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Active [Isekai Hell] From the City of Faiths to Seeking Thieves

Hi! Welcome to the world of Isekai Hell! If you want to join message this elf Novama Novama

Goals for this RP :

Joanne Vallenhart - RavenSong RavenSong
-Establish Religious standing with the Knights of Dala the Protector
-Gain clues about the ritual regarding the traitors of the Church of Dala

Goals for saxon saxon - estabkish standing with local nobility and increase reputation.


The Holy City of Ruaan.

Although barely considered a city, Ruaan was not run entirely by government but was built upon by followers of various religions. The god of law Miralis was said to have given humanity the scripture of order to the founder of their faith near a forest of healing springs. The first rumors and stories of Karkan the Merchant were said to have originated here. The very waters and air that was drawn from this region brimmed with the nectar of divinity. Given the strategic point north of Ryken and east in between the east empire and the Republic the three countries desired to take possession of this city. But to do so would mean destroying the very thing that makes the region special. Although attempts had been made to control the public opinion as to who should run the city by and large the inhabitants and religious factions desired to not have any one side affect their inner workings. Lest they'd awaken uprisings against such attempts and the people always being on the side of sovereignty.

Although it was widely known that east empire and the Republic held prejudice against humans and beastkin, anyone within the city was immune to most of the racism that both countries exhibited towards one another. Here, public executions of violators of their religious law were common. Even though at various times in the cities history when taken by the Republic and East empire held prejudice against the other. Religions had clashed over this city for years and decades of wars and violence stained their past but the city endured. Some say it was the gods and goddesses' will for them to fight. History seemed to favor those that believed in their diety the most. While others blame other factors better known to strategists, historians and warlords.


Midnight. At the Chapel of Dala.

The order of templar's known as the Knights of Dala enter the sacred chamber where a chalice is kept. Three of the templar's that enter the chamber have what appear to be relics in their hands, one a broken twisted spear head, a chainmail shirt and an eye wrapped in silken silver cloth. The relics glow with necrotic energy as the templar's approach the chalice. A fourth and seemingly of higher authority among them enters the chamber, “It is now that we fuse our lady Dala’s holy chalice with those of the demon lords of old. Our whole lives have been spent in search of these fell artifacts. And at long last, we may finally find rest. For it is only through the joining of both the divine and the hells that we shall forever seal peace upon this world forever!” He raised his hands, “Let it be known that our lady wills this union, for she is Dala the Protector and it is through her that this ritual is possible.”

The artifacts suddenly come to life if the growing presence of one another, the templar's begin to hear screams and hellish laughter and words of hatred emitt for the items in their hands. Yet, they remain still and poised but their minds would be slowly corrupted.

However, in light of such actions the chalice begins to hum, the jewels encrusted upon it glow brighter and more luminant until it explodes in radiant light, blinding the knights so much that they drop the demonic artifacts and the ground suddenly quakes.

From beneath the ground a fiery red dragon claws it's way through the earth, haste In it's movements as if it's masters whips were behind him. It finally explodes onto the surface world above with a volcanic blast sending giant boulders of burning magma and molten earth upon the holy city of Ruaan. The dragon towers above the city before it's throat glows like hot coals and spits fire into the sky, creating a backdrop of raining fire instantly. “The chalice! Where is it?” The dragon calls into the city as it claws it's way out of the volcanic mountain it created and makes it's way towards the chapel, knocking down buildings and raising houses to the ground, “Itsssss.. here.” The dragon hisses before sending a plume of fire and smoke into the chapel. Burning the frantic knights to ash and taking the artifacts with it. “My name is Kraliamun servant of Beluum, you foolish humans think you could summon the power of the demon lords! Now, you shall know fear! You shall know, death!” The dragon spread it's wings wide as it roared with all its might and wrath. Taking a deep breath it proceeded to burning whatever was left of the chapel then with another breath sent another fiery chasm into the sky before retreating back into the lava spilling fissure created upon its arrival.



Joanne had arrived four days after the dragon attack, helping the needy and the sick and especially the injured. She did her best at the chapel infirmary working overtime to mend wounds from broken limbs to bare bone burnings. Currently however, she found herself in a tent full of victims that had been dug out of a collapsed building, she held one particular young girls hand, close to her heart as the nun wept the girls eyes were still and her pupils dilated. “Return to your mother, Elis. She waits for you in the land of poppies far beyond grief and sorrow. Go now, and dream in bliss, forever.” The young girls hand went limp and the nuns' tears welled as she closed the victims open eyes. Sister Joanne would lay her head on the girls torso and wept for a few moments before she was called once again to tend to more of the injured. “Yes, I'll be right there.” She managed as she got up and quickly wiped the sorrow from her face.

“Count a hundred and nine among the casualties.”

“The girl died?” The soldier asked the nun to which she simply nodded.

“Sister, why do the gods want us all dead after decades of peace?” The soldier asked.

Joanne looked at him for a moment then toward the rubble before them. “The gods work in mysterious ways, however, dragons don't simply attack for sport. Something.. or someone drew it here.”

“Right. Today it appears the clergy of Dala the Protector have stated their holiest artifact has gone missing. They're claiming the dragon took it.”

“Perhaps we should investigate.” Joanne replied, emptiness in her eyes from witnessing so much death.

“Not unless you join their order. They keep their secrets very much private.”

“Then it is time for me to devote myself to the goddess Dala. If this choice has been now laid before me then the gods have chosen my path to follow. Perhaps it's Dala herself to guides me now.”

Placing a hand on her shoulder the soldier replied, “You've done so much here sister, take a breather, I can see the death in your eyes.”

“Perhaps you're right. But I won't abandon the people here. I shall rest for a moment and rejoin the effort.” The nun bowed her head softly and the soldier returned the bow in kind.

After drinking water and nourishing provisions she overheard a knight speaking to one of his comrades. “..as unsettling as that is, the bishops all agree this to have been the case, there's proof in letters towards one another and registered outings for months on end to remote places. It's incredible they were successful but.. it seems their luck ran out here, and now..” the other templar shushed the one speaking, “..quiet you fool! This isn't the time or place to talk about this, let's get back to the church. We have to figure out the plans to rebuild the chapel.”

Joanne took a deep breath and entwined her hands together, muttering a prayer in thanks for the path being laid out for her. Following after the knights she eventually reached a gate that represented the entrance to the church. “Halt and reveal.” The guard said, putting his hand forward in a stopping gesture. “I am Sister Joanne Valencourt, I have come to join your order in faith and fealty.”

“We're currently not accepting new members due to the recent troubles, I cannot allow-” That was when another would reveal himself to the nun. A templar knight. “May Dala bless you, sister Valencourt. My name is Hector. Why do you choose Dala as your diety of choice?”


“May the gods bless you, sir Hector. I pray Dala has called me forth onto your ranks for a particular mission I have yet to understand. I have traveled far and wide through this world in hopes to serve, protect and destroy wherever evil may reside. Please. Will you not have me?” The death in her eyes and her words astonished the guards and the knight Hector himself, they looked at each other then Hector would usher her in. “This way, sister.”

The nun was lead through the chambers of the monastery, most of the followers were tending to their sick and to the battered down by the dragon attack. Bandages stopped bleeding gashes, flies accumulated among those laid in the courtyards ready for burning. She followed down the halls as the light shone through every window, the sky still red with the plumes of ash launched into the sky. Hector spoke as they walked and Joanne followed with her hands in prayer. “Dala the Protector as she is known among us, is the youngest daughter of the god Miralis, lord of the law. She is our temple, she is our sword and she is our shield. Our duties as faithful followers of the Lady of Shields is to protect the weak, humble the strong, quell malice wherever it might reside and lead a life of service to those who might need it. That is what we do. Our proof is the Holy Chalice of Renewal which was given to the first of our order as a token of our faith. However, this chalice was stolen four days ago by the dragon Kraliamun and we are currently mustering every able bodied faithful to join our new crusade against this fell creature.”

Arriving at a small chapel lit by various candles and a silver statue of Dala in battle with some sort of multi headed serpent Hector continued, “Kneel before Dala, sister.” Joanne would do as told. “I am at Dala's command.” Hector would then give the nun a dagger. “Prove it.” Taking the dagger in her hands she looked back to the templar before the nun would slowly and painfully pierce the palm of her hand. The sharp end of the dagger clean through the other side. She grunted softly, and gritting her teeth she suddenly twisted the dagger in her hand opening the wound further, gasping loudly before finally pulling it out and giving it back to the knight.

“It is with prayer and deeds that appease Dala. Yet, it is with blood that we prove our fealty to her father Miralis.”

The knight would wrap Joannes bleeding hand with a bandage then give her a ring with the seal of Dala. “The church, welcomes you, Sister Valencourt.”

The following day Joanne woke up from a deep sleep. One of which she hadn't felt in a very long time throughout her travels. However the violence and painful truth of life remained outside the monastery walls. Seeking to continue her work, she made ready as best she could with one hand while the other ached. The thought of healing it ran through her mind, however, this was an oath of faith not a maiming, it was a symbol of her commitment and one she would have to die before turning back against lest she'd lose favor.

