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(Accepted CS are liked by me. Non-realistic face claims please)​
-All characters are human but for a few expections-​
Personality: List or paragraphs are fine
Weapon: Be reasonable. How can your character get this item.

[Powers are to be added soon]


~Forgotten by the light I loved~
Name:Richard Suzuki





Role:Vice president



Bio:Richard lives on a ranch outside of town, it’s of the of bigger ones in the area. His parents are Kagome Suzuki, and Jackson Palmer. His father is the towns Chief Deputy sheriff, and his mother is a grocery clerk. He came from California to live in (to be added when exact state is given). He’s great around animals, he owns a few horses and 3 dogs, Tank, Kiya, and Bud. Both are pitbulls with Bud being the larger purebred pit.

Personality:Richard is a kind hearted man who is usually a goofy person, he’s usually nice to everyone he meets, unless they have wronged him in some way, if so he can be quite rude and hostile until the situation between that person or a group of people is resolved in some way shape or form. Strength:Great eyesight, also good at hunting, and brave Weakness:Temper can sometimes get the best of him, he can be a bit lazy at times

Weapon:Armalite Rifle 15 with a hunting scope, angled grip, and a kurkri knife, he got them at a hunting shop that sells guns and hunting equipment. His other weapon would have to be a extendable baton and brass knuckles, which is his everyday carry, they are easy to hide.

Physical attributes: Tattoos appear from the abdomen to face when powers are in use. Tattoos also appear on the arm to the hands. Passive: Demon detection- Tattoos start to appear when a demon is in close proximity. He will start to hear whispers and screams when the ability is in use. Offensive: You could consider Limiter Removal sort of like an enraged 'form' which makes use of harnessing spiritual energy. Since Richard is the sort of 'BA' that is probably experienced in physical combat, it'll make him more ruthless and will enhance his strength making it so that his fists are like granite.​
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~Forgotten by the light I loved~
Name: Jessica Silver








Bio: Jessica is the local blind girl at the school, she can be found hugging the lockers and walls when walking to her next classes. Silver seems to not have any friends in the town or at the school because she is blind, and at times accidently stares at people without knowing. She used to live in new york, but that was a terrible place to live when blind, so her mother moved her out to a small town in washington. She lost all her friends and was dumped into a new crowd, she hasn’t gained a single friend yet, she’s been in town for a few weeks now..

Personality:Jessica is very quiet and super sweet, she hates having people mad at her, she sometimes gets in moods where she is silent for a long while, she’s quite depressed. She will never see the world, how beautiful it is, what her mother looks like, or what she looks like, she’s also very insecure.

Strength:Hears and smells slightly better than the normal person, great balance and surprisingly not clumsy

Weakness:Not physically fit, blind, loud noises heart her ears, and strong smells have varied results

Weapon:”Does a walking stick count?”

Physical attributes: Eye color changes to various colors. Both eyes different colors Passive: Can see souls of people. Souls vary in color if the soul is good or bad. Offensive: Illusion Manipulation

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Name Alex Knightwalker

Codename: Axel


Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Role: Member- Diver/Medic

Height: 5'11

Bio: Alex works at a night bar to help his parents. Especially after his father was admitted into the hospital after a construction accident. His mother told him that the family was financially stable. However, Alex was worried that if she takes another shift in the hospital it would be too stressful for her. After a few months working in the bar and going to help his mother at the hospital, she worried about Alex's social life. Alex's mother told him that he should make some friends. He can't be just working and helping her for all his life. Alex insisted that he wanted to be a pediatric surgeon so he doesn't mind just working. But during one night when he was driving home on his motorcycle, he saw something strange and huge. It looked like something out of a nightmare. He nearly crashed when he halted. Alex looked around for creature, but the beast was gone. He wondered if he'll ever see the beast again. The next day when he parked his bike in his usual hiding stop, he couldn't be pondering about what he saw. That is when he overheard two of his friends talking about the club that investigates supernatural things around the town. After a few weeks, Alex came to the conclusion that he needed help so Alex decided to join the Investigators of the Supernatural club

Personality: Alex is a kind and caring person, especially since he wants to become a pediatric surgeon. While Alex is kind, he is also calm and courageous. Especially since he rides his motorcycle at night at 100MPH.

