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Fantasy I Was Supposed To Become a Hero but Got Stuck in a Deadend Job Instead (Characters)



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This is the character thread for "I Was Supposed To Become a Hero but Got Stuck in a Deadend Job Instead"

Character sheet:

Any criminal history?
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Name: Craid Zideal IV
Age: 20
Gender: M
Species: Goblin
Appearance: Ragged and aged, distrustful eyes and a constant sneer.
Clothing: Jean pants and a hoodie, whether sun or snow. The only evidence that he changes clothes is the stains are in different spots.
Occupation: Cornerstore night clerk. (And small time illicit drug production/sale)
Education/training: High school prodigy, parents taught him additional chemistry and bits of arcanology. Denied from college for criminal background.
Likes: Physical sciences, things that can be broken into facts and figures. Loves to try to figure out how arcane devices work, despite his limited mana capacity.
Dislikes: Philosophy, or any other subjective sciences, as they are "too full of themselves." Hates being told things can't be understood.
Skills/Abilities: Home trained in Chemistry and Engineering. Able to work with scrap parts do to his low income upbringing.
Personality: Despite his appearance, he tries to be open and friendly with people, though he holds doubt about what others say and quickly distrusts anyone he sees as an authority figure.
Background: Taught from an early age to question everything. He learned quick, and even began helping his father in his chemistry lab. When his father revealed what they had been making was illegal, Craid began to question the law. Thus he carried the family tradition of distrusting authority and skirting the law.
Any criminal history: 2 Counts of possession.

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Name: Ursula Rizza
Age: 45
Gender: female
Species: elf
Appearance: Ursula stands at 5'11, she keeps cheerful and approachable appearance most of the time.
Clothing: T-shirts and denim shorts. Uses apron when she's opening her food truck and wears an oversized jacket for everyday activity.
Occupation: Food truck owner (main), hunter for hire (secondary)
Education/training: Elven Hunter Academy
Likes: guns, Pizza, video games
Dislikes: her own impulse, prolonged solitude
Skills/Abilities: hunting, cooking, and some druidic magic.
Personality: cheerful and straightforward, but occasionally can be very lazy. It's quite common for Rizza's Pizzas to take a day off for no reason.
Background: Born to a militaristic elven family, Ursula was trained in the way of the hunter. She registered herself at the military and was accepted into the sniper squad, but she developed a fear after her first mission and resigned. Her father then decided to just let her becomes a fire lookout at a conservation site and while at first Ursula enjoyed it, she felts like she was going insane after months of solitude so she resigned. Her parents then tried to get her into a gun production but after working for several weeks she resigned. At this point her father just gave up and let her do what she wants. Now, Ursula live faraway from her parents, she doesn't have any home and sleep in her food truck. How can things become like this? Well... casino.
Any criminal history: reckless driving
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Name: Aenera Manabrook
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Aenera has very long brown hair that goes down to her thighs. Her eyes are green. She is 5'11" (180 cm) tall. Aenera is a rather big chest. She uses glasses mostly for reading or driving as she is mildly short-sighted. Her bangs usually cover a permanent forehead crystal she has.

Clothing: When going out, she usually wears a blouse and a skirt and eventually a cardigan if it is chilly. Her more casual wear is a tunic (short or long sleeve depending on the weather and capris or black leggings with flat sole shoes. Jewelry wise she occasionally wears ribbon or lace chokers. On really warm days, where she doesn't have to go to work she might even wear shorts with either a sleeveless button-down top or even just a bikini top with shorts.

Occupation: Store clerk at a health food store, officially. Inofficially, she is an occasional supplier of Crystal Magic.

Education/training: Aenera originally trained to become a sorceress and scholar.

Likes: Working on her auto, researching new spells and concoctions, having control over her probation officer

Dislikes: Being constantly bugged by corrupt cops, crony scholars, her boss

Skills/Abilities: Alchemy, an assortment of powerful spells mostly involving bending laws of nature, high natural mana level

Personality: Aenera can be considered somewhere between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Good. She has certainly done horrible stuff for good reasons. She tries to avoid harming people as long as they don't wish ill upon her and most of the time she truly is kind natured and has no ill intentions. However she can be a bit of a control freak or act insidious if the circumstances are right. Basically, she is good to her friends and known to act rather laid back and friendly most of the time. But if her friends are in trouble, she has no issue using violence to protect them.

