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Fandom Hunter x Hunter RP [CS]



Black Otaku
Hey, guys feel free to get started on your characters. Below I have provided a general outline of the details that I want to know about your character. Feel free to format that info in any way you see fit or add any information that you want me to know. I can't wait to read your creative and colorful ideas!

Edit: To provide extra context I want everyone to have at least passed Secret Hunter Exam and at least know the four basic principles of Nen. You may also know one or a couple basic Hatsu Techniques. Your hunter experience should be limited to around 1 to 5 years. I hope this was helpful.

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Character Sheet Outline

Personal Info

Name: What is your character's name? You can include a nickname here.

Age: How old are they?

Gender: Boy? Girl? Other?

[Image of your character] I would prefer an anime Face Claim, but anything except realistic will do.

Appearance: Describe how your character looks beyond their Face Claim. Height? Build? Identifying Marks or Tattoos?

Personality: Go wild, feel free to tell me as much or as little as you want, I know everyone does this part differently.

Backstory: You may use this section to give me the backstory of your character up until they decided to become a hunter, you will be able to elaborate in a section below.

Hunter Info

Hunter Type: What kind of hunter are you? Beast Hunter? Ruin Hunter? Sea Hunter?

Exam #: What exam year pass? I will say the most recent class was the 290th Hunter Exam. Remember this is a yearly event.

Hunter Experience: What experiences have you had in your short time having been a hunter?

Nen Info

Nen Type: What Nen Type are you? Please don't everyone chose a specialist, I have seen it happen, I really enjoy a variety.

Nen Preference: What sort of Nen preferences do you have? A secondary type of Nen you use frequently? One of the four principles that your character focuses on more than the others? A particular type of Nen they struggle with? Feel free to go into depth about your character's relationship with Nen.

Hatsu: What are your character's Nen Abilities? Keep in mind that they have just recently learned how to use Nen. Leave room to develop.

Vows & Limitations: Limits on your Nen that make it stronger?

Combat Info

Physical Ability: What raw physical abilities does your character possess if any?

Equipment: What kind of items does your character carry to make them more potent in combat? Note they don't need any kind of Equipment ie. Gon.

Combat Style: How does your character use all their abilities and resources in combat?

[Theme Song] Feel free to link a theme song if you have one in mind.
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Great Old One
Personal Info

Name: Edgar Conan Ward

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Appearance: A lot of people don’t realize since he’s nearly always sitting down, but Edgar is 7’1 and has a strong build.

Personality: Edgar is sharp and calculating, but deep-down harbors an all-consuming desire for knowledge. He hides this bestial obsession well with a well-trained charismatic demeanor and good manners. He is by no means a man of perfect virtue and has succumbed to greed and vanity in the past.

Edgar was born the youngest and least exceptional of three siblings. Despite being overshadowed by the achievements of his older brothers, Edgar was still exceptional in his own right, being invited to become a college professor at the age of 17. However, it wasn’t until the age of 20 that he truly came into his own. One of his favourite students was murdered in a locked room, a mystery that confounded the police. Edgar solved the mystery and unmasked the culprits in 17 minutes. After this, Edgar’s fame skyrocketed, surpassing even his brothers in fame. Edgar soared the high this popularity gave him, frequently going on decadent cruise vacations and socializing with celebrities. He had become more of an entertainer than an intellectual. This was until the show. He attempted to solve a murder live on television. He was wrong. This mistake caused an innocent person to die, and Edgar’s reputation to come crashing down. Since then, Edgar has kept solving mysteries in the background, but this time not seeking the rewards that come with it.

Edgar gradually started coming across clues. Clues to a mystery he had been solving his whole life. Edgar realized the strange mysteries surrounding ‘hunters’ and realized the only way he could solve this mystery was if he became a hunter himself, and so began training. After being one of the lucky few who passed the exam, he discovered the unbelievable existence of Nen that he could only speculate upon.

Hunter Info

Hunter Type: Mystery Hunter

Exam #: 290

Hunter Experience: Edgar only became a hunter recently, so his experience so far has been little more than learning Nen.

Nen Info

Nen Type: Conjuration

Nen Preference: Edgar has diligently trained his enhancement to make up for his lack of combat ability.

Caught You!

Caught Tou! is a conjuration ability Edgar designed to capture targets without the use of violence. The ability pairs with Edgar’s information gathering ability, becoming more effective the more he knows about the target.

If he knows the target’s name, nen type, shoe size, exact height and has proof they committed a crime he can conjure a pair of handcuffs on the target’s arms. Whilst wearing these handcuffs the target is forced into a state of zetsu and left unable to use most nen-abilities. The handcuffs remain in existence for 48 hours, however, they can be broken with sufficient force. The durability is determined by how much information Edgar has on the target, with the base durability being that of a regular pair of handcuffs.

As a Conjurer, Edgar’s worst nen-type is emission, and because of this Caught You! can only affect targets within 100ft.

Edgar originally trained his conjuration by learning to materialize an armchair. Despite not using this in his actual ability, he has retained the function to materialize a chair for when he needs a sit-down.

Vows & Limitations:
If he targets someone without knowing the correct details, the handcuffs materialize on himself instead, and since he knows himself very well they are nearly impossible to break.

Combat Info
Equipment: Signature pipe, Walking stick, Hunter's License

Combat Style: Edgar is trained in Bartitsu a martial art involving the use of a cane.

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White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Character Sheet

Personal Info

Name: Winnifred (Winnie) Foster

Age: 19

Gender: Girl

Appearance: She is 5'4'' (without heels). She has a small build, heart-shaped face with freckles, and naturally short black hair which she died red when she chose to change herself. Her eyes are grey and she's near blind without her glasses.

Personality: A confident girl with a side of mischievousness and a whopping load of determination, few that meet her for the first time would guess her bullied past or the fact that she's an introvert who enjoys her lone time and needs time to recharge after dealing with too many people for an extended periods. She would rather deal with books than people. Spend her day hiding in a library reading than hanging out with others. She dislikes "cowards", both the ones that feel they need to bully others to assert themselves and weaklings that let themselves be be stepped on without doing anything about it. She is a realist, yet has high expectations of others and even more of herself, keeping to strong morals and trusting her gut when lines become blurry. She refuses to let herself be pushed down again. What truly defines her though is her love of literary works that ultimately leads her to be a Book Hunter in search of rare texts and tomes. Winnie has a great respect for authors who put their words/thoughts into printed form and strives to one day write and publish her own book, expressing her inner creativity. Deep down is a sensitive girl that's more inclined to emotion that she would like to admit. That's why a well-written, tear-jerking story will generally cause her glasses to fog. From dying her hair to taking the hunter exam, Winnie's decisions tend to be bold and instinctive.

Backstory: Winnie was a little girl that liked to read. A lot. Part of the reason is due to the fact that she was born to two educated parents that had a large collection at home and partly because of her own introverted nature. Didn't help that her father and mother were often away on work related business (a scientist and an English professor respectively). They weren't by any means neglectful. However, Winnie spent more time at home alone (with a baby sitter she avoided like the plague) than most regular children. As a result, she never really developed the social skills necessary to survive in the hellish environment called school.

If it wasn't obvious, Winnie didn't have a very positive experience with public education as a child. Part of it was her own fault. She hadn't known how to interact with others. Liked reading more than talking and hanging out with the "cool" kids. As a result, Winnie became isolated. Bullied. Books stolen, hair pulled, etc. Teachers didn't really help. Though it was probably more accurate to say that Winnie didn't know how to ask for help and no one ever really noticed.

It was only when she graduated high school (skipped a couple of years in her fast pace to escape public education) that she began to change. Died her hair. Took up martial arts. Swore to herself that she would become different. Stronger. It was for that reason that she applied to the Hunter exam to become a hunter--to prove to herself that she could and would change. She passed on her 2nd attempt and has been working as a book hunter for little over a year.

Hunter Info

Hunter Type: Book Hunter

Exam #: 289th

Hunter Experience: Visiting libraries and scouring bookstores from around the world (or as much of the world as her wallet lets her). Sometimes her job has her infiltrating the house of certain "shady" collectors. Other times she's visiting auction houses or black market stalls. Currently she is looking for the original copy of 'Rising Dawn' by Marks Wilmerberry for a client.

Nen Info

Nen Type: Emitter

Nen Preference: Emitter. Though she's touched on manipulation and enhancement as well, she doesn't excel at them. She is better at manipulation than enhancement. Her weakest is conjuration.


Bookmark -- Wherever she touches, she can leave her nen behind in the form of a black, butterfly-shaped mark. Regardless of where she is or how far the distance, Winnie is able to teleport herself back to the mark. Currently, Winnie can only maintain 1 mark at a time. If she marks a different location, the previous mark vanishes.

Vows & Limitations: None.

Combat Info

Physical Ability: She's no Bruce Lee, but she's learned Karate and a bit of jiu jitsu so she isn't incompetent in that department. I'd say, decently athletic (without using nen), but not yet olympic level.