Strength: Athletic and well-balanced thanks to his job and hobby. Some of his many strengths are that Alex is calm and collective when it comes to emergency situations. Wanting to be a pediatric surgeon, he practices first aid and stitching every day which makes him a good nurse aid.

Weakness: He is too considerate that he puts others needs over his own. He will disregard his health and safety to save anyone in trouble no matter who it is. He is quite a gullible person

Weapon: Tazer and medical first aid kit

Others: No one is allowed to touch his motorcycle without his permission. He will always treat anyone that is injured.
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⚜ "Aye yo it's me Johnny B!" ⚜

"You're asking me out of all the people in this school to join this stupid club?
Why can't it just be someone else? I don't care about making friends...
Besides... Who wants to be friends with someone like me?"

Chaeyln J. Turaya


- Full-time student at Spring Valley High school.
- Part-time spiritual medium (Online).
- Member of "Investigators of the Supernatural" club.



Pansexual - Chaelyn is attracted to anyone who understands her as a person,
this means she is capable of gaining a love interest in a metaphysical entity.

Appearance/Physical Description:
Height: 5'5", Weight: 108bs, Eye Color: Violet/Black (Changed after Relative Haunting), Blood Type: A-

Chapter 1 Appearance:
"Tsk, why are teachers always complaining about me dressing in dark clothing? I can wear whatever I please damn it! They say i'll make more friends if I stop wearing black bulky hoodies or just anything that describes my shadowy personality... How dare they! Do they think I can't act by myself without the use of people trying to guide me? Screw them, I don't need anyone in my life to pity me."

Chapter 2 > Appearances:

Charlene Turaya - Mother (Alive)
Rylon "Pete" Turaya - Father (Alive)
Dalia Turaya - Grandmother (Passed)

Dating Status - Nobody

(TBA - Will be updated as the plot progresses.)

Regarded as that one 'weird' girl in the back of all of her classes who barely speaks and scribbles down morbid pictures in her sketchbook, Chaelyn is what you'd call an 'outcast' to some degree as there's rarely anyone who wishes to interact with her as they either do not wish to tarnish their reputation or they believe she'd just not speak to them and get hostile towards any form of friendliness offered to her. Most of the teachers have a tendency to try and interact with her to get her to speak although occasionally they're only met with rude gestures that get her sent to the principal's office... When it comes to those that have spoken to her, she's seen as someone with a very hushed tone additionally one that's easy to irritate.

(I'll try to update this soon.)

Diary (Biography)
Prelude - My Life.
"So, I guess this is it huh? This is the day where I start about finally writing in this freaking dusty old diary that my parents made me keep... Honestly, I'm not sure whether or not it was an attempt at me expressing my emotions so I wouldn't get upset at any teachers at school and completely lose my shit all the while getting sent to the principal's office because of my quote on quote "intolerable behavior" even though It's that one teacher's fault for putting his damn grubby hand on my shoulder and thinking that he could pop a 'feel', what an absolute creep! I'm surprised that arse-face even has his job after what he did, they must've thought I was lying because I don't speak that often, ridiculous. At any rate! I don't think I'm really doing much of anything besides rambling on about some stupid perv... I should really start talking about my trivial life if by chance someone from the future stumbles upon this, doubt it but whatever.

I can't really remember much about my childhood since I was like a toddler at the time, no shit right? But I do remember spending a whole bunch of time with Grandma Dalia during my earlier years of life, especially when my parents became too busy to look after me... Guess I can't exactly blame them for this, after all they're doing this so I can have a roof over my head and so i'm able to have a decent chance of surviving in this cruel world yet it hurts not being with them! Nonetheless, living with Gram wasn't all the bad, in-fact it was actually really fun! I can't begin to fully describe how splendid of a woman she really was, she had such a kind soul and her cooking complimented that, those cookies she'd always make during those Friday evenings would always send my tastebuds into Heaven, mmm! Aside from that she was someone who my parents really didn't approve of that much but they honestly had nowhere else to place me so they went with the easiest option which was her, it's a guess but it could've been due to the fact that she wasn't your ordinary granny and had a bit of secret which happened to involve practicing wiccan/paganism behind closed doors, didn't take long for that secret to become public when mom saw her hurling a frog's foot into a cauldron causing her to freak out and get the police involved! Jeeze, after that everyone thought she was some sort of Satan-worshiping Witch lady to which those people can go screw themselves for picking on such a poor old woman whose minding her own business. Fortunately, I was able to stay with her long enough to discover the secrets of her art before she passed away from old age... I still can't believe she's gone...