Aenera's life was good until a number of unfortunate circumstances sent it downhill. She grew up in a lower middle class family and was scouted at an early age due to her high mana capacity and possible natural arcane affinity. She was send to an elite school in the capital. But soon it became apparent that the leading wizards and sorcerers didn't intend to prepare her to join their ranks. Instead, they wanted to use her as a tool and take the credit.

During her college years, the elf magisters had her research to make a supplement to extend magical capabilities and soon Crystal Magic was created. Aenera gave them clear instructions on how to use it responsibly, yet the fools became addicted to it and some even combusted from having more mana than their bodies could handle after overdosing. She was given the blame for the accidents. When an infuriated mage who was on withdrawal lashed out at her, she tried to use a defense spell on him, but mistakenly used the wrong spell making him implode into a netherportal she summoned inside him.

She was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for the gruesome murder and for creating Crystal Magic. However she only spent a couple months in prison until she was secretly released on the conditions to help with an investigation on corrupt magisters. Once that was over, she was still barred from the job she studied for on the grounds that she was too dangerous and while her sentence was commuted, they still put her on probation. Lucky for her, many of Quarrytown's police are corrupt and her probation officer is a crystal magic addict and is rather submissive.

Now she is an ex-convict and murderer who is stuck in a job as a store clerk for a health food store, who spends her spare time tinkering and making stimulants to keep certain people off her back.
She lives in a longhouse in the Rim and owns a shed near the longhouse. In the shed, she makes the powder and experiments with new spells and concoctions. She owns a pimped out auto she tuned herself. It is black and has a rather low ground clearance. It also has a tri-mana-capacitor subwoofer and a homebrew sound system.

Any criminal history?: Originally sentenced to life for creation of a dangerous narcotic and murder. Sentence commuted to probation, due to cooperation in uncovering corruption.
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Name: Jax Underfell
Age: 27
Gender: Nonbinary (they/them)
Species: Dwarf

Appearance: An average dwarf, at 3'11", they do not have any particularly stand out qualities, appearance wise. They wear a pair of spectacles on their face, normally dangerously close to slipping off the end of their nose. Their eyes are a deadened green, carrying the weight of exhaustion and depression within their depths. Has a rather square jawline. They obviously try their best to stay in shape, and have pretty impressive muscles hidden under their custom long sleeved shirts. Their dark brown hair is tied back in a tiny ponytail, rather short for a dwarf, but they try their best to keep what little hair they have away from their face, especially while at work. There are burn scars hidden along their forearms, supposedly from the sparks that come off of worked metal, but they're a little too circular to be entirely from metal working. There is a bite mark on their shoulder that aches when the weather turns sour.
Clothing: They often wear business casual attire, button ups and slacks, to best reflect their dead end job as a filing clerk. When they're out and about in the ruins they've dared to enter, they wear loose clothes, the better to move in, and leather bracers on their forearms. On occasion they will be found in a skirt, but only if the skirt is extraordinarily cute and they're sure that none of their rougher friends will see them. Seems to gravitate towards jewel tones, reds and purples in particular.

Occupation: Filing clerk / scavenging adventurer
Education/training: Originally, they trained to be a monster hunter, and has a basic proficiency in quite a few weapons, but has since picked up an accounting certification. When they were young, often played with the leftover bits of metal from their father's shop, and got quite good at making little metal animals.

Likes: Making metalwork toys, drinking with friends, long walks, cats, a sharp blade
Dislikes: Shoddy craftsmanship of any kind, their boss, spicy food, the color yellow, their roommate Jessica
Skills/Abilities: Basic metalwork skills, scavenging, basic weapon ability, knows their way around a battleaxe, surprisingly good at their job

Personality: Can be a bit rough at first meeting, very blunt and to the point. Work-oriented, Jax tends to want things to get done as efficiently as possible. Only really delicate with small, cute things, like children or cats. Has been burned before, and isn't afraid to shut other people out. They aren't exactly the most subtle, in words or in actions.