As she walked through the armory she decided to clad herself in plated armor, However this was something she wasn't very much used to, it was heavier and bulkier and not as agile but to undergo the duty of protecting others likely meant getting in harms way to do so. Using that logic and with the help of another knight they fastened her leather armors with belts and leather straps, then boots, gloves and shoulder leather and wool padding. Finally the forged plated and layered steel that came after, strapped by metal studded leather and finally a helm which fastened to her head and padded with wool and other materials. She was then given a great sword one to wield with both hands, although she had some trouble wielding it at the moment due to her injured hand. The knight that helped her replied once finished, “May your enemies flee in fear in sight of Dala's might.”

Joanne bowed her head within the helm before taking it off and strapping it to her back pack along with her sword. “I shall return.”


The nun then made her way outside, back to the usual things that awaited her, but this time as a fledgling Knight of Dala. As the ash flakes fell upon her face and hair the nun suddenly felt a sense of devotion, something within her heart swelled. As if the divine now took over her footsteps. She took a deep breath of the charred smell in the air and made her way back to the tent. But not before a frail and panicked old man yelled and screamed at the top of his lungs. “Thieves!!! Thieves!!! They've stolen my scrolls!!! They're of utmost importance! My life's work! My everything! Countless hours, no, YEARS of research and mind wracking!!! Those miserable thieves!! Someone help me! I'm in need of great help!!” He then made his way towards the tavern and made quite the scene towards everyone within.

A shallow sigh, before Joanne made her way towards the tavern after the old man.
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Kellum & Chisato
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The whole matter of a dragon attack had caught the attention of Kellum, as he hadn't seen a dragon since he had been reborn into this world. However, there had always been a fascination with the whole matter. Though he was a lawyer and an adventurer by trade, he had a law office operated in Ryke's capital. Even he couldn't force himself to stay away from the matter. Even with Chisato telling him they shouldn't travel outside of Ryke with the law office after all, when they were not there, not much work besides paperwork got done. But the protest fell more on deaf ears than anything else, but on the bright side with the two of them gone. Their one single clerk had far more time to go to school while they were out.

So the duo set off toward the self-proclaimed city of Ruaan; with the location of the city, it seemed to be a particularly bustling cultural center. Upon getting close to the city, the destruction the dragon had brought was evident. The damaged buildings and the ground ripped apart from the dragon. Kellum gave a silent whistle before looking over to his companion, who gave him a disapproving look. However, there wasn't much of a choice now as they were already here, and turning back now would make the whole event a waste of a trip. Upon moving past the gates, there seemed to be a flock of people going about their day, and from what they could see, a fair amount of wounded from the attack that happened a few days ago. Kellum was about to say something to Chisato when there was someone shouting about a thief.

Kellum looked at Chisato for a second as the two rushed toward the sound of the voice to see what was going on. Upon reaching the tavern which seemed to be the reason for all the shouting. "Where did the thief go and what did they look like?" Kellum inquired as he was going to need a lot more information before he could even start looking for whoever they were going to be looking for.

Joanne entered the tavern to the sight of various people drinking, gambling and the usual activity that happened in these sorts of places. The nun would look on without prejudice as she followed after the frantic old man. "Pray tell elder one, what ails you in this already tumultuous time?"

However, it appeared a couple would have also caught interest in the elders predicament as well. When prompted the old man would respond to the one named Kellum.


"I does not know who! I do have a visual on the suspect though! Although it wasn't one particular person! It was a band of goblins and their chieftain astride a wild rabid wolf! They came into my observatory and destroyed everything before taking my plans and scrolls! I shall pay handsomely to get my precious plans returned!" The old man pulled out a small satchel of coins. "Please! Do you agree to this quest?!"

Joanne seemed to learn everything she could, however she inquired a question of her own. "I beg your pardon, and I mean no disrespect but lets start with your name."

"Yes, yes of course! My name is Rothgar, but this is not important! We must make our way now!" The old man was visibly in distress and highly anxious. "I am but an old man I cannot defend myself against powerful foes, but you three, yes, you three stand up to anyone right? A follower of Dala protects!"

Joanne bowed her head softly, and didn't speak a word before following the old man. But one other entity, or entities still required her attention. Turning towards the two, "May Dala guide your path." She stated in greeting. "You two do not seem like locals here. I am Sister Joanne Valencort of the Church of Dala. It seems you'll both aid this man as well. So it I will provide my aid to you two as well."


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Kellum & Chisato
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Kellum looked over at Chisato as the old man explained the situation that he was in. In the fact that the incident didn't happen in the city confused the him. He didn't understand why the man didn't go to the adventurer's guild to put in a request. Goblins, well that does seem intersting I suppose, though the fact that it happened after a dragon attack was a bit strange. Though that probably meant that the dragon in question isn't around here anymore. So that is a plus in itself. He thought to himself as he scanned the the area around them. Folding his arms across his chest he looked around the tavern to see if there was any knights in the area. Though there was one individual that seemed to catch his eye due to the armor and she was walking in this direction.

"Well I suppose we could look into the matter of the goblins, though do you happen to know where they ran off to?" Kellum inquired as their new arrival reached the group. As the old man introduced himself, he seemed only more ecentric. Though if that was due to old age or something else was yet to be seen. But at this point money was money and it didn't hurt to pick up a little bit here and there.

"Wait didn't we come here to look into the city after the dragon attack?" Chisato pointed out as she folded her arms across her chest, while it wasn't a rebuke there was a hint of annoyance behind the matter. "Besides, I thought this was going to be a couple of days here, it might prolong our stay," She concluded before looking at the old man and the new arrival that had joined them. She didn't know what they were about to get themselves into but she wasn't about to just get caught up in the moment. There was other responsibilities that they had back at Ryken.

"The man is going to go regardless, better with people who know what they are doing," Kellum pointed out as he turned to look at his companion. At this point it seemed like they were just going to let the man walk to his death, though the lady knight might have been able to hold off some goblins alone. But depending on how many there was would determine if that predetermined thought was going to hold up or not. As the Lady knight and the old man started to walk off Kellum started to follow, when he looked back over his shoulder he saw Chisato still standing there grabbing her hand he started to drag her along.

Without his weapon well he was practically useless so, he wasn't just about to leave that around on top of that, he knew somewhere deep down she couldn't turn a blind eye to it even if she didnt' say it outloud. It was then when their armored companion introduced herself. "Kellum, and this one over here is Chisato, dispite her annoyed looks, she is fairly agreeable. I'm a lawyer by trade but I do things for the guild here and there when I get bored. But you are right, we only just arrived in the city, I came here after hearing about the dragon attack," Kellum stated.
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Ah, the 'Holy' City. Such a grandiose title for a relatively small region. Eeriel wasn't too big on worshipping any gods despite having met one of the them during her transition to this world. She's simply here because the wagon she hitched brought her here. Once she entered into the city, she explored the city and noted several people that she ended up choosing as her... 'slaves'. There's the old lady at the city outskirt, she lived alone and really appreciates whenever the cat pay her a visit. The elderly has a really comfortable house but rarely cooks any meat for her so Eeriel usually only visit her to sleep and taking naps. Her other 'slave' was one of the cook in a tavern. He didn't really speak much but he's more than willing to gives her good food every time she visit the place and as gratitude Eeriel blasted all the rats she could find around the tavern with magic, having a pile of dead rats on nearby alleyway was an almost everyday occurrence ever since she arrived.

Today she visited the tavern as well and was enjoying a piece of roasted chicken at the front of the tavern when a figure suddenly screamed something about thieves and scrambled into the tavern. Curious as to what he was yelling about, Eeriel abandoned her meal and slipped into the tavern. It seemed his rambling drew the attention of some individuals, three in particular. One looks like she's one of the nun from of the many religious faction in the city, Which religion? She didn't know, she didn't care. The other two smells like they had been traveling together, probably not from the city, just outsiders like her. What interest her the most was the old figure though, he had the same type of looks and smell like her dead master. Someone dedicated to knowledge, she couldn't help but sympathize with him even if its just a tiny bit. She refused to show it directly though.

"A bunch of goblins raided you and stole a paper?" Calmly approaching the group, Eeriel let out an amused cackle as she jumped onto the nearby table to make herself more equal in height, she didn't bat an eye at the sack of coins he was dangling as money didn't interest her. "That's an interesting story, old man. Go on, lead us towards this observatory of yours. I will lend you a paw."

RavenSong RavenSong saxon saxon

Ruaan City of Faiths


As the old man began walking he paused and looked back suddenly at Kellum, startling even. "Where they went? Oh. Of course I know where they went." He got closer, perhaps a bit too close for comfort. "They took my precious scrolls into the diseased forest. Oh yes, there's a gorgon there they say, but it's all just nonsense. Probably just an old witch.." Rothgar would stroke his beard a bit as he pondered, "..yes.. my scrolls are in fact quite a critical piece to various incantations regarding celestial magics. Bah! We have time.. we musn't delay a minute more!" With that he continued walking. "No time to wait on the adventurers guild, although I have placed a request at the local office. Lot of no good lazies I'll tell ya!"

