Commission i'll draw your oc for free or something( or draw you some fanart if you dont got no oc) [CLOSED]

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  1. iv been in a weird mental place the last months or so, i haven't been able to draw at all.
    its not that i dont want to but i can't seem to draw anything but squiggles and shitty portraits,and the longer it takes for me to draw something decent i spiral farther down in this hole i have dug for myself.

    So i'm pulling out my secret weapon against myself, my extreme need to please others! ain't nothing that will force me to draw more than the idea of disappointing others...

    so to the thing you guys actually care about, the drawing part
    i am most comfotable with drawing humans and humanoids, but if you dont mind shitty drawings i can draw fursonas and robots(but when i say shitty i mean Real shitty)

    i will only take 2-3 request at a time and will need

    • a good description of the character or a decent reference picture (i would prefer if its not stolen art that you just grabbed from some poor artist, if you aint got a real reference pic just write the description)
    • a pose that you would like the character to do, but i would prefer it to be on the simpler side, (this just makes things easier for me to start the drawing) SenshiStock have some decent poses that you can look through and find something you like.
    • some patience, it might take me some days for me to do the drawing or it might take me a week, as written before im in a bit of a weird mental place right now so it might take some time, please respect that.
    • disclaimer: the art might not blow your socks off im doing this for free and so i wont spend 50 hours on your request.

    art "examples" (its not my art tumblr exactly cause i never tag any of the posts, its more for archiving incase my pc somehow just dies and good thing i have it cause the last pc i had did just that, not that i ever have drawn anything better that mediocre but it might be fun to look back at in like 10 years)
  2. Could you please draw my Fallout character? Bear with me, I'm about to drop a lot of reference pictures.

    For the actual picture, I don't want him wearing the power armor. He wears gray military fatigues beneath. I only include references for the power armor because if you feel like going the extra mile, I just want it standing in front of my character while he kneels and tends to an injured person behind it (or not, I know asking to draw two people is a bit much. If you do, though, they'd also wear a gray uniform). He'd be holding the pistol in one hand at the ready while he applies a stimpack with the other. Again, you don't need to go through the effort of drawing the armor. Thanks in advance!
  3. For the Enclave!
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  4. ok heres the thing im not doing full on illustrations for free here, im doing maybe a basic portrait with really simple coloring or if the character design is simple a full drawing with a simple pose.
  5. Oh okay, I guess I got confused when you mentioned pose. In that case, I'm not sure how to pose him. Feel free to take some creative freedom!
  6. Hey still got room for one more?
  7. yeah sure i only have 1 to do atm, just give me an ok description and i'll take a look at it, in the morning, im heading to bed right now
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    @moize Thanks! Do you mind doing a headshot of a girl OC I have? She has long orange curly hair that would go to her back, red yellow-ish eyes like fire and a yellow and orange checked scarf that would cover her mouth, is that okay? o.o She would be about 17 or 19 and have really pale skin.
  9. Would you notify me as soon as this opens back up?
  10. ok here is your oc, i didnt feel like doing more than the face, here is your young-Harrison-Ford-fallout-4-insert,
    ps. let me know if the drawing didnt upload correctly, i'll reupload it if it didnt work

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  11. i forgot the gosh darn beard stumps, whatever you can just deside which one you want

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  12. Looks great, thanks!

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