Background: They were born to a family of craftsmen, and to a large family at that. While not necessarily poor, money was tight and Jax realized this from a young age, despite their uncle being a rather high up politician, there was no love lost between siblings, so their uncle wasn't exactly willing to help out monetarily. This meant that there was very little money in the budget for toys, hence their love of making small little animals and toys with metal. They also learned the value of scavenging for every little scrap, as resources were limited. Scrap metal and broken toys were a common find of theirs, at a young age.

When they grew older, they realized they had an interest in monsters, and the hunting of them. They saved money by doing a multitude of odd jobs and selling their creations to save up to go to the Hunter's Academy. The scholarships they gained from writing many, many essays didn't exactly hurt either. When they got to the academy, though, they very quickly realized that everybody else was much better off than their big, boisterous family, and more than a little snooty. They were practically alone for all the years they went to the Hunter's Academy, and more than a little unhappy. Everybody else also seemed to be better, bigger, faster than they were. When they graduated, there were no job offers, and they were assigned the lowest rank of monster hunter in the Hunter's Guild. They couldn't get by with the money they were pulling in, and when they went on a solo hunt, desperate for money, they were bitten in the shoulder. They killed the monster, but did not leave the experience unscathed. Now they have trouble moving their left arm some days, and were very quickly decommissioned by the Hunter's Guild, the guild happy to be rid of them.

Shortly after that, they went to school for a certification in accounting, hoping to advance in the filing clerk job they picked up after healing from their horrific injury. It was there that they met Miza, and fell hard in love. But Miza wasn't exactly a good person, and Jax had to eventually file a restraining order against her, after two years of abusive cohabitation. Now, Jax struggles to pay the bills, taking adventuring jobs they probably shouldn't. Their sketch roommate, Jessica, alleviates some financial stress, but they still have a lot of stress on their plate. They never imagined their life would turn out like this, alone and broke. They still make little metal oddities, though, and often give them to kids to play with. It's one bright spot in their shitty life, they suppose.
Any criminal history?: Breaking and entering, though they were never technically caught.


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Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Many people assume he's human due to his appearance. To be frank, he's not exactly sure himself.
Appearance: Long brown hair sweeping over calm blue eyes, ever watchful, despite maintaining a tranquil peace within. A beard hangs from his chin, barely there, under pencil-thin lips.

He usually wears tight and restricting clothes, accentuating his lean muscles adorned and earned not for vanity but for self-defense. His wardrobe changes from time to time but for now, his current apparel is a long trailing coat on top of tights jeans thar allow enough space to run around and escape. Perfect for demon-hunting.
Occupation: By day, he works at the most exciting job you can imagine: a cashier at a local fast food stop. By night though, when the spirits walk the grounds, he's an unofficial exorcist.
Education/training: A full time exorcist.
Likes: Sweets / Nighttime / Sleeping
: After defeating and binding a yokai's soul, he can then choose to release it or tame it for later uses. Most of the time, though, the demons are usually released after expending them on some function. There are those rare demons that still manage to survive even after multiple uses.
Any criminal history?
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Name: Jayce Warden

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Species: human

Appearance: brownhaired char.jpg

Clothing: He typically wears loose clothing to allow freedom of movement, t-shirts and pants.

Occupation: Horks at a local Cafe but looks for opportunities to use his fighting skills

Education/training: Graduated from High school but didn't go to college in hopes of becoming a great hero. He was taught martial arts by his father but added his own flair.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes wolves, caffeine, steak. dislikes liars, spicy food.

Skills/Abilities: Has a moderate pool of mana. Fights by imbuing his feet and fists with mana to strengthen his attacks, the more mana channeled the bigger the impact.

Personality: Jayce is incredibly kind hearted but tends to wear his heart on his sleeve, tending to trust too quickly. He does his best to be honest and loyal. He largely doesn't care what happens to himself but if his loved ones are threatened he will give his all to defend them.