The feline creature then made the old wizard jump out of his boots, startled before landing back in the aforementioned shoes. "Hyyuuuiii!!! Ack!!! What in the blazes?! A talking cat?! Oooooh.. a black one even! Ooooh no no no, bad luck I say! Bad bad luck!" Thinking about it for a brief moment however he seemed to begin considering it though. "Say.. a small creature such as you could be quite sneaky.. isnt that so!? Ah! Yes yes.. I take it back! Please come along! Come come!" He ushered them all forward out of the city and deep into the forest.


Joanne listened intently on the new arrivals with sympathetic eyes, she knew that service to others could be very much a chore. However, such adolescent parts of her personality had been very thoroughly rinsed from her psychology and spirit. It was a privilege to serve, and it was an honor to die for those one served. The thought was rather sobering however to see the woman named Chisato speak against following the forming party, skepticism had it's place. The holy maiden smiled at Kullums introduction, "Well met, and may our journey together prove prosperous." She bowed her helmed head slightly forward. When she raised she couldn't help but smile and nearly chuckle at Kellums comments about Chisatos demeanor. "You two are quite the animated couple. Are you both engaged?" She asked curiously as Kellum pulled on the woman.
"Please forgive me if that's too bold of a question to a complete stranger." Deciding to err on the side of politeness she figured it was only fair if they denied sharing such things.

"As for the dragon attack, it happened four days ago. There's not much known as to why it happened but it explicitly targeted the chapel of Dala." Bowing her head once more, "Due to my oath I cannot share more. But I assure you, I will find the dragon and bring it to justice." Surely, Joanne knew it would take more than a suit of armor and a sword to take down a dragon but it was a desire that was beginning to burn in her heart. However, for whatever reason, it appeared the goddess of her order, Dala was taking her on a different path. The templar maiden held firm faith in her goddess's guidance nonetheless.

Much to her amazement, Joanne was somewhat startled at the feline that suddenly spoke, and laughed at the old man. "Heavens, i've never seen a talking cat." She tilted her head and brought her hand hesitantly close. "I suppose anyone could indeed contribute to the abuse, no matter how small." An optimistic timbre in her voice as she opened her hand in greeting. "I am Joanne Vallenhart, who are you? And pray tell, what brings you along?"

As the party proceeded towards the outskirts of Ruaan, the country side was soon in sight. This wasn't the usual farmland of Ryken, these farms were nestled in the foot hills and the tail ends of mountains. As the party continued to walk the landscape, it would become denser and denser with oak trees and various conifers. The trees were diseased, rotted even, from the everlasting fog that appeared as a change to the topography. The houses became less and less frequent and soon they were in the deep wilderness.



In the distance, horses could be heard galloping, and without warning the sounds of battle could be heard. To which the old wizard led the party into a small dense patch of brush before casting a small AOE Stealth spell upon them. Making a gesture for them all to be quiet, "Shhhh.. they'll pass us by, you'll see." He whispered anxiously.

"We are being ambushed!" An alarmed voice called out before gurgling screams could be heard, swords and axes smashed into armor and steel and arrows flew into soft flesh and wood.


"Where is the chancellor! I wish to remove his head!" Called a vile booming voice loud and clear as the last of the guards was laid to death by a spear.


When the people in the carriage got out however, it wasn't the chancellor but a lower noble. He was anxious, but not frightened, "I.. I am Cassian of House Driscol." He said as he firmly stepped out of the carriage. "This is a direct breach of peace with our house. I promise you, if you kill me, many more will come hunting you down. And when they find you they'll-"

Without another word the leader among the raiding party interrupted, "Pack him in the cage!" Then a group of horseman bandits threw ropes and bolas onto the noble, wrapping him up where stood and pulling on their ropes, causing the noble to fall before being dragged to the raiders carriage where he was put into a cage.


The bandit camp was a place surrounded by bandits, there were five carriages, each carrying precious cargo such as treasure, spoils, explosives, and various other things that the raiders deemed valuable. And now, a Driscol noble made the list of things. This encounter is E grade.)


As the horses galloped away with the noble, the wizard dispelled the stealth enchantment. "What a sad affair, perhaps we could help? No no.." he shook his head violently, "..ack! You're helping ME, come along, come along!" He insisted as he pulled on Joannes arm and looked at the others, "Nobles probably deserve their fate, those no good selfish folk. Yes, very selfish, very rich too. But.. but.. dense.. no wisdom those nobles! All talk no action!"


Joanne looked at the feline, and the couple, "Perhaps we could divise a plan to save that noble. However, it is quite the large group of rivals I'm afraid. If we do decide to retrieve him we might need quite a bit of help. Perhaps, that carriage full of explosives could provide the best distraction?"

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Kellum & Chisato
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Kellum and Chisato both looked at each other as the old man explained where the scrolls were. Though the old man seemed to be as cryptic as ever leaving more questions unanswered. Though the ones left in their minds would be answered soon enough. At the mention of the disease ridden forest, this caused Kellum to cock his head to the right. He hadn't heard of such a place, though, if it was diseased by a curse or through natural means was left to be determined. "What do you know about this forest they took your documents to?" He inquired as the group continued on their way and the old man as now much closer than he had been before. Though the arrival of the cat that spoke was something that wasn't expected. But it looked like they were going to join the party.

At the mention of the words couple and engagement, Kellum swallowed wrong and started to cough. "No, no you got the wrong idea Sister Joanne, in fact this one-" Kellum was cut off as he let out a yelp of pain as Chisato stepped on his foot. After a moment she lifted her foot and took a few steps forward and shook her head at the whole matter, though there was some blush on her face.

"No, don't say it," Chisato responded letting out a sigh and shaking her head. "Men never learn what topics to not bring up sometimes, and this one for as smart as he is isn't any different," She chuckled as the group was led out of the city. As they pushed further on the forest started to get ever closer. The two assumed this was their destination. However, concentration was broken when the old man ushered them off the path and told them to be quiet. Kellum watched closely as they galloped closer, and then the sounds of guards calling out an ambush were heard.

Kellum instinctively moved his hand toward Chisato as the sounds of fighting didn't last very long. That was when the other voice called back which told them the guards had failed. But there was still a question as to who these people were. There was a sigh of relief as it seemed like the conversation wasn't going to go straight to killing the person who was being taken. However, the thought of them being left captive didn't really sit well with him either.

"What, we can't just leave them to their fate like this, if it was some illness sure, I could understand that matter. However, these are bandits, if we don't deal with them now they could move and cause a lot more harm. We might even run into them again if we don't get rid of them now," Kellum explained to the group as he looked over the camp for a few moments.

When Joanne pointed out the explosives, Kellum snapped his fingers to which Chisato looked over and shook her head. She knew that look, and it meant that he was about to volunteer for something. "I think me and Chisato can ignite the explosives, unless someone else wants to do it, we should be fine," He concluded looking at the other members of the group waiting to see what they thought.
Eeriel (Midnight)
Character Grade - E

Eeriel watched in amusement at the party's startled reaction to her presence. It's true that not many talking animal can be found walking around. Even the cat herself usually shut her mouth and just acts like regular cat unless she found something that warrants her to talk, like this quest.

"Just call me Midnight. I'm just a wandering random cat." She answered Joanne's question and introduced herself. Just like usual, she didn't use her actual name. At this point it was more of a habit than anything though, and 'Midnight' as a nickname had also grown on her. A shame that the person who gave it to her was probably dead already.


The group ventured into the forest and the cat was contain on simply following them behind. She enjoyed the silent contrast that the forest provides compared to the city. Though that silence was soon broken when the old man hides them within a spell and they witnessed an ordeal that can be described as kidnapping. Nobles, and their business, probably. Eeriel didn't really seemed to be too interested at the affair. However, the group understandably had different opinions on what they should do. The three adventurers seemed to be eager to help but the old man was still torn about his decision.

"Time is ticking, old man. Your scrolls might be gone soon, but you wouldn't budge them from helping that man in the cage." Eeriel took a relaxed loafing position next to the old man. The old man had no choice except helping them deal with the bandits, or continue alone. The nun would definitely choose to save a life than saving whatever contained in his scroll. The lawyers would benefitted more from getting a noble's favor than the old man's. Eeriel, while willing to abandon the noble, wouldn't want to venture into some unknown territory without able-bodied meat shields for distraction and protection.

"So how about we deal with this quickly, eh? I'm sure you have some amazing spells in your sleeve. The faster we do this the faster we get to your scrolls." She tried to convince the old man to join in the rescue operation. She didn't know what he could contribute, but 5 would be better than 4. Probably.

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Joanne observed the seeming couple, as they walked she nodded her head underneath her helm. "I see, i suppose relationships as most things in life, are complicated. I shall keep you two in my prayers." Without another word the nun continued on, it was then that Eeriel, introduced as Midnight. "May Dala keep you."


Once at the forest shortly after the old wizard had dispelled the stealth enchantment the group found themselves in a predicament. That is, to move forward towards the intended goal, or to attempt to save a noble just recently captured by a band of bandits. Surely, they ran the risk of being captives themselves, which at this very moment the old wizard among the fledgling company weighed the odds of success. He would ponder, much to Midnights taunts and provocations. "Now, now little kitty, be a nice little kitty!" He said, his mind clearly elsewhere before turning to look towards the caravan. "I do suppose it could be quite possible, yes, quite possible indeed! Given the knight distracts the majority of the bandits while me and uh.. what was it? Midnight? Yes, yes. You and me get close enough to set off those explosives! I'm too old you see, and I must get close or else I'll miss!"