Even though she was gone, I knew she was still with me in spirit and watching over me! I knew this because I saw her with my very own eyes, an apparition of her that had materialized before me as I woke. Frankly, I was scared out of my mind! As a child it's horrifying to not only see a ghost but one that's of a dead relative? It just brings back a feeling of loss and dread. Nevertheless, I remember watching her speak to me albeit I couldn't exactly hear my grandmother but I could feel her telling me about how she wanted me to continue her hobbies of being a medium and continuing her experimentation with the land of the unliving. From that point forward, a part of me changed and I became 'special' as I had shared my grandmother's gift of seeing the dead which also leads to me becoming a part-time medium in the future, pretty sweet am I right? Well, not everyone thinks that... People at the school I go to right now call me a "Crazy Bitch" or a "Freak of Nature", the works. Y'know if it weren't for me respecting and honoring my grandmother's wishes I probably would've tried to curse them and have them get eaten by man-eating gerbils or some shit.

Ha! What a sight that would be! Even though they deserve it I guess back-talking them and seeing their stupid faces scrunch up in offense is a bit better than doing that, even if it gets me in trouble with the school. Ugh, speaking of school I really need to get better grades... I have to go study for my test and i've already wasted so much time writing in this dumb diary of mine, I guess this would be a good stopping point since i've got school tomorrow... Welp, Ciao!"

Chapter 1 -
(Will be updated every so often.)
Chapter 2 -
(Not Available.)
Chapter 3 -
(Not Available.)
Chapter 4 -
(Not Available.)
Chapter 5 -
(Not Available.)
Chapter 6 -
(Not Available.)
Chapter 7 -
(Not Available.)

+ Supernatural Entities.
+ Cats! Preferably any animals though.
+ Likeminded people.
+ Cooking.
+ Horror, Spooky, and Gothic things.
+ Homeroom / Seminar Class.

- Being lectured.
- Getting ridiculed for her attire.
- Skepticism of her beliefs.
- Unwanted advances.
- Evil Spirits.
- P.E. Class.

- Her own parents.
- Easily annoyed.
- Reserved.
- Running.
- Easily Irritable.
- Attracts spirits.

+ Understanding of the Supernatural.
+ Can visually perceive spirits (Only if they're not disguised as humans).
+ Ability to let others see spirits by marking them with an insignia.
+ Seeing as nobody really recognizes her, it makes her perfect for stealth.
+ Creating distractions during class. (Hard for her to get suspended/expelled because of parents.)
+ Knows spells and incantations that'll help protect students from spirits. (Although they're weak and can be broken through.)

- No previous weapons -
Spectral Sight: Prior encounter with Grandmother Dalia had made it so that she could awaken the slumbering Spectral Sight within her, giving her the strange ability to visually discern ghostly beings without being possessed or using any form of insignia.

- As of now, she wishes to find a purpose when it comes to living, she feels that what she's doing right now has no value! Maybe this could change with the right guidance or this so-called organization is legitimate enough for her to have some kind of obligation. (Goal changes when completed.)
- Wishes to have a deep connection with someone, at least someone that'll help her develop as a person so she's not afraid to be outgoing or limited when it comes to conversations! A person that'll make her achieve an outgoing lifestyle. (Goal changes when completed.)