Equipment: None.

Combat Style:
By strategically leaving her bookmark in random locations during battle, she can teleport to avoid attacks and/or catch her opponent off guard. She is also proficient at Ryu, but she is by no means a master.

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DnD, ,, Dehydrated n Depressed
Personal Info

Chiron Galen Hazelett

Age: 20

Gender: Male

5’5 and 3/4ths
Build: Slim, probably looks like he could use a few good meals but not alarmingly thin.
Marks: Freckles, especially on the bridge of his nose and if he’s out in the sun too long he just gets more. Other than that he has a few scars though not in very visible places.
Tattoos: None at the moment but he’s nearly gotten one a half dozen times, the only thing that’s stopped him is not being near a tattoo parlor or not having any money.
Piercings: Both his ears are pierced as well as his tongue, all of which were impulse decisions

When Chiron wants to do something its happening then whether you like it or not. And while this may seem like a negative trait it keeps him from procrastinating and only quickens his research progress.
-Impulsive: Mixed with his impatience Chiron is also impulsive, if he gets an idea in his head then he’s gonna do it. Whether that means piercing his ears, punching someone or treating an entire orphanage, if he decides he’s doing it then it’s happening.
-Emotional and Empathetic: Chiron is not very good at containing his emotions- if he’s feeling something you’ll be able to tell even if he tries to hide it. And when he sees others in pain or ill it’s quite obvious that he can’t help but feel for them. It’s like their pain is his own and he just has to help before he can move on.
Short-temper: If something pisses him off everyone is gonna hear about it. And as so as he gets angry yelling and threats are not far to follow- however he’s about as intimidating as a pomeranian so often he’s not taken seriously.
Workaholic: It’s not uncommon for Chiron to neglect his own needs if he feels he’s on the verge of a discovery, staying up all night or even days at a time and only eating quick things to give him energy.
Desensitized: Practically nothing fazes him anymore due to being exposed to so much death at such a young age. If he seems shaken up by something you better believe you don’t want to see it considering he looks at decomposing bodies without batting an eye.
Loyal but untrusting: To those whom he truly trusts he’s loyal beyond belief and would follow them anywhere but it takes a lot to earn his trust. Because of what happened when he was younger he also has a fear that if he gets too attached to somebody they’ll end up leaving or dying.
Quirky?: After he left his village he was still only 12, thus went into care of the government in a nearby town, he had a really hard time making friends and thus spent a lot of time alone and when he finally was old enough to leave their care he mainly travelled by himself and was consumed by his research, thus his social skills aren’t exactly the best and he often ends up doing something weird or getting too excited and rambling about his research instead of getting to know the other person.

Backstory: Chiron grew up in a very small village named Alsey, so small in fact that it doesn’t even show up on maps. It is. . .or at least was situated in between two mountains where there was a valley as well as a small river system created by runoff from the snowy peaks of the mountains. Life there was very peaceful, albeit a bit boring for Chiron, always having been adventurous and curious to a fault. His days were spent hastily doing his chores, feeding the chickens and other livestock before he’d run off to spend the day leading the other boys around into all sorts of mischief. And life was good like that- or at least to a child’s eyes it was. He didn’t know about how contractors and businessmen wanted the fertile land his village had been built upon by generations until they were already coming daily, trying to get people to sign away their homes with the incentive of wild promises and threats. And with these cityfolk of course came their city issues, of which was the Flu.
But of course it was just the flu right? What could it hurt? But to the people of his village who had never been exposed to such an illness it was deadly. Chiron’s little sister, Eirny, was the first casualty but definitely not the last. The people of his village tried to treat it themselves but they’d never known illness this intense, and they didn’t have modern medicine needed to heal their sick. They tried to seek help from those who’d brought the illness in the first place, even offering their land for the medicine but waiting for someone to die is a lot easier than spending money on a vaccine. Their requests for help went unanswered and in the end only a handful remained. With so few left it was impossible to sustain their former way of life as farmers and they were easily pushed out. After that Chiron devoted his life to finding cures for diseases and making sure they end up in the hands of those who need them the most no matter if they could pay or not.

Hunter Info

Hunter Type:
Disease Hunter!

Exam #289! He passed last year and has been working on his nen since then.

Hunter Experience: Chiron hasn’t had a ton of experience, mainly using his new influence as a hunter with a license to access areas of the world where different medicinal ingredients grow that he could not go to before, as well as read medical journals not available to the general public. Other than that he’s only taken on a handful of jobs to support this quest of medical discovery he’s on, such as healing the daughter of a wealthy businessman.

Nen Info

Nen Type:

Nen Preference: Chiron is an Emitter type of nen user but he also uses transmuter techniques to turn his nen into the bacteria he uses to both drain other’s nen as well as heal allies. And when using his healing bacteria he uses enhancement to treat the other.

In addition, Chiron is also quite skilled in zetsu, allowing him to hide effectively in wait for an ambush.
However he is miserably untalented in both Conjuration (Which is reasonable since it’s the nen ability opposite emitter), and also Manipulation.

On top of this his ren isn’t where it should be. He’s not able to amplify his aura very much more than his usual ten which causes his physical attacks to not pack as much of a punch as he’d like.

Hatsu: Chiron uses his nen as a bacteria. Whether it’s harmful or helpful is up to him. If he is fighting an enemy his nen with take the form of a bacteria that sucks nen from his target, causing them to feel weaker over time until it becomes difficult to move. If he is helping an ally however his nen can be very healing, The longer he’s focussing and touching those he’s healing the better they will feel after, to the point he can even cure small wounds.

Vows & Limitations:

-His bacteria can only be transferred through direct skin to skin contact.
-tag backs are in play, if you touch him again skin to skin the bacteria will transfer back to him, however if he manages to touch you for a second time the draining effect will be quickened.
-The rate of draining is proportional to how much skin he managed to touch. If he gave an unsuspecting person a big hug their nen would drain much faster however if they only managed to brush against the nen user it’ll take a while before the really start feeling the effect.

Combat Info

Physical Ability:
Chiron is not very physically strong- due to sickness in his youth his growth was a bit stunted but his small frame does make him exceptionally agile and quick. His main defense is mostly just his ability to run away and hide. He’s not completely incapable of fighting hand to hand however as he does practice Muay Thai and is decent enough at it.

Equipment: Chiron mostly carries medical supplies with him. Even if it’s not nen based he’s still a skilled healer and has a soft spot which means he can’t really turn anyone away if they’re in need. Thus the pack on his back carries a few personal effects but mostly first aid supplies and ingredients.

Combat Style: Chiron’s combat style very closely resembles a game of tag, (which was his favorite game as a child) He only fights when absolutely necessary, other than that he’d rather hide and ambush his target. Then make as much physical contact as possible without getting trapped before running away as fast as he can to hide once more as his bacteria slowly drains his opponent’s nen.

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cin like cinnamon !

Personal Info

Nickname: Chia ("Kia")

Age: 20

Gender: Girl

A tattoo down her back. Chia is 5'11", and weighs around [REDACTED] lbs. (Don't you know not to ask a lady that kind of question?)

Chiara comes across as a very well-mannered, kind person. However, unless you know her, you might take offense to her words that defy her charismatic demeanor. When she speaks to people, one can realize there's a lot of logic behind the sweet façade, and her words can make someone feel as if they're dumb. She doesn't mean this; she just loves to give knowledge and find it, so her words reflect her matter-of-fact behavior. She stays on top of things to the best of her ability; however, if she sees something that involves risk or adventure, she becomes quite transfixed in it and wants to get involved. (It's not that she's impulsive; it's that she has very specific impulses, please get that right!) Since she loves information she'll do whatever it is necessary to obtain it, sans murder...unless she's forced to. She'd much rather flirt her way into someone's think tank or into their wallet, if she's really lucky, since money tends to help the flow of knowledge, and the will of the greedy. Chia is also the type to bust into song or dance when things get awkward or tense to diffuse it; she's a good mediator, but she'd rather not, if she doesn't have to.

Chiara grew up in a traveling "circus", picked up when she was eight years of age off the streets when the circus leader noticed her ability to charm the crowds she was near with her music and dance. It wasn't a Nen ability, but it was a good moneygrab, something the circus leader could appreciate. The circus stayed in town for three weeks, and every day, he watched her get a good amount of money and, when her bucket was full, move out the money so she could seem as if she hadn't gotten anything that day. She had a talent with the ocarina she used, and on the second to last day of the circus, the leader invited her to see what it was like. He had a feeling she would have a skill charming the snakes and wanted to make sure she was interested.

Of course, she was a child - what part of the circus wasn't entertaining for a kid?