Joanne listened to all of the companions present, turning to Kellum, she nodded. "You're right, Ruaan wouldn't be too far from here and surely this band could pose a threat under the cities current state, however.." she stuttered only slightly before looking back to the bandit camp. "..i'd be a fool if I said I could fight them all. But.. if it's what's being asked of me, then so be it." She picked up her iron sword, fastened her helm and tightened the straps on her shoulder plates. Then turned to the old wizard as he explained his idea. "Very well.." then turning to the couple. "..you two get to the noble and perhaps figure some way to escape or distract." Sliding the face plate down over her face, "May Dala give you all courage."


Without another word, Joanne stepped forward, sword in both hands upright to her side. "May those who hear me, flee! For the wrath of Dala is upon you! Fight me, and prepare to die, or run like the coward dogs you are!"


The camp at this moment had been fairly much in a constant festive mood. Most of the bandits were sleeping, or fighting among themselves over the latest plunder. There was but a small outfit, the night watch, which patrolled the camp as it's most reliable force. When the nun appeared they all took up arms, however being only one approaching when they were many they didn't sound the alarm.

"Ha! Another fanatic scum! Soon enough you'll be beggin' the hells for mercy!! Haha! Just like the other, the priest of Ishap, oh did we do a number on em'!" The one speaking seemed to be the leader among them, they raised the tarnished swords and came forward, all five of them. "heh heh heh!!" They snarled like rabid wolves as they came forward.


Joannes amulet would then shine through her plated armor, as she recited a prayer and got on one knee. Quickly then, casting [Forced Penance E] which forced one to kneel and become incapacitated. The knight would then sprint forward, pushing the soil beneath her with every step, raising her sword and cleaving one upon his skull as he was distracted by the magic shed just cast. As the one fell to the ground the others would encircle Joanne and begin to strike at her, granted her armor was holding up but for how much longer, was impossible to say. Joanne groaned and grunted as blunt swords connected on her body as she did her best to regain composure against the volley.


"Ack!! Now's the time! Hurry!" The old wizard said as he suddenly grabbed the feline and rushed around the caravan to get to the explosives. Once there, the old man suddenly held his breath when most of the dynamite boxes were beneath a group of seven drunken bandits. He'd let go of the cat, suddenly thinking this was his end, but it didn't mean it should be Midnights end as well. But, it appeared the commotion outside with Joanne didn't wake anyone, so perhaps, lighting a fuse beneath them would prove to be quite the same? He'd rummage through a few things before finding a loose box, and placed it on the biggest pile of explosives there before lighting the long swirly fuse. Just when the fuse was about to be lit, another night watch appeared, "Hey you!" The old man turned around and looked at the bandit, pointing to himself. "Who me?"

"Yeah you, who are you? And why do you have fire in your hand?"

"Oh ah, heheh, this? Oh.. nothing nothing, I was simply about to start a fire for these sleeping bandits here, you see? We must keep our troops warm, yes, warm indeed! Lest we all get the plague or worse!"

The bandit wasn't buying the lie, and he drew his sword. "You better start talking to the truth old man!"

The old wizard Rothgar would then look at Midnight discreetly, pointing to a match by the table behind him with his eyes. Then addressing the bandit, "Y-yes, ah.. well.. you got me, I'm stealing your money and I'm not giving it back!"

"What the?!" The bandit exclaimed in anger as he came forward.


All that remained was perhaps the most critical piece of this encounter, Kellum and Chisato. If they'd follow the plan they'd encounter two guards, and the nobleman in a cage, beaten, and bruised from being dragged by a horse. Considering the distractions going about the two guards would look on over as Joanne was doing her best to fend off her attackers. They laughed and chuckled as the knight took hit after hit. So much was their amusement that they started towards the encounter to watch. It gave the two precious little time to set the noble free, however, the keys were in one of the guards belts. But perhaps they had other trucks up their sleeve to deal with an iron cage.

Titles: [Human - Mundane], [Noble D - Gentry], [Apprentice Lancer]
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When a Person Changes - Valkyrie Profile

The scent of freshly brewed tea, which was being poured in the porcelain cups, filled the room, the smell sweet and delicious. It brought a sense of familiarity and long past childhood memories. However, time marches for all, unrelenting and unyielding, sometimes being cruel, while the others being kind. It was still unknown which one this was: while Edwin felt the excitement of finally being ‘let loose’ into the world, wanderlust always being present in the heart of the 16-year-old-human, to see what excitement waited for him outside the luxurious manor gates, thanks to not small part to the tales of legendary knights of yore, filled with gallantry and chivalry, which had been told to him by both the Master Knight, who trained him since childhood, and the Steward of the household ever since he could understand those notions. However, on the other side, there was also the weight of the responsibility that had been placed on him, towards his dynasty and, more perhaps, more importantly, his sister.

“Edwin… Edwin…” A small voice tugged in the back of his mind as those thoughts swirled inside his mind, his gauntlet hands having gone through motions and already holding a porcelain cup in them. The human’s emerald eyes were focused at the reddish liquid which swirled inside the pristine container, its sweet scent being much stronger because of how close the steam rising from it was from his nostrils. The memories and nostalgia intensified, more and more, as well as the small voice which was calling his name.


“EDWIN!!!” The voice built to a crescendo, this time almost ear-piercing, accompanied by a heavy shaking of his arm which held the cup. The surprise attack almost made him drop the cup, the contents of it swirling in every single direction, threatening to spill out at any moment. Blinking a few times, his emerald eyes moved from the cup to his side, where a pretty angry-looking Ivy, his sister, gazed at him with furrowed eyebrows and pouting, almost like a puffer-fish. Nearby, someone cleared their throat, and a male voice spoke, in a serene and dignified voice. “Lady Ivy, it is not proper for someone of your status to lose your calm in such a manner. The young lord must have a lot in his mind.” The headbutler, August, said, slightly chastising the girl’s outburst. Keeping the pouting, Ivy gave August a side glance and, just as she was about to say something, Edwin interrupted. “I am sorry, Ivy. Please, continue, what were you saying about the tea party?” He asked, offering her a small apologetic smile, before taking a sip of the warm tea. Ivy kept her pouting for a little longer, before relaxing and continuing her tale with renewed mood.

Both siblings continued their conversation, now in a more cheerful manner, some small laughs being had here and there. Eventually, however, time made its presence once more, urging the young knight to begin his own tale. Both siblings made their way throughout the hallways of the manor, heavy metallic steps along with almost inaudible soft ones. On Edwin’s right hand, he held a heavy lance, its weight a reminder of the expectations placed upon him. His left hand was tightly clasped by Ivy’s small one, her being able to feel the coolness of the plated gauntlet. Eventually, both were at the courtyard, where the tended gardens created a serene atmosphere, being a stark contrast with the current situation. Edwin’s destrier had already been prepared with its saddle, waiting for him near the gates, being held by the stablehand. Nearby, a group of servants waited with a mix of emotions etched across their faces.

As both siblings approached the war horse, they turned towards each other. Edwin kneeled down, so they could be at the same level. His sister’s eyes were a bit downcast, understanding the gravity of the situation. “Come back safe, okay? Promise.” Ivy said, in a small voice which cracked slightly. With a serene expression, Edwin nodded, before answering. “I promise.” A kind, gentle lie, one he had no way of being sure it was possible to keep. With a parting hug, which could very well be the last one, the heavier side of his responsibility was clear: if he were successful in advancing his family status, Ivy would enjoy greater freedom, instead of simply being used as a pawn for marriage, thus elevating the Stormcrest status among the nobility. With renewed determination, he broke the hug, stepping away from his sister and getting on top of his black destrier. On top of his mount, he gave one final look to Ivy, keeping his serene expression and then at the nearby servants, giving them a nod, which was answered with a bow from them. With that, the young Sir Edwin Stormcrest rode away from his family’s state and into the world, ready to take on whatever challenges awaited him.

Road Through The Dark Forest - Lantern

Edwin galloped on top of his destrier along the road which led him outside of Ryken. Even inside the city limits, his gaze was attentive to anything out of the ordinary. The young knight’s attention increased when the war horse hooves now hit against the dirt patch, instead of the cobbled road. After many hours galloping, he found himself in the proximity of the Holy City of Ruaan. While not a devotee to any particular deity, thanks to his own upbringing which had kept both him and his sister away from religion, he had no qualms towards the followers of any deity, as long as their teachings didn’t conflict with his own code of chivalry and honor. The clopping of the horse was steady and slow, as Edwin didn’t want to tire his beast without a reason. The upper part of his lance, where the tip was located, now rested against his shoulder, while his right hand held its handle tightly and his left controlled the reins of the war horse. Eventually, the animal was forced into a halt as the free knight’s emerald eyes came upon a ghastly sight: quite a few guards had been killed, their bodies sprawled alongside the road. His eyes widened in shock of the sight in front of him, the tea and scones he had earlier turning and twisting inside his stomach. Forcing the contents of his stomach to calm down, he slowly guided the war horse closer to the bodies, before stopping once more and getting off of it.