Background: Jayce was an only child raised by loving parents. they were never all that wealthy but they lived decent lives. His mother was taken hostage and badly injured by a criminal. The fact that no one was able to keep her safe was painful but even more so was that he wasn't there to help. Jayce doesn't seek revenge but instead wants to become someone able to prevent others from being hurt or worse. Unfortunately due to his limited ability he wasn't able to join the police or any crime fighting groups so he is stuck working at a local cafe. He spends some free time at the gym training to prepare for the possibility of an opportunity to show his efforts and prove he can help protect the city.

Any criminal history? no
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Name: Yfirryn Manabrook
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: 1589837523867.png He has some similarities with his older sister such as the turquoise eyes, the very long brown hair. However he still is slightly more masculine in appearance than his sister, yet is still very effeminate or androgynous for the standards outside of the mountains.
Clothing: Quite effeminate due to him trying to orientate himself by what his sister wears since he isn't very knowledgable of the culture outside the mountains. Will still tend a little more towards pants than skirts though.
Occupation: Kingling herder/Priest in training
Education/training: Priest duties for the descendants of the Vyyzantfyr in the North Fiordanfell mountains. Kingling breeding.
Likes: Curry, Fire Oxen ice cream, melon juice, being around his older sister, new stuff
Dislikes: The stares he gets possibly for being a "foreigner" unacquainted to life outside the mountains.
Skills/Abilities: Dark magic. Summoning. A little chronos magic. A little potion making. Scythe-wielding (for fighting, mostly only has experience against wyverns and giant salamanders though). Defensive hand-to-hand
Personality: Yfirryn is upbeat and friendly. He is also very curious and doesn't shy away from adventure. Can get into fights and will mostly try to immobilize his opponent as he was only taught defensive hand combat. Has cute, girlish bouts from time to time.
Background: Yfirrin was born after the academy took Aenera. He was mostly raised by his closer family such as his parents, his grandparents and aunts and uncles. He is also the second oldest sibling out of nine. Yfirrin became an apprentice for the temple and was one of five apprentices. Alongside his apprenticeship he still helped his father herd the kinglings. Occasionally, his older sister came home and he always looked forward to her coming. She also brought them valuables and foods from abroad. Yfirrin loves the salamander curry Aenera once brought with her and she taught him how to make it. Then there was a time where they didn't see Aenera for a long time. But when she finally came, she had a big story about how corrupt the wizards are and that she was briefly in prison for killing one, but got her sentence commuted after helping uncover the corruption. In the past ten years, Yfirrin got to see his sister more often, but it always hurt when she left. But this time, he wants to come with her and see the world outside of the mountains and ride in her big arcane kinglingless carriage.
Any criminal history? Not really criminal. Was once punished publicly as a teenager for tomfoolery. The punishment wasn't anything severe, rather embarassing instead.