So she found herself on the road with the circus, getting along with the snakes and reading up on legendary, mythical creatures in her spare time that piqued her interest even more than the circus. Everywhere they went, she learned more and more about the cryptids, and the circus leader could tell her interest in the creatures and decided to get a bigger snake for her to perform with, one around the size of an anaconda, that she could pretend was a strange beast. This thrilled her for a few years, until she was around fourteen and yearned to find more cryptids to study and get to know. When they were on their way to other towns, Chiara would sneak out and see if she could find more of these creatures, coming back in the dead of night to no avail. One night, the circus leader met her when she returned and taught her about hunters. He himself was a retired hunter, spending more of his time now on celebrating the interesting Nen abilities of those around him. He realized if she wanted to find these cryptids, she would need to know how to defend herself, and she would have to develop a Nen ability. So, she began training with him, and with the other members of the circus troupe, to build up her strength, learn self-defense, learn mixed martial arts, and to figure out what her ability was.

Five years later, she went to take the Hunter's Exam, but failed her first attempt, but she didn't let this phase her, just throwing more of herself into her training. She spent time one-on-one with all of the members of the troupe, even if she pined for more time out at nights. When the 290th Hunter's Exam came around, Chiara passed with flying colors, and she returned to her troupe just to give them the good news. She realized then and only then how much she'd miss them, but she had a new mission in life. Chiara would see them around, after all. She knew it wasn't the end of their friendship.

Hunter Info

Hunter Type: Paleo Hunter; Chia hunts for the old and ancient of everything!

Exam #: 290th

Hunter Experience:
Chiara recently got her license, so she doesn't have that much experience except for what she's had before completing her Exam. She's spent most of her time practicing her skills and gaining information on future sites for her to start poking her nose around.

Nen Info

Nen Type:

Nen Preference:
Chiara, like most Emitters, struggles with using Conjuration and Transmutation. However, she is quite skilled with Manipulation and Enhancement; she's better with Manipulation than Enhancement, however. She is trying to get better at Enhancement currently. She has a great grasp on her Ten and Zetsu. and she has problems with her Ren; it's something she definitely wants to work on to help with her offensive skills and to enhance her defensive skills along with Ten. Unfortunately, she doesn't have much of a bloodlust to show off.

Soap Opera
Chiara can use the ocarina she has to emit her aura into bubbles. When she plays a certain note, the bubbles can, at the moment, either turn into floating, compressed air bombs that explode at her will or into a bubble that can entrap her target.

Vows & Limitations:
+ Her bubbles can only be emitted in a 150ft radius.
+ Since they're bubbles, they can be destroyed away from the target if the target isn't immobilized or has noticed them.
+ Chiara needs her ocarina to emit her bubbles.

Combat Info

Physical Ability
Due to years of self-defense and MMA training, Chia is surprisingly strong, even without using her enhancements. She's good at reading physical attacks before they come at her. Her accuracy, acrobatics, contortion skills, sleight of hand, and balance are pretty on point due to her time in and out of the circus, and she has a good grip on her spatial awareness. Her pain tolerance is higher than normal from performances gone wrong and her training.

Chiara carries a bunch of throwing darts in her pouch, alongside some bandages, some rope, a Swiss Army knife, and her ocarina.

Combat Style:
Chia tends to stay back during a fight to support whoever she's fighting alongside with her Nen, and won't go for melee attacks unless the target is trying to fight her one-on-one. When she fights, she puts her hair up and in a bun to keep it from being grabbed.

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The Rouge
Personal Info

Name: Valsia Auditor

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6
Weight: 119
Build: Lean

- Stoic - They are rarely ever fazed by any sorta events or actions and hardly ever let their emotions show, this makes them appear as if they are cold and heartless and it will be very hard to tell if they truly like you or not.
- Insensitive and Blunt - They can be very blunt with their words and prefer to be up front with people although their words can also be very insensitive at times. Although they will still occasionally withhold info unless asked about about it and if they don't want to give you any sorta info about that subject they would either only give a half truth, dodge the question or remain silent.
- Analytical - They prefer to use logical reasoning before making any decisions and they rarely ever let their emotions guide them in their decision making.
- Patient - They have a lot of patience and can wait for how ever long is necessary before making a move.
- Untrustworthy - They aren't exactly the type that you can trust and are likely to stab even their friends in the back depending on a multitude of factors.
- Condescending - They have high views of themselves and will be quick to figure out the flaws of others and will find it difficult to relate with others especially on a emotional scale.
- Selfish - Cares only about themselves and not the lives of others unless it may have a direct effect on them.
- Procrastinator - They will take their time when it comes to doing tasks and will usually wait until last minute before completing it which can be seen as them being pretty lazy on their part.

Backstory: Valsia comes from the Auditor family which is known to be a family of spies that resided in the United States of Saherta. They were trained heavily just like how the rest of their family was and was able to pick up special skills that their parents usually taught their children. Valsia was known to constantly head out in the day to explore and would constantly have to be found and brought back to their estate. Although usually during the night she would constantly try to avoid any form of work possible this made her seem to be the lazy one of the family which was sorta true. Although they still couldn't get out of the unavoidable work and training that all of their family had to go through. After a few years of training she was able to get off her parents estate and take the Hunters exam and with the help of her life long training she was able to pass . She then spent most of her time training her nen and skills while occasionally tracking down dangerous criminals for some field work experience.

Hunter Info

Hunter Type: Blacklist Hunter

Exam #: 287th

Hunter Experience: They have taken multiple different jobs but and has completed most of them , they are quite semi experienced overall though and are good at tracking and eliminating their targets ,although they were never able to take the target back alive.

Nen Info

Nen Type: Conjurer

Nen Preference:
- Ten - They are quite good at using Ten and can do it Subconsciously
- Ren - They aren't the most skilled Ren user.
- Zetsu - They are very skilled with Zetsu and is able to use it quite effectively when lying in wait.

Although they are very skilled with Manipulation they are actually decent with Emission but struggle with Transmutation and Enhancements

Hatsu: Phantom Strike - Curse
Grey Ghost Scythe - Can Conjure up a a near regular like Scythe that is able to move through objects at the users will.
Phantom Wound - When the target has been cut by their ghost dagger their wounds would be near impossible to heal until the ability has been deactivated.
Phantom Dagger - They can conjure up floating dagger(s) that can only hit anyone with a Phantom wound on them anything else and the daggers will only go through them.

Vows & Limitations:
- They need to cut the person in order to use majority of their abilities.
- The Phantom Daggers can only work within a 300 foot range.

Combat Info

Physical Ability:
- Strength - They aren't that physically strong although they do have some leg strength.
- Agility - They are highly agile and are able to out maneuver majority of the people they meet.
- Dexterity - They are very good balance and coordination and are not seen as clumsy at all.
- Durability - They can take quite a bit of damage and can endure very hot conditions without much trouble.
- Stamina - They have a great amount of stamina but it can be used up quickly if they don't maintain a certain pace.
- Hand To Hand Combat - They know very little about hand to hand combat and will usually result to avoiding, tripping or kicking their opponent when it comes to hand to hand situations or just low blow attacks followed up with a punch to the head.
- Reflexes - They have very good reflexes having been trained to improve in it majority of their life their body will occasionally act on its own when it comes to dodging or catching.

Equipment: Lantern - It can shine a bright blue light that will temperoray blind anyone looking in it's direction except it's owner.

Combat Style: Their fighting style involves evading a opponent long enough to find a opening before striking ,although they will occasionally use a different strategy such as attacking their opponent and striking them down quickly, although that uses up more energy is more tiring for them. Although they will occasionally wait and ambush opponents before they notice their presence.

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Black Otaku

Personal Info


Damian Law



Damian is 5’8” 150lbs and has a lean build. He is often dressed casually in red and black, his favorite colors.

Damian is an incredibly curious and inquisitive individual. He is always questioning his own actions, the actions of others, and the world around him. He very much has faith in his own capabilities and has issues with entrusting important tasks to others. Outwardly, Damian mutes his emotions and reactions in order to seem more mature, however, behind his nonchalant exterior he is very much still a kid with a great sense of humor. He has an almost childlike curiosity when it comes to nen and its various expressions. Damian is not afraid to try new things, take risks, and go his own way.

Damian grew up as an orphan on the streets of Yorknew City. He made a living pickpocketing and swindling from the citizens of the city. He was no stranger to violence, on the days he got caught thieving he would have to run away or fight his assailants. Damian learned that the only person he could rely on was himself. Everyday passing day he became a more capable thief and eventually he was certain that there was no one who he couldn’t rob blind. This is until he had his first and last run-in with a Hunter. Damian had never seen anywho move with such frightening speed and precision. The Hunter had him on the ground with one arm twisted behind his back after Damian had tried to swipe his wallet. If it had been anyone else the young Damian would have surely been turned over to the police, but the Hunter saw innate talent in Damian and decided that he would put that talent to use. The Blacklist Hunter gave Damian a choice, go to prison, or take the Hunter Exam. At the time Damian wasn’t sure what the Hunter Exam was but it had to be a better alternative to prison. He was told that after he passed the Hunter Exam the Hunter would take him on as an apprentice and teach him the things that were currently beyond his understanding. Damian was skeptical but also intrigued so he agreed and after two tries he was made a Provisional Hunter.