Getting closer to it, he kneeled down, looking at the body. There was a long open gash, just above its chest and the armor it is wearing is painted in a dark, crimson color. The young noble placed his lance down on the ground and unclasped the fixtures of his right gauntlet, removing it. Swallowing hard, he gingerly approached his fingertips to the wound, noticing it was still relatively warm. His emerald eyes were now focused on the crimson liquid which stained the fingertips of his index and middle finger, before finally snapping out of it and, once more, donning his gauntlet and affixing it to his body. It appeared that this attack didn’t take place too long ago. Retrieving his lance, he walked over to a few of the other bodies, this time simply looking at them. From the standardization of the armors, he assumed that they were all part of the same group. On top of it, there was also an empty carriage, adorned, with its door ajar which probably belonged to someone of certain importance. The young free knight gripped his lance with further strength, his mind recovering from the shock and understanding that someone might be in danger. His code of honor demanded that he, at the very least, tried to help whoever was in this predicament.

Going back to his destrier, he got on top of it once again. The clopping of the hooves resumed, as the young noble’s emerald eyes scanned the area, looking for any clue that would lead him towards the attackers. Following the road for a bit longer, his eyes could catch a trail of carriage, which moved away from the road and led towards a nearby forest. That had been the only hint he managed to find thus far and, as such, decided to follow it. He slowed the movement of his war horse, keeping his ears sharp and focusing his gaze in every direction, in hopes to find something. After riding a bit further, Edwin would see a camp ahead and clinking of metal started to reach his ears. Approaching, carefully, keeping both him and his destrier behind a tree, he peered forward. He caught the sight of a few tents and carriages around the camp. There were a few people, going up and about, their clothing and demeanor giving a creating a few preconceptions on the young free knight, which he ignored by now.

Ornstein and Smough - Dark Souls

After further observation, his emerald eyes finally fixed on the source of the clinking of metal: he saw a heavy armored figure, probably a knight, engaged in combat with a few of the residents of the camp. Edwin knew not which side was right, but his nature, forged by duty, honor and chivalry, compelled him to act in some manner. This was the true beginning of his quest and he planned to embrace it fully. Leaning his body forward on top of his war horse, the lance in his hand being brought down and pointing forward, the reins hit the neck of the destrier with a quick motion, his greaves’ heels kicking against the animal’s side. “Hiyaa!” The young noble bellowed, as the destrier began galloping at full speed towards the group that was engaged in the fight. The blue cape, at the back of the young free knight, fluttered with the speed of the charge, the sigil of the Stormcrest’s family, a golden serpent, waving in the wind wildly. The clopping of the hives echoed, getting closer and closer to the group. And, keeping one of the figures who was in combat with the armored fighter at his side, Edwin thrusted his lance forward, attempting to couch and impale the figure, thrusting his three-pronged lance¹, which cracked with lightning, at full force at their side, in addition to the war horse’s speed. And, after the attack, he only stopped the destrier after getting enough distance, turning the animal around. In his youthful face, the young noble had a serious expression, eyebrows furrowed, adrenaline and excitement running through his veins, as he leaned forward once more, taking a couching stance once more. The horse’s hooves started to brush against the ground, getting ready for another charge, as the creature neighed.

¹ - Thunderous Lance Impale F - Fighting Style [Lance] F, Technique Core Blight [Lightning] F, Technique Core Continuing [Electrified] F - Grade F Cooldown 0 - Sir Edwin thrusts and impales his lance deeply into the target, delivering both lightning damage on contact, as well as electrifying them, further dealing more lightning damage. Can also be used on horseback. (Base effectiveness - Strength C (+4), Lance F (+1), Fighting Style [Lance] F (+1), Mount F (+?) = 6; Damage = 6 + Blight F (+1) + Continuing F (+1) = 8.
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As the assault upon the carriage continued, Joanne found herself in a predicament. It seemed quite futile in fact. A reality she was beginning to understand as she parried over her head, with her sword before another attack hit her exposed side. The crusader cried out loud under her battered helm. However, she wouldn't falter and continued to attempt her strikes towards the bandit night watch patrol. In spite of her spirit she was getting clumsy in her fighting as her movements became more predictable and slow as she roared into another strike.

Panting, bruised, and her armor visibly dented she continued to receive volleys of blows, it was until she was finally brought to her knees that the leader among the night watch, raised his axe as Joanne began to recite a prayer within her helm. "Dala, its been an honor to serve you."

However, it was then that the bandit who had raised his axe to sever Joannes head off her body was suddenly stroke down by another on a galloping horse. The man, impaled at full force dropped his axe as lightning bolts tore his body apart. Edwin's sudden surprise attack gave little warning and thus the bandit couldnt even scream in pain.

When the warhorse turned around for a second charge the lightning burned bandit slowly dragged off the lance. A pile of charred fleshy bones now laid upon the ground.

The other bandits watched in horror and trembled. "What in the blazes is this about?! What's with these bloody fanatics?!"

"S..sound the alarm you fool!"


Joannes life had just replayed before her eyes, when she realized that the bandits had turned their attention elsewhere she could barely believe she was still alive. She drew a breath, and forced herself up once more before bringing her sword up, then bringing it down with all the might she had left strikes down the one about to sound the alarm. Pulling her sword from the downed bandits neck as she pushed with her foot upon the corpse she'd continue towards the next bandit, limping and occasionally falling to her knees as she moved.


The old wizard would then enter the fray, "We must get out of here! There's much too many!" He'd look at Edwin. "You there! Horseman! We can't take all of them on! We must retreat back into the woods!" Running up to Joanne, he'd open her helm and produced a strange option from his satchel and pour it into the nuns mouth. "Here! Drink! Make you well it will! And good to run until it wears off!"


Joanne drank, she didn't have a choice but to trust the old man, besides, she had already almost died. Before long she suddenly felt her heart rate increase when a sudden feeling of strength overcame her senses. Not wasting anytime she called out to the knight. "We must go!" The least she could do was guide her likely savior to safety, she hoped he'd listen, although now striking down one of the bandit made him an enemy now.


As the whole party retreated back into the safety of the forest a loud explosion could then be heard behind them. The old wizard chuckled. "Hehehe!! Looks like they found the explosives!" The old man laughed. After he had his cackled he addressed Edwin, "You seemed to have come at just the right time, horseman! What is your name?"

Joanne took off her helm and looked up at the knight upon his warhorse, "I am Sister Joanne Vallenhart, of the church of Dala." She sat on a rotting log. "I am in your debt sir knight." Quickly noticing his sigils and markings. "Surely, Dala sends you as my savior from our foolish undertaking. You see, we were attempting to bring back a noble who was captured in one of those carriages. However, it appears some of us ran into problems or inconveniences. Much to my detriment, I was a willing distraction for the sake of keeping the night watch occupied while Rothgar here, and three others to carry out our plan."
Eeriel (Midnight)
Character Grade - E

Eeriel had a rather disappointed look as she watched the old wizard trying to talk with the bandits while hinting at her to lit the explosive. It's just there's one small thing that the wizard forgot to calculate... The cat had no hands. Of course she wouldn't lit any match anytime soon. Instead the cat let out some unintelligible noises from her mouth. To most humans it probably sounds like animal growling but any beastkin would know that she's actually chanting. A brief moment later a spark of pure mana appeared in front of her and then launched towards the approaching bandit, specifically aimed towards his crotch.

"You're the one who gonna do the work, old man." She said with her eyes pointing at the matches.

1) Mana Strike - Magic F, Magic Range F - Shoot a bolt of pure mana up to 10 feet ahead - F Grade - 0 cooldown

The deeds done, but it seemed they haven't been able to complete their goal yet, and now another person appeared. This one was a knight on a horse. Great, just what they need.

"They would be super alert now." The cat commented at their current situation, obviously not satisfied with how thing had proceed. "At this point we might as well just charge them head on, break the cage's lock with brute force and then retreat with the noble."

"That or we can just tell the city guard about the bandits and go our merry way. Just throwing a suggestion there." She's starting to regret this. Maybe she should had supported the wizard and just straight up abandon the damn noble.

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Sir Edwin Stormcrest
Edwin 3.jpg

Titles: [Human - Mundane], [Noble D - Gentry], [Apprentice Lancer]
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Combat In the Ruins - Darkest Dungeon

Adrenaline was rushing through Edwin’s veins as he looked at the results of his surprise charge: the body of the bandit laid on the ground, the smell of charred flesh reaching his nostrils, despite the distance. His heart raced, as he felt a mix of excitement, shock and bloodlust being brought about in full force over his senses. That had been his very first kill, one that would be etched in the back of his mind for years to come. As he tried to keep those surging feelings in check, to keep a coolhead in this battle, he heard one of the remaining combatants, who were near the footknight, order another one to sound the alarm. The young nobleman’s mind raced, as he prepared to retrieve a new lance from the leather pouch which was located at the side of his destrier, already preparing himself for yet another charge. However, he stopped when he saw the footknight getting up from their predicament and dealing with the combatant. Edwin was relieved, for if the camp had as many combatants as those tents could hold, his chances, along with the apparently battered footknight, were pretty grim.