Chaelyn's Cat - Luna (Whiskers) (Soon to have a large role within the story.)
Rough look of Chaelyn's room, it's amassed with a whole bunch of antique furniture that she believes to have 'energy' surrounding it.
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On a subway to space
Name: Dylan Mores

Codename: The Eye

Age: 15


Sexuality: Heterosexual

Role: President

Appearance: 69cc0bf3c1b8cf1f86210cba2f81b3c9.jpg
Dylan has chocolate brown hair that reaches half way down his neck. His eyes are silvirish brown when in a well lighted rokm. People are often distracted by his thick rimmed glasses to even notice his unique eye color.

Height: 5'7 ft

Bio: Dylan has been searching for the supernatural ever since his grandfather told him stories of the creatures he fought and captured on tape. His parents always told him that his grandfather was just delusional. However, when his grandfather died, he left a large browning book in his room. This book was a encyclopedia for various supernatural creatures from every region of the world. Even a few artifacts were placed inside the book. After viewing a few pages of the book, Dylan sought out to find these creatures near his own home town along with others who share the same determination to unveil a hidden world.

Personality: Dylan is often considered a nerd. He spends his time reading fantasy books and talking about mythological. He’s pretty proud of his findings and would try to go at great lengths to prove that he is right. Dylan is overall a respectful kid in and outside of class. He seems to tolerate people who bully him due to his beliefs. He will even protect them from harm even though they belittle him.

Strength: Agility and Determination. Good with a camera.

Weakness: Durability and his stubbornness.

Weapon: Metal baseball bat and his Dad's shotgun.

Others: -Carries his grandfather’s book with him all the time.
- Since he's usually home alone at night, he learned to cook for himself.
-He sometimes steals his Dad's shotgun when on serious 'investigations'.
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  • Name: Riri Ankomora

    Codename: Anko

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: 100% Lesbian

    Role: Treasurer


    Height: 5'4
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The Swiftest Shot In The West
Name: Authoria Michelson​
Codename: I Don't Do 'Codenames' (IDDC)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Role: Secretary
Height: 5'6
Bio: Authoria is the sole child of Brad and Victoria Michelson two extreamly normal and typical parental figures who worked hard to get into their current work place positions, those being 'Head of HR' in the local Walmart and Lawyer respectivly. Authoria was raised with love and affection and academically she prospered all the way through her schooling up and until she entered her second term of Highschool. At which point her average grade dropped eponentially to the point her grades were mear passes as opposed to the honors she typically had in mass.

As a child Authoria was obsesed with the mythalogical! Not so much the spirutual but none the less she was obssesed with these 'stories'. And lucky for her so was her neighbor and childhood bestie Dylan Mores. The two were inseprable as children and often spent days at a time reaserching and delving deeper into the world of myth and legend. Neither carred if what they did seemed weird to others and neither cared if all they did was for naught, they were simply kids having fun in blisful arogance. Unfortunatly, Childhood passes and that arogance tends to fade...

Authoria eventually came to care about the name calling, the slander and the mocking that her peers pushed upon her as a result of her actions and as addolesence began knocking on the door Authoria made a choice. Said choice being to cast her old self away and create herself anew. Authoria cut ties with Dylan, sold off all her old books and locked away her journals and anything she had that remotly mentioned myth in anyway. Her pen was replaced with that of a makeup brush. Her baggy tracksuit bottoms and jumpers were replaced with skinny jeans and desighner brand attire. Her attitude changed from kind to.. not so kind and after entering highschool her friend group changed and she became one of the popular girls. the very girls she hated in a previous life.

Dylan was left behind, he was abandoned and cast aside. He would visit but Authoria wouldn't pay him any heed. He would call but reach only voicemail. He would approach her in the halls only to be ignored. And worst of all he was berated and made fun of by both Authoria and her friends when ever he so much as attempted to bring up childhood memories in passing.

Authoria was not the child Dylan remembered her to be and after she was called into the office on the suspicion of bullying Dylan both his parents and her own were appaled. Ever since then she'd been forced to take part in his stupid club and take care of all the formal work on his behalf. What a pain!