Hunter Info

Hunter Type

Crime Hunter

Hunter Exam #
Passed the 290th Hunter Exam after failing the year prior.

Hunter Experience
Damian returned to Yorknew City after being made a provisional hunter and became an apprentice to a Blacklist Hunter who operated in the area. He was taught the core concepts behind nen and shortly after was made a full professional hunter. He spent a few months honing his skills while shadowing his master has they fought crime on the streets of Yorknew City. Things were looking promising when tragedy struck. While on a high profile mission with a team of other seasoned hunters, Damian’s master was murdered along with the rest of the team. Hearing the tragic news days later Damian was devastated. After a brief period of mourning, Damian had turned his grief into a strong desire to discover the mysterious party associated with the recent Hunter murders.

Nen Info

Nen Type


Nen Preference
Damian is well-practiced in manipulation and has moderate experience with both emissions and enhancement. He possesses a strong understanding of Ren and Ten, however, he still struggles with suppressing his aura in a complete Zetsu. When Damian has first learned of the various nen types he was most eager to develop his enhancement prowess as it boasted the best balance of offense and defense, however, this ended up stifling his progression with manipulation and emissions. As of now, his manipulation is far below its potential and his emission is roughly on par with his enhancement. Due to this poor efficiency, Damian needed stricter limitations when he created his Hatsu.

Shadow Tag
Damian uses a combination of emission and manipulation to create a nen beast that lies flat on top of his shadow and mimics its form and movements. When this ability is active Damian’s shadow appears to glow with the same white glow as a standard aura. Shadow Tag can inhabit the shadow of any living being or object. While inhabiting a shadow Shadow Tag will remain dormant and simply mimic the host’s shadow until Damian activates the second part of the ability.

Shadow Marionette
Damian activates this manipulation ability and for its duration, he can freely manipulate Shadow Tag and the shadow it is currently inhabiting. Any movements Shadow Tag makes are reflected in its host. If Shadow Tag puts both hands in the air the host mimics this action perfectly. This ability affects objects in the same way if Shadow Tag bends to the right the object reflects this movement perfectly. Note that Shadow Tag is not invisible and can be seen attached to the shadow of its current host, however, it cannot be interacted with or attacked.

Vows & Limitations
Due to Damian's poor efficiency with nen, he uses limitations to make up for his lack of proficiency.

Firstly Shadow Tag can only ever exist in a shadow. It can only move from its current host to a new shadow if the two shadows ever come in contact or intersect one another.

Secondly Shadow Tag can remain dormant within a host shadow for an indefinite amount of time, however, Shadow Marionette requires a direct line of sight in order to remain active.

Thirdly, Shadow Marionette can only remain active for the amount of time equal to the time spent dominate within a host shadow. So if Shadow Tag inhabits a host shadow for five seconds, when Shadow Marionette is activated it can only control its host for five seconds. In the case of Shadow Marionette being used on a living being, it only takes control of its motor functions but leaves the mind intact. Shadow Marionette can only force its host to perform actions that can be represented by a shadow so actions like blinking/speech cannot be forced upon the host. In the case that Shadow Marionette is being used on an object it can move the object in ways that Damian could move them. So a building could not be moved even if Shadow Marionette is being used on its shadow.

Fourthly, once the duration of Shadow Marionette has expired Shadow Tag remains within the host's shadow but the ability cannot be reactivated until Shadow Tag returns back to Damian’s shadow. Note, that all prior restrictions still remain so Shadow Tag can only be retrieved if Damian’s shadow comes into contact with the current host’s shadow, or if Shadow Tag is able to find some other route back to Damian through the various other shadows.

Lastly, once Shadow Tag returns back to Damian’s shadow Shadow Marionette cannot be reactivated until an amount of time passes equal to the amount of time Shadow Marionette was active last. So if Shadow Marionette was last activated for five seconds then it has a cool down time of five seconds that begins once it returns back to Damian’s shadow.

Note: Shadow Tag cannot be removed by any means other than nen exorcism. The effects of Shadow Marionette can be canceled at any time by Damian, however, Shadow Tag cannot be canceled until it is retrieved or after a 24-hour period has passed.

Combat Info

Physical Ability

Damian is experienced in unorthodox street fighting. He has great combat senses and is incredibly nimble in a fight. He is also a proficient thief and well versed in misdirection.

+Hunter License
+Pocket Flashlight

Combat Style
Damian prefers to remain in close-quarter combat with his opposition. He does this so that there are plenty of opportunities to move Shadow Tag from his shadow to his opponent’s shadow. He then waits for his Shadow Tag to accumulate a meaningful amount of time within its host shadow before he activates it at a crucial moment in order to make the best use of his ability. Fighting in close quarters also allows Damian to retrieve Shadow Tag is ease.



literally a child
Name: Ami Leii

Age: 20 (appears 7)

Gender: girl

Appearance: 3’5” 67lbs
Personality: Ami is a total child, she is happy all the time, a tomboy, she enjoys hugs and snuggles. She might be a little bratty sometimes.

Backstory: Ami is the daughter of a mob boss. When she was vary young It was discovered that she had a block on her pituitary gland which caused her to stop growing and kept her at the size of a child. She has embraced her adorable physical form and become a powerful manipulator hunter just like her papa.

Hunter Info

Hunter Type: General hunter

Exam #: 290

Hunter Experience: she has taken on a few missions, including one where she had to hunt a monster bear that was terrorizing a town.

Nen Info

Nen Type: manipulator

Nen Preference: Manipulation mostly

Hatsu: She can manipulate an army of stuffed animals and enhance their physical bodies to be more durable. She also has a giant 7’ stuffie that she can manipulate as her last line of defense, relinquishing control of her other studies to enhance the giant one.

Vows & Limitations: she has limited herself to only using her manipulations on stuffed animals, giving her a larger range of control and a greater number of controllable stuffies.

Combat Info

Physical Ability: none but she is super intelligent.

Equipment: a toy doctors kit that is filled with needle and thread and extra stuffing.

Combat Style: Master tactician, she doesn’t actually fight. She has an army who fights for her and a giant stuffed tank of a teddy to protect her if her army isn’t working.

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That One Guy

  • Name:
    Trevon Honigan (aka Honigan the Hooligan)​
    Lean, Muscular​
    He likes to wear street clothes, and he often carries around a backpack.


𝙘 𝙤 𝙬 𝙗 𝙤 𝙮 𝙘 𝙤 𝙧 𝙚

Personal Information

Name: Marco Detorro
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Marco is mostly unremarkable. Outside of his glasses, he stands at an average 178 centimeters, with entirely average features. He wears a slim white collared shirt with a loose tie, tucked into black slacks. Despite his underwhelming appearance Marco is in excellent physical condition.
Marco would consider himself entirely uninteresting. He can hold a conversation well enough to get through a day and he’s decent at his job. In his eyes there really isn’t all that much to him.
That description betrays his obvious ignorance. Marco rarely bothers to look at his own behavior or actions with much more than a cursory thought as to what they might do and who they may affect. Calling him rash or self-centered may be a bit uncharitable though. Marco is better at taking directions than he is at giving them and is prone to misguiding himself and others when he is left as a decision-maker. He often ends up bumbling about and stuttering when speaking, even in small situations like ordering food.
When he is focused and has a clear goal, Marco is almost an entirely different person. His incompetence and awkwardness disappear in favor of a cold efficiency. Marco executes with immediacy and a newfound confidence. If it gets him to where he wants to be, it is fine by him.

Marco was born on the sixteenth of May, in a quaint neighborhood of Zaban City. His parents ran a small restaurant out of their house. Much of his early life was spent watching his parents at work or cooking in one way or another. He had a peaceful childhood, attending the local school and growing up being a typical child. His father made sure he was a bit too dedicated to his schooling early on.
However, by the time he began to hit adolescence it was clear he was wasted on everything but math. This time of his life would be defined by his parents trying to push his life in various directions. At first his father was enthusiastic about Marco joining him in the restaurant, while his mother wanted him to become some sort of engineer. While his father remained consistent in his plans for Marco, his mother was less secure. It seemed each month she wanted him to go off into one lucrative career or another. By the time he was 15, his mother had planned for him to be everything from a chemical engineer to an insurance underwriter.
But when she explained accountancy at dinner one night, it stuck. Marco found himself fascinated by the spreadsheets and books he poured over at night. He threw himself into studying everything he could about accountancy. The next couple years of his life would see him first begin to manage his family’s finances, before he moved out to handle those of the other businesses in the neighborhood. He would practice locally for a number of years before his neighborhood would find itself unusually full. At the ripe age of 22 Marco was doing fairly well for himself. His business was rather successful, and he was happy with his life. But he wanted something more. He couldn’t tell what it was, but he hungered for it. Lucky for him the 287th Hunter Exam began in his hometown.
While he had no idea just what the hunter exam was, he started to hear whispers. It took him nearly a year to figure out what a hunter is, which gave him little time for him to prepare for the exam, when he eventually found out where it was located. While he passed the exam, his results were less than extraordinary. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that he is only a hunter today just from having one day with incredible luck.

