways, so of course she wouldn’t know a thing or two about magic!

Afterwards the team was ready to set off on their journey… or not as all of a sudden screams and shouts started erupting throughout the hall. Cindy would look around, puzzled, until she noticed the flies still buzzing about in the air around them. So she wasn’t able to dispose of all of them earlier? She felt a pang of disappointment in herself. What if the others were to doubt her skills now? She technically did cause this mess by not disposing of all the bugs… Ah, screw it! She could just pin the blame on Damien anyways. She immediately snapped back to reality, she had to take action, and fast!

Nearby to the group, she spotted a poor, innocent man being attacked by a couple of the bugs. He seemed like he needed the most help here, and so she ran to his side, using her [Shadow Burst] once more to get rid of the bugs. This time, she’d alter the skill so that it only affects the immediate area around them. She’d also imbue herself with an aura of darkness, preventing the little buggers from coming anywhere near them. Using selective core, she'd will the dark aura into hurting only the flies.

  1. Run to Axel
  2. Shadow Burst
  3. Shadow Burst
Shadow Burst - blight F (darkness), accurate F, area F, selective F, aura F, reach F, continuing F, homing F, incurable F, indirect F, penetrating F, Energized F - Cindy swings her glaive, sending out a wave of darkness that affect an area 5ft in radius, homing in onto enemies while hitting them even if they are behind cover. Their speed is treated as 1 grade below, and their item they use to defend is also treated as 1 grade below. The darkness continues swirling and attacking them after 1 round and the damage is incurable to F grades. A harmful aura surrounds the user. - 1 action - Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown
His eyes dart around to everyone being attacked by the flies, except this wasn't in such a small enclosed place. In fact, it was probably better that way. When Thomas had stopped the flies last time, they had originated out of the cocoon. But this time it was a conjured swarm. The focus of the spell will have to be different. Well, not so much considered a spell, honestly. It's the main thing that's allowing him to be a chronomancer. He raises his good hand as high as it can go, and a massive green clock envelops part of the sky, casting a green glow down on the area. The flies were conjured. So all I have to do is reverse time to make them think they haven't been conjured, and maybe someone who know what they're doing will step in. gods, I hope this works... With this idea in mind, Thomas opens his eyes. The feeling of time slipping through his grasp as easily as sand is there. He does everything he can to hold onto it, to make it more effective. Or... does he even need to? Instead of simply holding on as tight as he can, Thomas lets go and instead uses his own body as a conduit for the magic. It's something he hadn't thought of trying before but it makes sense in the moment. "LET THIS BE A LESSON TO YOU!" Was all he could think to say as [Domain - Time] activates, its clock hands spinning backwards slowly at first and then, picking up speed, moves faster until a blinding flash of light appears and in a few seconds... is gone. Preferably along with the nasty hellflies.

  • Drunkover - Bolster [Strength, Speed] F - character amps up strength and speed by 1 grade for a post. - F grade - 0 post cooldown

Axel tried to grab one of the hell fly, but then he looked at the girl who was about to shoot the shadow burst at him.
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Scene 1: Wrapping up.
In the midst of the chaos that had engulfed the Shade Hall, Cindy, Thomas, and Axel each played their part in trying to contain the situation with the Ignoble Hell Flies.

Cindy, realizing the gravity of the situation and feeling responsible for not eliminating all the flies earlier, sprang into action. She raced to Axel's side, who was struggling ineffectually to fend off the flies. Her skill with [Shadow Burst] was impressive; with swift and precise movements, she unleashed waves of darkness that homed in on the flies. The aura of darkness she conjured around herself and Axel effectively repelled the insects, creating a safe zone amidst the chaos.

Thomas, on the other hand, had a different approach. Realizing the nature of the swarm as a conjuration, he decided to use his chronomancy to reverse the conjuring itself. Raising his good hand, he invoked [Domain - Time], a massive green clock appearing in the sky, casting a surreal glow over the area. As the clock hands spun backward, the flies began to vanish, as if being unmade by the reversal of time. Thomas's gamble paid off; his use of his body as a conduit for the magic proved effective, and the hellflies began to disappear in a blinding flash of light.

Axel, in his drunken state, had tried to grab one of the flies but was caught off guard by Cindy's intervention. His shout of "CRAP!!!!" echoed in the hall as he realized the danger he was in. Fortunately, Cindy's swift actions saved him from the flies and possibly from his own uncoordinated attempts to fight them off.