The free knight’s emerald eyes then darted to an old, bearded man, with a glaring kooky disposition, at least at first glance, would come into the scene. Edwin narrowed his eyes, since, for all he knew, the senior could very well be some powerful archmage that would burn both him and the footknight into a crisp, using some sort of blazing inferno spell. The tension on the young lancer would only be slightly relieved when the old man bellowed to him, warning how they would be fighting a losing battle if they didn’t retreat. It looked like he wasn’t on the same side as the combatants who ran the camp. And, it only became much clearer as he helped the footknight in some manner, which Edwin couldn’t exactly catch the details because of the distance he was from them. In addition, it didn’t escape his notice that a black cat was nearby the old man, maybe it was his pet? Regardless, the same orders of retreat were given by the footknight, their voice sounding in a different pitch than he had expected. While leaving the battlefield caused a bad taste in the free knight’s mouth, discretion was the better part of valor and possibly dying there, needlessly, accomplished nothing. He nodded to the footknight, starting to gallop towards where the body of the combatant he had dispatched was on. Leaning off his warhorse to the right side, while still in movement, Edwin scooped his lance off the ground, once more holding it safely in his right hand. He used the shaft of the weapon against the ground to prop himself up the destrier and fix his positioning on top of the animal.

The Hamlet - Darkest Dungeon

He followed the group into the forest, the clopping of his destrier now muffled, thanks to the earthy ground. When a thunderous sound echoed, coming from the camp’s direction, Edwin’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, the explanation coming from the mouth of the kooky-looking old man: explosives. After both the old man asked his name, and the footknight took off their helmet, revealing to be a blond-female-woman, with blue orbs, there was a temporary surprise across the young nobleman’s face. Recovering, he got off his destrier, knowing it would be lack of proper etiquette if he remained on top of it. Affixing the hilt on his three-pronged lance against the ground. “I am Sir Edwin of House Stormcrest.” He introduced himself, his voice soft, yet dignified which would have been expected of someone in his position¹, giving the old man a small nod. Afterwards, he shifted his attention to Sister Joanne.

Giving her a nod, acknowledging her status, he began. “It is a pleasure to meet someone of your mettle, Sister Vallenhart. I am glad to have been of service and that my lance was pointed towards those who deserve it.” With a soft expression, which masked the mixed emotions still running within, he continued. “Even though I am not one close to the gods, if this was Her providence, I am glad to have been an instrument of Her will.” He commented about the sure divine intervention orchestrated by Dala. “I see, so that is whom the empty carriage I found at the nearby road, along with the dead guards, belonged to.” He nodded a few times, understanding what was transpiring before in the camp.

When the young nobleman heard the black cat talking, he was a bit surprised. It didn’t look like the being was a beastkin, but looks could be deceiving. She also didn’t appear to be one for introductions, but he thought nothing of it, still taking the small creature’s considerations in his own reasoning. “Assaulting that camp a second time will most likely not be easy, but if we head into the Holy City of Ruaan to alert the guards, the bandits might break off camp and be long gone before the guards arrive.” The young nobleman talked about what could come of the two decisions, his mind not really liking the second option. His code of chivalry and honor obliged him to act, as someone was clearly in danger under those captors. Once more, he looked at Templar, his expression showing slight worry, not knowing if she could place herself into the fray once more. Still, he would not overreach his boundaries: that was a decision that only she could make. “I say we charge towards those ruffians. The explosion may distract them long enough for us to extract the noble from the camp.” He glanced at the tip of his three-pronged lance, seeing it the crimson liquid that now adorned it: the weapon had been baptized by blood and so had him.

¹The Stormcrest Name - Etiquette F + Noble D [Gentry] - Grade D Cooldown 2 - Shifted more towards characters who are political figures or nobles, Edwin shows his knowledge of the etiquette of the proper etiquette/forms of addressing, both to build rapport and bring his higher upbringing to the forefront.

Kellum.pngChisato alt .png
Kellum & Chisato
Character Grade - E

Title(s): Laywer [Educated], Human, Warrior, Delver

Mentions: RavenSong RavenSong Spoiled Bread Spoiled Bread Maxxob Maxxob



Kellum was about to charge out there and tell his companions to transform when he stood up, he was pulled back to the ground as the group had run off. Turning to Chisato he glared and gave a look of disapproval. "Would be wiser to see what happens, there could be additional bandits hiding in the trees or that might show up if the explosion goes off," Chisato stated as the explosion went off the two watched from the sidelines. As the explosion distracted the bandits and the fighting continued. The duo continued to watch ocasionally Chisato pulled Kellum back down as he attempted to stand back up.

As the fighting continued on and some of their companions looked in dire need of help, a new face arrived and on horse back. Which caused the two to look at each other in confusion for a moment. They were not sure what was going to happen next until it seemed like the mounted knight was going to help the group. By now it looked like there was no reinforcements coming from behind them and Kellum was about to join the battle when the group retreated back.

As the group made it to the safety of the forest Kellum let out a sigh, "The problem is the fact that they know we are out here now. We won't be able to get close like we did. They will be on gaurd and if there was more than what we saw no doubt they will all be in that spot now," Kellum pointed out as Edwin seemed particularly read to throw himself onto a pike in the middle of the battle field. "Not to mention we still don't know how many bandits are moving about and we don't have time to go back to the city to get more people. They will surely be gone and are probably getting ready to move now. I say we hit them while they move," He concluded.
The cat appeared to be quite in line with her species in temperament ! However, much to the benefit of the mission the spark had found it's mark, and the bandit went off dancing in a panic. "Get it off!! Ahh!! Get this cat off me!!"

It had been then that the old wizard had lit the fuse and darted away with Eeriel in hand.


Back in the forest the party discussed among themselves the likely way forward, the bandits were dealing with a massive explosion which killed a few but not enough to completely stop the operations within. The bandits scurried for a moment before facing their casualties while others fought the fires on the carriages. One particular in command, a bandit captain gave orders to move whatever explosives were left and place them underneath the water caches as to avoid another catastrophe. They would soon mobilize instead of seek out those who came and went, it seemed their objective was much more important than finding revenge for their casualties. However, if one looked from afar, they'd notice the night watch was tripped. And the bandits were much more on guard, while also wide awake.

The old wizard chimed in with his own opinions, "Nonsense! We've already attempted this once! No no, we leave the noble alone I tell ya! He shouldn't have been tromping about in the woods in the first place!" He then suddenly went into deep thought. Then looked out towards the direction of the bandit camp. "I suppose, if we can all go straight for that cage and set the man free, we may just pull it off with a stealth spell. Oh! But it's so risky now, I tell ya!" Stroking his beard he continued, "I do suppose we'd have to take another look, but really, the wise thing to do is to continue on!" Then shaking his head at Edwin's suggestions, "Bah! No time to warm Ruaan, no.. not an option. Besides, after the dragon attack they'd have their hands full!"

Joanne listened intently to everyone speaking, assessing their suggestions and concerns. Then addressing Edwin Stormcrest, she began, "Well met, and i'm glad to meet someone of mutual understanding with the divines. Perhaps it is a sign I'm on the right path." She smiled softly then returned to the matter at hand continuing as she addressed her concerns, "I don't rather like the idea of jumping back into the fray as i've barely made it out the first time. However, I don't like the idea of a nobleman, regardless of how pompous they might be to suffer needlessly. Seeing as my armor is rendered useless now, I don't see myself being of much help other than in offensive matters." She'd begin taking the creaky, bent, and now rather inflexible armor plates off, but left the base layers on which consisted of leathers and chain mail. Standing up she felt bruises all over her body, and winced lightly as she placed the tip of her sword on the ground while her hands rested upon the hilt. "If we are all in agreement to head in once more, I am once more at your service." Clearing her throat a bit she continued, "I find Kellums plan the soundest, we make our move when the entire camp is in movement. If we do so now it could be fatal."


There was then yelling and calling coming from the bandit camp, it seemed the caravan was making ready to depart.
The party then moved to a strategic location, one where they could get the best view and be at the shortest distance without being discovered under the cover of trees, foliage and bushes. A creek ran in between them and the path the bandit caravan was taking. Shallow, but in motion. The transport was heading towards a tall canyon, if the caravan got there before they made their move it would be impossible to help the nobleman escape; it was headed towards a large clearing.

(This is an E grade encounter)

Joanne looked on as she took cover behind a few boulders. "Very well, this is our chance, as soon as the nobleman's carriage passes us I'll take the one guard behind. Then Me, Kellum and Chisato and Edwin could follow up on anyone who would cut us off from our escape. Finally, the wizard and the cat could undo the lock and perhaps Edwin's horse could get him out of there swiftly and safely without slowing our escape." She sighed shallowly and looked at the others, "Any questions?"

Sir Edwin Stormcrest
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Two more had joined the group in the forest, two humans, as far as Edwin could tell, a male and a female. Just like the talking cat, they also hadn’t extended the courtesy of introducing themselves to the young knight. This lack of basic etiquette was slightly jarring for him. But maybe, and hopefully, that was only happening because of the strenuous situation they found themselves in. If this was a common behavior between commoners would only be revealed with time. The black-haired male human suggested a different approach: attack the bandits while they moved. That could prove very daunting, even more since Edwin was the only one on horseback, unless they found a very advantageous place to set up an ambush of some kind. While the idea would have irked him in normal circumstances, he knew better than to extend honor to those who were dishonorable themselves, as the bandits had shown themselves to be.