Hunter Information

Hunter Type: Account Hunter (A hunter who seeks to catalogue the information and actions of other hunters)
Exam: 289th Hunter Exam
Hunter Experience:
For the first half year after passing the exam, Marco spent his time learning the basics of Nen by working with a group of more experienced Jackpot Hunters. Since then, he has spent the rest of his time working his way up the food chain at Heaven’s Arena.

Nen Information

Nen Type: Enhancer
Nen Preference: Marco primarily has focused on his Enhancement Hatsubut has dedicated some time towards learning how to use Emission techniques as well. Still, his Nen is fairly underdeveloped.
Double Bookkeeping (Loan-Type Enhancement and Emission Ability)

When Marco uses Aura to block an oncoming Nen-based attack, the force of the attack is absorbed and compounded into the user’s next Nen-based attack.Aura absorbed this way merely amplifies basic Nen output during the user’s next attack. While storing another Nen user’s Aura, the user cannot absorb any more Aura from any outside sources until the stored Aura is expended.Additionally, Marco may “loan” Double Bookkeeping to a recipient. Upon receiving Double Bookkeeping, the recipient's ability to control the flow of Aura is reduced significantly. While Double Bookkeeping is loaned, Marco may not use the ability, however, they may return it at any time.

Vows & Limitations:
None yet.

Combat Information

Physical Ability: Marco is by no means a gifted fighter. He has no minimal training and what little actual knowledge of combat he has is almost exclusively geared towards evasion.
Equipment: None.
Combat Style: Marco primarily focuses on outlasting opponents. Due to his Hatsu being almost entirely useless for initiating an attack, he has to search for frequent counter-attacks, and almost exclusively use his head. Even without using Nen, Marco prefers to dodge and defend, allowing his opponent to expose themselves to him.

Name: Zephyr "Bach" Coslett
Note: Only the people closest to him can use the name Bach.

Age: 21 years old.

Gender: Male


Zephyr has an empty right eye socket from where he lost his eye, which is always covered first with an eyepatch and then with a chunk of his hair as to not draw suspicion or attention. His hair is choppy, a little longer than shoulder length, and usually tied up. He has freckles practically all over his body, since he is quite pale. He also has a rather large scar on his back from when he was young, which he is ashamed of. He's only 5'0, caused by stunted growth from trauma and past medical issues.

Personality: Zephyr is, to put it simply, stoic. He prefers not to share emotions with people for the most part until they become close to him, and he will still often be closed off unless he is really pushed to share. He isn't a rude person, but he can come off that way by accident since he will often deny people for quite a while, even ignoring them at times. But once someone does finally get him to open up, he is a kind person who cares deeply about the ones close to him, if someone can manage to get to that rank in his heart. And he'll do anything to protect the people that he loves.

Backstory: As a young child, he was never really close to the rest of his family. And that was why nobody noticed when young Zephyr, only around four years old, wandered off into the woods near his house. On his small journey, he managed to get lost. While looking for a place to sleep, he disturbed a slumbering beast, who wasn't happy to see the young boy in its home. After he accidentally aggravated it further by knocking over a few animal carcasses that it would eat later, it gave him a piece of its mind, and attacked him. His eye got hopelessly damaged, along with his back getting deeply scratched by the beast while he was trying to get away and a few other minor injuries that wouldn't be worth mentioning.

Left to die by the beast, the young boy was near giving up before he was saved by some people that lived in an uncharted village. They treated his injuries, and upon learning that he had no family that would care for him, they raised him as their own. That's where he was given the name Bach, meaning "small man". He grew up there, being nurtured in a way he never could by his natal family. That was when he first got his interest in learning different languages. He was taught the small village's language, and he knew some of his own's, but he wanted to continue learning. So, he studied, and studied, and studied.

By the time he was 20, he was fluent in 5 languages. That's what he had constantly been doing since he was a young child. And, deciding to finally venture out for good, he said goodbye to his family and left for the Hunter Exam to make a name for himself, and possibly be able to bring better luck to the small village he was raised in.

Hunter Info

Hunter Type: Language Hunter- his goal is to learn as many new languages as possible and help communication.

Exam #: 290th Exam.

Hunter Experience: He hadn't gained too much experience in his time as a Hunter yet, since it was so new, but he was able to take on a mission to help negotiations between two warring tribes by translating for them.

Nen Info

Nen Type: Specialist

Nen Preference: Manipulation and specialty nen.

Hatsu: Converse Convert
When he is using his ability, he is able to translate any living creatures' language into one that he knows. He can only use it for a minute at maximum with most languages, and two minutes for his natural language that he had learned in the village.
No lies to the Eye
While he is using this ability, he can force someone to tell the truth in every statement they make.

Vows & Limitations: It is impossible for him to automatically translate into any language that he does not know, and he cannot use the ability unless the other person gives him permission. He also can't be out of range of the person he's trying to translate, only about a maximum of 10 feet away, and he has to make eye contact to initiate the ability.
The other one, he can't force the other person to speak, only to tell the truth. So if they so choose, they can stay silent, although many do not figure out this loophole.

Combat Info

Physical Ability: He doesn't have very many useful raw physical abilities, as he is more of a book-smarts guy. But he is very agile because of his small, lithe frame. His missing eye does cause some problems for him though, he has trouble with depth perception and he has a rather large blindspot that he usually tries to compensate by keeping some sort of ally on that side.

Equipment: For combat, Zephyr uses small daggers that he can throw from a distance if needed. He does prefer to not fight, though, and the daggers are in case of the worst-case-scenario.

Combat Style: He isn't the type to like to fight, he usually tries to make peace or negotiations with the rival. But if he does have to fight, he tries to stay at a distance and support his allies throughout the fight, and use long-range weapons if he needs to.
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Socially Anxious Chocolate Addict

Rue Hayazaki


peronsal info






Rue Hayazaki



Rue is rather short for his age, standing at 5'5" and weighing 124 lbs. He has dark brown hair and eyes. He typically wears anything black or, even when it's warm, sweaters with jeans. As he loves listening to music, he's often seen wearing headphones or earbuds, depending on whichever is readily/reasonably available.

Rue is a determined but compassionate individual who enjoys discovering new things. He prides himself on being understanding, and he loves helping people, but he can be incredibly stubborn at times. He also often struggles to try and communicate thoughts and ideas. Ignorant and indecisive, he lacks the ability to find direction for his life. It's difficult for him to accept things like change, he's too reluctant to let anything happen to him, be it good or bad. Realizing this, he tried to take control of his life by following every little impulse and whim that came his way, and, so far, it's been working pretty well. He's starting to get used to change and has, as a result, grown into a better, more tolerant person.

+ Sentimental
+ Compassionate
+ Logical
+ Determined
+ Detail-Oriented
- Stubborn
- Blunt
- Indecisive
- Timid
- Uncommunicative/Uncouth

Born in a city called Ozryn settled in the Yorbian continent, Rue grew up surrounded by the latest technology. His father, who was his only parental figure in his life--as his mother was MIA--was a Treasure Hunter. Rue looked up to and admired his father, spending countless hours with him whenever he got the opportunity to. Although Rue wanted to become a Hunter, too, his father disapproved. It was too dangerous. So, Rue grew up normally, although he had no idea what else to do with his life. Throughout his childhood, he'd only ever wanted to be a Hunter and find treasure with his father. When his father passed away during a tragic car accident, Rue decided that he would, after all, follow in his father's footsteps. This dream was only solidified when he found his father's journal, which contained several maps and pages dedicated to rare treasures that have yet to be fully discovered. Invigorated, Rue decided to take the Hunter Exam.

It wasn't an easy task to pass the Exam. Rue didn't make it and was forced to drop out before he could really get anywhere. Devastated, he toyed with the idea of giving up on his dream of becoming a professional Hunter after all. However, he didn't want to let his father's memory die out with him. He needed to continue the Hayazaki legacy. It was his duty, he believed, and he was more than willing. He trained studiously, working out constantly and striving to perfect every physical aspect of himself. Finally, as the next year rolled around, he took the exam again. He failed, but it wasn't due to his physical capabilities. It was his lack of a proper mentality. He was doing this because he thought he had to, not because he wanted to. That left him weak.

Rue spent the following year trying to figure out what it was that he really wanted to do. He wasn't a fighter. But he did enjoy the act of discovery. The weight of his father's death was dragging him down, making him feel like this was something he had to do, and that was putting too much pressure on him. As a result, it was becoming something he wanted to do less and less. Realizing this, he pushed expectations aside as much as possible and pressed on, preparing both his body and his mind in anticipation of the next Exam. This time, however, it was something he truly wanted. He distracted himself from thoughts of his father's death and the expectations that were placed upon him through vigorous training. And it paid off.