Personality: A calculating woman Authoria always strives to be three steps ahead of the program. With a great gift in the field of academics she can easily take in information and understand it. Despite what the current grades she's recieving portray Authoria is more than capable of scoring in the high nineties in all her classroom tests and as far as languages go she'd ace them with her eyes closed. Although she bares this skill and studies in her spare time apperances are currently everything to her. She's one of the popular girls and with that title comes a lot of obligations. She's a bitch and extreamly cold and stark as a result but hey... deep down inside she's still the kind little girl who loves mythology and memorized over ten ancient tongues.

Strength: Authoria's strenght lies in her understanding of the mythalogical and all the elements that compose it. With great knowlege on significant ancient languges she's a key asset to understanding artifacts and the like.

Weakness: Apperances are everything to Authoria.

Weapon: Pepper spray and a tazer.
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Sin The Clown

The Fool's Prophet

Tabemono "Nyan" Ōkabe

The Gift of Life

Full Name:
Tabemono Ōkabe





Roughly 5'6"

Come Not From Possessions

~Appearance & Personality~
Appearance Description:
(I will probs add a description later, for nao I'll just have these images)

Tabemono, or “Nyan” as he is known in the ‘Investigators of Supernatural Club’, is a free spirited individual who could be best described as a roamer, and friend to all sentient life. He has only been apart of Spring Valley High School for a year, prior to which he was home schooled. Tabemono became known for being a bit of a ‘loner’ & ‘oddball’ in some respect, having descended from a Tribe of dubbed ‘weirdos’ who with a deep (and frankly strange) connection to nature, practiced in tabooed rituals & rites to shape-shift themselves into other creatures. Due to his habit of usually hopping from one point to another, and only ever having brief interactions with others; Tabemono has yet to make any friends, or allow anyone to know much about him. It could be said Tabemono’s only true friend is his chubby cat companion ‘Nyan’; of which the two refused to ever separate from each other even on school grounds. Leaving some to wonder if he prefers the company of animals over actual people.

Contrary to these things and what some might call him, however, Tabemono is a rather gentle soul who often prefers to avoid conflict, especially with other people. Often preferring to either keep himself out of such conflicts, this isn’t to say he is always a peaceful individual, Tabemono being quite instinctual about any threats which may pass his animal companions. Leading to perhaps one of his most important characteristics, is his connection to nature, and all the wildlife within, aswell his Tribal heritage. He hopes that by joining the Supernatural Investigators Club, not only will he learn to make some new friends, but also figure out the mystery behind what he saw that night at his father’s Zoo.

Club Member / Animal Lover

- He is very fond of all animal wildlife, including those which the majority of the populace has come to fear

- Avid lover of coffee, some might say he is ‘addicted’

- Learning more about the history and culture of the Tribe he descends from

- Enjoys exploring and roaming around different areas, specifically within the wilderness

- Deep curiosity for the supernatural after his ‘strange’ encounter as the Zoo, as well as anything to do with animals he is yet to be aware of

- Animal abuse, or the harming of any living creature in general. If encountering a hostile creature, Tabemono will first try to either communicate or flee from something before ever charging at it with violence. And refuses to kill any living creature.

- As a general personal rule, Tabemono dislikes & avoids conflict wherever he can. The only exception being a possible threat to one of his animal companions or friends.

- Tabemono is gullible in nature, and is quite aware of it. Whenever finding himself falling for the lies or tricks of others, Tabemono often reflects in shame, wondering if he’ll ever be capable of changing his own overly trusting nature. (This could also be considered another weakness as well, although I was too lazy to make its own description for his weaknesses section)

- He is opposed to hunters, and hunting in general; usually being distasteful if he ever comes across one.

Character Relationships:
‘Hiroji ‘Ōbake’ (Father) ~ Tabemono’s father, he owned a Zoo. Where Tabemono spends time lending his father a hand with the menial chores around the zoo, and spending time with the animals inside their inhabitants.

‘Mari Ōbake’ (Mother) ~ Tabemono’s mother, she had homeschooled Tabemono up until the year he finally joined Spring Valley High School. Most of Tabemono’s general education comes from his mother.

