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Fandom heroes of tomorrow - ooc


chaotic warrior princess
just wanted to pop in and say that saboona, subtle thrill, and mel are my admins because they were in the original rp a while back so if you need any inspo their characters are accepted already so their sheets and my sheets might be a good reference for any questions as well :)


chaotic warrior princess
hi everyone, i’ve been much busier than expected this weekend so i am extending the deadline to Monday 7/19 :) sorry for the wait


Symbolic Animal of Gallifrey
Not sure what is going on with this RP to be honest, I was never told if either of my characters was accepted
Though the GM does seem to have started this main thread on Thursday- though none of us were @ summoned to it (from what I can tell). Maybe it's just a free for all?


chaotic warrior princess
hello sorry, i have only been on mobile because my apartment ceiling has a hole in it and i've not been home, but those who were accepted have been dm'd. we have 11 characters now, i may open it back up later but i am trying to keep it small for now.

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