Having successfully completed the Hunter Exam, Rue spent his time as a Treasure Hunter searching for the first treasure described in his father's journal: a painite ring. He set out with several more experienced Treasure and Stone Hunters to find the rare gemstone ring, deciding to learn what it was really like on the field with their arms to fall back into in case he messed up. And things went smoothly. They grew fond of him, and eventually decided to teach him Nen. He caught on rather quickly. As time went on, and the group of Hunter Hunters continued to murder Licensed Hunters around the world, the group Rue was a part of got more and more worried.

When one of their own was killed, Rue decided he could no longer sit around and let this kind of thing happen. Even though he didn't really want to get involved and let the spark of happiness he'd found after becoming a Treasure Hunter dissipate, he scrolled through the Hunter Website. There, he found a job listing asking for "fresh eyes" to look over the Hunter Hunters' case information. He decided to meet the anonymous Hunter on Heaven Arena's 201st floor and help put a stop to this horror.

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Junior Member
Character Sheet Outline

Personal Info

Name: Marín Caesars

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: Height about 4,8' , white skin and very black, long, straight hair, and light brown eyes. Her normal attire reflects her humble origins, Marín doesn't like to get fancy when she's about to get her hands dirty. If she's not with the restaurant uniform, she can be seeing using something like white pants, a regular t-shirt, old shoes and a bandana to hold her hair. She can use this bandana to cover her face if she wants hide her scary mouth after the use of her Hatsu.

Personality: Marín grew up in poverty, and that heavily shaped her personality. She likes to help those who are unfortunate, and has distrust for figures of authority. Even though she doesn't wear fancy clothes, a more trained eye can notice that the girl takes a lot of care of for her hair, and she also always hide the deformities of her face after using her hatsu. So even though, if you asked her, she would probably dismiss vanity as something pitty, she has a lot of it herself and can be dishonest about it, but Marín loves to take care of her own appearance. She can work with teams, but is clearly more used to working alone, and because of the place she grew in, Marín can mistrust other people and presume malice, she isn't very ingenuous, but she is also very capable and, deep inside, very willing of making new friends, and has a very forgiving heart.

The brothers approached, they have been planning this for a week. Why did such a fancy restaurant opened in a neighborhood like that? That must have been a mistake, that was what everybody was thinking. Some people though, they found opportunity. Two brothers took the opportunity to get inside that day, just a couple hours before noon, and they found only the chef, alone, reading some kind of magazine. "Heey, hello hello, what a nice establishment here, isn't it, brother?" - "Yeah, yeah... We aren't used to have nice things like this around here, hehehe" - They pulled out their guns for the seemingly uninterested chef, who continued reading his magazine. - "Alright, chef, lets start with all the money you have in here.. hm??" - A man showed up from the door behind the chef, he was probably in his late 30's, with an unshaven beard, and wearing an old, ragged brown suit - "Oh Hey Jacquón whats up... Who are those two?" - They laughed and approached the manager. - "Fufufu, so, you're the manager here?" - "Yeah, any problem?" - "See.. we have a complain. And, how it is that they say?" - They kicked a table trying to intimidate the man, but that man, he was just very confused - "The clients are always right, is that it? fufufufu.. Now, we know that you guys are hiding some good money in here.." - Then, a sound. This time, someone was entering from the front door. The brothers turned and saw just an innocent little girl, she couldn't be more than 12, and they thought she would be the best hostage. None of them hesitated to approach her, pointing the gun at her neck while laughing. - "Look, what is this, the waitress? Don't you know its illegal to hire kids like these? Now, give us... " - "Oh, hey Chef! Good morning Augus! So, who are this two? I'm sorry but we are not open yet, the chef haven't begun the mise en place..." - While pointing the gun to her neck, they looked at the chef and the manager - "SHUT UP! We are robbing you! Now you two! If you don't want us to explode the head of your little kid, give us all your money, i mean it! ...Eh?"

Screams, noises, beats, the sound was heard by anyone passing by, but none could see what was happening inside. Just a few moments later, those two brothers were kneeling in front of the staff, unarmed and ashamed. "We'resh.. we're shorryn..." - Sure sure, no problem, but you guys made quite a mess in here, and i don't have time to clean this, so, i hope you let this place as clean as it can be for our clients." - "Sh.. shure... Anyshing you wansh.. Marinsh.. " - "Don't Disappoint me!" -The girl smiled, in the end, she was actually happy that she was able to skip the worst part of her job that day. Now she could eat the breakfast the chef prepared for her, and be ready for the day to come.

"Marín!" - Augus called her name, and she answered immediately, and politely - "Yes boss?" - "Ts... I already told you, you don't have to talk to me like this every time in here.. Anyway, i'll give you the list of things for you to get for us okay?" - "Okay!" - She answered, excited - "You're gonna teach me that new recipe today Chef??!" - She couldn't help but ask, the Chef was still sitting reading his magazine, so he closed his eyes and gave a presumptuous smile. - "Maybe..." - "....!!!" - That was enough to get the girl even more excited - "Alright, i'll be back soon! Don't start without me!" - "Hey, Marín! Take care okay?" - The manager yelled to her- "I will! Thanks! I will cook something amazing for you later, Augus! Just wait!" - She answered, hurrying out the door. The man in a suit sat down, smiling, while the two temporary workers started to take care of their own mess.
That was a normal day on "The Pepper Pint", the restaurant those three ran together. It was the place she called home. And those two men were who she now called family.
That would be the last morning they would spent together.

The chef of The Pepper Pint is Jacquón, someone that most people would consider a genius, a reputed chef, famous all around the known continents. However, a man that wasn't very talented with money, and because of this he got a bad reputation of closing all the restaurants hes been through.
The other one was Augus, a professional document hunter and a skilled swordsman, previously known as Octov Silvers. He was a hunter of great success many years ago who had it all, money, fame, women, anything a man could want. However, he wasn't exactly an honest person, and one minor error of his resulted in a wide public scandal, uncovered by a great journalist. Suddenly, Octov had nothing and he was even forced to resign his position of hunter. He lost everything, and ended up in the Paradise Hill, part of the slums of the city of Watersmarch, changing his name to avoid attention from the media.
That was the same neighborhood where Marín lived.

Marín lived on a poor house, she was the only daughter of her mom and dad. Her mom made all the money in the house selling little sweets in the streets that she made at home, and she usually brought her daughter with her to help her sell the sweets. Her father, on the other hand, was an old man who passed the entire day drinking beer and sitting in front of their old, dirty TV. In fact, Marín would have barely any memories of her father speaking to her, or anyone, a man that trully lived on autopilot, ignoring his daughter, his wife, and everyone else, just waiting the painful release of the death that seem to never come. He would be the only family for the girl, however, when her mother passed away from disease when she was 6. Neglected, Marín was outside her home every time, eventually just coming back to sleep. Her father did nothing to help her in anyway, never prepared her a single meal or cared to take the girl to school, even after Marín's mom died, her dad still didn't care for her. However, since early, that would develop her mind to become more independent. She searched for her own food, she cleaned herself and all her stuff, and she was the only one to take care of herself.
Watersmarch is a coastal city, a city of two sides. Near the beach, its a tropical paradise, filled with tourists, events, beauty, and happy people. The more you go in the city, however, and at the part where the city expended to the hills, there was the slums, a place of crime, poverty and fear, just a few meters away from paradise. But just a little to the side of the crowded beaches, Marín knew a beautiful place, a bay untouched by humans, where every year she would expect for the time of the year the wales would pass by. It was her favorite part of the year, to just watch them from a distance, but still near the shore.

"Alright, do you understand how this works?" - Augus asked. She confirmed with her head. - "Very well. So, lets do this. Do as i told you." - He observed When Marín took the leaf's test, the leaf sank in the cup of water. - "What.. what does it mean? You didn't say anything about this..." - Augus explained to her how the test worked, but he forgot the last part. - "Yeah... If it is anything else, it means you're a specialist." - "A specialist? What does it do?" - "It... ahn.. well... actually its hard to explain, it can be anything. Just... not anything like the other ones i guess" - "WHAT?!" - She got up, angry - "That isn't good! That isn't good at all! Change it! How do i change my nen?" - "You can't change it, it's impossible, i think... Anyway its probably wiser if you do as i told you, okay? You should focus on what you can do best" - "But what is it?!" - "Well, it is something... You kinda have to find this by yourself.. Marín!" - She left the man in their camp, heading to the whale's bay. - "If this goes on, i'll fail the real exam! And i have to become a Gourmet Hunter, or else... the Chef won't take me as his apprentice!".