Meanwhile, Damien, who had instigated the release of the hellflies, was quickly identified as the source of the chaos. The tieflings, along with the rest of the crowd, were not pleased. Amidst the panic and the successful efforts to eliminate the flies, the academy authorities arrived.

Damien was apprehended and faced immediate scrutiny. His actions, reckless and dangerous, had endangered everyone in the hall. After a brief but stern deliberation, the academy officials announced his suspension. The gravity of his actions and the consequences they brought were clear to all present. Damien, for all his arrogance and power, was led away, a stern warning to all about the perils of recklessness and the responsibility that came with power.

The hall, now free of the hellflies thanks to the efforts of Cindy and Thomas, slowly returned to a semblance of normalcy. The incident had been a harsh reminder of the dangers they faced, but also a testament to the ability of individuals to rise to the occasion and make a difference when it mattered most.

As the chaos in the Shade Hall subsided and Damien was taken away for his reckless actions, the remaining tieflings, Cassius, Octavia, and Lilith, each reacted in their own characteristic way.

Cassius, ever self-important, tried to maintain his composure despite the situation. He straightened his clothes, attempting to regain some semblance of dignity. "Well, that was... unexpected," he muttered, trying to distance himself from Damien's actions. "Clearly, I would have taken a more strategic approach." His tone was an attempt to salvage some prestige out of the chaotic situation, even though his earlier efforts against the flies had been less than effective.

Octavia, shaken by the ordeal, tried to recompose herself. She smoothed her hair and adjusted her attire, her vanity struggling against the recent fright. "How utterly dreadful," she exclaimed, her voice tinged with a mix of disgust and relief. "I never signed up for such... barbarity." Despite her attempt to appear unfazed, it was clear the incident had rattled her usual poised demeanor.

Lilith, the most empathetic of the group, showed genuine concern for the well-being of those around her. She looked around the hall, her expression one of relief as the threat was neutralized. "Thank goodness it's over," she said softly, her voice reflecting her caring nature. "I hope everyone is alright. Such recklessness should never have been allowed." Her gaze lingered on the spot where Damien had been taken away, a hint of sadness in her eyes for her companion, despite his faults.

As the hell flies around them dropped to the ground, Cindy would turn to face the poor man before her, only to find a drunken man who seemed like he had come to the wrong place. From what she had seen of him earlier, he wasn’t exactly a combatant as well… “You should be more careful. Well then, bye for now!” Saying this, she’d return back to regroup with the others.

That was when a massive green clock would appear high up in the sky, and the hellflies started disappearing right before her eyes. Her eyes widened in awe as she realized Thomas was the one responsible for such powerful magic. Going up right next to him, she’d slap him on the back with a wide grin on her face. “Well done time magic boy! I didn’t know you were that powerful! And here I thought you were afraid of those lil insects. Looks like I was wrong all this while!”

Next up, Damien would face his punishment for his reckless actions. Cindy cocked her head to one side when he was taken away, as she wondered why would he even test her with such magic in the first place if it was that difficult to control. “Perhaps it’d be better for him to learn how to control those pests first before releasing them.” She mused to herself aloud, before turning to the others. “Anyways now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, shall we head to the crypts then?”
The chaos was over, at least for now. Thomas inspected himself for any wear and tear, clearly not expecting his idea to have gone over so well. Surely there was no small amount of danger using his whole body as a conduit, right? He wants to check on everyone, so he walks around the area to see if he can assist any of the people attacked by the flies. Repeatedly saying, "I'm sorry you had to go through this...", "How can I help?" and many others questions and statements. Once he's talked to all the people he doesn't know well, he returns to the tieflings. "Are all of you all right? No injuries aside from that nasty scare?" He was particularly worried about Olivia since the flies had gotten tangled in her hair. It was much too close to the brain for comfort. "I didn't expect Damien to be taken away like that. May have been for the best." While he was checking on them, he feels the slap on his back from Cindy. "No, you weren't wrong. Those flies are terrifying. Using my body as a conduit for the magic was reckless and could have ended up very badly. I need to talk to the professors that are good with magic to make sure no ill effects can come from using it that way. Say, is that guy you helped all right? That thing you did was pretty good. The flies weren't able to get through that barrier. It's a good defense for a small group of people if we ever encounter the flies again." Before going into the crypt he wanted to find a professor so he scanned the room to see if any were around. Maybe that crow guy would be able to answer his questions.

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