“Granny Chi”, Ōbake’ (Grandmother) ~ Tabemono’s grandmother, a strange and eccentric old lady. Unlike Tabemono’s parents, Granny Chi is very knowledgeable about their heritage, and the traditions/beliefs of the Ōkabe Tribe. Just about all of which Tabemono knows of his heritage comes from Granny Chi. She keeps various tools, paintings and ornaments passed down from their tribal descendants. One idol in particular, of a Tanuki with a straw hat and what seems like different colored eyes (though it is hard to tell) being of particular importance to Granny Chi.

‘Nyan’ ~ Animal Companion / Best Friend, Tabemono’s strange cat companion, who Tabby has named ‘Nyan’ (the only sound it makes). While Nyan may have an adorable exterior, he is an extremely mischievous cat with a lot of personality; often spending it’s time getting itself (and oftentimes Tabemono) into mischief. Nyan is notorious for bad first impressions.

The Ōbake Tribe:
Tabemono descends from a Tribe disconnected from Spring Valley, the ‘Ōbake Tribe’, were known to believe and worship just about all things in nature, as such a central deity is unknown, however there are tales that somewhere in their history, they had been visited by a spiritual entity, an overweight Tanuki with a straw hat and two different colored eyes which made a large impact on the Tribe, with carved idols still being preserved today. For reasons quite unexplained, it is said that all members of the Ōkabe Tribe, young and old donned masks that conceal their faces. Although it is also assumed their was some kind of tribal rite of passage or ritual and in addition this mysterious piece of culture they are also believed to have practiced in a polytheistic animistic religion (Polytheism; is the worship of or belief in multiple deities, which are usually assembled into a pantheon of gods and goddesses, along with their own religions and rituals.) (Animism; is the religious belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence.). With some beliefs at the time that Tribe members had often performed mysterious rituals & rites in order to ‘shape-shift’ themselves into other creatures.

To Whom This May Concern

Good evening to you Sir, Tabemonoooooo is the name~ Me and my buddy, Nyan have wrote this with high hopes to join your Club, ‘The Investigators of the Supernatural’. I was born a not far outside the City and I was named after a descendant who was said to have made best friends with an Okami, my father owns a Zoo, and my mother homeschooled me all the way up to last year - when I joined Spring Valley high School...I may have not made many friends yet, but I have Nyan~ And I think by joining this Club I can make some ‘people’ friends tehee~

I guess it is worth mentioning, my family descends from the ‘Ōbake Tribe’, a group of people who practiced a polytheistic animistic religion. You could say it is kind of ironic that even now, my family still has close connections to animals...Even if it’s not exactly the same. Anyway, what really brings me to this Club is an experience I once had at my Father’s zoo. I was helping him out, cleaning out the animal inhabitants at night I caught a glimpse of...Something, lurking in the shadows, I only got one short glimpse - but from that alone I know it wasn’t any animal or creature, at least that I know or heard of.

So!! I hope you consider my application to join the ‘Investigators of the Supernatural’ Club.​

Best Regards, Tabemono Ōbake

But From Those We Meet

~Combat Information & Extras~

Character Strengths:
‘Animal Knowledge & Kinship’ ~ Tabemono has an extensive knowledge of a wide variety of animals, their nature, habits and in some cases basic ailments to aid in specific situations. With a strong connection, and attachment to all animals in addition Tabemono has been attempting to find methods of communication with other creatures; although so far with very little success.

‘Keen Senses’ ~ Perhaps a genetic trait from his tribal descendants. Tabemono has a naturally high sense of smell and primal instincts. He is quite good at tracking down animals and perhaps in time, people and other things as well.

Character Weakness:
‘Pacifist’ ~
Good natured, and perhaps somewhat sensitive Tabemono does not like to hurt other living (and sometimes nonliving) things. Often refraining from conflict altogether where he can help it, even if the conflict is forced upon him. However, if there is a potential threat to any of his animal companions Tabemono will be more willing to fight - but never kill.

‘Supernatural Education, or lack thereof’ ~ Tabemono has little education or understanding of the supernatural. With his only experience being a glimpse of a strange creature one night while Tabby had been working at his Father’s zoo.

Tabemono’s Journal:
Tabemono’s personal journal of sorts, where he keeps his thoughts on events in his life, and whenever getting the chance, draws sketches of sceneries and animals he comes across.