Because Augus wasn't a hunter anymore, after passing the first exam, Marín found another person as her examiner. But the man responsible seemed determined to detract Marín from becoming a hunter. Augus have been teaching her swordfighting for about four years at that point, she knew that he was a hunter and asked for help, but she also expected a little bit more, maybe some better advice. But... that didn't really make that much sense.
"How can i ask even more from him?"

♭: ♬ ♫ ♫ ♩

Marín reached the top off a cliff right above the whale's bay, it was already late into the night and the storm was coming, with the rain becoming more dense by the minute. She looked down to the ocean, where that clan of whales was gathering. She turned her back and started walking, about 20 steps away from the cliff. Then she turned again.
"If you can't use Zetsu, you better give up. If you can't master your nen, you better give up. This is not a job for the ones like you" - her examiner told her and she couldn't stop thinking about it. (00:56) So she started running, as fast as she possibly could towards the cliff, and trying to jump as far as she could, into the vast, turbulent ocean.

Months passed, and Marín became a professional gourmet hunter, just as she wanted. She and the two men opened the restaurant and lived there in peace for sometime. But that was about to change. That same day, after the thieves finished cleaning the restaurant, Augus headed back to his home. The money from the restaurant made him able to rent a better apartment, and it was a seemingly normal, hot and bright day. A few hours after noon, chef Jacquón headed to his friend's apartment, Augus was taking too long to go back to the restaurant. When he arrived, he found Augus' Body.

From that point on, it would only be the chef and Marín who took care of the restaurant. Marín didn't took the news very well, but it was as Jacquón expected. He told her the bad news, but omitted the most gruesome details of his friend's death, but that didn't make it any easier for Marín. In the end, he asked for Marín to not search for vengeance and to keep living her life. After crying a lot, but trying to make the chef feel better, she agreed.
One month later, as the time for opening the restaurant approached, Marín had already finished her job and was just checking on her phone, as the new waitresses arrived. Things weren't so great without the manager and neither Marín or Jacquón were that good with money management. With everything ready, something online caught her attention. That day though, Jacquón promised Marín could take the day off.

"... " - Unexpectedly, Marín started getting all her stuff on her backpack, and preparing to leave. - "I gotta go now chef." - But as she rushed for the door, the chef realized something was off. - "Marín." - He called, so she stopped. - "Where are you going now?"

Marín lowered her head, thoughtful, thinking about what to say. It took her just a few seconds, and she turned back and smiled at him. - "I'm gonna find us a new manager!" - and then left the place, with one last wish for her chef. - "Just Take care of things while im out, okay?" - Marín made her way out of the city, as the bright sun warmed up her face. She's heading to the Republic of Padokea!

♭: ♬ ♫ ♫ ♩
Narrator: Marín hides her intentions, searching for answers in memory of a corrupt ex-hunter, but also, her master! All routes lead to... Heaven's Arena!

Dore HODOO Yume ni furete iru...

Hunter Info

Hunter Type: Gourmet Hunter

Exam #: #290

Hunter Experience: To this point Marín has only take one, single, moderately difficult mission, which she successfully accomplished in around 3 months, that being just a little bit more than expected.

Nen Info

Nen Type: Specialist

Nen Preference: Marín rather focus on her main, specialist ability, and has little to no familiarity with other nen branches.
Ten: Has a good understanding of Ten, it was the first principle that Marín learned. But it isn't her best.
Zetsu: surprisingly, her Zetsu is very underdeveloped, and at this point she still can't fully suppress her aura.
Ren: Marín is pretty much a natural with the use of Ren, and its her most developed principle.

Killer Whale: Marín's hatsu allows her to activate some modifications to her being. Mainly two changes. First, her mouth changes to something more like an orca's, with serrated sharp teeth. Her second ability in this form is advanced echolocation, or biosonar, that she can uses outside of water just as well as if she was diving deep into the ocean. Echolocating consists on emitting calls out to the environment and listen to the echoes of those calls that return from various objects near her. She uses these echoes to locate and identify targets. That also means that Zetsu isn't quite as effective against Marín.
Marín's echolocation is also directional and it works in the direction she's facing. It has a reach of around 110 meters outside the water (around the size of a football field) and around 330 meters inside the water. She also have a little bit more agility inside the water.

Vows & Limitations: After activating this ability, her mouth grows and her teeth gets sharpened, giving Marín a more grotesque appearance, that takes at least three days to go back to normal if she doesn't use it again. If Marín is using something in front of her mouth, thats probably a sign that she used her Hatsu recently. While on her killer whale form, she loses all sense of smell, and there is also a time limit, with gradual side effects.
After one hour, the dehydration side effects take in, and her stamina drains faster.
After two hours, she enters a state of pain. Her skin will start to feel the effects of dehydration and it will begin to hurt, also making her more vulnerable to physical attacks.
After four hours, Marín's life is at risk just by being in her killer whale form. When whales are stuck outside the water for long periods of time, what usually kills them is their own weight, which is enough to crush their bones. Marín doesn't have that weight, however, she has the extreme pressure of her own nen while on this form. Thats why, after four hours, every single minute she stays on that form, she's putting her life at risk, and her own nen can crush her bones and internal organs.
Marín can circumvent these previous weakness by fighting underwater, where this wouldn't be a problem. She can currently hold her breath for 11 minutes.

Combat Info

Physical Ability: Marín's body is more resistant than usual because of the frequent dives she takes, where she developed resistance to pressure. She has very good knowledge about swordfight, and some martial arts knowledge too. But she prefers to rely on her weapon.

Equipment: In her back, a little above her waist, Marín carries a 58cm knife. Some people can mistake the object for something like a Kodachi because of the sheath, but its actually a good-quality inox steel knife.

Combat Style: Marín has the technical prowess of a samurai with a smaller weapon, and she can take quite a punch. Because of this, she heavily favors close combat, and because it can take up to three days to her face to go back to normal, she doesn't uses this frequently. Marín prefers a tactical approach to every battle, but she doesn't quite respect any stealth tactics and doesn't really like to apply that to her strategy. Marín sees stealth tactics as something for the prey of real apex predators.

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Alarmed and Strangerous
Personal Info

Name: Renne Kyrov

Age: 18

Gender: Female

[Image of your character]

Appearance: what you see is pretty much what you get.

Personality: Renne is pretty blunt and disengaged most of the time. She cares very little for people, lives are cheap where she comes from so getting attached to anybody is a waste of time, Renne makes no secret of her self interest being her sole motivator. The only thing that really excites Renne is her work, she takes great pride in her skillset and professionalism and she has strong opinions about how anything she is going to be involved in should be run, she won't hesitate to chew out or fight someone she thinks is holding her back or jeopardizing an operation.

Although she rarely feels the need to share her observations, Renne can be pretty astute, years of being at the mercy of violent and unstable instructors taught her to read people and make accurate guesses at their emotional state. Very occasionally Renne is even willing to demonstrate an acquired knack for manipulating or soothing feelings, although she loathes doing this and feels more in control when she can safely disregard the feelings of other people.

A rarely witnessed, but key side of Renne is an odd sort of... hollowness. That is to say, it's not really clear what she enjoys doing or thinks about apart from work. Although she shamelessly pursues wealth Renne lives very sparsely, spending nothing on any sort hobbies or luxuries. Between jobs Renne is restless and grumpy, if she is for whatever reason forced to sit still and not work or pursue something work related her mood detoriates rapidly and she seeems to almost panic.

Backstory: Renne was born in a small rural village in the tiny and under developed nation of Perovkia. The country had always suffered from instability and violent rebel groups but this was little more than trivia to Renne, who had her hands busy rising with the dawn to tend to goats, sheparding them as they grazed throughthe day and, when she was older taking her Father's rusted hunting rifle to any wolves that got too close. Her life working on her parents farm was hard, but it was secure and her parents cared for her in their rough, old fashioned way. But when Renne was ten Perovkia erupted into open civil warfare when the Prime Minister was assassinated as part of a military coup. The mountainous region where Renne lived had for decades been home to one of the most ruthless and veteran rebel groups, The Perovkia Liberation Corp, and when the country fell into anarchy the PLC seized the opportunity, switching from guerilla raids to outright seizing towns and cities, including Renne's little farming village.

Life under the PLC regime was harsh, food and other necessities were seized for the cause, local factories and workshops were turned to the production of crude weapons. But most of all what the PLC needed was warm bodies to fight off the government forces attempting to oust them and the PLC preferred their soldiers on the young side. Children are much more malleable than adults, they can be quickly persuaded to forget about the old rules and morality of peace time, in fact beatings and starvation quickly push them into a kind of survival mode where they forget about everything except staying alive. That's what happened to Renne, one day she was simply ripped from her home and family by a squad of PLC "recruiters" and dragged off to a crude sort of boot camp along with some other children from her village. She cried a lot at first, but the criers were beaten and starved and anyone who tried to run or fight back was simply shot.