Next, the old man, called Rothgar, gave his own opinions of what should be the course of action. The knight’s gauntleted index finger started to tap slightly against the metal shaft of his lance, while hearing the suggestion. It was clear that Ruaan was out of question, for a number of reasons and, if they were to rescue the captive noble, they would have to do it themselves. At the mention that leaving would be the best, blond eyebrows were furrowed, but nothing was said. Still, the plan of using a Stealth Spell, to get close enough to the cage to free the noble appeared to be promising. Maybe that could be pulled off. Edwin’s expression, however, would only relax when Joanne addressed him, his index finger ceasing the tapping. He smiled back in kind, his emerald eyes focusing on hers, before she revealed the full extent of her injuries. The young nobleman was glad that the templar had enough prudence to know her limits and how another frontal assault could spell doom for the group. Nodding with the final agreement on their plan, Edwin added. “Very well, let’s follow through as he suggested…” He motioned his head towards Kellum, before continuing. “... and if the need arises, I can take a few hits. I will leave my warhorse here, otherwise we could be spotted. If we need it, I can call it for us.”

With the first part of the plan being decided upon, the young knight followed the group, his heavy plate armor clinking slightly with every step, while his lance was being held with an iron grip in his right hand. When the group got to the spot where they would act on, his emerald orbs began to gaze at the strategic value of the place, while he crouched behind a bush and the small branches gently brushed against his chest plate. From the outlook of the scenery, there was a point of no return, which would be impossible for them to act and rescue the noble. So their attempt had to be final and precise. His gaze was once more focused on Sister Vallenhart as she laid out the plans. He agreed to them, giving her a solemn nod. “That sounds like a sound plan. As soon as the noble is freed, I will whistle and call my destrier. It will probably carry him without much trouble.” Edwin said in a low voice, not wanting to risk the group being discovered.
Eeriel (Midnight)
Character Grade - E

"Hmm, is that it? That's the plan? Sure, let's do it already."
During the conversation Eeriel didn't contribute much and spent most of her time grooming herself. She didn't feel like spending brain power for a noble, also the group spent too much time talking that the bandit had started to mobilize themself. If only they had a leader figure this might all be done quicker. Oh, well. She climbed the old wizard and sat on his shoulder.

"Hope you still have stamina, old man. We're going to swoop in and steal their most precious belonging. Just like a group of bandit, ngyahahaha."
"Yes, yes.. that will do." Rothgar the old wizard creaked as he felt with his fingers in his pockets. "A stealth spell will do." He muttered to no one in particular. He was a rather odd old man, he appeared suspicious at times but it could easily be confused with him simply being 'off'.

When Joanne spoke he looked over to her, assessing her evaluating the pros and cons of her plan. "Right. Let's move out!"

Joanne then nodded in agreement to Edwin's suggestions. "A sound detail. Yes, leave the horse behind and we'll call it to our aid when it's time to make our escape."


As the caravan moved, it eventually came to the final wagon coming to pass, which carried the caged noble. And the mentioned guards following behind, tired and walking.

Once overlooking the entrance towards the canyon, Joanne looked towards her companions before giving a nod. "We must be quick." She muttered before launching herself towards the end of the wagon. She'd raise her sword but her chain mail gave the element of surprise away. To which the bandit parried with his shield. Joanne would then tackle the bandit, falling on him and quickly punching him in the face, knocking him unconscious. Joanne winced as her hand sprained, not exactly knowing how to punch someone or rather never doing it so sent shooting pain through her body. She couldn't falter here however, she picked up her sword quickly and darted towards the cage.

Rothgar had been sprinting shortly after the crusader, casting his stealth spell at Joannes location, anyone within range could be hidden. However, they would have to keep still if they desired to remain stealthed.

The caravan was close, and the guards couldn't hear any of the commotion due to the noise that emitted from the wooden wagon wheels turning against the gravelled road. The party's location wouldn't be compromised. For now.

(If so desired, any character could go for the guards further down to find more secrets, or set the nobleman free and escape. )
Sir Edwin Stormcrest
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Following through with the original plan, Edwin decided to keep himself poised for the off chance of the bandits being alerted to the group’s presence, thinking he would make a better match for them than Rothgar or the talking cat. Leaving the lock for another one of his companions, he began following one of the other guards, his lance being held with both hands. The soft sound of his plate armor pinged, with a small clink with each step. Trying to approach the bandit as quietly as he could, despite not being trained in the more subtle arts, his objective was to surprise him from behind.

After getting close enough, the free knight would pull back his arms, to his right side, to gain as much momentum as it was possible, before stepping forward and unleashing his attack against the bandit, putting all his weight and strength behind the impaling attempt. He braced his legs to get further stability as his body moved forward. Following his special technique, Edwin would pull his lance back and thrust, once more, against the bandit. And, while attacking, the free knight hoped that one of his companions would take care of the cage and free the noble.


1 - Attempted to shadow one of the guards further down, from behind
2 - Thunderous Lance Impale F - Fighting Style [Lance] F, Technique Core Blight [Lightning] F, Technique Core Continuing [Electrified] F - Grade F Cooldown 0 - Sir Edwin thrusts and impales his lance deeply into the target, delivering both lightning damage on contract, as well as electrifying them, further dealing more lightning damage. Can also be used on horseback.
3 - Basic attack.
Eeriel (Midnight)
Character Grade - E

"I'm going now."
Eeriel said to Rotghar before she jumped off from his shoulder. The cat utilized the wizard's stealth spell for her initial landing but quickly switched to using her natural abilities as a cat to sneak through the bandits. She's small and can easily hide, her steps were silent so she wouldn't be easily noticeable, but the biggest part of her stealth strategy would definitely be the rampaging knight and nun and lawyers and wizard fighting the bandits directly. They should draw the attention away from her. If things went smoothly she would slip into the cage and met face to face with this noble they're trying so hard to save.

"Greetings, hooman. What a day, huh? Lucky you there's a bunch of strangers willing to bail you out~" The cat casually greeted the noble. She gave the him a brief glance but ultimately her attention shifted into the inside of the cage. Her eyes darted to every direction of the cage trying to find weak points that she could exploit.

1) Sneak into the cage with Stealth F
2) Search for the cage's weak point
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The attack continued, Rothgar ever nervous and eager broke the stealth spell and pushed Joanne ahead. "Doh! Let's catch up, now!" He whispered a bit frantically.

Joanne felt a tug on her shoulder, the old man couldn't know her hand felt as if it was split open but she did as requested with a nod and darted towards the cage. Both Rothgar and Joanne noticed right away the feline Eeriel had already reached the cage.

Surprisingly, Eeriel would notice the man within was in quite bad shape. His clothes were ripped and his nose bloody. The man was hunching over as he sat as his eyes slowly opened. Groaning a bit he noticed the feline, "Hm? B.. Bail me out?" He said as his hands reached for his bruised face while he looked past Eeriel, to his relief the cat was right, it had seemed these strangers had come to save him!

Besides the rust and chipping paint Eeriel would notice a small clinging and clanking coming from behind the cage. It seemed that the keys were suspended on a hook on a crate. However, it wasn't without some degree of risk as a bandit was sitting on the mentioned cargo crate.


Edwin Stormcrest would create quite a bit of noise approaching the bandit, to which the element of surprise was lost. "Huh?!" As the lance came forward it met a shoddy shield which it pierced. The lance stuck to the shield long enough for the bandit to pull out his axe and strike at the knight. Edwin would attempt to parry, but then decided to dodge at the last moment which worked better in his favor as the axe skimmed and scratched the plate armor clad knight.


Joanne, noticing the fight would join in with Edwin. Shortly after the bandit swung his attack Joanne plunged her sword forward aiming for his chest but instead pierced the bandits thigh. Quickly, she forced her aching hand open, wincing as she did so and held onto the bandits mouth to reduce the sound of screaming. Letting her sword go all of the holy maidens efforts were only to maintain their fragile secrecy.


Rothgar, seeing as Joanne had parted assisted the feline, Eeriels efforts by offering his assistance. Holding a finger over her mouth gesturing for silence towards the cat he casted a stealth spell on her. Then pointed at the keys, before giving her a toothy smile. Revealing his missing teeth, then going back to his usual expressions. He'd start with tending to the nobleman's wounds as he walked in a crouched position so as to avoid detection. He'd glance back at the fighters if only to maintain tabs on progress. He hoped they'd make quick work of the bandit but it seemed for every bandit there was increased risk of detection.


It was beginning to seem like most hopes now rested in Eeriel and retrieving the keys.
Eeriel (Midnight)
Character Grade - E

Eeriel unconsciously let out a faint growl as she stared at the hanging keys. Her eyes darted between the keys and the bandit sitting on the crate. Of course she could try sneaking around and snatch the keys right below the stupid bandit's nose, but she had another idea. It's a new spell that she created not too long ago and this will be the perfect opportunity to test it.