- The Face Claim I used for this character sheet is called 'Takashi Natsume' from the manga/anime "Natsume Yuunjinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends)"

- Tabemono doesn’t own or carry any form of weapon, and likely never will if he can help it

- Tabemono’s grandmother still keeps an idol of ‘Ganpo’ in his Tanuki form in her house

- Tabemono was born with slit pupils, making his eyes somewhat resemble that of a cat or fox.

- The Tribe Tabemono descends from is heavily inspired by the ‘Oina Tribe’ from the Okami game series. ( Oina )
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Socially Anxious
Name: Sakurako Nakayama

Codename: N/A

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: None

Role: Member, only there out of circumstance



Height: 167 cm

Bio: Sakurako has always been silent never really learning how to speak properly due to her being deaf. It was hard for her to make friends due to her deafness despite attempts being made. She of course always had people talking about her badly pretty openly because of this. Where she lacks in friends, she found comfort on book as they do not require hearing to understand. Her parents have always insisted to make her normal despite this disability but it was hard in school both Academically and socially as she fell behind due to not being able to hear. They moved a lot due to her father's job making her friend's list smaller and smaller. She finally settled in Spring Valley high school after moving from japan to the US where her father got a permanent stay here. She went to school again nervous. Despite trying to act normally, the Faculty had already been informed and she was placed in Special Education due to this disability. She found refuge in the Library and was eventually invited to the Literature club. Unfortunately all the other members have either transferred out or graduated leaving the club disbanded. Out of circumstance, she was moved to the Supernatural club because nothing else worked out. Like the Choir or music club. Sports was a no no for obvious reasons so that leaves the Supernatural club which she joined. Personality: Silent, Shy and taciturn, She prefers her own books and only makes small talk via Sign language or exchanging sentences in notebooks.

Strength: She knows Sign language, She can see and smell better from the lack of hearing.

Weakness: She's deaf and needs a hearing aid to hear somewhat clearly, Her talking is impaired and she can't talk in English. Only write in broken English.

Weapon: None

Others: She's not completely deaf, she has a hearing aid but without it, she can't hear anything.

Power: : Slime powers. Unstable emotions can cause her to turn into a glob of clear, light blue slime. Passive: Can absorb and store objects Physical attributes: Body is sensitive to temperature and changes state depending on it.​
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Storm Guardian

Farfetched Philosopher
Casper Beauregard
Coyote Hart's RP Database - Casper Beauregard
In the case that this roleplay never finishes to its end, I'll adapt the existing story into a story with Casper being the protagonist. Then I'll wrap up the plot through the story. If the roleplay finishes to its end, this character will never be used unless I completely adapt the roleplay into a story. And I sure hope that I'm faced with the latter situation where the roleplay finishes. Casper will not be used in the roleplay unless permission is granted.

Overground Lucifer

Junior Member

Basic Shtick

None Chosen Yet


Orange Juice (OJ)







More Shtick

Club Member





He loves the club and will do anything for it. Though this information is going to be kept classified.

Trust Issues and all that.


OJ is a joker. Either weak or the most powerful card of the game. He is protective and curious. Though, he has a hard time trusting people with anything about himself. He often forgets important things he's supposed to do alone. Often they jump at being touched and flinch at loud noises. But, OJ will try his best to make you laugh, no matter how terrible they feel.


OJ can keep a poker face.
He is also good at lying and getting himself and others out of sticky situations.
Most of the time they also have just the joke needed to lighten the mood.


Often times they can't take things seriously, this irritates others.
OJ has a habit of internalizing everything.
He will not let anyone know how they are feeling is the emotion is not positive.


Bat with nails.


Loves space and the supernatural.
He keeps a journal to write in.
Will love you forever if you are genuinely nice to him.


Physical characteristics: Body fluctuates from human to metal body. Nails always appear to metallic even in human form.
Metal Manipulation: You can bend and shape medium to small metal objects. As OJ's body turns into metal, OJ can manipulate his shape. However, this does take a lot of effort to control the metal form.
Shock Absorber: Can absorb a large amount of shock making OJ durable to berserk attacks

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