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Fantasy I was reincarnated into a fantasy world (group 3)

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The third group set off for neomors. They had been told to head for a mysterious city located in the mountains where they would be able to discuss preparations for Neomors during the invasion.
Upon arriving at Neomors they were met with the rivers and cold tundra that wasn't too bad as it wasn't winter yet for Neomors. Perhaps they could find some sort of settlement or lively location to find someone to help them travel through the mountain.

I have yet to hear from Neomors about the incoming invasion, if you all could check it out to make sure that everything is okay that would mean alot to me.
I have heard rumors about some trouble handling a curious disease that makes beastmen turn aggressive. I advise you all to be careful during your journey. If best it could be a good idea to hire a guide as you make your way through the mountain

-King Aurelios
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Luna Kusaki

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And so the adventure began. The group that Luna was assigned with- was interesting. She didn't know anyone but a few of them did catch her eye. First was the girl with the dragon tail. She had never seen a human-dragon hybrid so that was cool. Next was the cyclopes. She had only heard about them from stories back in her previous life! So seeing one up close was quite a shock. But she seemed nice enough. Nothing like the cyclopes from the stories she remembers. So that was good, they were usually really mean in the storybooks she had. Everyone besides those two also looked nice too though! She just happened to notice those two first because of their distinct features. She recalled the blue-haired girl. She was the one that eased the tension that was happening back at the palace. So it felt nice to have someone who could possible manage people if things between others got too out of hand between them. As for the two guys she wasn't sure. One seemed to be an Elf like her. Which was cool. She didn't recall seeing other ones back at the palace. And for the other- she wasn't sure. It didn't look like he was actually here. Mentally at least. It kinda looked like he was in his own world. Which she understood. It was easy to get lost in one's own thoughts.

When they arrived at Neomors she didn't expect it to be so cold. Pulling a small scarf out of her bag she wrapped it around her neck. Did it help keep her warm? Not really. But it was something. She scanned the area they were at. She had never really been here before. The merchant family she traveled with didn't make too many rounds to the mountain area. Treading through the cold and usual snow was never really worth it to them. But because of that, she was rather excited to see what this place had to offer. Glancing around to her fellow group mates she decided to try and start a conversation for once. She had to! It got a bit too awkwardly silent for her liking. And that was really saying something. After looking from person to person she decided to talk to the human boy. He seemed like he'd be the easiest to talk to. "Um. Hello?" She called out to the boy, waving her hand over to him to make sure he was paying attention to her before speaking again. "Sorry- Just wanted to make sure you can hear me. Anywayssss..." She dragged her last 's' as she tried to think about what she wanted to say. She had not thought too far ahead. She huffed and sighed. "Sorry! Again. Ignore all that I just said!" She stammered out. What a terrible first impression that was. "Um. I'm Luna, by the way. I hope we'll get along with each other." She introduced to the other before holding her hand out for a shake. A habit she had picked up over the years. 'Always shake hands with people you meet. You don't know when they'll become a potential customer' is what she was told whenever she was about to meet someone new. Regardless of how much of a fail that introductions were.


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Aubrum wandered through the snow with Roger strapped to his chest. The little dog was wrapped up and tucked into his master so that he wouldn't freeze in the freezing winds. According to King Aurelios, they were going to check on the beastmen. Apparently they were getting really sick with something that made them lash out like animals. They had taken a cart all the way to the mountains until nature got in the way. Aubrum was fine though, he had the others to help him if anything went wrong. Elise was strong, Jin was fast, the Sylphs seemed to really like Kira, Luna was really talented and Charlotte had really good kicks. With all of them here to help him out, Aubrum wasn't afraid of the mission they had been tasked with. Aubrum then began to notice something as they began to reach higher altitudes. The wind both smelled and felt ominous. There weren't as many wind spirits fluttering about like petals in the breeze. He thought it might have just been the climate but then he saw a Sylph lying face down in the snow. Picking it up, he saw it turn to dust and blow away into the passing gale. Running over to Elise and Kira, Aubrum shook his arms about and hopped on his feet.

"Elise! Kira! Something is wrong with the spirits here!"

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