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Multiple Settings In need of some new partners.

A Finnish Boot

The Unseen Blade is the Deadliest
Greetings potential partner! I am in need of some new roleplay partners, and if you are reading this, then it might be you! I would prefer long term-partners, however, that is not a requirement. As far as length goes, I'm good with pretty much any length, I will do my best to match whatever you post, I will avoid one-liners but you don't have to, I know it can be tough to make long detailed posts sometimes. If you aren't the best at grammar, that's alright by me, so long as you use periods and I can get the general idea of what it is you are saying.

I'm good with FxM and FxF, and I'm fine with playing either gender, I would like our to have you first choice. Romance is a must for me, and most plots will have lots of action and adventure. There will be lots of plot twists and danger.


Princess x Prince/Princess (forbidden lovers)
Prince/Princess x Handmaiden/servant (forbidden lovers)
Girlfriend x Boyfriend (modern fantasy)
Girlfriend x Boyfriend (modern Slice of life.)


Legend of Zelda
Kingdom Hearts

I look forward to hearing from you all!
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Hiya, I’d totally be interested in Boyfriend x Girlfriend. I do have some questions about what you mean by “modern slice of life”?

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