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✨Raging hard on? I wish✨
⚠️Eating disorder, suicide mentions ⚠️Kirishima was normally a happy guy from what everyone could tell, he was always smiling, always had something positive to say, no matter what was going on! They all thought that for the same exact reason, none of them had known him when he was younger, he was always really insecure about, well everything about himself, he just wasn’t flashy or cool like the other kids, he rarely let it get to him anymore though, choosing to not think about it to much, the negative to this solution, when it hit him, it hit him hard. For the whole week he had been hiding out in his room, door locked, windows shut, he only came out for class and even then, fake smiles, forced laughs, makeup covering heavy eye bags, no one had seemed to notice, no one except his boyfriend that was, so Kirishima might have been ignoring the person with the worst anger issues in the entire school who happened to be his boyfriend, he hadn’t done anything yet had he? Little did Kirishima know Bakugo was currently storming down the hall towards his dorm, prepared to force him into talking if need be. You continue as Bakugo!

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