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Hekate Fregata
She wears any kind of clothing that she deems comfortable to wear and not flashy unless she needed to. Her clothes varies with her jobs, as long as she could move around quickly and carry at least two pistols, that was going to be her attire for the day.
Hitwoman / Looking for a normal job for cover.
Highschool Diploma/Marksman Training/Self-teachings
Money +
Sweets +
Gaming +
Guns +
Police +/-
Bad People -
Illegal Drugs -
Alcohol +
Boba +
Minor Elemental Manipulation - She can generate various elemental abilities and attributes. She can also mix these sorts of elements to create something. However, she can only generate a small amount to the point it only manages to escape her palm out a few inches. She can also make only knives with water and fire elements. She can still improve this ability with a bit of experimentation and training.
Quick Time - She can slow her time which in turn speeds up her reflexes in real time for evasive maneuvers or quick reflexes. Of course, she can't always be in Quick Time or else she'll feel a strange disconnection to the world and slow her breathing enough that she wouldn't take in enough in real time and then it would lead her to faint. Longest she can do is a minute at a time. She can still improve this ability with a bit of experimentation and training.
True Sight - She can see an object through thin layers of material like fabric and paper, faintly walls as well as afar. Though, she can't always do that or it'd strain her eyes. It's like looking at the sun, where you need to look away at some point or you'll hurt your eyes.She can still improve this ability with a bit of experimentation and training.
Elemental Injection - If she has a weapon, she can manipulate it to have special elemental properties to enhance its use, like making a bullet that explodes into ice or some chains engulfed in flames. A rock turned into a flare or making clean water out of contaminated water. Through weapons can she bring out her Elemental Manipulation magic's true potential. She could even inject it into people for an attack. She just needs to get her hands in contact to the object. She can still improve this ability with a bit of experimentation and training.
She's very blunt and nonchalant, but she likes to have fun. She doesn't talk to others much but she will if approached. She tends to keep her hitwoman life and personal life separate. She's pretty easy going and a "going with the flow" type of person.
Hekate was born in Snezhnaya where she lived for a few years before she and her parents moved to a more warmer and just as busy place overseas. It was more of a business town than anything. Her parents got great jobs and had a lot of money to put on the table, probably too much. From there, she was given a great education as well as learning marksmanship for sport. Thanks to her abilities and knowledge in projectile travel, she excelled at being a marksman that she shoot a target 150 meters away with only a bow. No scope magnification of any kind.
When she graduated, she didn't get to live the good life anymore. Her parents were ambushed and murdered on their way to her graduation. She didn't know of this until she got a phone call from Police in which they called her multiple times during graduation. From there, she was taken to the police station to be provided protection as they believed that the reason why her parents were ambushed and murdered was that they were carrying estate project plans for the company they worked for and a rival company hired mercenaries to steal them.
So now they were going to go after her to see if she knew where those plans were. She didn't know of any plans and was sent home with a police escort of two cars, and three trucks. Though, the escort was ambushed on the way back to her house and night had fallen. The attack was ruthless but it wasn't successful. To the surprise of her police escorts, Hekate took out all of the mercenaries using only a pistol of a dead police escort. The death of her parents and knowing she could die like them or worse would happen to her, she decided to take action. After experiencing her first kill, she felt her adrenaline pump and continued to fight for her life. Only some members of the escort were alive by the end of the bloodshed.
She was then escorted and dropped off at her house where a top tier hitman was waiting for her. However, instead of killing her, he tipped her off about a job offering. She'd get paid just as much as him to kill off the ones who ordered the hit on her parents. For every kill, she'd get paid just as much the hitman was paid to kill her, $100,000 which he thought was cheap considering the men he lost. She obtained $2,700,000 from the deal as well others of the same targets and a bond with the hitman as well as reforming herself into her new life style in just a few years. The life of a hitwoman. She was even given the nickname 'White Rose' as she was a school girl turned assassin that hunts down her enemies just as ruthless as those were to her.
After getting her revenge and her pay, she was offered to join the hitman's underground organization but she respectfully declined. Instead, she only took on jobs that lets her kill the scum of the Earth and any corrupt piece of garbage for a high pay. She had moved back to Quarrytown and called it home, but continued to take on jobs that needed attention.
Any criminal history?
On record, no. But she can admit that she's the one who popped Kurosawa, the man who was the CEO of her parents' rival company. He ordered the hit.

"I was at the airport going for another target when I spotted him by accident. Lucky for me. Him? Not so much. Doubled my money on that corrupt elven mother f*cker. The single, most― Awesome shot I've made in my entire hitwoman career. Three hundred meters through a firm C-cupped tittie sized window. Pow! Hehe.. And now there's one less piece of sh*t in the world and a crumbling business. Life is good, innit?"
- Hekate Fregata
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Tony B. Mont

  • Q: How old are you?
    A: "I'm 32 years old."

    Q: What gender do you identify as?
    A: "That'd be 'male,' buddy."

    Q: What species are you?
    A: "Good ol' Human."

    Q: What is your occupation?
    A: "Currently grocery store clerk, but I'm workin' on it."

    Q: What is your level of education?
    A: "Well, I was trained to hunt monsters, but people say I ain't experienced enough."

    Q: Got any likes? Dislikes?
    A: "Well, I definitely like a good drink down at the bar every now and again. I enjoy the rush I get huntin' down monsters, when I do. Dislikes, though... Well, I don't really like sweet foods. It just ain't my deal, ya know? Above all else, though, I hate cheaters when it comes to gamblin'. Lost too much to 'em."

    Q: How about your skills and abilities? Any we should note?
    A: "Yeah. I'm a deadshot with a gun and a whip -- I could even take a fly outta the air, if you asked me to."

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