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Fantasy How to Raise a Hero - Interest Check (Currently Closed!)


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How to raise a
  • Intro
    "Even the strongest of people need assistant. How embarrassing."
    Once upon a time in a land not quite like our own. A world was in great peril as a mysterious disease began spreading amongst the land. Eating away at the it encounters and leaving only rotting corpses in its place. Devastated by the loss of her family, Prisma Chevelle, the only survivor of the Chevelle family sets off on a journey to stop this plague from breaking apart more families and destroying the world! Amidst her journey, she meets cool comrades and discovers the source of this fatal disease comes from the demon's domain, blah blah blah blah we all know how it goes from here.

    The cool and amazing heroine travels across the sea of fire and clashes blades with the king of demons to save the world! We've already seen it a hundred times. Prisma the Light is a perfectly generic children's story written by an unknown author. A tale that's long past its prime and was generally forgotten by the public. That was until a strange occurrence caused the story to enter the public's eye once again. Copies of the book began vanishing in thin air with no explanation. From schools, libraries, and even people's private collections. No one could explain why but the only way to read the story was through scans made online. Eventually, the chaos over the whole ordeal blew over and the storybook was once again old news. The mystery of the missing books was never solved and the world just accepted the strange occurrence and moved on with their lives.
    It's been some time since the whole missing book ordeal has passed, and during the midst of your daily life, a select few stumble upon a certain book. Whether it be by chance or because it was specifically sought out. In their hands lies a nameless book with only a single engraving on the cover, but as the pages are flipped through it turns out to just be a copy of Prisma the Light. How strange. The majority of the book is exactly the same as it used to be. Retelling the same story in the same way except for the very end. The final page of the book that announced the heroine's victory and resolution was replaced with a seemingly blank page before suddenly lighting up. The same mark from the cover of the book is etched into the air in front of their very eyes as the true contents of the page is finally revealed.

    To those seeing my message, heed my call.
    The truthful light remains hidden underneath a cloak of darkness.
    A plague that runs deeper than we're able to comprehend
    Won't you offer your assistance?

    12 remain...
    11 remain...
    10 remain...
    9 remain...
    8 remain...
    7 remain...
    6 remain...
    5 remain...
    4 remain...
    3 remain...
    2 remain...
    1 remain...
    None remain.

    I thank those who answered my call.
    Take a portion of my power and train hard.
    Alone we may struggle, but together we will save the world.
    So don't let me down! (I'm serious)
    See you on the other side.

Code by Nano
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Wowow what a cool and beautiful interest check
I'm definitely interested! How can I reserve the mana slot?
Twelve is already a lotta people to handle, so eh, wouldn't have hard feelings if you stopped at your original cap. Otherwise there isn't really a point of setting up a cap to begin with.
god, why didn't i see this interest check sooner. if there's still room left, i'd love to join in.
Currently, there's no room but I'm thinking of opening a few more slots soon for those who were a bit too late <3
oh, don't worry. if an extra (or three, like you mentioned) is too much, i'll understand not being able to take part.

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