Extending her right paw forward, Eeriel focused her vision on the keys as she let out another series of growls, another chanting in beast language. Her paw started doing some weird movements where it curls and uncurls repeatedly before she finished it by hissing the spell's name. It's a simple one.


If succesful the keys would simply disappear from its location as Eeriel put it inside her pocket dimension, then she would use her pocket dimension again and spat out the keys right in front of Rothgar to take.

1) Steal - Magic E, Pocket Dimension F, Range F, Focus F - Put into pocket dimension an object that is less than 1 cubic feet within 30 feet away. Grade E, 1 turn cooldown
2) Pocket Dimension F to drop the keys
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Sir Edwin Stormcrest
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After the failed attempt to sneak up upon the bandit, the young nobleman was glad that he had decided to change the parrying of the axe to a dodge, feeling the weapon being swung and skimming his heavy plate armor superficially. Edwin tried for a moment to retrieve his lance from the shoddy-looking shield, with little success: it seemed the three-pronged had stuck a little too deeply into the material. With adrenaline being pumped more and more through his veins, he gritted his teeth while thinking of what he should do next, his expression hardening and his eyebrows being furrowed.

At that moment, as a goddess-send, the templar Joanne would join him into melee before the opponent had a chance to try yet another strike. Seeing as she pierced their common enemy at the thigh with her sword, next doing her best to muffle his screaming, Edwin would not let her efforts go to waste. Letting go off his lance, his gauntleted right hand would reach for the handle of the maiden’s sword, pulling it from the bandit’s flesh. Now, wielding her sword, the free-knight would move his left armored hand onto the mid-section of the blade, assuming a half-sword stance which would grant him better precision with the weapon’s tip.

Crouching slightly, aiming underneath the bandit’s jaw, he would bring the sword upward, like a lance. Putting his strength behind the attack, he would attempt to skewer the bandit’s jaw and possibly his head, trying to push the blade as deep as he could. With gritting teeth, the young man’s expression would lose all grace, in its place only killing intent remained, as beads of sweat began to form on his forehead.
The caravan continued it's stride, ever closer to the pass, it had seemed the rescue party so far was undetected.

The bandit that Joanne and Edwin had apprehended struggled against the chainmail and leather clad nun. It wasn't a surprise that Joanne, having placed a hand over the bandits mouth prompted him to bite. And bite he did, rotting teeth would pierce the maidens flesh, the side of her hand began oozing, right beneath the base of her pinky and on the other side. Joannes eyes widened, every nerve in her body shrieked, every cell in her anatomy exploded with pain. However, Joanne would gasp, albeit as loudly as she could it wasn't enough to set off the alarm. As she pulled her oozing hand, she'd use her other arm to pull the bandit to the side placing her forearm at his neck and pulling with all of her might towards her. The bandit struggled and gasped for air, but Joanne wasn't strong enough to suffocate the fallen soul. He'd elbow her on the side to which she'd groan, and loosen her grip but held on.

Just as things were seeming bleak for the nun, Edwin did what Joanne was too unskilled to do. Noticing Edwin, Joanne used her bloody hand to pull the bandits hair exposing the underside of his jaw. The bandit barely had time to consider his options before Joannes sword, wielded by Edwin pierced his brain. With a few twitches the bandit fell limp atop Joanne.

Pushing the criminal over, she winced as she noticed her hand bleeding out. Ripping the bandits shirt she quickly fashioned a wrap around her hand. Then looked up at Edwin. "I am in your debt knight." She stated suddenly before looking towards the caravan. "I pray we may yet be successful. To them." Without another word, Joanne would pull the sword out of the bandits skull and run as fast as she could towards Rothgar and Eeriel


Rothgar stood surprised when the feline hasn't moved an inch. "What in the blazes are you doing cat?!" He'd whisper frantically. To much of his surprise though, the key appeared before his face. Taking the keys he'd stutter, "B.. bu.. bu.. but how is this possible?! You wield magic, cat?!" He asked before fiddling with the lock for a moment and finally opening the cage. Unfortunately, the creaking of the cage seemed to create curiosity, enough to alert the bandit driving the horses that pulled the large wagon. "What?! Hey!!" The bandit stammered as he seemed uncertain as to what to do briefly before calling towards the others. "Intruders!! They're taking the prisoner!!"

The bandits would spring into action albeit they still seemed to have a bit of time as they were clumsily organized. The noble would jump out of the cage, Rothgar would attempt to catch him but instead fell under the nobleman's weight face first into the graveled road. "Ack!!"

"Forgive me." Said the nobleman as he picked the old man up and pulled him into a retreat. Looking back Rothgar would call, "Midnight! Run!" The magic feline would have an easy time escaping, considering her size and nimbleness.


As Joanne and Edwin got closer to the others, the maiden looked back at Edwin. "Perhaps now is the time to summon your steed, Sir Edwin." She said through shallow panting. Shortly after that the steed would arrive, to which it carried the nobleman to their meeting point.

The bandits however, couldn't quite keep up to the already escaped party.

"Gods dammit!! They got away!!" One said looking at the other, "Heh. No. When the masters hear about this, they're as good as dead. Come on, let's get these jewels to the dragon."


Once back in the forest, the party all had time to recuperate. Joanne would collapse and put her hands together as she muttered prayers to Dala under her breath.

Rothgar seemed exhausted and quite traumatized by the whole endeavor, but it was hard to tell if he was indeed traumatized or deeper in his own thoughts and contemplations. "By the mystics! That was quite the impossible thing we just did! Ha! And we saved the nobleman! Say.." he said turning towards the noble. "..who are you anyway?"

The noble bowed, "Thank you all for saving me, I'd have surely been murdered at the hands of those criminals if it wasn't for you all! My name is Cassian, I represent the merchants order of House Driscol and it is a great pleasure to meet you all. Please, why have you all took it upon yourselves to save me?"

Rothgar stroked his beard for a moment, "Merchants order eh? Hm. Well young nobleman, we had seemed to stumble upon your kidnapping and decided it would be best if we came to your rescue. Some of us thought we'd be compensated somehow eh? Well, maybe not the templar over there."

THe noble nodded, "Of course, yes, I shall see that you are all justly rewarded when I return to Ryken. Please, do tell what you would desire. Ill see to it within my means.,"

Joanne would step forward, "I seek not the treasures of this world. However, should you know where I can find the dragon that stole the chalice of the chapel of Dala I would be honored."
Sir Edwin Stormcrest
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Titles: [Human - Mundane], [Gentry], [Apprentice Lancer]
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Edwin’s eyes kept themselves on the thug as the attack was successfully struck, thanks in no small part to Joanne’s quick thinking. As the blade made its way into the underneath of the opponent’s jaw, a few droplets of blood would sprinkle onto the young nobleman’s face. He was thankful that the sword staunched the crimson liquid from gushing out towards his face, as he would rather not be bathed in the cur’s filthy blood. Only then would the teen notice that the battle maiden’s hand had been injured during the struggle. Even then, her resolve didn’t weaver, truly standing as a paragon of duty in Edwin’s eyes. There was much to learn from her and he hoped he could do so. “No, crusader. I am in yours.” He would reply, his tone not being one of empty praises, but earnest sincerity and his face still carrying a hardened expression. The free-knight knew things could have turned much differently if it weren’t for her aid.

He would walk over the shabby shield, which still had his three-pronged lance stuck firmly into it. Stepping on it with his armored feet, he used it as leverage to grab his weapon with both hands and yank the steel tips from the rather effective defensive piece. Holding his Stormbringer once more, there was a small sense of comfort while the gauntleted fingers wrapped firmly around the shaft of the tool of war. Edwin’s attention would once more be directed at Joanne. Hearing her prayers, he nodded, beginning to run right behind her. As they reached the wagon who had been transporting the prisoner, the cat and the old man had been successful in their task. With the former captive noble now free from his cage, he would nod to Joanne’s suggestion, not missing a beat in letting out a sharp whistle from his lips.

The heavily armored destrier would come galloping, at full speed, its hooves kicking up dirt as it moved. With the nobleman on top of the well-trained warhorse, the group would manage to make their escape before the would-be kidnappers could mount a counter-attack. Now, once more back at the forest, Edwin finally relaxed once more. With his face still stained with a few droplets of blood, he looked affected by the whole ordeal, still recovering mentally from his first battles and blood spilled. However, that was the life of a knight, and he had to become used to it as fast as he could. He listened to the nobleman’s introduction, his house being known to Edwin. Rothgar was certainly not wrong about the free-knight himself wishing for compensation, however it wasn’t wealth he was after, but power and standing. “I am Sir Edwin of House Stormcrest…” he began, introducing himself in turn to the nobleman (The Stormcrest Name), before continuing. “... just as Sister Vallenheart, I wish not for wealth. I would, however, appreciate your house’s support when I petition for the rank of Baronet with the crown.” The teen nobleman said, nodding to his peer in respect. And, while he could be done with that endeavor here and now, he had made up his mind to extend his aid to the battle maiden in what she was after.

1 - The Stormcrest Name - Etiquette F + Noble D [Gentry] - Grade D Cooldown 2 - Shifted more towards characters who are political figures or nobles, Edwin shows his knowledge of the etiquette of the proper etiquette/forms of addressing, both to build rapport and bring his higher upbringing to the forefront.

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