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Anime & Manga Here's a question for my fellow weeaboos.


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@Diran the Thief // I'd like to think that Jack would go completely red like the usual male lead and be a stammering mess. But I don't remember all the details of Titanic, orz. I don't think they could remake the scene completely like the original though, but it depends on the rating, I guess...? o;

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We've already had animated adaptations to the Titanic. They were terribad.

Okay, yes they were made by Italians, and they were musicals on top of that, made to be some knockoff Disney following in the footsteps of the movie despite being made years after. The point is that some things just shouldn't be adapted, regardless of how they think they can interpret it.

I kind of see it as the same issue with modern military FPS/WW2 FPS: How many rehashes of the same scenes do we need to go over? How many iterations of a captain ignoring the news of an iceberg do we need to see? Cameron's movie already did what it set out to be, and that was make a romance in the backdrop of the tragedy of the Titanic. I just don't think there's a need to watch someone else do that same thing just because of a new aesthetic.


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Nope, unless it was made by a good studio without too much fan service. It's annoying even me as of late... And I normally love them.

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