Some of the children never adapted to their new situation, but most of them did. They shed their innocence and learned to fight, to shoot, to move silently. The instructors were careful to pit the children against each other frequently to maintain control so they never learnt to trust each other, but they were always animated by a kind of shared spirit, an unspoken, primal drive to live one more day. Renne was one of the survivors, in fact in so far as it was possible to she even thrived, her upbringing had made her heartier and more familiar with firearms than the other children and in close quarters training she impressed her instructors by fighting with a kind of savage desperation. Renne did so well that by the time she finished her training she was put in charge of a small squad of other children.

It was strange. During their training the children had often been rivals or outright enemies but the moment they were plunged into combat together when government forces assaulted the checkpoint they had been tasked with guarding that all disappeared. Instinctively the children understood that their survival relied on them working together as a cohesive unit and as they fought and killed together they grow closer. As their leader Renne began to feel oddly protective of the other children, although she would never have admitted it.

But the war dragged on, for years. The government forces had better equipment, but the PLC had the advantage of terrain, they knew the mountains and valleys like the backs of their hands and were often able to ambush and elude the more heavily equipped army. But this status quo didn't come without losses, every day both sides drenched the mountain sides with blood just to take a few meters of territory before losing it again the next day. Renne's little squad was on the frontlines for much of this fighting and despite her best efforts they were not spared. First it was Marko, who had always had a chip on his shoulder about being the shortest of the boys. Nexts it was Ana, who slacked off on her chores but was always forgiven because she was the only one who knew how to cook anything that tasted good out of their crappy rations. Every death chipped a little bit away from Renne, made her a bit sharper with whoever was sent to replace them, less eager to hear their stories or get to know them. As the months stretched into years the constant stream of death and replacements who themselves died began to blur together until Renne could not even remember their names or faces. Eventually all that was left was what Renne had started with, the naked drive to survive.

Then one day, all of a sudden it was over. An election in a rich, but distant ally of the government forces had brought about a change in foreign policy and nearly overnight the arms shipments and funding they had sent dried up. Without their equipment advantage the government rapidly lost ground and as their morale and resources dried up desertion decimated their ranks. Renne was fighting through all this, she even dimly recalls taking part in the final assault on the capital, though nothing distinguished it to her from any other battle on any other day. All of a sudden it was just over and Renne was at a loss. She had never once, through the whole war spared a thought to when it might end, whether it even would end and what she might do when it did.

The skills, the ruthlessness, the drive to survive, everything that had been forced onto her until there was no room for anything else was suddenly worthless. With no more fighting left to be done the streets were full of people like Renne, soldiers with no war left to fight. The more Renne dwelled on it the more it gnawed at her, gradually igniting a little spark of nearly forgotten emotion. Anger. Indignation. How dare they cast her aside like this after taking so much from her? Renne considered revenge, it wouldn't be that hard to round up some disgruntled former soldiers like herself and start up a rebellion of her own, that might be satisfying. But that path would leave Renne in the same place once it was all done, a soldier without a war, useless, discarded.

That was when Renne bumped into a former comrade and a new path opened up for her. This boy, now a teenager, was leaving he said. There was a war brewing in Alabia, the next country over and experienced mercenaries were in hot demand, there was good money to be made for people like them. Of course. it was so obvious! It wasn't that Renne was useless, that everything she had sacrificed and learned was worthless, it was just that the place where she was needed had changed. As long as there was more than one human on the planet there would always be a war somewhere, she just had to go to it. In fact this would be even better, she could finally fight for her own benefit instead of for some empty cause she had never believed in. From then on Renne vowed, she would make the world acknowledge her worth and pay for it.

Hunter Info

Hunter Type: Jackpot hunter

Exam #: 288

Hunter Experience: Renne has so far completed a handful of relatively uneventful, relatively poorly paying security missions, she is hungry to increaese her renown and thereby gain access to better paying, more exciting work.

Nen Info

Nen Type: Enhancer

Nen Preference: Renne has gone all in on her natural nen type of enhancement while working her way through the basics of ten, ren, and zetsu with moderate success.

War God's Offering (Paid for in Blood): An enhancement type ability: When Renne intentionally wounds herself her blood becomes an amplifier for aura. When Renne marks an object or body part with her blood any aura channeled through that object or area is significantly more powerful for one attack or action. The more blood is used, the more powerful the effect is.

Vows & Limitations: War God's Offering employs a number of limitations and pre requisites to increase it's overall power, reflecting Renne's offense first approach to combat.

Firstly and most importantly, War God's Offering requires the user to injure themselves. Each time the ability is used so overuse of the ability introduces significant risk to the user, especially if they happen to already be injured.

Secondly each use of the ability requires a fresh wound to be inflicted, blood from the same injury cannot be used to activate it twice.

Thirdly, the injury used to provide the needed blood must be consciously self inflicted. Injuries inflicted by the enemy or by accident cannot be used to activate it.

Combat Info

Physical Ability: Renne is quite a bit stronger than her frame or age would suggest, but her real strength is endurance, she can cover long distances on foot without stopping and is used to surviving on very little food or sleep. Most noticeable to observers though is probably her very high pain tolerance, something her ruthless instructors imparted to her. In addition to her raw physical abilities Renne has quite a bit of experience as a soldier to draw from. She is a proficient, though not outstanding marksmen and skilled at survivalism and infiltration tactics, she knows enough to use most common types of military equipment


Koltar 3R Marksman variant. The K3R is a popular service weapon used by several countries, mostly due to its ruggedness and reliability rather than outstanding accuracy or power thought this marksman variant, with its extended barrel, full size stock and variable zoom night vision scope is more precise than the norm. K3R's were shipped to the Perovkia government forces in the thousands by thier overseas backers, but they were highly prized by the rebels too and a great deal of them were seized in raids on government bases.

C32 multipurpose bayonet. A fairly standard, modern combat knife, the C32 was designed with jungle environments in mind so its weight is front ended a bit to make chopping through vines and branches easier. This actually makes the knife a bit clunky in terms hand to hand combat, as it can be hard to adjust swings or thrusts at the last moment. The knife is pretty durable though and capable of generating a lot of force, Renne keeps hers in tip top shape as well.

Hunter License


Combat Style: As she generally carries a rifle Renne is often pegged as a long range fighter, someone who prefers to keep their distance and pick away at the enemy. Although Renne is a proficient shot this doesn't actually form the core of her approach to combat, her style could be described as focused, relentless aggression, she will quickly pick out any weak points or vulnerabilities the enemy has and target them with whatever tool is best suited to exploiting them. If she can shoot the enemy great, but she has no problems getting her hands dirty in close range if that works better. Renne's goal is always to close out a fight as quickly and efficiently as possible. Best of all is to take someone down from ambush before they even realise they are under attack, if that doesn't work then she keeps up the pressure, attacking relentlessly but precisely to force the enemy to defend rather than counterattack until they are pushed off balance enough to slip up and reveal an opening to exploit.

Renne's actual hand to hand style is not really a formal martial art, it's a cobbled together, ad hoc body of knowledge consisting of half remembered bayonet drills, and traditional Perovkian boxing that has been handed down from PLC fighter to PLC fighter. Though it has not overarching philosophy or principles it does have the advantage of having been tested time and time again in actual combat. Any move that was inefficient or in effective got somebody killed and was discarded, now all that's left is a lean and ruthless system that strikes soft points like the throat, face and joints with speed and aggression, aiming to disable or kill as quickly as possible.

Theme Song: I'm my own Master Now
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Uchiha Scum
Name: Rendo Greeves

Age: 17

Gender: Male

View attachment 640333

Appearance: Rendo wears mainly hoodless cloaks and carries around twin daggers. He has a set of wrist bracelets.

Personality: Rendo is a quiet but very curious person. He often will explore into dark places to try to figure out the origin of certain things.

Backstory: Rendo became a hunter in hopes of being able to explore the world to search for beasts and such. He found himself in the hunter exams when his father told him about the hunters and all the amazing things they had done.

Hunter Info

Hunter Type: Beast Hunter

Exam #: 240

Hunter Experience: He has been a hunter for a total of 3 years and counting.

Nen Info

Nen Type: Transmuter, Emitter

Nen Preference: He is trained in a number of the Zoldyck assassination techniques such as the Rythm Echo.

Hatsu: He is able to envelope his body in dark flames at which allows him to deal extensive damage when he strikes an opponent. He can also turn this fire like nen into different shapes such as clones or even objects and animals.

Vows & Limitations: When using nen he vows never to kill unless completely necessary. He is incapable of stretching his nen over distances greater than 3 meters. His visual capability is weak to those who have transmuter abilities.

Combat Info

Physical Ability: He can wield any weapon as long as it pertains to the area of blades and swords. He is also very durable and can take a great deal of torture. He also has the ability to see aura without the use of Gyo. In turn, this also gives him an elite Gyo.

Equipment: Twin daggers. Thin titanium wire within wrist bracelets.

Combat Style: He utilizes his twin daggers to deal small cuts while using his hands to deal blunt force and he also emits elements as he goes using his transmuter style capabilities.

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